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Victor loves Yuri an insane amount! (LOOK AT THAT LOVING GAZE)
Yurio and Otabek love whatever they’re looking at!
Phichit loves himself.


Title: Poster
Author: @kaijoskopycat
A/N Summary: For @victuuri-week, Day 1: Confessions

“So many posters!" 

Yuuri is clearly mortified. Viktor has seen Yuuri’s face brighten about ten different shades of red before. He’s actually a shade away from ten right now as he frantically tries to push his bedside table drawer shut. 

Not that it really matters. Viktor has seen all of them. 

All of them almost sounds like an understatement. Yuuri has posters of him that Viktor himself didn’t even know were released. It’s impressive, really. 

"So many… could you wallpaper your walls with them?" 

Yuuri turns away from Viktor, bows over the bedside table with an exasperated, embarrassed sigh. "Can we please stop talking about this?" 

"Ah,” Viktor lifts a reprimanding finger and clicks his tongue against his teeth. “I reserve the right to ask at least one more question about my posters. They do have my face on them, after all." 

Yuuri grumbles something against the surface of the table before reluctantly pulling his body back up and glancing over his shoulder to meet Viktor’s bright, sparkly grin. "One question,” he says. “And then I’m cutting you off." 

"So cruel!” Viktor snickers and leans back against Yuuri’s wall. “Why me?” He lifts his finger against to stop Yuuri’s immediate response. “Besides the obvious. Besides what I already know." 

That Yuuri admired him above everyone else. Still does. 

Yuuri bites his lip and turns away. He fiddles with the handle of the drawer before slowing pulling it open. His fingers ghost over the top poster, the most recent one released. Viktor is in the outfit he wore at his last competitive skating match. 

"You’re so…” Yuuri pauses. Viktor can almost hear the gears in Yuuri’s head clicking along, throwing away things he doesn’t want to say, supplying the real feelings he wants to express. “So beautiful." 

It’s Viktor’s turn to blush. 

"I just can’t imagine anyone else on my walls,” Yuuri continues. He caresses the cheek of the Viktor in the poster and Viktor himself shudders, wants to lean in to the touch. “You inspire more than just skating. I became more confident because of you, more determined, more real…” Yuuri chuckles softly to himself and glances over his shoulder. His smile is so soft it makes Viktor’s heart ache. 


"And you still leave me so breathless…" 

Viktor crosses the room in two long strides, wraps his arms around Yuuri’s waist. "Quite an answer, Yuuri,” he breathes. Quite a confession

Yuuri smiles. “I did mention confidence, didn’t I?”

Viktor chuckles and presses his lips to Yuuri cheek. “You certainly did.”

The Ghost in Apartment 1403 pt8

Reader x Namjoon

Genre: Angst, supernatural, fluff, humor

Warnings: Mentions of death, dark themes, generally kind of sad at times. If you are concerned that it may be triggering for you, please feel free to message me about it and I can let you know in more detail exactly what happens <3

Short summary;

Namjoon was a (relatively speaking) normal music producer moving up in the world–until he became a ghost. With no memory of what happened, and no idea what he’s doing still on earth, he haunts his old apartment–consequently bothering its new inhabitant (who also happens to be the only person who can see or hear him).

Part 1, 2 , 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

CHAPTER WARNING: There is nothing happy in this part, no jokes. It ended up very glum, I’m sorry. If you’re at all concerned about it triggering you, please message me and we can talk about it, or I would be happy to give you a summary of what happens so future parts will make sense <3

It didn’t take long to find everything you needed, Namjoon knew his computer well, and it was all saved to the thumb drive within fifteen minutes. 

“Let’s get out of here.” You said, closing the laptop once more before looking over to where Namjoon was staring blankly at a poster on the wall. “Namjoon?” You prompted, making your way over to him. You recognized the poster, it was for a band that was huge at the moment–though you couldn’t quite remember the name. 

“I produced the album that put them on the charts.” He said, his voice detached. “Even wrote a few of the songs.”

“Impressive.” You said, unsure of why Namjoon sounded so sad about this fact. 

“I spent so much of my time making other peoples music.” Namjoon said, more to himself than to you. “Since my senior year of high school, I worked non stop. Spent all day studying and all night writing. And what do I have to show for it?” He let out a humorless laugh. “Not a single damn thing.” 

