can we please take a moment

Roman: Hey, thanks… for doing this. Bringing me out in the field.
Kurt: Every tattoo that we solve gets us a step closer to Shepherd. Once she’s been put away for good, we can all move on with our lives.

Can I take a moment to talk about this, please? I mean, I talk endlessly about all the interactions between Kurt and Roman in this week’s review but I wanted a moment just for this (Jeller reference intended). This is so important you guys! While the rest of the FBI/NSA/CIA whatever (minus Jane of course) still see Roman as a criminal, as part of Sandstorm (as both Nas and Tasha clearly pointed out in this episode), it looks like Kurt has removed him from that category. He’s not like Jane obviously, who sees her brother as an innocent little snowflake, but he also doesn’t see him as a terrorist/criminal who has to be punished along with Shepherd when all this is over.

He is in a place now where he sees him as he sees the rest of them - victims of Shepherd’s manipulation. At least that’s how I see this. Kurt Weller believes Roman deserves to be able to move on with his life after they take down Shepherd and this makes me happy. Ok, carry on.

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If you're reading this, take a slow, deep breath.

Hold it for a moment. Now let it out slowly, through your mouth. Repeat a few times.

The initial results are coming in. This is not the final outcome. Many states are still voting. Most of the rest are counting the ballots. We still have a chance. Please don’t give up hope. Hillary Clinton can still win this.

Ok but guys, can we please take a moment to appreciate Minami’s reactions throughout all of Yurio’s performance?? I mean, the boy is there to cheer for Yuuri, AND ONLY for Yuuri, he doesn’t believe anyone can do better.

But then Yurio’s routine starts.

And the little one, can’t hide his own amazement.


when Bucky saw Peter in the Spiderman suit the first time he was like “what the hell is that” so can we please just take a moment to imagine him meeting the Guardians of the Galaxy crew. imagine him meeting Groot and Rocket. Rocket would start speaking and Bucky would be like “…T'Challa man, I need you to put me back under bc my head still ain’t right, I’m telling you that Racoon just asked me for my arm”


Okay but seriously, can we take a moment to just look at how much Horikoshi-sensei is improving?? 

I’m like, I’m crying because of this man and how quickly he improves??? I really really respect and admire Horikoshi so much this man is wonderful. Like please do your best and continuE TO DRAW FANTASTIC??!?!? HE GIVES ME SO MUCH INSPIRATION AND HOPE TO DRAW AAAAA MY HEART 一

can we just. take a moment to appreciate how amazing yuuri katsuki is? like truly. he is. amazing. can we please talk about how hard he works at maintaining a peak physique for skating? can we please talk about how endearing his love for food is? can we please talk about how amazing and brilliant he is for skating to the victor nikiforov’s free program in his off season to near perfection when he isn’t at what’s considered the ideal physique for figure skating? can we please talk about how he’s the top men’s skater in japan and most likely owned japanese nationals and like. every competition in the junior division? 

and not only that, but yuuri katsuki made it to the grand prix while getting his college degree and studied in america for five years while ranking high enough in competitions and making it to the grand prix final. and the only reason he flubbed was because he went through a lot? his dog died, he binge ate and just… he wasn’t at his best and oh he’s just so scared and anxious of letting people down and blames himself for things he just can’t control and honestly like?? give him?? a hug?? the biggest hug??

and despite all that, he still got back up again, still got himself out of his slump. he trained his ass off, got to work, made the most of his time with victor and is still! making the most! of his time with victor! he’s just so good! amazing! iconic! everything i aspire to be! i love him! i love yuuri katsuki!

To my dearest love….
…. my brilliant Sun,

The world has decided….
…. we can no longer be one

So you take the day….
…. and I’ll take the night

You with your happy glow….
…. me with my cold & lonely light

It must be this way….
…. always and forever

They say we can no longer …..
…. share the sky together

But my nights will follow….
…. your brilliant days

I am right behind you ….
…. and I will love you always

So do not be sad my love….
…. please do not fret

For my reason to rise….
…. is in watching you set

So never forget….
…. that there once was a time

When I truly was yours….
….and you truly were mine

That there once was a moment….
…. when I felt you lips

If ever you miss me….
…. remember our eclipse

—  Ranata Suzuki, A letter to the Sun from the dark side of the Moon
Of Course "Rogue One" Is Political
The latest Star Wars installment has something to say, but it's not what mobilized the #DumpStarWars faction.
By Alison Willmore

A few days after the election, Rogue One screenwriter Chris Weitz and Gary Whitta, another writer who worked on the film, kicked a reactionary hornet’s nest on social media. In the wake of Donald Trump’s win, Weitz tweeted, “Please note that the Empire is a white supremacist (human) organization,” to which Whitta chimed in, “Opposed by a multi-cultural group led by brave women.” (Both tweets have since been deleted.)

As takes go, these aren’t particularly chancy ones — Nazi Germany has provided inspiration for the Empire from the start of the Star Wars franchise, and Whitta was pointing out an unmissable fact of casting. But because we’re now, astonishingly, living in a moment in which equating white supremacy with evil can be considered a bridge too far, the portion of Twitter that’d describe itself as alt-right exploded with rage. They were also spurred on by falsified claims that a version of the film had called Donald Trump — not a known part of the Star Wars universe — a racist, and by their insistence that studio entertainment and politics shouldn’t mix.

The hashtag, #DumpStarWars, was spawned.