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The Stark Sisters, Armed with Needles

Arya’s storyline has propelled forward as she goes rogue from the Faceless Men and reclaims her sword, Needle.

There’s a whole lot of symbolism and Arya’s identity wrapped up in Needle.
We were all happy to see her stop being No One and start being Arya Stark again. 

I like to think back to this first season quote from Arya, when Jon Snow first presents her with the sword: 

“Sansa can keep her sewing needles, I’ve got a needle of my own.”

Yes, Sansa does keep her needles. And the cool part is that while Arya sneers, Sansa’s needles, too, are a weapon of sorts. Let’s all take a moment to appreciate Sansa’s DIY direwolf battle gown and cloak. 

You can’t campaign to retake the North without reminding all your potential allies WHO you are, and WHAT you represent. Sansa’s constructed quite getup that commands presence in the halls of the northern lords, on a battle field, and displays the all-important direwolf sigil to remind everyone of the Stark name. 

Jon is her greatest ally at the moment, and she can’t retake the North without him and his Wildling friends. She knows that as a (nominal) bastard, his claim to Winterfell is shaky, and she’ll need to do all she can to win the remaining northern house’s faith in his bloodline. So what does she do?

She makes him a cloak just like Ned Stark used to wear.

Arya can keep her needle. And Sansa will wield hers. Both are weapons.