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A year ago yesterday Osomatsu-san ended
Osomatsu: We can come see you anytime, right?
Karamatsu: A toast to our eternity!
Choromatsu: Let’s see each other again soon, okay? Promise!
Ichimatsu: I…I want to see you again too.
Jyushimatsu: Let’s play again! Bye bye!
Todomatsu: Its going to feel lonely now. See you soon!

Picture Credit: @ gatomatsu (Twitter) Do not repost without giving them credit, please!
Such A Sap ~Freaky February~ (S.R)

prompt: Hi, do you think you could write a Spencer Reid smut? Like, he gets jealous of Morgan flirting with the reader cause they’ve been dating for a year or so and has to claim her? You’re an awesome writer, I live for your smut <3

Pairing: Spencer x Reader

Word Count: 1.27k

Warning: None(a little long before you reach the smut)

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Let’s Start Here (NSFW)

Read on AO3.

Summary: Your breath hitched. No one had ever seen you without clothing before. “O-oh…” you said. “B-but…”

“Shh.” He tugged at your top, and another button popped open. “Go on. Do the next one.”

You weren’t sure what to expect or what to feel–the most you’d ever done was daydream about holding Kylo Ren’s hand. Never kissing. Never stripping. Never…

“Mm.” The corner of his lip quirked. “Keep going.”

Words: 6300

Warnings: EXTREME innocence kink, Medic!Reader, virginity loss, praise kink

Characters: Kylo Ren x Reader

A/N: This is a work crafted especially for one of my favorite humans and smol beans, @kylooppa. We’ve bonded frequently over our mutual love for innocence kink, and I decided to take this to the next rational level. I hope you enjoyed it, boo–I love you so much.

And I hope the rest of you enjoyed it, too! Thank you!

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Best Friends C.H

Originally posted by popecalum

warning: smutty content ;)

word count: 2400+

summary: Best Friend!Calum finds out y/n has never had meaningful sex so he offers to help her out where feelings are admitted and closeted crushes are revealed.

requested?: yes, I hope you liked it @skinnylukes I kinda changed it around a bit and made it so their feelings were brought out at the start instead of the end, I hope you don’t mind :) I’m really sorry for my mini hiatus, school has been killing me and I just started and tbh I was really struggling to even start writing any of my requests because of lack of inspiration. But I’m back now and I’m going to uploading another smut this week to make up for my hiatus! enjoy ;)

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Calum looked shocked as I told him and I was embarrassed to admit what I had. I shouldn’t have been embarrassed, Calum is my best friend after all but I am, maybe because we don’t usually talk about my sex life. It’s always Calum’s, probably because I enjoy making fun of Calum being a fuckboy than talking about my sex life.

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Rika's back and MC gets left P. 4

Rika is back and MC gets sick at the same time she feels abandoned. Part 1 (x) | Part 2 (x) | Part 3 (x) | Part 4 (x) | Part 5 (x)

  • Rika felt a sense of satisfaction
  • She got off being the one everyone considered the most
  • sure, she lead MC to the RFA
  • sure she made a lot of trouble for MC and the rest of the members
  • But the one thing she did not want anyone to forget or even ever know really was
  • it also meant she could take her out of rfa with ease
  • And they wouldn’t ever know it was her or care if all went to her plan

– Yoosung –

  • From the last time MC invited Yoosung over, he remembered where she now lived
  • Why didn’t I visit her sooner?
  • Yoosung made his way to her building, knocking repeatedly and waiting for a response
  • Where is she? It’s almost midnight…
  • He almost gave up when she didnt answer either calls, text, or the door
  • Rika! Yoosung was surprised to see his cousin walk by
  • “Yoosung, what are you doing here so late?”
  • I came to see if MC is okay, shes been MIA for a while
  • “She’s fine! I talked to her not too long ago and she said that she was going to visit her family for a few weeks. I forgot to tell you guys about it too… sorry.”
  • It’s fine, don’t worry about it! Though, it would have been better if she told us herself…
  • “I dont know the details, but something about one of her family members being recently diagnosed with a terminal illness.. Yeah, it was terrible. She said they started to cough blood and she went to go help them through the process. Poor MC.”
  • You’re genuinely concerned for MC, you’re so nice Rika.
  • “Ofc, shes a memeber of the rfa too!”
  • Sorry, its just i know you dont know her that much, but im glad you guys get along well. Do you know when she’ll be back?
  • “I think after the funeral. Though it may be longer since i dont know how shell be okay after all of that. Next time we talk, ill ask her, okay? How about we go visit V? Im sure hes awake and wouldnt mind if you came over for a sleep over”
  • Yoosung felt like a huge boulder had been lifted from his shoulders now that he knew MC was physically okay
  • He felt bad that she didnt tell anyone that she was leaving to tend to a sick family member
  • But he felt that he would forgive her since she seemed more of a private person
  • I should get her a gift basket when she comes back; poor MC will be greiving when she returns- I could add chocolates and that coffee she likes with an uber soft blanket. Yeah, i wil do that for sure when RIka tells me when she comes back
  • Yoosung wanted to be a shoulder for MC when she came back since she was there for him when Rika was gone
  • he wanted to prove to her and himself and RIka that he was more than just a college student who played a lot of video games; that he was also a capable man

– Zen –

Zen has entered the chatroom.

Zen: MC! Please call me when you get this!

Rika: Zen, I forgot to tell everyone that MC went back to her home country to take care of a sick family member. I didnt want to say anything right away but she told me just recently that it may be a while before she returns because of how bad things are …

Jahee has entered the chatroom.

Jahee: Oh no that’s terrible. Is her family member in that bad of condition for MC to leave without saying bye?

Rika: I am afraid so. From what I know, they are really ill that it is now deemed terminal.

Zen: Oh man, i really thought something happened to MC

Rika: What do you mean?

Zen: I dont know, I thought maybe she got bored of us and left us or something happened to her health wise. I hope she knows that we are all here for her when she comes back

Rika: Dont jinx anything! I’ll let her know though that you were worried whenever we talk again ^^

Jahee: Please do. Id feel much better though if I could talk to her soon. Do you think you can let her know to call me please?

Rika: I will pass the message along!

Zen: me too please, I really miss her :c

Rika: I will, you guys worry too much ^^ dont worry guys, everything will be perfectly fine ^^

Zen: alighty then, i gotta go and meet some directors to talk about my wonderful gorgeous face making its appearance on stage soon, bye~

Jahee: Oh my heart!

Rika: Good luck!

Zen has left the chatroom.

  • He didnt trust Rika
  • He didnt even trust Jahee at the moment
  • He knows he saw MC at the store that night
  • And it seems highly unlikely that she would just leave without explaining the situation
  • Especially if someone she cared about was really sick
  • Would she?

– Jahee –

  • From what Mr. Han had been accumulating she knew what was going on somewhat
  • Though if the rest of rfa should know she didnt feel like she had a place to tell them
  • She did abandon MC just like the rest did
  • She wont deny that what the rfa did to MC was abandon her at a time she would have needed them 
  • despite all MC probably gave up to help them 
  • But she didnt want anyone to be in the unknown
  • Although, she didn’t know if Rika was lying or telling the truth maybe rika did know mc was sick and didnt want to tell because MC said so
  • Jahee didnt want to risk anything by letting the cat out of the bag cringing
  • For now all she felt like she could do was gather as much as she could about people with pneumonia 
  • She would look into it since that was all Mr. Han told her
  • Maybe find some coffee as well for MC and maybe chocolates as she thinks about pleading for forgiveness 

– Jumin –

  • He had no right to act like he should care for MC anymore
  • The moment they all left her, everyone in the rfa lost all the rights to care for MC
  • The only thing he could do was offer her the best treatment possible when he found out what she had it made him very uncomfortable to not know what she was suffering from
  • aside from the stabbing pains of being betrayed that he couldn’t fix for her
  • but that was only if Seven could find a way into breaking MC out of there
  • But he knew the longer they waited the worse she would get
  • When he saw MC through the camera on Sevens screen, he knew he never wanted to know what it felt to lose someone again
  • After he though rika died, he felt like his world tipped over
  • But if he loses MC, he knows he wont ever have a reason to go on living with himself
  • He did find comfort knowing that MC never seemed to have had lost her personality and all that made her so easy to be around
  • By the looks of it, it was all thanks to Paco who never seemed to leave her side
  • Are you almost done?
  • “I want her out of there as soon as possible as well, okay?”
  • Jumin was taken back with how Seven snapped
  • “Dont let it get to you, he always gets like this”  the famous ‘Vanderwood’ who leaned on the side of the wall said
  • I dont want to know
  • He decided he didnt want to get into what Seven did on his own time also bc ‘Miss’ Vanderwood was slightly scaring him
  • “Just get the IP address so we can get there and go”
  • “I cant just do that! Well, I can but there seems to be more stuff this guy is feeding me atm and its all about MC”
  • “Look at it when you get her out of there! Poor girl must be seconds away from kicking the stupid bucket”
  • Excuse me?
  • “DOnt take it to heart, he gets angry when he has to wait before a job”
  • “Shut the fuck up, I still have my taser, you oaf”
  • What do you mean hes feeding you?
  • “I mean, this Unknown guy wants her found but for some odd reason he cant let her go… idk myself, but it looks like hes just doing his job
  • “What makes you say that?”
  • “RIght here it says: Job. No. Yes.- Unknown
  • Isnt that a good thing then? That means we can get MC out faster
  • JUmin didnt care for all the extra side stuff
  • He wanted to just get to the point and storm in there to save MC and take her to the doctors he had on standby
  • Just hurry up!
  • “I would want to bu- OH shit”
  • Jumins heart stopped for a millisecond thinking that MC died
  • When he didnt see anything abnormal on the screen that showed MC he was confused
  • But looking at what Seven saw
  • He understood
  • Is that Rika?

