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The new batman comic with the robins at lunch reminded me so much of your art. Can we start a petition to get you to start drawing for dc?

That was a fun issue! I’ve been on and off with the main Batman title and picked up #16 on a whim; felt like I struck gold. All that was missing was Tim. And ah yes, drawing for DC! That is the dream. That and landing a storyboarding gig. So many goals! But, in the meantime, I’m happy to keep making entertaining stuff for your viewing pleasure :)

Analysis about Craig and his relationship with tweek and how they complement each other

In the new episode (put it down) when they’re arguing at the end Craig says “Oh see, now you made lose control of my emotions, godd damit” and walks away upset 

And I was like “well why is he so upset?? maybe he just wanted to be the calm one in the sutiation" but then I rememered that Craig is always the one who doesn’t give a eff in lots of situations,

 I mean even on the Tweek vs Craig episode he doesn’t really care about the fight even after cartman says “Oh I guess you don’t really care about what tweek said about your mom” his answer is just “no” and closes the door

But when eric says “I guess you don’t care what tweek said about your guinea pig” he gets really mad and decides to fight him. 

And if we remember after TFBW information was out it was confirmed that Craig just cares about his guinea pig (and tweek) but why? I was wondering why he just care about his pet and why is he so distant from everything else and just don’t gives a f*ck?

Well I was thinking and realized that maybe it has to do with his family and also why he complements so perfect with tweek.

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things in musical theatre that always gets me that I realised during a road trip
  • that bit in waitress, “you’re my dOCterr”
  • the harmonisation in what’s inside
  • when dawn goes “I’m not defensive!”
  • that bit in hamilton where everyone sings over each other in non-stop
  • “I hope that you… burn”
  • when john sings the rise up bit in my shot
  • Angelica. everything she says and does.
  • the choir in once upon a december
  • “hey balaga, ho balaga, hey hey ho balaga, hey hey hey balaga, the famous troika driver”
  • Lucas Till going “WOOoooOOooOOooOOOooooOoOOooOoooOOOoooOAH”
  • and when everyone goes “corpulence”
  • honestly everything piere says like yes hand me the existential crisis
  • and whenever amber gray opens her mouth goddamn
  • when everyone sings over each other in 96,000
  • “the only room with a view is a room with you in it”
  • literally everything the piragua guy says
  • “Hey guys, it’s me! The biggest disappointment you know.” - nina is me
  • basically whenever Mandy Gonzalez sings tbh
  • in 21 chump street when naomi sings “take the money justin, please just take the money”
  • and in cousin where justin goes “looooooooooove”
  • in a day in falsetto land when they all sing over each other frick yes
  • “EVERYTHING WILL BE ALRIGHT” and then when you realise it won’t be
  • “god you’re a pAIn in the aSS”
  • literally whenever the lesbians from next door speak
  • when they harmonise in “the tango maureeeeeen” in tango: maureen
  • when joanne goes “so be wise ‘cause this girl satisfies”
  • all of seasons of love, every version, it’s beautiful and iconic and frick if that song didn’t define my childhood
  • when kevin goes “i’ll do something inCREDible that blows gods frICken mIND” in you and me (but mostly me)
  • the harmonisation in poor thing
  • when everyone sings together in arabian nights
  • the genie’s rendition of tale as old as time - petition to get James Monroe Iglehart to sing a full version
  • “Why shouldn’t I fly so far from here?”
  • heather chandler going “you’ve come so far why now are you pulling on my dICK”
  • allllll the harmonisations in candy store
  • and blue
  • in come from away when they go “I am an Islander”
  • when bev mimicks the wwii pilots “Hey lady, hey baby, hey! Why don’t you grab us a drink?”
  • and then, “well they can get their own drinks” and that cute lil laugh after
  • “suddenly there’s nothing in between me and the sKYYYYYYYYYYYYYY”
  • “And that’s how we started speaking the same language”
  • when everyone is praying together holy shit that moves me every time
  • “cause I’m freaking out, you’re freaking out and we’re all 👏 freaking 👏 the 👏 fuck 👏 out”
  • anytime someone says “you are there and I am hereeeeeeee”
  • “hot towel, hot towel, c o l d towel?”
  • in legally blonde, elles voice crack when she says “some girls were just meant to smile”
  • “and with the chance I’ve been given I’m gonna be dRIvEn aS hELL”
  • “with fear and shock and aWEEEEEEE”
  • when they’re all singing at the end of blood in the water
  • the entirety of Ireland and the reprise
  • the blatant subtext jokes in take it like a man
  • in Miss Saigon “and now I’ll leave remembering heRRRR,, just heeeeerrrr”
  • tbh whenever the engineer has a solo, I mean he was an arsehole, but it was the only fun thing in that musical
  • “I still believe he’ll come for me” - kim, my heart, my only wish was for her to happy and safe goddammit
  • the literal entirety of “ascot gazette” in my fair lady
  • and show me
  • “READY, AIM, FIRE!!”
  • the humming in wouldn’t it be lovely
  • allllll of heaven on their minds in jesus christ superstar, it’s literally the only song that hasn’t been done wrong in any version
  • also everythings alright
  • okay there’s so much for newsies so this’ll be short but “Newsies on a mission! Kill the competition! Sell the next edition! We’ll be out there, CARRYING THE BANNER”
  • dear evan hansen in waving through a window going “WAVING, WAVING WOAAAAAAHHHHHHH WOAHOHOHOH”
  • “has been hard (hard) has been bad (bad) has been rough. (KINKY!)”
  • “if I stop smoking crACk”
  • alll of you will be found
  • “DONT BE A PENIS THE MAN IS A GENIUS” - iconic from something rotten! every. fucking. time
  • all of it’s hard to be a bard
  • in do you hear the people sing “IT’S THE MUSIC OF THE PEOPLE WHO WILL *NOT* BE SLAVES AGAIN”
  • frick literally all of les mis is iconic

