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Can we talk about this scene for a minute? Because I tear up literally every damn time I watch it. 

After losing his son, Iroh fought tirelessly to save his nephew from Ozai’s brainwashing, no matter how hard Zuko tried to push him away. But even after years of sticking by him through every dead end and reckless gambit, Zuko still goes back to his awful father. Once again, Iroh couldn’t save his son and it just kills him

Then the kid shows up with team Avatar, because it turns out some of those proverbs got through to him after all.

But the part that really gets me is Zuko’s perspective.

Sitting outside that tent, he’s so damn scared. He’s so convinced Iroh hates him, he won’t even go in without a pep talk from Katara. Everyone else can see that Iroh will be proud of what his nephew has done since they last met, but Zuko can’t. When Zuko goes in to see the family he disappointed, he’s braced for yelling and fire and rage because that’s what he’s been raised to expect when he screws up. Pissing off his father got him disgraced, burned, tossed in the street, told he didn’t deserve to be alive, and shot at with lightening. A lifetime of experience says he should be scared. He doesn’t expect to be forgiven, he just wants Iroh to know he’s sorry. 

And then Iroh’s not even madNOT EVEN MAD. Mercy and compassion are so alien to Zuko that immediate forgiveness wasn’t even a remote possibility. He’s so utterly confused, but at the same time, so, so relieved. He hasn’t lost his only family. The only person who stayed by him all those years in exile. The only father who loved him.

They both thought they’d lost the only family they had left. Instead, they find themselves closer than they’ve ever been. And I tear up every damn time.

But like...

Can we just take a minute to talk about how amazing Nico actually is?
- He was the only one to notice and be friendly to Hestia on The Last Olympian
- He’s so goddamn polite. Everyone always characterizes him as like not giving two fucks, but he was raised a fucking gentleman and he canonically is.
- Tbh, he probably pulls out the chair for Will when they go out for dinner.
- He’s a fucking genius. He survived Tartarus alone. Like, he /knew/ to drink from the Plegethon (spelling?) river to be able to breathe. How?
- He survived on his own for about 3 years.
- He’s so sweet to Hazel.
- he’s so sweet in general. Like, the whole thing with Bob and such.
- He’s so goddamn brave. He went through Tartarus alone and he keeps fighting
- He’s a small cinnamon roll that must be protected at all costs.

Can we talk for a minute about how incredible Phineas and Ferb was when it came to portraying separated and blended families?

Like, first off, the Flynn-Fletchers. They’re a blended family. Linda Flynn (mother of Phineas Flynn and Candace Flynn) married Lawrence Fletcher (father of Ferb Fletcher). There is no “evil step-parent” or “ugly step-siblings”. There’s a bit of one-sided sibling rivalry, but it’s along age lines, not blend lines (Candace vs her little brothers). The characters themselves don’t ever draw any attention to the fact that they’re a blended family. When Phineas introduces his brother, it’s “my brother, Ferb” not “my step-brother”

If you weren’t paying attention to the last names that get mentioned every now and then, you might never notice.

Then, on the other side of the equation, we have the Doofenshmirtz family. Charlene and Heinz Doofenshmirtz divorced, but their daughter Vanessa is far from “caught in the middle”.

While we don’t see the exact custody arrangement, Vanessa spends some time with one parent, some time with the other. When Heinz and Charlene see each other, they seem to be on pretty good terms (though there can be some low-key snark). 

And, most tellingly, when speaking to Vanessa, Charlene makes it very clear that she didn’t divorce Heinz because he was evil, but in her words, they just didn’t get along very well and wanted different things . (It’s played for laughs since Heinz Doofenshmirtz’s job description is literally “Evil Scientist”, but that sentiment there is still important.)

Though Heinz and Charlene aren’t compatible with each other, they haven’t pulled their daughter into their squabbles. Each one loves her very much, and each one wants her to have a good relationship with her other parent.

Can we stop everything for a minute and talk about Jared’s and Jensen’s acting? Sure we can.

There’s no such thing as a surprise when it comes to them being able to make me cry with a simple look and make me crack laughing with a simple move but anyways I still find their acting mesmerizing. 

Let’s start with Jensen, because he got me crying all over this scene. I couldn’t help it. (I cry a lot with SPN because of him)

{source here}

He made me feel every bit of desperation he was feeling. How you can’t remember something so simple, so yours, something that in any normal situation you could say it like you can sing your favorite song. But there’s any of that and he just makes you feel it, he doesn’t even has to say it, it’s there in his eyes; how lost he feels.

