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On Reposting Art

Hey y’all,

Re: conversations lately surrounding attribution and reposting other people’s work (that is, posting someone’s content on your own – even with credit – and not reblogging, retweeting, etc. the original post by the creator) — PLEASE DO NOT REPOST MY ART WITHOUT MY PERMISSION.

I grew up on Japanese art forums where reposting is seen as a huge taboo, and I very much maintain that perspective. Copyright laws are scrambling to keep up with things like Instagram and Tumblr and how attribution should work via social media, and I get that it’s complicated and unclear sometimes. I would prefer that no one repost my work and just reblog/retweet my stuff (and there’s no other choice on Instagram except reposting, so please just don’t on there), but if you are dying to, just ask for my permission first.

There’s a lot of good discussion out there on why attribution to the original creator is important (google it!); we literally make our money this way. You’d be amazed how many people don’t click through even on posts with credits/links to find the original creator, where links to a store, portfolio, etc might exist.

This is also why I hate “edits,” because it’s altering my content without my permission. But. Sigh. What can ya do.

I appreciate y’all’s understanding. Thanks! Three cheers to online etiquette.


Confessions to the Types (Personal INTP Experience)

Note: This doesn’t apply to everyone at all. Don’t be offended when/if I say something negative about your type. This is all based on personal experience.

ENTP: yknow we could be besto friendos if you stoppED LEAVING ME ON SEEN/READ/OPENED ALL THE TIME but really, you’re simultaneously cool and a loser and its really interesting

ENFP: I love all you guys but i dont like to tell y'all because you’re gonna make fun of me if i do. but really, you guys are so headstrong and im so glad im friends with you

ENFJ: im so glad you like me because it seems like you guys are really selective and picky about the people you hang out with even though you have tons of friends which i respect

ESTP: this doesnt apply to all estp’s because i know only one and he’s a loser and defies the stereotype and everything but marry me please your hands are so warm and mine are always cold and it makes me happy when you let me warm my hands on yours because thermodynamic equilibrium is my aesthetic

ESFP: the thought of you makes me sad because you were so welcoming and friendly when i first transferred here and i really liked you but then you just stopped talking to me and hell, im not going to try to tag myself along with someone who doesn’t want me around

INTP: there’s always like a deep connection between us whenever we discuss or habits, interests, hobbies, etc and it makes me happy even though we all can be absolutely asshats once in a while

INTJ: okay, i dont usually mind you but i also kinda hate you because youre so snobby and it makes me really uncomfortable and PLEASE shut up about your grades and how amazing and smart you are because WE KNOW about your pride. otherwise, youre fine and its really fun to annoy you when we dont agree on something

INFP: yall have so many friends and honestly, i dont think some of you deserve it. i mean, sure youre nice and all but i will never forget how you said you’d never leave me and then did exactly what you said you wouldnt a month later. and now you continue to befriend all my friends. leave me like you meant it

INFJ: we dont talk much anymore and that’s partially my fault because i dont know how to respond to a lot of things you say without making it awkward for you but as far as i know, youre really cool and it makes me happy that you strive to succeed and succeed to strive, yknow

ISTJ: i know we dont talk over social media much and thats my fault because i stopped responding because i dont know how to respond to one word replies but irl i love talking to you so much and youre chill to hang out with whenever and if i ever leave the house

For the rest, I don’t know for sure if I know anyone of the types (I probably do but I don’t want to mistype) so I just didn’t do it for the sake of trying to stay truthful. Again, all of these don’t apply to EVERYONE of that type. This is all based on my personal experiences.

I hate that I have to say this, but for the love of all that is holy, please do not message someone out of the blue about your kink headcanons.

This is not kinkshaming. I consider myself very open-minded and totally believe in creating the porn you want to see in the world. One of the most amazing things about fandom is that it brings together folks of all stripes: you’re almost certain to find someone who shares your brand of filthiness, and I will applaud that until the cows come home.


I cannot stress enough how vital it is to ensure that you and your and your pals are on the same wavelength. A simple “omg are you into this and can we please discuss it” or “so [insert kink here], y/n??” is all it takes to make sure they’re comfortable.

To the person who messaged me: I don’t know you, I’ve had an incredibly emotionally draining day, and the kink you were so eager to talk about legitimately triggers me. Please take into account the potential damage that can result from cold messaging people this way without first testing the waters.

I’m not naming this individual publicly, but I urge folks in general to please, please take this into account.

Wow it really never ceases to amaze me how much people twist the words of posts so they have reason to attack LMAO uggh

Alright, so please read my words for what they say. Do not misinterpret them, twist them, or put words into my mouth. After I am done writing this, I am turning off anon, so if you wish to discuss this further, come off anon so we can have a civilised discussion without spamming everyone else. I fully accept the fact that there’s probably going to be people who are gonna lash out for what I’m saying. However, maybe this can be minimised if people read what I actually say all the way to the end for once.

For anyone who may be confused as to where this came from, I reblogged a post earlier that has to do with a lot (not all– just a lot) of cis people, especially those who are not under the trans umbrella in the LGBTQ+ community, basically needing “validation” from trans people specifically that them refusing to date people because they are trans isn’t transphobic. Now that we have context, let’s continue. I will make this as simple as possible to avoid any confusion.

