can we please talk about how much of a badass juliet is

The Losers and their favourite books

These are all over the place - they vary up to modern, I don’t have a set time frame!! 


  •  Flowers for Algernon / Daniel Keyes

You can bet that Bill cries at this book, but like … who doesn’t? When Charlie reads over his journal entries and doesn’t understand what he understood mere days ago, Bill is sat with a quilt over his shoulders, sobbing to Stan about it whilst he strokes Bill’s hair.

  • Frankenstein / Mary Shelley

This boy loves horror novels, it is canon after all. But have you ever considered feminist writer fan Bill Denbrough? Just. Imagine that. Please. I bet he talks to anyone who listens about how Shelley revolutionised gothica as a genre, and how badass she was!!

  • Brand New World / Aldous Huxley

Oh this is just a Bill book. No one expects him to read dystopian or sci-fi features books but he just loves it? Bill and Richie are actually conspiracy theory buds until the day they die. 


  • Romeo and Juliet / William Shakespeare

Okay I know it’s a play but like … Ben loves romantic pieces, plays and tragedies so why not read a 3 in 1? He also loves proving people wrong because ‘It’s actually a really fucking awful play, but I love it for it! Flaws are needed’ like what a sweetheart.

  • Fight Club / Chuck Palahniuk

I just love the idea of Ben being like ‘First rule of loser’s club? We don’t talk about loser’s club! Second rule of loser’s club? We don’t talk about loser’s club! Third rule of loser’s club? New people must jump into the quarry at least once tonight!’ No one has the heart to stop him, bless them, and they shout it along with him.

  • The Hobbit / J.R.R Tolkien

Nerdy baby. Enough said, I think.


  • Anna and The Swallow Man / Gavriel Savit

Everyone who loves history must read this book. Seriously. Mike probably imagines Stan as The Swallow Man and cries more. Honestly. It’s just so heart wrenching and Mike is a huge softie.

  • Farenheit 451 / Ray Bradbury

LISTEN HERE. Mike would so so so be Guy Montag if this book were to ever become reality. He really enjoys books that make him think ‘What would I do?’ And this book just really makes him think, and probably mind-fucks him to be fair.

  • The Book Thief / Markus Zusak

Again. History lover. And he loves the narrative of death because how creative? And it just makes him cry so much. He loves it.


  • The Curious Incident of The Dog in the Nighttime / Mark Haddon

Hear me out: Autism spectrum!Stan Uris. This book is enough to make anyone who owns a beating heart to cry, honestly. Stan loves a good crying book and he really enjoys the storyline - he spends weeks after reading it just bursting into tears if someone listens to him talk about how Christopher deserved better and probably wrote an Email to Haddon about how he needs to know how he is now.

  • Animal Farm / George Orwell

Stan is borderline in love with Orwell. He loves all his novels, but Animal Farm just sticks out to him. He loves all the character dynamic and the metaphor throughout, and really loves it. That’s all.

  • Lolita / Vladimir Nabokov

I KNOW this book has a very serious underlying message - but Stan just really enjoys it. He cares so much about world issues and understanding reasoning behind why people do things, and that mixed with a good plot has him HOOKED.


  • Station Eleven / Emily St John Mandel

Eddie looooves dystopia!! I don’t make the rules. He loves the idea of this theatre group still travelling in post apocalypse situations because he’s probably also a huge theatre nerd.

  • Murder on The Orient Express / Agatha Christie

I dare you to tell me you can’t imagine Eddie with his reading glasses, a blanket, a cup of tea and an Agatha Christie book in his hand. Anyway he loves mystery novels and the suspense of working it out - this also leads to him smashing everyone in Cluedo.

  • The Harry Potter Series / J.K Rowling

Imagine Eddie queueing up at every midnight release and bonding over this with Rich. Go on. That’s all.


  • The Harry Potter Series / J.K Rowling

Honestly, Richie is book smart. But having ADHD means it’s very hard to read - Eddie loves this series and Richie wanted to as well and so now Eddie reads it to him whilst Richie plays with his hair. 

  • Reasons to Stay Alive / Matt Haig

Thank God for audiobooks. Richie is probably on a plane or something and listens to this and just cries because he never knew how many other people felt like him at times and JUST GIVE MY BOY A GOOD LIFE.

  • Girl, Interrupted / Susanna Kaysen

Richie! Loves! Auto! Biographies! And! Memoirs! He watches the film on release date, too, and ends up falling in love with Winona Ryder AND Jared Leto. Bisexual culture.


  • How To Be A Woman / Caitlin Moran

CAITLIN MORAN IS BEV’S HERO. The queen of feminists makes Beverly cry laughing, gripping her stomach and tears spilling down her cheeks. It’s Ben’s favourite sight and he buys her Moran’s books whenever he sees a new one in a store. 