“I’m sure that’s not true.” You said gently. 

“I always thought there’d be more time. I could make my album later, spend time with my parents later. Be somebody, later.”

“You certainly made an impression on your friends. They loved you a lot.” That much was clear to you, and you hoped that Namjoon could see it too.

Namjoon shook his head, but didn’t say anything more. The two of you stood in silence for a moment, before there was a light knock on the door and Jungkook stuck his head inside. 

“Sorry, I just…” 

“It’s fine.” You gave him a smile, grateful that you were long finished with Namjoons laptop. If Jungkook had walked in as you were transferring files, you had no idea how you would explain it. “I was about to leave.” 

Jungkook nodded. “We–Me, Taehyung and Yoongi–were going to see Namjoon today. You know, tell him how life has been. Taehyung says he can hear us, I don’t know… But anyway, I wanted to know if you’d like to come along?” 

The offer was heartbreaking. You wished there was some way to tell Jungkook the truth, some way to explain to him who you really were and why you were there. But you couldn’t, you knew that. You also knew that if you went with them, even if Yoongi didn’t call the cops, you would be intruding on something that you had no business in. 

“Jungkook–that’s really sweet of you to offer, but I…” Namjoon looked close to tears, and then suddenly, he was gone. He disappeared through the wall, abandoning you with Jungkook. “I don’t think I can today.” You finished, trying not to look as startled as you felt. “I wish I could–really I do, but…”

“Don’t worry about it.” Jungkook gave you a quick smile. “I get it. There are days I can’t be there, either. Maybe another time.” 

“Definitely.” You agreed. Namjoon was such a pain in the butt, you had no idea how he had such kind, understanding friends. 

“I should get going, then.” Jungkook took a step towards the door. “But let me know if there’s anything else I can do.” 

“Thank you–Oh, and Jungkook?” He was halfway through the door when you called his name, raising an eyebrow in question. “Could you not mention my being here to Yoongi?” 

“Yeah. Absolutely. Is there a reason why?” You could see why Yoongi was so protective of Jungkook–he was sweet, trusting, and gullible. It was going to get him into trouble someday. 

“Yoongi and I have a… Complicated relationship, if you know what I mean?” You weren’t even sure what you meant, but you hoped Jungkook would jump to enough conclusions not to ask too many more questions. 

“Not really.” He shook his head. “But don’t worry. As far as Yoongi knows, you were never here.” He gave you one last innocent smile before he was gone, leaving you completely alone in Namjoons office. 

“You should have gone with them.” You said when you returned to your apartment. Namjoon was laying across the couch watching some sappy movie. You knew the movie wasn’t why his cheeks were damp, but you weren’t about to ask him if he’d been crying–he’d tell you if he wanted to talk about it. 

“Why? So I wouldn’t be here, bothering you?” Namjoon asked, his voice bitter. 

“Because they’re at your grave talking to thin air while you could actually be listening to them.” You huffed, sitting down where his feet hovered. He didn’t complain like he usually did, however, just moved them out of the way. 

“And what good would that do?” Namjoon asked. “I can’t even water a damn house plant, what good would it do them for me to be there?” 

You wanted to argue, but couldn’t think of anything to say. “You should get started on finishing your music.” You said, putting the USB drive with all his songs on the coffee table. “Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help.” 

You left him sitting there, choosing to make dinner rather than sit with the moping ghost. There wasn’t anything more you could do for him for the time being, you knew that. All you could do was hope that releasing his music would let his soul rest.

“I want food.” Namjoon said from over your shoulder as you poured soup into a bowl. “I know I’m dead and all, but I think I must have died hungry and stayed that way.” 

Without saying anything, you got down another bowl out of the cabinet, filling it with soup as well. Then, you carried both bowls over to the table along with two spoons. 

Namjoon watched in silence, eventually seeming to figure out what you were doing. “Is that for me?” He asked, floating over to where you sat. 

“No, it’s for the other ghost in my apartment.” You said, taking a careful sip of the hot broth. “Sit. It’ll get cold.” 

“Thank you.” Namjoon said, so quietly it was almost inaudible as he sat across from you. 

