can we stop with this whitewashing bullshit


This post is for Asian Americans (south and east) and Allies. I am done with this ongoing systematic racism against our communities. It really is time to fight back and educate those who don’t seem to know better. Right now we need to be so loud that they can’t just ignore us. In a month where we see white woman taking on Asian roles and a white man, Max Landis, telling us that we shouldn’t be mad at anyone but the system, we need to call bullshit. How ironic to say that it is the “system” that causes whitewashing when these same white people are the ones making that system.

These Hollywood people who think nothing of erasing our very presence will at the same time court our wallets greedily. This needs to stop. We and our allies should in no way support any film that whitewashes out our representation. If Hollywood can’t find actors to represent us, then they shouldn’t make these films at all. There are already plenty of opportunities for white actors to make films. Whitewashing the few that are actually FOR us is like the greedy kid that eats all the cake and stomps on anything remaining so no one else can have any. And it always feels like we are the ones stomped on. It is so bad that even as Chris Rock beautifully sums up #OscarsSoWhite, he throws Asians in the sewer by using our kids to make a racist joke. AND PEOPLE DEFEND HIM! Why? Because they think it’s okay to be racist toward Asians. Well it’s NOT OKAY!!

After this awful month of Doctor Strange’s Tilda Swinton’s baldness as Asian, and Ghost in the Shell’s disgusting attempts at making white actors look more Asian, Constance Wu and Ming Na Wen are urging our communities to protest. Many of us have been doing this, but it is not enough. We need to unite our voices together and across all platforms! Back in December, I was bullied and harassed off of twitter. I deleted my account for my mental health solely because I was going through too much personal issues during that time. But now I regret it. It perpetuates the belief that it is easy to bully the Asian woman. Well now I’m back on twitter @elloellenoh - but I don’t have the reach I had before. That’s why we all need to work together collectively if we are going to make some serious noise. Who’s with me?

 #TheAAPIrevolution #AngryAsianNation – if you can think of better hashtags leave them in the notes.