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I can not stress enough how disrespectful this is.

I didn’t even write it and I’m embarrassed that someone in our fandom did this.

I get it, Yuzuru is an adorable cinnamon roll and to the yoi fans, like a real life yuuri. But he’s NOT Yuuri. The similarities stop at being a japanese skater and having a plush tissue box (seriously that’s it).

Yuzuru is a FOUR TIME GOLD MEDALIST, and just won gold again. He’s a clean, professional skater, and while i love Yuuri, comparing Yuzuru to Yuuri who, while being a great skater, placed last at the last gpf, and may possibly not win this one, is wrong and disrespectful. You might as well be comparing Yuuri to Victor when it comes to skating talent, and we all know Victor is ten times better.

Fans of Yuzuru are lashing out at the yoi fanbase because of this, and i cant apologize enough to them because someone in our fandom thought this was a good idea.

Thanks to the idiot who did this, because now the real skating fan community hates us. 😰😤😠😡.

Please, go watch Yuzuru skate, and you will understand why it is important that you dont compare the two. As a hardcore yoi fan myself, i found that disturbing.

I hope our fandom doesn’t start doing that to other skaters. 😓i get how fans like yuzuru bc of yoi, hell i found an interest in iceskating period bc of the show, and the show did draw my eye to him, but they’re not the same.

God why cant ppl just like both without having to do this?

-Rant over

Edit: i see that the page is back to normal thank goodness. As for ppl saying that I’m overreacting, am i really? I follow many of Yuzuru’s pages and all of them expressed nothing but hate not only towards the person responsible, but the yoi fanbase as a whole, and even the show itself. “Yoi is disgusting leave yuzuru alone” “i hate that show for doing this to Yuzuru” “anime fans have gone too far” “i knew that these two communities could not mix”….i have a screencap of someone saying that last one and it hurts my heart so badly because yuri on ice is such a flawless piece of work and so far we’ve done nothing but love eachothers communities. But they feel like yoi fans are being rude, disrespectful, and going too far because of this and that upsets me because the community we should be respecting the most is the real life community, the one with real ppl, not the one with imaginary ppl, no matter if we love one more than the other. I’d like the yoi community to keep good face as a welcoming community that’s respectful. If you dont see whats wrong here, you’re part of the problem.
About the Mila crush thing...

What saddens me about this fandom is that people don’t even want to consider the idea of Yurio and Otabek being just friends. A solid friendship based on mutual trust and understanding is just as important as a romantic relationship. If Kubo and Director Yamamoto will make them canon in the future, I support it even though I don’t really ship them. Scrolling through the yoi tag makes me realize how underrated friendship is. Romantic relationships can come and go as we mature but true friendships last forever. Also, there’s nothing wrong with straight couples being shown in YOI, I’ve seen posts about straights being called out for being heteronormative, and that they should go watch something else. Please don’t be so rude. The same people who would like the idea of Mila and Otabek being a couple most probably adore Victuuri. No one is trying to force their heteronormative beliefs on anyone. Stop being so negative. Let’s respect the creators of YOI. Also, Mila seems to know a lot of things about Yurio. If Yurio really thinks more of Otabek than just a friend, rest assured she won’t get in between them. She’s a sweet character not some backstabbing bitch.

Help my wife keeps wanting to take “ten minute breaks” from the work we each have but she’s so damn adorable that these ALWAYS turn into two hour breaks because we can’t stop talking and giggling and kissing!


can we just talk about how adorable this scene is it’s like you see viktor goin in to hug him, it almost looks like he’s going to body slam yuri down (because he is oh-so capable of doing that we know now) but nope, he just gracefully stops in yuri’s arms and has the cutest face ever and is holding the back of yuri’s head so protectively and caringly uGH just kilL ME ALREADY

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Hey what video is that gif from (bottom right corner) of the recent christen summary you posted when she's staring longingly at tobin?

ANOTHER GREAT MOMENT (and sorry for getting emotional because this was the first thing I ever posted on sugarfile almost exactly 1 year ago 😭😭😭iloveyouguys)

but anyways it’s from the gals first victory tour game against costa rica, during half time christen totally zones out while watching tobs [#daydreaming about the bae]:

can we just agree that Christen giving Tobin lowkey heart eyes is like the most disgustingly adorable thing to ever exist like….


Some aromantics are cold and seem heartless.

Some aromantics are most fluffy and full of hugs and compassion.

Some aromantics are somewhere in between. Some warm up to people slowly, some adore everyone they meet, some are not so easy to define.

