can we see it plz

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since hawker's computer isnt working can we see whats going on at the soriel or papyton date plz....?

Shhhh… You can wait a little longer for an update. Be patient little one.

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idk why but i wanted to make that XD

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Can we see Yano's eyes plz? I'm curious to see how bad it is

there it is! he got clawmarks and a peace of skin missing near the left eye, pupils are damaged and eyes bleeds everytime he blinks
(this was said and drawn originally by his creator, i just redid it)

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Hihi!!! Please do boyfriend jungkook too I loved the seokjin and Jimin one so much!!! <3

so ive gotten this requested twice and it took lonng bcuz svt and nct127 have been up my buTT but here we go

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Dating Jeongguk

  • well well well what have you gotten yourself into, dating a living meme
  • be prepared for a wild ride because jeongguk is a fluffy squishy adorable mess and wowowowowowow
  • he wouldn’t even be subtle with liking you
  • like if he thinks you’re attractive he’ll be trying to get you attention nonstop
  • that doesn’t mean he’ll straight up admit he likes you though
  • at first it’ll be a lot of really dumb stuff like you’ll be sitting there with everyone and he kinda just strolls in with like with a pineapple in hand even though this is library??
  • and he kinda smirks and winks all dramatically “Baby if you were a fruit you would be a fineapple”
  • and you kinda “What the actual f-”
  • and before you can like question what has happened jimin and taehyung have dragged him off to kindly remind him that is not the way to get someone to fall for you
  • and his fave gross pick up line would be “Do you like seafood? wanna a taste of these muscles?” and he flexes and this time seokjin is the one to drag him off because “i raised you better than this you brat”
  • but  then you like get him one on one and he is not a meme and he is not a clown and he is not joking around with you??
  • he’s really shy and embarrassed and you catch him staring at you every like two seconds but he’ll immediately turn the other direction and it’s actually really endearing??
  • like he’s “accidentally” brushing his hands over yours and he’s other little touches like” “oops sorry i touched your face there was a string there??”
  • he’s really shy when it’s actually the two of you but he still manages to flirt just not as obnoxiously like he kinda “you should wear that shirt more often, really makes your eyes shine more than usual” or “did you do something to your hair today? I really like it a lot! Not like I ever dislike your hair or anything I mean…”
  • which makes him blush and stammer again
  • he finally manages to ask you out with help from the other boys and like namjoon helps him pick an outfit and hoseok buys him some flowers to give to you and jin is giving him advice on what to say and jimin and tae have more pick up lines and yoongi has kissing advice (and jeongguk is like have you ever even kissed anyone before um??)
  • “now remember you brat, you don’t use tongue until like date seventeen.”
  • “yOoNgI-hYunG PLeASe”
  • and so you’re chilling there and he comes out of nowhere with the flowers and you can legit hear the other boys giggling and whispering from around the corner and you swear you see a camera too???
  • and you’re all red and embarrassed but not as badly as jeongguk and he kinda waves and shoves the flowers in your face like “willyoupleasecomeseethatnewsuperheromoviewithme”
  • and you’re “whoa slow down man it’s just me”
  • “will you please come to that new superhero movie with me cause you are beautiful and amazing and wonderful and funny and cute and i wanna date you really baDlY-”
  • and you can hear yoongi the other boys snickering from the back and you just roll your eyes then smile at poor baby kook who’s about to melt into a puddle
  • and you just kinda nod and take the flowers and he can’t really help it and he hugs you all tight and cuTE and he’s so musculAR and you can feel it through his shirt and???
  • and you smile all sweet and kiss his cheek and he dies right there and then boom dead
  • and he finally pulls away after like seventeen hours and he smiles that bunny smile “i’ll pick you up tonigHT”
  • and by pick you up he means jin is gonna be a mom and carpool his butt to your place
  • and when he gets there he’s wearing a cute super hero shirt and by cute I mean rude because it’s tight as hell on his muscles
  • and you have a huge butt purse and he’s “do you have a dog in there can I see it”
  • and you’re “????????? No it’s for snacks so we don’t pay, plz I’m broke”
  • and he takes your hand all nervously and leads you to the car and as soon as you sit down jin is all “alright kids, don’t do anything nasty in the movie theatre okay keep your hands to yourself jeongguk-”
  • and he’s !! so so so red and he’s stammering and explaining how he would never ever in a million years and jin glares at him then smiles at you and asks you how your day is going
  • in the movie jeongguk pulls the cheesy yawn and stretch and you’re like srsly?? but it’s actually really cute because you can tell he’s embarrassed and sheepish and you two are so wrapped up in each other you don’t notice yoongi and hoseok (who were sent by jin) throwing popcorn at you every time you two get a lil too close
  • dates with jeongguk would always be upbeat and fun like he’s a young kid, he doesn’t want to pull a grandpa card and go to dinner every night??
  • like one of your earlier dates would be an amusement park and after like eating cotton candy and funnel cakes and then riding the biggest roller coaster in the park he thinks he might die and he’s really dramatic “like if I die because of this I want to die with you as my girlfriend”
