can we talk about his jaw line

If Superhero Movies were made in India

There’s something about the superheroes and the idea behind their relationship with humans, whether it’s a metaphor for the better part of us, or the more flawed part of ourselves.

Before Bollywood starts adapting the Superhero culture and starts making movies on it, we have picked a few and tried our bit on If Superheroes were made in India.

1.       SpiderMan: Tiger Shroff

The Boy next door turned Superhero is what Tiger Shroff can be best at

2.       Superman: Siddharth Malhotra

Imagine Siddharth Malhotra  in formals and specs, trying to struggle through his mundane life

3.       Batman: Hrithik Roshan

The Jaw line, the voice and the personality. Looks like our Greek God fits into the correct description of The Dark Knight

4.       Green lantern: Akshay Kumar

Bollywood Khiladi can be the perfect replacement of Ryan Reynolds, What say?

5.       Wolverine: Sanjay Dutt

The Bollywood Baddie Sanju Baba is the only Actor who can do justice to Hugh Jackman’s performance

6.       Captain America: Vidyut Jamwal

We have seen him in Force and Commando. No doubt he can pull it off, smoothly (with attitude)

7.       Thor: John Abraham

Give him his Mjolnir (hammer) and you will understand what we are talking about. “You have my word!”

8.       Hulk: Salman Khan

Need we say more? Isn’t it obvious why Bhai is the only one who can do justice to the Angry Hulk?

9.       Iron Man: Shah Rukh Khan

Looks- Check

Personality- Check

Attitude- Double Check 

10.       Loki: Arjun Rampal

Remember Ra.One? Is it just us or even you think he can play a kickass role as Loki?

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Playing Dirty (M) | Yoongi

A/N : @minyoongisblackhair I’m sorry, I love you

Genre : Smut, Dom!Yoongi, Dirty Talk, Oral, Language.

Word Count : 3,064 

Description : Yoongi riles you up by making you jealous at a party, so you decide to play dirty when the two of you get home; but do you really think he’s going to let you have the last laugh. 

Originally posted by nicolexleeee

You watched with narrowed eyes from across the packed room as the girl playfully leaned into Yoongi’s touch. You had seen her prance up to him a few minutes before, and it didn’t take her very long to get comfortable. You watched them for a while, nails digging into your palm furiously as she reached forward to push his hair away from his face. You probably would’ve combusted from anger if someone’s hand hadn’t come down on your shoulder breaking your concentration from the two of them.

“You’re seething,”

You recognize the voice as Jimin before you even turn to see him.

“Yeah, well wouldn’t you be too?” You say with the annoyance clear in your voice.

“Yeah I would, but staring daggers at them isn’t going to do anything.”

“Well what would you suggest?”

 A strange smile overtakes his lips, and you’re about to ask him what was so funny, but then you suddenly feel him step closer to where he’s posting over you, as your body backs against the wall. There’s maybe only an inch or two separating your bodies.

“Jimin what’re—” You try to ask him what he thought he was doing with wide eyes, but he cuts you off.

“I’m just giving Yoongi a taste of his own medicine.” He whispers with a smirk.

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-good lighting once again
-he showed his face more often
-“Don’t look at me”
-can you guys see me?“
- Calvins jaw line
-"Money shot”
-His little beard that he should not shave off
-His voice echoing through out the whole room
-Re-pronouncing the word literally
-“I will literally suck you”
-“I lubed up my butthole good for this one”

Gravity Falls Theory time guys!

So, as an art major I’ve taken lots of classes on drawing and especially visual story telling and character design. There are important factors to be taken into account when designing a character and the more I look at how each of the Stan twins are designed it’s led to some interesting questions and conclusions as to the personality of Author Stan. (Since it’s not clear yet which is Stanford and which is Stanley, I’m just going to refer to the Author as Author Stan and the Stan we’ve known the whole series as Grunkle Stan)

The first principle of character design is giving the character an interesting shape and distinct silhouette. Shapes can mean different things and give the audience visual clues of what that character’s personality is going to be like. 

Circles: Symbolically, circles represent eternity, but as character shapes they communicate soft friendly personalities because there are no sharp corners. Most protagonists are given this shape to make them likable and give us a safe comfortable feeling. Dipper, Mabel and Soos are made up of circle shapes, letting us know that they are safe, friendly characters we can trust.

Squares: These shapes are strong and vertical and characters made up of these shapes are stable, confident and strong. They can also be daunting and possibly clumsy. Both Stans are made up of predominate square shapes (I mean just look at their jaw line!) giving us the visual clues that they are strong, heavy hitters that can be depended on. 

Triangles: This is the big shape we all want to talk about since triangles are not only a big part of Gravity Falls environment designs, it’s the shape of the main villain! These are the most dynamic shapes and with sharp angles and points they gives us the feeling of agression and a sinister nature which is why they are usually used in villain designs. Hence why Bill is a triangle with more triangles making up his details (like his bow tie and top hat).

Shape are used consciously in the design of characters as well as background. Villain’s layers are usually made up of triangles and hard angles, made to contrast the protagonists’ home base. Which is probably why Gideon’s tent looks like this:

That’s a lot of triangles! In the shape of the tent, down to the star. But wait a second, if triangles are meant to designate a villain’s layer, then why does the Shack, the home base of the protagonists and former home of the author look like this?

The whole house is two elongated triangles. There are almost no soft edges on it, but instead it’s a very aggressive looking building. When I was getting my sister to watch Gravity Falls for the first time, she commented within the first few episodes that there are a lot of triangles in the shack, like all over the place. It’s not something the background designers did accidentally that’s for sure. They took great pains to give us this visual clue, meaning that perhaps the Author is not as friendly as we might think. 

Need another visual clue? Let’s talk color. 

Color is also an important part of character design as each color represents different things and will give the audience a different emotional response. We have only a few points where we see the Stan twins in the past and I know for a fact that the creators didn’t want to waste any time giving us hints to the personality of these characters. In reality you only have a few seconds to visually communicate your character’s personality, so you have to make the message clear. 

