can we take a moment to appreciate his legs

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In your opinion, what was the most beautiful Elio/Oliver scene in the film? And can you please describe it for us? I'm enjoying hearing your thoughts!

It’s no secret that I’m a slut for Monet’s berm but the scene that surprised me with its beauty was the nosebleed. They really took it to another level in the film. 

After bleeding into his dessert at lunch, Elio leaves the table and sits on the ground in a corner of the house holding a pack of ice to his nose. Oliver, worried, goes looking for him.  

First we get Elio’s “I’m a mess, aren’t I?” line delivered in this lightheaded way because he’s losing blood, and I believe Oliver asks if it’s his fault like in the book. Then Oliver pulls Elio’s foot onto his lap… Guys, we talk a lot about Armie’s legs but can we please take a moment to appreciate Timmy’s legs. He’s built like a gazelle, they’re so long and gorgeous. When Armie’s holding his foot he looks like Cinderella. 

Anyway, Oliver is giving him this extremely hard foot rub that he says his grandmother used to give him whenever he was sick. And Elio grabs his shoulder, moaning and hissing with pleasure and/or pain. It sounds like SEX. I think he says something like you’re killing me but he’s clearly loving every second of it. Then he gets the thirstiest look ever on his face and starts caressing Oliver’s neck. I didn’t know where to look. Oliver is being so sweet and tender and Elio looks aroused. I’m just. Wow. Then he tugs at Oliver’s collar and holds his Star of David pendant in his hand and they have a conversation about why Elio doesn’t wear his. (Elio puts it on after this scene).

The scene ends with Oliver kissing the top of Elio’s foot. I’ve never witnessed a moment of such pure affection.             

can we take a moment to appreciate that St Trinian’s was basically built around Colin Firth being in that film because it kills me like: 

 - compulsory colin firth wet shirt scene 

- colin pushed into a fountain (cheeky nod to “Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason” quite possibly?)

 - reference to his appearance in “Girl With The Pearl Earring” which is also the painting they try to steal from the national gallery  - one of the answers during their quiz show being Pride & Prejudice (may just be coincidence but Man cmon its too good) 

 - dog is called Mr Darcy and when it stars humping Colin’s leg he shakes it off and it flies out of a window and into a lawNMOWER???? 

 - references between colin and rupert everett to the film “Another Country” which they both starred in

basically if you needed any more reason to watch st trinian’s this is it (also, yknow, colin firth is in it)

Make sure of it

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warnings: violence, mentions of smut.

A/N: Ok so I know I said that the next imagine would be 13rw but I just saw pirates of the Caribbean: dead man tell no tales/Salazar’s revenge and had this idea but i promise the next imagine will be the Jeff Atkins smut I’m doing. Can we just take a moment to appreciate Jack Sparrow in that GIF.

When Salazar tried to kill Captain Jack Sparrow, Salazar sailed right into the Devil’s Triangle. But little did Jack know the Y/N Y/L/N, his love was on that ship, but it was too late the ship had already crashed in the rocks, all the crew were panicking, Salazar was pushed off the edge of the ship and so were you.

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Summary: Danny reflects on his unique friendship with Arin, not wanting the Gru//mp session to end.

Genre: Fluff, Sleepy Gameplay, Heart-to-Heart

Warnings: none

A/N: Hope you guys like this! It’s a cute lil reflection of Danny’s thoughts about his friendship with Arin. It’s supposed to make you feel warm and fuzzy. Please let me know what you think!

That was always the funny thing about Arin.

He felt like home.

Danny sat back, stretching his arms behind his head as he watched his best friend snarl at the screen. His character, Link, jumped around for a helpless moment before falling onto the ground, defeated. Arin groaned and commented on the poor control system of the game.

He was only half listening. He watched as Arin picked up the game again, this time cracking a comment about Shadow Ganon’s weird nose and Zelda’s inability to help out his character–named Quaff or something equally as ridiculous.

Danny laughed offhandedly, studying the details of Arin’s face. Both men had been extremely busy lately. They hadn’t had a Gru//mp session in almost two weeks–they’d kept having to post Ste//am Tra//in videos to keep the slots filled.

As a consequence, they’d been at it almost all day playing various games. Sometimes he played, sometimes Arin did. But it was nights like this, where it was getting to be almost too late and they were hyped up on caffeine and sugar, where Danny found himself to be completely enjoying life.