Okay that’s pretty much all I got through before my phone went flat and then the trip was boring but yeah


Months after breaking up, you get a text from Tom…

(2,600 words)

Warnings: SMUT-T-T-T

A/N: considering trying a Peter Parker fic, thoughts??? also, definitely want to start doing requests so send them my way. also considering doing a series of little events between you and Tom dating. JUST SO MANY IDEAS.

also- will probably be most active Friday-sunday because I have class Monday-Thursday but I’ll definitely try my best to post during the week.  

w/o further ado… 

Originally posted by sddonald22

You were always the experienced one in relationships. No matter how much a boy would talk himself up, you would leave highly dissatisfied; really the only satisfaction you could get from sexual encounters was watching boys come completely unhinged by your actions. You were truly a goddess.
That’s why your first encounter with Tom took you by surprise. You had met in a crowded club in L.A. After hours of watching you dance, and after about five drinks, Tom finally worked up the courage to approach you. You had to admit, you were instantly attracted to him. His sharp jaw line, perfectly curling hair, and deep brown eyes nearly put you in a trance as he asked if he could buy you a drink. It didn’t take much convincing when he asked you if you’d like to come home with him. Dancing with him allowed you to feel the bulge you helped grow in his jeans and you were intrigued by what he could do, or more so what you could do to him.

That first night was ecstasy. It was as if he was able to stimulate every nerve in your body. Orgasms washed over you over and over again, yet you still had your effect on him. After you both had your fill you laid there together, head on his chest. Feeling it move up and down harshly, still trying to fully calm down. “Fuck. How did you even do that?” He said, running fingers through your hair.