Let’s look at the Stan twins.

Here’s Grunkle Stan as a vacuum salesman back in the 60′s and here he is again with Carla.

Both times we see Stan in a white shirt. White is an important color. It symbolizes purity, innocence and safety. So Grunkle Stan is depicted as a pure, innocent character, even into present day when he wears his white wife beater and boxers, Grunkle Stan, despite his shady nature and past, is someone we can trust and is a pure character. 

Let’s look at Author Stan. 

Author Stan only appears for a few minutes in this scene and it is key to note that he is wearing a black shirt. Alex had only a few seconds to tell us about the author and this is what he chose to dress him in, so let’s pay close attention, shall we?

Black is used to show sophistication (like a black tie party) but it also represents mystery, evil, the unknown and death. It’s a downer color and not only gives us the impression that Author Stan is more mysterious and sophisticated than his scamming brother, it also hints towards a darker personality that maybe we ought to keep an eye on. 

The color scheme contrast continues all the way back to the Stan twins as little kids. The ending scene of Not What He Seems maintains this contrast in the Stan twins. 

Once again, Author Stan is in black and neutral tones, while his more carefree, innocent brother is in a white and red striped shirt. Grunkle Stan is the innocent, pure twin who is mean to be a point of stability in the relationship, much like Mabel anchors Dipper, while Author Stan is dark, mysterious and considering the shape they gave to his house, potentially villainous. 

Over analysis level: Gravity Falls Fandom


Christmas Truce gift for the lovely quigalchemist. Thanks so much for your patience, you’re a saint. This is a bit different from my usual work, a litle more loose and ambiguous, but the idea caught me and wouldn’t let go. I hope you enjoy. <3


* * * * *

The other side of the bed was empty. Panic seared through his consciousness. Sam was gone. Sam was–Sam was

Then, far off through the darkness, from the end of the hall, he heard her voice:

“Hush little baby, don’t say a word,

papa’s gonna buy you a mockingbird,”

Every muscle in his body went slack. He stared up at the ceiling, gasping, chilled by his own sweat. It had been a dream. Just a dream.

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baby-snart  asked:

you've probably already covered this, but i was just thinking about how much of genjis body is organic vs cybernetic. so far we've yet to see him actually having a jaw or mouth BUT he has lines describing that he can't taste like he used to. this implies that he can eat, but at least some or most of his mouth isn't organic anymore. your thoughts? do you think he can sense temperature as well?

I did talk about that a little here but ngl I’m gonna use every chance I get to talk about Genji’s cyborg body.

My personal headcanon is that thanks to the extensive artificial replacements Genji’s immune system is shot to hell, much similar as getting, say, a heart transplant only it’s more of an everything transplant.

There are certain foods he shouldn’t touch with a ten feet pole - sushi and some fresh fruit for example, basically anything raw - and even regular foods may have to be specially prepared for him, especially in the beginning.

So here we have Genji who can’t just go out to McDonalds or his favourite ramen joint and eat whatever he wants.
(Here’s a guide as fic reference on what foods are safe/should be avoided with an immune deficiency)

But what he can eat should taste relatively normal, but parts of his face do look like they’re cybernetic. Even something as simple as an artificial palate could mess with his ability to taste. 

If it were replaced with a smooth plate rather than with the small ridges that are there naturally (a minor design oversight by and large) Genji would suddenly find himself with a reduced sense of taste. 
The ramen he used to love tastes bland, he finds himself pouring mountains of salt on his food with little to no effect.

As for temperature, I could see that going two ways.
The smart thing, and with future science magic also a possible thing, would be to make some cybernetic enhancements sensitive to temperature, especially in the areas of his mouth and throat. Imagine eating something extremely hot and not noticing until you swallow.
A sore throat would be the least of his problems. He’d have to avoid or be very careful with hot foods, which would be a problem since in order to safely eat them hot foods would need to be hot. 

All in all, Genji would have to work around a lot of side effects after becoming a cyborg and for someone as carefree as him those restrictions would be even harder.
No more casual sex, no more eating whatever he wants and especially in the beginning constant care and maintenance on his body, up to and including follow-up surgery.

That Blackwatch skin where he’s walking around with half his tit out in true Distressed Shimada tradition? Medically that’s a nightmare. If he gets so much as nicked in a combat situation he’d run serious risk of infection and maybe he did.
In an effort to remind himself there’s some small human part of him - his eyes and arm - he leaves them exposed against Mercy’s recommendation, subsequently gets injured and due to the infection spreading fast they have to replace the one remaining arm as well if they don’t want to lose him.
And just like that, another part of him is gone, replaced with machinery, plastic and metal and still Mercy keeps badgering him about wearing the full faceplate because having even part of his face exposed to pathogens is a danger Overwatch is not willing to take after sinking so much time and resources into him.

