can we take a brief moment to look at michael's face when he says 'yes'

Reconsider. (ii)

or… y/n rethinks her decision about leaving harry

category: mild angst & fluff 

part i. part ii.

two months later…

She wakes up to the heavy sound of pans crashing to the floor downstairs, and a cold draft of air brushing over her bare shoulder. Harry had told her that he liked to sleep with the ceiling fan on, but the A/C as well? Was the man raised by Father Christmas himself?

Her hands press around Harry’s white comforter in search for a shirt or maybe a robe to cover her barely clothed body. She’d find some way to keep more of the chilled air to hit any more of her skin. She eventually finds the silk button-up she planned on going to sleep in, down on the floor near Harry’s side of the bed; in the process of picking the shirt up, she finds herself feeling somewhat like a 5-year-old with her very first crush when she thinks about her having her own side of the bed. Of his bed.

When her shirt is somewhat buttoned up, she slips on Harry’s house shoes left by his ensuite bathroom and begins to make her way down the steps. There’s a bit of smoke clouding the area around the kitchen, but the smell coming from the large space was anything but unpleasant. She watched his bare back plate the food on a cute breakfast tray she remembers him buying the other day. He jumps, turning around to face her when he hears his shoes she was wearing slide against the marble tile.

“What are y’- Babe, no.”

She laughs at his peeved expression moving around the counter to press a chaste kiss to his lips. “Harry, it’s 6 in the morning. What are you doing up?”

“I was makin’ you food. Breakfast on your first night over, you’ve gone and ruined that now, haven’t you?”

“Yeah, I was the one that dropped whatever woke me up.”

He can’t help but crack a sheepish smile. “The oil splashed all over the damn handle– impossible to get a grip.”

“Do you need help carrying it to the table?” She moves to pick up a slice of a strawberry before Harry moves to swat her hands away.

“Breakfast in bed, minus the sausages I dropped. Get y’cute ass upstairs and pretend to sleep.”

She’s now the one to swat as his hands with a smile when he tries to grab squeeze of her bum. “One night of sex and you’ve already had a confidence boost?“

“Can’t help it.” he calls as she begins to scurry up his stairs.

“Give me 3 minutes to brush my teeth!”

He’d surprised her with a desk that morning, the main reason he had woken up at 4 in the morning and slept the rest of the day. She appreciated his gesture nonetheless, thankful for him taking the time to build the pesky (and very complicated) piece of furniture.

Every morning since he’d placed the desk on the left wall of his room (right under the window so that she could have the best amount of light), she’d be sat in the comfortable chair he’d provided just a few days later, doing last minute paperwork or typing away for an essay due the following night –her favorite morning talk show playing in the background.

He’d always toss a small pillow at the back of her head when he was finally awake, then spend 10 full minutes trying to convince her to get back in the bed for one last cuddle before she left for school.

When he looks over at the desk now, it’s empty. Her plush fleece sweater was no longer hung over the back of her chair, her laptop wasn’t sitting atop of the surface, displaying a PDF of a book she’s never been able to go out and buy a physical copy of. The desk looked dead, in fact– the light poking through the blinds brought anything but nice thoughts. She left her favorite pencil holders and he wonders if she’d be able to write a “good arse essay” without her lucky pen that was now sitting in an unused cabinet with the rest of her things she forgot.

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To Fill Me With Electricity (Ben Platt x Reader)

Request: Basically, Reader is Mike’s lil sister and he notices that you and Ben r pretty close + some fluffy shit

Warnings: it’s extremely cheesy and kitschig

As some people say, you recognize lovers pretty fast. The way they speak to each other, how their eyes light up, when the other person talks about something they love. How their body language changes, once the other one arrives and sits next to them. When they look at each other for a brief second, exchanging one glance to their eyes – that’s all you need to realize somebody’s in love.
Well, that’s all your older brother thought, when he watched you laughing and smiling with Ben. It was the 200 shows celebration party and Mike decided to take you there. The whole evening, you were by Ben’s side. Drinking, telling stories. Laughing, until tears streamed down your eyes. Both of you were smiling brightly, as if the world was standing still, only to give you two this one moment together. Throughout all the hectic chaos on the party, you two resembled a quiet place. And you felt fine, hanging out with Ben, hoping that maybe he would feel the same about you.
“…so, I just sneezed in their faces”, Ben ended his story, making you laugh louder and uncontrollably.
“No! Oh God, you’re kidding?!”, you exclaimed.
Ben also laughed, shaking his head.
“Got sneezed in the face by Ben Platt. That sounds like a great fucking adventure in New York City, huh?”, you said, putting your hand on his knee. You didn’t even know why you did that and wondered whether he thought it was weird. You just blamed it on the alcohol.
“I bet ‘Dear Evan Hansen’ will forever be stuck in their memory now.”
Ben laid his arm around your waist. You were sitting so close to each other, looking the other one right in the eyes. A small glance might be enough, to fall in love with somebody. A small touch might be enough. Right now, a small kiss on your lips would be more than enough and more than anything you have ever wanted to have in your life.
You moved a bit closer to Ben.
“So, 200 shows.”, you said quietly, ignoring every other person in this room. In that moment, it was just you and Ben.
He hold you tighter.
“Yes. I still remember the first one.”
In his mind, he was angry at himself for saying this. God, how stupid he thought he was. You didn’t mind. You only wanted to kiss him now. Just kiss him, just tell him how much you liked him.
You put your hands on his neck. Your lips were almost touching.
“Hey Y/N. We gotta go now.”
The voice of your brother brought you back to reality. Quickly, Ben let go off of you and you immediately stood up, your face blushing.
Mike noticed that and smirked at both of you.
“Wow, I hope I didn’t interrupt you while…doing something important”, he said in that teasing kind of manner, every older brother has.
You looked over to Ben, who was also blushing. He shook his head hesitantly.
“We…no. Just talking. About life. We were not doing anything.”, he stuttered. In that moment, Ben became Evan for a brief second, making Mike laugh a little bit.
With a begging look in your eyes, you hoped that your brother would notice that you wanted to stay for some hours more.
“So, we’re leaving now. It’s late and I’m so tired!”, he faked a yawn, before grinning again in that brotherly asshole kind of way. You turned around to Ben, smiling and blushing once again.
“See ya.”, you nearly whispered, before walking out in the cold, dark night.

Throughout the whole way to your apartment, you two did not exchange one word. You were slightly angry at Mike. No, you were totally furious. Of course, he was your older brother and teasing you was sort of a standard job for him – but why in that moment?
“You’re so quiet.”, he said.
“Pretty fast at noticing things.”
He sighed. “Are you still mad at me, because I interrupted your almost-kiss with Ben?”
You kept your mouth shut. You just did not want to talk now at all. Especially not about the guy, you fancied since the day you first met.
“You kinda like him, right?”, Mike asked.
Again, no answer.
“And I think he kinda likes you.”
You walked a bit faster, hoping that you would finally arrive at your apartment building, but Mike grabbed your shoulder, hindering you into nearly running away from his question. You two stopped walking.
“Alright: what the fuck, Michael?”, you exclaimed. He let out a loud laugh.
“Just answer it. Do you like him or not?”
“I really wanna go home now.”
“Simple question, Y/N. Simple answer.”
“You can leave now. I can find the way to my home on my own, right?”
“No, I’m gonna be all worried then. Now, come on. Do you love him?”
You rolled your eyes.
“He’s okay, I guess.”
“Oh, oh, oh!”, Mike hollered, “you totally have a crush on him.”
You instantly blushed once again.
“No, I have not!”, you protested, crossing your arms.
Mike aped your reaction, before laying his arm around you.
“Oh, my little sister is in love.”, he sang in a happily tune.
“I am not!”, you said quietly. No, you’re not. Just blame the alcohol for all your actions.

The following morning, you woke up to a text message from Ben. Your stomach made a drop and there was this tingling feeling in your tummy out of sudden.

“Hey, sorry about yesterday. I hope ur not mad or something. But maybe we should still talk about it. Come to the theatre later on?”

Ignoring your massive headache, you let out a small scream. Ben wanted to talk. With you. About yesterday. Alright. You already knew, your heart will either be broken today, or it will all go well. You were hoping for the latter, of course.

The day of opening night of “Dear Evan Hansen” was the first time you met. Mike took his family with him and introduced you to Ben. After the performance, you two spent the whole evening together. Every time, he looked at you, you felt how your heart beated faster and your knees were weak, when he slightly touched you.
There was no doubt, that you had feelings for him.

“Alright, see you later on xx”

You looked at your response. It seemed quite a bit desperate. Two hugs? Oh dear God.
But you can’t just show up at the theatre, as you’re not even part of that business. There was only one way how to get into the backstage, to finally speak with Ben.

You heard him giggling at the other end.
“I should just casually take you with me? After literally everybody saw what you were doing?”
“Mike, please!”, you begged in your phone. Your voice sounded so hopeless.
He sighed. “Alright, come with me today. I’ll pick you up in like…half an hour. But promise me one thing.”
“Use protection.”
“You’re a dickhead.”
“I’m your brother, what else should I do?”

An hour later, you two arrived at the theatre, your hands shaking due to fear of the upcoming encounter with Ben. Hesitantly, you knocked on the door to his dressing room. You breathed in. And out.
The door opened and the first thing you noticed was, how quick Ben’s facial expression changed, when he saw you. Now, he was smiling.
He welcomed you in. His dressing room was big and very clean. Well, at least cleaner than the one of your brother. Some decoration and presents from fans made the usual boring and white room to a nice, inviting place.
“So, uh…sit down?”, he said, more in an asking tone, pointing to the sofa. He was not wearing his costume yet and didn’t have the cast on, which is just waiting to be signed by your brother.
He sat down next to you. There was an unwelcoming passage of silence between you, which made the whole situation inconvenient. Ben was tapping with his foot on the floor.
“We need to talk about yesterday. Look, that…that was just…wrong”, he started.
You nodded your head, your throat was all tied up. He thought it was a mistake, that you two almost kissed.
“We were just really drunk”, you said, smiling a bit.
Ben also smiled, but there was something about it. Something sad. In that moment, he knew that he made a mistake and he couldn’t undo it anymore. He was in love with you and you were in love with him. So, why was it so hard to finally confess it to each other?
“Let’s maybe not talk about it”
You nodded your head. “Yes, let’s just do this.”
Again, silence.
“Uhm, do you want to drink something? Or maybe eat? I have a bag of chips still lying around here, somewhere.”, he asked, hoping he would make the situation a bit better.
“No, no! I’m fine.”
Ben scratched his head.
“I don’t want to make – this- between us any weirder, you know? I really like you. And I don’t want to destroy that.”, he sighed.
“I also don’t want to change a thing about us.”
Oh, how you wished, that things were different. That you could kiss him anytime you want, that you could hold him anytime you want. You just couldn’t. And that made everything bad.
Suddenly, Ben nudged you. You exclaimed a very high-pitched tone, as you were utterly surprised by that.
“Did I hurt you?”, he immediately asked. You laughed.
“No, god. I was just not expecting that. I’m very ticklish, you know?”
“Oh, really? You are?”, Ben said, raising one eyebrow.
Either now or never.
There was this tension between you two, that no word could describe. He moved closer to you and put his hand on your knee. He knew exactly what he was doing and god, you absolutely fell for it.
“So, you’re ticklish?”
You nodded your head.
“Wouldn’t it be a shame, if somebody would tickle you then?”, he yelled, while nearly jumping on you, and started to tease and tickle you. Instinctively, you bursted out in laughing and of course, kicking around you. That’s the closest you two had ever been. Ben hovering you, his hands on your entire body, your hands around his neck. You two were laughing. Loudly. Uncontrollably. Being absolutely happy.
Then, Ben suddenly stopped. Both of you were breathing heavily. You stroke his cheek with your hand and before you could realize it, he pressed his lips on yours, pulling you closer to him.
It felt as if a firework went off between you two, until he suddenly backed off a bit.
“Wait, is it okay that I kiss you?”
“More than okay”, you whispered, before kissing him again. But this time, it was no longer this cute and shy little kiss. It almost was, as if you were just holding on to each other and as if the world around you nearly disappeared.

