can we tag non serious posts in here

cool things to tell u today guys:

-i got my graphics card to work and im fuckin losing it bc everything is so pretty. example: overwatch now on ultra, im trying some other games:

-i love food very much, not just eating it, also seeing it! remember i have a food blog if u wanna follow where i post (non tagged) food @yummy-n-tasty

-i love isauro very much, a long time without saying it but its still here after a year and two months aright?

-i added little thingies to my about, byf, and kin page (u can figure out which new kin i have, right???)

-I HAVE TOO MUCH WORK!!! but im happy. Dimlands didnt get chosen for the PSTalents finalists, but we’re now visiting Fun & Serious at Bilbao, its gonna be crazy, we’ll be from the 8th to 10th, so if ure around, don’t doubt on visiting us!

-and if u wanna know more about dimlands, we have a twitter now @DimlandsGame
Submit your trans feminine, non-binary selfies!

We have a serious lack of trans feminine, non-binary people of color here at nbselfielove.  I’m hoping to get the word out that we would love submissions from more trans feminine folks.  So please share this if you think any of your followers would be interested!

We love submissions, or you can tag posts with #nbselfielove, and you can submit links to your posts if you like too!