-The post in question referred to cis people, who have societal privilege over trans people, seeking out answers from trans people on whether or not them refusing to date a trans person only due to them being trans is transphobic. Cis people, demanding to know whether a trans person thinks they are being transphobic. Cis people, who are responsible for almost all hate crimes committed against trans people, going out of their way to seek an answer to a question that they may respond negatively to. What I’m getting at is that even if a trans person says “No, you aren’t being transphobic,” they may be saying that to protect themselves from backlash from the cis person who asked. Even in the rare case that they aren’t, the General Consensus is that not seeing a trans person as their gender and, by extension but not limited to, refusing to even consider dating any trans person on the planet regardless of any other factors other than the fact that they are trans, is in fact, transphobic. The minority does not speak for the majority.

-Us choosing not to date you because you’ve shown signs of being transphobic and therefore, signs of potentially harming us, is not homophobic, biphobic, heterophobic, or anything of the like. That is self defense. See first bullet point for further explanation as to why we may be cautious.

-Us being insulted that you’re literally saying to our faces that your sole reason for not dating any of us is because you don’t see us as the gender that we actually are due to our trans status is 100% on you, as you are the ones being transphobic for holding those views.

-NEWS FLASH: People are worth more than their genitals. You cannot tell 100% for sure what someone’s gender, sex, or genital structure is just by looking at them. You can assume all you want, but you cannot tell with perfect accuracy. Additionally, some trans people actually have the genitals you are attracted to and are using to make your excuse for being transphobic!

-Trust me, we don’t wanna date you if you’re transphobic. Please stop assuming that trans people as a collective group are constantly trying to get into all your pants? It’s ridiculous.

-We don’t expect sex or jack shit from cis people lol. We’re lucky when y'all treat us like fellow human beings, honestly.

-Trans people, as a community, do not go about demanding sex or attention from cis people. Some may and they have no right to do this. I am incredibly sorry you were mistreated if this happened. Their actions are not the actions or intentions of the trans community, nor did their actions result from the fact that they are trans. I don’t think that anyone should really blame any entire marginalised group for the actions (that were unrelated to marginalised group, mind you) of a significantly small group who happens to be part of said group.

-Keep the T. We are the LGBTQ+ community and we have fought towards our goals for societal acceptance and equality together for decades. Attraction and gender identity are heavily reliant on each other for most people. If you aren’t attracted to a trans person, that does not automatically make you transphobic (you could find their personality unappealing for example), but if your reason for aversion is solely because they are trans, that is transphobic. Additionally, of course you can have your preferences for whatever genitals you want your partner to have– I am well aware that this preference is not a choice. However, I think that it is important to assess the reason behind this preference (Is it due to prejudice, or is it really a preference not dependent on this at all?) Lastly, once again, stop using the excuse based on the false assumption that all trans people have genitals typically associated with a specific binary sex, as this is not always the case, and therefore, not a valid way to cover your transphobic ass.

Project SHIELD pt 4: Introducing the New Avenger

Pairings: None yet (eventual Steve x Reader)

Warnings: none (maybe a tiny tiny bit of angst? idk. I’m bad at warnings)

Word count: 1.7k

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Peggy had denied knowing you to Steve which he found odd since she had just said you were her friend. But nevertheless, Steve was forced to turn to his different resources to find out exactly who you were.

“Nothing,” Sam over the phone.

“Are you sure? Tony said he turned it to the government,”

“I mean I asked around but if I need high-security clearance, I don’t think I can get more information about the box,” Sam explained.

“No, I understand, don’t worry, I’m sure I’ll be able to ask around,”

“Alright, let me know if you need anything else,”

“Yeah, thanks,” Steve sighed then said, “Actually, could you find out more about Peggy and her friends?”

“Peggy and her friends?”

“Yeah you know she had friends around to help her start up SHIELD like Howard so could you find more about her friends that maybe weren’t as public?”

“Uhh…yeah I can try,” Sam replied.

“Alright thanks,” Steve said

“Yeah, no problem, I’ll call you when I find something,” Sam said then hung up.

Steve rubbed his temples and stared at the DVD documentaries about Peggy in front of him. He picked one up, opened it then inserted it in his DVD player and watched.

Meanwhile, you were in Tony’s apartment and watched as he tinkered with his Iron Man suit. You had recounted your visit with Peggy and dear old Captain America’s rude interruption of your time together. Tony could do nothing but laugh when you portrayed Steve as a menace.

“Well, I’m glad you had fun,” Tony while smiling. He then sat up and cleared his throat, “So, Aunt Y/F/I, I was wondering….Now that you’re free and awake…what..uh what are you planning on doing now?”

You frowned and leaned against one of Tony’s workbenches.

“I don’t know,” you shrugged, “Maybe I’ll go live in some third world nation as a supermarket owner,”

“Sounds kind of boring,” Tony pointed out.

“Maybe I like boring,” you returned, “I wouldn’t really know since, I never got the chance,”

Tony said nothing but continued to work. He didn’t exactly know how to phrase his next sentence. You said nothing as well and waited for Tony to speak. You knew what was coming but you wanted him to say it.

“Well if you ever decide to…I mean… if you want to… I could…” Tony began.

“The answer is no, Anty,”

“Aunt Y/F/I,”

“I don’t want that line of work anymore. I mean look what it got me, kidnapped, frozen and I missed living out my days with my best friend,”

“But you told Peggy you’d make up all that lost time by doing good now!” Tony argued.