His tongue still held the taste of his Skittles and his back was sore from sitting for so long, but he couldn’t have been happier. His throat felt mildly scratchy from laughing so much.

But it wasn’t just the sugar high or the sheer hilarity of the moment that made this so memorable for Danny–it was being able to spend some quality time with Arin. As cheesy as that sounded–even to himself–it was goddamn true.

Danny loved Arin. Arin loved Danny. It was one of the most obvious and accepted things in the Gru//mp Space. Sure, Brian and Danny were very close friends and partners, Suzy was Arin’s wife and they loved each other, but Danny and Arin had a bond no one else could touch.

He really loved that. He loved that he had a friendship so special it was coveted by everyone. Anyone who’d met Arin knew how charismatic and funny the guy was. Honestly, it felt like a fucking honor just to be considered Egor//aptor’s friend.

But Arin was so much more than Egoraptor. He was Arin. It was impossible to describe to anyone that didn’t know him. Arin just had an aura about him–something that made your chest swell and you couldn’t take your eyes off him.

Danny knew this all too well. If he was with Arin, everything was amazing. He could laugh, he could cry, he could be himself, and nothing would ever change the bond that had formed between the two men.

When Arin joked, Danny was the first one to laugh. When Danny needed someone, Arin was the first person he called. When they were getting ready to record, both just relaxed and prepared for a few hours of pure enjoyment.

His eyes traced Arin’s brown eyes, knitted in concentration, down his scruffy chin to his broad shoulders and his messy shoulder-length hair. The musician smiled fondly.

“Dude, you didn’t tie your hair up again.”

“Huh? Oh, yeah, I forgot.” Arin murmured, twisting his arms as if that would help him defeat Shadow Ganon. “Fuck, dude!”

“Here, I’ll tie it for you.” Without waiting to hear Arin’s reply, Danny scooted over and pulled back almost all of Arin’s hair. It was very soft, which he’d expected, since Arin washed it every day, and glossed through his fingers like water. Danny couldn’t help but to marvel at it for a moment, since he could never do this to his own wild curls.

Arin waited patiently, not paying him much mind since he was focused on the battle. Danny continued pulling back the rest of his hair, taking his sweet time. Because, honestly, he’d really, really missed Arin through the last couple weeks and texting him wasn’t the same at all.

“You good, dude?” Arin asked absently as Danny released a small sigh.

“Yeah. I just really fucking missed you.” Danny replied honestly, twisting the blonde streak through his fingers.

Arin nodded, biting his lip in frustration as his character died again. “Me too, man.”

Danny’s chest felt full. He’d honestly been so grouchy the last couple of days, and it had shown. Brian had finally stopped a NS//P writing session in exasperation, saying, “What is up with you? You’ve been turning into Gru//mp instead of Not-So-Gru//mp lately!”

At the mention of Game Gru//mps, Danny’s face had lifted slightly, and Brian rolled his eyes. “If you miss Arin, just get a fuckin’ Gru//mp session scheduled already. Or go hang out with him. Whatever. You’re going through Arin withdrawals.”

And Danny had nodded, because Brian was right (he always was) and everyone knew about Arin and Danny’s friendship and how much it meant to both of them. He had nothing to be embarrassed about–this sort of thing was normal.

And Arin, obviously, felt the same way.

Danny had been so happy to see him, he’d just stood there and positively beamed with joy when he’d run into the Grump Space that morning and saw Arin sitting behind his desk, editing something.

Arin had looked up at him and his eyes had lit up too, because he’d missed Danny just as much and they’d shared a big hug amidst Ross’s playful jeerings.

Everyone knew how close they were. Danny had never had a friendship like Arin’s in his whole life. He hoped Arin knew just how much he meant to him.

And now, running his long fingers through Arin’s hair and watching Arin finally beat the boss, he felt more at home than he ever had before.

Arin grinned. “Got him! Finally!” his eyes fell to the timer. “I think it’s about time for next time on–”

Danny panicked a little. If they ended this recording session, he’d have to go home. He’d have to say goodbye to Arin until they cleared enough time in their busy schedules to hang out again.

He didn’t want to say goodbye yet.

In his agitation, his fists clenched and Arin’s sentence was cut off by his yelp of surprise. “Dude, what’re you pullin’ my hair for?”