“No problem.” You said, looking up from your food to give him a smile. But when you did so, he was much more faint than you had ever seen him. 

“I made a website.” Namjoon floated so he was directly in front of the TV, blocking your view. It had been a week since you stole Namjoons music files, and you were finally realizing that police weren’t going to come knocking on your door to arrest you. 

“Yippee.” You deadpanned. “Now move.” 

“I’m going to make a youtube channel too.” Namjoon continued. “And soundcloud. But first, I need a name.” 

“You have a name.” You blinked, picking up the remote and turning off the TV so you could hear Namjoon better. He was easier to see now, but his voice still wasn’t as loud as usual. Was it possible for ghosts to get sick?

“No, I need a stage name. I can’t publish something as me–I’m dead, remember?” 

“Didn’t you have some kind of stage name before?” You asked. “Or one you were going to use when you finished your album?” 

“Yeah, but it was my producing name, Runch Randa.” 

“Can’t use that…” You muttered. Too many people would could potentially recognize the name, it would look suspicious. 

“Right. So I was thinking, I rap, right?” 

“Okay.” You shrugged. You had yet to hear any of Namjoon finished music, he was keeping it a secret until it was done and published. 

“And I’m a ghost. So what if I called myself Rap Ghost.” 

“That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.” You shook your head, unable to stop the laughter bubbling up. 

The next day, Namjoon informed you that his music was done, and he was ready to click upload. You could see the fear in his eyes, even though Namjoon was smiling. 

“Do you want me to do it?” You asked, sitting down next to him at the computer that evening. You noticed that the name Rap Monster was by the title of the song. It seemed like a very Namjoon name.

“Well, I can’t with you watching me anyway…” Namjoon shrugged, and you nodded. You moved the mouse, clicked the button, and waited.

Nothing happened. 

“I’m not gone.” Namjoon said flatly. 

“That was just Youtube.” You said, switching tabs. You felt a sudden rush of relief as you spoke, however. Namjoon wasn’t gone, and you were grateful for it. “Maybe soudcloud?” You uploaded the songs there, and once again, Namjoon stayed. He crossed his arms, frowning at the screen. 

“Maybe people have to hear it.” Namjoon said after a second. You left the room so he could share it to twitter, reply to people with links, tweet it to as many people as he could. 

But an hour later, he came floating through the wall to sit with you on your bed. 

“I’m still here.” He sighed. “So you’re going to be stuck with me for a while longer.” 

“We’ll figure something out.” You said at his sad expression. “You won’t be stuck here forever. I promise.”

“What if I like being stuck here?” He asked quietly. 

“Then you’re welcome to stay as long as you want.” You said, the words even surprising you a little as they left your mouth. But you found that you meant it, and the more you thought about it, the more you were sure you were going to miss Namjoon when he was gone. 

The views on Namjoons songs rose at an alarming speed, and you couldn’t believe how many comments they were getting. Though, you could understand why. The whole album (though you weren’t sure if it really was an album since you couldn’t buy it anywhere) was full of relatable songs about anything from heartbreak to equality issues to money problems. 

“Namjoon, these songs aren’t half bad.” You called into the other room, and Namjoon stuck his head through the door. 

“I know.” He said. “I wouldn’t have wanted to release them if they were crap.” 

But his cheeks turned a light pink, and once again, he became more translucent. You frowned. “Namjoon?” You asked slowly, closing your laptop. “Are you feeling alright?” 

Namjoon stepped further into the room, confusion on his face. “I’m feeling normal, I think.” He said with a shrug. “Why?” 

“You’re…” Your voice trailed off. “I can see through you.” 

“Yeah, I’m a ghost. Can’t you always see through me?” 

You shook your head. “No. Sometimes you’re as solid as if you were… Well, solid. But sometimes…” Even as you spoke, he faded in and out, sometimes hardly even an outline before coming back. “But maybe that’s a normal ghost thing.” 

“Are you worried?” Namjoon said teasingly, approaching the bed where you sat. 

“No.” You said quickly. 

“You are, aren’t you?” Namjoon smiled brilliantly, leaning down so he was eye level with you. “But you shouldn’t be. I’m dead, so it’s not like anything bad can happen to me.” 

