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Pairing: Henry Bowers x Fem!Reader

Warnings: Slightly sexual make out session, slightly OOC characters. 

Words: 1,178

Request:  Please do one where Henry begs reader to act as his girlfriend so Greta will leave him alone? Like he knows Greta can beat his ass so he can’t just be like “no bitch!” Cause he doesn’t want to be beat by a girl. Thank you so much ❤❤❤

A/N: Hope you enjoyed! Should there be a part two? Just a little smuttier? ;))

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Rick x Morticia fanfiction for yo faces

This is a prologue to my Rick x Morticia fanfic. It just vaguely lays out how the relationship between the two. I like this a lot?? And hope you guys do too.


“I can’t wait for the next episode of Boku no Hero to come out,” Summer said, finishing up the last few strokes on her left big toe.

Morticia finished spreading the soggy green paste across her face. “I dunno Sum-Sum, it’s a bit too action-packed for me. But I guess it’s still bettter than Attack on Titan season 2.”

Summer’s lip quirked at the comment. Even though she and her sister didn’t have the same taste in anime, it was nice that she could talk about her secret obsession with someone. She loved evenings like this, when Beth and Jerry would leave the house, going on pathetic dates to waste effort on saving their pointless marriage. She loved the fact that she and Morticia had the house all to themselves… until about a year ago, when Beth’s dad Rick showed up at their doorstep. Now he was there pretty much all the time, unless he was taking Morticia somewhere. Taking her best friend away from her.

“So, hey, Tish, where do you and grandpa Rick go when you leave the house alone?” Summer asked, hurriedly blowing on the wet toenail polish.

Morticia’s face flushed beet red within seconds. “U-uhm, well, I mean, we-we go lots of places,” she stuttered. “Like, uhm, you already know about the whole infinite realities thing, right? So, uhm, yeah, I’ve been to a few d-different ones…”

Outside of the door, the tiniest squeak made its way to the girls’ ears. They sent each other glances of confusion. Summer silently tiptoed to the window, peered out, saw that the car was stilll gone, and shook her head at Morticia. ‘Grandpa rick…?’ Morticia mouthed to Summer. Her eyebrows furrowed and she rushed back to Tish. “What the hell would grandpa Rick be doing outside our door?” Summer asked.

Morticia shook her head. “I-I-I don’t know, b-but I’ll go find out…” She slowly rose to her feet, and crept as quietly as she could towards the door.

She opened it to find Rick with his ear pressed to the wall, lab coat hanging loosely around his shoulders, eyes half-closed from intoxication… and his pants around his ankles, as well as his boxers.

Morticia’s face invented its own color of red. “What the hell Rick!” She said in a hushed yell. “We agreed not to get Summer on this! You’ve screwed up everything! W-w-we’re gonna have to leave again Rick!”

“Aw, eurm, uhm, god, shit, fuck, shit, -euughhh- fuck, god, damn, I’m sorry Tish I-I-I-I didn’t, uh, m-mean to ruin your girls night, I just-”

“Tish? What’s going on out…” It wasn’t but five seconds later that Summer rounded the corner and saw everything.

“M-Morticia? Why the FUCK is grandpa Rick standing in the hallway without pants on?”

“S-S-Summer! I promise he’s-he’s just drunk! Y-yeah, yeah, he’s, wow, I’ve never physically seen him this drunk before, I’m just gonna, like, go put him to bed-”

“Tish, what’s going on here? I know when you’re lying.” Summer scolded.

Morticia looked at her grandpa, her worst enemy yet her own brand of heroin, and then at Summer, her best friend, the one reason why she didn’t want to leave this universe, the one person she could actually feel normal with. “S-Summer, please don’t make me do this,” she whimpered, tears beginning to stir in her eyes.

“W-what the fuck does it matter anyways?” Drunk Rick popped in to add. “We can pack up and go to another universe. Fuck, I’d even go to the citadel of Ricks. The world is pointless so there’s really no point in hiding it from Summer.” He took a deep breath, but Morticia cut him off.

“Just-Just shut up Rick! You wouldn’t understand! Put your damn pants back on!” Morticia yelled, and once more turned to Summer. “Sum, I’m begging you. Please just pretend this never happened.”

“And let Rick get away with touching himself while spying on us?” She crossed her arms sternly. Morticia knew that once again, for what, the fifth time now? They would have to leave. “I have to at least tell mom. It’s her perverted ass father.”

‘No. No. No. Dont. Oh my god. Please don’t do this again,’ This thought and others very similar to it repeated itself in her head, a wish she knew wouldn’t come true.
She pleaded one more time. “Please, Summer, don’t.”

“I have to.” Summer repeated.

And suddenly, Morticia felt drained. Summer frowned and turned away from the two, pulling her cellphone out of her pocket and noisily dialing. Tish slumped to her room, slamming the door and throwing herself onto the bed that would soon no longer be her bed.

“Be a normal member of the family,” Rick had said when they first got to this dimension. “But remember that I own you. And I can take you away, without remorse, at literally any time.” It was a promise, not a threat, and now he would make good on that promise. She knew what would happen in the days to come - they would stay in a hotel at the Citadel for a few days while Rick tracked down an available universe, which was already difficult enough because she was a Morticia and not a Morty, and he certainly let her know how hard it was.