That moment, you two felt the absolute calmest. There was no stress, no harm, no worries – only you two and that was all that mattered.

Happy Father’s Day (Will Roland X Reader)

WC: 2579

Warnings: Swearing, mentions of verbal and emotional abuse, alcohol

Summary: Y/N gets invited to go on the DEH Father’s Day yacht party, but doesn’t bring her dad. Will is intrigued, and it stirs up something’s Y/N really didn’t want revealed.

Tagged: @lildipstick @bellasabb @ahhhhamilton

A/N: This was requested by my beautiful swan mama @polygenderselkie so I hope y’all enjoy!

“I have an announcement, people!” Michael said, and we all turned our heads toward him.

“Seeing as Sunday is Father’s Day.” As he said this most of the cast cheered. I kept silent, a sour look crossing my face.

“I have decided to spoil myself, and the rest of you lovely people, seeing as my children probably won’t.” Michael said, earning chuckles from everyone.

“What is it?” Will called from the back of the room. Michael smiled and folded his arms over his chest.

“I have booked a 3 hour yacht tour around New York Harbour. You can all bring one or two people with you. It’s going to be incredible!” Michael said, and everyone in the room cheered.

“I love you dad!” Laura shouted, and I snorted loudly.

“I second that.” Mike called, slinging an arm around Laura’s shoulders.

I shook my head and walked up to Michael, smiling brightly at him. “Thank you Michael, my ‘I kinda think of you as my’ dad.” I said and he laughed loudly, smiling widely.

“You’re very welcome, my ‘I kind of think of you as my’ daughter.” Michael said, pulling me into a brief hug. I returned the hug, letting go quickly.

Everyone slowly trickled out of the blue room, until it was just Will and I. “So, who are you gonna bring on the yacht trip, Y/L/N?” Will asked, sitting down next to me.

“I don’t know, really. I don’t have a boyfriend or girlfriend to bring, and I’m not bringing my dad.” I said, and Will furrowed his eyebrows.

“Is your dad out of town, or something?” Will asked, and I took in a deep breath.

“Something like that. Anyway, am I going to get to meet the famous Bill Roland on Sunday?” I asked, desperately trying to change the topic.

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Sherlolly Appreciation Week, Day 5- The Abominable Bride

Hello again! I was kind of excited to try this theme because I actually never wrote anything at all to do with TAB since it aired over a year ago. Tbh, I wasn’t terribly inspired by it at the time. But that’s another story lol. Now I was happy to try! So although this isn’t technically canon, it also doesn’t conflict with the canon of that episode. It could certainly fit if you’d like it to…I know I would. :)) 

A War He Must Lose

“Going somewhere?”

The deep echo of Sherlock’s voice in the back alley caused the small woman to halt and slowly turn. Once she was facing him, he could see the fear in her eyes. It occurred to him that she was afraid of him and that cut him deeply.

“Suppose I’m not anymore,” she said bitterly. “You’ve come to stop me, I assume?”

“I have,” Sherlock admitted.

She nodded. “And is the whole of Scotland Yard out front then? Waiting to take me away?” she asked through grit teeth.

Sherlock approached her slowly, again noting her trepidation. “No, Molly.”

Her lips parted in momentary shock. “Y-you know…you remember.”

“Of course I remember, yes. Do you really expect that I wouldn’t recognize a childhood schoolmate who happened to have the same last name and unmistakable eyes as a rather short and slight, but supposedly male, doctor at Bart’s hospital?” He raised a brow.

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As Jeremy drifted out of sleep, the soft pattering of the rain outside welcomed him. He lifted his head, looking out the window at the dimly lit sky and falling drops that whispered good morning in his ear.

He turned to see that Michael had already gotten up. Sighing, he snuggled even more under the blankets, letting the heaviness and warmth surround him. It was comforting, in a way, though Michael’s arms would have been a lot better in that moment. He didn’t even wonder where he could have gone; he just closed his eyes again, for a brief moment, listening to the rain and longing for Michael’s touch.

Jeremy groaned and rustled around a bit, stretching his arms out and rubbing his eyes. Michael entered the room shortly afterward, though Jeremy couldn’t tell exactly how long it took. His sense of time was distorted and slowed. Regardless, he was overjoyed to see him.

“You doing alright?” Michael’s voice was raspy, like it always was early in the day. Jeremy could tell he had only recently woken up as well - he wore the weed socks he’d slept in and his glasses. He was always so tender and handsome in the morning - then again, when was he not? Michael approached the bed, holding a cup, and as he sat on the edge he handed it to Jeremy.

Jeremy, now sitting up, just took the cup and stared a moment. He forgot Michael’s question, he forgot even that the rain poured outside. He just stared blankly at the steam rising, feeling the heat on his hands. It was pleasing to the senses to say the least. He grinned and looked back up at Michael, who grinned right back. “So you’re-”

“Yeah.” Jeremy again looked at the cup, hesitantly lifting it to his mouth and taking a slow, cautious sip. Chamomile tea. Their favorite kind.

About to set the cup down, Jeremy let Michael take it from him and put it on the nightstand rather than the bed. “Lay back down,” Michael said, and Jeremy did so, gripping the blankets for dear life. Michael laid back down too, and he put his arm around Jeremy, landing a kiss on his cheek. It made Jeremy - no, both of them - blush. “Would you li- what would you like to eat?”

Jeremy couldn’t really form cohesive thoughts; he just stared at the wall for a moment, trying to summon words in response, but all he could muster was, “I…’m not sure.”

“I’ll get you something. You- we can eat here. In bed.” Michael pushed himself off the other side of the bed, handing the cup back to his boyfriend before he went off to the kitchen again. Jeremy waited, playing around with his feet, rubbing the side of the cup, before Michael returned minutes later with some light snacks. Granola bars, crackers, a bag of chips - perhaps not the healthiest breakfast, but it was better than nothing.

Michael hopped up onto the bed, dropping some food within range of Jeremy’s hands. He took the cup again. Jeremy turned to him as he laid down beside him, and they looked into each others’ eyes for a moment, a moment of calm, where they just saw each other and nothing else. Then, they thought, there was only the two of them. Nothing else. Them and maybe the junk food for breakfast, and the cup of tea, and the rain that pattered outside that gave them a feeling of release. Not a single other thing existed in this world.

Wrapping his arms around Jeremy, Michael buried his face in his neck. For each of them, the touch of the other felt safe, and warm, and more like home than anything ever before. The rough events of last night escaped their minds entirely, if only for a few minutes. But those few minutes were treasured by both of them - silence, except for the quiet rain, the occasional ruffling of a bag and sips of tea, with the touch of true love on both boys’ skin.

They could have spent an eternity here. Intertwined, free from trouble. Time passed, though, and Michael knew he had to get up to prepare for work eventually. He couldn’t skip for various reasons, but he wished with every fiber of his being that he could.

As Michael shifted away, he took one last moment to whisper in Jeremy’s ear.

“I love you.”

happy 3-month anniversary, my dear! @pluvae <3

I Love You, Both

Warnings: Swearing
Word Count: 3238
@onelastfic here it is babe!! <3 I loved writing this, I highkey have the biggest crush on Rich now and I love Jakey D although Michael Mell is my #1, I’ve said that many times xD
Hey, look, its a masterlist

“Babe! Let’s go on a date,” exclaimed Rich. You smiled at his lisp and looked over at him. You were sandwiched between your two boyfriends, Rich and Jake.

The three of you were watching a movie: Avengers Age of Ultron, to be precise. You rolled your eyes and said, “And what would we do, Rich?”

Jake smiled and pipped in, “We could go out for dinner or to the movies. Your pick, baby.”

“I dunno, guys. I look like shit and I don’t feel like changing,” you said, motioning to your baggy appearance. Your (h/c) was dirty and thrown up in a messy bun, a overly baggy shirt on and maroon baggy lazy pants.

Both Rich and Jake lean towards you and kiss each one of your cheeks. “Does it look we care what you look like?” they said in unison.

“We just want to go out with you tonight, precious,” continued Rich.

“Yeah, just a night of fun,” Jake said, leaning his head on your shoulder.

You looked at both of your boyfriends and sighed, giving in to their wishes. “Fine,” you began. “But first, I need a shower. So, just stay here. Try not to fuck while I’m gone, it’ll only be about five minutes.” You pushed yourself off the couch and walked out of the room.

Rich almost jumped out of his skin as you said that. “Can I join you in the shower?!” he said excitedly.

Looking back at him, you shake your head, chuckling. “Dude, you fucking wish. No! Just watch the movie, okay. Won’t be gone but five minutes,” you said leaving the room.

Rich pouted and sat back down on the couch, with his arm crossed. “She usually lets me shower with her…”

“She just wants to get ready so we can take her on an amazing date, Rich,” Jake said, sliding over beside Rich. He slung his arm around his boyfriend’s shoulder and leaned on him. “Don’t be too upset, okay, Rich.”

He huffed and said in a low voice, “How can I not be upset, a little bit? She usually lets us shower with her.”

Jake’s heart fluttered and he kissed Rich’s cheek. “Your lisp is adorable. Have I ever told you that?”

“Yes,” Rich said with his cute, adorable lisp. “You and (y/n) have told me that, casanova.”

“Well, it’s really cute, Rich. And we just want you to know.”

Ten minutes later you stepped out of your bathroom, a towel wrapped around your body. A relieved sigh escaped your lips as you walked into your room. Truthfully, you were half expecting to see your boyfriends half-naked on your bed, but they weren’t there. Which was half a relief for you; you just wanted a sweet night with them because while you did love the threesomes, you just wanted to have fun and cuddle later. Throwing off your towel, you go digging around your room for clothes.

You were so caught up in what you should wear that you didn’t hear Rich coming upstairs calling your name. Grabbing your galaxy skull tank-top out of your closet, you smiled to yourself and said, “Oh yeah, this’ll work. Now to find some pants.”

It was at the moment that you were bent over looking for pants in your dresser across the room, facing the door, when Rich burst open your bedroom door, yelling, “Babe! You almost re—” He stopped and noticed your lack of clothes, of course besides your matching (f/c) bra and panties.

Your gaze snapped over your shoulder to look at Rich. A blush quickly rose to your cheeks as you squealed, “Richard Goranski!! Get the hell outta here! Learn to fucking knock, you pervert!!” You had stood straight up and faced him, both an embarrassed and angry look on your face as it turned red for those two reasons.

“Oh, but babe, you’re my girlfriend. And I’ve seen you naked many times. No need to feel embarrassed,” Rich said, his lisp making it somewhat hard for him to say the word embarrassed. He also stepped into your room, gliding across the room to stand in front of you. A hand came to rest on your right hip as Rich pressed kisses to your cheek, neck and shoulder. “But, you look really sexy in this matching set babe,” he whispered into your shoulder. “I think a little view of what’s underneath them is in order, yeah?”

Your blush worsened as Rich’s teeth caught the bra-strap on your left shoulder and dragged it down your should so it was dangling off; his hand that had been resting on your left hip had moved slightly down and he fingered the waistband of your panties. “N-no, Rich. I’ve gotta finish getting ready so we can go out,” you stammered out, swatting his hand away and fixing your bra-strap.