He didn’t see it - Part 20

Part 19

Jensen stepped through his front door dropping his bag onto the floor looked around himself. He was at last at home. It had been a long six months in Canada but finally he was able to sleep in his own bed next to his wife. There was just one problem, every other time he had come home from Canada there had been the patter of tiny feet running to him, and the calling if his name. A wife that would normally, come bouncing out to greet him with a kiss wasn’t there.
“(Y/N)?” He called out, the feeling of panic was beginning to rise in his chest. He darted through the house into the living room. There was no one there, he checked the kitchen and then the bedrooms. He dashed between the study and games room, the play room. Noone was in the house, not even the dogs where there. Jensen went to the back yard, looking over to the play set he and Jared had put up a year or so ago. Nothing.
“(Y/N)?” He pulled out his phone and started dialling your number. A phone was ringing somewhere in the house. Jensen’s breathing was starting to get manic as a million things went through his mind. Then just as he was about to fall apart he heard the front door click open, two dogs and tiny feet came bounding in.
“Daddy!” Dean Shouted and went running over to his father. Jensen dropped to his knees and grabbed the now five year old boy into his arms.
“Hey buddy! Where have you been?”
“We went to the park, and the market!” He giggled.
Jensen looked up to you walking into the room, you were holding onto a small baby and juggling with a few bags. He fell in love with you all over again in that moment. Standing up he rushed over to you grabbing the bags from your arms and quickly taking them to the kitchen where he and Dean put the food away. Once that was done he came back to the living room finding you swaying yourself side to side as the baby cried.
“Hey, let me have a go.” You gladly handed the baby over to him and slumped on to the sofa to take your shoes off.
“Hey little girl, daddy’s home now. Come on sweetheart you gotta go to sleep.” She had all but stopped crying and start gurgling happy noises up at him as he bounced her.
“She does love her daddy.” You said from your seated position.
“He loves her as well. More than she’ll ever know.” He bent forward and kissed her forehead.
“Daddy, Bronwyn has been teething! She keeps trying to eat my fingers!” Dean laughed climbing up on to the sofa and pulling at Jensen’s arm so he could see his little sister.
“Oh does she, well maybe if you didn’t get chocolate all over your hands she wouldn’t want to eat them.” He laughed at his son.
It didn’t take long for the small girl to fall asleep and Jensen laid her down in the bouncy chair. Dean had gone off to the play room and finally Jensen was able to sit down with you. His arm wound around your shoulders and you turned to look at him.
“Hi.” He whispered with a smile.
“Welcome home.” You whispered back, leaning in to press your lips to his.
“I’m so glad you’re home.”
“I’m glad to be here. I know it’s been tough, baby, but I’m back for a bit.”
You kissed him again then pulled back, resting your hand on his chest.
“So Dean is on Summer holiday at the moment, we were talking and we think it would be a good idea if we came to the conventions with you this year.”
Jensen’s smile got impossibly wider and he let out a breath of amusement.
“That would be amazing! Can you guys really do it?”
“Yeah, I got Bronwyn her passport last week, and I spoke to Singer. Everything is planned.”
“Do you know how much I love you?”
“Probably about how much I love you.” You kissed again, his hand coming up to curve around your jaw line.
“Hey, you looked scared when we came in, what was wrong?” You asked.
Jensen looked down a little embarrassed.
“You weren’t here, you’ve never not been here when I got home and I was…I got worried.” He admitted.
“I’m so sorry, we tried to get back here on time but the dogs were being brats and the traffic-”
He cut you off mid sentence.
“Its okay. It’s been years I should be over it by now.”
You smiled at him, it was one of those smiles that Jensen had come to rely on. A smile that told him he was perfect, that nothing he could do would change the way you saw him. It was a smile full of love and protection, a smile that meant the world to him.
“I love you.” He said, and the words felt right every time he said them.
“I love you too.” Those ones sounded even better.
Jensen was really happy again. He was safe, he had the best wife he could ask for, who was safe. Two beautiful children, who made his heart grow everytime he looked at them and they were safe. The man who had become a brother to him lived just up the road with his amazing family and they were safe. His best friend, yeah he lived in a different state, but him and his crazy family  were safe. That was all he wanted, was for his world to be safe. Scars still marked his left arm, the memories of physical and mental pain still drifted into his dreams at night. But really everything was right.

The two of you put Dean to bed together that evening and sat beside the cot with Bronwyn asleep in. You rested your head on his shoulder for a moment before gesturing for him to come back down stairs with you as you lifted the baby monitor off it’s stand. Jensen followed you down stairs, he went to the living room whilst you went to the kitchen. You grabbed a beer for him and soda for yourself before moving out of the room. You saw your husband first standing in the middle of the room, his back was rigid and he was staring at the TV screen. Your eyes wondered over to the moving pictures, it was the news channel and a woman was standing outside a prison in Canada. Her blonde hair was whipping around her face as she spoke. You couldn’t hear what she was saying but you could read the headlines running along the bottom of the screen.


You dropped the two bottles in your hand to the ground, your chest felt like it was going to explode. Jensen turned when he herd the glass smash and came rushing over to you. He grabbed you just as your knees buckled beneath you and you both fell to the ground.
“It’s all right baby, you’re okay.” He said to you.
“No, it’s not all right. she’s going to hurt my babies! Jensen I can’t do this again.” Tears were already streaming down your face as he rocked you. Jensen couldn’t help it he knew how scared you were because he was as well and tears fell from his eyes. He didn’t see the woman who stood at the patio doors looking in on him and his wife. He didn’t see as she opened the door. He didn’t see as she raised a gun. 

Oh god I’m sorry but that’s it that’s the end of the story. Sorry. 
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Part 21 final part

Four Step Plan

Prompt: Can you please write a Minho smut where him & the reader are runners and he can’t keep his hands off of her while they should be memorizing the maze. Please and thank you! Your work is amazing!

Love love love this prompt. I hope you love the story to go with it!

One foot in front of the other across the rough sand path, the crunching sound of every step acting as a tempo for your breaths to flow from your panting mouth. You ran through the shadows, the high walls of the maze restricting all the sunlight. “Left.” He breathed. He ran close to your left, murmuring each bend in your path seconds before the turn. Today was different though, his fidgeting slowed your collective pace and his head glanced towards you far more often than it should. “Y/N” He panted.

“Don’t talk.” It was a rule in the maze. Talking wastes oxygen and should be kept to a minimum.  He knows the rules, he goddamn wrote them. You were moving closer to a flat wall, each step rippling up your legs which still felt light and springy. Left or right?!

“Left.” Louder this time. Round the bend you turned -him falling behind just slightly- his breath audible over yours. This wasn’t normal, Minho owned the maze. You turned your head to face him, still running straight but at a marginally reduced pace. His hair was bouncing with each step, a thin layer of sweat on his brow from the heat of the catacombs. He was looking at you. 

“What’s up with you today?” You panted, falling back a little bit next to him.

He looked away. “Don’t talk.” He swallowed harshly, his adam’s apple bobbing in his throat.

