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Pitch was diverse, had a black female lead, addressed topics like rape, feminism, and mental health. It had healthy relationship dynamics. It had SEVERAL great, complex, female characters with agency and narrative. It had good writing and excellent acting. ALL THAT AND IT WAS JUST GETTING STARTED. But it had no following.

Pitch being cancelled should shut down every argument against the prevalence of fandom racism, white feminism and racial bias in entertainment. There is no way in HELL this show should have failed. It had EVERYTHING going for it - EVERYTHING! It just comes back to race, like everydamnthing. If Ginny had been played by a pretty white girl she’d have been everywhere. She’d be the most talked about thing on tumblr with the exact same storylines, personality, love interests and backstory.

It’s hard to imagine there’s ever gonna be another show/film about the first female in major league baseball, but if there is, chances are she’ll be white and watch what happens….

Tumblr can’t be responsible for a show’s failure, it’s not that powerful. But the site at least can start a conversation or a movement. Pitch would’ve gotten cancelled with or without being hot shit on tumblr. BUT if tumblr gave a damn, there could’ve at least been a little fight for it. Petitions, hashtags, anything…something to show it had an audience. Maybe caught the interest of other networks.

I’ve seen what the White Feminists of Tumblr can do when it comes to fighting for a character they think “deserved better ”. Y'all know how to get your discourse to the right people -in a shockingly organized manner.

Well, Ginny Baker deserved better, too. We deserved Ginny Baker. And there’s no “crew ” or “defense squad ” to be seen.

Professor Layton fandom classics

-Professor Layton: The musical
-What is Layton 7??
-When are we going to have it???
-Wait nvmd we don’t want Layton 7
-“Angela can imitate a man’s voice really good“
-Hershel Layton the reckless youth™
-Okay but? How about we start the 45789th petition for a sequel and shove it into level 5’s face
-Flora is the queen and Emmy can kick my face if she wants
-“I find that odd. Isn’t that odd? Doland, do you find that odd?“
-Adopted??? Adopted. Biological. ????!!! Adoptical???? BioloctED????!!!!!
-Luke getting his birth town wrong
-“what an ugly little man you are“
-everyone: *raises hand to nintendo©* Curse you, level 5
-level 5: New game has female lead
-everyone: nvmd let me just un-curse you
-The confession blog, source of all the drama we went through
-“Is Descole gay or european?“
-You need to drop a sick beat if you want to save them
-Descole Moodboard
-(Just pictures of Descole screaming)
-*takes a photo of something that has “Ambrosia“ in the name* AMBROSIA SHALL RISE AGAIN

Two More Hours

This is just a sort of one shot thing I’ve been coming up with lately based on the Loverboy AU by @kawaiilo-ren

I hope it’s okay and I didn’t screw this up too much! Sorry if it isn’t very good! I’ve never really written anything for someone else’s AU before! >.<


Two more hours.

Two more hours, and I could go home.

Well, perhaps not home, exactly, but home enough. A safe place, with Beka and JJ.

Two more hours.

But my boys were probably just getting home from school. I wanted to be there, welcoming them as they walked in the front door, to tackle them, and tell them how much I’d missed them, and…

“Yo, blondie! Where’s my coffee?” The man next to me shouted.

I turned on him, gritting my teeth. “Don’t call me blondie!” I shouted at him. “I have a name!” I pointed to the name tag attached to my shirt right over my heart. Engraved in small block letters were four letters: Y, U, R, and I. I had always thought Yuri was an easy enough name to pronounce. Maybe I had always been wrong.

“Yuri, don’t yell at the customers.” Mila chided as she passed by me, a large platter of food balanced precariously on the fingertips of one hand.

I put on the best smile I could as I retrieved the coffee pot, and poured my customer a mug. “And what would you like to eat?”

He ordered a BLT, and I put his order in with Georgi in the kitchen. I hid in the corner to check my phone, as I technically wasn’t supposed to have my phone on me during my shift. My heart sank when there were no new messages from either Otabek or JJ. Beka, especially, usually texted me at the end of their school day, telling me how excited he was to see me, whether I was working or not.

I sighed, sliding my phone back into the waistband of my pants before serving another table I’d taken orders for. I was hoping for a better tip from them than the man I’d snapped at. I didn’t expect him to be overly generous with his tip, if he tipped at all.