“Awww! But babe, please,” whined Rich as he continued planting heated kisses to the crook of your neck.

Growling, you called out, “JAKE! Come get our boyfriend off me! I’m trying to get ready to go out and Rich isn’t letting me get ready!!”

Rich groaned against the skin of the juncture of your neck for a brief moment before smiling. “You really think Jakey D’s going to be able to pull me off of you when you’re just in your sexy underwear?” he asked almost rhetorically.

“It’s still worth… a… try!” you exclaimed, shoving Rich off you for the moment. Rich stumbled to your bed and you laughed before realizing that was your chance. Your chance to grab your black jeggings and tank-top and bolt to your bathroom. With not even a second glance at Rich, you grabbed your galaxy skull top from the top of your dresser and yanked the first pair of jeggings you could grab. “Gotta go fast!” you shouted in response as you bolted into your bathroom and locked the door. Once in there, you let out a sigh of relief, now you could get ready.

Jake got up to your room and you were nowhere, Rich was just sitting on your bed. He looked at his boyfriend and asked, “Where the fuck is (y/n/n), Rich?”

“In the bathroom. Dude, you missed it! She is wearing the sexiest set of underwear,” Rich said, bounding up to your boyfriend. “Jakey, she wouldn’t let me see what’s underneath!!”

An amused grin curled onto Jake’s lips as he chuckled out an answer, “Well, I mean, as fucking hot as that does sound, we did say we wanted to take her out. And as much as I do love seeing her naked, I want her to have fun.”

Groaning, Rich said, “You do have a point, Jake. We did say that.”

“Exactly. Now after we take her out, that’s a totally different story. Because babe, I totally want to see her in her sexy underwear,” smirked Jake as he placed a kiss on Rich’s forehead.

Rich’s eyes lit up and he said, “Duuuuude, like she was so hot!”

“I believe you, Rich,” Jake smiled. They heard your bathroom door unlock and watched the doorknob turn in anticipation. “You ready, baby?” he asked.

They watched as the light of the bathroom was turned out and saw you step out of the darkness. You looked cute in your galaxy skull tank top that hung off your body in just the right way to accentuate your bodily curves and your black jeggings that clung tightly to your legs. You had thrown your hair up into a messy (h/c) bun, and you gave off the attitude that you didn’t care how you looked. “Yeah, I’m ready, Jake, Rich,” you spoke with a gentle smile.

“What do you want to do, gorgeous?” they both asked you.

You walked towards them until you were two feet in front of them and stopped. With a hand on your chin, you hummed, “Hmmm… what do I wanna do? The sun is already set so I can’t say let’s go on a stroll through the park at sunset. There’s no good movies playing and I went to see The Emoji Movie the other weekend with Michael and Jeremy while you two were outta town. It’s really too late to go out for a romantic dinner date, because most restaurants are closing soon… seeing as it’s almost ten in the evening.” You sighed, “You two have the weirdest timing for asking me out on a date. Like, really, you couldn’t’ve asked me at like five?”

Rich and Jake both rubbed the back of their necks as they apologized, “We’re sorry, babe.” Rich continued as Jake trailed off into silence, “We were going to ask earlier, I swear, but then we all got to watching Bones and lost track of time.” Jakes nodded and added, “And we know how much you hate to be pulled away from your shows, precious.”

A hearty giggle left your body as you looked at them. “You guys could’ve told me, I wouldn’t get mad at my boyfriends for wanting to take me out. In fact, that is a good reason to pull me out of my show, you dorks,” you said with a big grin.

“Well, guess we know that now, huh?” your boyfriends said in unison.

You nodded at them, saying, “Yeah, know ya do. Anyways, how about we go on a moonlight stroll through the nature reserve on the edge of town? Sound good to you two?”

They both looked at each other a minute before turning their gazes back to you. Both nodded with a smile. “Yeah! That works for us,” they said.

You smiled and brushed by them to get your small (f/c) backpack you always carried around with you from your door. “Cool, then let’s go. Who’s driving?” you asked, smiling back at them.

Both of them wrapped an arm around your waist. Rich was the first to lean in and plant a soft kiss onto your lips, then was followed by Jake. You weren’t opposed to it, you were just kind of wondering why, and they seemingly heard your silent question as Jake said near your ear, “Sorry, couldn’t help ourselves. You just look so beautiful.”

A blush rose quickly to your cheeks as your words tumbled out of your mouth in a stutter, “I, uhhh, well thanks you two… it, umm, it’s flattering you guys… that you guys think that I look beautiful while I was not, well, not really trying…”

The shorter one of your boyfriends planted a neck on your shoulder and chuckled, “Your stuttering is the cutest fucking thing, (y/n/n)!”

Your taller boyfriend pressed a kiss to your temple, agreeing with Rich, “Rich is right, lucky charm, your stutter is adorable.”

An embarrassed noise rumbled through your throat as you covered your reddened face. “C-can we just… like just go already?” you once again stuttered out.

God, it was utterly embarrassing when you stuttered in front of them; you thought you had beaten your stutter years ago, but it would always resurface around them. Like, that was only something that happened around Rich and Jake—like they were the only ones who could make you stutter and babble like an idiot. And they loved it when you did it, and they would always say how cute it was that they could make you stutter, which would always lead to more stuttering. It would also lead to you getting more flustered than you already were, which always made your stuttering worse and more broken up. But they fucking adored it.

They smiled at you as they knew what was running through your head. They knew it embarrassed you when your stutter would rear its head around them, which is why they always told you how cute it was. So that you wouldn’t mind having it around them whenever you got excited or embarrassed. Your stutter was something you couldn’t escape and they wanted you to accept it like Rich had accepted his lisp—which you and Jake helped him to accept.

“Yeah, we can go whenever you’re ready, lucky charm,” Jake said.

You pushed yourself away from their arms as you practically ran down the stairs and stood by the front door. “Then come on! We ain’t got all n-night,” you exclaimed, trying to bite down both the stutter and embarrassment.

Shortly, you boyfriends walked down the stairs and walked up to you. “Okay. Jakey D is gonna drive,” said Rich as they stopped in front of you.

“Works for me, let’s just fucking go,” you said, ready to get out of the house. Jake and Rich both rolled their eyes at you before your taller boyfriend grabbed his keys from his pocket and ushered you outside.

You and Rich settled into the backseat of Jake’s car, since your short boyfriend opted to stay in the back to keep you company. The moment you all got settled in your seats, Jake started to car and pulled away from your house. “What do my two honeys wanna listen to?” asked Jake.

Taking a minute to think, Rich eventually shrugged, answering, “It doesn’t bother me what we listen to. Anything (y/n/n) wants.”

“Why do you put this on me every time?” you asked.

Jake chuckled and said, “Because you don’t much care for songs on the radio, babe. Too sexual and objectifying is what you call them.”

“They are! All they ever talk about nowadays is fucking sex, drugs, and alcohol. And occasionally do they write songs to start beef between one another,” you said. “But, I don’t care, we can listen to the radio.”

Shrugging his shoulders, Jake turned on the radio. “Okay then, lucky charm, radio it is,” he said. With that being dealt with, the car filled up with music that you honestly could have cared less about, but you weren’t going to complain. You genuinely didn’t care what music you listened to at that moment. You had completely zoned out as you watched the world pass by from the car window.

Rich looked over and saw that you were completely gone, so he hatched an idea. It was an idea that was essentially part of your poly relationship at that point.

Making out in the backseat. It was a hallmark of the relationship between the three of you. Whenever you would drive, Rich and Jake would make out in the backseat of your car; whenever Rich would drive, you and Jake would make out in the back; and whenever Jake would drive, you and Rich would make out in the back. It was like tradition, not that either of you three minded, it was kind of like teasing the one driving and that is why you all periodically switched who drove.

Anyways, Rich decided to get your attention by placing a hand on your thigh and began stroking small strides up and down your thigh. “(Y/n)~” he all but purred out in a low whisper.

The warmth on your thigh snapped you out of your dazed-off state and you looked over at Rich. Having heard him purr out your name, you answered, also in a purr, “Yes, Richard?” Because you weren’t stupid, even though you had spaced off, you knew the routine. The tradition.

He smiled at you and said, “How about you come over here?” Rich then pulled his hand away from your thigh and motioned for you to come to him. There was an empty middle seat between the two of you because Jake hated when someone sat in the middle seat—unless the car was packed, then he dealt with it.

You winked back at him as you unbuckled your seatbelt and scooted over to him, squeezing yourself as close as you could so you wouldn’t block Jake’s vision from the rear-view mirror. “Okay, I’m here,” you hummed, “what now?”

Rich wrapped an arm around your waist and pulled you impossibly closer to him as he spoke with a gigantic grin, “Oh, I’m not sure, maybe we should kiss or something?”

Smiling at him, you place a hand on his chest and replied, “Oh really? Should we? Do you deserve my kisses?”

His other hand covered your hand on his chest as he looked into your eyes, saying, “Of course I deserve them, babe. Why wouldn’t I?”

“Because you were a peeping tom earlier,” you said with a sly grin.

Rich sighed and apologized, “I’m sorry I busted into your room earlier, babe. You know I didn’t mean to seem like a peeping tom. Plus, why would I be when I can just ask to see you naked?”

“Hmmm… good point. I forgive you, Richie. Now,” you said leaning towards his face, “how about those kisses?”

That was what Rich wanted to hear because the next moment after you uttered that, he had pulled you into a kiss. The arm that was slung around your waist moved so that his rest on the small of your back, where he stroked it gently. Kisses with you always started out this way with Rich, not that he was complaining because once you got into a kiss, you were into it.

Ten minutes. That was how long Jake had to hear the sounds of you and Rich heavily making out in the backseat of his car. It was agonizing for him, as it usually was for whoever was driving, and he was more than happy when you arrived at the nature reserve.

Thankfully the nature reserve was pretty much open all the time. Jake pulled into a parking spot, turned off his car, and jumped out the front seat. When he yanked open the back door on his side, he was met with quite the steamy scene. One of Rich’s hand up your shirt, the other one resting on your thigh, the messy bun that your hair had been put up in was gone, you somehow had found a way to straddle Rich, and both you and Rich’s hair were disheveled. There were also red marks on your neck that may or may not later form hickeys.

Jake just stared at you two, blinking slowly in disbelief, his mouth clenched in slight irritation. Irritation not because you two had done that as he was trying to drive, which was difficult when you both started making noises as kisses were planted on other places on your bodies; no, he was slightly irritated because he had not been able to join. To be the one giving the kisses and receiving the kisses; he had not been able to spoil both of you the way you spoiled each other while he drove. “Really?” came his low voice.

Rich’s hand had retreated from under your shirt and he said, “Sorry Jakey, but you know it’s tradition.”

You laughed and said, “Rich is right, Jakey dear, it is tradition!”

A smile formed on your taller boyfriend’s lips as he nudged his head signaling to get out. “I know it is, but I fucking hate it when I miss the opportunity to spoil you both with kisses,” he said in an almost pouty voice.

Both you and Rich got out of the car and you said, touching Jake’s shoulder, “Look, there’s plenty of time to do that later, you know. But first, let’s go on this walk, yeah?” Your boyfriends nod at you and the three of you walk into the nature reserve.

Okay, so I lowkey forgot where I was gonna go with this, so I’ll probably make a part two of this, but here it is!!! Wohooo! I hope it’s good, it’s literally my first thing is Jake and Rich and I hope I got their personalities right because if I didn’t then fuck me running with a chainsaw.

Sirens wail in the distance, the smoke barely settling from the gun fight, some “concerned” citizen no doubt reporting the unmistakable sound of gunshots, probably hoping to get a shout out on Weazel News. It wouldn’t surprise anyone in the slightest. Not when it comes to Los Santos.