“Oh, go away.” You waved your hand as though you were going to put it through his face and he stepped back quickly, but his smile didn’t budge. 

“You’re blushing.” 

“Am not.” You opened your laptop once more, trying your best to pretend you didn’t hear the laughter coming from the ghost standing in your bedroom. 

“I don’t understand it, how the hell could this happen?” Yoongi was on the edge of losing it, Namjoon could tell. He had decided to check in on the production team on a whim, and now he thought it might be because they were talking about him (Was that a thing? Could people summon him? He had no idea). 

“How should I know?” Jimin shook his head. “Are you sure it’s really his?” 

“Positive.” Yoongi drummed his fingers on the meeting room table. “Jungkook, you recognize Namjoons music too, don’t you?” 

Jungkook nodded wordlessly, staring at the wood of the table as though answers were written there. 

“So you’re telling me,” Jimin said. “That somehow, someone got their hands on Namjoons unfinished songs–ones that only the two of you and Taehyung knew he was even writing–finished them, and posted them online under a different name as their own.” 

“Yes.” Yoongi growled. “I can prove it, too. They’re all still on Namjoons laptop in his office.” 

“Yeah? And how did this person find his music, or even know to look for it? It had to have been posted somewhere.” 

“It wasn’t.” Jungkook said quietly, his eyes still wide. “He only ever saved it to his computer, and a backup he kept under his desk.” 

“If what you’re saying is true.” Jimin rubbed his eyes. “Then it had to be someone in this building–no one else has access to his computer, or office for that matter. And it’s only the two of you who knew he was working on an album, so…” Jimin looked between the two. 

“If you’re suggesting it was one of us, you can go to hell.” Yoongi said. 

“There isn’t anyone else it could be.” Jimin ran a hand through his hair.

“There is one person.” Jungkook said, looking like he might cry. “But she wouldn’t do that. She wouldn’t steal Namjoons music. Would she?” He looked up slowly, and Namjoon had no idea how he was going to fix this. 

A/N This was more angsty than normal, I feel like. I’m sorry. This is definitely one of the saddest/darkest things I’ve written, but believe it or not, I have a happy ending planned (I think it’s happy, anyway). There’s just a lot of angst before we get there. I’m going to keep dropping hints about it though, haha. Thank you for reading! And as always, let me know how you feel about it! I hope it didn’t make anyone too sad, and if it did, feel free to yell at me <3 <3 <3

you do not need to be a pretty victim. there is something very toxic in our world where sometimes people “deserve” what happens to them. where you learn - maybe i deserved it. maybe if i hadn’t talked back he wouldn’t have hit me, if i had worn different clothing, if i had just been a nicer person in general these things wouldn’t have happened to me. 

victims are always gentle people who only want to help. how do i explain that we’re not like that. we’re angry and we’re hurting and sometimes that anger is violent. sometimes we’re hard to like. sometimes we are the people you hate, unwilling to make friends and genuinely unlikable. and when that happens, we “deserve” it. what happened to us was a result of our actions.

abusers have made this rule up. they have created it so they can win. so they can teach us that if we weren’t silly and ignorant and worthless and useless we wouldn’t deserve it. that everyone else sees us this way in the end. that we’re pathetic. that we were mean to someone once, that we won’t smile on the bus, that we didn’t keep ourselves virgin-white before marriage, that we made it happen for whatever reason comes up. 

bad people deserve bad things. but what if we’ve only ever been told we’re a bad person too. what if our mental illnesses tell us we’re bad because we’re a burden. what if we’re mean and spiteful and angry. are we good enough victims for you?

i am a poster child for pity when i tell you i was young and desperate to please, that i volunteer, that i just want to take all the hardship i was handed and make it into kindness as often as i can. but i deserve it when i talk about the fact i’m bitter, frequently jealous, occasionally prone to screaming, that i’m ambitious, very good at manipulation, and occasionally cruel as i can be. these are just two sides of me. do you want me to be free of blame because you like me. do you wish you didn’t like me?

good people are easy. we know the world is unfair. but i am not always good, because i am a person that is just trying to survive long enough to learn what it means to be me. 

what happens when i’m ugly?