– 707 –

  • Watching RIka give MC injections of unknown substances made him physically want to scream
  • Why would she do that?
  • What was she even giving MC?
  • Where is Unknown?
  • “Damn, white loaf can really go on strong” he ignored Vanderwoods snide comment focusing on V holding MC down so Rika could give her another injection
  • “Let’s go now Seven, no more playing around!”
  • Okay okay, let me just get this on my laptop so we can watch as we go
  • “If we take my helicopter we could be there quicker”
  • Yeah lets do that
  • Seven was in a daze
  • As he looked into the breadcrumbs Unknown was giving him
  • He began to wonder why Unknown even took MC away if he was going to help them in the end
  • Unless he too was forced into do this all
  • But why would Rika do this? What could she gain from this?
  • “Please dont”
  • Seven turned to look at Jumin who looked at him when they heard MC’s voice
  • “Ready or not here it comes~” Rika sang
  • “You both may want to look away” Seven heard Vanderwood say before turning away
  • Not once had he ever looked away from the screen while on the job

  • You begged her to stop
  • Whatever it was, it wasn’t the same anymore
  • You began to remember names and faces but you couldn’t match them together
  • Please stop this, it hurts!
  • “Sweetie, you’re dying anyways, this is me being merciful and helping you go faster. Be thankful.”
  • What about that other stuff? What was that other stuff?
  • “It will all be over quickly if you just listen to her, please MC”
  • You turn to look at the stranger with the sunglasses: who’s MC?
  • Am I MC? Are they talking to me ?
  • You think you know them but you can’t match any faces or names at all
  • “I’d ask if you have any last words you want me to give to someone but at this point, you probably don’t know if you have any friends or family “
  • You shake your head trying to think
  • Somewhere someone has to know who you are
  • Why can’t I talk?
  • You panic; thrashing your body away from the woman and man
  • “Stop it!” You hear it before you feel a stinging sensation on your cheek
  • “Like I said,you’re already dying “ the woman says as she huffs for air
  • The look on her face scares you
  • It looks like she’s enjoying whatever is happening
  • “You should never talk to strangers “ you feel the weight of something hard crash on you holding your face down on the now cold floor
  • “Don’t ever go to places you don’t know”
  • The pressure intensifies making your head build more pressure like it will explode
  • “Rika, that’s too much” you hear the man from earlier
  • Help me please! you silently beg 
  • You wonder why he doesn’t help you
  • “Stay out of this V”
  • You feel something stab your shoulder
  • Then you don’t feel anything at all

– Vanderwood –

  • Seven was annoying
  • Richie rich was annoying
  • They all were pissing him off
  • The rush to get to where this girl was chaotic
  • He was used to the silence that Seven would accompany him with
  • But not like this
  • This silence was deafening and suffocating

– V –

  • He didnt want to harm MC
  • she was one of the good ones 
  • but he didnt want to make Rika any worse than she already was
  • He knew 707 or Jumin must have caught on by now 
  • with the help he got from Unknown, he knew they would make it but not soon enough
  • He made sure that whatever happened; it would all be on him 
  • Even if MC may never wake up again
  • even if Rika would spend a lot of time in the hospital 
  • even if Jumin and everyone in the RFA should come to hate him
  • even if he should become the villain; 
  • he would do whatever it takes to preserve Rika’s legacy and love and pride
  • He just needed for MC to hold onto life 
  • She was already sick 
  • and the medication he had replaced with the medication Rika wanted Unknown to give her seemed to have been working 
  • He made sure Unknown gave her the treatment she needed
  • But he didnt anticipate for Rika to inject her with a strong dose of whatever she had made for MC
  • By the looks of it 
  • it definitely was not the same that he had Unknown give her

– Unknown – 

  • Any minute now, it would all be over 
  • one way or another, MC would no longer suffer
  • He knew that by lying to Rika he was compromising his safety as well as Saeyoung’s
  • But he couldnt kill MC slowly
  • not with what RIka had made for her 
  • No. 
  • Instead, he made sure he gave her the medication she needed 
  • he made sure that Saeyoung would find the bread crumbs he left 
  • He expected Rika to pull something big for the finally so he made MC an antidote to what Rika had 
  • he didnt give it to her yet but he would have to leave it for Saeyoung to find if Paco didnt find a way of getting the vile out of his jacket before they got to MC
  • All he needed now was to find a way to make amends 
  • To MC and to everyone else 
  • but he would do that after he found a way to forgive himself and Saeyoung 
  • because if he didnt make him hate him; none of this would have happened 
  • and MC would have had treatment for this and have never been involved 
  • When would Saeyoung see how toxic both were to everyone else?
  • Especially to someone good and simplistic and perfectly normal like MC. 
  • Did Saeyoung even know?
  • Did his brother know how toxic both brothers were to everyone?
  • Like how toxic they were to one another.

anonymous asked:

Omg I love your writing! I have post notifications on and I'm honestly on this account everyday! I feel deprived when I'm not on it😅your writing is absolutely amazing and you update so regularly which I honestly love!! I hate those accounts that don't post for months. But you post everyday which is great cause I love reading your stories everyday😍I was wondering if you're still taking requests if you could continue the drunk Betty story? So like, them having the conversation in the morning?

Thank you so much, I love to write, if I could spend all day everyday writing about this gorgeous pairing. I totally would!

“Eww, eww, eww, eww, eww” Betty mumbled quickly wiping her mouth with the back of her hand.

Never again.

She was never drinking again. She had learned her lesson ten fold. Dragging herself from the toilet , she flopped down on her bed. this was it, this was her life now. She was forever planted in this bed.

Suddenly the familiar ring of her cell phone went off, she growled, throwing the pillow over her head. Ignoring whoever needed her. Unfortunately the ringing wouldn’t stop, she had no choice but to pick up the phone.

“What!” She hissed into the speaker, not bothering to check the caller ID.

“Well good morning sunshine! Get dressed, I’m outside, we’re going for a walk. If you’re not down in ten minutes, I’m coming up” The line clicked dead

Her heart stopped at the familiar voice, something had gone down last night between her and jughead, while the specifics weren’t clear, she knew fairly well what was about to happen.

“Well Betty Cooper, its time to dress for rejection.”

Brushing her teeth quickly and piling her silky hair into a messy bun on top of her head, she pulled on a tight pair of black yoga capris and a simple white v neck. Lacing her sneakers she took a quick glance in her mirror, admiring her butt. Well, at least she could give him something to look at, when she walked away thoroughly broken hearted.

As she locked her front door, she felt a pair of hands on her waist.

“How’s my very favorite drunk?” He whispered in her ear.

She hid her shivers at his close proximity by shaking his hands off her shoulders

“Really funny Jughead, I need a burger, let’s go to pops.”

Jughead laughed suprised,

“Its nine in the morning?”

She shot him a quick glare

“I’ve seen you eat an entire steak dinner before eight am, don’t try me”

He put his hands up in mock salute, grinning.

They walked in comfortable silence about halfway until Jughead finally broke the ice.

“You were upset with me last night.” He grabbed her wrist stopping her from walking

She cast her eyes down, waving her hand

“I was drunk Jughead, I was mad at everyone.”

He shook his head

“No, you were angry with me because you think I like ginger Lopez”

Well. Okay guess we’re just cutting to the chase then.

“Well now that you mention it, it is kind of ridiculous, come on Jughead really? She’s so fake and you know I’m all for women doing what makes them happy, but she’s not right for you. She isn’t your type of girl at all. Did you know she just broke up with Reggie mantle, if that doesn’t scream stay away I don’t know what does.” Her hands were flying everywhere

“I agree.” Jughead smiled simply

“And then there’s the fact that she totally… Wait what?”

Jughead laughed

“I agree, she’s not the girl for me, gingers very nice , but you were right, she’s not my type.”

“SO YOU DONT EVEN LIKE HER?!” Betty shouted before instantly regretting it, placing her fingers to her temples, the hangover coming back at a rapid pace.

Jughead placed his hands over hers, grinning

“Nope, and you would have known that if you had just asked me,instead of running off and getting smashed at the blossoms.” He wrinkled his nose in distaste.

Sighing Betty nodded

“Okay you’re right, I was an idiot. Now that that’s settled can we please go to pops I’m thinking of adding a milkshake to my order.”
She began walking ahead, but Jughead grabbed her arm again.

“I don’t think so. There’s still something we have to discuss.”

Her eyes widened and she looked away speaking sheepishly

“And what’s that?”

He grabbed her chin with his free hand

“I love you Betty Cooper, have loved you for a quite a bit now.” He was grinning and ducking to meet her eyes.

As soon as green met blue, tears welled in her eyes

“You do?”

“I do.”

Suddenly she was clinging to him l,tears wetting his flannel.

He pulled away gently, placing a soft kiss to her forehead,

“Come on ill buy you that burger. So.. how was being drunk anyway.”

She reached for his hand, threading their fingers together

“Oh juggie, you do not wanna know”

split sequel, ugh

apparently M. Shyamalan hasn’t learned anything from making Split, since it was such a hit despite demonizing those with DID. 

for those with screen readers: it’s called “Glass” and will be out in January 2019. it’s being called a “comic book thriller”. 

update: he finished the script (on Apr. 26th). actors are already chosen, and a distributor and producers are already lined up.

filming began for Split about a year and a half before it came out, therefore I think we can safely assume that filming will start now or will start soon. 

now is the time to act. 

source for above tweet 

Phil DeFranco is excited about it. He talked about it on his show. 

Here are some YouTube comments about it. They’re mostly negative ones, people who are supporting those with DID are their points getting shot down. 