Danny blinked and released the silky hair in front of him as Arin turned to give him a curious look. The recorder was still on. They were still filming.

“We’ve still got time!” Danny blurted, eyes darting to the timer. “Another minute! Then we can do next time on Game Grumps!”

“Aww,” Arin groaned, but lifted the controller again. “Alright, Danny. Caught me slackin’ off, didn’t you?”

Arin’s tone was teasing and drawn out, which relaxed the older man. They weren’t done. He’d get to spend some more time with his friend.

“Zelda’s not much help, is she?” Danny joked, tentatively reaching back out to pull Arin’s hair back again.

Arin snorted. “Nah. She just likes to watch you suffer, y’know.” He lifted his pitch, imitating Zelda’s voice. “Oh, Quaff! Watching you die over and over again is really doin’ it for me!”

Danny laughed, tugging a bit on a small knot in the hair. He, too, imitated the princess’s voice. “You being impaled by Ganon? Mmmm….that’s the shit!”

Arin laughed loudly, letting out a small cackle, and Danny felt a goofy grin overtaking his features, feeling slightly proud of himself. He always felt like this whenever he got Arin to laugh. He chalked it up as a victory.

“Geez…I missed you, buddy,” Arin remarked once he caught his breath, making his character leap into the next temple.

Danny pressed his lips together to repress the glow of joy spreading through his body up to his face. He grinned, his eyes sparkling. “Oh, Arin, you know I love it when you talk to me like that!”

Arin chortled, glancing at the timer. “Much as I’d like to pursue that train of thought, Dan, we gotta end the episode.”

Danny deflated slightly, seeing that they had actually gone over time and really needed to stop. “You’re right. Next time on Game Gru//mps.”

Arin yawned his approval before leaning forward to switch everything off, pulling his hair away from Danny’s grip. He shuffled back to the other side of the couch, watching his friend fiddle with the microphone before standing up and stretching.

“Aw, man, dude, I got sore from sitting for so long.”

Not hearing a witty reply, Arin turned to look at Danny, who was watching him intently with the saddest doe eyes he’d ever seen.

“Whoa, what’s wrong, buddy?” Arin sat beside him, forehead creasing. “Everything okay in Sex//bang land?”

Danny stared at him, letting himself take a moment to appreciate the concern reflected on Arin’s face before replying timidly. “Um…do you mind if…we just hang here for a minute?”

Arin’s head tilted slightly. “Like here on the couch?”

“Yeah,” Danny mumbled. “It’s just I haven’t seen you in a while and I don’t want to go home yet and I missed you a lot.”

The younger man’s eyes softened and he smiled. “Sure, Dan. We can kick back and just talk for a while. I like talking to you.”

So Arin sat back on the couch and Danny threw his legs over his friend’s lap and they laughed at the ridiculous things that had happened to them today and Danny had never felt warmer, drawing a blanket around himself.

As it got late and their voices dwindled to soft tones, Danny felt his eyes drooping as he snuggled into the couch. His voice was so quiet he wasn’t sure if Arin heard him: “D’you think we’ll be friends forever, Arin?”

There was a small silence and Danny was about to check if Arin had fallen asleep when he heard the soft reply: “Even longer, Danny.”

It was the last thing Danny remembered before waking up the next morning with the sun filtering into the Gru//mp Space and Arin tucked underneath him, still fast asleep.

That was the funny thing about Arin.

He always felt like home.

A Pearl Becomes an Oyster

This piece is sort of an adaptation of a couple prompts that @darthsuki​ got; I took parts of the pregnant s/o prompts and ran with them. Soooooo the s/o (spouse, this is after the wedding) is female-bodied in this, BUT still gender-neutral, because I strive for maximum enjoy-ability for all of you!

Hope you enjoy! (also sorry about the part at the end that can be considered cliche, I just felt it… worked.)

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(Step by step, together; you wouldn’t have it any other way.)

word count: 2,793

genre: plotless fluff / originally meant to be a “mini-scenario” or drabble

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Prompt: Hamburr // "No one needs to know."

“No one needs to know.”

It takes a moment for Alexander’s words to actually register in Aaron’s mind. But when they do, he puts the book he’s reading down to peer over at Alexander, who is sitting on the other end of the couch, his legs spread out and resting on Aaron’s lap as he takes a sip of coffee.

“No one needs to know what?”