The job hadn’t gone according to plan exactly, no one taking into account the ambush that had been waiting for them, but Geoff’s pretty sure his team’s still in one piece. He won’t know for sure, not until they meet up at the rendezvous point, but he has enough time to see Ray drag Ryan to his feet and Michael usher Gavin towards an alleyway before diving into Jack’s car, the door barely closed before her foot stomps on the gas, tires squealing as she rockets onto the street.

“You’re bleeding,” Jack points out, taking a sharp left, Geoff grabbing the door handle instinctively, gripping it for dear life.

“Am I?” Geoff is suddenly aware of the stinging pain coming from his arm. He glances over, noting the scarlet dribbling from his suit jacket, groaning softly. “I liked this suit.”

Jack snorts, shaking her head, and starts to slow down, most likely deeming it safe enough to go a decent speed. She clutches the steering wheel a little tighter than necessary, her knuckles turning a stark white, chancing a glance at Geoff, and says, “Ryan got hit.”

“A shoulder wound,” Geoff replies with a flippant hand wave. “Ray’ll make sure he gets to Burnie’s; he’ll be fine.” She gives him a dubious stare and he sighs. “Alright, I’ll call the others, tell them to meet at Burnie’s, if it’ll make you happy.”

“Thank you,” Jack states relaxing her grip on the steering wheel a little.

“Yeah, yeah,” he grumbles digging his phone from his pocket. If he’s being honest, Geoff is worried too, but he knows how Ryan gets if anyone frets over him. He could be missing a limb and insist that he’s fine. That man is going to be the death of Geoff one of these days.


Ray hovers in the doorway of Burnie’s back room, watching him work. He ignores Ryan’s insistence that he’s fine, pressing gauze to the freely bleeding wound, shaking his head. This isn’t the first time Burnie Burns has had to help them and Ray knows this won’t be the last.

“Should charge you assholes extra,” Burnie complains beckoning Ray over to him. Burying his hands in his hoodie pocket, Ray crosses the room, stopping next to Burnie. Gesturing to the gauze in his hand, Burnie says, “Hold that for a second. I need to make sure the bullet actually went through.”

Ray’s hands replace Burnie’s, the gauze already turning a brilliant scarlet, and he starts poking at the exit wound on Ryan’s back. “Alright, you got lucky. It’s a clean shot, might leave a scar but you should be able to use the arm again if you take it easy.”

“Easy,” Ray murmurs with a snort, knowing ‘taking it easy’ and Ryan have never been used in the same sentence without the words 'will not be’ added to the mix. He’s constantly moving, constantly on the go, constantly doing something that it’s any wonder the guy actually sleeps.

“Yes,” Burnie deadpans pulling a suture set from his first aid kit, “easy.”

Burnie sets to work sewing up the bullet wound, all the while Ryan sits stoically, not making a sound, but Ray can see the pain in his eyes. The Vagabond may be good at hiding his emotions from his face, but he can never quite keep them out of his eyes. It’s something Ray doesn’t think Ryan knows about, or if he did he doesn’t bring attention to it. This could be why he chooses to hide himself behind those masks most of the time.

When Burnie’s finished, he yanks his gloves off, tossing them into a corner, stalking out of the room a moment later. When he’s gone, Ray fixes Ryan with a pensive look, chewing on his bottom lip, but doesn’t say anything.

“Problem?” Ryan turns his attention to Ray, quirking an eyebrow, his red and black face paint running down his face, smearing in some places.

“You could have let me take the bullet,” Ray states slowly, still watching Ryan.

“But I didn’t.”

“No,” Ray says after a brief pause, looking away from Ryan with a barely audible huff, “you didn’t.”

Burnie returns a moment later, a sudden yelp echoing through the room when he shoves a needle in Ryan’s arm. “That should stave off the pain for the night,” he says triumphantly, slamming a bottle of painkillers on the table. “Tell Geoff it’s the same fee as usual.”

“No need,” Geoff says from the doorway, the rest of the crew hovering behind him. He has his arms crossed, an amused look in his eyes. “Still got the bedside manner of a saint, I see.”

“Fuck off,” Burnie retorts with no heat behind his words. He closes his kit, drags it off the table, and starts towards the door, calling over his shoulder, “You can get the hell out whenever.”

“Alright, alright,” Geoff says turning to shove his crew towards the exit. “We still on for poker next week?” Burnie grunts in reply, disappearing behind another doorway. “Great.” He glances over his shoulder, eyes settling on Ray, and says, “Hurry up so we can get him home before the drugs kick in.”

“The drugs won’t affect me,” Ryan states with a nonchalant shrug. “I’ll be fine.” Geoff snorts but doesn’t respond, letting the door close behind him, and Ryan turns a dubious stare to Ray. “I’m fine.”

“Sure,” Ray concedes shoving a slightly damaged leather jacket at him. He gets a grunt in reply, immediately letting the subject drop, already too tired to deal with any of this tonight.

If ever, for that matter.


The drugs take a bit to affect Ryan, but Ray can pinpoint the exact second they take hold. One moment Ryan and Gavin are having the coin argument again (no one is quite sure what brought it on this time) and the next Ryan is giggling at something in the corner and Gavin is shouting, “He’s finally lost his bloody mind!”

“He’d actually have to be sane to lose his mind,” Michael calls from the breakfast bar, shoveling another spoonful of Froot Loops into his mouth. “What the fuck is he laughing at anyway?”

“It’s probably the painkillers,” Jack states from her lounged position on the couch, running her knife down the whet stone with an audible shink. “This is probably why he always refuses them.”

Ryan turns blue, owlish eyes to Ray and says, “I know you.”

“I know you, too,” Ray responds without looking up from his DS.

“I got shot,” he states in a matter of fact voice, frowning down at his bulky shoulder, a black t-shirt hiding the bandages. “I don’t like getting shot.”

“No one does, dumbass.” Michael hops off his stool, carrying his cereal bowl to the sink, dropping it in with a loud clatter. “Maybe next time you’ll duck.” He heads towards the door, grabbing his jacket off the hook. “Who wants a ride to The Vanilla Unicorn? I’m buying the first round.”

Gavin jumps up, eyeing Ryan warily, glassy blue eyes tracking his movements as he rushes towards the door. Geoff, who hadn’t even been in the living room, appears at the prospect of tits and alcohol, following right on Gavin’s heels.

“Anyone else?” Michael asks, his eyes on Ray.

“I’m good,” he answers mashing buttons, trying to get his stupid character to catch the damn butterfly.

“Suit yourself.”

The door closes a moment later, effectively cutting off Gavin’s bitching about how much creepier Ryan is on morphine. Ray’s is aware of Jack closing her knife, collecting both it and her whet stone, and getting up, murmuring something about taking a shower.

Silence settles over the apartment the moment Jack is gone, Ray silently cursing at the stupid game before shutting it off and tossing it to the other end of the couch. He doesn’t even know why he bought it; it has brought him nothing but wasted hours and frustration. It’s one stupid butterfly; it should not be that hard.

He pulls his legs up to his chest, resting his chin on his knees, and glances over at Ryan. He’s rocking back and forth, staring blankly at the floor, barely able to keep his eyes open. One good wind could knock the guy over, and had this been anyone else Ray might have gently nudged him with his foot just to see what happens, but he refrains.

“You should probably go lie down,” he says instead, unfolding his legs, shoving himself to his feet. A hand shoots out, grabbing his wrist in a surprisingly strong grip, yanking him back onto the couch. “Okay, I guess we’re just gonna sit here.” He glances down at the hand wrapped tightly around him and says, “I’ve never been the hand holding type, but I guess I can make an exception.”

“Sorry.” Ryan lets him go, a dejected look on his face.

“You okay, buddy?”

“Can I tell you something?” Ryan asks suddenly, his mood shifting again. It’s almost enough to give Ray whiplash.


“Do you promise not to tell anyone? Especially Ray.”

Barely suppressing a snort, Ray says, “I promise.”

“Good.” Ryan nods, trying to focus his eyes, giving up after a moment. “Ray’s my favorite,” he admits after a beat, nodding again, a pleased smile on his face. “It’s why I took the bullet.” He gestures to his shoulder, frowning again. “I don’t like getting shot.”

Ray’s not sure how to respond, knowing anything he says wouldn’t be remembered in the morning. He knows he has to say something though, even if it’s to make a joke, but he can’t quite push down the sudden irritation he feels. Ryan took a bullet meant for him because of what? So he didn’t have to see Ray hurt? He’s not made of glass; he would have healed.

He feels something warm lean against him, the drugs finally dragging Ryan into sleep, his head heavy against Ray’s shoulder, and Ray feels his irritation slip away. The Vagabond may be a scary mofo who enjoys causing as much mayhem as possible, but Ryan Haywood was a big ol’ softy at heart.

With a quiet huff, Ray shakes his head and says, “I guess you’re my favorite too, jackass.”

Preventer Water: Sally Po

It always makes me happy to see fan-works featuring Sally Po, so I thought I would break my 10-year (!!!) fanart hiatus and contribute my own (very) rough sketch. So here is my Sally with even rougher background details. I might get around to sorting it out and colouring it one day…

And because there needs to be more talk about Sally Po, I am also going to talk about her (a lot!)….

….I would go as far as to say she is my favourite character in GW.  But I’ve often heard it said that for a fictional character to be of interest, they have to have some sort of vice or internal conflict going on, which over time, they resolve in one way or another. Sally doesn’t really display any such melodrama and I would argue over the course of the series, she is one of the characters who alters the least. So why is she so compelling (at least to me)?

I think it exactly because she is NOT in a constant state of internal conflict. In a show so glutted with tortured souls, romanticised notions about war, peace, revenge, anger and confusion, sometimes, you just want someone to cut to the chase and be logical and pragmatic. That’s Sally. Her stance is that “Nobody wants to get involved in wars but those that can fight, should fight.” She sees wars as making playthings of peoples’ lives and fights for no other reason, in my eyes, than to spare the involvement of those who are unable to stand up for themselves. She seems to acknowledge war isn’t going away at that moment, so there’s no point denying it. But you can, at least, be a force for good within a situation you cannot immediately change. She is a breath of fresh air. Here is an individual with common sense and decency, someone you can more or less depend on to get things done and to do the right thing. Yes, Sally acknowledges herself that everyone has their “own sense of justice”, but sometimes, certain actions are just plain wrong and for the most part, she doesn’t waste time philosophising about it all. She inhabits many roles in the series and is multi-skilled; doctor, Alliance Major, resistance fighter, battleship commander and finally, Preventer, as well as having moments of being mentor and cheerleader. She can heal people, pilot certain mobile suits, fly aircraft, shoot all the guns. Oh and throw a pretty impressive punch. She has plenty of stuff to do- so no time for navel-gazing!

To be fair, you could argue her appearances in the show and additional material are much sparser than many of the other characters, and her roles spread so thinly, that she does not get much opportunity to go a little nuts or display any emotional vulnerabilities. There is nothing to really dislike about her and along with her range of abilities, does that make her a sort-of Mary-Sue, a convenient jack-of-all trades type with no real depth? I don’t think so. While not an obvious key player, I think her contributions are definitely meaningful and without them, the other cast members may have made different decisions and certain scenarios would have had disastrous (or at the very least, more disastrous) outcomes.

The first notable difference would have been that in AC194, the L5 colony, A0206, would have been obliterated by the Alliance General, Septem’s, evil scheme to dispose of the inhabitants using biological weapons. Wufei and his clan would have been a part of this massacre. Sally defies this order and somehow gets away with it. We see she has a moral compass and will not blindly follow orders if it will cause harm to innocents.