As I went to bus a newly empty table, the bell on the front door jingled. Two men entered, both sporting the same black undercuts. They both talked to and laughed with Mila before she seated them. She stumbled toward me, caught up in a fit of giggles.

“Yuri, your undercuts are waiting for you in your section.” She sang as she passed.

I resisted the urge to shove her as I tightened my ponytail and pulled my notepad from the pouch in my short apron.

“Welcome.” I said, forcing myself to follow the diner’s script. “Can I get you anything to start?”

JJ put his elbow on the table, resting his cheek on his fist. “Oh, Yuri. How cute you are when you’re at work. How much do I have to tip you now for you to wear cat ears and a tail while you serve us?”

Otabek held his thumb up as he looked from his iPod to me, a set of large black stereo headphones over one ear.

My whole face burned, and I felt the need to look to my feet. “I’m not doing that.” I told them bluntly.

JJ stuck his bottom lip out in a pout. “Come on. Please? For us?”

I shook my head vigorously. “I don’t need Mila making fun of me any more than she does already.”

“If you just ignore her, then it doesn’t matter.” He smirked.

“Beka, can you make Jean-Jacques shut his pie hole?” I hissed.

Otabek kicked JJ under the table, looking back to his iPod. “JJ, shut the hell up. I’m trying to set up a playlist for later.”

“Add Party Rock for me.” He winked, putting up his signature double J’s. I could practically hear him saying ‘It’s JJ Style!’ about his absolutely shit music choice.

Otabek turned to me with a look that was a cross of down right misery and absolute disgust. “I think I’ll have a piece of pie. Apple sounds good, Yura.” He said.

I jotted it down. “Coming right up. And you, JJ?”

“I’ll have what Otabek’s having. And I’m sure that that will be you later as well.” JJ grinned.

My face burned again. Why did he have to do that when I was at work? He knew there was a time and place for it, right? “Anything to drink?”

JJ grinned larger before Beka kicked his shin again. “We’ll both have coffee.” Otabek told me before the other man could say anything else.

I scrawled out the rest of their order before rushing off to get it filled. I was much more diligent with getting their coffee than I had been with the other man, who grumbled a thanks when I brought him his sandwich.

Mila giggled behind me as I served Otabek and JJ their pie. She escaped to the kitchen before I could say anything to her, though.

I stalked to the kitchen after her, and she was standing just inside the door waiting for me. Had she been expecting me to follow her?

“Why were you laughing, hag?” I hissed.

“Your roommates are cute.” She replied.


“So, are they single? Especially Otabek. I would like to go out with him on a date, get to know him better. I’ve wanted to ask him out for a while.” Mila giggled again. It was getting annoying.

“They’re both taken.” I hissed.

She frowned. “Really? You’re sure?”

“A boyfriend.” I replied.

“A boyfriend?” Georgi questioned. “As in they share one?”

“It’s called polyamory, Georgi. It’s a thing in the world.” I grinned. “They’re mine.” I turned, my ponytail whipping out behind me, and went back to the floor.

I checked in on my undercuts. They had pushed JJ’s pie slice aside, and were taking turns feeding each other forkfuls of flaky pastry and apple filling.

“Hey, pretty kitty.” JJ winked as his lips wrapped around the end of Otabek’s fork.

“You know only Beka calls me that, asshole.” I meant it as a term of endearment, and he knew it. I called him an asshole all the time. I wanted, more than anything, to sit with them and join in the pie eating.

Somehow they drew on the eating of two pie slices to the end of my shift, taunting me more and more each time I passed until they were in the same side of their booth. They exchanged soft, teasing kisses as I passed, tormenting me even more, and it was unnatural to see them both act so soft.

“And he’s free.” JJ said as I stood in front of their booth when my shift was over, my apron hung in the back room.

“Took long enough, kitten.” Otabek murmured, and it took a great deal of self restraint to not start making out with him.

“Can we just go home now?” I asked, begged, although it came out as more of a whine. It was probably showing that I was even just a bit younger than them, but I didn’t care. I was going to lose all self control if they weren’t careful.

“Of course, mon petit chat.” JJ briefly dropped into French as he slid out of the booth with Otabek following close after.

I led the way to the parking lot and JJ’s car. Part of me was saddened that Beka hadn’t brought his motorcycle, but I knew that all three of us wouldn’t have fit.

