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Can we start a petition for "baby bun" to be the gender neutral version of baby girl/baby boy? It's adorable. My friend called me that the other day (I'm non-binary) and I just fjdlsjdkfk they are so pure I love them.



((There is a lot of hate going on around. both on tumblr and irl. did I spread hate without realizing it? I don’t know.
what I do know is:
we can’t achieve world peace, we all know that, unfortunately.
we can’t stop horrible things from happening, especially if they are far far from us.
-we can protest anyway we can. on the streets, signing petitions, making art about it, writing books.
-we can start seeing people as equal regardless to their race, religion, sexuality. as Elie Wiesel said ‘NO HUMAN RACE IS SUPERIOR […] ALL COLLECTIVE JUDGMENTS ARE WRONG. ONLY RACISTS MAKE THEM.’ 
-we can spread positivity ourselves. because what’s better than fight hate/negativity with love/positivity? 
-we can stop sending hate to everyone. because let’s be real. even if that person is wrong, you really think they are going to change their mind after an anon?
BUT that doesn’t mean
-we should stay silent about what’s going on especially in real life.
- to me, and to other writers I am sure, exploring history is important. For those that don’t understand history are doomed to repeat it.

Shawols…PLEASE…if you have an insta…can i ask you to keep leaving msg on his recent selca of love and hearts so he knows we love him…there are some ppl starting a petition to “kick onew out of shinee” ..which we know would never happen and honestly this is SO DUMB they are even trying this..some haters are actually spending their time gathering ppl and they have a few thousand joined already, to make SHINee 4 without Onew…if you are doing this to onew you are NOT A SHAWOL….please let the msg’s of love for him overwhelm the hate msg’s on his insta…its not that im afraid about what would happen because they will have no effect on their final goal…just an effect on him personally if he found out about this ..PLEASE SIGNAL BOOST

concept: dan howell wearing common culture
Petition · netflix: Continue Girl Meets World on another network. ·

The primary petition asking another service to pick up GMW is at 13,010 signatures as I post this. That’s roughly 2500 signatures per day since we started this thing! It may seem like a drop in the bucket, but that’s actually really great velocity for a petition like this one. Let’s try to keep it up as long as we can.

The petition specifically asking Disney Channel to sell the rights is lagging though, so please don’t forget to share that one too:

I am STILL in my feelings Danny Rand and Misty Knight won’t be OTP in Netflix Marvel series. I don’t need it in Iron Fist but dammit it better be in Luke Cage 2!!! They are seriously one of the only longterm interracial couples in the MCU.

I love me so Colleen Wing too but damn! I don’t want to go down the side streets I want to get to the main event.

Can we start a petition to get a spin off series about Percival Graves and what he becomes in the Grindelwald aftermath? Two seasons of Graves getting rescued, healing, dealing with PTSD, trying to get back to work, wanting revenge on Grindelwald, meeting Newt and Jacob and all the others, meeting Credence again as himself, accompanying them on their travels… 

Can you believe we even got here? After the disaster of a movie, the skepticism when the show was first announced, the hate all the actors and the show endured. That damn petition someone started to try and get the show cancelled?? CC’s bitterness about the show being successful. The complaints that they changed too much, the acting was bad, the script was bad, the effects were bad. Here we are guys! Season 2! I’m honestly so proud of Shadowhunters, both the show itself and the fandom.