Your Zodiac Sign: No Sugar Coating | TheZodiacCity
  • Aries: You're always on the hunt for some new thrill, most of the time to cover up the fact that you actually live a boring, unfulfilled life; you love being the over-protective one but don't really know your limits; you're fun to be around, I'll give you that but that's only if your constant need to nitpick at something doesn't get in the way
  • Taurus: Oh Taurus, you have so much potential but that's usually sidetracked by your half-assed attempts at most things; you have a problem with every little freakin' thing that doesn't go your way (boo hoo); and you'd be a breeze to talk to if you didn't have constant diarrhea of the mouth (tell you my secrets? hell no)
  • Gemini: Talking a lot isn't your problem, talking about 5 topics in 2 minutes is your lose people with your maze of discussions; most people like you, they do, but you can be so judgmental and very difficult to understand; and for goodness sake, please stop acting like you're so "unbothered" by every damn are human right?
  • Cancer: We know you get sick of hearing how emotional you are...truth is, you hold your emotions down very well but when you want to become the poster child for "hissy fits", there's no stopping you; Cancer, can you hear me? Listen (or look rather), you don't have to know every muthaf*ckin' thing. I mean damn, you act like it's a sin to not INCLUDE you in something
  • Leo: You're a good person Leo, but you have a messed up attitude and it radiates to others more than you know. Between your weird facial expressions, dramatic-ness (I made that up) and your touchy moments, you're like a pile of stink garbage sometimes that no one wants to be around; your heart is big and people love you for that -- focus more on self-gratification though because you wear yourself out trying to be "Saint Leo who really doesn't want to do something but does it so you don't hear someone's mouth"
  • Virgo: Virgo, you try to care but most of the time you're making it look good. Are you compassionate? Are you sensitive to the needs of others? Yes, but far and few between do moments happen where you're deeply affected by it; You're a smart one Virgo, serious brain power you have there -- if only you could turn down those annoying thoughts that drive you bat shit crazy on the inside
  • Libra: You're probably doing something for someone right this minutes. Are you? If not, it won't be long. There's nothing wrong with "looking out" for people but sh*t, who's looking out for you?; and speak up dammit, why focus so much of your lovely energy on keeping things bottled up? Oh I see, you don't want to be disliked...well guess what, somebody out there hates your guts (just being honest) so you obviously can't please everybody
  • Scorpio: My dear Scorpio, you're a lot my friend. A whole lot to deal with -- and that's why many people back away. Don't tell me you haven't noticed; If you had a penny for all those crazy thoughts that run through your head, you'd definitely be able to pay someone's rent, at the least; You're another one with a good heart though, can't deny that but you need to work on being more of the genuine person you expect everyone else to be
  • Sagittarius: I like you Sagittarius, you're fun, you're bold, you're adventuruous but you can be such a big pain in the ass. You have such an irrational way of thinking. You expect everybody to be on your team and if they're not, c'est la vie. Why can't someone disagree with you? Are you the almighty, righteous one? I think not.
  • Capricorn: Having you around is some people's dream and some people's nightmare. I think it's safe to say you have an equal number of close friends and enemies. Well not enemies per se, but definitely people who can't stand your guts. You have a spunk about you but you can be extremely self-absorbed and even more demanding. You slobber on your pillow, just like the rest of us. Get a grip.
  • Aquarius: There's a lot I could say about you Aquarius, but I'll make this short and sweet. Focus more on relating to people and less on being so wrapped up in yourself. Are you a nice person, yes. But those who know you or are around you enough see the vindictive person you can be; if someone even looks at you funny, you're ready to write them off. You can't systematically cut ties with everyone and then wonder why you're a lonesome dud, I mean dove.
  • Pisces: You have a lot to say about other people, man oh man. What this person should be doing, what that person should stop doing but what about you? You're 85% of the time a walking contradiction; and stop feeling like everyone should do what you think in your mind they should do, last time I checked nobody was able to think for you. If you have certain expectations, that's on you. But if you don't SAY what you feel, who can you really be mad at?

anonymous asked:

Prompt: After Remus learned the truth about Sirius he didn't even get a chance to talk to him and say he is sorry for not trusting him and for everything that has happened because Sirius was on a run. So he decided to write him a letter it won't be enough but it will be a start.

let’s change it up a bit. A letter written after he gets out of Azkaban because I saw one on @captofthesswolfstar ‘s dash and it kinda inspired me. Imagine Sirius writing this on the back of a wanted poster with a stolen pencil in an alleyway.