And all I have to say is: Jensen, you’re definitely one of the best actors I’ve seen and it’s amazingly beautiful the way in which you can get to people’s feelings with your expressions.

That said, now Jared. (I cry a lot with SPN because of this bitch, too

{source here

I’ve been all emotional because of Sam in countless times, Jared gives such expression to Sam that you can’t help yourself.

I was as worried as Sam at this moment and even though I saw Dean’s words as a joke I was totally lost and trying to keep calm but no can do, this is Supernatural we’re talking about. Sam’s expressions here say so much, him shaking his head, him looking away, the little smile he makes, the sigh of relief, the way his eyes look watery. He was going to loose it if the counterspell didn’t work. It’s seen that he can’t lose Dean, not like that, not again. He goes with “not funny” but you gotta see it in his face, you gotta hear it in his voice. Is such a strong feeling kinda like he was making me feel it.

Jared, you’re freaking gold and you never fail to amaze me, you never fail to make me feel every single thing Sam feels. 

Honestly, I’ve gotta thank the world for having such great actors as Jared and Jensen to play the characters I love the most because clearly without them I wouldn’t have fallen in love with the Winchesters. Thanks for,  and to, Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles. 


Bethyl Appreciation Week 2017:

↳ ‘Day 4: Favourite Underrated Moment’

Can we take a minute and talk about how fantastic Harry’s voice sounds on this song?  It’s rich, it’s not strained, his technique is on point for rock.  his falsetto is clear and pure. The beginning in particular is clean and precise.    His belt at the end is open and fully supported.  His breath control is spot on.  And the little details like the way he transitions from chest voice to falsetto in the bridge on “will we ever learn?” is SO SMART.  He’s using such strong dynamics.  He has grown so much and I’m just so incredibly impressed.  And so incredibly proud.  

Can we take a minute to talk about how excited Candace Cranston was for her son? First it was “Billy, Jason Scott is here to see you!” And then it was “Jason Scott and Kimberly Hart and Zack Taylor and some girl named Deedee (Trini) are here to see you!”

Just… imagine Candace trying to raise a son on her own, especially when he clearly gets bullied and has a hard time making friends, and over the course of eleven days, he goes from no friends to four other kids coming to pick him up, actually initiating positive interaction with him and I can only imagine how happy it made her to see her son making friends.





Can we talk about how amazing Hernando is for a minute? When Lito is depressed he tries to cheer him up, but quickly realizes that’s not the way to help him. He accepts that he can’t fix Lito’s career troubles, that he can’t just make him feel better with a pep-talk and a positive attitude. He doesn’t tell Lito to cheer up, to go for a walk, to get over it. Instead he goes to his room, brings him breakfast and tells him “You don’t need to get up. You don’t need to leave this room. I’m not judging you, or trying to fix it, or tell you what to do. I just wanted you to know that I love you.  And that you aren’t alone.” And that’s really all Lito needs.

Can we talk about Finn for a minute? I keep reading that Finn gets described as “flat” or “boring” by some in the Star Wars fandom. Obviously everyone’s entitled to their opinion. But I’ll tell you, from my perspective? He’s one of the most unique, charismatic Star Wars characters out there. 

1. Finn humanized stormtroopers. Made us experience panic and terror at the terrible choices they have to make. Stormtroopers, who were practically a joke in the other movies - white plastic statutes that existed just to get shot and clatter into a pile.

2. Finn’s flight with Poe Dameron is an explosion of emotion. That scene blew me away. Both of them had so much fun with it, and you can see Finn feel the real impact of having a name, rather than being a number. 

3. Finn is profoundly empathetic and protective. Hell, I swear he cares about BB8 when he has to describe the plane crash, and Poe’s “death”, to the droid. 

4. Finn shows tremendous range in this movie. Traumatized (stormtrooper battle), jocular (”you got a boyfriend?”), joyous (”that’s one hell of a pilot”), wistful (”Take care of yourself. Please.”), angry (ligthsaber battle), I could go on. I like Luke Skywalker as much as the next fan, but I think Finn shows more range in this one film than Luke did in all three. 

5. Finn’s story arc is powerful, subversive, and inspiring. Going from a number to a name. Finding a family after being taken from his home as a child. Turning his back on the First Order and then realizing he needs to go further, and embrace the cause of the Resistance.

6. Finn’s relationship with Rey. I’m gonna get choked up about this, so I’ll just say John Boyega is an amazing actor, and I loved every scene he had with Daisy Ridley. 

