can we please talk about the fact that these are one mans

literally no one is talking about the fact little big town didn’t change better man AT ALL because it was perfect exactly as it was can y'all just stop whatever else you’re doing so we can talk about that for at least 8.5 years please

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Dear stirringwind, can you please talk a little more in depth about Chinese imperialism or recommend a reading list? I'm a Chinese American living in China, and as far as my family and teachers are concerned, China is perfect peaceful country who never colonized anyone. It frustrates me how little they want to talk about it.

1. Oh man, this is the same experience I had growing up too. This historical amnesia about China’s very long and old history of imperialism is something I’d attribute to roughly three factors, which I think will be helpful to bear in mind when analysing how Chinese imperialism exists and presents itself: 

  • A splendid example of History Is Written By the Victors™ + the fact that Chinese imperialism was actively enacted by a policy of Sinicization. Aka we tend to accept the “92% Han Chinese” stat without realising it’s…very unusual for any country covering such a large area to be so overwhelmingly made up of only one ethnic group. We don’t question why China dwarfs almost all its neighbours in size. But it is exactly evidence of Chinese expansionism.
  • The bias towards more recent history where China was the victim of foreign conquest and interference. By the Manchus (Qing dynasty), Western powers (Opium Wars) and the Japanese (First Sino-Japanese War + WW2). I think the narrative of the “Century of Humiliation”; the upheaval of the Taiping Rebellion, Xinhai Revolution, Chinese Civil War and the Cultural Revolution further feeds into this sense that our ancestors have been through a lot of shit. Not really a POV that is helpful to seeing oneself as part of an extremely old and enduring imperial entity. 
  • The present-day Chinese government narrative: emphasising its “peaceful rise”, tendency to counterposition itself as supporting “non-interference” (’unlike those meddling Western countries!’), state-controlled media generally downplaying or ignoring shitty things like the treatment of Tibetans and Uighur Muslims (which is basically forced Sinicization). It’s…a bit like how the US doesn’t want to acknowledge that it is in many ways an empire. 

2. Anyway, I think a good thing to remember is that Chinese imperialism is historical and current. In my opinion: the emperors may be long gone, but this old history of imperialism, sense of cultural superiority and being a regional titan are very much instincts still evident in Chinese foreign policy today. Here’s some areas you could read about to learn about Chinese military history, which should really debunk the whole “peaceful country” myth.

  • Admiral Zheng He- the famed mariner- was a Hui Muslim eunuch: it was the norm for Ming dynasty soldiers to castrate the male children of war prisoners and gift them to nobles (which we’d consider de facto slavery today). Zheng He rose to power because he was able to win the confidence of the Chinese prince he was given to serve, and the prince eventually ascended the throne. There’s the Miao Rebellions, where various non-Han ethnic groups rebelled and the Ming dynasty crushed it with overwhelming force. Many Miao boys were castrated and thousands of people were slaughtered. 
  • In the present- I think the treatment of Tibet and East Turkestan/Xinjiang province amounts to forced assimilation. Things like banning the Uighur Muslims from celebrating Ramadan, how the government encourages large scale Han Chinese migration to Tibet and Xinjiang mirrors the old ways the emperors consolidated their hold on Southern China. During the Cold War, the PRC, like the US and Soviet Union, backed various factions in order to extend its influence- in Korea, Vietnam and Cambodia. Another issue is the South China Sea dispute China has with various other East and SEAsian countries. And one should also be critical of the Chinese MNCs present in the African continent- like Western MNCs they have been exploitative too. 

History is complex, it’s messy. It’s easier to not want to grapple with complicity in imperialism and oppression. But all these things are just as much a part of Chinese history as all the contributions like inventing printing, gunpowder, silk production and paper, the cosmopolitanism of the Tang dynasty or effective centralisation achieved by the First Emperor. I mean, the First Emperor himself is credited with helping to unify China by laying down effective means of centralisation and standardisation in many areas- while at the same time he is criticised for being an oppressive tyrant too, instead of being slavishly praised. Which is how we should be looking at history. 

Can we please just talk about the fact that Rowan and Aedion call each other brother

Like they got past all that territorial and warrior bs and have so much in common such as their Fae heritage, what they aspire for Terrasen’s court to be, and protecting their queen, their Fireheart. Aedion goes from idolizing Rowan to getting ready to make a final stand with him and sacrifice his life for him in the sewers…if that doesn’t stir your emotions….man…


“The courts weren’t always like this. There was a time when people valued honor and loyalty—when serving a ruler wasn’t about obedience and fear.”

….“Not just warriors—her warriors. Her court… a court to change the world.”

Why I love monsta x:

  • MH: Actually we don’t expect everyone to come out to see us as long as you’re loving us, we are really satisfied with your support. Really.
  • IM: There are a lot of fans that couldn’t be with us physically but as long as you support us no matter where you are we are always thankful.
  • WH: I’m so sorry to all the fans I feel like we disappointed you guys, you guys worked hard to vote and to cheer for us… (talking about the fact that they didn’t get number one)
  • JH: Honestly, ever since trespass our choreography has been really hard and tiring but we try to not get hurt, and even if we did we don’t say it because we really don’t want people to worry and because we would feel bad and sorry towards the fans if we were hurting anywhere.
  • KH: We would always tell ourselves and our members that we won’t be tired, that we CAN’T be tired because the fans are probably more tired
  • JH: And the fact that IM has been going through and enduring the pains he has (physically) it pains us a lot.

These boys debuted only four months ago and they’ve been working nonstop ever since.  They take our gifts, they perform despite their injuries, they practice like crazy and sleep like the dead and yet they still manage to pull off great performances and smile in front of the camera.  The fact that they felt the need to keep apologizing, and the fact that they got so upset at themselves for not being able to win for their fans is just…How can you hate them when they do so much for us?