After a quick glance forwards, you straightened your path and reached out, stroking his curling, bare bicep. “Minho.” You pushed louder, starting to feel a little discomfort in your thighs from the strain of the run. It was still early though, still a few hours before you could settle in the Glade. Even better, the short route of today meant you might even get a few hours in the sunshine if you kept a good pace. “I need you to be good today, what’s up babe?”

“Right.” You dodged the wall at the last minute, your heels digging into the dirt to slow you, hand tapping the cool smoothness of the wall before you took off alongside it. “Stop.” He caught you around the stomach, already stationary.

You stood back on your own feet, peeling the thin tank from the stomach skin he’d just pressed it against. “We don’t stop.” You said confused, rocking on your heels. “Can you remember where to run?”

Minho nodded standing a few inches from you, and easily half a foot higher. His hands were locked on his hips, his eyes looking to either side- anywhere but at you.

You took his hand and set into a jog, earning no resistance. “Tell me while we run. What is it?” You breathed, letting go of his hand when he ran at your shoulder. His hands however, wouldn’t stop moving, first wiping the sweat with the strips of leather tied at his wrist, then pushing his hair back from his forehead.

“I’m just a little distracted.” He smirked, finally matching your pace. Your silence widened his smirk, a quick glance encouraging him to continue, “Straight. Next left. No stop, just stop. Stop.” He grunted and grabbed your hand again, his heels grinding him to a stop.

You landed a little in front of him, hands still linked. “Come on, Minho. I want out of here!” You whined, rocking on your heels again.

“I’m sorry, just…” He glanced up at you, licking moisture back into his lips. “Look at yourself, did you do this deliberately?” Minho groaned, gesturing a little to your figure. Oh. It was hot today, a lot hotter than you were used to and that had left you to run in the coolest outfit you could find, just a pair of bootie shorts and a slick, thin tank. The tank was pretty wet now though. Pretty wet made the white just a little see-through. Oh.

You smiled a little, hands on your hips and embarrassed to meet his eyes. “Sorry. But I can’t fix it now. Let’s go.”

Minho rubbed his lip, moving a little closer and wrapping a lazy hand around your waist. “It’s okay, Y/N. You can’t help being so hot.” He pushed back, locking eyes with you until your back brushed up against the wall clumsily. Minho was biting down on his bottom lip, spare hand pressed against the wall to the side of your head, blocking your way forward in the maze. His jaw muscles tensed turning you on a little while you wrapped one hand around his neck, the other resting on his chest feeling his heartbeat underneath.

You pulled your hand closer until his forehead was pressed against yours. “Oh, sorry, Minho. It must have been so hard for you to run next to the girl you haven’t fucked in at least three weeks… But that’s not my fault is it?” You breathed into his mouth, lips scraping against his all the while his fingertips dug into your hips. “Maybe if you didn’t ignore me, I’d be a little more understanding.” You pushed him away from you lightly, but hard enough to put distance between you. “Now get me out of the maze.”

He grinned, Minho was never put off by the challenge- in fact it turned him on even more. “C’mon Y/N, I know you want me!” He raised his voice as you broke into a run again.

“If you want me, come catch me.” You shouted back, pushing on faster knowing there was no way you’d outrun him. Sure enough, he was at your flank as you turned the bend he’d directed you down.

He was back on his game, sprinting full pelt and keeping pace easily with you. Suddenly he cupped your ass, and gave it a hard squeeze. “C’mon Y/N. Think of how good I’ll make you shake.” The shock made you slow to a stop as he ran ahead then curved back around to face you, a boyish grin still etched in his face. “It’s been three weeks Y/N, there is no way you’re not horny as fuck.”

“Don’t swear.” You snapped, “And oh boy, you’re cocky if you think I’ve waited around for you.” Another challenge.

Minho bit his lip hard. God he was so turned on. “You have,” He stepped forwards, closing the gap between you and wrapped his arms around your waist backing you up against the wall again. “Because none of those guys could make you scream like I do.” He smirked, eyes locked on yours, dark hair cascading down his face.

“We can talk about this later.” You folded your arms to sit underneath your breasts and saw his eye-line fall just a few inches. “Not in the maze.” You clenched your jaw, trying to keep a straight face but his dirty talk made parts of you a little flustered. It had been a long three weeks.

“Y/N.” He moaned almost like it hurt, pressing your foreheads together. “You’re so hot right now with your hair tied back and please. Please, baby. I want you so badly right now.” He pushed your head to one side, lengthening your neck where he placed his lips. “I’m sorry, I’ve been so busy but if you let me make it up to you,” He bit down hard, eliciting a short gasp from your mouth. “I’ll make you feel so good.” He continued to dance his lips along the strip of fresh presented to him, slowly pulling his hands up to cup your breasts over your shirt. His huge hands covered them easy, but his thumbs pressed slow and hard straight over both nipples sending a shock wave straight to your clit. “But if you don’t want to..?” He pushed himself away and began walking down the corridor.

Back still against the wall, you watched his thick shoulders shift with each stride. You felt cold and empty, and desperate to feel the opposite way. “Minho.” You called. “Back.”

He was over you in two seconds, rough hands taking your own and dragging you down the  passage until you walked on your own. He fell into step next to you, fingers still entwined. “I can get us out of here in two minutes flat, we have at least five hours until sundown and no one is at the homestead. You know what that means? It means I’m going to apologize for being a terrible boyfriend.” You gave him a side-eyed glance to spur a link to those two statements, still walking fast but getting wetter by the second thinking about how much you missed being in his bed. “And to deliver that apology, I’m going to spell out every letter with my tongue against your clit.” Minho said nonchalantly. You thought your eyes were about to roll into your head, a grin stretching your face in anticipation of good things to come. A few moments passed and you were closer to the Glade, you could hear the shouts of the workers in the distance. He stepped behind you and halted your walking with an arm around your waist just as you turned the last bend to the Glade. You could see the boys on the other side of the field bent over by the crops, but you were in the shadows and would enter by the deadheads, making it a short trip to the homestead.