“The answer is no,” you said then stood up. You walked away when Tony called out after you,

“Where are you going?”

“Never you mind!” you returned.

Tony groaned and turned to working on his suit again.

Steve finally turned off his TV. He rubbed his temples and dropped his head back in exhaustion. After three documentaries, he still had no information on you. Steve glanced at his wall clock and groaned again. It had been exactly five hours since he had started. He couldn’t believe that Peggy had actually done so much to have two hour long documentaries about her. And yet, he had learned nothing new about you. Steve stood up and stretched. It was pretty late, but he didn’t feel ready to sleep just yet. Instead, Steve decided to visit a special place that Peggy had told him was one of the best spots in New York to think.

You sat on the edge of a building and stared at the lit up city below you. It had changed so much since you were last here and you still couldn’t believe it. To your relief, the building you were currently on was still standing. You figured Peggy had made it some kind of historic landmark since both of you gals had spent so much time up on the roof trying to figure out the enemy’s next move. You smiled as memories of you and Peggy pacing back and forth and shouting at each other with different theories came to your mind. You chuckled and stood up from the cement tile that you sat on. You gripped the edge of the tile and pulled on it strongly but found that it did not budge. You started examining the tile. You were sure that this was it. You grabbed the edges on opposite sides and wiggled the tile slightly. The cement between the tiles crumbled as you moved. You smiled and strongly pulled the tile upward again. The tile budged slightly. You groaned and pulled again. The tile slid up a tiny bit then completely came off. You sighed in relief and looked at the now present hole in front of you. You reached inside and pulled out stacks of manila folders. You smiled and wedged the folders between your legs and placed the tile back where you found it. You blew the dust of the folders and began to open it when suddenly the door opened and Steve Rogers emerged.

Steve walked to the edge of the building and stared at the horizon. Though the city was bustling, it looked so peaceful from his vantage point. He sighed and let the view just overtake his mind. He tried to let go of any thoughts of you.

“Captain Rogers,” you spoke and came out from the shadows behind him.

Steve immediately turned around and recognized you in the darkness, “You!”

“I see that Peggy had divulged our special spot to you,” you said then muttered, “A little disappointing,”

“Are you going to tell me who you are?” Steve asked.

“Of course not,” you chuckled, “But I will stay a while to tease you.”

“How do you know Peggy?”

“We worked on SHIELD together. It’s a proud institution, I’m sure you’ve heard of it,” you boasted.

“Yeah, I just brought it down a couple of months ago,” Steve flatly said hoping to get any information from you.


“SHIELD no longer exists,”

“Does Peggy know this? Does she realize how evil you really are?” you gritted your teeth.

“Yes, Peggy knows and I’m not evil,”

You scoffed.

“I’m not evil!” Steve repeated.

“Then why’d you take SHIELD down?”

“It was secretly run by HYDRA,”

“That doesn’t make sense,” you said, “Its sole purpose was to take down HYDRA,”

“Yeah, well it housed ex-HYDRA agents, a fact you probably know, and those ex-agents rebuilt HYDRA and operated secretly under SHIELD,”

“I-Impossible!” you mumbled.

“I took it down and dissolved SHIELD in hopes to fully end HYDRA,”

“HYDRA…” you quietly said and shook your head, “They’ve taken everything from me,”

“Listen, I understand that it’s a shocking thing to hear, but please, don’t do anything rash,”

“Don’t worry about me, Captain. I know how to take care of myself,” you assured him and began to walk away.

“Hey wait!” Steve called out and followed you.

“Don’t follow me, Rogers,” you instructed.

“Don’t do anything stupid,” he told you.

“I’m not,” you said then jumped off the building.

“HEY!” Steve tried to catch you but you slipped through his grip. He looked over the edge of the building and found nothing once again.

Three days later, Tony had called all the Avengers for a meeting at Stark Tower. To everyone’s surprise, the meeting was not actually a party disguised as business. As the Avengers entered wearing fancy party clothes, they found Tony’s living room completely undecorated and there was no DJ, hired bartender, hired waiters walking around with hors d’oeurves and other guests.

“Well how kind of you all to show up looking elegant,” Tony said as he entered the living room.

“We thought it was a party in disguise,” Bruce admitted.

“I’m not party all the time!” Tony said offended.

“Sure you’re not,” Clint muttered to Natasha which caused her to chuckle. Tony shot an angry glance to Clint then said,

“I’ve gathered you all here today to announce some Avenger news,”

“What is it? Did you find out more about the box we found?” Steve asked immediately.

“Yes and no,” Tony said.

“Well is it a yes or no? You can’t have both answers. They’re contradictory,” Steve said.

“Okay, Cap, I need you to relax,”

“I am relaxed. I’m just curious,” Steve returned. He then felt a hand on his shoulder. Steve turned to see Natasha shaking her head.

“Well I’ve decided to add a new Avenger to the team,” Tony announced. He was greeted with a chorus of differing opinions.

“Shouldn’t we discuss these things as a team before deciding?” Steve argued.

“What’s wrong with the team right now?” Clint asked.

“Do we really need a bigger team?” Bruce inquired.

“Why should we trust this new Avenger?” Natasha shot.

“All good questions and I’m sure when you meet her, you’ll be excited to welcome her to the team,” Tony assured them.

“The new Avenger is a girl?… I don’t know,” Clint mumbled.