“I was about to ask you the same thing,” you replied, earning a chuckle from Tom.
“I guess we’re perfect for each other then.” And damn was he right. You both found out that your emotional chemistry far surpassed your physical chemistry. You had both fallen madly in love with each other.
But that was months ago, and now you lay alone on your bed. Everything was perfect between you and Tom, except one thing. He was too afraid to make your relationship public and you were growing tired of being a secret. You understood the fear, the idea of you becoming too overwhelmed by the attention, the hate you might receive from jealous fans, the fear that it would change everything. But you couldn’t handle it anymore, so you left.
You were lying on your bed, scrolling through old messages, when suddenly they swiped back down to the very bottom. You groaned, too tired to swipe all the way back up to the ones you were reading, before you realized that it was because of a new text.
hey, can I call? it’s tom btw, just in case you deleted my number.
Your heart dropped. What could he possibly need? You tried to convince yourself that you were annoyed by the sudden contact, but you knew you wanted to talk to him. No matter what it was he had to say, just to hear his voice.
of course
It was easy to send that text, but when his face suddenly illuminated your phone, you realized how difficult it was to actually pick up.
You swiped the screen to answer the call, but it took a moment before you could actually put the phone to your ear. “Hi,” you almost whispered.
“Hi, I was afraid you weren’t going to answer for a second there.” He said, allowing a breathy chuckle to follow.
“I’ll always answer for you.” You instantly regretted that. It just slipped out. Feeling the uncomfortable silence, you quickly added, “so what did you need?”
“Well, I need you to come let me in.”
“I’m outside. We need to talk y/n, please.”
“I’ll be right out.” You hung up the phone and started walking out of your bedroom when you remembered that you weren’t properly dressed for company. You ran to your closet and threw on a pair of sleep shorts and a Vampire Weekend shirt you bought at the concert you saw with him. Suddenly, you were nervous about how you looked, but you decided it had been too long since you hung up for any more primping.
You made it to the door and went to turn the handle, but noticed your hand just lying there, unable to turn it. With a deep breath, you swung the door open. There he was, clad in black jeans and a t shirt, just tight enough to notice that his muscles have only grown since you last saw him. “Tom.” It was all that you could get out. His eyes looked bloodshot, and his lips were swollen. You knew he had been crying, but he hid it so well over the phone.
“Y/n. May I come in?” You nodded and moved out of the way from the doorway, allowing him to enter your apartment like so many times before. He moved to the closet next to the front door to shed his jacket, and returned wielding a raised eyebrow and an old sweatshirt—his sweatshirt.
“Oh yeah, I meant to run that by your place but I’ve been so busy with work I never had the chance.” You quickly lied. He started working his arms through it, as if he was about to put it on, but backwards. He walked over to you and held it above your head. You raised your arms in response and he easily slipped it over your petite frame.
“It always looked better on you anyways.” His face was so close to yours. For a moment you thought he was about to lean in a place a long awaited kiss on your lips, but instead he started walking towards the living room and sat down on the couch. You followed.
You sat down nervously, a bit further away from him than you probably should have. “Y/n I can’t take this anymore.” He blurted out. “We love each other. We are meant to be together. I know I messed up okay? But I can fix it, I will fix it for you.”
“If you can look me in the eyes and tell me you don’t think we should be together then I’ll leave.” His intensity took you by surprise. You had no idea he felt this way, if you did, then you probably would be back together by now. You could see tears starting to well up in those brown eyes again, and you could feel them starting in yours.
The fear you felt earlier was replaced intense feelings of love. You wanted him back, in every way. With one foul sweep you placed yourself on his lap, straddling the boy you loved so much. You cupped his cheeks and put your forehead on his. You were so close you had to keep darting your eyes back and forth to look into both of those beautiful brown eyes. You couldn’t take it anymore, you crashed your lips into his. The passion was overwhelming, so many emotions were behind that single kiss. You could tell he was taken off guard, but soon he found comfort in the familiar feeling and began exploring your body. First he wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling you in even closer. Then they trailed down to the small of your back, then further to cup your ass, instantly causing you to start grinding on him. His hands journeyed to your thighs. He savored the feeling of your soft skin as you savored the roughness of his palms.
You moaned at his touch, and he took the opportunity to slip his tongue into your mouth. His kisses grew more and more desperate, as if he thought he’d never get to kiss you again. Then you realized, he probably did think that. He pulled away from the kiss and rested his forehead on yours, “I really thought I’d lost you.”
Tears began to well up in those big brown eyes. You placed soft kisses on his forehead in between shushes. “I’ll always be yours, Tom. Always.”
“Always,” he nodded. He gave you one more quick kiss before scooping you up and carrying back to your room.
He set you down gently on your bed. You expected to feel his lips against yours again, but instead he barely lifted up the sweatshirt and began placing kisses all over your stomach. Goosebumps began covering your body as he kissed the sensitive skin. He chuckled when he noticed the little bumps, “always worked like a charm.” You rolled your eyes at that typical, cocky remark. Even after months of being apart, he knew you like the back of his hand. He never broke eye contact as he slowly slipped you out of your shorts. Even though your room was dark, his eyes were darker, and you could see the lust glistening in them. He started rubbing circles on your clit making your eyes flutter shut and your head fall back into your bed. The sensation suddenly stopped and you groaned at the discomfort starting to grow between your legs. “Look at me,” he barely whispered. You propped yourself up on your elbows and the second you found his eyes he attached his mouth to your clit and slid two fingers into you. You wanted to throw your head back in pleasure, but you know it’d only cause him to stop again. That was always his thing. He loved watching you, and he really loved you watching him. Each lick and pump brought you closer and closer to the edge. Tom could tell you were getting close, he only stopped his movements to whisper, “say my name, love.”
“Oh, Tom,” you began to moan. Each time you repeated his name he would pick up the pace, soon you were chanting his name and a feeling of euphoria swept over your body. A feeling only he could give you. One orgasm wasn’t enough though, you were desperate to be even more intimate with him. You grabbed the collar of his shirt and pulled him up to you. You could taste yourself on his lips as he began to kiss you again. You began fumbling with the button of his jeans, but couldn’t seem to get them undone. Tom noticed you struggling and reached down to help you. “I see you haven’t improved your dexterity,” he chuckled.
“Yeah, well I haven’t really had much practice in a while,” you grumbled as he released the button and you pulled down the zipper. Tom smiled as he realized you hadn’t been with anyone else since the two of you broke up. Even though he knew it was selfish, he really couldn’t stand to think of you being with anyone else.
You slipped your hand into his jeans and began palming him through his boxers. He clenched his jaw and hissed from the contact he had been anticipating for so long. It really was a spectacle, him all worked up, curls messy, t shirt clinging to his chest with sweat, dark eyes locked with yours. He was getting harder with each stroke, and you couldn’t help but wonder how much he could take.
Clearly not much because he rolled off of you and began kicking his jeans and boxers off. Once he was free of the clothing you swung your leg over to straddle him. You tugged at the hem of his shirt and he pushed himself off the bed just enough for you to pull it off of him. You grabbed the hem of the sweatshirt and started to lift it off when he grabbed your wrists. “Don’t. I love it when you wear my clothes.” You smiled at his confession, especially because he always pretending to be annoyed when you would steal his sweatshirts and t shirts.
Tom was throbbing beneath you. You began grinding against his length, letting your wetness cover his cock. Tom sighed, half in pleasure, half in desperation. You raised an innocent eyebrow at him. “Always such a tease,” he sighed.
You smirked as you lined yourself up and began lowering yourself onto him. His eyes rolled back as he reached for your hips. Squeezing tighter as you began to quicken the pace. He pulled you forward by the back of your neck and began kissing you sloppily. He grabbed your ass, causing you to lean forward even more. He began lifting up his hips to thrust into you, and you bit at the skin on his shoulder to suppress your moans. “I love you,” he whispered into your ear before nipping at its lobe. The feeling of his hot breath against your neck drove you crazy and you let out a loud whine.
He flipped the two of you over so that you were on your back and began thrusting relentlessly. He lifted one of your legs up over his shoulder so that he could thrust even deeper. The new angle was too much, you could feel your abs tightening as another orgasm started to creep up. “Tom I’m- Oh I’m gonna,” you couldn’t even get out a full sentence before the feeling washed over you again. You dragged your nails down his back as he continued to fuck you, riding out your high.
His thrusts started getting sporadic and you could tell he was close. He got up on his knees and he started to jerk himself off, but before he could cum you scooted forward and took his length in your mouth. You bobbed your head before sucking on the head, running your tongue over the little slit—his most sensitive spot. He ran his hands through your hair before letting out a breathy “fuuuuck.” Soon hot ribbons of cum were shot down your throat—you savored the taste that you didn’t even know you’d missed. He collapsed next to you, letting out a satisfied sigh. He held out one of his arms, inviting you to snuggle up under it. Once you found yourself situated in the familiar position, you looked up at him and whispered, “I love you, too.” Tom gave you a kiss on the forehead before pulling the covers up over the two of you.
You woke up alone. You immediately made yourself believe that he must’ve left early so that he wouldn’t have to face you. You should’ve known it was all too good to be true. You wanted to bury yourself under the covers in embarrassment, but then you noticed music playing faintly. It sounded like Goodness Gracious by The Heligoats. That was Tom’s favorite song on your morning playlist.
You dragged yourself out of bed and walked into the kitchen, and there he was. Flipping pancakes and sipping on coffee while wearing nothing but boxers. He was singing along so softly that you could barely hear him, you always loved the few moments you could hear him sing. You started humming along yourself, which caught his attention.
“Good morning love, I was worried the coffee would go cold by the time you finally woke up,” he laughed. You rolled your eyes and gave him a quick peck on the cheek before pouring yourself a cup. 
“Good morning to you too.”
“I’ve got plans for us next weekend.”
“Oh really? Well I’ll have to see if—”
“You don’t work.”
“Oh. How exactly do you know that?”
“You never unsynced our calendars. How was your gyno appointment by the way?”
“Uhh,” you could feel the heat flood through your cheeks.
“I’m only joking, darling,” he laughed as you rolled your eyes. “Anyways, BAFTAs are next weekend, I figured that’d be the perfect way to introduce you to everyone as my girlfriend.” 

