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We Need to Talk About Misha

*rolls up sleeves*

Okay guys.

I have heard some disturbing shit from this fandom over the past few years that’s I’ve had both the pleasure and misfortune to be a part of it. But this takes the fucking biscuit.

Recently Misha actually had reason to fear for his safety because of so-called ‘fans’ of this show. Which, while I’m on the subject, is fucking horrendous. I haven’t said anything about it so far because I don’t want to get into arguments with people who are actually low enough to think that this is acceptable behaviour towards anyone, never mind Misha.

But what I want to discuss is not the shit that Misha has taken from certain people who work on the show, we all know who they are, and it’s not the shit he’s had about the ‘You Are Not Alone’ campaign, you know that one where he and Jensen tried to do some fucking good and got treated like shit, that one? No it’s not that.

It’s Casifer.

Now, to clear it up - I am a Misha fan. I follow him on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, I haven’t participated in GISHWHES or Random Acts because I’m a useless broke human being, I have my own ‘You Are Not Alone’ t-shirt and a ‘Misha For President’ one too.

You can chose to ignore the fact that I also have every one of the AKF t-shirts, up to season 8 of SPN on DVD (waiting on the others), follow Jensen and Jared on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram as well as Mark, Felicia, Osric, Ruth, Laureen, DJ, Richard, Rob, Mark, Sebastian and many more, stopped self-harming because of Jared’s campaign, became friends with awesome people due to the show, own no merch except the ones I’ve mentioned a Cas keyring, a Samulet and Impala necklaces and a couple of autographs that my best friends bought me while she was at one of the cons I don’t go to. I also have nothing to contribute to the SPN Family Crisis Support Network other than what comes from me buying the YANA t-shirt.

Think whatever you like about my motivations for this but here’s the main point of this post - it doesn’t matter who the person receiving hate is it’s not right!

What I’ve heard is that Misha can’t act, his fans are ruining the show, AND, most shockingly - that he wasn’t attacked, he simply fell while drunk.

When Cas first appeared as Casifer I was so weirded out by it I thought “what is he doing?” but now? I just watched 11x18 and I have to say, when Misha wasn’t on screen I was bored. I mean no disrespect to the actors at all, they do amazing jobs, Jared had me almost actually feeling his pain in 11x17 and the man should get a damn Emmy for every single time he’s on screen but Misha held up that episode on his own. He was going between Cas and Luicfer so seemlessly it was almost freaky.

You can sit there and shake your head as you’re reading this and say you disagree, that’s fine but his fans are there for a reason. And Misha fans are also fans of the show, fans of the other actors, fans of the other people who work on the show and they’re helping to keep the show on the air, as if everyone who watches it for whatever reason.

But, to say that Misha wasn’t attacked and just fell while he was drunk and then lied about it? That’s beyond disrespectful, not only to him, to the person he is, but to his friends on the show. You don’t like Misha but you like Jared or Jensen? Okay, do you think they would go along with it? And before you say he lied, do you think after seven years working together and spending time together outside of work they wouldn’t know by now?

We all know this is some kind of pettiness but I honestly don’t understand the reason. This man does so much work, not just on the show, but outside of it, to help people to bring people together and make life a little bit easier. 

And how is he repayed?

Nastiness, pettiness, hatred and threats?

Nice work, guys. I’m sure whatever actor you’re lusting over on the show would be real proud of your contributions to the world. I’m not saying you have to love him or even like him but I can promise you you’d enjoy your life more if you just let it go, just stop putting it out there. I don’t like plenty of people, I don’t waste my time and energy making it know and actively putting out into the world.

Feel free to add any kind of link of awesomeness that Misha does or shows here, I don’t have any to hand, but let’s just add awesome.

There is literally nothing wrong with saying “down with hate” and 500 things wrong with saying “down with cis” it’s not a joke anymore and people are taking it seriously so can we stop spreading that shit this isn’t about “silencing trans problems” because that’s not what “down with hate” is doing this is about taking a joke out of context and using it to spread hate and misinformation