Time to do this all over again, I guess. :/ 

Please try to get those who might want to see it to boycott it. #boycottglass

help me??? please?

i hate begging for this but i need commissions to come into my inbox as soon as possible. during the summer my mom doesn’t have work so we do pretty poorly at the end of summer. my dad can pay for dinner everynow and again, but my mom does most of the buying when it comes to groceries, lunch out clothes buying, and letting me and my twin brother have a summer like every other teenager. Yesterday (8/9) my mom had to blow almost 1000 bucks on the dentist and my phone. this afternoon we could barely afford wendy’s four for four meal for three of us two share, and despite the name, its not a meal for four people. my mom has 1 dollar bills in her wallet and thats it. she can’t afford to take money out of the bank. chronic depression runs in the family and nobody is taking it well i’ve seen my mom cry several times this week and it stresses me and my brother out to see her like that. i will do the commissions that are sent my way right away and they’re be done with thought and care. i really want to give my mom some cash i hate seeing her like this. if you’re interested in commissioning, please email me 

(reblogs/spreading the word is deeply appreciated)

Just friends

A/N wow who knew my titles could get even shittier. okay so i dont wanna be like slacking all the time, and i know i said this fic would be up last week but my mental health has been absolutely shit so im sorry. anyway 90% is dialogue and its pretty shit but yeah here you go i guess. im lowkey proud and my goal for this fic is 300 notes (i got 280 on my last one so far). if you like please like/ reblog and send me prompts!!!

WARNINGS/ TAGS: excessive dialogue, minimal editing, lots of praise, fluffy smut, riding, friends to lovers, mentions of kickthesticks oops

Dan walked around the cafeteria in his worn out converse and ripped jeans, trying to spot which table his friends were at today. As usual they were in the very corner of the cafeteria, all huddled together and laughing. Dan sat between Byrony and Phil as soon as he reached the table. Once he placed his school lunch down on the sticky table Phil instinctively wrapped a protective arm around his best friend’s waist. Phil didn’t know it, but Dan had a huge crush on him, anyone who met them definitely knew. Thats why their friends made fun of them constantly, because Dan had told them his obvious secret.

“Tone down the PDA mate,” PJ laughed from the other side of the table.

“Oh shut up PJ, you’re just jealous because you don’t have someone you can do this with,” Phil shot back. PJ just scoffed and Dan giggled, leaning into his friends touch.

“As if, Chris clearly wants PJ to fuck him,” Dan said without thinking.

“Dan! You said you could keep a secret you dick head!” Chris blushed violently and hid behind his own hands.

“Wait what?!” PJ exclaimed as if it wasn’t obvious. Everyone laughed except for Chris, who was still hiding. PJ took Chris’s hand from his face and held it while whispering something that no one else could hear.

“Oi, tone down the PDA mate,” Phil mocked.

“Oh shut up Phil,” Byrony but in, “So how long have you and Dan been together Phil?” Dan blushed and hid in Phil’s side. If they kept making jokes like this Phil would find out soon, and he couldn’t have that, it would ruin his friendship with Phil.

“Come on ass hat. You all know were not together and never will be,” Dan remarked.

“Mhm sure honey,”


Later that day they were all going out to a movie, Dan had a backpack with a blanket and “secret” snacks to sneak in for him and Phil. Knowing them, they’d end up putting away the arm rest in the theater and cuddling while wrapped in the blanket, no matter what movie it was. Dan found it as his own personal heaven and suggested movie nights each week months ago. It was his only way to get the physical affection he craves and not be teased by Peej.

“Hey Phil, do you want to come over tonight? My mums not home, we could stay up all night.” Chris asked waiting in line for their tickets.

“Sorry mate I’m already going to Dan’s tonight.”

“Yeah to fuck!” Peej laughed at his own dumb adolescent joke. Byrony giggled and nodded her head.

“You aren’t funny dick, we’re just friends!” Dan defended.

“You literally sat in Phil’s lap on the way over here,” Byrony said while giggling more, “And he played with your hair!”

“Thats what friends do!”

“Uh huh sure”


During the movie Dan had somehow migrated into Phils lap again. Phil was playing with his hair with one hand and rubbing agonizingly slow circles on Dan’s hip with the other. Dan had no clue how Phil did this and still somehow payed attention to the movie. The entire time he buried his head in Phils neck and he was imagining fucking Phil. He knows its wrong to think about these things while he’s in his best friends lap but he cant help it.

Slowly Dan started to grow hard, he shook his head and tried to think about anything else. grandma grandma grandma.

“You okay babe?” oh yeah, another thing, they always called each other babe and baby, but they’re just friends mind you.

“Mhm just tired,” Dan faked a yawn and snuggled farther into Phil’s neck.

“Go to sleep then, I’ll carry you out to the car later and wake you up when we get back to your house.”

“Mmk darlin, night.” Although Dan was faking the yawn he was quite tired, and he wanted to stay up late tonight. He decided it was best to just stick with the lie and go to sleep on Phils chest.


Dan was currently snoring lightly on Phil’s chest and muttering something incomprehensible while being carried out to the car.

“Oi, wake princess up,” Chris snickered.

“I’ll just sit him on my lap and buckle him in with me. Let him sleep asshole.”

“You know he likes you right?” Byrony stated matter of factly.

“Yeah right, stop joking guys, you know I like him, theres no need to get my hopes up,” Phil scoffed and sped up towards the car.

Their three friends shook their heads behind him. Dan and Phil would find out eventually. Right?


“P-Phil,” Dan said lightly while tightening his grip on him. Phil thought that Dan had woken up so he responded with a small “hm?” but got no response. They had just dropped off Byrony and now were heading towards Dan’s house. Since Phil didn’t get an answer he just assumed Byrony slamming the door woke up Dan for a split second.

That was until Dan grinded against Phil’s thigh. Phil felt a surge of arousal shoot through his body. Dan did it again and Phil gasped. Dan opened his mouth to moan again but Phil quickly covered his mouth. He couldn’t believe this. His best friend, not to mention his crush, was having a wet dream. In his lap. In the back of their friends car. Moaning Phil’s name! Phil debated waking him up, or just waiting until they got home and ignoring the whole situation. His awkwardness decided the second option was best.

Only seconds later Dan was grinding again and panting against Phil’s hand which was still covering his mouth. Phil prayed to every god he could think of that this car ride would be over soon because he was starting to get hard under his sleeping friend. He knew that he shouldve moved his hands from where they were on Dan’s hips because he didnt want to invade his friends space during a dream like this. Phil’s self conscious had a different idea though and moved his hands somewhere worse. Dan’s plump ass. He knew it wasnt right but he couldnt fight his instincts. Dans grinding slowed, but only so that he could push back into Phil’s hands.

Phil squeezed hard and Dan’s eyes shot open.

“Oh no,” Phil whispered almost completely silent.


“Okay guys, we’re here.” Peej announced from the front seat, “See you guys Monday. Have a good weekend.”

Dan slowly and cautiously crawled out of Phils lap, careful to hide his hard on from his friends as they said goodbye. When Chris and PJ pulled out of Dan’s drive way Dans mouth failed to make a sound even though he opened it.

“I’m so sorry Dan! I dont know what i was thinking but you were grinding on me- and- an- and you moan- moaned my name! My body was just reacting I’m so so so sorry!!” Phil spat out quickly.

“Hey, ba-Phil, don’t worry, its okay, I lik-” Dan paused and didnt finish his thought, “Lets just go inside. We dont have to talk about it if you dont want to okay babe- Phil.”

“Oh god I’m so sorry for making things awkward I didnt mean to but you kept going and oh god im so sorry-”

“Has anyone ever told you that sometimes you need to shut up Philly?”

“Make me,” Phil shot back but instantly regretted it. “Oh my god I didnt mean t-”

He was cut off by Dan’s lips against his.

“Do you really think you touching my ass bothered me? You even said yourself that i was moaning your name idiot.”

“Shh,” Phil joked and grabbed Dans hand. The kiss had boosted Phil’s self confidence, and he thought back to what his friends said about Dan having a crush on him. “How about we go up to your room baby? We can handle the little problem I have and sort our relationship out afterwards.”

“O-okay,” Dans usually dominating voice was small and timid now. He led Phil into the house and tugged his hands up the stairs. He wasnt leading because Phil didnt know where to go, of course he did, but because Phil was going at the slowest pce possible so that Dan would have to wait. “Please Phil, come onnn~” he whined.

Once they reached Dans room he flung the door open. “Calm down baby, you’ll get what you want if you wait.”

“But I want you now-” Dan was going to continue complaining like a child but he was cut off by a kiss.

Phil pulled away and smirked,“Thats pay back for cutting me off earlier dick.”

“Philly! No cussing!”, he playfully hit him on the chest. He was glad that his crush changed nothing. Hell, him grinding on his friend while having a wet dream changed nothing. They were still best friends and this moment made that clear to Dan. Phil smiled goofily at him and leaned in again, only to end up kissing Dan’s cheek though because Dan moved at last minute. Dan giggled and did it again when Phil attempted another kiss.

“Oh whatever babe, now come on, I wanna kiss you more.”

“Hmm- Nope.” Dan slid out of Phil’s grip and giggled as he ran across the room and leapt onto his bed. Phil chased after him, laughing also. He sat down next to Dan and just gazed at his friends eyes.

“You’re so gorgeous Dan,” he said as he reached out and cupped his face, “Can I kiss you again?”

“I dunno can you?” Dan teased. Phil rolled his eyes and leaned in slowly. Their lips collided and Dan swore he could feel his heart beating out of his chest. It all seemed so real, Phil’s hand in his hair, Phil’s lips on his own. Quickly he became paranoid. Even though they had this moment of goofing around would their friendship change after tonight? Would they end badly? Apparently Phil could hear him thinking because he pulled back.

“Dan, baby calm down. We can stop if you want, we dont have to do anything. We can even pretend this never happened if thats what you want. I would never do anything to hurt you love.”

“I’m just scared- I want you though, now come here again,” They kissed at Dans pace and soon Dan leaned back and rested his head against the pillows. “Will you touch me? Please? I dont care what you do. Just please-”

“Of course princess. Can I straddle you?” Dan nodded and Phil climbed into his lap. He lowered his hands down to Dan’s sides and looked up for consent before putting his hands under Dan’s shirt. It was all so intimate, Dan couldnt help but moan at the light little touches running up and down his chest.

“Please- just give me more please baby I’ll do anything.”

“We’re gonna go slow okay? Just wait and you’ll get what you want.”

Phil took Dans shirt off after asking if it was okay and slowly started to kiss over his chest. “You’re so pretty, have such a nice chest and a lovely stomach.” He pinched Dan’s side in a joking manor and smiled up at the giggling boy.