Minho brought you back to reality by pressing himself against your back, winding a hand down to cup your heat over your shorts. “And after that, well then I’m going to make you beg.” Minho pressed on your clit a little, making you arch up and press your ass harder against his crotch. “Then I’m going to make you moan.” He circled his hand slowly, causing the most delicious waves of pleasure to course through you. Your head fell back onto his shoulder, his other hand locking you against him. Reserved, silent Minho who would only speak to the others when he deemed them worthy of his conversation. So unwilling to talk until you came along and got into his pants. “And then,” He whispered against your ear, “Then I’m going to fuck you until you can’t remember your own name. But you’ll remember mine. You’ll scream it.” He bit your ear hard and took his hand from your clit. You moaned loudly as the cool air hit your throbbing centre. “Do your job. Run.” He slapped your ass hard and set you off, sprinting through the deadheads as fast as possible, the wetness between your legs working as a constant distraction. Minho was on your heels, and when you made the short sprint up to the homestead he took over and pushed the door open. “My room.” He whispered as if you’d go anywhere else.

He had one of the three singles in the homestead, the rest being shared bedrooms. You sprinted up the last few stairs as if you hadn’t been running this morning and found your way into his room, hearing the homestead door close and agonizingly slow footsteps headed upstairs. You looked at yourself in the mirror. Your shorts had a very distinct wet patch seeped through the grey fabric and your shirt was essentially see-through. Definitely worthy of a distraction. You ran your hands up your body, feeling the sensation roll over skin that longed to be touched.

“Looks like someone started without me.” He said quietly, watching you from the doorway. You turned to meet his voice, smiling.

“It’s been a long time.” You replied, dropping your hands and taking slow, slow steps towards him.

He nodded, chewing his lip and shutting the door behind him. “I know. You know, you could have done something about it earlier.” Minho reached your waist, spinning you a half turn to face the mirror again. “This-” He ran both hands over your hips. “works. Sometimes I just need reminding.”

A short giggle escapes your lips as you trail your hand up behind you and wind it through the short hair around his neck. The anticipation was so sexy, so tangible in the room which smelled like him. You looked at yourself in the mirror, enjoying the view of him wrapped around you. His hand reached up and tugged the hair tie from your hair, letting it cascade around your face. You caught his eye. “Now, I think I want to get you naked.” He muttered.

You turned around to face him, then walked him back until he sat on the edge of his bed. “You know you’re like, really cocky.” You purred, unhooking the leather vest around his waist and pushing it down his shoulders.

Minho threw it across the room leaving him in just his button down. “It’s not cocky if I can back it up.” His hands wrapped around your thighs, pulling you to stand between his legs while your trembling fingers worked on the buttons of his shirt.

His fingers ran up and down your thighs before cupping your ass. He groaned a little, little lines creasing on his brow. “God your ass looked so good today. I’m so horny, baby.” When his shirt was unbuttoned and his tanned flesh on show, he muttered, “Y/N?”

Before you could reply he lifted you from your standing position and slammed your back against the soft mattress. Side by side and facing him, his hands drew you closer, running the length of your body before stroking your face. He hooked your leg around his hips, moving you closer until your foreheads were pressed together. “I missed you.” You sighed, tracing his cheekbones, neck and chest before pressing your lips together softly. It felt like the first kiss in forever, his soft lips locking and relocking with yours while hands caressed innocent body parts. It felt good, but not good enough. After a few moments you pushed yourself to straddle his hips, chests pressed together.

A soft groan escaped his lips as your crotches brushed against each other. Minho’s hips sliding up to meet your stationary ones. His hands pulled you closer, his tongue licking over your lips begging for entrance. Not yet. His moan was short and frustrated, “Please don’t tease me, Y/N.” Then one cold hand slipped under the seam of your tank, the shock eliciting gasp from you. Your lips crashed together, his tongue used sparingly to play with yours. You pulled back and bit his bottom lip, pulling it from him gently while your hips began rolling down over his.

Sitting up, you glared down at him, feeling his bulge twitch to action and grow a little. “Maybe I will tease you. Maybe I’ll make you wait just as long as you made me wait.” Your hand ran between your crotches, stroking over his package and earning a grin from him. “Maybe I’ll make you touch yourself every night for three weeks dreaming of my lips wrapped around you.”

Minho sat up quickly, arms wrapped around you and locking you to his crotch. His smile was so confident while his eyes wandered to your exposed cleavage. His hands rolled up your tank, peeling it from your skin until you pulled it over your head yourself, left only in your shorts, shoes and bra. He kissed the fresh skin at the top of your breasts. “I don’t think so.” He muttered before slamming you into the exact spot he had before and grinding himself between your legs.

You moaned and tugged at the collar of his shirt. “Off.” You whispered, kicking your own shoes off. Minho sat back on his heels and shrugged it down his shoulders, fully exposing his toned stomach and bulging shoulders. Your hand trailed down to your heat and stroked over the fabric there gently. He watched you for a minute, his face engrossed and turning you on even more.

Everything felt heightened, the small rolls of teasing pleasure your hand was giving felt like heaven, but your breasts still ached to be exposed and touched. “Minho.” You breathed. His hand was stroking himself over the fabric mimicking you. “Please give me something.”

He snapped out of his fantasy and lay over you, one hand keeping him hovering, the other pulling your leg around his hip. He kissed you, faster and harder than before, spare hand tracing around your bra. His lips moved down to your neck, sucking and biting to leave pretty bruises claiming you as his. Your gasps spurred him to move faster and he removed himself from your hips, pulling down your shorts as he went. His hands parted your legs once more and he left hot, wet kisses down both thighs.

You were so wet, the anticipation of him touching you there made your back arch off the bed. “Please Minho, please fuck me.”