Sister catches brother jerking

So, I’m 18 and I have had a relationship with my little sister since she was 9. Anyways, it all started on a night that I was supposed to be babysitting her. Instead, I went off to my room for a nice jerking session. Not even 10 minutes later, she walked in on me stroking. When I saw her, I quickly tried covering everything up but it was pointless once she started asking questions. “What are you watching? What are you doing?” At this time, I didn’t have a lie to use so I told her the truth. I showed her the video. While she watched, I was finding it arousing to have her small petite frame right beside me. When I got hard, she looked down at it and asked for permission to touch it. Her soft hand was what started this relationship. We began to make out and after 5 minutes, we made it to the bed. I took off her pajamas. I unbuttoned her shirt so I can kiss her small breasts while I pulled her pants down. Once I saw the pink hello kitty panties, I lost it. I got naked with her then proceeded to kiss and lick her pussy until she was wet. I gave her one last kiss before pushing my cock into her. Her face was perfect but what I had found out was that she was a screamer. So, I did my best to muffle her mouth with my hand while I repeatedly thrusted into her. At first, she scream was out of pain but soon it was out of pleasure. Throughout the night, I had came 3times. 1 was on her chest, 1 was inside her pretty little pussy, and The 4th one was in her mouth. Surprisingly, she swallowed. Now, she sneaks into my room every night when our parents are asleep so we could watch porn together. Sometimes, she’ll even jerk me off while I watch until we get ready to fuck by putting shirt into her mouth so she wouldn’t wake up our parents or neighbors. To be honest, she is underneath the sheets right now. Licking, kissing, (spitting because she knows I love it sloppy) and sucking me off while I write this

These are the known facts, which can be found with little bit of googling and Youtube searching (the official trailers). I reply like this so I can ad some videos here!

The theme of Final Fantasy Versus XIII was darkness. The official quotation used in trailers, from Shakespeare, says “There’s nothing either bad or good, but thinking makes it so”. It was inspired by Hamlet and Romeo & Juliet.