We all settled into the car for the short ride home. There was tension in the atmosphere. Not negative, angry tension. A more romantic tension. Sexual tension. I knew that all three of us were anticipating what would come when we got to JJ’s house and the front door was closed.


Request: lilywittyevans said: 14, 20, and 65 for a Lafayette imagine pls!! (14: “But the carnival is right down the street! Can we please go?!?” 20: “Could you be happy here with me?” 65: “Hold my hand damnit, we have to make this look convincing.”

there is daddy kink and smut in it so beware.

You walked around the park with your fingers interlocked with your favorite French Fry, he had been muttering things in French about how beautiful the park was. You had decided to leave him to talk to himself as your eyes roamed the fliers that were on trees and benches. Your eyes noticed a particular colorful one with the words “Carnival” on it. You gasped slightly and lost contact with Lafayette.  You ran to the flier and pulled it from the tree. You scanned over it, looking for a date as you felt hands around your waist. “Why did you run from me, amour?” Laf whispered. You turned your head to look at him. You smiled widely and turned in his arms, “I want to do something,” you whispered, “Like?” he asked. You kissed him quickly before pulling away, “You’re going to hate me,” his eyebrows knitted together, “What do you mean?” you bite your lip and showed him the flier in your hands. He groaned and his head fell back and he backed away from you. You grabbed his arm and shook it as he walked you away.

“I don’t want to go to the carnival,” he mumbled, “But the carnival is right down the street! Can we please go? I promise to do anything you like.” He rolled his eyes and kept walking, “Please? I’ll have public sex if I have to! Laf, please!” you whined, he stopped, allowing you to wrap your body around his arm. “Please?” you pouted, his lips turned upwards before he forced the smile off his face, “Fine.” He said, “Public sex is happening at the carnival.” You smiled and let go of his arm, wrapping your arms around his neck you hugged him tightly. “Thank you, thank you, thank you!” you whispered. He smiled and whispered a soft ‘you’re welcome.’ You leaned upwards and left a kiss on his lips before pulling away.

He walked you back to your shared apartment; you walked to your bedroom and changed quickly. You put on a skirt and an AC/DC shirt, pushing it inside your skirt. You put your hair up and then put on a pair of Converse. Grabbing your phone and a couple dollars you walked out and met Laf. “Hello, La princesse.” He smiled once he saw you “Are you ready to leave?” he asked, you nodded. He lifted himself from the chair he was seated in and walked towards you. He held his hand out for you and you happily took it.

You had been at the carnival for over an hour and you had failed to make Lafayette happy about it. “Come on!” you whined as you dragged him to the food line. Both of your hands were wrapped around his wrist and you pulled him with all his strength. He stood in line and complained in French about how he didn’t even want to be there. You looked at him with an eyebrow raised before responding with, “Je pensais que vous m'aimiez, angel face.” He rolled his eyes at your nickname for him, you smiled before speaking again “Could you be happy with me here?” he shrugged as you walked up to the cashier once everyone was out of your way. “What would you like, beautiful?” the boy asked, you smiled softly before looking at Laf. “Just a water, please.” He nodded and turned around to grab a water for you. He smiled and brushed his hand against yours as you went to grab it. Your face contorted into disgust as he smirked. You slide a five onto the counter and walked away. Laf was hot on your trail as he wrapped his arm around your body. “Baby,” he murmured in your ear, you opened the bottle of water and took a drink before humming as a response.

“I need you.” He whispered into your ear, you turned your head and met his eyes. Your eyes looked down at his lips. You turned and walked away, you headed towards the closet bathroom. You looked around and drug him inside with you. You both checked the stalls before he went and locked the door. You sat your water bottle down and looked at him. You both charged after each other, your lips meshed together as your hands were running up and down each other’s bodies.

Laf walked you to the wall and ran his hands up to your butt. You moaned softly and pushed your hands through his hair before pulling away from the kiss. He looked at you as your chest heaved. “Have you been a good girl for daddy?” he whispered before kissing your neck, his hands grabbed your panties and pulled them down. You nodded quickly as he squeezed your ass.