“That we’re together,” Alexander says, gesturing between them with his free hand. “I know you’re not exactly Mr. PDA, so if it makes you uncomfortable to tell people, we don’t have to.”

Aaron hesitates a moment before closing his book and looking at Alexander with a smile. This should be interesting. “That’s thoughtful of you.”

“I know.” Alexander sounds pleased with himself, and he takes another sip of his coffee. “I can be thoughtful when I want to be.”

Aaron hums as he rests a hand on Alexander’s leg, giving it a small squeeze. “While I appreciate it, I don’t think it will be necessary.”


“Because everyone already knows.”

What?” Alexander splutters, spilling a little bit of coffee onto his lap. He looks at Aaron with wide eyes. “H-how? I swear I didn’t tell anyone! I know how new this is and how you wanted to wait to announce it and I swear I didn’t - why are you laughing at me?”

Aaron covers his mouth to quiet his laughter, but Alexander is still looking so panicked, and that expression is quickly becoming offended. “I’m sorry,” Aaron says, biting his lip. “I just…how much of last night do you remember?”

“Last night?” Alexander asks, his brows furrowing. “I…I remember getting to the Schuyler’s house, and having a couple of drinks…and…then…”

Aaron chuckles again and pulls out his phone, unlocking it and going to his messages and clicking on the video that Angelica had sent him. He motions for Alexander to sit closer to him, and once they’re both situated, he hits play on the video, making sure the volume is turned up.

He’s caught between wanting to watch the video and wanting to watch Alexander, whose eyes are slowly getting wider and wider as he watches the video of him grabbing Aaron and kissing him passionately in front of everyone before pulling away and announcing to the room that Aaron is his ‘goddamn boyfriend’, his words slurring together but still sounding very proud.

“Oh,” Alexander breathes out, his eyes moving to Aaron’s. “Oops.”

“Yeah, oops,” Aaron agrees with another laugh. He closes the video, and Alexander pulls away a little to look at him. “I’m not mad,” Aaron tells him before he can even ask, because he’s not. In fact, he’s the opposite of mad.

“You’re not?” Alexander asks, sounding skeptical.

“Alexander, I don’t care if people know we’re together, I’m not embarrassed by you. I just don’t..,” Aaron pauses and laughs again, shaking his head. “I just don’t want to make out in front of everyone every time we go out with friends. That’s what I meant by PDA.”

“Right.” Alexander ducks his head, his cheeks turning a little red. “I’ll…remember that.” Then he lifts his head, biting at his lower lip. “Uh, what about now? Can I kiss you now?”

Aaron answers him by leaning over and pressing his lips to Alexander’s, smiling when he hears Alexander gasp. He moves a hand to tangle his fingers in Alexander’s hair, tugging on the strands gently to bring him closer. Then Alexander is moving, straddling Aaron’s hips and nipping playfully at his lip.

“So we can tell people?” Alexander breathes out between a kiss.

“I don’t know if there’s anyone left to tell after last night, but yes.”

“I’m gonna tell everyone,” Alexander murmurs, kissing him again. “Gonna tell everyone that Aaron Burr is my boyfriend.”

Aaron laughs against his mouth, then lowering his face to press a kiss to Alexander’s jaw. “You’re goddamn boyfriend.”

“Yeah,” Alexander whispers, burying his face against Aaron’s neck, where he can feel Alexander’s lips curving up into a smile. “My goddamn boyfriend.”


From the legendary performance of Baby don’t cry @ The EXO'luXion 😭😭
I know this is a two-month-ago thing but can we take a moment to appreciate his hotness 😏😏😏
🔥He’s dancing…
In water..😏
🔥He’s wearing a white shirt…’s wet😟…..and it is sticking on his body….😧
🔥And then the pants…and his legs….and his booty 😭😭😭😭
Fansite master-nim, really really thank you for taking these pictures 👍✨💯

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Izumi x Ryouma for ask meme? с:

Nyuuh, moooaar OTP questionss <333 

Originally posted by ulquimaniac

1. Who has the cutest tickle laugh?
I HAVE PROOF THAT IT IS DEFINITELY IZUMI. Can we all take a moment to appreciate the sound that is Izumi’s laughter pls 