  • Orlando / Virginia Woolf

This book has time travelling and is written by another feminist icon. That’s right up Bev’s alley, duh. 

  • The Handmaid’s Tale / Margaret Atwood

Do I need to explain? Beverly loves dystopia too, and the fact that this book is becoming relevant again makes her so angry she’s got an adrenaline rush and is half way to booking flights to Washington to fight Donald Trump.

Bechloe Week Day 5: Taylor Swift

For @bechloe-week day five!
AO3 and Fanfiction

Back in the empty pool, Barden’s two acapella teams set off to a different kind of riff off. “Trebellas” vs “Bellables”, as Fat Amy kindly suggested. One Bella captain and one Treble captain on each team. Beca and Benji, along with various other Bellas and Trebles, versus Chloe and Mitch, the new captain in Jesse’s absence, with the rest of the aca-people. Instead of elimination, they kept track of points, since there were only two teams.

Final riff off, final round.

Trebellas 3, Bellables 3

“And the last category is: TAYLOR SWIFT”

As the biggest Taylor Swift fan in all of Barden, Chloe started out the round, as expected.

“All this time I was wasting hoping you would come around.

I’ve been giving out chances every time and all you do is let me down.


Beca, seeing Chloe make fierce eye contact throughout that verse, knew those words were directed at her. She’d let Chloe down? What? She countered with a verse of her own, staring right back at Chloe.

“And I just wanna tell you…

It takes everything in me not to call you.

And I wish I could run to you.

And I hope you know that every time I don’t

I almost do,

I almost do-”

Chloe continues their “conversation”.

“Do you remember all the city lights on the water?

You saw me start to believe for the first time.

You made a rebel of a careless man’s careful daughter.

You are the best thing that’s ever been mine.

Do you-”

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The 10 Characters I Want To Return In Season 10 Of Supernatural...

1- Chuck ‘timetravellerGod’ Shurley

Well, first off, before everyone says “Chuck is God and he’s off in Heaven doing God stuff,” no… Yes, I think he’s God, but let me explain. Remember 'The End’? Why was Chuck there? Because he’s suppose to still be friends with Dean in the year 2014… So, Season 10, please bring Chuck back, otherwise the whole episode of 'The End’ just won’t make sense. I mean, Cas is human, just like in 'The End’. So, bring back Chuck, please…

I love Chuck, right from the beginning. I think we need to see more of his alcoholic-anxiety-cuteness in the show. :D He’s one of those character that has left us with too many questions, so please bring him back to answer them!

Make Chuck join Team Free Will. If he is God, make an excuse up that he’s loosing his powers (dying/ equivalent to falling) so has decided to help the boys out up in person. If he isn’t God, then make up an excuse to why he disappeared in 'Swan Song’. (I wrote my theory HERE)

So, yeah, Chuck need to come back to answer some questions… NEXT!!!

2- Garth le Werewolf

A werewolf hunter… Who doesn’t want to see that! I know that in Season 9 Garth stays with his pack and his wife, but wouldn’t it be awesome if Garth did in fact go back to hunting. He and his wife, badass duo, maybe even some ass-kicking pups as well! (SO ADORABLE!!!) Or, on a sadder note, maybe something happened to Bess, so Garth was forced back into hunting to save her/avenge her.

Maybe the boys encounter him in a hunt, and they work together for a bit. Maybe Garth is what Sam and Dean are hunting (I will cry at this so hard…) Maybe Garth is on the run (pack turned against him again?) Any way, just bring him back, even if it’s just for one episode. He was adorable! :D

3- Ed (Juliet) Zeddmore

Okay, you’re either gonna think I’m weird, or you’re gonna join me in on this one…

Despite the fact that the Ghostfacers end in Season 9, I want Ed Zeddmore to come back. Just him. No offence to the other Ghostfacers (especially Harry; he was awesome) but I have an idea…

So, in the Ghostfacers web series, Corbett’s ghost appears, and of course a gay buttsex joke is made, but I think the writers should take it one step further.

Sam and Dean investigate a haunting in an apartment building one of their friends lives in. Their friend doesn’t give much information, just says it’s the typical sign of a ghost and that if they had spare time, could they Ghostbust it. So Sam and Dean go there to investigate.

The EMF goes off by a certain apartment room, and the Winchester’s friend says that some crazy, schizophrenic lives there, and that he lives alone and talks to himself a lot.

Sam and Dean go into the apartment to find Ed lives there. They talk, and Ed explains that he’s living in the apartment with Corbett. Sam and Dean doubt this/call him crazy, since Corbett doesn’t seem to be around.