  • and so like you always go back to that park cause that’s where you two became official and it’s nice when you get scared and jeongguk hold your hand
  • and you do a lot of other fun stuff like that like going to carnivals with more rides and greasy foods
  • and he always wins you something like at the apartment y’all have like seventeen goldfish and a giant teddy bear and then some more plushies that hog up your bed and force jeongguk to stop winning you things cause he misses his snuggles
  • he would probably like group dates a lot too like if jimin and tae had girlfriends he would always want all of you to do something together??
  • whatever the boys do you get dragged along??
  • like they’re going to a water park  on their day off well guess who’s gonna be there, that’s right, you
  • and all the other boys dote on you because wow baby jeongguk has finally found love we thought this day would never come
  • they’re always embarrassing him in front of you, especially tae and jimin
  • “wow look I found this baby picture of jeongguk wasn’t he such a cutie??”
  • okay so now to the good parts
  • skinship is either hella intense or hella timid there isn’t an in between
  • he’s like ten so that means hormones af so some days he’s like wow wouldn’t it be fun if we,, i don’t know,, made out,,????
  • and others days he won’t even look at you because he’s a shy bun and he can’t deal with how cute you are and how you make his heart race
  • at first he’s more reserved but once you two are together are long enough he would be so liberal with affection? like while shy it wouldn’t be like one kiss it would be like hello yes i’m nervous but im gonna every square inch of your face
  • faves would be nose kisses and he likes getting nose kisses (his nose is so cute??) and obviously lip kisses???
  • rude af though like sometimes he’ll lean in all close for a hug and it’s cute but then he’ll move his head just a bit and kiss your neck and then pull away like nothing happened
  • probably also rude as in like hello you’re paying more attention to this movie than to me well i’m gonna nip your eaR
  • he’s just rude in general //jin shouldve raised him better smh//
  • in public he would probably have his hand around your waist more than hold hands because he’s big and tall and that makes him feel more powerful and manly and it shows other guys there’s no way they have a chance
  • i don’t see him getting jealous without reason? like if another guy talks to you it’s whatever, he understands, you’re gorgeous but as soon as someone hits on you??
  • probably need to hold him back from punching someone boy will use his muscles if he needs
  • but he would probably kiss you long and hard like even tho this is a public area (gets scolded by a few moms) just to show that yes you are very much taken
  • like imagine this
  • jeongguk has been at practice all day and it’s just you and the goldfish and your’e bored and lonely
  • and he texts you like hey babe i got carry out coming your way we can snuggle and watch a romantic movie
  • and you’re so !! bcuz this is the boy that forces you to watch iron man 25/8 along with cartoons and you’re so excited??
  • and he gets home and you eat your chow fun and lo mein and fried wontons and all that good stuff
  • and he tells you to go get some blankets from upstairs while he sets up the movie
  • you come back down and naruto is on the screen
  • not even ouran high school host club or something quality
  • it’s god forsaken naruto and you scream becauSE SASUKE AND NARUTO GLARING AT EACH OTHER IS NOT ROMANCE FOR THE LAST TIME
  • pet naMES
  • “babe, baby, baby girl, sugar, gumdrOP” honestly anything cute and poppy
  • he likes when you call him bunny tbh don’t tell the others that though shh
  • although he’s all about going out date nights in are like every single night
  • like guess who’s gonna be watching free again for the seventh hundredth millionth time
  • but then he gets upset with how you fawn over rin or something and he puts naruto back on
  • and you always play video games together like super smash brothers and you always end up losing because this boy has perfected his skill but then you pout and whine and he lets you win..
  • when the other boys are over he always puts the game on tag team mode you can make hoseok and yoongi taste defeat at your hands (but really so he can congratulate for winning the game with a big fat kiss)
  • throughout the day his favorite thing to do is take awful pictures of the other boys and then zoom in on their faces and send them to you
  • like “morning babe, doesn’t it look like namjoon just swallowed a bee or something??”
  • although he’s young he’s pretty good at reading the mood
  • like he can tell when you’re upset and his first initial response is always to fight whatever is upsetting you
  • but then he’ll pull you into his arms and let you cry into his chest and he’ll rub your back and sing until you either calm down or fall asleep
  • and if you’re really upset like in a funk he’ll buy you something
  • he’s not always about gifts you can buy like he would rather win you something or make you something so a lot of times he works with yoongi to write you a song or works with hoseok to choreograph a new dance just for you
  • this boy would try to get you to dance always btw
  • and one day he has the great idea to try and dance with you on his back and he just kinda falls and you fall over on top of him and you’re both laughing and smiling and he just leans up and kisses you and did i mention rude
  • boy would not be one for small talk at night
  • small baby just wants to sleep and usually he has an arm around your waist and his nose is buried in the crook of your shoulder and sometimes you wonder if he’s comfortable buT?
  • he wakes you up every morning with him shower singing to vixx and it’s really loud and off key and the neighbours have threatened to report you guys but oh whale
  • have fun dating a meme
  • but a loving meme who would treat you like the world and give you everything in it