Noctis and Stella were both able to see “The Light”. This was because both of them had had a near-death experience. Everyone with NDE would be able to see this Light yet it was still considered something rare. In the trailer below Noctis meets Stella for the first time and they talk about this Light and their experiences. 

Seeing the Light of Etro, the Goddess of Death, gives you power, but in order to harness that power you need to sacrifice someone. Stella and Noctis talk about this in the trailer above.

Noctis had oracle like tendencies as he was able to see in his sleep deaths of other people, yet he was unable to prevents these deaths from happening. At some point, he would lose the ability to tell was he awake or not. We see him being sleepy or resting a lot in the trailers, and FFXV team kept this sleepiness, but made it only because Noctis in FFXV is a lazy young adult and anxious about his future of Lucii Ring bearer. See the trailer below from 2011, where a driver tries to wake Noctis up by calling “Prince Noctis…. Prince Noctis!” (I’m sorry, I couldn’t find English subtitled one, but I’ve seen one).

Insomnia was an eternal dark city, run by Lucis family, which operated like mafia. Noctis was the next heir for the mafia’s throne, but his father Regis wasn’t pleased with Noctis. The mafia like operation is sort of left to FFXV in a way that Noctis works as a part-timer and no one knows him though he’s a crown heir. People living in modern day countries ruled by monarchies (or countries near monarchy countries) can tell that the crown heir simply can’t be anonymous. Everyone knows them, also in neighboring countries. I live in Europe and can recognize multiple rules, crown heirs, princes and princesses of different European monarchies (Sweden’s crown heir Crown Princess Victoria is my fave). However, yakuza and their heirs are unrecognized in Japan. 

Lucis family had the only surviving Crystal left and this was important part of the story. I heard the Lucis family misused the Crystal and Stella tried to get the Crystal back. 

Lucis family worshipped the Goddess of Death, Etro, who is portrayed in the logo. The logo is not Luna. Hints of this are in FFXV in form of black royal clothes, red bottom of shoes and skull logos.

Stella was a character of her own so Luna isn’t rewritten Stella. Stella and Noctis were supposed to fight each other. They were each other’s love interests due the Romeo & Juliet part, which would make the fight even more dramatic. It’s also hinted in one of the trailers which says “The Star meets The Night” = Stella is Star in Latin, while Noctis is Night in Latin. Stella was from Tenebrae. 

Originally posted by caelumsky

Gladio was Noctis’s childhood friend while Prompto was a newcomer. Prompto was a flirty, dangerous playboy and both Gladio and Ignis didn’t like him, because he was bad influence to Noctis. Here’s the original Prompto:

Originally posted by stephaniealvarogaray

Gladio was going to betray Noctis due Regis’s order. Regis wasn’t happy with Noctis and didn’t want him to get the throne, so he ordered Gladio to kill him. Gladio would eventually die, most likely in the fight between him and Noctis.

Prompto was also going to betray Noctis, as he was Niflheim’s lapdog. His father Verstael was Nilfheim’s mad scientist, who had made Prompto as a human experiment, but abandoned him because he was a failure. Noctis would fight both Prompto and Verstael, ending up killing them both.

Knowing that Noctis could see the deaths of other people he must have known both Gladio and Prompto would die and he wouldn’t be able to save them.

You were able to play as other characters and control them. 

The story was going to come for PS3 and it was supposed to be Trilogy.

Here are all the Versus trailers, if you want to see them, starting from 2006 when Versus was announced.

If you’d want to play this game as it was originally supposed to be you can sign petition here.

Tetsuya Nomura himself was personally angry when his project and story got given to another team just to mess it completely over. Only names and some outlooks of characters stayed. 95% was changed. I can feel him; I’d be pissed off if someone assigned my story and my characters to some other group and I would need only watch when everything you have planned and created is destroyed just for money’s sake. We lost Versus only due money talk. 

So, I wish for Nomura’s and the characters’ sake we’d get the original Versus, even if it was only 1 game and not trilogy anymore. 

Twitter Tag: #NygmobblepotSeason4

This is a post we’ll be able to signal boost and hopefully get a lot of people to join up on. This post is your go to on how to help Nygmobblepot shine in season 4. Despite what you think about trending tags and petitions, it truly does make a dent in media and if we want the production team to see our wants and needs we need to band together. 

Please don’t add comments or reblog this post saying we shouldn’t be doing this or it’s a fruitless effort (or anything rude and degrading), because you can make your own post and this is for fans who want to see Nygmobblepot come to pass in season 4.

As a date I’ve chosen, and I thin we should do this sooner rather than later since filming starts soon and I’m sure the scripts are still being written.

Date: 6/10/17 

On this date go to twitter and make little comments about Nygmobblepot and what you’d like to see for them in season 4. Include the hashtag #NygmobblepotSeason4 and @ the writers (@GothamTVWriters) or the show’s official twitter (@Gotham) or both in the same tweet.

But for this date in particular you MUST include #NygmobblepotSeason4 if you want it to become trending.