I know you hate me. I thought about writing this so many times. In case something goes wrong with this plan I hope this gets to you, there isn’t much else I can do other than hope. Merlin, I missed hoping.

You know me and my plans Remus, they almost always backfire, like the last plan I did before I was locked up. It was my idea to change the Secret Keeper and not to tell you about it. I still have no idea where you were but I thought you were up to no good, I thought you spied on us and to be completely honest you didn’t help at all. I didn’t trust you and it hurts me so much to think that I didn’t trust your pure heart. You should also know that James never stopped trusting you, it was all me. Saying sorry doesn’t cut it and I know I say sorry all the time but I am, I am so sorry.

I convinced James to change the Secret Keeper because I didn’t trust myself with their lives, I’m a Black after all. It was the perfect plan. Everyone thought the Secret Keeper was me, even Dumbledore didn’t know we changed it. Voldemort was sure to come after me. It was me, James, Lily and Peter. I went to Peter’s that night to check on him and he was gone, there wasn’t a sign of struggle and my first instinct was to go check on James. It haunts me everyday and I deserve it. I tried to take Harry but Hagrid wouldn’t let me have him so I gave up. You know how I make stupid decisions on impulse, I had nothing to lose Remus, I had nothing left. You may think “well you had me” but I didn’t have you either, you weren’t here. So I hunted that rat down and the bloody coward cut his own finger to leave behind. He had planned this Remus and it’s all my fault. I gave him that power by not trusting you. I am so sorry Remus. 

I don’t know if you could ever find it in yourself to forgive me and I would completely understand if you didn’t but more than anyone else, you deserve an explanation. I will never forgive myself for putting you through this and for losing James and Lily. 

Also I know you won’t believe a word of it but I missed you so much Moons. I have never stopped loving you, even though I’m sure you did. I never deserved you. 

Take care of Harry, Remus. He’s all we have left and if you can please tell him, I’m sorry I was never there for him. I doubt I’ll ever get a chance to even meet him. I heard Rosmerta talk about how he looks like James. 

I am running out of space even though I still have so much to say. I am sorry for all this fucking mess Remus, I genuinely am.

Forever yours,


Remus looked at the crumpled up piece of paper in his hands. Ironically, Sirius had written it on the back of a wanted poster with his face on it. It was the day after the full moon and his body ached beyond belief, he hadn’t had a bad transformation like this for almost a year. Now as if it wasn’t enough, his heart was aching. The idiot thought Remus stopped loving him. Remus certainly wished and prayed he would and he hated Sirius so much but deep down he knew he could never stop. He was like a stain on his heart that wouldn’t wash away whatever he did.

Remus brushed his fingers over the last words. Forever yours. He didn’t care about the rest of the letter anymore, all were the things he had learned the night before. Forever yours. Even after twelve years locked up, his cursive was still close to perfection, a habit Sirius never could shake off. Remus smiled to himself, someday somehow they would find their way to each other. Until then, Remus carefully folded the paper and placed it in the inner pocket of his old jacket.

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Do you have a shop somewhere? I know you're doing a giveaway but i'd love to just buy your posters/cards straight up too!

Oh, I don’t have a shop currently, but I am in the middle of setting up an Etsy right now :D
If you’re interested to buy anything right now though, please message me through the tumblr message system and we can talk about purchasing some things ^w^


How is this adorable pun-making dork

The same as this (sas)erious rank one investigator

And this “touch one hair on my squad and you die” badass

The same as this caring single mother of four

Who’s a breathtaking beauty

But also incredibly handsome

Not to mention a skilled fighter that can take on three two single handedly and has won an award for his exemplary skills as a ghoul investigator

But is also a major bookworm who keeps a banana poster in his bedroom


guys, can we please talk about those star wars character posters?

i’m not sure if anyone’s mentioned these before, but the character posters disney released months ago are very…. interesting, particularly in their color palette (& content) choices.

finn gets purple hues that fade to black

poe gets a nice little fading green-blue

but rey? rey gets RED. red to black.