2. Who is ticklish in unusual places and where would that be?
So basically Izumi is literally ticklish everywhere that poor soul. Ryouma can never lightly run his fingers over his arm, leg or even his cheek without Izumi flinching and giggling and swatting at his hand. 
Ryouma on the other hand only has a few, but those are Death spots. He has this one spot under his ear (Izumi looooves kissing him there hue), then there’s his collarbone, inside of his elbows and his calves but mooost importantly, the back of his neck nGH 

3. Who gets cheer-up tickles?
Omg, Izumi rip. Izumi’s always so nervous about shoots and everything so Ryouma’s come up with this method in which he tickles Izumi until he’s basically too exhausted to be nervous and I may or may not have used this in a fic I am so sorry

4. Who takes advantage of the other one getting their arms stuck while taking off their shirt?
OKAY, GET THIS. Ryouma’s always in a hurry cause he’s effing glued to Izumi so he tends to get stuck in his shirt and Izumi gets this little sparkle in his eyes and legit just goes for it ‘cause he wants to be the seme and Ryouma won’t let him dang it

5. How did they discover each other’s ticklishness?
Since poor Izumi’s ticklish all over, it didn’t really take that long for Ryouma to figure it out. Like, they were making out at one point, Ryouma had his hand under Izumi’s shirt and Izumi started chuckling and squirming and pawing at his chest so Ryouma went ????? 
“It tickles, sorry.”
”… Oh.” 
And now they can’t have sexy times without Izumi ending up hiding under the bed because he’s just too sensitive rip 

Ryoouumma on the other hand was very good at hiding it until Izumi tried to top him (once again) and started kissing his neck. As soon as he reached that ooone spot near his jaw, Ryouma let out this incredibly cute snort and Izumi went all, “OH MY GOD, YOU’RE TICKLISH, TOO, HOW DID I NOT KNOW THIS.”
Ryouma died that afternoon sorrynotsorry 

6. Who can’t take tickle bites?
RYOUMA. Like I said, sensitive neck and collarbone but here’s the thing: if it doesn’t tickle, he loves it, so Izumi does it very often but after a while he won’t be able to resist and turns his kisses into reeeallly light tickly smooches and bites. At this point, Ryouma will have become a puddle of goo and will be too weak to fight him off and it’s actually totally not fair, but hey, gotta let Izumi have his moments of strength, too 

7. Who has to be tickle-forced out of bed in the morning?
I will kindly point out that Izumi’s Lala Lulu alarm clock is loud af so he doesn’t need to be forced out of bed because he’s already wide awake as soon as he hears it 
Ryouma, though, that poor child constantly wants to sleep in because of his busy schedule so Izumi has to tickle-kiss him awake every morning and will never ever complain about it 

8. Who gives up in a tickle fight?
Since Izumi’s too weak to fight Ryouma off and too ticklish, he can never win, so when they’re in a tickle fight, he usually just accepts the fact that he will be rekt once again by his oh so evil boyfriend 

9. Who is in danger of getting hurt when attacking the other?
Izumi tbh. Ryouma’s really strong because he has to work out to stay in shape and he tends to flail a lot. He’s not used to getting tickles at all so he just swings at the air out of reflex and Izumi seriously has to lean back or sit on his arms to make sure he doesn’t get kicked or punched in the face lol 

10. Who always provokes the other into tickling them and how?
Izumi but not on purpose. Like, he’s just too cute and his smile and his laugh are so adorable that Ryouma has needs. The only thing Izumi has to do is look at him a certain way, smile at him, wear certain types of clothes, brush his bangs out of his face, kiss his cheek, take off his glasses, LITERALLY ANYTHING AND RYOUMA WILL BE LIKE, “ASIDFULAJFSDK LEMME TICKLE YOU, I WANNA HEAR YOU LAUGH ASFSDFUJK” 

I’m cry these two are so precious and so underrated so I wanna thank youuuu for askingggg ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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can we just take a moment to appreciate gd arms i mean they are so beautiful. sorry i just came from looking at pics and gifs of him and his arms are so sexy.

I love all of you, anons <3 First, G-Dragon’s legs. Now his arms. But since you’ve had your fill of his arms, what about his hands ;)




I’m done.

-Admin A

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Okay but can we take a moment to appreciate chronic pain Joly?