In Episode 3, her first appearance in the show, we see this again, as she balks at the idea of using harmful drugs on the young captive Heero. She seems to sense Heero is an important individual. Who wouldn’t, when he arrives at the hospital having survived, despite serious injuries (I wonder if the broken bones she mentions refer to sites of previous breakages?) and he was still alive and kicking after that epic fall? He made such an impression on her that during Operation Daybreak, Sally throws her trust onto him and begs him to disarm the missiles Lady Une was so intent on allowing to annihilate the base and the surrounding area, without even rescuing injured personnel. Tsk, Une!

Sally is a character who does not hesitate to get involved if she thinks there is a modicum of a chance for good to come of it. She even puts herself in immediate danger without a thought if she feels it is required. An example of this is her decision to defect and join the rebels in Former China (one a side-note, I suppose that Former China must be more multi-racial as there are many Caucasian looking people in the village scenes and Sally herself is blonde and blue eyed.). At the beginning of Episode 12, she can be seen retreating from an attack on a military base and once inside the getaway vehicle, her comrade asks her what is the matter and states he is sorry to have put her in so much danger on her first time home. Here, we see a brief glimpse of her being pensive but she brushes it aside and explains it was her decision.

Later in the episode, she witnesses soldiers attacking a restaurateur after he objects to them eating a meal and refusing to pay up. Instead of standing by and thinking of her own safety, Sally brazenly mouths off at them, openly disparaging of their presence in the region. Of course, she gets a beating for it, though she puts up an admirable fight. If Wufei hadn’t leapt onto the screen (where was he before this? Talk about last minute!) and intervened, who knows what would have happened? The soldiers would have probably got stabbed in the ass by the angry villagers’ pitchforks, at the very least. I would have liked to have seen that just for the comedy value.

Following this encounter, Sally has no problem admitting she is weak, when Wufei states she should not be fighting. She doesn’t appear to have any sort of ego issues. She is practical and accepts that when a person is weak, they need help and there is no shame in it. To her, strength lies in the conviction of a person’s heart (this makes me want to belt out that Michael Bolton song from Disney’s Hercules; “A hero’s strength is measured by his heaaaaaarrrrrtttt.”). She demonstrates the ultimate example of it by being willing to throw away her own life, walking unarmed towards an Aries suit, which takes aim at her (and curiously misses the shot!). Her only hope of survival is if the pilot continues to be a crap shot or if she can convince Wufei to step up to his responsibility to fight for the oppressed. Perhaps she might be spared in the process. And it works.  

Afterwards, she says: “The important thing is that my heart is in it (or strong).”  Wufei seems inspired by this. We even get a wee smile from the lad. Sally is good at inspiring others and seems to be able to reach people with her sincerity. Here is a woman who will go as far as to risk her own life for just the slight chance some good might come of it. She says this herself in the episode where she sneaks into an Oz base and tries to destroy Sandrock, coming face to face with the Maguanacs. She states; “I don’t care what happens to me.” And in turn, once they realise they are not enemies, her courage inspires the same in them. Auda states; “We need to be at least as brave as that lady just was.” (English dub). That is not to say Sally never makes blunders; in setting off the explosions on Sandrock, she almost killed the Maguanacs and herself and made the assumption that Quatre’s wishes, a pilot she had never met, would be identical to what Heero might favour. This was a pretty extreme thing to do based on an assumption, however it’s understandable that she would view Oz having possession of the Gundam as a negative thing.

Sally is also someone who, though she can work well alone, thrives on connecting with others. She has no shortage of mercenary and ex-Alliance contacts around the globe to help her achieve her various objectives, it seems, and says to Heero: “Fighting by yourself is so lonely.” In addition, she instantly bonds with Lucrezia Noin, each sensing the other is a friend, and later, Noin looks to Sally for motivation and reassurance on Peacemillion, feeling more deflated about the battle ahead than her (Sally has not found herself in love with a terrorist threat to Earth, which certainly helps). Sally, for her part, seems unwavering in her support of and belief in what the Gundam Pilots represent and expresses this. She sees allying with them as the only path that will prevent herself from going astray.  Her comment in Episode 29 about the words “righteous” or justice”, depending on the version, suiting the pilots (despite expressing her hesitance to use those terms) and her complete faith in them, could be viewed as slightly naïve. I mean, she has met only two G-boys at this point (and has only had a face-to-face conversation with Wufei), she can’t know them so well as to make such extreme statements (a bit like when she comments about Heero having changed from his “abrasive personality” – she hasn’t had a conversation with him, so how does she know his personality?). But perhaps, in it all, she is simply acknowledging there is little else coming morally close to the Gundam Pilots around at the time. I think they’re the best she’s got to hope in, so, being pragmatic, she does.  

Overall Sally is no sensible, shallow, boring know-all, and indeed sometimes she doesn’t know-all and relies on the help of others a great deal. I think her wit as well as her wisdom is another factor that contributes to her likability, as well as her pleasantly flirtatious manner. In a show that is largely serious in nature, it is refreshing to have moments of humour and Sally has the subtle, wry kind that does not come across as goofy. She even keeps her sharp wit when in a tight situation; “I might just tell a lie so that you’ll free me…” (to Noin). I am sure from that moment on, Noin, decided they would get on famously as allies. I love seeing them interact in Endless Waltz as the ultimate dream team.

Having said all that, I have to gripe a little about Sally’s portrayal. There is so much about her we don’t get to know. Her true age, for one. Some (much older) official sources say 19, some 22 and more recently, 27, so who really knows?  She has no backstory, aside from her cameo in Wufei’s Episode Zero. But that’s okay; that’s what fandom is for. And despite all of the above being true about her lack of personal drama, I do enjoy seeing more vulnerable sides to her in fandom portrayals because we all have our moments, right? Regrettably, it is harder to find Sally-focused material, so it is always a treat to come across some.

But one thing that is certainly not a treat; can we talk about her roles in Glory of Losers and Frozen Teardrop for a brief moment? The former, from what I have gleaned, cuts out some major Sally (see what I did there?) scenes, such as her time in China, presumably because it wasn’t deemed significant enough, which is a shame. In FT, I was hoping that, seeing as her ‘daughter’, Kathy Po appeared to be one of the protagonists, we might find out more about Sally. From the scant amount of translated material and discussion threads I’ve followed, I discovered that Sally makes bad coffee and her daughter, Kathy is not actually her biological child, but a clone of Sally’s assassinated mother, who was also creatively named Katherine. This just strikes me as weird. But I can live with weird if not for the fact that from what I have read of translated material, Sally is missing because she is dead. Yep, dead. DEAD!! Apparently killed on duty. Yes, you read that right, out of all the original characters in the series, the writer has to kill off Sally. Awesome Sally has to suffer a ‘by the way’, footnote type of death. I am still hoping someone will come along with a different translation and tell me it’s not true, that I can’t read and I have it all wrong (anyone??), but as of yet, I haven’t read any such thing to dispute this sad fact.

So, I guess those of us who would like a different ending for her can live in our little headcanon worlds, where Sally gets the recognition and appreciation she deserves. So if you have any such titbits to offer, please send them my way. Fics, art, thoughts, the lot. Thus ends this ranty ramble…I hope you like the pic!

*(Quotes may be slightly inaccurate due to my memory. But the gist is there. Any other inaccuracies are due to the wine consumption while I wrote this.)

Blind Men And Bleeding Hearts

For @redamancy-eunoia who gave me the prompt, “I thought it was a one-night-stand and now we’re married”. I hope you enjoy it! 😘

When Harvey had let himself think about this (and he had thought about it, it seemed pointless to deny it now), about what his and Mike’s first time together might be like, he had always imagined it would be hungry, desperate, spur of the moment. Ripping each other’s clothes off and devouring each other. Heated, sloppy kisses and rough, groping hands. There may have been a wall involved. Or a desk. He’d always rather liked the idea of having sex in the office. With Mike.

But the reality was something far removed from fantasy, and Harvey found he didn’t mind in the slightest. Reality far outweighed the fantasy. This was how it was always supposed to be, he realised now. It was inevitable. And this was not just sex.

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#183: Baby Series | Baby’s First Birthday


Here we have it, the last part of the baby series! It was quite amazing to bring back the stories from the pregnancy series and make this small mini series spin-off and I will forever and always be a sucker for father!5SOS. I hope you’ve all enjoyed reading it as much as I have enjoyed writing it! I also decided to add the babies’ birthdays :-)

You can find like this and use it as a masterlist or you can like the post below for the original one! As per usual, happy reading! x


Suggestion: Read the other prefs to get a better comprehension

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Baby’s First Word

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The Boys Babysit Your Baby

Luke (December 1st):

A huge pile of gift paper wrap was covering literally the entire floor in Liz and Andy’s living room, William’s head barely poking out from the huge mess. Chatter and laughter were filling the living room along with quite music playing in the background, and a silent yawn escaped past your lips. “Tired?” Luke hummed in conclusion and leaned his face down to yours, his arm resting casually on the cushion behind you. So many things had been going on today you could feel it in your legs. The second William woke up he was engulfed in presents and it hadn’t stopped since you visited Luke’s family for a small birthday. Luke had tried his best to make Liz not spoil William too much but telling a grandmother that statement was clear nonsense.  The second you were welcomed inside you noticed the huge stack of presents on the floor in the middle of everything. And with William already knowing what it was about he was hard to keep away from it, even during dinner and when a huge cake baked by Liz was being served in front of him. It wasn’t until the birthday song was over and he had ripped off the paper hat on his head in irritation that he wanted to get down from his chair and towards the presents. And now, by the help of grandma Liz he was covered up in paper to his chin and barely looking at his presents. It was totally the excitement of packing everything up that caught his interest. “William, do you want some raisins? You questioned slightly while rattling the small purple package in your hands to catch his interest. He looked up with a scrunched nose that told he wasn’t the slightest interested and you pursed your lips. He barely ate before and now he was starting to put the paper in his mouth. “I’d say raisins are better than that, Will.” Liz giggled lightly and took the wet paper out of his mouth. You nodded your head with a smile and rolled your eyes by his stubborn attitude, your hands caressing the cushion under you. You were sitting in the exact seat where your first contractions started. It was hard to believe it already had been a year and you could tell that Liz was thinking the same. “Brings back memories, huh?” You nodded your head with a warm smile and felt Luke poke you in the side. He nodded his head towards the door to the terrace when you furrowed your eyebrows confused but followed him the second he stood up from the couch. “What’s up?” You questioned when you closed the door behind you and he lifted a small envelope in the air. “This is for you.” “But it’s not my birthday.” You mumbled slightly confused but regardless accepted and opened it. You quivered an eyebrow confused when you noticed three plane tickets along with a picture of what you would call out as Hawaii. “I know it’s not your birthday,” He grinned slightly and looked down at his feet shy, “It’s my anniversary present for you.” Your jaw fell by his words and your eyes widened in realization. “I remember this moment exactly one year ago where I after such a long time finally admitted my feelings for you. And somehow, so amazingly, you were feeling the same. And this is why this day is so special. Not only is it the day of our son’s birth but also the day where I finally got my princess after so much waiting.” You were left stunned by his words, a huge deep shade of red embracing your warm cheeks. “It would be nice if you said something.” He giggled awkwardly when you hadn’t done anything for a whole minute but look at him somehow surprised. Giggling by his statement you hurried to place your hands on his cheeks and pulled him in for a brief but passionate kiss. You could feel him smile against the kiss and you pulled back to lean your forehead against his, standing on your toes to reach his height while he placed his hand on the lower part of your back. “Happy anniversary, Y/N. I love you to the moon and back.”