Dan blushed and looked away,“Oh come on youre just saying that,”

“I know you just found out I fancy you, but ever since we met I have thought that. Youre truly breathtaking Dan, and if youll let me I’d really really like to touch you right now.” He kissed down Dans stomach, closer and closer to his pant line.

“Plea-” His plead was cut off by a loud moan as Phil kissed his dick through his skinny jeans. “More. More More More Please!”

Phil unzipped Dans skinny jeans and started to pull them off. They got stuck at mid thigh and Dan burst out laughing. “Stop laughing you dick!” That only made him laugh more. Phil silenced him though by mouthing over Dan’s briefs. Dan gasped as soon as he felt the warm sensation through his underwear and Phil could feel his friends cock twitch.

“How far do you wanna go love?”

“Can- I- um-” Phil was sliding Dans skinny jeans off fully as Dan was attempting to speak.


“Can you fuck me?” Dan said in one breath. Phil smiled up at him while he took his own shirt off.

“How about you ride me? That way you can control the pace baby. Does that sound nice?” Dan glanced at Phil’s exposed chest and was only half listening when he nodded. “Have you ever prepped before? If you know what im trying to say…” Phil stared down at his feet and blushed as he was saying this. Dans confidence had shot through the roof with all of the compliments Phil was giving him so he decided to go with his cocky response.

“Of course I have, I did this morning in the shower. Thinking about your nice thick cock. I want it everywhere. In my hand, in my mouth, in my ass.” Phil groaned and hurried to take off his own skinny jeans while Dan kept going. “I even did after school too, before the movie. I was thinking about you touching me the whole time. Thinking about your fingers trailing all up and down my chest. Thinking about your lips nipping at my neck-” he was cut off by Phil doing just that. He left a love bite right above his shoulder and then carried on with more all over Dan’s neck. He left one right below his jaw, one on his collarbone. Anywhere he could reach.

“So I dont have to stretch you then?” Phil laughed in a teasing way and asked Dan where he kept the lube.

“Be-bed side table-” Dan blushed as Phil pulled Dan’s boxers down.

“Hm? Why are you so nervous? What else am i going to find?” He said casually as he slipped off his own boxers and reached for the drawer.

When Phil opened the bed side table he expected pornos, or the pair of joke hand cuffs PJ got Dan last christmas. But not all of these. No. He would never guess that dan would have these.

Lets just have a run down of what exactly Phil was looking at. A drawer full of bright pink and purple dildos. And vibrators. And lacy panties. Black ones to be specific. And two bottles of empty lube and one fairly empty bottle of lube. His jaw dropped as his picked up a huge vibrator. Phil would say that hes a pretty big guy down there but this fucking vibrator was at least ten inches.

Dan hid behind his hands as Phil examined all of the different vibes and such.

“Hm.. maybe we’ll have fun with those later, but for right now I think I’ll just have you ride me.” He smirked again cheekily and Dan just rolled his eyes and grabbed the last bottle of lube and a condom.

“Shut up and turn over so I can ride you, you dick,” he said as he rolled the condom onto Phils dick.

“Oh look at Mr.dominant coming out. Who wouldve guess you’re dominant with all of those toys in there?” Phil snickered at his own joke but Dan just hit his chest and shut him up with a kiss.

Since Dan was acting so needy Phil decided it was best to just get on with it. So he had Dan straddle him and positioned his cock right at Dan’s entrance. As Dan slowly sunk down onto the tip of Phil’s dick they both groaned. Phil had to try with all his might to keep his needy teenage body from bucking up into Dan.

“Oh god- can I go further?” Dan asked.

“Of course you can doofus.”

Dan tweaked his nipple for that comment; which was simultaneously causing pain and pleasure for Phil. He began to go further, taking in an inch at a time and pausing to groan and take a breath. It was pure agony for Phil to just sit there completely still so he tried to distract himself with praises for Dan.

“Good job baby boy, you take me so well, look so good like that.”

While Phil let these praises out Dan had nothing to do but gasp and moan. When he finally got all of Phil’s cock inside him Phil stopped with the praises and instead bit all over Dan’s neck again. The love bites from earlier were already starting to fade since they were nothing more than a little nip, but Phil was determined to leave a mark this time. He sucked and pulled at the skin with his teeth, pulling away only a couple times to kiss over the freshly bruised skin. When he was done leaving a bright red mark Dan was panting and pleading him to let him move.

Of course Phil immediately told him to go whenever he was ready so Dan began bouncing up and down. Even though Phil knew Dan was a virgin he guessed by all of the sex toys that Dan was used to having something up his ass.

“Please Phil, its not enough, I need you to fuck up into me~”

Phil listened and started to thrust up at the same time that Dan was coming down. He knew he found Dans prostate because Dan gasped and went even faster at the same angle.

“God baby you look so good, fucking yourself so good. Can’t wait to see your pretty face when you cum.”

These little comments only seemed to spur Dan on more, but soon it was too much and he was completely wrecked. He lifted himself up off of Phils cock and laid next to him.

“Phiw- is too much- need you to fuck me, m’ legs are too tired…”

“Of course they are you lazy oaf,” after his remark Phil got right to it. He slid his cock right back into Dan and started to thrust back and forth. He could see Dan getting needier by the second, begging for more and blushing and gasping. Phil was entirely blissed out by all of the sounds Dan was making and by how good it felt.

“Do you think you can cum untouched baby?” Dan nodded fiercely and moaned at the though of it. He reached behind Phil and pulled him down closer by his neck.

“Fuck- Phil I’m getting close-”

“You look so good baby, I bet you’ll look stunning when you cum. Begging for more, youll look so perfect.” Dan moaned at his words and started to grind back against Phil movements. Phil found Dans prostate again and pounded into it relentlessly, still letting little praises come out. “Such a good boy. Take me so well. You feel so good.”

Dan writhed on the sheets beneath Phil and clenched his sheets tight with both fists. “I need you Phil- need to kiss you.” Phil obliged and leaned down to kiss the needy boy beneath him while keeping the same speed.

“Are you going to come baby boy?”

Dan groaned and released as a response. He felt as if he was floating for a second. His vision got blurry as he released white streaks all over him and his best friend. When Phil saw the completely blissed out face of Dan he locked eyes with him and released inside the condom.

As Phil pulled out Dan found himself feeling empty. Even though some of his toys were huge, none of them felt that good. Phil reached over to Dan’s bedside table and grabbed some tissues that were obviously there for this reason.


“No- no talking now please. Jus’ some cuddles please?” Dan looked up with a pleading, almost innocent look and Phil just couldnt resist. He threw out the tissues and the condom and laid next to Dan. Dan instantly wrapped his legs around Phil’s waist and arms around his neck and kissed him swiftly on the cheek. “Night cutie, we’ll talk in the morning over some pancakes and tea okay?”

“Sounds great love, goodnight.”

Trans Lance Fic Part 4

Keith and Lance end up spending the night reliving old memories and laughing at their inside jokes after Lance’s confession. They hang out on the couch and When they get hungry from not having dinner, they go raid the kitchen of anything that seems to be edible and tasty. When they can hardly keep their eyes open any longer, they stagger to their bedrooms and fall asleep quickly.

It isn’t until the next day when Allura once again makes Lance stay behind to train extra that Keith realizes something that makes him very mad. He had known a few trans people at the Garrison so he knew plenty about binders and there are two major rules that he knows about them. Do not wear a binder for more than eight hours at a time and do not exercise while binding.

Keith storms into the training room. “End training session!” Keith yells and the room shuts itself off. Lance looks at Keith confused. The cuban’s breathing is ragged and he rests a hand over his ribs in obvious discomfort. Lance opens his mouth to say something but Keith cuts him off. “Lance McClain you have been training in your binder haven’t you?! When is the last time you took it off?!” Keith yells. He is furious that his friend could be so reckless as to do something so dumb.

“I-I… uh… I don’t have anything else I can wear… I didn’t exactly plan on being launched into space. I would have brought a sports bra or something if I had…” Lance stutters and his face flushes with embarrassment. It’s not everyday that his crush talks to him about his binder after all…

“I am sure we can find you something at the space mall now lets go. The sooner you get that binder off the better. ” Keith says and grabs Lance’s hand before dragging him out of the training room and to a small ship. He tells Shiro they are going shopping when they see him along the way and Shiro doesn’t dare question it.

Keith practically drags a very flustered Lance into the space mall and into the nearest clothing store. “K-Keith I can find them myself… could you go look at something else please?” Lance stutters embarrassedly. Keith is about to protest until he turns to look at the Cuban next to him and sees the deep blush on his cheeks. Keith nods and goes to look at some headbands because it’d be nice to keep his hair out of his face while training.

Lance sighs softly and tries to figure out where he could find some sports bras in the midst of all these strange alien clothes. He knows there has to be an earth section somewhere or even something that vaguely resembles clothes from earth… He makes his way up to a worker who looks up at him. “Uh, hi. Do you know if you have um… anything for support….” Lance says and can’t help but blush again. The worker gives him a confused look and he sighs. “You know, support.” He says and cups his hands over his chest where his breasts are hidden.

Understanding dawns on the workers face and in slightly broken English they answer, “oh yes ma'am we do have some supportive garments. I’ll show you where they are. ” the worker turns so that Lance can follow them. At the use of the word ‘ma'am’ Lance cringes and frowns deeply. “Sorry, but you’ve got it wrong. I’m a guy. A guy who needs some supportive garments but a guy nonetheless.” Lance says looking rather uncomfortable.

The alien worker blushes a deep shade of blue which stands out on their green skin. “Oh my! I’m so sorry sir! I didn’t mean any offense! I’ll show you where the garments are right away unless you’d like me to get someone else to show you.” They say. “Just show me where they are.” Lance says crossing his arms over his chest as he tries to fight off his dysphoria. The alien nods quickly and brings Lance through a few sections of clothing until they get to one of all different kinds of bras.

Lance sighs softly as the worker leaves and heads over to table full of sports bras. He grabs a couple in what he believes to be his size and heads to the fitting room to see which ones offer the best support and compression.