Some asexuals are childish and clueless about sex.

Some asexuals have sex.

Some asexuals don’t have sex, but are not disgusted by it and have no problem talking about it.

Some asexuals can’t even think about it.

My problem with “stop headcanoning *insert a characteristic here* characters as aro/ace, we’re not like that” posts is that hey, maybe you’re not. Certainly not all of us are. But probably there are some of us, who actually are exactly like that.

We don’t need to police which types of characters can be headcanoned as aro/ace. We need to create enough variety of such characters that people understand we don’t fall into one single type and are all quite different, actually.

That is all.


“We are one with the iris”

finally i finish this, i was all day with this two :’D i just adore i drew them,it just so adorable! 

Shima haves one of Zenyatta Orbs and Zenyatta has a Lotus that represents Shima. they can be gar away but they will have something to remember each one of them,they will never stop loving each other.


this is honestly my favourite episode right now and after watching it for the millionth time, i submit my thesis :

  • okay, can we talk about guang-hong ji, first?  he is chinese and 17 and soooooo adORABLE! like, he’s just so cute and i absolutely adore him. his short program was amazing! he’s such a cute little cinnamon roll :D
  • next, leo de la iglesia! oh my god i love him too, all these beautiful characters, y’know. so he’s american  and honestly i appreciate the creators for not putting in some stereotypical white person, especially at a time like this (post election). i ship him with guang-hong ji okay, like how can you not? i feel like their relationship is already very cute, much like victuri from the old days tbh
  • phichit chulanont! phichit-kun has met all of my expectations (and more)… he’s so sweet and like i honestly think we have a squad here : minami kenjiro, phichit, guang hong and leo = the cinnamon rolls squad ™ ! or it could be the victuri shipper squad bc oh my , do all of them ship it
  • georgi popovich, holy mother of geese, i was practically crying at his performance.. the makeup oh my lord and our little yurio’s reaction was priceless lmao, but still he’s definitely a contender, being 2nd and i really want to know more about that woman who caused him to become the evil witch and whatnot, thinking over it, i’d like to see her skating as we haven’t  seen any female skate till now
  • chris, chris, chris! dear lord, christophe giacometti… i am not sure if i should laugh or feel mildly disgusted.. holy spokes he is something, isn’t he? well i have a feeling that the reason why yuri wanted to ‘be the man who stole victor from the world’ was partly bc chris told him very straightforwardly that he should leave victor, so idk i mean i don’t really think he’s getting between victor and yuri rn (well as if he could; victor being the clingiest boyfriend on the planet) but who knows … he came 6th but as victor said he likes to take it slow so yeah, he is a contender 
  • okay now that all the new amazing characters have been talked about, lets talk about the clingy boyfriend coach we have here
  • victor nikiforov, ladies and gentlemen, is the most supportive bean i’ve ever seen.. like his reactions at yuri’s performance were so full of pure joy and he looks so in love! i love the fact that basically in all of the times yuri was with him, his arm was around him, he’s so protective oh my god, like how does victuri get more real every passing episode?? oh and drunk!victor… god bless isn’t that like what most fanfictions are based on? this anime will be the dea th of all of us i’m telling you 
  • and finally *drumroll* yuri “laNDED THAT QUADRUPLE SALCHOW” katsuki, everyone. he did it, guys. he actually mastered eros and this was by far the best performance; he didn’t have to imagine the story of the woman and the playboy or even katsudon to capture the emotion because this time, he had victor. the lip-licking think omf shook me up and “i am the only one who can satisfy victor. i am the only one in the whole world who knows victor’s love.” like if this isn’t canon, i don’t know what is, gods of olympus i’ll be dead when this is finally over 


Looking up, you see your boyfriend leaning against a tree across the creek, helmet laying on the ground as he twirls Riptide lazily in his hand. “Hey, kelp head.”

“You coming over?”


He grins, stepping into the water. “We both know that’s not going to happen.”

Smiling, you tsk playfully as you step to the edge of the creek. “It’s adorable that you think you can stop me.”

He smirks, before raising an arm, making a wall of water rush toward you. You duck behind a tree just in time, feeling the water wet your arms as you concentrate on the clouds above you.

You silently thank your father for letting camp have clouds tonight.

Eyes opening, you reach to the side with electric fingers and touch the water, watching the electricity spike through the water toward your boyfriend. Peeking around your tree, you see him fall onto shore, shaking from the small shock you gave him.

Grinning, you waltz over and kiss his cheek before walking across the border to the flag.