Morticia laid on her bed and cried. It seemed like an eternity before Rick came in, portal gun in hand, and sat next to her. “I hope you’re ready to go.” He said calmly, lightly stroking her hair. Morticia quickly started hyperventilating, the touch of his hand sending her into and panic. She kept trying to tell him something, but her gasping was far too rapid and all she could do was sob and heave. Rick roughly grabbed a handful of her hair and tugged. “Now.” He demanded sternly, and opened a portal.

Morticia let out an agonizing scream as Rick dragged her through, and that was the last thing Summer ever heard from her sister.


Super sorry for any mistakes, my tablet has been acting funky and I was too excited about posting this to proofread. Feedback would be lovely. Stay hydrated, people ❤️❤️

6) “You are my nemesis but I have no choice so I had to ask you to be my boyfriend\girlfriend because my parents want to meet my significant other”

Like every single day before school, Will’s mother was chiding him over his study habits. “You know, you will regret this when you’re older. You hardly hang out with anyone, you never leave your room, sweetheart you haven’t even dated anyone.”

Will groaned. “Mom, can’t you just be happy that I am a good noodle? I have good grades and I don’t cause you any trouble.”

She sighed and put the car in park. “Yes honey, I know. And I’m glad that you’re mature. But would it kill you to be a teenager for a bit? Hang out with friends, go out to watch a movie, go to a party, something.” Will sighed and hefted his bag. “You know Mrs. Evans has a wonderful daughter who might be-”


“Okay, what about Mrs. Grace’s son? He’s really-”

Will’s eyes widened. “Mom!” he yelped so loud, a few other kids turned to see what was going on. He felt his face flush. “I’m seeing someone,” he blurted. “Please stop trying to set me up. I am already dating. Taken. Woohoo. Now please-”

“What? Since when? Who is it? Boy or girl?”

Will face palmed himself and shook his head. “I have to get to class.”

“I want to meet this person!” she called.

“Bye!” he called over his shoulder.

“Love you!” He winced. He heard someone snort beside him.

Nico di Angelo. God, Will hated the guy. He was a pompous jerk that had taken his spot as the debate team’s captain just to tick him off. He was the boy that was always causing trouble and never got caught. “Aw, Mama’s Boy, huh? That’s cute,” he teased.

“Fuck off,” Will snapped going inside and racing down the hall to escape further torment.

Of course that was hard to do when he had him for every single core class. He was in AP classes and so was Nico. And the bastard took any chance he could to make him feel stupid. All throughout the day, the two snapped at each other and scowled and rolled their eyes.

Will didn’t know why Nico had decided to make him the butt of every joke. Considering the way Will kept to himself and wasn’t very good at socializing, this just made it so much harder. He had tough skin, but even so, he couldn’t help but look forward to going home every day.

On his way back out, he was surprised to see his mom waiting outside the car. She was scrolling through her phone, leaning against the parked car. From behind, he heard, “Hey, Mama’s Boy.”

He scowled and turned to look at Nico. “What do you want, jackass?”

Nico snorted. Before he could answer, Will heard his mother. “Ooh, is this him?” Will’s expression became one of horror.

“Pay along,” he hissed.

“Excuse me?”

“I’ll do all your Calculus homework for the rest of the semester, but you have to- Hey, Mom!” He turned and looked at her as she brushed her hair away from her face.

“Oh, I was here half an hour early and it was just so hot I had to get out of the damn car. Hi!” she told Nico.

Nico’s face was scrunched in confusion. “Mom, this is Nico.” He paused, hating himself and hating Nico for being the one his mom saw him next to. “My boyfriend,” he managed to spit out.

“Excuse me?” Nico yelped.

Will gripped his arm hard and wrapped an arm around his waist pulling him closer. “What? Do you prefer special guy Significant other?”

“Significant annoyance,” he growled, digging his elbow into Will’s ribs.

“Oh, I’m so glad I could meet you!” his mm crooned. “I’ve been trying to get him out of his room for so long. Oh, you’re so… different from him. It could be healthy for my-”

“Mom, Nico has to go pick his sister up, can you give me a moment to say goodbye? Wait for me in the car.”

“Oh, of course! Oh you’re welcome to dinner any time!” She squeezed Nico’s hand and went back to the car.

Will sighed in relief. Suddenly, Nico was gripping his arm, twisting it up, using his own body to block the sight from his mom. “Three seconds to explain.”

“My mom’s been bugging me about dating someone, this morning I lied and said I was dating someone, and she saw you so ta-da, you’re it,” he said speaking quickly. “Please, I can’t have her hovering anymore.”

“Oh, oh hold on,” he said, reaching into his pocket. “I’m getting a call from- I don’t give a flying-”

“I’ll do your Calculus homework for the rest of the year!” he pleaded. “Please just pretend to date me for like a month and we can fake-break-up. I just need her off my case.”

Nico clenched his teeth and scowled. “You owe me, big time. More than homework.”


His expression relaxed and he took a breath, giving Will a once over. “I didn’t know you were gay.”

“Bisexual,” he corrected. “I have to go. Um. Thanks.”

“Uh huh,” he grumbled before walking away.

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I don’t even want to kiss anyone else. just you. nothing compares and i’m devastated she gets to enjoy your kisses and feel your touch and i lay in bed every night alone. she met your family and i’m sure they love her. I know they would have hated me. i just can’t move on from you no matter how hard i try. i drink to try to forget you, but it only brings back more memories. you took my virginity, i thought we would be more, and then you left forever. please come back. i need you and you need me

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