please. just guess who else has the exact same color palette

you guessed it. everyone’s favorite pissbaby!

though, to temper your excitement, phasma also has the same palette:

but it makes sense because kylo and phasma are both coded as villainous. but rey… is our protagonist. so why the red and black? i personally am subscribing to the theory that it just serves to underline the parallels and similarities between rey, kylo, and their character arcs. (possibly to hint at rey’s ability to harness the dark side! in the forest scene maybe, maybe in the later films!)

what images are inside each character also accentuate that. finn’s image has a picture of both him and rey ( :) ), poe’s has a tie fighter, phasma has her with two troopers flanking her on either side, but both rey and kylo’s predominantly feature them only. isolated in their respective backgrounds: kylo within the first order’s ranks and rey against the lonely backdrop of jakku.

this is just added to the general marketing strategy of poising kylo and rey as parallels, two sides of the same coin at least. like with Google’s whole “Awaken the Force Within” campaign.

episode 8 isn’t even out yet, but even with the promotional material for FORCE AWAKENS, you can see how deliberate the imagery is with these two. there’s a deep, fundamental kinship there, and it’ll only be further illustrated in the upcoming two films.

midnight boy/sunset town

pairings: Iwaizumi Hajime/ Oikawa Tooru
word count: ~10k
summary: In which Iwaizumi Hajime grows a few chili plants, participates in an eating contest, breaks into a park, and falls in love with a man who doesn’t ever sleep - not necessarily in that order.

5 Reasons Why Iwaizumi Hajime’s Flatmate Is A Complete Weirdo (An Incomplete List)
1. He’s obsessed with that stupid bucket list of his.
2. He’s the proud owner of seven truly ugly, criminally hideous movie posters with aliens on them, which he insists on pasting all over the damn living room.
3. He’s always stealing Hajime’s sweatshirts.
4. Sometimes, he wakes Hajime up for breakfast. At 5AM. On Saturday mornings.
5. He literally never, ever sleeps.

also on ao3.

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Summary: You didn’t plan on meeting him again. It was just a one-night stand after all, but Simon Dominic is everywhere. What happens when you meet him once more? [Revised]

If only it was legal and morally acceptable to kill someone, you could’ve already pushed your boss off the fifteenth floor of the building where you worked at. Without his knowledge, while he stood before his huge window, looking at the bustling city below, you would enter his office and kick him as strong as you could. When he reached the ground, he’d become a beautiful mess - sprawled on the sidewalk, the redness of his blood painting the gray cement a beautiful color like the flowers planted beside it.

The mere thought of ending his life made you happy. At last, your suffering would end.

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Reasons Jane Penvellyn is the motherfucking shit.

I really love Jane Penvellyn and she’s a bamf okay here’s why.

  1. Okay first let’s talk about how this twelve year old girl is taking on more schoolwork than I am as a college student? She is privately tutored in seriously difficult subjects and from what I can tell, she excels at them. Jane knows a lot of shit about things I never even knew existed. And not only is she taking the regular courses students learn but she also learns extensive history about her family on top of that. She’s privately tutored by Ethel Bossiny aka Satan so we all know that she is probably doing grueling schoolwork and because she’s the only person being taught, there’s no way she’s sliding by on this shit. Jane is getting shit DONE.
  2. Before you think she’s just a super genius freak with no emotions, you’re wrong. Jane is still a dorky pre-teen with normal twelve year old attributes. She had a pet guinea pig and still gets sad when Nancy talks about it dying and THAT’S ADORABLE. She also has a big ole crush on Brady Charmstrong which is silly and totally legit for a twelve year old girl.
  3. HOWEVER can we also please talk about how unlike most twelve year old fangirls that just put up the poster of the dude in their room and giggle to their friends about wanting to kiss him, Jane programmed a fucking website dedicated to him. She combines her fangirling dorkdom and her genius skills flawlessly.
  4. We obviously need to address how she literally manipulated a grown woman into believing that she was turning into a werewolf. While obviously this is a truly awful thing to do, it really speaks volumes to Jane’s character in a multitude of ways. Above all, I think that it’s really powerful that Jane found herself in a situation that was hurting her and she decided to take matters into her own hands. Although she obviously did something dangerous and wrong, I think it’s really amazing that she found the power within herself to take control of her life. This is a young woman who won’t take your shit. She’s not about to sit around complacently being unhappy. She stands up for herself in the only way she knows how and I think that’s admirable as hell. Jane felt neglected and bitter about her home situation and needed to take control and do something about it. This is a girl who is going to rule the world one day.
  5. And it’s honestly really interesting and neat to me that she did something so horrifying? Like…. it makes Jane so much more fascinating and dynamic as a character to know that she has a bit of a twisted moral compass. She’s not a robot but she also has a cold side to her. I would love to know what happens to Jane after she grows up because there are truly so many directions her character could go in. It's exhilarating to know that she has so much destructive potential within her. She’s very multifaceted and complex and I really love that about her.
1989 DETROIT MEETUP INFO: time, location, etc!