Calum (July 24th):

”Okay everyone so I’m gonna need you to become extremely quiet now. And no, we’re not going to play Amnesia if that’s what you’re thinking.” Calum said into the microphone with a smile, dropping his bass and letting it hang by his shoulders. “So some of you might have noticed from now after the at least thirty pictures posted on my fiancée’s Instagram that today is July 24th aka my son Alexander’s first birthday.” It was a mix of holler and shouts that appeared after Calum’s information, the girls on the front row jumping up and down with an Australian flag. “And I want this day to be really special for him, especially because I’ve dragged him and his mother on a five month plus length tour. Today is one of our last concerts actually.” He moved away to take give a short pause and looked towards the stairs to the dressing rooms. He could see shadows walk around and Ashton jumped out of his drum kit to help. “So to make this even more special than ever we’ve decided to drag him here in stage. Please welcome my son and Y/N.” Calum raised his arm in the air towards you walking up the stairs carefully, holding Alexander close to your chest. He was wearing huge children earmuffs to block out most of the noise from the crowd and his eyes widened the second bright lights were on him. The crowd went into a large holler despite Calum’s request but he couldn’t even get mad. This was pure amazing. “We even baked fucking cake!” Michael exclaimed in excitement when Ashton and Luke came up behind you with a trolley, a massive blue cake placed on top of it with pictures of Alexander. “So instead of screaming and all that we really want you guys to sing a birthday song along with us!” Calum loosened the mic on the stand and grabbed it in his hand easily. Heading towards you to meet half way he placed a soft kiss to your cheek before caressing Alexander’s. “Can you do that?” The crowd made a mix of hollers, simply girly screams and yelling yes repeatedly. An award winning smile appeared on Calum’s face and he fished out a lighter from his back pocket to light up the one candle placed in the middle of the cake. Alexander watched his father with a curious expression as both he and you kneeled down so he was level with the cake. “Come on everyone!” Michael yelled and started the birthday song already, the boys catching up along with you and the crowd. Literally every single person in the arena was singing at the top of their lungs, pulling out their phones and swinging the flashlights in the air like it was Outer Space played all over again. When the song was over everyone was clapping massively, Calum wearing the proudest smile on his face. “Come on Alex, you gotta blow the candle.” You giggled even though he most probably couldn’t hear it and you puckered your lips to make him puck his. Helping along to get the candle blown out you clapped your hands excited together with Alex who started to giggle, the whole crowd cheering along with the boys. The award-winning smile on Calum’s face couldn’t be described. The past year had been so fast and so amazing he almost couldn’t believe it. He was so insanely proud of you he felt so blessed. He had managed to drag you three along on a tour for so long and now it was nearly over. And to see his three favourite things mixed together at once was by far the best sight in his life so far. His fans, the band and his little family. He couldn’t wait for more moments to come and a wedding finally being launched. And most importantly, he felt like the luckiest man in the world. And to experience everything along with you and Alex made it ten times more exciting. Oh how he loved his life. ”Thank you, every single one of you.” He admitted into the microphone and smiled towards you and Alex, Thank you for the best life one could ever dream of.”

Michael (April 13th):

”Oh my god.” You giggled the second Michael arrived out of the kitchen with a massive cake – not to mention all made by himself – in a tight grip in his hands. Karen, his mother, widened her eyes too by the sight as he proudly placed it in front of Celeste with wide eyes, the girl looking up at her father with the matching emerald orbs. ”Wait she gets that one by herself?” Calum questioned almost confused and readjusted the pink hat on his head, taking a look around the table. It was filled with at least three different cakes, muffins and Danish pastry but Michael didn’t have any limit when it came to this day. He had been pacing around all morning excited, he was even more into the decorations than you were. Everything was decorated in lilac, pink and red colors in your living room. Everyone from your families were wearing hats, including yourself and the boys. Michael had even tried to put one on Celeste but she wouldn’t have it at all which only made you giggle. ”Michael insisted that she needed a cake herself to dig in.” You chuckled while moving a bib to avoid her spilling on her beautiful dress that you had given her in birthday present. ”Because she deserves it.” He said proudly and took a seat on the other side of her and leaned his arm on the rack of her baby chair while moving the plate of cake closer to her. And that was when the boys exploded out in a sing, trying to not laugh as they all sang different tones of happy birthday. Your families tagged along with the song while you looked down at Celeste proudly, her interest being more focused on the cake in front of her rather than the singing around her. ”Come on, cupcake. Just dig in.” Michael encouraged into her ear while singing and grabbed her hand to put it into the cake. She looked up at him almost to confirm and when he nodded his head encouraging she smacked her hand against the cake excitedly and moved it up to her mouth. ”Yes, that is my princess!” He cheered excitedly and clapped along until the song came to its finish, everyone awing at her by her cuteness. Ten minutes later when people seemed to quiet down with chit chatting and eating Michael cleared his throat and sat beside you. ”Everyone, we actually have an announcement to make.” He admitted, earning silence and all eyes on you now. ”We have one extra present for Celeste we’d like to share with you.” You informed and Michael grabbed a bag he had been hiding under your table, pulling up a light pink onesie. Everyone was looking at you in curiosity as Michael folded it out and showed what was written in front. ”I’m gonna be a big sister.” Luke read out for everyone and his eyes widened, ”Oh my god, Y/N you’re pregnant again?” All eyes widened in excitement by Luke’s question, making everyone’s jaw fall. ”Wait is it true?” Karen questioned but with such happiness she almost cracked a tear. ”Yep we took a test. Three actually to be sure. We will be expecting in the start of January next year.” Michael admitted making everyone rise up from their chairs in unison to graduate you guys, giving you hugs while Michael received high fives. ”Well we gotta give a big cheer to the new upcoming parents, once again.” Calum admitted and rose his bottle of red soda in the air, ”To Michael, Y/N, Celeste and the little one.” ”Or two’s.” Ashton added with a smile and raised his glass too, everyone cheering together along with you guys. ”Let’s hope the new one or ones will be more like Y/N.” Luke commented and nodded his head towards Celeste who was too occupied with the cake in front of her, frosting and chocolate covering the skin around her cheeks, mouth and nose. You wore the biggest smile on your face as you looked down at Celeste proudly, feeling Michaels hand come down to your stomach caressing over the soon to be growing skin.

Ashton (September 9th):

“Are you sure they are even allowed to have ice cream yet? It does contain diary products.” Ann commented in fits of giggles while watching the ice creams being served in front of the twins, Cloe’s eyes widening in excitement while Zack was more into the toy he had been given on top of his baby chair table. Ashton rolled his eyes by his mum’s question and shook his head lightly while reaching forward to grab a spoon. “This is their first birthday of course they’re gonna get ice-cream.” He grinned and ruffled Zack’s mini curls that were growing on his head, definitely matching his father’s. “Besides, I’ve made my research. These are only sweetened with fruit so I’ve ordered one with banana for Zack and one with strawberry for Cloe. And since they are officially one year old from today it means they can eat it. Don’t think I’ve thought this through, mum.” He grinned and smiled excitedly when the waiter used a lighter to turn on the small sparklers on top of the ice. Ann smiled softly at Ashton while nodding her head understanding, happily that he could do everything without his help. You grinned by the excitement Ashton was showing just by the ice creams in front of your children. He had been like this all day making Zack fussy when he decided to wake them up with almost too loudly singing of happy birthday. But that didn’t stop Ashton from being exaggerated all day. He had been smiling all over his face, engulfing them with kisses and every third second peppered your cheek with kisses. And now he had invited the whole family for dinner at a fancy restaurant down by the beach. He had even managed to buy fresh new clothes for all of you including himself. It really was something huge to him and so was it for you. You literally remembered all the pain you had gone through just a year ago at the hospital. And to see two healthy pair of twins in front of you with so many similarities from you and Ashton it both looked and felt amazing. A small sound came from Zack’s tired state and you could feel awe’s appear from people’s mouths in reaction. “It’s all Ashton’s fault.” You giggled slightly while lifting Zack up from the baby chair and placed him in your lap instead. Grabbing a spoon you took a smaller piece of the ice cream in hope of him to stop the whines, a satisfied smile embracing your face when his expression changed completely. “What, Cloe thought waking up to a birthday song was exciting!” He grinned while watching Lauren feed her with the ice-cream, her face seemed to enjoy the exploring feeling of something cold and new. “Well Zack thought the opposite.” You remarked while enjoying and felt Ashton’s arm brush yours as he rested his on top of your chair. It made you lean further against his touch while scooping up more ice-cream, feeling Zack lean forward to get his mouth filled. “He’s happy now, isn’t he?” He grinned down at you with a smirk and you rolled your eyes in reply but still remained the happy smile on your face. Ashton took a look around the table with a huge smile on his face. Everyone was having a good time, you were a smiling mess and the twins were eating happily. This was such a perfect moment for him. “Waiter?” He questioned the second one passed by and he stopped in track by the request. “Could you be my man for a short moment and take a picture of my family and I?” He reached his hand out for the waiter and he nodded his head politely. “Of course, sir.” He replied and took a step back to get everyone into the frame. “Smile everyone. This is going on my Instagram.” He grinned towards everyone before leaning his head against yours, smiling all over his face. This picture would be his new favourite thing. The picture that showed he had finally made it. His whole life in just one frame. Oh how he loved his life, you and the twins. It couldn’t compare to anything else. He was ever so happily.


It is late and it is raining. Pitter-pat on the top of the tile of the café down the corner. I had gone there looking for a quiet place where to write. The house seemed oppressive these days. Too many memories enclosed in such a small space seems to fill my brain with endless static. Hard to come up with anything more than a blinking cursor in an empty computer page. Anyway I guess it was good for me to be out and about and the coffee here was pretty good even if I had been sitting here for over an hour and had not written really anything. My editor would be thrilled, I was sure! Fast approaching fifty and divorced with bills to pay I had to get my act together soon, I knew. Have you ever seen those scenes in movies where everything seems to go into slow motion? Well, I always thought it was gross exaggeration or preposterous delusion to get suckers to believe in all that romance crap they sell to starry-eyed teenagers that don’t know what love is really like except for the tiny fact that it was happening to me right now! I mean you don’t exactly know when you are gonna be pole-axed by the universe but definitely I didn’t see this one coming when I walked out the door of my townhouse this afternoon.

It was her laughter. Damn! It had always been her laughter ever since that day 30 years ago when I meet her. She was laughing like that right now. The moment I heard that throaty bubbling champagne that seemed to fill the room I lifted my head and like a heat seeking missile was locked on her face. All of the sudden time seemed to stop. She was coming through the door and the ringing bells that signal the entrance of new customers seem to also herald her entrance back into my life. Her black hair still worn long though I could see the silver strands that now graced her hair. Still the same soft looking mahogany skin and though I was sitting too far away to see if there were any wrinkles lining that face I used to know better than my own. Her deep brown eyes still glowing when she laughed. Why had I ever let her go? I hadn’t thought about her in so many years and yet one glimpse and my dumb heart forgot its serene dignity acquired with the platina of age and it started to beat like a teenagers’ again. Hoping I had remembered to take my blood pressure pills this morning I couldn’t help but stare.