“Use your words, baby.” He mumbled before softly biting your neck. You moaned and pushed your chest against his. “Have you been a good girl?” he asked again, “Yes daddy, I’ve been a good girl.” You whispered as he kept kissing at your neck, you moved your head to the side to allow him more room. He hummed at your response before he sucked a bruise onto your neck. He squeezed your ass once more before moving his hand to the front of you, his fingers found your clit quickly before he moaned. “So wet for me, Chaton.” You nodded and felt your body tense as he rubbed small circles on the sensitive nub. “Wet for you, daddy.” He smiled and, met your eyes. “Did I make you this wet?” he asked, you nodded. “Your words,” he murmured when you didn’t respond correctly.

“Y-Yes daddy, you made me this wet.” You whimpered as he moved a finger to your entrance, he slowly pushed his finger in as he opened your legs wider. You could feel his hard on against your thigh as he slowly pushed his long thick fingers into you. You moaned as he kept pushing his finger slowly into you, “So tight for daddy,” he basically growled, you nodded quickly as he pushed a second finger into you. He moved his fingers a bit faster inside you before he slowed his movements and removed his fingers. He lifted them from your skirt and to your lips, tapping his fingers. You opened your mouth and he put his fingers into your mouth. You slowly sucked on his fingers keeping eye contact with him. You moaned at the taste of yourself. He smirked and pulled his fingers from your mouth.

“How do you taste, Dove?” you bite your lip and opened your mouth again to speak “Really good, daddy.” He smirked and lifted you up, taking you to the counter of sinks. “I think daddy deserves a taste, don’t you?” he asked, you nodded as he kissed your thighs. He bit and sucked on your thighs as he got closer to your wet pussy. He kissed your clit before licking at it slowly. You let out a loud moan as he did it again. He stopped the torture of his slow pace; he licked up your folds before moving his tongue away.

“You do taste good,” he complimented. Your face blushed as he spoke. He got up from where he was and started to unbutton his pants. You moved your hands to his pants before he swatted them away.

“But daddy,” you whine as he pulls down his pants and boxers, “I want to suck your cock,” he smiled before kissing you quickly. “Not now baby, when we get home you can.” He whispered into your ear. You whined again before he pushed his tip against your entrance, teasing you. “Do you want daddy?” he whispered as you nodded. He smiled and pushed inside you. He came to a halt once his cock was all the way in you, allowing you to adjust.

“Move daddy, please.” You whimpered before he started to move his hips. You moaned softly before he caught a rhythm he enjoyed. He kept his slow pace as you whined. “Daddy! Faster!” he sped up slightly, “Est-ce que ma petite salope sale le méritent ?” he whispered in your ear, as he started snapping his hips faster making you cry out. “Oui, papa! Votre sale pute mérite!” you cried out, he snapped his hips quickly. You were nearing the edge as he went faster; he started cursing in French under his breath before he moved his hand to your clit. He rubbed tight, quick circles on your clit. Your legs shook, “Puis-je pratiquer le papa ? J'ai besoin de cum si ba-” you whimpered, “Cum pour moi, princesse.” He granted. You moaned loudly, his hand going to cover your mouth to mumble to moans flowing from your mouth as you came. Your pussy tightened which sent him over the edge. He stilled himself inside you, hot sprits of his seed rushed inside you.

“Baise-moi.” He murmured before pulling out of you. He removed his hand from your mouth before he pulled out. His eyes met yours as he took himself out of you; he pulled his pants up and took your panties from where you left them. He stuffed them in his pocket before helping you down. You looked up at him, “Thank you, daddy.” You mummer, getting on your toes to kiss him, his arms wrapped around you before he pulled away. “Toujours.”

You both walked out of the bathroom and away from a large crowd. “Hold my hand dammit, we have to make it convincing.” He whispered as he grabbed your hand, you looked at him. “What?” you asked, “The boy, make it convincing that we’re in love,” he mumbled, you rolled your eyes. “The hickey is good enough,” you argued. He smiled and grabbed your hand, walking away from the carnival.


concept: dan howell wearing common culture

anonymous asked:

Ace ravenclaw? Xxx

Asexual Ravenclaws who know the term asexual far before they realize it can describe them.

Asexual Ravenclaws joking that they’re asexual and think they’re being clever creating a new term until someone breaks the news to them.

Asexual Ravenclaws having small meet-ups in the common room, which they have the House Elves send up tea and snacks for.

