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Assumption-Part Two

Rating: Mature

A/N: So since my boyfriend decided to go out with friends tonight and ditch our Doctor Who marathon, here’s part two of Assumption earlier than expected, SURPRISE! :)

Part One


A few days had passed since what you now mentally referred to The Incident, and you still feel like a total fuck up. Your doubts and insecurities had once again ruined something that could have brought you the happiness you’d been craving for so long. All you wanted to do at this point was drink some cheap wine and watch reruns of Friends while throwing yourself a pity party, but deep down you knew you couldn’t leave things like they were with Calum. You weren’t stupid, you knew he probably wouldn’t want to give you another chance, but you at least wanted to apologize and let him know that you didn’t really see him as a superficial asshole.

Feeling at a complete loss on what to do to make him forgive you, you decide to go the route your mother had thought you when you were younger, food. Food is always the best way to express remorse, right? Well at least that’s what you told yourself as you starting pulling out the ingredients to make a batch of your famous chocolate chip cookies.

Less than an hour later you plated a dozen warm cookies along with a note saying ‘Sorry for being a judgmental bitch’ and headed out the door and across the hall to Calum’s apartment. As soon as you’re standing in front of his door you know he’s home since the faint sound of music playing can be heard through the walls. Gathering all your courage, you bring your shaky fist to the door and knock loudly three times. The few moments it takes him to get to the door an open it feels like a lifetime to you, you try to stand still and be confident, but you can feel yourself shaking from your nervousness.

“What?” He snaps the moment he opens the door and sees your face, “I’m busy.”

“I-I just wanted to bring you these,” You stutter awkwardly pointing at the plate of cookies, “And I wanted to say sorry and that I-”

“Ok,” He cuts you off, grabbing the plate of cookies and slamming the door in your shocked face.

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