can we take a moment to appreciate this babeness


Can we all take a moment to appreciate how aesthetically pleasing these two look next to each other? Their hair and eyes colors compliment each other so well. I mean, my God. They’re BEAUTIFUL.

Okay but can we stop and take a moment to appreciate the wondrous, beauteous ship that is Shrinkyclinks

  • Steve doing the shoulder headbutt thing when he wants Bucky’s undivided attention
  • Bucky holding Steve back by the hood of his hoodie/collar of his shirt whenever he’s about to run off and do something stupid again
  • Which has been happening more and more lately, he thinks
  • Bucky “””punishing””” Steve for being sad or grumpy by peppering his face with endless kisses and cuddling him until he cracks a smile
  • Bucky buying a shit ton of warm, cute sweaters for his Stevie so he doesn’t get a chill during the colder months
  • Sometimes Steve won’t even wear them. He’ll just go and raid Bucky’s closet and steal a few of his way-too-big hoodies and shirts so he can wear them around the house
  • Bucky doesn’t really mind until he notices Steve forgets to put the clothes back and 90% of Bucky’s closet is empty space
  • Bucky laying in bed and draping his metal arm across Steve’s forehead whenever he gets sick, because it’s cold as ice and won’t melt
  • Steve struggling to kiss Bucky because he’s so tiny and Bucky’s so tall
  • Bucky thinks it’s adorable
  • Steve doesn’t
  • Bucky pretending not to notice when he catches Steve drawing him from across the room and playing it cool when really he’s extremely flattered
  • Steve getting so goddamn frustrated over the metal arm
  • Bucky being the big spoon, holding Steve close and resting his forehead against his Stevie’s back at night, because he’s a fucking sap
  • Steve does the same thing to Buck when he gets to be the big spoon
  • Shrinkyclinks

Yeah, maybe Little Pudding pranked Fragile Little Bean more than once

Can we just take a moment to appreciate how good Joe looks in the morning

“Turn that camera off, babe, and I’ll show you”

“Fuck you or let me do it rather

Joe: This morning Caspar was sleeping on his back, which is very rare for Caspar because he usually sleeps on his side

Yes, Joe, tell us more about Caspar’s sleeping habits, you are suspiciously well informed

What exactly are you grabbing at, Caspar?

Joe teaching us how to look at your “best friend” when you want to wake him for a prank

It is also important to smile fondly, but not because you are helplessly in love or anything



He looks at Caspar like he is the most precious thing he has ever seen, oh god, someone save my poor little soul

Most days we live without appreciation. But baby, I appreciate you. I appreciate everything you’ve done for me; everything you are and everything you will be. I don’t tell you enough and I don’t know why I don’t. I should tell you every breath taking moment how I can see the happiness shining through your eyes and the love in every inch of your beautiful smile that you have for me. That your touch sends shivers down my spine and leaves me breathless. That your hugs and kisses are some of my most favorite things, and sleeping with you is the best sleep I have ever gotten. With you in my life I am forever complete. For you I am appreciate to be on this earth every day to have another to spend with you. And knowing that we may not be perfect and have flaws just like everyone else that I will never not fight for you and for us and this relationship. That you mean the absolute WORLD to me. You are my person and I’ll appreciate you forever and always. Thank you for being so amazing and so perfect to me.
—  From me to her: babesnwaves to amplifyy10

That one other time Fragile Little Bean got angry with Little Pudding

First off let’s take a moment to appreciate Joe’s shoulders and arms


The what-is-this-face

R u serious






His face is killing me

He looks like the grumpiest puppy

“As soon as you turn the camera off, babe”


Can we also just appreciate the cute lil lorry on his t-shirt

I can’t

Aaaaaand somehow Joe managed to smile him again an hour later!

Can we take a moment to appreciate the sheer intensity of Ifalna’s passive aggression?  Not once during Hojo & Gast’s study did she say, “Oh yeah, no, that’s not an Ancient, that’s a planet-killing alien that will destroy mankind if you revive it.”  It wasn’t until she ran away and shacked up with Gast that she felt a little guilty and went, “Hey babe?  I think I should level with you about something…”

A couple of misled guys with questionable morals experiment on you, so you don’t warn them that the entire planet could be destroyed in a couple of years?  I just.  I feel like that’s the most amazing level of pettiness you could possibly achieve.  I can’t help but respect that.

Twitter: You are his ex and have started to date one from 5SOS


@Ashton5SOS Happy birthday to my lovely girlfriend, hope you liked your gift babe @y/t/n xx 

@Louis_tomlinson great job @Ashton5sos she always wanted a puppy, remember to keep her always happy… happy birthday beautiful @y/t/n x

@y/t/n thank you so much @Ashton5sos best gift, love you xx

@y/t/n thanks @Louis_tomlinson .. :)


@Luke5SOS can we just take a moment to appreciate my gorgeous gf @y/t/n xx 

@niallofficial @Luke5sos @y/t/n take good care of her man, she means the world. 

@y/t/n @Luke5sos you are too kind, thank you xx 

@y/t/n @niallofficial then why did you leave me?


@Calum5SOS nothing is better then starting my morning with this beaut, feel so luck to have this girl in my life even if we have only dated for 5 months @y/t/n  xx

@Real_liam_payne @Calum5sos she deserves the world and her happiness is mine, appreciate everything with her and all the little things. I’m sorry @y/t/n.

@y/t/n @Calum5sos  what a cute caption, I feel the same and thanks for being in my life xx 

@y/t/n @Real_liam_payne stop doing this to me please …


@Michael5SOS well i win in life, how hot isn's @y/t/n xx 

@Zaynmalik  @y/t/n take me back..please

@y/t/n @Micheal5sos haha you are to funny babe x

@y/t/n @Zaynmalik …


@Ashton5SOS she said YES, we are officially moving in together xx

@Harry_styles @Ashtson5sos @y/t/n did not see this coming and i never imagined you two were this serious. to be honest 

@y/t/n @Ashtson5sos so excited babe, love our new flat xx

@y/t/n @Harry_styles grow up.