can we please talk about the perfection of the cast

guys i’ve just watched beauty and the beast, and, i’m, so, speechless.

i’ll try to not tell you spoilers since most of the countries the movie is being released only tomorrow (but here it was released today).

my thoughts are:
- well, the movie is visually stunning and pleasing to see, that movie is a visual masterpiece.
- there’s lots of differences between this new version and the original one, but some of them are not really different at all, and the different things that happened are still magical and some answered questions that we didn’t even know we needed to know, and the little different details are just fascinating, i’m deeply in love with this movie.
- and can we please talk about how perfect the cast is? luke evans is the perfect gaston, seriously, he totally brought the character to life, and dan stevens is such a perfect beast/prince, and ewan mcgregor as lumiere !!!!!!! absolutely wonderful ????? and emma watson as belle, josh gad as lefou EVERYBODY IN THAT CAST IS SIMPLY AMAZING !!!!!!!!!
- well so i mentioned lefou and i just can not forget to talk about the controversy about him being disney’s first openly gay character. i was really happy about it because that is such a big step from disney since they’re really, you know, traditional, but i was kinda worried because lefou is mostly used for comic relief, and also his name literally means ‘the fool’, i was worried about what disney could give us but in my opinion i can say i’m not disappointed. i really like josh gad and he perfectly played him, and i can’t lie he was the one who caused most of the funny stuff in the movie, but he’s a really really good character, i swear they portrayed him in this movie in a better vision, and the “especially gay moment” the director promised us in the movie is not something that is “so shocking” but it’s just really natural and i love it a lot, i believe this is the beggining of more lgbtq+ characters in the disney world and i’m pleased, lefou is amazing my dudes.
- and the songs ?!!?!!!! the original soundtrack is already incredible but the new songs, you guys better be ready because i bet it will kill you in so many different ways like it did to me.
- it’s such a rare thing for me to cry in movies, i swear the last movie i remember crying it was httyd 2, but you guys, I CRIED, A LOT.

i just want to watch it again and again, it’s one of my favorite movies from this year so far, i believe you guys will fall in love with it just like i felt, there’s no words to describe it, it’s just so magical.


Can we just talk about the Sparyberrys (Sprayberries?) for a minute?

Everybody is always giving props to Dylan for being handsome, BUT GODDAMN CAN WE PLEASE TALK ABOUT ELLERY? Holy shit, this girl, is prettier than all the popular girls in my entire school district and SHE’S ONLY 14! She slays the entire cast of Teen Wolf, and not only that, SHE IS MAGNIFICENT!!!! When I was 14, I looked like a naked mole rat! And she looks like a Goddess!!

I mean, look at her! She’s so pretty!! Her eyes are gorgeous and her hair is the most perfect thing in the entire world. If I had to chose anyone girl in the entire world to be Ms Universe, sign this bad bitch up cause she’ll easily slay.

But I’m not saying Dylan is any less gorgeous, cause. Look. At. That. Face. He is a walking God, and I worship him. Look at him and tell me you don’t find him to be attractive, I double dog dare you too. tell me to my face that he isn’t perfection. Look at him, stare at him, see the beauty he possesses and TELL ME TO MY FACE HE AINT BEAUTIFUL.

Thank puberty for these two beauties! I’d pay money just for them to cry on me and bless me with good genes!



Ok, so can we talk about how extraordinarily talented and perfect this cast was. Like, can they do this every year please!!! YOU CAN’T SAY WE BLACK FOLK DON’T KNOW HOW TO SERVE IT HOT AND ON POINT! EVERYTIME!

I almost caught the spirit when Amber Riley started to sing…

If I was at the Emerald City with those people voguing…

Excuse me while I ago watch it 100 more times on my DVR. That was truly an awesome production!