  • be polite
  • don’t be convoluted
  • don’t demand, suggest
  • be polite!!!

We got this. Let’s turn some heads.

I need to tell you...

…that we were amazing today. No kidding, you are the best, people. We were trending with #WhatsGoingOnNetflix in the top-30 worldwide (I’ve seen we were close to top-20). 

In some countries like Brazil and Italy and Spain and Canada, it went to top-10. (Italy, I love you more and more. I’m going to Naples next week and I was afraid of going to the new country, but now? You are the best.) 

People who take part in Appreciation Days are our heroes. They bring gifs and screenshots and it’s really easier to post tweet by tweet when you see Wolfgang’s smirk or Sun’s fist.

It has been six days since the news, and we are still trending. This is Daniela-level of coolness :)

I know that we all are tired and upset and losing hope. Maybe some shit is going on in your life, or maybe you have important exams, or you just don’t want to keep thinking about sad and, let’s be honest, somewhat scary things like Sense8 canceling. 

But this is not the end. 

We still don’t have any proper explanation about the canceling. I won’t believe that this is over until someone from the cast says full-scale long good buy. And they are not saying it yet. There were some posts on the different social networks that can be very, very slight hints that there is still some possibilities. It’s thin, but it exists. Also, some newspapers all over the world noticed us and making noise. They are on our side. Also, all of the sudden Netflix started advertising on Youtube. Well, probably they had read some of our letters… Or just got some brains from somewhere.

Anyway. If there is any possibility for the renewal we will make it real. Together.

Keep calling. Writing. Refilling request forms on netflix site. Asking friends to watch Sense8. Signing the petition (you all know where it is). 

And we will need you tomorrow. On twitter. At 12PM ET.

Stay tuned. We are not over. Not even close.

Professor Layton fandom classics

-Professor Layton: The musical
-What is Layton 7??
-When are we going to have it???
-Wait nvmd we don’t want Layton 7
-“Angela can imitate a man’s voice really good“
-Hershel Layton the reckless youth™
-Okay but? How about we start the 45789th petition for a sequel and shove it into level 5’s face
-Flora is the queen and Emmy can kick my face if she wants
-“I find that odd. Isn’t that odd? Doland, do you find that odd?“
-Adopted??? Adopted. Biological. ????!!! Adoptical???? BioloctED????!!!!!
-Luke getting his birth town wrong
-“what an ugly little man you are“
-everyone: *raises hand to nintendo©* Curse you, level 5
-level 5: New game has female lead
-everyone: nvmd let me just un-curse you
-The confession blog, source of all the drama we went through
-“Is Descole gay or european?“
-You need to drop a sick beat if you want to save them
-Descole Moodboard
-(Just pictures of Descole screaming)
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Let’s talk about mental health in the kpop industry, or rather, the lack of it. With the pressures and countless issues of idol life, including but certainly not limited to: ridiculous overloaded schedules, isolation and forbidden outside contact/communication, body shaming, slut shaming, straight up manipulation and blackmailing, harassment, verbal abuse, etc. etc. etc…it’s certainly no wonder that MANY idols and public figures surfer from depression, anxiety, and a whole host of other mental issues. Often in silent and without treatment until it’s already gotten too bad. The whole time, their management just brushes it off as being overworked or having attitude. Or the “moodiness that’s normal for youth” (like the time Gong Yoo candidly and sincerely admitted to suffering from depression only for the reporter to say he should just get over it because it’s just moodiness that kids get…). Often, the only “treatment” they get is a very brief break if they’re extremely lucky and not from a major, activity promoting group. As if that’s of much help.
Depression affects many people regardless of age, gender, or any other personal identifiers and certainly isn’t something that just goes away so easily. Many idols and entertainers suffer from it including but not limited to GD, TOP, Taeyeon, Henry, Suzy, Jokwon, IU, Choa, and countless, countless more. Yet, mental health is so rarely discussed until the situation is out of hand and either a scandal brakes out, a member permanently leaves the band, or both. Or worse… In Korea, a country with a high diagnosed (and more often, undiagnosed) depression rate and one of the highest suicide rates in the world, the completely inadequate attention to mental health is utterly astonishing and with matching devastating consequences. Mental health is even often used as a joke, a punchline with a live laugh track that can be seen on TV way too often to count. People are blamed for their condition, and their issues are belittled or ignored.
It’s not the individual’s fault. It’s not something they can help. There is no instant recovery. No guaranteed long-term solution either. If we are to stan idols and other entertainers, this is something we should all know and keep in mind. Even if their sudden break from activities and/or departure greatly saddens us, it could be what’s best for them. We can only try to understand their pain, support their future happiness, and petition for change. The Asian community (like many others) for the large part, still sees mental illness as something to keep hidden, a physical illness that could and should be completely cured instantaneously and forever. These beliefs are completely wrong. And change starts with realizing this. Please take this to mind and spread the word.