“Shut up Clint. I think adding more girls to the team would be great, but how can we trust her?” Natasha said again.

“Let me introduce her and then we can discuss it as a team!” Tony snapped then said, “JARVIS, lights please,”

As the lights dimmed everyone shuffled around and murmured.

“Drumroll please,” Tony requested and JARVIS had complied.


“GET ON WITH IT!” Clint shouted.

“Y/F/N Y/L/N!” Tony shouted.

The door behind Tony suddenly flew open and you emerged as a shadowed figure. JARVIS immediately turned on the lights and revealed you to everyone. You were met with a chorus of gasps and Tony’s applause. Steve immediately stood up from his seat and pointed at you,


“Steve sit down,” Tony said.

“I can’t believe you found her,” Natasha said.

“Yes well, remember that box you found?” Tony inquired.

“That was her,” Clint completed, “Well I’m honored,”

“Wait you all know her?” Steve asked while looking around.

“I don’t,” Bruce raised his hand.

“Neither do I,” Thor finally spoke.

“Well, I vote she’s in,” Natasha said.

“Me too,” Clint chimed.

“Wait! We don’t know anything about her!” Steve argued.

“Well if Natasha and Clint think it’s a good idea, then why not! ADD HER IN!” Thor said.

“Wait,” Steve said.

“I’m with Steve. I don’t think we should make the Avengers bigger than it already is,” Bruce said.

“Thank you, but that’s not the reason I’m not adding her,” Steve explained.

“Sorry, you’re both out-voted,” Tony said then turned to you, “Welcome to the Avengers,”

Part 3

Part 5

Exo Reaction - Finding Out You're Pregnant

This is my first reaction, eek! I hope it’s okay! Feedback would be really appreciated, and don’t forget that requests are open! ~ Lizzy xo

*gifs are not mine, credit to owners*


You would’ve been trying to hide the fact that you were pregnant for a few weeks now, not wanting to worry him when he was in the middle of promotions for the comeback. However, when the morning sickness kicked in, you knew you had to tell Baekhyun the news.

Y/N: ‘Baek, I really need to tell you something, but I don’t want you to freak out…’

Baekhyun: 'Jagiya, you know you can tell me anything!’

Y/N: 'I’m pregnant… We have a mini version of us on it’s way!’

Baekhyun: 'OH MY GOD! Jagi I’m so happy, we’ve wanted this for so long! I can’t wait to tell the boys, I bet Suho will buy us a really expensive gift for our baby shower. *literally showers you with kisses and excitement for the rest of the day and does bad dancing because he is so happy*

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I think Chanyeol would be super suspicious as you’d been wearing baggy clothes for a good month now and buying baby magazines 'in case you would need them in the future.’
Chanyeol: 'Jagiya? I think I know what you’ve been hiding recently…’

Y/N: 'Oh yeah? What’s that?’

Chanyeol: 'You’re pregnant!’

Y/N: 'I’m sorry I didn’t tell you sooner, Yeol,’ you’d say as you looked down at the floor, 'I was worried you wouldn’t be as excited as I am.’

Chanyeol: 'Are you kidding me? I’m going to be a dad! We’re going to be a little family! Can I feel your tummy? Have you had cravings yet? What should we call it? Aish, so much to think about! I love you, Jagiya!

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I think you’d be super comfortable telling Chen, because he’s so light-hearted and easy to be around.

Y/N: 'Babe?’

Chen: 'Yes, my little muffin?

Y/N: *rolls eyes* 'How would you feel if I was pregnant? Just for future reference…’

Chen: 'I’d be over the moon and would tell you how great of a mum you’ll be and how excited I was because a tiny ickle little baby would be coming!’

Y/N: 'Interesting… Oh, and by the way, I went to the doctors and I’M PREGNANT!’

Chen: 'REALLY? I HAD NO IDEA OMG!’ *would laugh but would be so, so happy.

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You knew that Kai was great with kids, so you couldn’t wait to have one of your own soon.

Y/N: 'Kai? I didn’t feel well the other day so I took a pregnancy test just in case, and IT WAS POSITIVE!’

Kai: 'Positive?! As in I’m going to be a dad soon? OH MY GOD! Let me feel your tummy, jagiya! Wow… I’m going to be the best dad to this baby, and the best partner in the world to you. I love you.’

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You’d be out shopping over the weekend and would see a baby shop. 'Can we have a look in here?’ You’d ask him, trying to play it cool.

Kris: 'If you want, but the last time I checked, we don’t have a baby coming.’

Y/N: 'Yeah, about that… I’m pregnant!’

Kris: 'WHAT? I’M GOING TO BE A DAD? THIS IS THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE, I CAN’T BELIEVE IT!’ He’d drop his cool guy act completely and literally jump up and down with excitement, not caring that you two were in public. 'My style.’

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You and Soo had never discussed having children before, so you knew it would shock him when you told him that you were pregnant. You took him to your local coffee shop and sat him down with a hot drink before telling him.

Y/N: 'Please stay calm, Soo. I don’t know how else I can say this - I’m pregnant!’

D.O: 'Really? That’s amazing! We are so blessed, jagiya! I can’t wait to meet my child. I honestly can’t think of anyone else I’d rather share this experience with. I really do love you, Y/N.’

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You knew how good Lay was with children, so you weren’t at all worried about telling him.