He emerges from the dressing room with four sports bras he intends to double layer when he isn’t wearing his binder. He makes his way out of the bra section and over to Keith. He makes sure to keep the bras tucked inside his jacket and out of the Korean’s view. Keith looks up at him when he hears Lance approaching and eyes him suspiciously. “Lance please tell me you grabbed a few because I’m not letting you leave until you do. There is no way in hell I’m letting you wear your binder all the time.” Keith rants. Lance frowns deeply and pulls the bras out of his jacket to shut Keith up.

Keith nods his head approvingly and grabs a pack of headbands he had been examining and another pack of hair ties. “Good, now lets go pay for all this.” He says and accompanies Lance up to a register then promptly pays for both of them.

Lance carries the bag back to the ship they had ridden in. Keith starts the engine and easily pilots them into the air and in the direction of the castle. He glances over at Lance. “As soon as we get there you are going to your room and changing into a sports bra. And I mean just one sports bra. Your lungs and ribs need a break from being crushed. Don’t you dare try to fight me on this. I am not losing you again. ” he says firmly. All Lance can do is pout and nod his head.

(Hi! Please let me know if I made any spelling or grammar mistakes. I hope y'all enjoyed this. Part five anyone? To check out my other Trans Lance works, click here: Trans Lance Master List  )

Bruised and Battered Chapter 5

Dean Winchester x Reader

1100 Words

Story summary:  Being friends with Sam and Dean Winchester had been the best part of your life. But then they were gone, and you had nothing to distract you from the physical and verbal abuse from your parents. Years pass, and your parents suddenly vanish. When Sam and Dean come help to find them, you aren’t sure what they will do when they discover your dark past.

Catch Up Here: Masterpost

It was only mid-afternoon when the town your parents were being held in came into view. It was a welcome relief, but at the same time you weren’t ready. You didn’t want to go back to the way life had been before they had been captured by monsters. You didn’t want to be under their thumb once again. Being beaten and tormented by people who should love you.

“So, I’m thinking we get a room, regroup and figure out our plan.” Dean started saying. “We have no idea what we’re going up against.”

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Late Night Kisses

@hello-fandom-requests hope you enjoy love. x

A/N: i don’t do smut, so don’t ask || enjoy ♥

Fandom: Disney Descendants

Boy: Jay

Word Count: 1,577

Warning(s): Fluff

‘’Jay! We don’t have time for you to go give Y/N goodnight kisses!!’‘

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A Week- Poly! Hamilsquad x Reader x Southern! Democratic Republicans

A/N: The project that’s taken weeks to write, it’s finally done! This is just a little bit of a preview of a series I want to write? Kind of a prequel or introduction? But this took me so long, hope you enjoy!


“I’m home,” Y/N called, kicking off her shoes and dropping her bag by the door. She swung off her coat and hung it on the hook, smiling as one of her boys appeared around the corner and held out his arms. Snuggling into Herc’s chest she finally felt at home.

“Hi, baby,” he whispered.


He leaned down and kissed her softly, cute and gentle and sweet. He looked at her with so much adoration that she felt her cheeks heat up the tiniest bit. Laf walked over and joined the hug with a grin. She separated from Hercules and kissed Lafayette’s cheek.

“How was work?”

She let out a huff. “More gossip, more rumors, more writing to be done.”

Alex laughed, coming through the front door behind her and kissing both Laf and Herc’s cheeks. “Don’t I know it.”

John was last, practically running around the corner and into his girlfriend’s arms. “BABY GIRL!”

“John!” she said, teasing him with the same amount of enthusiasm and kissing him. “Get any sketches done?”

He smiled proudly and showed her his colorful hands. “Paintings, actually.”

“I hope you didn’t do it on my desk again.” Y/N groaned playfully. When he looked down sheepishly she frowned. “John, you promised!” When he kissed her again, she shook her head. “Fine, just clean it up, ‘kay?”

“Anything for you, baby girl,” he announced, kissing her one more time before moving on to Alex.

Laf pulled her back against his chest. “I do love having you here, mon cheri.”

“It’s great to be here, Laf.”

“Then don’t leave!” John said, bouncing a bit. Y/N giggled as Alex nodded.

“Yeah, don’t go back to Thomas, he doesn’t need you, we do!”

“Aw, Alex,” Y/N teased, leaning over and kissing his cheek. “Can’t leave my other boys alone- but, for tonight, I’m yours.”


Thomas held her close against his chest. “No, I don’t wanna share you!”

“Baby,” Y/N cooed, raising an eyebrow and smirking. “Don’t you want to see Aaron and Jemmy?”

Thomas frowned. “Fine. But we better not run into Hamilton on our way out.”

She stood up and brushed off her legs with a scowl. “Thomas, you know I need to check on Alex before I go.”

He sighed dramatically as he stood and kissed her cheek. “I’m not going to talk to him.”

“I didn’t expect you to,” Y/N said with a giggle and lacing her fingers with his. Thomas slung her work bag over his shoulder and held her stack of books and papers with his free hand. Y/N had a brown paper bag clutched tightly in her hand. She stopped at Alexander’s office, letting Jefferson stand off to the side, and rapped lightly on the door.

“Come in,” Hamilton called. She entered with a smile. “Y/N, darling!”

She set the bag on his desk as he wrapped his arms around her and kissed her for a moment. He laid his forehead against hers and kissed her once more, hands roaming her body. She playfully pushed him away.

“Alex, it’s not your day,” she sang. Alex rolled his eyes before she handed him the bag. “Here.”

“A present?” he teased, quirking an eyebrow and beginning to open it.

Y/N rolled her eyes. “A meal. I know you, you won’t be home until midnight and by the time you finish writing you wouldn’t have had time to eat, and it’ll be too late. I made your favorite.”

He smiled at the Tupperware and kissed her again. “Thanks, sweetheart. Love you. Are you going to check on John?”

She nodded. “Yep, if Thomas stops acting like a child.” She raised her voice at the end, making sure Jefferson could hear her.

“HEY!” he called back to them.

She kissed Alex one more time before walking away. “See you tomorrow.”

“Bye, darling.”

Y/N walked out the door, giving him one last look, reminding him to eat his meal, and closed the door. Thomas had his arms crossed and was wearing a pout.

“You didn’t say you’d be in there for that long!”

“Come on, we still have to give John his meal, then we can go home.”

Jefferson groaned but gave no protest. After checking up on Laurens, Y/N and Jefferson got in the car. Thomas placed all of her things carefully in the back and slid into the driver’s seat, squeezing her hand. Once home, he parked the car in the garage and grabbed her bag.

“I can carry that, you know,” Y/N told him, stepping into the elevator with their fingers laced.

Thomas rolled his eyes as the elevator rose. “I only get to see you every other day, darling, I’m not letting you work hard while I’m around.”

She smiled and took out her keys, holding open the door for her boyfriend, making him frown at her briefly before entering.

“James!” Thomas exclaimed happily, setting down the bag and stepping into Madison’s arms. Y/N grinned at them before walking towards James and pulling him away for a moment to hug him.

“Missed you, sweetheart,” James said softly, pulling her into a small kiss. “Are you staying the night?”

She smiled. “Yep, don’t want to miss an opportunity to talk with my favorite boy.”

“You tell that to all your boys,” someone else said with a teasing tone. Y/N turned around and walked into Aaron’s arms, kissing his cheek as he wasn’t one for lots of physical contact.

“Yes, but I only mean it with you,” she cooed, rubbing his back and snuggling into his shoulder. Thomas and James quickly joined in, not wanting to be left out. Cuddled between three of her boys, there was no place she’d rather be.


“Wednesday’s movie night,” Hercules called, stepping into the apartment with arms full of movies. “We have one each of everyone’s favorites, we don’t have time for everything, we’re watching 2 movies so get your arguments ready!”

Alex jumped up from the couch. He had previously had Y/N’s feet on his legs as she sat in John’s lap, but he quickly pushed them off so he could begin to scream. “We have to watch The Little Mermaid!”

Y/N rolled her eyes. “You love that movie more than you love me!”

John rubbed her shoulders and kissed her neck from behind. “He doesn’t love the movie, N/N, it’s Ariel he’s in love with.”

“Great.” she chuckled. “That’s better.”

Laf entered through the door behind Herc, carrying 3 large boxes of pizza. He set the food down and smiled, coming into the living room and holding out his arms.

“I’m home, mon cheris!”’

John jumped off the couch and barrelled into Laf’s arms. “Please don’t let Alex choose The Little Mermaid again, Laf, don’t you love me?” Laurens gave his best puppy eyes.

“Aw, mon amour, it’s beyond my control!” Lafayette kissed the top of his head and opened his arms to Y/N. She stepped into them, putting her arms around his neck and kissing him sweetly.

“Glad you’re home,” she whispered into his hair.

“Glad you’re here,” he replied softly, kissing her again.

“But please, Laf, don’t let him choose again!”

Gilbert laughed. “I’ll do my best.”


“Where are we going?”

Thomas pulled Y/N more tightly against his chest. “Well, we can do Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Indian, Mexican, Italian- or we can just run to the store and get another frozen meal.”

Y/N shifted a bit in his lap. “Okay, and when is Aaron coming home?”

“Answer my question and I’ll answer yours.” Thomas poked her nose, making her pout. After she gave him her dinner order he kissed her. “Aaron will be home any minute, and James should be up from his nap soon.”

Sure enough, only a few moments later Madison wandered out of the bedroom and came into the living room. He smiled at the two.

“Thanks for letting me rest, I feel much better.” James sniffed and settled next to them on the couch. Thomas took his hand and Y/N leaned over to kiss his cheek. Madison frowned. “Y/N, you’ll get sick!”

“And I’ll have you to take care of me,” she finished, kissing him on the lips.

“I’m home,” Aaron called, walking in. “I brought home enough ingredients for Thomas to make mac and-”

“MAC AND CHEESE!” Thomas exclaimed, shaking Y/N a bit. “Guys, Aaron is my favorite person ever!”

Y/N rolled her eyes and got off of Thomas, kissing Aaron’s forehead. “What have I told you about spoiling the children.”