a little over 2 years ago I posted a story on my tumblr about austin jones allegedly asking girls under 16 to send him pornographic photos of themselves. he was 21-22 at the time & he was just beginning to get popular. I had to remove the post not even 30 minutes later after receiving HUNDREDS of abusive messages from his fans & back then, I didn’t know how to respond to or handle nasty messages so I stopped publicly posting about him. there was proof of it back then but no one seemed to believe me or the handful of people who just knew what he was doing was disgusting. people who saw & believed the proof we had, didn’t care. they didn’t think a 21 year old asking 13 year old girls for videos of themselves twerking was wrong. regardless, I reported him to his local police via email since I live in Australia I didn’t see any other way. I never heard back & austin continued to live his life, getting more & more famous. over the past few years his following got bigger & bigger to the point his videos were starting to appear in my news feed. my friends & family were sharing this pedophiles videos, making him money & giving him views without knowing. I began to comment on every post from a friend or family member that I saw, explaining the kind of person he was. I felt that if I stopped just a handful of people from watching his videos & sharing his content, that would make some difference. a friend of mine started a petition to have his facebook & youtube accounts taken down but we couldn’t find enough people to sign the petition to make it worth it & the abuse we continued to cop from his fans made it harder & harder for us to get it out there. finally, austin moved from text messaging his young fans to facebook messaging them which is a lot easier to track & prove than text messages which can be faked so easily.
on monday, he was arrested & I couldn’t be happier. if he’s convicted, he faces a minimum of 15 years in prison for child pornography. maybe now, people will believe me when I say AUSTIN JONES is a fucking pedophile & deserves to rot in jail, forever.

Two More Hours

This is just a sort of one shot thing I’ve been coming up with lately based on the Loverboy AU by @kawaiilo-ren

I hope it’s okay and I didn’t screw this up too much! Sorry if it isn’t very good! I’ve never really written anything for someone else’s AU before! >.<


Two more hours.

Two more hours, and I could go home.

Well, perhaps not home, exactly, but home enough. A safe place, with Beka and JJ.

Two more hours.

But my boys were probably just getting home from school. I wanted to be there, welcoming them as they walked in the front door, to tackle them, and tell them how much I’d missed them, and…

“Yo, blondie! Where’s my coffee?” The man next to me shouted.

I turned on him, gritting my teeth. “Don’t call me blondie!” I shouted at him. “I have a name!” I pointed to the name tag attached to my shirt right over my heart. Engraved in small block letters were four letters: Y, U, R, and I. I had always thought Yuri was an easy enough name to pronounce. Maybe I had always been wrong.

“Yuri, don’t yell at the customers.” Mila chided as she passed by me, a large platter of food balanced precariously on the fingertips of one hand.

I put on the best smile I could as I retrieved the coffee pot, and poured my customer a mug. “And what would you like to eat?”

He ordered a BLT, and I put his order in with Georgi in the kitchen. I hid in the corner to check my phone, as I technically wasn’t supposed to have my phone on me during my shift. My heart sank when there were no new messages from either Otabek or JJ. Beka, especially, usually texted me at the end of their school day, telling me how excited he was to see me, whether I was working or not.

I sighed, sliding my phone back into the waistband of my pants before serving another table I’d taken orders for. I was hoping for a better tip from them than the man I’d snapped at. I didn’t expect him to be overly generous with his tip, if he tipped at all.

As I went to bus a newly empty table, the bell on the front door jingled. Two men entered, both sporting the same black undercuts. They both talked to and laughed with Mila before she seated them. She stumbled toward me, caught up in a fit of giggles.

“Yuri, your undercuts are waiting for you in your section.” She sang as she passed.

I resisted the urge to shove her as I tightened my ponytail and pulled my notepad from the pouch in my short apron.

“Welcome.” I said, forcing myself to follow the diner’s script. “Can I get you anything to start?”

JJ put his elbow on the table, resting his cheek on his fist. “Oh, Yuri. How cute you are when you’re at work. How much do I have to tip you now for you to wear cat ears and a tail while you serve us?”

Otabek held his thumb up as he looked from his iPod to me, a set of large black stereo headphones over one ear.

My whole face burned, and I felt the need to look to my feet. “I’m not doing that.” I told them bluntly.

JJ stuck his bottom lip out in a pout. “Come on. Please? For us?”

I shook my head vigorously. “I don’t need Mila making fun of me any more than she does already.”

“If you just ignore her, then it doesn’t matter.” He smirked.

“Beka, can you make Jean-Jacques shut his pie hole?” I hissed.

Otabek kicked JJ under the table, looking back to his iPod. “JJ, shut the hell up. I’m trying to set up a playlist for later.”

“Add Party Rock for me.” He winked, putting up his signature double J’s. I could practically hear him saying ‘It’s JJ Style!’ about his absolutely shit music choice.

Otabek turned to me with a look that was a cross of down right misery and absolute disgust. “I think I’ll have a piece of pie. Apple sounds good, Yura.” He said.

I jotted it down. “Coming right up. And you, JJ?”