Y/N: 'I went to the doctors yesterday and guess what?! I’M PREGNANT!’ You’d not be able to contain your excitement as you told him.

Lay: 'You’re… You’re pregnant? With our baby? A tiny human made by us?’ He’d probably take a minute to process the information, but would then be smiling non stop. 'Oh my goodness baobei! We’re going to be parents! I promise you I’ll be the best dad in the world!’ He’d then kiss you all over your face and text the guys.

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Knowing that Luhan was gaining more and more fame, you were concerned that he wouldn’t be as excited as you were at the news.

Y/N: 'Lu? I don’t think I can keep this from your for much longer… I’m pregnant!’

Luhan: Pregnant? I’m going to be a dad? OH MY GOD! I hope the baby looks like me. I wonder if Xiumin hyung will be godfather… Have this baby as soon as possible, baobei! *excited deer is excited*

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You were nervous to tell Sehun as the two of you were still young, and you knew that having a baby was life-changing.

Y/N: 'Sehun, I’m just going to say it. I’M PREGNANT!’
Sehun: 'Wait… pregnant? Why didn’t you tell me sooner, jagi? A mini me? Who could want anything more in life?! I can’t wait! I love you and the mini me, jagi! Yehet!’

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Suho and you had discussed having children for a while now, but never about having them in the near future. You’d been sick a few times over the last week and decided it would sensible to take a pregnancy test, just in case. What you didn’t realise is that you’d left it on the side of the bath in your en-suite.

Suho: 'Jagiya, have you seen this? It says you’re pregnant! PREGNANT! I’m going to have a child! Wow, the Kim family will grow once more. Let’s go shopping, we might as well start now, nine months isn’t long! I love you so much babe, seriously.’

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It wasn’t that you thought Tao wasn’t ready for a child - quite the opposite, especially since he been on Charming Daddies not that long ago. You were just worried about how he would take the news as his schedule had been absolutely packed without the thought of a baby. However, he somehow knew the news before you’d told him.

Tao: 'Baobei? The doctor called this morning regarding your pregnancy. WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME SOONER? Have you any idea how many designer sales we’ve missed?! My child has to be stylish, jagiya! Aish, you get me so het up but I love you. I’M GOING TO BE A DADDY!’ *child mode activated*

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Xiumin was 100% father material. He was mature yet so silly and had the same amount of aeygo as a ten year old, so you couldn’t help rushing to the studio to tell him the news.


Xiumin: *looks at other members* 'Did she say pregnant? I’m going to be a dad and you guys will be uncles! Jagiya, this is amazing! Do you know how happy I am? Our child will be perfect, just like it’s dad.’ *laughs and gives you a kiss, waving at the baby in your belly as though it could see him*

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please watch The Bold Type!

It’s an amazing show about amazing women, including a Muslim lesbian, a black bisexual woman, discussions about US immigration issues, sexual assault, how to have an orgasm, and so many other important things that TV should be talking about.

It only has about 300k viewers rn and we don’t know if it’s going to be renewed for another season so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE go check it out! You can watch the whole show on Hulu!

#3 - Ask Me Out (Harry Styles One Shot)

Okay, I want to thank you guys for the amazing support my last two one shots got! Thank you so much! 

This is a new one.

Word Count - 1,286

Harry Styles One Shot : Summary - High school drama has its perks and these two make the best of it. 

You can do this, you can do this…I repeated it like a mantra over and over again in my head, the entire walk from the computer room to the ground. You have no reason to be nervous, you’ve nothing to lose. Okay, maybe you do but, it can’t get worse that how it already is. I kept my pace fast not trying to think too much about it. I just had to go and say it. There he was, sitting with his entire gang. He always is, Maddy. You’ll have to say it in front of them. C’mon what is the worse that could happen? – Except for being embarrassed the entire school year. No. No. You’re walking up to him and saying it. I oscillated twice near the tree before walking up to the gang.

They were, I don’t know, doesn’t every high school have a popular group? I walked up to him, who was sitting in between two girls, laughing. I stood in the centre and called out, “Harry?” Everyone looked up. Fuck.

His green eyes met mine, which were covered in my newly bought frames (pretty cool, actually). “What?” He replied. Why was his voice so deep and husky? Deep and husky laid with confusion because, I called out.

“Oh.” Shit. He raised his eyebrows, asking me to go on. “Nothing,” I ran out of there as fast as possible. Ran as fast as possible before collapsing on the other side of the field behind the little hut we called store room. “Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Now, they’re going to make fun of me for not speaking up and running away!” I screamed. I wanted to suddenly cry. How could I be such an idiot! Fucking hell! Now, I’ll never get the chance again. I sat on the ground, hitting my head against my hand, before I had to leave the school premises. Head bowed, I walked towards my house. I hate this. I hate my life! I’m going to be made fun off now! Teenagers! Always looking for new reasons to laugh at and entertain themselves. Where the fuck did I get the guts to actually up to him, in the first place?

“Do you know you talk to yourself?” A car stopped next to me. “Or that you curse a lot?” It was him. Why was he talking to me? Because you ran away, idiot. I didn’t reply. No. No words. I just stood there, like a statue. “Can I drop you home?” He asked. No reply. I was staring at him like a dud. “Are you not going to reply?” He said, smiling a bit. He was having fun, that bastard. “Jesus. Say something. Or just get in!” He laughed a bit, running his fingers through his hair. Mine were the same length. “Get in!” He now, shouted. Something snapped and I opened the front door and sat down, looking straight forward, sitting completely stiff and erect. Cautious. He looked at me and frowned, I did the same. “Belt,” I swear, I had never worn the belt so fast, in my life.