Hey everyone!!! :) We have decided on all of the meetup information:

What? In case you are still confused as to what this is, it’s just a Swiftie meetup! We are all going to meet, make friends, take pictures and of course, talk about Taylor! ;)

Where? The meetup spot is right across from the main entrance of Ford Field by a green fence on Bush and East Adams Street. Will call and a restaurant are there as well. If it rains, there are trees that our good cover by one of the main entrances. We have another spot in mind but it’s difficult to explain so we’ll talk about it that day!

When? The meetup is starting at 3:30 p.m. The doors of Ford Field open at 5. You can come and go as you please!

What we will be wearing so you can recognize us:

  • Jordan: She will be in her small scooter because Ford Field is huge. She will be dressed up as a bar of soap and her cousin will be a loofah with their posters!
  • Kelsey: Her and her sister will be wearing pegacorn costumes and have a red, heart-shaped sign!
  • Shannon: Will be wearing a white dress with wings and a horn!
  • Sara: She will be wearing a football jersey shirt with ‘swift 19′ on the back, along with a blue tutu!

Also very important: if you would still like to be added to the seats/attendees list, please send us a message - WITH YOUR NAME - instead of adding your seats to one of the posts. It is a lot of extra work for us to go through and find everyone’s, thanks!

We will also post a picture of us on the day of because we will be there early! We are so excited and can’t wait to see you all there!! :)

Forever and Always,

Jordan, Sara, Kelsey, and Shannon

The detroit1989tour team

anonymous asked:

I don't know if someone has asked you before but I'm a little new on the Phan fandom and I wanted to ask you what are your favoriteS momentS and basically why do you think they're together. OH! and what's the whole 2022 thing and how did they meet? I've been trying to find it but I cant.. could you please answer? I love you and your blog. <3333


and answers are under the cut:

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A few months back while discussing about the ridiculousness of the casting in Ridley Scott's Exodus, we started talking about the lack of diversity in Hollywood in general. With a few Red Tails exception, people of color have always been typecast as the help, magical negroes, and every other stereotype that can be thought of. And when there are chances for POC to be casted, the roles are completely “white washed." Hell, Katniss (from The Hunger Games) wasn’t even originally white. So today marks the first of many parody posters we have planned for (oh please believe we got one in the chamber JUST for Exodus

We also have the art up for sale as a print on our Society6 page as well! 

Can we just talk about how unhappy EXO looked in this AIMA Mix Bicycle poster?


“HA. HA. HA. NO." 




Like seriously, no one looked pleased. ლ(ಠ_ಠლ)

OKAY LAST UP: Sebastian Stan! (The derp Chris Evans face will be explained in a minute).

Not much to say on this one, like Barrowman’s line Sebastian’s was kind of busy as well. So we went in line and saw Sebastian in all his ethereal glory (the first thing we did when we got to Chicago Comic Con was go in his photo op line). It was then my turn and I was about to ask him my request, the funny thing is that I am rather short and soft spoken so he had to bend down a little and look at me and gave me the best typical confused Sebastian face when I was talking to him. ANWAYS I asked him if we can pose as though we were on a cheesy movie poster. Sebastian immediately laughs and says “hahaha YES” so we did the dumbest pose ever and went for it. Look at his face man, what a weiner.

When I got my picture though I wasn’t overly pleased with how un-photogenic I looked, so thus I found a perfect substitute that is Chris Evans (your welcome).