Over the episode, Corbett shows up, and (like Bobby) Corbett, despite lasting out for so long, starts to show signs of becoming a vengeful spirit. (Maybe it was his devotion to the Ghostfacers that was keeping his calm, but now that’s it’s just him and Ed, he’s losing it) Sam and Dean have to try and convince Ed to let go on Corbett and to let him move on.

End of the episode, Corbett moves on, Ed’s left alone, sad ending, but we need an episode like this once in a while…

Or, even better ending (on the dramatic scale). The object Corbett is attached to is Ed himself, and Ed has to die in order for Corbett to be happy. Yeah, so not to easy to get rid of the cute intern.. :3 If this happens, then maybe Ed accidentally dies/Corbett turns vengeful on him and accidentally kills him, I don’t know. I just want a tragic Edbett episode PLEASE!!!!!!!


4- Luci-loo

(I think we all want him back!)

Lucifer, the one and only, HAS to return in Season 10! HAS TO!!!

My theory of his role: here! (Theory made by someone else [credited], gif story by me…)

Quick sum up: Sam lets Luci out of the cage so h can turn Dean back human, but as a price he needs to become Luci’s vessel. *Sigh*

So, yeah, we need this sassy and narcissistic archangel back to torment out lovable Sammy! :3 Admit it, you like him deep down! (God, this fandom have made me fall in love with the fucking Devil!)


Talking about archangels…

You all saw this one coming! GABRIEL! WE NEED GABRIEL!!!

In Season 5, we though he was dead. Season 9 shows us Gabriel, but we are unsure whether he is actually alive or is in fact dead… Another character who left us with too many questions.

So, if you’re not gonna make Destiel canon, they at least let us have some more Sabriel moments, PLEASE! 

Anyway, Supernatural writers, how are you gonna execute this 'musical episode’ without our lovely trickster?


6- ((who is he again?))


So, granted, Dean did try to get Adam out in Season 6, but then Death is a bit of an arsehole and inevitably Adam is left down in the cage. I’m sure off camera Sam and Dean do try and find a way, but their best bet was Death, so I can see why they stopped trying.

But still, family means everything…

So, let’s go with what I said before, about Lucifer being let out of the cage. Surely if the cage is open, Michael can get back to Heaven, and Adam can crawl his way out.

But how many (Hell) years has Adam been down there? Enough to turn him into a demon.

Adam finds his way to Sam and Dean, angered that they left him down there. He throws a fit, trying to kill them, but then the Winchesters manage to convince him not to hurt them. They explain to Adam that they couldn’t get him out, and Adam understands.

Team Free Will Status:
+ 1 Demon

7- The definition of BAMF- Bela

I actually liked Bela a lot. It’s sad she had to end like that (that the boys couldn’t do anything about it…)

Again, like with Adam, she needs to come back as a demon. Spent a long time in Hell and becomes a demon…

Even better, we all know that Sam’s looking for a way to bring Dean back from being a demon. Maybe he goes to a crossroad first and…

BELA!!! She was a deal-maker in life, so why not in the afterlife. She and Sam have a bit of a reunion (maybe some sex, since Sam has a thing for non-human girls [and archangels ;D])

Just for a little bit, we need to see her be awesome in the afterlife. Please…

8- The One That Breaks Our Hearts Every Episode…

We haven’t seen Mary since Season 6, and despite the fact that every episode she’s in has us in tears, we need her to make an appearance some point in Season 10.

I would love something like this to happen; Sam has nightmares, where Mary talks to him, helping him out with current situations the boys are stuck in and generally being the mother she could never be for him during his sleep. When he wakes up, there’s always a present under his pillow signed off 'love Mom x’. Maybe later its relieved that it’s not actually Mary, but maybe an angel who just wants Sam to be happy. Maybe it’s Sam’s angel (since Dean has Cas… You can argue that Sam has Gabe, but Gabe seems to be causing the problems [in Sam’s jeans] not solving them…)

I could go on about Sam’s angel, but I won’t. This post is about Supernatural characters who should come back…

9- Destiel Cock-Block

I only want Risa to come back because if she comes back, we know that the End!Verse world is coming back too (and that means canon Destiel!!!) 

10- Scar

No, not that scar!!!!!


It disappears without explanation! Granted, I take Jensen Ackle’s point of view on it: Cas healed him, and all scars went, including the 'profound bond’ :( Innocent Cas didn’t know any better…

So, either they show it again, or Cas makes a new one…

O̶n̶ ̶D̶e̶a̶n̶'̶s̶ ̶a̶r̶s̶e̶.̶.̶.̶

- Jess

Thank you all for reading. Let me know what you think. What characters do you want to return in Season 10?