can we take a moment to appreciate how adorable this is

Can we take a moment to appreciate how beautiful Himuro Tatsuya is

look at this jackass smirk

look at this spine chilling anger

look at this rain soaked whole another level of sexy boy

look at the adorableness which could give you a serious amount of nosebleed 

look at the crying face upon seeing you would want to protect him at all cost

look at the suspicious wicked looking smirk

and at last look at the earth shattering, makes you weak on the knees smile 

Can we all take a moment to appreciate the fact that the first thing Will did once he was out on his own was adopt a dog.

Imagine how many times he tried to adopt pets while he was living with Halt.
He shows up after hunting down bandits and “please Halt she’s adorable we can even keep her in the barn because cats hunt mice right”
Or Will shows up after patrolling the fief and “I know rangers don’t have dogs but loOK AT THIS ADORABLE FACE HOW CAN YOU SAY NO”

And then Will shows up at the gathering grounds with Shadow and Halt’s just like “for fuCKS SAKE why am I not surprised”

i mean yeah sure Tyler and Josh have shining personalities and an adorable friendship and are just down right amazing people but can we take a moment to appreciate how much work they put into everything? between making the music, interviews, social media, sound checks, putting on an incredible live show, etc they are really meticulous in everything they do and have their hands in every aspect that is being projected to us, the fans. They go above and beyond their call of duty to be the best they can be and work hard for everything they achieve. It shows. and i’m really proud of not only them but the whole operation that is twenty one pilots (all of the crew, hard work, man hours, that is put into making the band as smooth and seamless as possible)

can we just take a moment to appreciate how yoongi, actual poker face i-don’t-give-a-shit min yoongi, turned into an actual puppy for namjoon? like can we all just sit down and absorb how utterly adorable he was looking for namjoon (him being smol is an added bonus bc TIPPY TOES AND STRETCHING HIS NECK ABOVE THE CROWD) and when yoongi finally spotted him his face literally lit up and he was pointing like “there he is!! namjoon’s right there!!! he’s gonna kill it up there eeeee mUST SHOW SUPPORT!!!” then he hurries over to cheer on namjoon and i just. let’s just all lie down and cry over how genuine yoongi’s support/respect/adoration for namjoon is, and how it definitely goes both ways because namjoon’s gushed over yoongi so many times already too.

Can we all take a moment and appreciate how cute & adorable Lillie is!! <3
I can’t wait to meet her in the Pokemon Sun and Moon Games!! My birthday is November 17 so I’m definitely enjoy playing over the weekend!! Only a few days left!!!

Prompt 23

•Can we take a moment to appreciate how beautiful it is to think of your OTP cuddling together?

•Now imagine that OTP spending lazy Sunday afternoons together just napping together, all snuggled up against one another

•think of them waking the other one up with a light kiss and calling them “Sleeping Beauty”

•oh just imagine them having tickle fights to the point where one of them is gonna wet themselves and the other just one stop so the one being attacked by the tickles attacks back with a kiss and BOOM you got yourself a makeout session

•Person A has a nightmare and doesn’t want to wake up Person B, but Person B can just sense even in their sleep that something’s wrong to they wake up and comfort Person A

•OTP sitting on the sofa together and just staring into each other’s eyes for a while before whispering sweet nothings into each other’s ears

•Person A putting their head on Person B’s chest and falling asleep to Person B’s heartbeat :,D

Monsta X React to you playing dead from Jooheon’s aegyo

Shownu: He would try not to but he would crack a small smile and chuckle at how ridiculous you were being. He’d think it was cute that you were playing along too. On the flip-side, he’d look over at Jooheon  thinking, ‘what are you doing.’

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Jooheon: His cheeks would turn a light pink and he’d laugh, happy that you were playing along with his little charade. He would then act like he was trying to revive you and apologize for ‘killing you with cuteness’.

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Minhyuk: He would act jealous and would more than likely whine, “(y/n) Why don’t you act like that when I do that?? Am I no cute enoughhhh??” Then he would proceed to doing aegyo as well to get a reaction out of you.

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(Can we all just take a moment to appreciate how adorable Minhyuk is in this? Yes? No? Okay.)

Wonho: He would crack up laughing and play along as well. Except for, his ‘death from aegyo’ would take a lot longer, and would be more dramatic than yours, 1. Because he’d want to 1-up you, and 2. Because he’s just a diva like that.

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Kihyun: He would be like Wonho and play along as well, laughing and thinking that your reaction was funny. But then he would also be like Minhyuk in a way, “Just wait, (y/n), when I do aegyo around you, your reaction will be a lot more than that! After all, I’m pretty cute as it is!”

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Hyungwon: He would think that your reaction was cuter and outdid Jooheon’s initial aegyo in the first place. He would smile and laugh and tell Jooheon, “You lost, (y/n) is the winner of this aegyo battle,” thus causing you to blush.

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I.M.: He would be like Hyungwon and think that your reaction was more amusing than what caused it in the first place! Then, he would mimic Jooheon’s aegyo, 1. To tease Jooheon. And 2. To see if he could get even more of a reaction out of you because he thought your first reaction was adorable.

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Okay I loved looking up the gifs for this one!! It may not be as long as some of the other reactions that I’ve done, but I think it gets the point across!

Requests open!

~BangtanBunnie <3

Let’s take a moment to appreciate how perfect this kiss is!

Firstly, the hand. Chat Noir’s fucking hand, slowly stroking her cheek - even if it’s to take her Miraculous, it’s adorable!! 

Then, she grabs his face and forces the kiss. He’s surprised, she’s frowning. But then…

He relaxes and closes his eyes, almost hesitantly.

Here he kisses her back and even starts a move to hold her and we see Ladybug frown, not of unwillingness like before, but more confused. She’s enjoying the kiss and they keep kissing for much longer than requires. He kissed her back and she can’t help but keep kissing him but it’s so confusing because he’s Chat Noir, not Adrien... (girl, if you knew.)

There, the spell of hatred is broken and they break the kiss, both looking completely stunned. For Chat Noir, it’s normal, he doesn’t know what just happened ot him. But Ladybug, she’s terribly confused because they kissed and she enjoyed it and doesn’t understand why.

I’ll just add that, in theory, only a True Love kiss should work to break a spell! True Love! And after that the first thing she does is throwing him after Kim - which can be seen either as trying to end this as fast as possible or as a way for her to rebalance her confused feelings! And after, Chat Noir tries to tell her his feelings, but they’re both running out of time and she apologies for the kiss but he doesn’t remember and they stare at each other as if they didn’t want to go, as if they wanted to spend a little more time together… But then she runs away, too embarassed and confused.

How I wish we could have seen Marinette hiding in confusion and trying to understand why she enjoyed this kiss so much!

I Don’t think enough people have done this, but can we take a moment to appreciate this expression of Pearl’s?  This screen happens right after she makes her “Lion Around” joke that Peridot pretends to laugh at.

I mean LOOK AT HER!!  Look how proud she is of herself for making that joke!  It’s absolutely adorable how happy her joke made her!