Out of all the coffee houses I could’ve walked to drink this coffee and I had to walk into this one. Marissa hadn’t wanted to get her hair wet. Claimed that hairstylist god Roberto would have her hide if she got her hair wet after her perm so she dragged me by the hand into this coffee house she claimed served the best coffee west of Manhattan. Marissa was telling me about the latest antics of Sara, her grandchild of two, who thought it was a good idea to stick up marbles up her sleeping brother’s nose when  there he was, sitting in the corner booth, his blond hair falling in disarray on that forehead of his. Glasses now graced those blue eyes of his; funny I didn’t remember his eyes being so blue. He was a famous author now, Alex Cross. I confess I had read his books. He was talented, so talented. I knew it back then and now everyone knew it. I know he had recently gotten divorced. I had read something in the paper, a brief one paragraph article in the entertainment section of the Sunday paper. At the time I thought it was so sad that a whole 20 years of life can be summed up and buried in one paragraph! I mourned for him because more than anything I had always wanted him to be happy, even if it was not with me! I had made my life too, after him. Although at the time I swear I thought the pain would never end but it did in a certain way. It kind of subsided from a sharp stabbing pain to a permanent kind of ache, the kind that hits you when you have broken a bone and it is cold. You don’t know when it will hit but you know it will, sooner or later.

I was a grandma now! Yes, I had been married to a wonderful man that had made me happy, given me a home, and three wonderful children who had their own children now. He was gone now.  Michael´s life cut short by an aggressive form of brain cancer. Three months after diagnosis he was gone. I am glad he didn´t suffer much. He had been a wonderful husband and a doting father, yet can you truly forget your first love? I always felt guilty that I still thought about Alex from time to time. We meet when we were so young. Two snotty-nosed kids fresh out of high school with dreams of changing the world. He was dirt-poor and attending college on a scholarship. I was from a wealthy family but we couldn´t care less; we were so in love. He had always been so focused, driven one might even say. Had even known he had wanted to become a writer back then while I had no clue as to what I wanted to be. I still remember the first time I saw him. He was standing in his jeans and T-shirt with a glass of beer in his hand and he was staring at me. I had been laughing at my roommate Jill’s jokes and had the grace to blush when I saw him staring at me. Jill introduced us and it was, and I know this will sound corny, but it was kind of like of magic; an instant connection, like we had known each other all of our lives. We talked all night and by morning we knew we were in love. I can still remember our whirlwind romance. It seem we couldn’t get enough of each other. That feeling of first love when you feel like anything and everything is possible!

   Adriana, Adriana, why did I ever let you go? I was so poor and so insecure back then. When your father came to see me late that night to convince me to let you go why didn’t I just shut the door in his face and tell him to go to hell? I remember the feeling of utter defeat and loss that came over me as he left. You had been awarded a prestigious internship in England with one of the most famous biochemist in the world but you refused to go because you didn’t want to leave me. You hadn’t even told me about it. You didn’t want me to feel bad, your father explained, because you had turned it down!

“Please”, he pleaded,” you need to let her go so she can have a shot of becoming everything she can be in life. You know how brilliant she is. Are you willing to let her give that up for you? What can you offer her that can substitute that?  She will only resent you later. You know she won’t go if you guys stay together. You know how stubborn she can be! She won’t listen to me! “

Yes, I knew I had to let you go. I couldn’t offer you anything back then. I knew someday I would be able to but that time was not now. I knew that the only way to let you go was to break your heart. So the next day, when you saw me kissing Jane, it was not that you had caught me infraganti. It had been planned. That day I broke both of our hearts though you never knew.

When your eyes caught mine I automatically stood up. You waved and smiled and came to stand in front of the table. I could see now that not even thirty years of time could mar your incredible beauty.


She blushes. Oh my God, how I loved it when she blushed. I still do.

“Hi!” Damn what was wrong with me? Only a miserable hi after waiting for this moment for thirty years?

“It’s been a long time, Alex”

I swear no one could say my name like her. The sound of it on her lips pure adrenaline that always accelerated my heartbeat

“Yes, it has Adriana. It has been too long”

I grabbed the hand she offered and turned it around and brought it to my lips and kissed her delicately on her wrist. She had always loved that. I could feel the subtle smell of her perfume in my nostrils mixed with the wonderful scent of her skin. It brought back the memories of all of those nights we spent naked, wrapped in each other’s arms. Her skin so delicate I could feel her jittery pulse under my lips. She quickly pulled her hand back as if stunned. Yes, it hadn’t only been me who felt the electricity. Maybe this time around things would be different and life would give us a fighting chance. The people who we were back then and who we were now may be different but I knew without a doubt that this time around I would not let her go, not without one hell of a fight!

The Silent Treatment || Michael Clifford

ouch, silent treatment is super rough

Summary: Michael has a crush and you want to know. He won’t tell you so you give him the silent treatment until you do know. 

I M A G I N E 

“Why does it matter, Y/N?” Michael argues as he taps away on his phone. “I just happen to like someone– who cares?”

“I care, I want to know!” You exclaim, looking at him with frustration. Ashton told you that Michael liked someone and you were ever so desperate. Aside from him being your best friend and all, you really liked Michael. Like a lot. You’d rather find out with the possibility of being heart broken or elated. Either possibility was gonna make you shocked though. 

“Oh well, Y/N, just deal with it!” Michael yelled. You looked at Michael, seeing as he wasn’t even looking at you. So you sighed, feeling disappointed and deflated. You felt like he didn’t trust you as much as you thought, and that hurt you. But, you were not going to let him have his way. 

“Alright then,” you say simply. Michael looks up as you stood up straight with a frown. You bring your hand to your face, placing the intersection of your index finger and thumb at the end of your lips. Dragging it across the line of your lips, you squeeze them shut and pretend to throw the zipper to the ground. Michael chuckled as he realized what you were doing: giving him the silent treatment. 

“You’re not gonna last, Y/N,” Michael said, laughing a bit before leaving the room. But you were going to drive him insane with your new state of mute.

It’s been around a week and a half and you’ve been silent to Michael the entire time. He completely wishes to take back his comment on how you wouldn’t last, but there was no point. You were going to show him. The bad part was that you ever so desperately wanted to speak to him, but you couldn’t let him win. What made up for it was his small pleas and gifts to have you speak again and forget the entire situation. 

“Y/N, I’ve brought you a sundae from your favorite ice cream parlor!” Michael called as he entered the room. You keep your face down to your phone, texting your best friend about what was going down every minute you stayed silent to him. You gave him your gaze for a few seconds before allowing it to fall back down to your phone. Michael sighed in annoyance.

He did this every day. Michael would come along with gifts that you potentially like. Rings, food, shirts. And every time he presented it to you as if you were a master, he would beg and plead for you to just say something and drop his crush. But you were stubborn and kept your lips sealed, causing Michael to gradually become crazy. 

One day, though, Michael was off getting you who knows what, so you were able to talk to Ashton as he was over. Luke and Calum were off in the studio, perfecting lyrics and practicing. So Ashton thought visiting you would be a nice break. 

“Still not speaking to Mikey, huh?” Ashton asked, having you nod. He chuckles, shaking his head a bit. “You know you’re driving him insane, right? He really wants you to speak to him again.”

“I’m driving him insane?” You exclaim, sensing a bit of weirdness when speaking. You did still talk to the boys, but it always felt weird considering you were always around Michael and being silent with him. “He’s the one who’s refusing to tell me things! Like his crush, for example!” Ashton turned to you and began to laugh. 

“Wait, you don’t know? How oblivious are you, Y/N?” Ashton responds, still chuckling a bit. You gave him a look of confusion as he weaved his curls back from his face. “Y/N, he hasn’t told you who his crush is because his crush is you.”

“A-are you serious?” You asked in disbelief, looking at Ashton with uncertainty. “But that’s impossible, we’re just best friends. He wouldn’t like his best friend, that’s completely absurd and–”

“Well, believe it or not, he likes his best friend,” Ashton interrupts before standing up from the couch. You watched as he walked away from you and towards the kitchen. “Now the real question is if you like him.”

You silently sat on the couch alone once Ashton left. Its been a couple of hours, allowing you to think about your feelings. Countless times, you used the best friend card in order to justify that Michael can’t like you and you can’t like Michael. You’ve had multiple instances where you just really can’t help but be immensely happy when he’s around. Even his mere touch sent butterflies in your stomach and goosebumps all over your skin. But you always said that you two were best friends and it was nothing. But thinking about what Ashton said, maybe you were… wrong. 

“Y/N, I’m home! And I have some pizza!” Michael exclaims. You flinch, your eyes still wandering in space as Michael came in the living room and dropped the pizza on the coffee table. “I got your favorite topping as well as a lava cake, a large cookie, and some soda. I also bought some mints, I’m not really sure why, but–”

“Michael, do you like me?” You finally spoke, turning to see his astonished face. He was surprised you were talking to him, but the first time that you do is with an overwhelming question. 

“W-well, of course,” Michael says, stuttering a bit. “You’re my best friend, why wouldn’t I like you?”

“No, I mean more than a best friend,” you said with a small, frustrated sigh. “Am I, possibly, your crush?” After a few brief moments, Michael looks down and sighs. 

“Yes…” Michael says sheepishly. “I’m sorry, Y/N. I didn’t tell you because I didn’t think you felt the same way so I didn’t want it to be awkward between us. But now you know, and I really hope we can still be friends after–” You jumped from the couch and instantly placed your lips on his. He was taken aback but quickly melted into the kiss. 

“Stop talking,” you whispered on his lips before giving him another kiss. “I like you, too, okay?” Michael looked into your eyes. His face was glowing once more and happiness filled his body. He goofily smiles at you before pressing his forehead on yours. 

“Finally,” he whispers. 

Road Trip - Michael

Characters: You + Michael

Word Count: 1,577

Summary: You wanted an imagine with a road trip right? *

Music is an essential component to a road trip, but so is the ability to connect and speak with the sound of nothing but other cars passing each other on the highway as the person you love drives smoothly beside you.

Michael’s tattooed arm is pale yet glowing, shining from the sunlight that beams through the dashboard of his car. He grips the steering wheel with one hand and uses the other to scroll through songs on his playlist. When he selects a slow song and turns down the music, he glances over at me for a few seconds, warm emerald eyes glistening with his smile.

“Feels like forever, doesn’t it?”

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pairing: calum x reader

word count: 2,400

another daddy!5sos imagine because reasons idk what do you want from me

actually let me know if you want more of these kinds of imagines bc i love writing them

also imma try and get a michael smut up before i leave tomorrow so yeah…while I’m gone tho ill be inactive which is great

“You’re what?”

Calum looked at you with wide eyes, in complete disbelief of what you had just told him. You had never seen him this surprised before, and finding the news yourself just days before left you with the same feeling of oh fuck.

You sighed, scared to hear Calum not rambling about how happy he is to be a father while hugging you tightly; he remained in front of you, on the other side of the kitchen counter, still unbelieving of your news. “I’m pregnant, Calum.”

His hands covered your face as he let out a frustrated sigh, turning around himself aimlessly. “I cannot fucking believe this.” He said mostly to himself, but the way he sounded disappointed left you scared out of your mind and tears welling up in your eyes. 

“Are you sure you’re actually pregnant? ‘Cause y’know those tests are sometimes wrong.” He said after a moment of shaking his head silently and rubbing his temples. 

Rolling your eyes, you shifted your weight to your other foot, crossing your arms in front of your chest. “Yes, I’m 100% sure.”

“Fucking hell.” He cursed, putting his hands on his hips and shaking his head. “I can’t fucking believe this. How could you be so stupid!” He yelled, now letting his clear anger get the best of him.

“How could I be so stupid?” You asked, shocked that he would put all the blame on you. “It takes two people to get a girl pregnant. That’s one dick and one vagina and you’re the dick that put a fucking baby in me!” 

When you first found out you were with child, you thought Calum would be a little unsure at first, but no where near this mad at you. You thought since the two of you had been in a committed relationship for over a year it wouldn’t be that huge of a deal, since you had talked about your future together on more than one occasion. And your future absolutely had children in it.

Now you thought to yourself how wrong you were.