His hand slapped the side of your ass. “Y/N.” He growled. “Begging is step two. I haven’t even said sorry yet.” Minho licked up your panties, feeling the hot dampness waiting for him. He stroked himself slowly, wanting to last for a while. Your soft whimper led you to squeeze your breasts, desperate for any pleasure harder than what he gave you. His breath was hot against your heat, and he moved his head to pull your panties down. “It’s rude to touch yourself when someone is apologizing. Sit up and look me in the eye.” He growled.

Your clit twitched hard, open and exposed to him as you propped yourself on your elbows, catching his eye. He wrapped one hand around your leg, pulling it onto his shoulder and making his lock wriggle-proof. The other still stroking over his running shorts, he bend down and licked you, bottom to top. He was so light, so gentle and so teasing it hurt.

His lips settled around your clit while his tongue moved carefully, carving out each letter in tiny cursive against it. His eyes left yours only to blink. His tongue on your sensitive clit felt like too much. All you wanted was to be pounded into the mattress, and instead you were given tight hot movements drilling over your clit. Still, you wanted him harder and stronger, so your hands ran down and tangled in his hair. You grinding your hips down on his face slightly, sinking into a rhythm against him, but his other hand wrapped around your leg to hold you still. “So rude.” He muttered before continuing his onslaught.

“M-inh-o,” You whimpered, every tingle of your clit jarring your words. The agonizing build up was so slow. “You-’re go-ing to m-ake me…”

His smile could be heard through the murmur against your clit, his hands moving up to pull your bra down before pulling lightly at your nipples, tongue still working against you. “Come for me, princess.” He increased his pressure a little, flicking his tongue against you. Your back arched, muscles clenching slow at first, then at his fast pace, hands running over any part of him you could find.

Your moans loudened, “Minho, ohmygod, Minho, ohmygod.” Then cut out as your breathing stopped, nails digging into his skin hard before it hit. You groaned loud then felt it  explode in your core, the waves of pleasure making you shake hard against him. His hands locked you onto him, his tongue still flicking you lengthening the pleasure until you’d had more than you could stand.

When it subsided, you reached down and pulled his head from you gently. “Fuck Minho,” you whispered, eyes still shut, hands shaking while you stroke over his face. He kissed your thighs softly, letting go of his grip on you. It felt cold and empty. Though satisfied for now, still hungry for him.

“You taste so good.” He grunted, wiping his mouth on his leather bound wrists. His hand crept back to stroke himself softly, his member definitely hard now. Minho pulled himself around your legs, closing them and making you shudder a little. He lay next to you, tilted your head with his finger and kissed you softly.

“I’m still shaking.” You laughed, opening your eyes to his proud face, stroking over his skin.  

He chuckled, “I guess I’m forgiven then.” Minho propped himself on an elbow to look down at you, kicking off his shoes.

You nodded, running a hand over his stomach feeling every ridge in his abs before settling your hand around the waistband of his shorts. He was pitching a tent, straining hard against the fabric. “I want this.” You murmured, rolling onto your side.

The sunlight streaming in from the windows made you see him in a light that you were so unfamiliar with. His skin glistened, contours of cheekbones and muscles were emphasized with dark shadows making him look godly. “Unlucky for you we just entered the begging phase. Beg and I’ll think about it.” He grinned. It was all a game to him, a game where he always got his way.

“Oh.” You started to unbuckle his belt, your thighs rubbing together creating a little fiction for your sensitive core. Yep, definitely still horny. “I think we can skip that.” You reached down and rubbed his impressive length through his boxers. It had been so long since you could feel how turned on he got for you.

His breathing hitched as he shimmied his shorts down before kicking them onto the floor. “Y/N. Not yet. Today is about you, now beg for it.” He grabbed your wrist and pinned it to the bed above your head, taking your other hand and crossing them.

Now both your hands were pinned with one of his, leaving the other to roam. He sat up next to you, stroking the length of your body again before stopping over your bra. Again, he traced its outline with his fingertips. “Arch.” He growled, sinking a hand behind your back to unclip it before shimmying it up to around your wrists, leaving you fully exposed to him.

“Minho, I don’t want to beg I just want to be with you.” You whined, feeling his hardness brush up against the side of your thigh.

Minho frowned, licking his thumb before circling one nipple. You gasped hard, moaning softly and arching against his hand. “And I want you to beg for me. I want these hard too.” He spoke nonchalantly, smirking at you. How could he be so calm when you were struggling to be coherent when he touched you so lightly. He ducked his head down to lick around your nipple causing it to harden fast. He kissed and scraped his teeth against it, sending shockwaves down your body.

Oh hell. “Minho.” You groaned as he moved his teeth to the other. “Minho, I want to make you feel as good as you make me feel. Please fuck me, Minho.”

“Keep going.” He muttered against your skin, starting to leave pretty hickies over your chest to match your neck. His spare hand had reached your thighs. He parted your legs easily and let his hand run closer and closer to your heat but whenever it got too close and you bucked, he started again at your knee.

Your frustrated groans made him grin and chuckle. “C’mon, please touch me and I’ll moan so loud for you. I’ll do anything for you. I’m so wet, baby.” He stopped and hovered over you, grinning and watching your lips move.

“You want me here?” Minho’s hand slid over your clit. He pressed down. Hard.

You groaned loud. “Yes, yes please, oh god. Pound me with your fingers, Minho. I want you to feel how wet you’ve made me before you fuck me hard. Please fu-,” You weren’t even sure what profanities were coming out of your mouth when he slid two long fingers into you.

His grin widened as he let go of your hands and kissed your cheek softly. “Fuck you are wet. And tight. Oh god.” He grunted, pulling his fingers out of you to rub your clit a little. “I think you’re dripping for me.”

You nodded a little, grinding against his palm when he slid his fingers back inside you, stretching you wider. Your hands crept around his neck, stroking his face while your eyes locked. He loved watching you like this, moaning his name and driven crazy by his teasing.  Your hands winded down to his boxers again, first rubbing him through the fabric then slipping your hand under the seam and gripping him. “Y/N.” He groaned, pushing his digits harder into you and thumbing your clit. He wasn’t playing this time, just fingering you as rough as you’d like. You pumped him a few times, but were so distracted by his fingers as you felt yourself getting closer.