Joly who struggles to keep up during protests because his leg is acting up and he can’t walk as fast as the others

Joly who barely complains because he works at the hospital, he’s seen patients who had it worse than him. Until Bossuet reminded him pain isn’t a competition and that if he wanted to complain, he was in his goddamn right to do so

Joly who absolutely loves swimming and going to the pool because it help with the pain

Joly who doesn’t mind the kids in the bus asking why he has a cane, even though their parents are apologising profusely. Once, he told a little girl that sometimes, his leg hurt very badly. She asked if it hurt right there and then and he answered that, yes, it was. So she kissed her own hand and applied it to Joly leg because : “That’s what my mum does when I have a boo-boo.” Joly teared up.

Why Louis is lucky part 3

Okay, take a deep breath ‘cause I’m going to show you how Harry’s body is prefect as we all know, but can we please take a moment to appreciate it

I think Louis loves that V line and give it lovebites and you should look at his chest

Louis could put his head on it while Harry touch his back, that sounds so sweet aw

But, lets move on to this feminine, beautiful and pretty legs

I’m pretty sure Louis loves being between them kissing Harry’s lips while he hold his thighs.

Then, we have to talk about Harry’s biceps

He could fuck Louis against the wall with no difficulty and that would be perfect.

And last but not least, Harry’s back

Imagine Louis scratches it while Harry is fucking him…

Yeah, Louis is so damn lucky

The Call of Your Soul - Capter Two

“Basically he said that humans were originally born with four arms and legs and two faces and Zeus split them into half, creating the humans we know today, as a punishment. He was pretty close to the truth. Whenever two half-gods had a child, it created something that was completely human as well as completely god. The perfect creation, an entity of both human and god. Zeus was afraid of the power of these children and split them into two, making them half gods, just like their parents. But as he did so, he split up their souls as well.

I´m a half god and Dan is my other half, my soulmate”


“And you´re a half god too.“

Phil´s look changes from confusion to a look that definitely shows he thinks I´m completely crazy and I realize I urgently have to convince him. Phil mutters an upset “What the fuck.” And I quickly try to arrange my thoughts. I´m sure I could do everything from here without him but I´d rather have him with me.

“I know I sound like a complete lunatic, but hear me out please. Think back to the time you first met Dan. You instantly felt this connection to him, like the vibrations of your soul were resonating with his, creating this tingle inside you, that you can still feel today. It never vanished. And you can feel it with me too. Why else would you have trusted me and followed me to the car. You could have screamed for help at any second while we were walking through the hotel, but you didn´t. Dan´s and your soul are highly compatible, but not completely, that is why you got this crazy chemistry between you. Imagine two halves of a triangle; your soul is one half and Dan´s is the other. They seem like they fit perfectly and create a whole, but if you put them together, you see that the angles are not 100% the same. With Dan and me, they are, it perfectly fits.”

I carefully observe Phil´s reaction while I talk. I can a see a flicker of realisation in his eyes when I mention the tingle he feels inside his soul. “3 Minutes.” Boris voice interrupts the silence. I´m running out of time. I look back at Phil, who throws his hands in the air in resignation. “Okay, let´s pretend what you´re saying is true for a moment. How is it going to help Dan?” Phil asks. He sounds desperate and still a little fearful.

“It takes more than a car to kill a half god, especially if his soulmate is by his side. We may not have the power to control elements or throw lightning, but half gods have the power to chance the curse of history and have an incredibly long lifespan. Me being close to him alone is going to strengthen him.” I respond firmly. But Phil doesn´t seem convinced. “But how is that going to help him. He´s already dead, held alive only by some machines!” He argues and the desperation in his voice makes my heart feel heavy. “Death is not definite in my world.” I say sounding more confident in my words than I actually feel. I can see that Phil is dealing with an inner fight, not allowing himself the luxury of hope. Phil´s answer gets cut off by the ringing of my phone. I quickly answer and a women with a teleshopping voice starts talking. The voice is completely unfamiliar to me.

“Target person found in the –“

“Athene General Clinic.” I interrupt her. I can sense that I caught her by surprise and for a moment the cool professional voice breaks.

“Okay – good. Someone will be waiting for you at the entrance. He will help you to get inconspicuous in and out again. We expect a report.” Before I can reply she already hung up, not wasting any more time than needed. Professional and cold. I look outside the window and can already see the hospital in front of us. “Who was that?” Phil asks, pointing at my phone. “That´s not important now.” I reject his question.