After a little while of driving in his car, not talking of course - I mean, why will I talk now? Idiot. “Are you going to tell me directions to your house?” he raised as arms in question. I did. “Now you talk.” He laughed. “What was that back in the field?” He asked, looking at me, while I looked straight ahead, looking at the empty road. Do you remember my position? “Mute again, I see,” He huffed. “You’re Maddy, right?” He looked at me while I looked at him. “Why are you pouting? We have Economics, together?”


“Oh yeah, sorry. So…did you have anything important to say? You ran away quite fast too. Are you in the track team, or something?” He looked at me.


“No? Alright. Umm…so, are you going to tell me or stay shut the whole ride. Or is it something to be said in front of all my friends?” He laughed.

“You know what, stop laughing! Do you realise the amount of guts required to come up to you in school? It’s like bloody going to up to your mother to let you do drugs! Can you imagine the amount!” What am I saying? Drugs?And you, you have to sit there between the prettiest girls in school laughing and, if someone comes up to you- replying with a what? A fucking what? Who does that!”

“I’m sorry…” He whispered, a bit nervously, not that I heard him.

“I mean, all I wanted to come and say to you was that I like you! I always have, you know! Secretly! But, this is our last year! I definitely won’t see you again, and I wanted to say the one thing I’ve wanted to say from the last five years! Who cares what anybody thinks, right?! But, you’ve to raise those fucking gorgeous eyebrows with a why-is-she-talking-to-me look? How can somebody say anything!” He just stared into my face stopping in front of my house. “And now, I’ll be made fun of because of this thing, I wanted to tell you. I wasn’t expecting much in return, you know. I just wanted too…” I just realised by rambling session in Harry Styles’ car. “And I did…fuck.”

“Yeah, you did…” He whispered.

“Okay, umm…I’m going to go. Thank you for the ride.” I got out of his car in full speed and ran to my door but, he called out.

“So, this is it then?” He shouted a bit.

“Huh,” I said, innocently.

“What huh? You run away from me at school. Have hardly ever had a conversation with me. And, I give you a ride back home and you profess your last five year love to me and stop?” He got out his car and leaned against it, shutting the door. He looked so beautiful in his clack jeans and blue plaid shirt. Snap out of it.


“What? Ask me out.” He said, like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

“Don’t make fun of me.” I said, frowning.

“You don’t make fun of me. At least ask me out. What am I going to do with your rambling confession?”

“Are you serious?” I asked, a bit confused now. He shrugged his shoulders. “Okay then…” I walked up to him and stood right in front, looking up (he is tall). “Harry Styles…”

“Yes,” He said, smiling cheekily showing off both his dimples.

“Don’t smile.”

“Hey…That’s not nice.” He frowned.

“Harry Styles,” He stood up straight. “I discovered this amazing cafe, the other day…the sad part is that, I don’t want to go alone and since, you seem to be a nice company, I’d like to ask you to come with me…”

“Nice. Very romantic.” He said, sarcastically. “By the way, I’m not a nice company - I’m a fucking awesome company.”

I smirked.

“And, I accept your invitation to go to this amazing cafe.”

“Okay.” I nodded.

“Okay.” He nodded.

“Tomorrow at 7?” I kept nodding.

“Yeah okay, tomorrow at 7” So did he.

“Bye then,” I said, turning away and walking off before, he pulled me by my hand, then, wrapped his arm around my waist and attached his lips to mine. I swear my heart fluttered.

“By the way, I’ve been crushing since the last two years.” He whispered against my lips.


“We can discuss this in detail at your awesome cafe,” He said, pulling away and opening his car door. “You’ll pick me up?”

“I own a Moped. You don’t mind, do you?” I asked.



“Alright.” He said, getting inside and driving off.


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I’m Leo and I’m a dazzlingly good looking once-in-a-lifetime dog who somehow, through a series of highly unfortunate circumstances, ended up a starving puppy living on the streets!!!!! #tragedy

Well, you can imagine how glad I was when a nice lady stopped her warm car and took me out of the cold and to the vet doctor, where I was all fixed up and got to eat all the food I needed. #blessed

Then my savior named me “Leo” and took me to meet nice new friends at Adopt-a-Dog in Armonk, New York. Everybuddy there fell in love with me – who could resist? I was the staff favorite, sweet and adorable to every person who met me, and VERY smart! #overachiever

But somehow the days have become months and now years – for two years I’ve been waiting, longer than any other pet in this shelter. #theremustbesomemistake

I can understand some people may not think they’re worthy of me. THIS IS NOT TRUE! You are! I can see into your heart and I know it’s full of love! #knowallseeall

My shelter friends think I should be an only pet, but maybe we can discuss this. The thing is, when you’re as amazing as me, it’s hard to see why people would want another pet! Trained, healthy, loving… gosh, I wish I could adopt myself! #justtellingitlikeitis

If you already have pets or live really far from me, maybe you could reblog me? See, I spend a lot of time dreaming of my new home, and how can people know I’m looking for them if they never see my post? #inarguable

So please, call 914-273-1674 or email and tell them you want to meet Leo… and then just casually say, “What do you think of him?” if you want to know all about me! #onlygoodthings

Love forever,




Exciting news everybody the Femslash Revolution is officially opening today after the combined efforts of the founders @ginevravweasley​ and @lunavlovegood​.