“I’ll have what Otabek’s having. And I’m sure that that will be you later as well.” JJ grinned.

My face burned again. Why did he have to do that when I was at work? He knew there was a time and place for it, right? “Anything to drink?”

JJ grinned larger before Beka kicked his shin again. “We’ll both have coffee.” Otabek told me before the other man could say anything else.

I scrawled out the rest of their order before rushing off to get it filled. I was much more diligent with getting their coffee than I had been with the other man, who grumbled a thanks when I brought him his sandwich.

Mila giggled behind me as I served Otabek and JJ their pie. She escaped to the kitchen before I could say anything to her, though.

I stalked to the kitchen after her, and she was standing just inside the door waiting for me. Had she been expecting me to follow her?

“Why were you laughing, hag?” I hissed.

“Your roommates are cute.” She replied.


“So, are they single? Especially Otabek. I would like to go out with him on a date, get to know him better. I’ve wanted to ask him out for a while.” Mila giggled again. It was getting annoying.

“They’re both taken.” I hissed.

She frowned. “Really? You’re sure?”

“A boyfriend.” I replied.

“A boyfriend?” Georgi questioned. “As in they share one?”

“It’s called polyamory, Georgi. It’s a thing in the world.” I grinned. “They’re mine.” I turned, my ponytail whipping out behind me, and went back to the floor.

I checked in on my undercuts. They had pushed JJ’s pie slice aside, and were taking turns feeding each other forkfuls of flaky pastry and apple filling.

“Hey, pretty kitty.” JJ winked as his lips wrapped around the end of Otabek’s fork.

“You know only Beka calls me that, asshole.” I meant it as a term of endearment, and he knew it. I called him an asshole all the time. I wanted, more than anything, to sit with them and join in the pie eating.

Somehow they drew on the eating of two pie slices to the end of my shift, taunting me more and more each time I passed until they were in the same side of their booth. They exchanged soft, teasing kisses as I passed, tormenting me even more, and it was unnatural to see them both act so soft.

“And he’s free.” JJ said as I stood in front of their booth when my shift was over, my apron hung in the back room.

“Took long enough, kitten.” Otabek murmured, and it took a great deal of self restraint to not start making out with him.

“Can we just go home now?” I asked, begged, although it came out as more of a whine. It was probably showing that I was even just a bit younger than them, but I didn’t care. I was going to lose all self control if they weren’t careful.

“Of course, mon petit chat.” JJ briefly dropped into French as he slid out of the booth with Otabek following close after.

I led the way to the parking lot and JJ’s car. Part of me was saddened that Beka hadn’t brought his motorcycle, but I knew that all three of us wouldn’t have fit.

We all settled into the car for the short ride home. There was tension in the atmosphere. Not negative, angry tension. A more romantic tension. Sexual tension. I knew that all three of us were anticipating what would come when we got to JJ’s house and the front door was closed.

Concerning the Gotham City Sirens Movie

Can we start a petition to:
1. Not have David Ayer, the director of Suicide Squad, direct this movie. Maybe have a woman direct who’ll prioritize character over sex appeal.
2. To stay with cannon and let Harvey leave the Joker’s abusive ass and end run away with her girlfriend Poison Ivy.
3. Give Catwoman a good origin story and let her be the catsuit wearing former dominatrix turned catburgler.
4. Don’t cast Jared Leto as the Joker anymore he’s just not good at it.
5. Be realistic and don’t destroy half the city like it’s nothing, please.

Feel free to add more if you want.

Pitch was diverse, had a black female lead, addressed topics like rape, feminism, and mental health. It had healthy relationship dynamics. It had SEVERAL great, complex, female characters with agency and narrative. It had good writing and excellent acting. ALL THAT AND IT WAS JUST GETTING STARTED. But it had no following.

Pitch being cancelled should shut down every argument against the prevalence of fandom racism, white feminism and racial bias in entertainment. There is no way in HELL this show should have failed. It had EVERYTHING going for it - EVERYTHING! It just comes back to race, like everydamnthing. If Ginny had been played by a pretty white girl she’d have been everywhere. She’d be the most talked about thing on tumblr with the exact same storylines, personality, love interests and backstory.

It’s hard to imagine there’s ever gonna be another show/film about the first female in major league baseball, but if there is, chances are she’ll be white and watch what happens….

Tumblr can’t be responsible for a show’s failure, it’s not that powerful. But the site at least can start a conversation or a movement. Pitch would’ve gotten cancelled with or without being hot shit on tumblr. BUT if tumblr gave a damn, there could’ve at least been a little fight for it. Petitions, hashtags, anything…something to show it had an audience. Maybe caught the interest of other networks.

I’ve seen what the White Feminists of Tumblr can do when it comes to fighting for a character they think “deserved better ”. Y'all know how to get your discourse to the right people -in a shockingly organized manner.

Well, Ginny Baker deserved better, too. We deserved Ginny Baker. And there’s no “crew ” or “defense squad ” to be seen.