You moaned his name so loudly, “I’m going to-” He pulled his fingers out of you fast. “No! No give them to me.” You groaned, gaining the confidence to be loud. It was such a rare occasion you could be loud in the Glade.

Minho pulled down his boxers and discarded them on the floor. “I have something better for you.” The sight of him in all his glory made you twitch. He moved between your legs again until he was standing hovering over you, cock lined at your entrance. “Yes?” He said huskily, pressing his tip over your clit.

You nodded frantically and he sunk into you as deep as he could be. You both let out a moan before he pulled back and thrust into you again, his length making you feel so full. Every push into you sent waves through your body. He set a fast, shallow tempo, having restrained himself for so long he was desperate for you, and your tight walls felt like heaven around him. The sound of his heavy breathing filled the room while he pounded you into the mattress. He was rough and hard with you, raking his nails down your thighs until the need to be deep outweighed the need for speed. Every scape drawing some kind of animalistic sound from your mouth.

Minho placed his hands to the sides of your head and hovered over you, now grinding rather than thrusting. His slow grinding took you to new limits, the bottom of his stomach sliding against your clit as he hit you deeply. Your hands curved around his neck, nails digging into his flesh, biting into his shoulder to stop yourself from screaming as you neared your climax. “Minho, harder.” You pleaded against his skin and to accommodate you he slid himself as far out as he could go, letting the cool air hit your core before ramming himself into you with enough force to make the bed rock. “Yessssss-.” You hissed coming closer and closer as he grabbed your ass and pulled your nipple hard.

“Are you going to come for me, Y/N? Are you going to come on my dick, baby?” He grunted into your ear fucking you harder and harder and harder until your moans went silent, before crashing down around you and covering your vision with black spots while you shook hard and moaned his name. Your eyes rolled back into your head and squeezed closed, he fucked you till you could open them again, muscles still twitching and hands shaking.

Minho’s head was buried in your neck. “Minho,” You whimpered stroking the short hair around his neck. “Come for me, baby.” He moaned and found your lips, kissing you hard while thrusting deep.

Soon, his bucking became short and sloppy, before he groaned and hit as deep into you as he could, making you gasp as his hot seed spit into you. “Fuck.” He moaned, against your neck. A few moments passed, you wrapped up in each other both breathing heavily. Your eyes were squeezed shut, still feeling tiny vibrations from your high rippling through your body. Very slowly, he pulled himself out of you and rolled onto his side, pulling your bare frame close to him until you were skin on skin again.

He groaned quietly, eyes closed “If I ever pass up sex with you again, shoot me.”


{could you do an ashton smut where he shows you how to masturbate (in a platonic way) because you are a good girl and don’t know how to. and then a few days later he asks you out.}

So, enjoy? Feedback is awesome js.

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And Close the Distance

Part II to Break the Rules

Request: You’ve ruined me. What have done with my feelings? All I could think of all day was that oneshot (“Break the Rules”) and I’ve re-read it what feels like millions of times. Is it wrong to wish for more when you’ve already filled my request so beautifully? But I’m requesting it anyway… please, please continue or I might just literally combust. Out of pent up feels, ironically enough. Ugh. + a myriad of other asks all saying the same thing: Break the Rules part 2?!

Word Count: 2992

Warnings: NSFW, angst, romance, MOAR FEELINGS

Author’s Note: I doubt I’ll ever think smut is my strong suit, but I’ll have you all know I re-wrote that scene four times. From scratch, because it just didn’t feel cohesive until I came up with this one. So. Hope you all enjoy!

Your name: submit What is this?

One would think, with demons and angels scouring the earth, that a hunt involving ghosts would be a run-o-the-mill affair. In some ways, it is much easier. Ghosts always have a motive, not always the most sensible motive, but a vaguely understandable one, at least. Ghostly motives are hardly the stuff of divine or unholy directives - but a ghost can still hurt you.
They can still kill you.

Forgetting that what you hunt is dangerous is a death sentence.

Come hell or high water, Dean Winchester would argue that he never forgets how dangerous it is. He’s lost too many people to it, suffered too much to ever forget.

No, Dean never forgets.

But sometimes he doesn’t care. 

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yomikoda  asked:

Sterek - Neighbors Au ?

Okay. You get two for the price of one because of what bleep0bleep and you and I discussed on Twitter. The first is normal next door neighbors, the second is frat boy!Stiles/grumpy!Derek ala that Zach Efron/Seth Rogen Neighbors movie.


Every day at 8am, Stiles and his next door neighbor leave their apartments, nod to each other, get in the elevator, ride it down in silence and exit through the lobby and then turn separate ways and part.

And every day Stiles tries to get up the courage to say hello or good morning or ask him what he does or where he’s going or if he’d come over for dinner or make out with him on his couch, but every day he loses his nerve and chickens out. He doesn’t even know the guy’s name but they’ve had this same routine for a month now and Stiles is dying.

But on May 2nd at 8am, it all changes when his neighbor comes out of his apartment, still in his pajamas, his hair a disheveled mess like he just got out of bed, a wad of tissues in his hand, and his nose red, and god help him, he still looks incredibly hot.

“Uh, you okay there?” Stiles asks.

His neighbor sniffs. “Yeah, I'b jus nod feelin’ well, and I cabe oud to dell ‘ou ded but now ded I did I feel dub.” God, he’s adorable.

Stiles walks over to his door. “Do you need anything? I can get some medicine for you. Can I make you some tea?”

His neighbor waves him off. “Do don have do do ded. You have work.”

Stiles shrugs. “I can be late. I’m Stiles.”

“Dewek,” he says opening his door wider to let Stiles come in.