So what is it?

The Femslash Revolution has been created to not only shine a light onto the amazing femslash ships in the Harry Potter fandom but create a supportive community where femslash is celebrated, giving everyone an oppertunity to help make femslash a large part of what makes up the Harry Potter fandom spirit, just as much as the larger ships such as Drarry, Dramione, Jily and Wolfstar. 

How does it work?

The Femslash Revolution is held over two blogs, this one and a community one. This blog is the main face of the revolution, it is the body and mind showing the talent of all our members who will reblog their own femslash themed creations (edits, aesthetics, fanfics, gifsets, fanart etc) with a logical tagging system that everyone can follow along with. Not only does this give the chance for work that might otherwise go unseen to be shared and acknowledged, it also shows nurtures rare ships and wlw supporters. Everyone will find new ships and inspiration on this blog. 

The second blog, the community blog will hold the heart and spirit of the Femslash Revolution. It is an open space of discussions, tips and tricks as well as support from experienced writers, editors, gif makers etc for newbies. All with the sole aim of increasing femslash in our fandom. This blog will also act as a notice board for the admins to post to with updates on the blog. 

Challenges, competitions, prompts and potentially small workshops will all be a part of this community. 

How can I join?

Anyone can join! Membership is granted on the grounds of if you are willing to actively participate in this community. You’re personal blog and what you post there does not matter. If you are willing to commit yourself to this revolution, becoming part of this family, post original content, and follow the rules then that is enough for us! 

If you message either @ginevravweasley or @lunavlovegood then we will chat with you, get to know you and exchange further details about the rules and how to post, what to expect etc. 

What if I don’t post original femslash content but still want to be a part?

You can still be a part for sure. Everyone can follow this blog for a constant stream of amazing femslash but you can also join our community blog if you’d like to join in on discussions held there. Please message us for further details. It should be noted that we are only accepting applications to this blog at the moment but please stay tuned for details on just joining the community blog. 

Anything else I should know?

I urge everyone to look through our blog for more information. Here are the most useful pages:  ABOUT  RULES  

Feel free to shoot us an ask for any questions about either the blog, the revolution or femslash in general. 

Day 20 - SaveWOY Email - Any good experiences with the WOY fandom?

(21/08) Day 20Any good experiences with the WOY fandom?

Today’s topic is about the WOY fandom. I’m not just talking about the fandom here on Tumblr. I’m talking about any and all of Wander’s fans. If you’ve interacted with other fans in a positive way then please get involved.

Perhaps you’ve made friends with fellow fans and regularly discuss the show or even just other things? Do you like how the fandom has very little drama? How do you feel about everyone’s efforts to save the show and how everyone has come together to work as a team? Have you maybe role-played with other fans? Or cosplayed with them? Collaborated on a Wander Over Yonder related project? Watched episodes with other fans?

Let’s show Disney how amazing and kind the WOY fandom can be!

Today we will email

Please keep your emails polite and respectful.

Thank you.

anonymous asked:

Tell me about Suchen please ~~

let me tell you

jongdae doesn’t give a flying fuck

unless you’re junmyeon

look at him. a lil bundle of joy for junmyeon

always sticking close to his boo



jongdae is a bit posessive at times

yes thank you wow ok pls kindly fuck of sehun bye mine

External image

move your skinny ass jun


that’s ok junmyeon can get posessive too



and junmyeon can get pretty clingy

External image


External image

yes because feeling him up while getting up was so necessary

like, very very clingy

External image





no probably junmyeon said something stupid but… yeah

jongdae no this wasnt cool get your shit straight



some hubby grooming


also some petting

External image

pett in g?



they want to utter the first hellos and the last goodbyes only to each other



can we please talk about this?

discussing how pretty jongdae is 



they act all cool and senpai but they are both thirsty for each other



of course some snuggling and touching



banana like cuddles



wow boy


An Argument for the Renewal of Revolution

To NBC Execs:

Renewal season is set to start, and many of us are holding our breaths waiting for the verdict to be passed on Revolution. We’re not delusional; we know the ratings aren’t stellar. If it is renewed, the odds are its quiet saving grace will probably come down to another show underperforming even worse and the simple fact that you have no good pilots to take Revolution’s place.

However, before you drop the proverbial guillotine on Revolution, consider, if you will, what you would be giving up.

Revolution is one of the better written shows on primetime via the major broadcast networks. It balances a dark, unexpected humor with heart-wrenching drama. It features individual characters that are (mostly) akin to real people: they can be funny, annoying, stupid, and epic all at once. They grow and develop, just as the show has grown and developed in the past two years. The writing is clever, the plots are action-packed, and the show has lost a lot of the filler that bogged down the first season. To put it simply, it has ceased to be a good show, and grown into a clever show.

But perhaps the merits of Revolution itself don’t interest you. That’s fine; NBC is a business, after all. So let’s look at the numbers.

In comparison to some of the other shows you air, such as Grimm or Chicago Fire, Revolution has been much more consistent and predictable in ratings. It doesn’t drop more than half a point from week to week, and its ratings from the second episode of season 2 are much the same as they are with the most recent episode. Grimm, on the other hand, has been all over the place - high in the beginning at 6.15, then low with 4.88, then mediocre: 5.33, then high with 5.88 - and it’s less predictable in terms of ratings.