Boris stops the car, we get out and walk to the entrance of the clinic in complete silence. Boris is carrying a small briefcase with him. A male nurse is standing in front of the entrance, nervously smoking a cigarette. He looks at us and puts out his cigarette. “You´re quicker than I thought.” He says. I have no idea how he immediately knows that we are the people he is meant to help but he obviously does. “Follow me quietly.” He says with a serious face. He takes another deep breath and walks straight back inside the building, with us follow directly behind him. As soon as he walks through the door his whole personality seems to change. He doesn´t seem nervous anymore, he wears a bright smile and constantly greets his co-workers in a happy voice. He guides us to an elevator and we go up to the second floor. “I try to get you as much time as I can, but I can´t promise you more than twenty minutes. Roger that?” he explains as soon as the doors of the elevators close. I only have time to nod before the elevator stops. The nurse guides us further through the building. I try to build a rough blueprint in my head, remembering every turn so I can find my way out if necessary. The smell is a mix of lingering death and clinical cleanness. The corridors are illuminated by blinding neon lights and the linoleum squeaks with every step. We eventually stop and the nurse gives us another serious glance before we go inside.

Someone once told me that people who were in a coma looked peaceful, almost like they are sleeping. There is nothing peaceful about seeing Dan this way. Even when I ignore the bandages on his body, turning red by the blood still oozing from his wounds, his skin is an ill-looking grey, his cheeks are sunken in and he is connected to various cables and a breathing tube. I can feel my soul vibrating furiously inside me. I´ve never been so close to him. I slowly walk over to his bed. The tingling inside my body gets stronger with every step and I can feel the resonance of his soul. I can hear Phil sobbing behind me but it sounds like he is far far away. I take Dan´s hands and I feel like my souls been set on fire inside me. I can sense his dying soul inside him, faint and fragile, but still here. I softly brush a strand from his fringe out of his face, admiring his long lashes resting gracefully on his cheek. I put my hand on his chest and try to feel his heartbeat. It´s weak but still beating in perfect synchronicity with mine. It pains me like nothing else ever did to see him this way and I´m again hit by the possibility that he might die, that I might lose my soulmate before I even had the chance to meet him. I sense Phil coming closer and standing next me. “I could not bear it if he dies.” He sobs almost inaudible, looking down at his best friends while streams of tears run down his face. I can feel that I´m close to giving in, close to start crying like Phil and just admit my defeat, admit that I´m not able to save him, but Boris presence helps me to keep my sanity. I know we don´t have much time, but I take another moment to look at Dan, appreciating every single feature of his face, that after all is still breathtakingly beautiful. Reluctantly I let go of his hand and take his medical record from the end of his bed. His height prevented a lot of damage from his head, but he has a couple of broken ribs, his left leg is broken twice and he has a tear in his liver and one of his kidneys, alongside countless bruises and a laceration on the side of his head, that caused a concussion. The doctors managed to stop the internal bleeding, but the fact that he lost a big amount of blood and the totality of his injuries caused his brain to shut down and fall into a coma. He stopped breathing and had to be reanimated two times during the surgery.

“Why did you never try to meet him?” Phil´s question comes out of the blue and interrupts my thoughts. “What?” I ask confused. “If you know he is your soulmate, why did you never make an effort to meet him?” Phil repeats his questions. His eyes are still watery, but he stopped sobbing. “Because I couldn’t. Meeting your soulmate has to come naturally. And because I know that he is mine, arranging a meeting wouldn´t be natural.” I can see that my answer confuses Phil so I quickly continue talking, before he has the chance to answer. “I have no idea where this rule came from. I work for a company that´s only purpose is to find descendants of half goods. That´s how I found out about Dan, that he is my other half. That was four years ago. I was forbidden to contact him in any way and all was told about the why was, that it had to happen naturally. That we just had to meet by accident.” I can see that Phil is not completely satisfied with my answer but he stops asking for the moment. I go back to reading the last bit of Dan´s medical record, before I put it back on the end of his bed. I go over to Boris and take the briefcase from him and put it on the little table in the room. I take a syringe out of it and quickly check the liquid inside of it. I walk back over to Dan´s bed and remove the hospital gown from his chest.

“What are you doing?” Phil´s voice is shaking as he sees the syringe in my hand. “What´s inside that thing?”

“A mix of different things, including adrenalin and ambrosia.” I explain while my fingers feel for the exact position of Dan´s heart.