Asexual Ravenclaws dropping everything if one of their own is in trouble or hurting, knowing it would be done for them as well.

Asexual Ravenclaws who casually drop sexuality and gender terms into random classes whenever semi-connected. This particularly happens a lot during History of Magic (where they don’t bother raising their hands, as Professor Binns hardly notices them). When Binns brings up a historical figure they think must have been ace, they casually interrupt the poor ghost, “yeah, that’s cool and all, but also, that great wix was totally asexual, and I think we should acknowledge that”.

Asexual Ravenclaws starting a school newspaper with an advice column where they do Monday Mogai Features and answer any mogai-related questions students have.

Asexual Ravenclaws petitioning professors to create a Mogai Alliance Club so they can talk to an even wider group of people with different experiences so they are not limited to just talking with other ace Ravenclaws.

Asexual Ravenclaws who always practice this big, educational speech whenever they come out to try and avoid questions… and to give the person(s) they’re coming out to less of a chance to potentially say something ignorant and hurt their feelings.

Asexual Ravenclaws who don’t need to be too showy about pride but enjoy subtle pride memorabilia, such as purple and gray scarves, a simple witches hat with a purple ribbon, pride colored socks, and a clever or punny pin every now and then.

Asexual Ravenclaws figuring out spells to create cleverly hidden pride memorabilia for wixen who aren’t out yet, such as using color changing spells to turn a scarf into blank colors when around someone you’re not out to.

Asexual Ravenclaws presenting a very calm and accepting demeanor about their identity, helping others to find their own confidence in coming out just by being around them.

Asexual Ravenclaws being each other’s unwavering support group and creating lifelong friendships (not to mention all the great activities they’ve helped organize that now boost their resume).

~Hufflepuff Mod

“And the Grammy goes to...” (reader x Sam Wilson)

Characters: reader, Steve, Natasha, Sam.

Summary: Excited for the Grammy’s, you find out you might have to watch them alone when a teammate surprises you in more ways than one. 

Warnings: Fluff. Pregnancy mention I guess? Tiny bit of language. 

Word Count: 1.6k

Tags are at the bottom

A/N: I wrote this in honor of @imaginingbucky‘s birthday !! I hope your day is incredible, Chanel!! Love you, girl!! :) Also, I apologize if the events of the award show are out of order. I didn’t watch the whole show so I just caught up through clips. I have no strong feelings in regards to the award results so if you do, just keep your comments respectful, please! :) 


Originally posted by dailyteamcap

They only came around once a year. This was something you had been looking forward to for months, and now had no one to share it with besides your friends from home who would squeal with you via text. Out of all the available Avengers who weren’t out on missions, you couldn’t convince a single one to watch the Grammy’s with you.

As a last enticement, you had spent the entire afternoon preparing delicious treats to enjoy during your viewing party, including baking cupcakes and decorating little Grammy statues on top to the best of your ability. They looked a little lopsided, but it was fun and at least they would taste good.

As the airing time approached, it looked like it would be a party for one as you settled in front of the large projection screen in the living room, a delectable spread of snacks before you. The sound of footsteps approaching piqued your interest, peering over the couch to see Natasha come into view.

“Accepting my invitation finally, Nat?” you asked, trying to remain casual but a wishful tone snuck into your voice.

The redhead exhaled, “Sorry, Y/N. I’m heading out for the night. I’ll take a cupcake for the road, though.”

Disappointed, you waved a hand toward the snack table, “Help yourself. Have fun.”

“Will do,” she said with a wink, licking frosting from her fingers.

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“Short” Derek Hale

Requested :)

I sit reading on Derek’s couch while he cooks us dinner. I watch with contentment as he stirs and tastes things, putting a little more salt into the sauce and sprinkling different seasonings. His back muscles move underneath the cotton t-shirt he wears and I feel my entire body flutter. His hair is perfectly silky and smooth. I feel myself stand up and walking to him before I actually realize it. I wrap my arms around him from behind and rest my cheek against his back.