Furthermore, Revolution’s consistent ratings are made all the more impressive by its time slot, because Revolution has one, true enemy: Arrow. Due to the beauty of the internet and social media, it’s easy to note a pattern in the viewing habits of your intended audience. Via people complaining about the time conflict on Tumblr, Twitter, and even Facebook, it’s apparent that a good portion of the people who watch Arrow also watch Revolution. The number of posts praising “Charloe” and “Olicity” in the same breath tells me that Arrow undoubtably eats into Revolution’s target audience even more so than American Idol and Survivor already do - two television giants in their own right. Revolution would serve better against a show that doesn’t share its intended audience. Revolution needs a different time slot.

It also needs to be noted that the way in which you’re marketing the show isn’t doing it any favors. Never mind the nonexistent promotion during the Olympics - which featured prime advertising real estate to promote Revolution - your current promotion is inconsistent at best.

Consider, if you will, the other Eric Kripke show, Supernatural, from the CW. Despite the fact that this show has, admittedly, jumped the shark - and that the ratings aren’t as high as Arrow or other newer shows - the CW continuously renews it. Acknowledging that the CW runs on a slightly skewed ratings system in terms of what they consider successful, even they should admit that a 1.85 rating is not good enough to be considered the “sure thing” that most execs and critics believe it to be. So why renew Supernatural?

Simple: the CW knows what it’s doing. Supernatural has ceased to be about the show itself, and it has become an internet phenomenon. The CW isn’t selling the show anymore; they’re selling the experience. They’re selling the chance to follow Jared and Misha on Twitter, to highjack Tumblr posts with Supernatural memes, to make fan videos and stories that their friends and the actors can see and enjoy. For Supernatural, it’s not about the content of the show or the ratings. It’s about the rabid fanbase that will do anything to continue to be a part of this world. 

Revolution has the ability to garner this sort of a following. It has everything it needs to be successful: quirky dialogue, intricate plots, evolving characters, good deaths, and even a subtle humor. It already has a large number of fans creating videos and stories and GIFs about the show after each new episode airs. Discussion and debate abound on Tumblr and Twitter as plot twists are revealed and characters face unsurmountable odds. Friends are made through the #Revolution, and people in the tangible world are making real connections through the digital world because of this show. #RevolutionReturns was the number one trend for over an hour on Twitter in the United States this past Wednesday, beating out Twitter-crazy #Survivor. The fan base is growing larger with each passing week, and a community is beginning to form. 

What Revolution lacks, therefore, is a proper time slot and a sense of online organization and promotion from NBC.

That’s how you can help this show succeed for now, and for years to come. Don’t just put out promo photos online and think you’ve marketed the show properly. Post interviews and deleted scenes, and promote those as well. I’ve been watching Revolution from the beginning, and it’s only in the last two weeks that I learned the show has a Tumblr and a Youtube account. The Revolution Revealed Youtube series is great, but nobody knows it exists. In this day and age, you have to promote your social media accounts too. Furthermore, take a page from the Doctor Who Tumblr and reblog fanart and GIFs. Engage your fans; start discussions, get them involved, and sell them the Revolution experience, not just Revolution the show.

The world has changed dramatically in the last ten years, and your marketing strategies have to change with it. What with threats to ratings like illegal streaming and a hundred college kids crammed around one TV, it’s not enough to just air a show - whether it be Revolution, Grimm, or anything else - and hope for the best. You have to sell them something so amazing that they can only get it from you. You have to sell an experience that makes them need to watch the show live so they can follow you on Twitter and Tumblr, so they can join in on the immediate discussion.

This is how you, and Revolution, will succeed. Please, from young fans of the show in the targeted 18-49 demographic everywhere, don’t axe it until you try things our way. Step into our generation, and market to us in a manner that we’ll enjoy and beg to be a part of. We both want the same thing: for the show to succeed. Give us a chance to teach you how, and give the show a chance to connect with the fans.

You won’t regret it.

Lol the one positive about this

Julie Plec baited us like do you realize how amazing that is? Now before you kill me please understand why this is important she literally tried to entice bamon fans into watching

We’ve accumulated enough of a fan base that our viewership matters

She could’ve used a Stelena scene if she was just trying to appeal to Stelena and anti Delena fans but she didn’t she used a bamon clip because we’ve become that much of a presence, were all social media can seem to discuss so to sum this all up

*drake voice* NIGGA WE MADE IT


Hey guys! Look what I finally got the guts to set up! This is my first time ever trying commissions but thanks to a few friends being such sweethearts I’ve gained some confidence! Anyways, nothing ventured, nothing gained, eh?

  • Dragons are 15$ each or more for more complicated kinds
  • will do custom dragons or ones from various of fandoms
  • also open to other types of plushies! I have done characters before as well!
  • Prices will vary in that case

If you have a request that doesn’t fit anything like I’ve posted above, please feel free to message me here, my rp account (which I’m on a lot) guardian-of-the-written-word, or feel free to email me at kelsey(.)mckay(@)outlook(.)com.

Payment will be done through paypal and we shall discuss it when we talk about the type of commission you would like.

If there is any information missing please feel free to let me know!

Oh! And if you don’t mind reblogging this for me so more people can see it, that would be amazing too! 

Thank you!
- Kelsey