Okay, but the scene in Jody’s house with the pizza and the Netflix… I can’t have been the only one who just couldn’t keep their eyes off of Sam’s loose, relaxed moosey self all sprawled over that couch. He looked like he’d kinda just melted into that position like an ice cream cone in direct sunlight. And his little cheeky grins, and the little jibes about Dean’s hentai thing, and his dimples… just his face in general. He looked so pure and content and happy and I loved every last bit of him in that scene.

I haven’t been able to stop thinking about that and the way Sam and Dean just popped up at Jody’s door all smiles and stink because they were fresh from a hunt like “we’re adorable and smelly and hungry please let us in so we can eat all your food and watch your Netflix”. I definitely couldn’t have said no to those faces.

My lil pure smol beans.

Guys. Guys. The Holmes siblings.

Why isn’t anyone talking about the sibling interaction we got? Could the fandom stop being toxic for two seconds and enjoy the good things we got? Forget Johnlock and Sherlolly and let’s focus on these adorable babies.

First of all, can you believe how good of a brother Mycroft is? Can you believe he did so much for his younger siblings? He took everything upon himself to protect Sherlock and Eurus. He might not have always taken the right course of action, but he tried. He lied to be kind. Did you see the fondness in his eyes when the home videos came up during his movie at the beginning? He sent those presents to Eurus. He obviously still cared. And how he tried to make it easier for Sherlock to shoot him… That was the sweetest thing. It shows how he would do anything for his little brother. Most people would try to give reasons why they should be the one to live, but Mycroft straight up offered himself. Owned that if someone had to die it had to be him. He is a wonderful big brother.

Sherlock, there at the end? How he cared for Eurus? Did you hear the empathy in his voice? Did you see him desperately try to reach out to his little sister? Even after all she put him through, after all she did, she’s still his sister, and he still cares for her. He couldn’t shoot Mycroft. He was more willing to kill himself than his brother or best friend. You can see through the whole episode how he cared about them so much. “Look after him. He’s not nearly as strong as he thinks he is.” Sherlock Holmes is not a machine.

And Eurus. There isn’t a lot you can say for her. She did some pretty messed up things. But…She wanted love. That was her goal. She definitely had a psychopathic way of trying to get it, but that’s what she wanted. She wanted attention. Everything she did was a hurt child crying for someone to notice her. She might not be sibling of the year, but there definitely is more to her than meets the eye, and I can’t wait to know more about her.

In the end, this episode was great, as far as character interaction and the way the actors portrayed it. You can say what you want about the plot or nitpick at little details, but I think that this episode was wonderful, because it showed so much of who these people actually are.


This is one of the things I take from 2016, the fact that Castle and Beckett defied the odds, everything that was against them and survived, became parents and created a beautiful family of their own, with three adorable munchkins. It stopped being wishful thinking or babysitting other kids, that “wanna have a baby?” became real. And Beckett, who went from “not being a baby person”, from something that freaked her out, that she thought wouldn’t get, to a loving mommy, a role embraced happily, as we can see here. 

Happy New year! Hope 2017 to be a good one.

Things we just learned from the new Overwatch comic

- Tracer is sapphic
- Reinhardt adores children and they adore him
- Tracer has a lovely girlfriend 
- Widowmaker definitely doesn’t regret the death of her husband, as you can tell by her leaving flowers on his grave every year
- Tracer is in a healthy domestic relationship in which her girlfriend cooks and there’s a charging station for her accelerator.
- McCree and Sombra drink together or just ended up in the same bar.
- Tracer cannot stop fighting crime even before Overwatch is brought back and even while she’s getting gifts for her girlfriend
- Reaper spends the holidays following around what I assume is his family.
- Did I mention Tracer is gay?

Things I noticed in my 2nd viewing of Sing

Edit! I added a few more things

The details on Johnny’s leather jacket, and also Buster’s fur

Lance and Ash hold hands while waiting for the train

Rosita standing next to Mike as he talks to the camera, obviously very uncomfortable

When Mike auditions he says “Okay, here we go” more to himself than Moon, probably to reassure himself

When Ash and Lance are in their apartment, Ash is cleaning up laid around chips and empty soda cans on instinct, I assume she cleans up after Lance a lot

Just Mike’s flirting animation is perfect

When the guard ape literally puts his foot down to stop Mike from entering the club, Mike sticks out his hand to try and reach out for Diana. His little “waits!” are too adorable

All of Eddie’s expressions are animated perfectly

When Meena first enters the theater you can see Rosita actually trying out Gunter’s warm up, already showing her growing flexibility around others