“I thought I told you to wait over there?” He speaks. “I couldn’t help myself.” I murmur, but I know he hears me. I feel him chuckle before he turns in my arms. “I can cook without you, you know?” He smirks. “I know you can. That doesn’t mean I can’t stand here and watch you.” He chuckles again. “Good thing this is almost done.” I look around his broad frame and see grilled chicken breast with nuts, a steaming sauce, and a salad that looks divine. “You can cook, Hale.” He raises his eyebrows at me. “You didn’t think I could?” He bends down and picks me up around the waist making me squeal. He then sets me down on the counter and stands between my legs. He kisses me gently, letting his lips line for longer than usual.

“Hey, can you get the plates for me?” He asks once the food is ready. I turn towards the upper cabinet that hold the plates. I go up onto my tippy toes and reach as far as I can, but I’m nowhere near the plates. I am a pretty short person, and sometimes it really shows. Especially when Derek comes up behind me and effortlessly grabs the plates. I turn with to see his smirking face right behind my shoulder. I roll my eyes and step back onto flat feet.

“Whatever.” I huff. I stand aside and watch him prepare our plates. He then chuckles at me. “Sorry babe, guess you haven’t grown much since yesterday.” I remember back to my complaining when Derek held my book I was reading over his head and I couldn’t reach. “Ha ha.” I speak in a monotone voice. He just smiles even wider and sets down the utensils he’s using. He comes towards me with his arms extended asking for a hug.

“No!” I laugh. I start to speed walk away from him but he just matches my speed. Soon enough, we’re running through the loft. I know he could catch me in a second if he wanted to, he’s just letting me dangle. I’m completely out of breath by the time we stop and I collapse onto the couch. He comes and sits next to me, patting my butt. “Hey,” I smile. “stop.” He raises an eyebrow at me, not convinced by my tone of voice. I start to laugh and so does he. But he instantly stops once I crawl onto his lap and straddle his waist.

“I know a pro about being this petite.” I whisper to him. His eyes flicker back and forth between my eyes and my lips. I can tell he’s slightly turned on by the way his pupils are dilating. I grab onto his hair and pull him into me for a passionate kiss, our little play fight and dinner completely forgotten.

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Can we start a petition for "baby bun" to be the gender neutral version of baby girl/baby boy? It's adorable. My friend called me that the other day (I'm non-binary) and I just fjdlsjdkfk they are so pure I love them.



“90 minute special” marathon

The news have settled in, the first shock is gone, the first retweets have been made and petitions signed…time to develop battleplans for the time to come!
Let’s start with a week of little challenges to support our show and the development of the 90 minute special.

MONDAY, march 13th

Sign this petition to show your support for the special. If you’ve already signed it, get a friend to sign it. The more signatures we can gather, the better!

TUESDAY, march 14th

Post one post about ITF on your own blog. This can be something written, or art, or a rant about how you miss the show…Anything that shows your followers that something is happening, or that “this show In the Flesh” exists. 

Then, reblog (at least) one of these posts from another person. You can search through the #in the flesh tag on tumblr, or reblog a post made by a person you follow…Let’s show tumblr that something is happening with In the Flesh and in the fandom!

WEDNESDAY, march 15th

Write to the BBC, to BBC America, and to any Network you think could be somewhat interested in broadcasting the 90 minute special. Tell them why this is important to you and why you think they are ideal for this job! If you’d like to, you can make a post about or post a screenshot of what you wrote on tumblr to inspire other fans to do the same.

THURSDAY, march 16th

Get two knew friends, colleagues, family members etc. to know about In The Flesh. Idealy, get them to watch an episode, but really informing them about the show and how awesome it is is the most important part here.

FRIDAY, march 17th

Support an In The Flesh artist. If you know one who has an online shop, maybe think of buying some of their art, if they do commissions, maybe commision something. If you don’t have the money to do this, they will love you for rebloging and liking their art! Feel free to message me for suggestions on artists in the fandom I love if you don’t know (m)any, but try searching for some yourself first.

SATURDAY, march 18th

Mass tweet time at 8pm GMT! It’s important that we spread out onto other social media plattforms to get attention. Twitter seems to be ideal for this (thus the mass tweeting), but feel free to additionally post on facebook, instagram…

SUNDAY, march 19th

Re-watch (at least) one episode. Getting others to watch the show is one thing, but keeping ourselfs inspired and reminded of the awesomeness that is In The Flesh is just as important! Choose your favourite episode, or do a mini-marathon. This keeps you fresh for another week of campaigning and lets the week end with something relaxing and fun!

Happy campaigning!