Derek has tried to be nice and civil to the frat house that moved in next door to him, but when they don’t even respond to the cops and resort to pranking him as some cruel joke, he gives up. He knows it’s mostly egged on by the Stilinski kid because it’s always him that laughs the loudest when he sees Derek’s reaction to the latest prank.

He marches, in his bath robe no less because they turned off his fucking water in the middle of his shower this morning, and bangs loudly on the door.

Stilinski, in nothing but a T-shirt (a short one at that and it covers nothing) swings open the door, a grin on his face and a hard lemonade can in his hand.

“Hiya, neighbor.”

Derek tries to keep his eyes from traveling down (but even not at full-mast Stiles is impressive and his thighs are–). “This needs to end right now.”

“I’d be happy to come to some sort of arrangement, old man.”

“Old? I’m like five years older than you tops.”

Stiles’s face falls. “Oh really? Damn. I wanted to go for a silver fox, but you’ll do I guess.”

“Excuse me?”

“Derek, come on. The arrangement?” Stiles says, raising his eyebrows like Derek should know what he’s talking about.

“What the hell are you getting at?”

Stiles sighs, throws the can (which turns out to be empty) over his shoulder behind him, and pulls on the sash around Derek’s waist that’s keeping his robe closed. Derek is too stunned to do anything but let his robe fall open while Stiles pulls him closer, stepping into his space close enough that their dicks brush.

“So, what do you say, Derek?” Stiles whispers in his ear. “We have an arrangement?” He sucks Derek’s ear lobe into his mouth and runs his tongue down his jaw line.

Derek swallows. “Uh huh.”

“Good. Let’s go to your place. Better call in sick, you’re staying home all day today.”

Preference #1: They go shopping w/ you

a/n: Hey loves, so I have a Michael smut coming up very soon, but it’s taking a while. So for the time being, I have written a few blurbs to keep you guys happy.

Much Love!  


Shopping is literally all you do 24/7 whether its online or out. You and Ashton walked into Nordstrom and you immediately went to every single wrack, picking out anything you liked.
“Babe, I think you have enough.” Ashton laughed.
“It’ll take me a while to get these on.” You laughed with him. You both headed to the dressing room, making him wait outside. You tried on the first outfit, a very tight dress that was very low in cleavage. You walked out barefoot to see Ashton staring at his phone. You coughed to get his attention.
“Oh shit.” He said dropping his phone.
“Yes or no?” You questioned.
“YES, definitely yes.” You nodded and went back to try on more clothes. Ashton saying yes to everyone except a few. You went to the counter, and grabbed your card, before Ashton stopped you saying he would pay.
“No, I have money for this and I want to treat myself.” You protested.


You thought it was cute how Calum wanted to go shopping with you. Today was a great to anyway. You had your route, and heading into the first store Calum grinned. Victoria Secret is your favorite. Calum went off to god knows where, and you stuck to your normal routine. You grabbed a few bras and panties, and headed to the dressing rooms. Calum had a shit ton more than you thought.
“I’m buying these for you.” Calum said pointing to the massive pile.
“Oh Jesus.” You laughed. Trying on everything, Calum said yes, yes and yes. Always checked the perfume. I had about 12 bras, and a shit tone of panties. God this boy will literally buy everything in here. You didn’t expect to leave with 2 huge bags, and a grinning Calum. More shopping until you got home and he took you upstairs starting his own “fashion show.”
“I think its time we put all these to test Kitten.” Calum said.


Luke is so shy coming with you shopping because he would get turned on at every single thing. You dragged him into all of the stores. This week was makeup week. Mac was a must. You went to the ladies to try to help find out what shade you were.
“Luke, you should pick out some makeup for me.” You said sending a wink. Luke went around to find god knows what. About half an hour of talking to the ladies, Luke managed to grab a conturing kit, highlighters, black lipstick because he knows you can’t live without it, and much more.
“I know this is expensive, but I know how much you love makeup.” Luke said scratching the back of his neck.
“Luke, you don’t have to buy me all this, you spoil me enough.” You said. You picked out what you liked most. Mostly the black lipstick and conturing kit. You just had the brightest idea.  “Can I do your makeup when we get home?!?” You beamed. “Your jaw line will look so good with this bronzer.”
“Alright.” He sighed. “Anything for my little girl.”
“I’m not little.” You pouted crossing your arms.
“Aw see Daddy’s little girl.” Luke smirked.
“I can not be Daddy’s good girl…”
“That is true.” He grinned.


“Michael! I need you to zip this.” You said walking out of the dressing room. He obviously didn’t hear you, so you had to snap your hand in front of him. “What shit, yeah babe?” He asked. “Can you zip this?” You asked turning around. The dress you had on was a very short and tight pencil dress. You walked to the mirror, checking yourself out, along with Michael staring at your ass. “Should I get this?” You asked. “Hell yes.” Michael said. You rolled her eyes, and went to try on more clothes.
“Okay this is the last set, but you have to be in here.” You said, popping your head out of the curtain. He groaned, got up and walked inside your dressing room. “Now, I can’t decided if I should get the lavender, or black set.” You said, spinning in your matching set. “Both.” Michael smirked. “I like the lavender more.” You protested. “Then I’ll buy you the black one. You look fucking hot in black.” He said, biting his lip. “Oh my god.” You laughed.

Writing Tips: General Tips & Kylo Ren

Hi, I’m writing this post because it was requested by @propertyofkylorensmutwho asked me to make a post about writing in general and also writing Kylo Ren.

I am no expert at writing, nor do I think my advice is the end-all be-all, nor do I believe that if you write differently than me then you’re doing it wrong. I was asked for what I do when I write, so, here you go. Also this post is 5000 pages long so it’s underneath the cut:

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that damned line

another bellarke drabble. not proofread carefully.

There was a line he couldn’t cross with Clarke, no matter what. It wasn’t that difficult at first. Clarke is your co-leader and nothing more. Or, don’t think about the way her hair looks in the sun or how sometimes you can make her smile and it lights up her whole face. The line was important for keeping the 100 alive and well.

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