Anyway that’s my fangirling contribution. To me, Finn’s amazing. 

Gif courtesy of @kit-harington

Okay, but can we talk about Jaal’s mom for a minute?

She has sent me mail asking me about human birthing processes (”for obvious reasons” by her words), asking me if I love pie (she apparently wants to make a pie for me), asking me about my homeworld (so she can make it more comfortable on Havarl for me), asking about my favorite weapon to use against the Kett, asking me for my health documents and a narrative of my life’s store. 

I don’t think I’ve loved a potential mother-in-law as much as I love Jaal’s mom.

But can we just talk about ep3 for a minute? And about poor baby Jonghyun?
Not to make anyone sad but, it broke me.

When he saw Minhyun coming in through that door and he just went on and thought ‘Why are you here? Get out.’
He trusts them to do well, even though, it’s not their fault, they are tired and frankly, I hope they don’t give up fighting. Even if MNET is evil, even if the editing makes you like this, don’t give up. We can see the good in you. So others will too.

When they had to pick the leader for Minhyun’s team, and everyone choose Jonghyun, but you could see it in his eyes, he didn’t want to be a leader.

Jonghyun said that he’s afraid to be a leader, because he doesn’t want to fail them, to let them down, like he did with NU'EST and I can’t really cope with that. He didn’t fail NU'EST, he didn’t broke their promise, they are a team. A leader shouldn’t carry all the hardships and all the blame on his shoulders, a leader doesn’t mean it’s all on you. You can ask for help, you can rely on others. You don’t have to apologise to Minki and the others for going up to B Class. They will do better, they will follow you.

This child blames himself for everything and apologises for things he didn’t do or shouldn’t apologise for.

But then Minhyun went on and said, 'I believe in Jonghyun.’ and I felt like crying. Jonghyun shouldn’t carry the burden alone, and yet he does it.

Someone please stop this child, please protect him. Because I can’t stand watching Jonghyun being in pain anymore. I can’t stand watching Minki cry. I can’t stand looking at Minhyun being so tired and I can’t stand looking at Dongho how he almost lost all hope.


I am sick and tired of these stupid videos going viral on facebook about how technology has made us antisocial and that social media is evil.

Let me tell you a story. I’m half English, but live in Spain. I get to see my English family, at best, once a year. Sometimes not even that.

I love my English grandparents, but we don’t have many things in common. We can get a nice 20 minute talk going about what we’ve been doing lately, and then I usually fall silent whilst my mum talks about cooking with my grandma and my dad goes on to talk about science with my granddad. It’s so disappointing, because I barely see them, and I can only rely on their interest in what I’m doing with my life to start a conversation.

A few months ago we flew to England and stayed with them a few days. Whilst having supper, naturally (as always) the conversation started with how I was doing, and what I was planning to do with my future now that I had graduated. I told them I was thinking about moving back to Japan to start working there. Somehow, one way or another, we started talking about life in Japan, and my parents chipped in by commenting on their experience in Tokyo as tourists. “There’s so many people!” And then someone asked, “what’s the population of Japan?”

And I said, “Let me google that.”

So I pulled out my smartphone. 127.3 million. Can you believe it? That’s a lot! That’s twice as much as the UK, isn’t it? What is the population of the UK? Granddad says 60 million, but grandma says 62.

Google says 64.1 million.

What about Spain? 50 million, perhaps? 55? Mum says 48, dad says 40. Nope, it’s 46.77 million as of 2014, says google.

We all guessed at the population of the US, of Canda, of France, of Germany; we cheered when one of us had almost hit the mark, and gasped at unexpected numbers. We looked up the dates of historical events, we read random wikipedia facts, we searched Stonehenge on google maps and read about the theories behind it, we googled ‘disc symbols ancient’ to try and figure out what this paperweight my granddad had in his office was supposed to be because he couldn’t remember its name and immediately found out it was a replica of the Phaistos Disc. “‘Disc symbols ancient’! How did google know what we were looking for just from that? That’s amazing!”

We went on for hours, and it was so. much. fun. For three whole hours, three. whole. fucking. hours, every topic we talked about was somehow linked to googling facts or images on my smartphone, and do you know what my granddad said to me as we started cleaning everything up?

He said this thing I had was amazing, and he wanted one too.

Technology is not a conversation stopper. It’s a conversation starter, and if you don’t know how to be responsible, if you don’t know how to make use of this amazing thing we have to keep a conversations going, then the problem isn’t smartphones, or facebook, or twitter. It’s you.