“Sorry, darling,” Aaron replied, smiling.


She snuggled into Herc’s chest. “I don’t wanna go to sleep.”

He kissed the top of her head. She smiled as John rubbed her shoulders. “Why not, sweetheart?”

“‘Cause tomorrow I have to leave you again.”

“Yeah,” Alex piped up from John’s other side. “Why not stay?”

Laf smiled. “Come on, mon amour.” He reached for Y/N’s hand and squeezed it over Hercules. “Then you get to go and hang out with Thomas and James and Aaron!”

She grinned back. “Yeah. And then Sunday I’ll be back. Okay, goodnight.”


“You shouldn’t snuggle with me, Y/N,” James reminded his girlfriend, watching with a fond smile as she moved closer to him.

“You’re always sick, cuddling has never killed me before!”

Madison shook his head. “Don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

Aaron came in shortly, finding his spot at Y/N’s other side and spooning her. “Goodnight. Thomas will be in soon.”

She rolled her eyes. “He’s almost as bad as Alex, I doubt he’ll be here at all.”

“You have so little faith in me!” Jefferson piped up, coming in with an easy smirk on his face. “I’m here, aren’t I?”


She took the pregnancy test between her hands, studying it slowly. She felt her vision go a bit blurry, her world crashing around her.

It was positive.

Klangst Week: Day 1 - Unrequited

Keith rested his bruised and sore arm on the back of his chair, watching the dented and dirty armor sink into the soft material.

He leaned on it slightly, bending over in order to catch his breath. He shut his tired eyes for a few moments as he listened to his heartbeat slowly return to normal.

He had pushed himself really hard on that mission; too hard perhaps, Pidge had even pointed out that Keith had probably broken a record with the amount of Century’s he had defeated.

Pidge was sweet and all, but she wasn’t the person he had hoped would notice.

“Shiro! You were amazing! The way you blew up that ship with your lion before it could shoot down that village. We couldn’t have saved that planet without you.” Lance gushed to their leader.

Keith watched on angrily as Lance swooned over the black paladin.

“Umm… thanks, Lance. We all helped.” Shiro replied, seeming only half interested in what the Cuban had to say.

Keith scrunched the hand that was on his chair into a fist, gritting his teeth. Why did he even try with Shiro? Why couldn’t he see that Shiro wasn’t interested?

But he was. Oh, boy, Keith was. Why couldn’t lance be swooning over him instead? At least Keith would give him the time of day.

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Word count: 636

 You see him standing there, observing everything around him. He looks so handsome, yet so lonely. You shouldn’t be here, outside, and Four almost yelled at you for being so impulsive. But you needed to see him. And now, you gather all your stupid courage to throw a small rock at him. The rock hits his back and he turns around, his icy blue eyes landing on you. Immediately you run back to the woods as Eric follows you. When you’re finally far enough from anyone, you stop, waiting for him to come closer.

 “(Y/N)… What are you doing here?”

 “I’m running away from you. From Jeanine. From being tortured for being who I am.” You take a deep breath. The hole he left in your heart is impossible to be filled again. You want to kiss him. You desperately need to kiss him again.

 “Come with me. I’ll protect you, you know it. I love you.” Eric pulls you into a tight hug. “I miss you, (Y/N).”

 “I miss you too but you choose the wrong side of this war.” You dive your fingers on his hair. “You look very handsome.”

 “And you’re absolutely beautiful, even with these horrible clothes.”

 You laugh at him. Yes, you were forced to wear Amity clothes. Light brown pants and a red blouse. “Four almost freaked out when I refused to throw my Dauntless clothes away.”

 “Always being a pain in the ass.”

 “Don’t insult my friend. He’s doing your job.”

 “My job?”

 “Yes. Taking care of me.” You say and Eric’s eyes are filled with sadness..

 “I want to take care of you. Come with me. I won’t let Jeanine know that you’re Divergent. ”

 “God, Eric, I wish I could.” Your thoughts drift away with memories of those perfect days you spent with Eric back in Dauntless. Doing nothing on Sunday mornings, having dinner on the rooftop.

 “You still have me, just…”

 “Why don’t you come with me? You’re wrong and I’m right. I still love you but I can’t follow you.”

 You want to stay here forever and never let go of him, but you need to go back to your friends soon.

 “This is the last time we meet. I’m going with Four and the others. We’ll… Go as far as we can. I don’t know where but we’re going anyway. ”

 “(Y/N), please. Don’t leave me again.”

 “No. You left me. I’ll convince Four to wait for ten minutes, right here. It will be your last chance. Our last chance.” You smile, pecking his lips before walking away. “Just remember I love you.”

 “So, let me try to understand this situation. You told Eric where we are just because of this blind hope you have that he’ll choose you over Erudite.” Peter stands in front of you, a finger on your face. “Do you really think Eric will choose you over the power he has now?” You try not to let it show how anxious you are. If he doesn’t come, you’ll never see him again. Or worse, you’ll have to fight against him. Your heart is beating loudly on your chest.

 “Peter, I swear I’ll…” Footsteps echoing through the trees makes everyone gets up and prepare themselves for a fight. You know that if your friends die tonight, it would be your fault.

 “(Y/N), it’s him.” Tris is the first to see him in the darkness and gives you a small smile.

 “Eric?” You call, running to meet him and jumping on his arms. “Is that it? You’re… you’re coming with me?”

 “I can’t stay here knowing that you may be in some serious trouble out there.” Eric lifts you up, spinning you around.

 “God, I love you, Eric!”

 “I love you too. Now, let’s go. We have a new world to see.”




Anonymous said:

Hey! I was hoping you would be able to do a Pan X Reader, where the reader is Regina’s daughter and Regina abandons her to become queen and when they go to find Henry she finds her. Please that will be awesome!


I changed it a bit :)

“Okay. Now what?!” Regina spat as they failed. AGAIN. In finding Henry that is.

Hook sighed but his face soon lit up as an idea occurred to him.

“There’s this one lost boy who has helped me before. He’s a bit different than the other lost boys. He’s nicer and gentler than the others. Maybe we can ask him to lead us to their camp?” Hook suggested.

“And how are we going to find this lost boy?” Regina asked.

“I’ve never really seen his face.”

Regina rolled her eyes.

“Great. Now we’re looking for someone and we don’t even know what he looks like?!” Regina spat, clearly agitated.

“If you’ll let me finish, I’ll be able to tell you that Pan lets him wear a different colored cloak so we’ll know which one our target is.”

“Well. Come on then. Let’s find this lost boy.”


“Now will you help us find our son?” Emma asked the hooded figure.

The hooded figure scanned the group.


Regina didn’t like his answer so she stepped forward with a fireball on hand, ready to threaten the boy, when Charming stopped her. The hooded figure turned towards Regina and laughed darkly.

Snow gave Regina a lecture about not frightening the boy because it will only lessen their chances with getting help. Regina rolled her eyes and walked over to the boy. A chocolate bar appeared on her hand as she pushed it towards the boy.

“Here. I think you need something sweet.”

The hooded figure chuckled.

“You still think that bribing will take you somewhere huh? Evil Queen.”

Regina furrowed her eyebrows. She reached for the boy’s hood to reveal his face. The group gasped in chorus seeing the boy was not a boy but a girl. That’s why her cloak was in a different color.

“Who are you?” Regina spoke.

The girl put a hand on her chest in mock hurt.

“I’m offended. You forgot about me but I can’t do the same to you.”

“What do you mean?” Regina asked.

“How could I forget the person who traded me for Power? To be the queen?”

Regina’s eye widened.


“Bingo!” Y/N laughed.

Regina’s eyes turned sad.

“Y/N” she whispered.

“So Henry is like my brother then?” Y/N laughed, ignoring Regina.

“That’s great then! I get to live here with my brother!” Y/N exclaimed.

“No. We’re taking him with us and so are you.” Regina frowned.

Y/N laughed darkly.

“Don’t you get it, Regina? I don’t want to be your daughter again. Not now. Not ever.” Y/N spat.

Regina’s eyes became glossy with tears.

“I’m sorry.” Regina whispered and looked down.

“What’s that?” Y/N asked as she cupped her hand on her ear, smirking.

Regina looked at Y/N 

“I’m sorry. I should’ve never traded you for power. I’m sorry.” Regina cried.

Y/N smirked at the scene in front of her. Pan appeared beside her, making the group alarmed.

“This is Peter. He was the one there for me when my mother wasn’t. Isn’t that right, babe?”

Pan nodded and smirked.

“Babe?” Regina shouted.

“What do you mean? Y/N! You will not be with this demon and you are coming home with us!” Regina ordered.

Pan laughed.

“Don’t you see? Everything that was yours are mine now. I need to thank you for trading Y/N for power. If you didn’t, we wouldn’t be together.” Pan smirked.

Y/N nodded.

“Yeah, mom. Thanks for trading me.” Y/N spat.

Regina looked down.

“I’m sorry.”

“Apology not accepted.”

Y/N laughed one last time before disappearing with Pan.

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“Are You Breaking Up With Me?” - Kian Lawley Imagine

Request: Can you do an imagine where they break up but kian doesn’t want it and they still love each other ? Thankss xx

Kian’s POV

2:30 a.m. 2 fucking 30 a.m. and she’s still not home.

I was going crazy waiting for my girlfriend, y/n, to come back home. Earlier today we got into a fight over a video that I did with my ex girlfriend. Y/n was super pissed at me and after she yelled at me like crazy, she just said that she’s going out with her friends. She didn’t wanna talk about it neither hear me out because she’s so fucking stubborn and her character is so fucking difficult sometimes. She drives me crazy, but I love her more than anything even though I don’t think she realizes it. 

‘Fuck it.’ I said to myself as I got up from the couch that I’ve spent hours on waiting for her. I couldn’t keep just sitting and not doing anything. I took my car keys and my jacket. Just as I got out of the house and closed the door, a black bmw m4 with y/n and some guy in it arrived and parked in front of our house. ‘Are you fucking serious?’ Before she got out she leaned in and kissed his cheek. He pulled her to himself to kiss her, but she stopped him. 