Johnny causes the car crash that made him late to the meet up spot

Why the gang didn’t just go back in the sewer I will never know

The little moments when it’s clear that Buster misses his dad just, so much. They’re really heartbreaking

When Mike shows up in his new car and jumps down to Diana, she’s actually really giggly at first and it’s adorable

When the bear picks up Mike, Diana looks really scared

When Johnny first leaves the theater to see his dad, Gunter and Rosita are chatting while she hold Casper, and Ms. Crawly offers Ash a muffin

Buster did not give Mike a song suggestion sheet

When Jonny goes to steal the ‘money’ and he looks at the papers, Mike’s has something along the lines of “best____” I wonder what it was

Moon and Meena preparing for the glass tank is adorable

Mike’s little nicknames for his girl, mostly “sweetheart” and “honey”

When the bears burst in with Mike, and Buster refuses to open the chest, he stands his ground until the bear holds the choking Mike up to him, only then does he back up

Mike’s little “no, no, no, no, no!” as he gets sucked down into the sewer

Johnny shielding Ash/Ash holding onto Johnny’s arm as the theater crumbles

Someone in the theater went “oh no” softy as Buster started crying

Everyone was so excited to still do the show, they didn’t care about the prize money anymore, they just wanted to sing

When they rebuild the theater, Rosita is the one leading the construction, which makes me think what she wanted to do before she settled down with Norman. She’s obviously good with machines

Rosita’s warm smile towards Norman as he tries to settle down the kids, she knows he’s trying so hard and that’s lovely

During Rosita and Gunter’s performance, Norman was already smiling before the remix part

The grown guy two seats from me going “oh” as Rosita changed behind the fridge, and then “OH!” when she came out in her outfit

When the other animals are laughing at Mike, you can tell he’s super insecure about that (maybe he’s had people doubt and laugh at him before???)

Buster being swarmed by piglets

When Norman and Rosita kiss, they’re still kissing as the curtain closes and their just kinda have their arms wrapped around each other and it’s adorable

Johnny standing up in his performance

When Ash was getting ready my mom leaned over to me and whispered “she kinda like you.” and honestly that made me smile

Ash knowing she doesn’t need her guitar plugged in to sing

In Mike’s performance, when he sings “To say the things he truly feels” the camera goes to Diana and honestly that’s a nice little touch

When Mike gets in his car with Diana he buckles himself in (safety first kids)

During Meena’s performance, Ash plays on an air guitar

Mike. Wasn’t. At. The. Grand. Reopening!

All in all I still loved the movie

But they’re one thing I do realize, no matter how many times I will watch the movie


Imagine falling asleep in the Impala with Sam

A/N: I’m currently stuck in a long as can be traffic jame with my sister, brother in law, & 2 nieces. My nieces inspired this with their adorableness. This is also my first time writing on my phone so my bad if the layout is whack.

Dean’s age-18

Sam’s age-14

Reader’s age-Younger than Sam 

“Dad, how much longer until we stop, I’m sleepy.” You asked your dad while rubbing your eyes. You were sitting in the back of the impala next to Sam while Dean sat shotgun as your dad drove. You’d been stuck in the car all day driving from New York to Bobby’s place in South Dakota. Dad had promised to stop for a real bed tonight but since it was 1 AM you had a feeling you wouldn’t be stopping.

“Sorry kiddo but I wanna be able to get to Bobby’s by tomorrow night. That means we’ll be driving all night.” John responded.

You let out a sigh and lightly banged your head on the window, “But Dad,” you whined, “You said we’d stop at a hotel for a real bed tonight.”

“I know I did but we’re making good time.” Your father responded.

“Yeah but you promised!” You said right back to him.

“Y/N,” Dean said in an authoritative voice, “You heard dad, knock it off.”

“I’m not talking to you Dean.” You sassed back.

“Knock it off Y/N, just go to sleep.” Dad told you.

“But I can’t get comfortable!” You once more whined.

“Come here Y/N.” Sam softly said to you while lightly grabbing you. He pulled you down so you were laying your head on his lap and your feet were curled up on the backseat. Sam started to scratch your head which, along with the hum of the impala lolled you to sleep.

Fifteen minutes later and not a single peep had been made from the backseat; it peaked Dean’s interest. He turned around and the sight of you asleep on Sam, Sam’s arm protectively around you melted Dean’s heart. He grabbed his jacket and lightly draped it on top of you. You readjusted yourself and grabbed onto Dean’s jacket, inhaling the scent before falling back into a peaceful sleep.

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