Now Calum stood, with gritted teeth and his eyebrows furrowed, angrier than ever. “I can’t do this, Y/N.”

“What can’t you do, Cal? Be a man and take responsibility for dumb shit you do?”

“I can’t take care of a fucking baby! I’m still technically a teenager, and I’m going to be a father?!” He shouted.

“How do you think I feel, Calum? I’m still in college and a year younger than you, barely even an adult, and I have a child growing inside of me right now!” You yelled back at him, the fear growing in your chest and the tears threatening to spill at any moment due to the fact that Calum didn’t want the child.

“Then what the hell do you plan on doing?” He questioned.

Do you plan on doing you noted, as in: without Calum. You sighed, running a hand in your hair and trying to calm yourself some. “I guess I’ll just take care of it on my own since you obviously don’t care to father it.” You said. You had never felt more alone in your life, absolutely distraught over the fact that you were going to be a single mom and not even out of college. You bit your bottom lip and turned towards your his bedroom, grabbing a blanket and pillow and coming back to the living area, seeing Calum still standing there, absolutely dumbfounded. “I’ll sleep on the couch tonight and just pack my things in the morning and be out of your hair before you get back from the studio.” You said softly, tossing the things in your arms on the couch, not daring to turn back and face Calum with tear-stained cheeks. 

You heard him reply with a quiet ‘okay’ before you heard his footsteps walk towards his bedroom and shut the door behind him.

The second the door closed, you laid down on the uncomfortable couch and rest your head on the soft pillow. Your mind began to fill with thoughts about the future, and how hard it would be to raise a kid on your own. How judged you would be, and how the tabloids would absolutely eat up the tale of you and Calum: him leaving you over the kid and most likely a hundred different theories behind the story. 

You hated how brief the whole argument was, and how easily you just took what Calum said and how unaffected he seemed with your distress. He didn’t seem remorseful at all for saying he wasn’t going to take care of your child, and that not only shocked you but disappointed you. It made you think if he lied about wanting kids with you, did he lie about other things too? Did he lie about his love for you, or had it just disappeared over the good year you’ve been together? 

All the emotions whirling inside of you finally burst from the terrible thoughts, and you were sobbing. At first you were crying incredibly loud, not aware of your now ex in the other room, trying to sleep. So, you cried into the pillow to try and muffle the noise, but that didn’t deplete how awful you felt. 

“I’m so sorry.” You quietly sobbed, lying on your back and wiping your eyes, trying to collect yourself some. You weren’t talking to Calum, that’s for sure, but instead the baby inside of you. “I’m so sorry you won’t have a daddy, but there’s nothing I can do, baby.” You whispered, shutting your eyes tightly to try and prevent anymore tears from falling down your cheeks. “But one thing’s for sure,” You said, nodding your head for clarification. “I love you more than anything.”

from Calum Hood: hey Y/N. i know we haven’t spoken in a while but i was hoping we could meet up and chat for a bit? i need to make things right.

It’s been close to a month since you’ve left Calum; rather, he didn’t want you or the baby anymore, so you were doing him a favor by removing yourself from his life entirely. News of you being pregnant hadn’t gotten out yet, and you prayed it didn’t. You were just known as the girl who Calum used to date, but the story behind your breakup only went as far as rumors, and you wanted it to stay that way. 

But him sending you a text at this random of a time (it was a Tuesday, like who the fuck even does stuff on a Tuesday) really caught you off guard. Part of you wanted to just ignore him entirely, like you had gotten used to over the past month. The other part of you, though, wanted to work things out with Calum. You didn’t want to be alone through this time in your life, and Calum being by your side would make things so much better. Things would be back to normal with him in your life to support you, and you two could live the future you talked about.

That’s assuming he still wanted a future with you.

Needless to say, the part of you that wanted to see Calum again brought you to the coffee shop on the corner of the street, finding a table in the back corner of the shop and scrolling through Twitter waiting for Calum to show. And he did, bringing Dave along with him. 

Dave waited at the front of the shop to control the few girls that followed him here, and Calum spotted you immediately. His face lit up when he saw you, as you just softly smiled at him, watching as he walked over to you.

“Hey.” He said quietly as he took a seat in front of you.

“Hi.” You merely replied, finding it more awkward than you thought to make eye contact with him.

He let out a brief sigh before resting his elbows on the table, indicating he meant business. “I want to be in the kid’s life–sorry, our kid’s life.”

You studied his face, how tired he looked and how his hair rest in curly ringlets on his forehead. Before you spoke, you leaned back in your chair, resting your hands in your lap and glancing down at them, looking at the finger that usually has a simple ring Calum had given you on your one year anniversary adorning it, but was now bare. You had taken it off the morning you packed your things and moved out to live with a friend close by. Not once did you think about putting it back on, but after seeing Calum again, you wanted it back in it’s original place.

“Are you sure?” You made up your mind to ask.

He nodded. “I’ve never been more sure of anything in my entire life.”

“You do realize that this means you’re going to most likely need to spend a little more time away from the band to help take care of him.” You told him, making everything he needed to know known to him now so he didn’t leave you in the future, realizing this was a mistake. “This is a big responsibility, Calum.”

“I’m fully aware of that, Y/N. And I’ve thought over this past month, a lot. I’ve talked things through with the guys asking their input on the situation, I’ve cried a few times for hating myself, and I’ve made up my mind. I want to be a father to this kid, and be the best goddamn father ever.”

Hearing Calum say these things brought a smile to your face, but you partially held it back from stretching to both of your ears; no, you couldn’t give in this easily. “You’re sure you’re sure?”

“Of course.”

“Really really sure?”

“Yes, I’m sure Y/N.”

“You’re failing the final test, Calum.”

He rolled his eyes at you, who was completely straight-faced. “Come on, Y/N, what more do you want from me? I know I was an asshole and was being selfish when you first told me, and now I’ve come back to you to say I want to be in our child’s life. It’s because I love you that much to be the desperate one, I love you both so much more than you think. I was so fucking wrong, Y/N. And I didn’t realize it at first because I’m a dumbass, but I know what I want now. And that’s having a family with you, and only you.”

You allowed yourself to smile brightly this time, leaning your elbows on the table in front of you. “That’s what I wanted to hear.”

Calum leaned forward and brought his hands to cup your face, connecting your lips for a brief second before he pulled away. “Our baby’s going to be cute because of me.”

Rolling your eyes playfully, you laughed. “And he or she’s going to be the kindest person ever because of me.”

“Fair enough.”

“One last push…” 

The doctor urged you on, but you were exhausted. You felt like you had no strength left in you, but somehow, you managed to deliver your baby smoothly, and it only took 6 hours.

Once you heard the first cry of your baby girl, you couldn’t help but break down into tears, falling into Calum’s shoulder and staining his shirt with your tears. 

Calum rubbed your shoulder soothingly, whispering sweet ‘you did amazing, sweetheart’s and ‘I love you so much’s. No more than 2 minutes later and a doctor walked up to the two of you, handing you your child wrapped in a lilac colored blanket. Just at the sight of how beautiful she was, you brought your hands up to your mouth in awe, amazed that a human literally had grown inside of you for 9 months and was now born, a living and breathing child. You held your hands out, taking the baby from the doctor and holding her in your arm.

“Hi, babygirl.” You cooed, kissing your daughter’s forehead gently. “I’m your mommy.”

“And I’m your daddy.” Calum chimed in, bringing his hand to gingerly stroke your girl’s cheek. “And I love you very much.” 

Once the two of you were allowed to see visitors, the first bunch to find their way into your room was–of course–the band. Ashton made little Sophia (what you had decided to name your daughter) cry uncontrollably, so their visit was cut short. Both of your parents came and fell in love with Sophia, but the day came to an end when the doctor said you needed to rest and all visitors had to leave.

Calum stayed though, and sat in the chair next from you cradling Sophia. He could not move his eyes from her; it was like he was lost in her–infatuated with her, even. You watched him intently, your eyelids becoming heavy. 

“I was so wrong.” 

His voice woke you up some, causing you to blink your eyes a few times and try to keep them open, which was a struggle since you were so exhausted. 

“I was so fucking wrong, Y/N.” He said again, looking up at you. “She is the best thing that has ever happened to me.”

You smiled softly at him. “I’m glad, Calum. She’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me, as well.”

“I’m so sorry for being such an asshole.” 

“Calum you don’t have to apologize anymore.”

“No, I have to.”

“You’ve done it quite enough.”

“But that’s because I feel so terrible for even thinking about now having her in my life.” He said, looking back down at the sleeping angel in his arms. “She’s my flesh and blood, Y/N, and I was telling you I couldn’t be in her life? I was going to leave you, the fucking love of my life, with my own daughter. And somehow I thought that would be best for me. I’m an idiot.”

You sighed, hating that Calum brought up the past which clearly disturbed him. “Calum, everything is okay now. You’re here, and she’s here, and everything is okay. You don’t need to bring up your stupidity from the past, it’s gone and over with. What matters now is that you’re here.”

“And I’m not going anywhere.” He said, looking up at you and placing a chaste kiss to your lips. 

You and Me

Request: Something along the lines of Chris and the reader being costars/best friends, and they’re doing an interview together when they are asked about their celebrity crushes. The reader says Chris, and he spends the rest of the time figuring out if she was being serious or not.

In a matter of speaking, you didn’t luck out with who the studio casted to be your costar. You couldn’t have asked for a better one, honestly. The movie called for two leads with real, genuine chemistry. The leads had to know what was going on in the other’s head at any moment. And who better to cast than a pair of best friends?

You and Chris had always wanted to work on a movie together. And, while you always figured it’d be an action movie, when Chris showed you this script that was a romantic comedy, it was perfect.

The story goes that a woman and a man had been friends all their lives. He was a bartender; she was a writer. As any true romance would have it, the pair love each other, but think that their love is unrequited. When Rory (your character) gets into a relationship with a guy, and Henry (Chris’s character) doesn’t think much of it. Well, some things happen, and, in true romantic movie fashion, the pair have kissed and now there’s all this tension that has to be resolved somehow.

And that is as much of the story that you and Chris are allowed to tell on the press tour. The two of you have been to a handful of interviews, and you were now starting the leg of talk shows. Your tour began with the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. In all circumstances, you could hardly believe how lucky you were, getting to travel around with your best friend. And in some circumstances, you couldn’t believe how unlucky you were, because, during and after filming, you realized that you had actual, genuine feelings for Chris.

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Silent Scream

Pairing: Sam x Reader, Dean x Reader, a little bit of Lucifer!Sam x Reader

Characters: Sam, Dean, Lucifer, Castiel, Bobby, Reader

Written: i4z-0892-imagines

Word count: 1,496

Warnings: Abuse, Swearing, Mild gore

A/N:  Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7

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In An Instant (Ashton Irwin) - Part 1

i don’t know if missing persons/kidnapping is a trigger, but now you can’t say i didn’t warn you.


“Just got a case, guys,” Ashton announced as he walked out of his office and over to his team. They all gathered around the television screen as their boss pulled up a photo. “19-year-old Katie Y/L/N was last seen walking down Washington Street sometime yesterday afternoon,” Ashton briefed them on the situation, “Reported missing two hours ago by her mother when she didn’t return home.”

“Why didn’t she call it in last night?” Luke asked.

“She was supposed to be staying the night at a friend’s house. When she didn’t come home, her mother called her friend to find out she never showed up there either, and that’s when she contacted us.”

“She contacted us directly?” Calum piped up, “Why didn’t she go to local police first?”

“Wait, you said Katie Y/L/N?” Michael furrowed his eyebrows, “Isn’t that-”

“Y/N’s younger sister,” Ashton stated, making the other three men’s eyes widen.

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