‘What the fuck, y/n?!’ I yelled as she approached closer and the guy drove off. ‘Who the fuck was that?’ I asked after she ignored me and entered the house. By her walk and stumbling I could tell that she was drunk.

Still no answer. 

‘Can you fucking answer me? Who the fuck was that?’ I asked angrily. 

‘Why do you care so much?’ She asked the dumbest question as she stepped out of her heels leaving them in the living room and heading upstairs. 

‘Why do I care? Um, I don’t know, let me guess..Oh yeah, maybe because I’m your fucking boyfriend?!’ I said following her and she laughed throwing her head back. ‘What’s so funny, y/n? Minutes ago some random guy brought you home in his fucking car and you fucking kissed him! Do you even know what time is it?! I was waiting for you the whole night!’

‘Why didn’t you go to Andrea so you could cuddle with her, kiss her, talk about your relationship and stuff like that? I mean that’s okay, right?’ She turned around and looked me in the eyes. 

‘Stop. You didn’t even let me explain myself. You just left and got drunk!’ I said throwing my hands in the air. She ignored me again and entered our shared bedroom. ‘Will you stop fucking ignoring me already?!’ I took her by her elbow and turned her harshly to face me. 

‘Everything’s pretty clear to me, Kian!’ She yelled pulling her elbow out of my grip. Her hair was all over her face and she was breathing so heavily. ‘I told you to leave the house! I told you I don’t wanna see you here when I’m back and you’re still here!’ 

‘Yeah, I’m still here because I want to work this out! I’m not running away from problems all the time like you are!’ 

‘We wouldn’t have had these problems if you hadn’t fucking made out with your ex girlfriend!’ She yelled. 

‘We didn’t make out! It was just a kiss for a video!’ 

‘Which you seemed to enjoy!’

‘It meant nothing!’ 

‘Kian I fucking watched both videos! I saw your smile and I saw that you enjoyed every minute spent with her!’ She yelled and then quickly turned around as she crossed her arms. 

‘Y/n, how many times do I have to tell you, it was just for my and her video! Two fucking videos and that’s it. Why do you have to be so childish? Why can’t you try to understand me?’ 

‘What am I supposed to understand there, Kian? That you still have feelings for you ex? You know what? Get out.’ She said pointing her finger toward the door. 


‘Get the fuck out. Get out of the room!’ 

‘No, I’m not going anywhere. I wanna work this shit out!’ 

‘Fine. If you don’t wanna leave, then I’m sleeping on the couch tonight.’ She said grabbing her pillow that was on the bed and a blanket. 

‘You’re being ridiculous, y/n. Stop this right now.’ I said trying to take her arm again, but failing. 

‘Don’t fucking touch me and don’t follow me downstairs because I could seriously like stab you right now!’ She said leaving the bedroom. 

I put my hands on my head and looked up at the ceiling. I let out a huge sigh and then punched a wall with my fist. 

‘What am I going to do..?’ 

Your POV

I looked at my phone to see what time it was and it showed 6:23 a.m. Great. I slept almost nothing and it was because I just couldn’t bring myself to sleep. I couldn’t stop thinking about the whole situation with Kian. My feelings were such a mess and I didn’t know what to think nor who to believe. I was so sad, so hurt, so mad and broken, but most of all hurt and mad. I couldn’t believe that he filmed those videos with her in which they kissed. Practically, it’s like he cheated on me with his ex and wanted me to be okay with that. I love Kian with all my heart, but I can’t forget this to him. 

I got up from uncomfortable couch and made my way into the kitchen. I pulled the biggest cup out of the cupboard and put some water into the stove espresso coffee maker. I leaned myself against the counter and while I was waiting for my coffee to be done, I heard footsteps coming downstairs and soon Kian was in the kitchen. 

‘Good morning’ He said as he sat at the table. 

‘Morning.’ I mumbled. Soon my coffee was done and I poured it into the cup. I took the cup in my hands and wanted to go into the living room again, but Kian stopped me by saying 

‘Can you sit here with me so we can talk like normal people?’ He asked. 

‘I don’t think-’ 

‘Y/n, please.’ He cut me off and I sighed and sat at the table opposite him. 

‘So? What do you want to talk about?’ I asked playing stupid. 

‘I want to talk about the fight from yesterday, from last night.’ He said. 'Look, those two stupid videos didn’t mean a thing to me. She asked me to do it with her just because it was highly requested. That’s all. I swear I don’t have any feelings for her anymore. We’re friends.’ 

'And you just didn’t know how to say 'no’?’ I said. 'Kian I saw both of those videos and I saw your reaction when and after you kissed her. The smile that you had on your face proves that you obviously enjoyed it and that it made you happy. And what do you think how that made me feel? How was I supposed to feel when I saw you connect your lips with hers? You have no idea how much you hurt me, Kian.' 

'And how was I supposed to feel when that guy brought you home at fucking 2:30 a.m. in his bmw? How was I supposed to feel when I saw you lean in to kiss his cheek?' 

'I did that because I was mad at you!' 

'You can’t do shit like that just because you’re mad at me!’ He yelled and then he slammed his fist on the table which made the hot coffee spill all over my right hand.

‘Ouch!’ I cried out in pain as I quickly stood up and ran over to the sink to put my hand under the cold water. 

‘Shit! Baby, are you okay? Oh my God, I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to hurt you.’ Kian said holding my wrist and looking at my hand.

‘Ow, Kian it burns my skin so bad.’ It hurt so much because it was so hot and it left burns on my hand. 

‘Shit, baby I’m so sorry. We need to take you to the hospital.’ He said already looking for his car keys. 

‘Okay, so we put an ointment on your skin which will help to heal it and now we’re gonna wrap your hand in a bandage just to make sure it’s well protected.’ The doctor said. ‘Oh, it seems like we’re out of medical pads here. I’ll be right back.’ He said as he left the room leaving Kian and me alone. 

‘Baby, I’m so so sorry-’ 

‘Please,Kian just don’t, okay? Just don’t.’ I cut him off. 

‘I didn’t mean to hurt you, y/n..’ 

‘You know that I’ve been here like 4 or even more times before because of my ex boyfriend who was physically abusive toward me and I was so happy when I met you who literally saved me from him and look where I am today with you. And we both know why that happened. Honestly,I’ve had enough, okay? I’m sick of everything.’ 

‘W-what does that mean?’ He asked. 

‘You make me feel like it’s my fault when it’s not and that video, it just hurt me so much, Kian.’ My voice was trembling as I said. ‘And that means that we should take a break.’ 

‘A break from what?’ 

‘A break from our relationship, from us.’ I said looking down. It wasn’t easy for me to say that, but I knew that it was the best solution for both of us. 

‘Are you breaking up with me?’ He asked. His eyes were widen and his mouth sligthly open. 

‘Yeah, I am.’ I said.

‘But I don’t wanna break up, y/n. I love you too much to just let you go. How can’t you see that you mean everything to me and if I lose you..I lose everything.’ 

‘You should’ve think about that before you filmed those videos.’ I said as one tear ran down my cheek and I quickly wiped it away because the doctor came back. 

‘Alright, let’s wrap it up.’ The doctor said as he started putting the bandage around my hand. I was holding my tears back because I was so close to just breaking. I never meant that our relationship will end like this. God, I never even ment that it will end in the first place. I was so ready to have him by my side forever, but I guess it’s true what everyone says, 'forever is a lie’. ‘Here, you’re done.’ The doctor said as he finished. 

‘Thank you so much, doctor.’ I said standing up. 

‘It won’t take long time to heal if you use the ointment that I gave you and I’m sure your boyfriend will take good care of you so it’ll heal even faster.’ He said smiling and his words broke my heart and I believe Kian’s too. 

‘Yeah, of course I will.’ Kian fake smiled as the doctor patted his shoulder. 

Maybe not this time..

Kdrama Leads! Seventeen (Plus you as the love interest)

(Warning: mild spoilers for well-known kdramas)

S. Coups- Descendants of the sun

  • Imagine leader-nim in uniform
  • Serious and a rational leader but has the best pick up line
  • “You must not have much time for a boyfriend, since you’re a doctor”
  • But. That. Uniform. Though.
  • His special forces unit are his children/family will protect them at all costs
  • Will love you unconditionally, the letter he writes before he heads into a possible suicide mission is for you
  • Wants nothing more than to curl up with you on the couch for a movie date

Jeonghan- Uncontrollably Fond

  • Seems like a hotheaded Hallyu star at first
  • Will fall for you the first time you meet
  • Will tease you endlessly and you will start out with a mutual frenemy dynamic
  • Secretly just wants your love because of his problems with his family and his upcoming death by brain tumor
  • Is cold and a savage sometimes when trying to get revenge for your father
  • Punches any guy who insults you

Joshua- Pinocchio

  • Best friend since childhood with you
  • Loves you so so much but can’t do anything yet 
  • Has a mysterious and dangerous background
  • Everything he does, he does for you
  • Gives you rides on his bicycle/taxi
  • Always supports your dream even if he needs to sacrifice something himself
  • A true gentleman, searches for the truth and takes down the bad guys
  • Waits until your family approves before dating and marriage

Jun- kill me heal me

  • Multiple personalities, main personality is quiet, mature, extremely determined
  • Mysterious bad boy secondary personality
  • Will protect you at all costs
  • Thinks you’re adorable and endearing and loves you very much
  • Wants to give you everything in the world
  • Becomes your best friend and your lover
  • A lot of quiet conversations about your fears and how you help each other overcome those fears and heal each other from past scars

Hoshi- Flower Boy next door

  • You prob fell for him sometime along the way without knowing it
  • He’s super energetic and hyper like a puppy and always positive and happy
  • Knows that you’re quiet and a recluse for a reason
  • “Ajumma, let’s go on an adventure”
  • Takes you to the beach and everywhere else just to get you to laugh and talk with him
  • Absolutely hates it when anyone comes near you and if they hurt you, they’re goners
  • Knocks on your door everyday, drags you around everywhere