“The nectar of immortality consumed by gods. Lethal for humans.” I know this whole situation must be more than surreal for Phil and I feel awful for only feeding him with half-truths and confusing information, but I´m running out of time. I give him a glance that shows him that now is not the time to ask any more questions or to interrupt what I am about to do and he actually stays quite. I find the position of Dan´s heart and balance my stand. I fix the point on his chest where his heart is with my eyes and take a deep breath in. With all my strength I ram the needle into his chest. Dan keeps lying completely motionless. In know that he felt the pain somewhere inside him, but he is too far gone to respond to it. Slow and steady I push the liquid inside his heart. When I finally remove the syringe, I place my hand on the puncture wound and close my eyes to concentrate on the state of his soul. It still feels far away and his heartbeat is still faint. I start counting the seconds inside my head, concentrating on the beat of Dan´s heart under my hand. Time becomes blurry and at some point I can´t tell if seconds, minutes or hours have passed anymore. I lean over him, bringing my head close to his ear. “Dan, I know you can hear me. Somewhere in there you can hear my voice. Listen to it, follow it, cling to hit and use it as a tether to your life. You have to fight – for me. You can´t leave me, now that I know how your soul feels like. Please, stay with me.” Suddenly Dan´s heart does a strong beat. A hard boom, like the sound of a drum. Then it´s back to before. It repeats over and over again and the intervals between the booms get smaller. Phil must see it on one of the monitors as he constantly whispers “Oh my god” with every beat. I pull away from Dan´s body to give him more room, but my hand is still pressed against his chest. Dan contorts his face as if he was in pain, but his eyes are still closed. His soul feels stronger now, even though it is still very faint.

“We only have four minutes left.” Boris breaks my concentration and I reluctantly take my hand from his chest and cover him with his hospital gown. Suddenly Dan tries to take a breath on his own, without the support of the machines and chokes on the tube inside his throat. He starts to cough and his heart beats uncontrollable in panic. “Quick, hold him down!” I shout towards Boris, but before he even reaches the bed, Phil already presses Dan down on the bed with his weight. I carefully start to remove the tube, which is difficult as Dan is still coughing and started to flail his arms.

“Have you ever done this before?” Phil asks as I struggle to remove the tube. “I practiced on a dummy once.” I answer and eventually get the tube out of Dan´s throat. Dan immediately breathes more even and steady, but he is still unconscious. “We really need to go now.” Boris voice is calm but has this serious undertone that lets me know that everything from now has to go quick. I put the tube on the side table and take the empty syringe to put it back into the briefcase. I turn to Phil and his hand, squeezing it gently. “Thank you and I´m so sorry about everything.” I say with a little smile.

Phil looks at me in confusion. “You´re sorry about what?” Before he can even end his question Boris rams another syringe in his neck and quickly pushes a colourless liquid into his blood system. Phil´s eyes roll back and he collapses. Boris catches him and gently puts him to the ground, leaning him against the wall. The syringe contained a fast-depleting and hard to detect drug, which is going to wipe out the last two to three hours from his memory. Phil is going to remember nothing about me or the things I told him. Boris puts the empty syringe back into the case and leaves without saying anything. I go over to Dan´s bed and take his hand. I don´t dare to kiss him, so I only squeeze his hand and softly whisper “Keep fighting, we´re so close to being together.” Before pressing the alarm next to his bed. As quick as I can without running I leave the room and walk down the corridor. After only a few seconds a doctor races past, not wasting a glance at me. I leave the hospital and get in the car with Boris.

I have a new E-Mail with the address of a hotel. We quickly check in and go to our room. I silently sit on the bed and I suddenly feel tired and exhausted. I rest my head in my hands and just breathe for a moment. My soul feels kind of empty, I can still feel the trace Dan´s soul left on mine. I sense Boris sitting down next to me. He puts a hand on my shoulder. “You´ve done great today. You were amazing, but now you need to rest. Go sleep.” He says in a voice that doesn’t allow backtalk. “I need to know that he is alright first.” I reply, but my voice is weak and I probably don´t sound very convincing. “I´ll wake you up if we get any information on him, but now you seriously need to sleep.” His voice is very strict now and I don´t have the power to argue anymore. I take a quick shower and roll together on my bed. As soon as I lay my head on the pillow I fall asleep.