Wonwoo- My love from another star

  • Wiseman who has basically seen it all and reads all the time in a huge af penthouse apartment with green plants everywhere, a true garden fairy
  • but when he sees you at first he’s annoyed
  • But he wonders why he’s so taken aback by you when he should have seen it all
  • Mysterious and a bit anti-social but around you, his smile lights up the world
  • Uses magic powers to protect you from anything (like a broken car brake and the car heading off a cliff)
  • Won’t let you out of his sight, constantly protecting you and making sure you’re safe
  • would spend years trying to figure out how to go back to you and be by your side

Woozi- Heartstrings

  • Mysterious lead vocal/instrumentalist that everyone wants to be close with, but no one except his close friends have broken his front
  • That is until you make a bet with him and lose, becoming his personal servant for a month
  • Somewhere along the way he realizes the kind and amazing person you are
  • is respectful of your feelings and waits until he is willing to give you all his attention and love
  • is super protective won’t let anyone say even a single bad thing about you
  • sings you to sleep, writes songs for you, serenades with guitar
  • supports you in every way for your dreams, your number 1 fan

Mingyu- Oh my Ghostess

  • The boy wonder, the boy who can do it all, the greatest chef ever
  • Thinks he’s the visual/best-looking out of those around him
  • Thinks you’re a bit klutzy and too docile
  • protects you like you protect a puppy
  • constantly worried about you
  • cooks with you in the kitchen, teaches you all the tricks
  • brags about you on live broadcast’s, you’re his girl
  • is super surprised when you stand up for yourself but couldn’t be any prouder
  • loves you a whole lot, buys matching aprons

The8- Healer

  • The quiet and cute type
  • Don’t let his cute appearance fool you, this boi flips everywhere from alleys to rooftops to parking lots, best in the business
  • can act really well and can appear as a soft fluffball, but can take on any guys in a fight
  • thinks you’re absolutely the cutest thing he’s ever seen and that you’re brave and strong-willed, something he admires in you
  • Willing to give up his whole world for you and only you, you’re his everything
  • has a secret lair that only you know about and you hang out, watch tv and stare out the windows together

Dk- Strong woman Do Bong Soon

  • A tease 99% of the time
  • is absolutely 100% smitten with you
  • Is cute and funny and happy and energetic 100% with you
  • Thinks you’re his fallen angel sent to him by his mom to be by his side
  • A jokester, he likes to tease you but always makes you feel like you can do anything
  • will melt into a puddle if you do something cute
  • is supportive and loves giving you cute pet nicknames
  • sends you good night messages with cute face filters and lots of hearts
  • also happens to be hecka smart and willing to fight anyone for you (even if he might lose)

Seungkwan- Heirs

  • Doesn’t understand the meaning of the word extra
  • can flip your entire world upside down with a few simple words
  • “Perhaps, did I miss you?” “Perhaps, do I like you?” “Maybe, did I fall in love with you?”
  • Cutest thing in the world around you, but gets super jealous
  • “Hey honey who are these guys?” “She’s taken sorry. Taken by me get lost.”
  • Showers you with gifts even when you tell him to stop
  • Doesn’t understand why he can’t just buy you the world
  • “If you’re by my side, nothing will happen. I’ll protect you”
  • Willing to give up everything, everything for you, you’re his everything, his home, his family

Vernon- weightlifting fairy Kim bok Joo

  • Athletic cute flower boy
  • doesn’t know how he got so lucky and got a girl like you to like him let alone be his girlfriend
  • teases you non-stop and realizes he’s had a crush on you for a long time but never knew
  • wants to shout from the rooftop about his amazing gf but you’d die of embarrassment
  • Is always excited to rush off and meet you after practice, practically jumping off walls to see you sooner
  • acts casual when he does see you, but we all know he’s got no chill

Dino- I can hear your voice

  • always knows what’s on your mind (because the boy can literally read minds)
  • knows he is younger so always acts manly to try to protect you, but is a fluffball
  • “noona”
  • has been searching for you basically all his life
  • Is really mature for his age, sometimes it feels like he’s the adult and you’re a kid
  • back hugs, back hugs all the time
  • cooks ramen at best, you’re going to need to help the kid
  • respects you and your privacy always but is willing to use his powers for “evil” if you want him to


(Note from admins: Thank you for all your continued support! We still have a few asks left to answer so please be patient and wait for us. If you want to request a different drama, we can do that too! Thanks so much again and saranghae<3)

No Promises

Originally posted by tomshollandss

Summary: Peter is trying to tell you something but keeps getting continuously interrupted by the constant ringing of your phone. After taking matters into his own hands, you two have to reach a mutual agreement.

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1133

A/N: Big thanks to @marvelandassociates
for reading this over for me. (And for dealing with how trash I am for tom!)

You sat, legs crossed, on your bed across from your best friend. The two of you still breathless from the events that took place just moments ago.

You had known Peter for well over a year at this point. The two of you instantly hit it off on the first day of school, when you were seated next to each other in chemistry class. From Star Wars to superheroes; gossip to drama, there was always something for the two of you to talk about.

So, being as they were a package deal, you, Peter, and Ned became the three musketeers.

How you had gotten where you currently were?

Well… that was unusually simple to explain.

Between laughing too loudly at each other’s jokes and staring at each other too long in the hallways and in classes, the only ones unknowing to your crushes on each other were Peter and yourself.

So when you two kissed in your room, over the homework assignments spread out over your bedsheets, you were both pleasantly surprised to find that the other had reciprocated the feelings.

You replayed the kiss over in your mind;


“I… I should tell you something.”

You nodded slowly, closing your notebook and looking up at Peter. You were giving him your full attention. “Okay. What’s up?”

“I… uh, i -”

You phone buzzed, causing you to groan and looked over at your bedside table where your screen was flashing, “Just a sec.”

You answered the phone to find yourself speaking to a less sarcastic than usual MJ. “Oh, hey Michelle. No, yeah, I’m not busy - I’m just with Peter. Wait, really?”

After a few moments, you managed to quickly mouth an ‘I’m sorry’ as you noticed his annoyance visibly increase.

“Can I call you back in a bit? Yeah, no! I promise, I will. Yep. Okay. Bye.”

You hung up your phone, setting it back down on the bedside table before turning to Peter with a bright grin, “I’m all yours. What were you saying, again?”

Peter chuckled slightly, running a hand through his hair, “You mean, before I was rudely interrupted?”

You nodded, humming, “Yeah. Before that, please!”

“I, uh, just needed to tell you something.” 

“Okay… tell me then.”

“I’ve been meaning to do this for a while now, I just couldn’t figure out the right time, but now seems as good as ever. I -”

The intermittent buzzing of your phone, caused you to glance between Peter and the screen yet again.

“I’m sorry, Pete! But we both now how she can be. If I don’t take this-”

You were abruptly caught off by Peter smashing his lips to yours, knocking the air right out of you.

It only took you a second to recover and soon, you had your hands tangled in his hair, pulling him closer despite the rustling of the paper under you both and continuous ringing of your phone.

Peter groaned into the kiss, reaching over and knocking your phone away from the two of you, clearly having enough of the infuriating device.

Regardless, after a few moments, the two of you pulled away gasping for breath and bubbling with excitement.

Neither of you said anything, leaving you sat across from each other - blushing messes.


Clearing his throat, Peter pulled you from your thoughts, causing you to look up at him.

“I, uh, liked that. It was nice.”

You smiled, nodding, “I did too. Not going to lie, I’ve been hoping you’d do that for a while now.”

His eyes practically lit up as his smile grew, “Really? Because I’ve been willing myself to do that for a while now.”

You chuckled softly, “Remind me to thank Michelle later. After all, she did help start.. this.”

You gestured between the two of you, a tone of uncertainty hanging at the end of your words.
What were you two? Better yet, what did you want to be?

You had learned of Peter’s alias only just a few months ago after you accidentally found the suit in his closet.

You knew what he did, and you knew how he did it. You knew how hurt he got and how hurt he could get. You weren’t sure what you wanted, but you knew it wasn’t a constant state of worrying.

“Yeah. About us. I was kind of hoping we could make it a just us. You know, no Ned and Michelle. I mean, yes them, but not all the time. We could hang out together, just the two of us, and maybe do some more of that kissing thing-”

You sighed softly to yourself, lowering your gaze slightly, “Peter…”

He widened his eyes horror, “Oh my god, I’m so sorry. I’m an idiot. I thought-”

“No, I… I just… would this really work out?” 

“Why wouldn’t it?”

“Because! I would know the reason why you’d cancel our dates and I’d spend the rest of my night worrying myself into a panic attack. If you ever took too long to answer a text, or didn’t call me back after countless attempts from me to reach you, I’d overreact and go slightly insane. All of these things..? I don’t want to do that. I don’t want to worry more than I have too. And trust me, I like you. I do. So so much, and that’s partly why I’m saying this. I’d just be a distraction! I can’t be the one who ruins this for you. I’d never forgive myself!”

Peter sighed softly, a hint of understanding in his tone, “I… yeah. I wish things were different, then.”

You nodded, letting what you had settled upon sink in.

You had just passed up the one person that matter most to you, and for what? A few less grey hairs? Saving yourself those couple extra pounds? Was that really worth it?

You chewed nervously on your bottom lip, desperately racking your brain for a solution.

You just needed to think of some way that this would work.

“Promise me, no promises.”

“What?” Peter frowned at you, brows drawn together in confusion.

You nodded, a small smile playing on your lips, “Promise me, that you won’t promise me anything. That’s the only way this can work!”


“If you never promise me that you’ll never leave, that nothing bad will ever happen, or just… anything, there’s no word to go back on! There’s nothing there to drag us down! It’s perfect!”

He nodded slowly, examining your features for any sign that you were kidding, “Okay… but only if you promise me, too! We’ll make this a two way street. That’s the only way it’ll work.”

You grinned, nodding, “Deal. I, (Y/N) (L/N), promise you, Peter Benjamin Parker, no promises.”

He smiled, “And I, Peter Parker, promise you, (Y/N) (L/N), no promises.”