can we not

So incredibly excited about the trailer and all the new material we’re about to get, but can we please, please stop making every new thing about antis? A solid two-thirds, at least, of the discussion I’ve seen about the trailer and the new stuff has been along the lines of “aren’t antis going to be disappointed” etc, and this happens every time, and it’d be great to just be excited about new sw things without bringing up the people who hate it.

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People should just stop shipping rl people... It's just gross, fetishising and dehumanising, they aren't fictional characters, they're real people

honestly when i say ‘i ship ___’ what i mean is i like their friendship, their interactions, how they take care of each other etc. i’ve always tried my best to stay away from fetishizing and i absolutely hate it when ‘shipping’ is taken too far. i think this whole thing should strictly stay inside the fandom and we shouldn’t say gross, dehumanizing things… like “i bet ___ and ___ f#ck every night.” you know…

I honesty get so irrationally annoyed when people keep saying we “flood” (and all the other variations we’ve heard over the years Spam, Hijack, flood, over saturate etc etc) the tags.

Like ?!?!?!

We are the bigger part of this fandom here on tumblr, we are the biggest part of the fandom who actively makes fan content for our pairing (Off tumblr too if I remember the fic numbers lol).

The other shippers rarely made their own stuff (except Cleena cause you go @miekhead you make all the stuff), in fact a lot of the posts they did post were reblogs of our Pete/Myka bro gifsets that we fucking made anyway.

We pretty much kept the tag alive in between seasons and after the show ended. 

Like of course the tags are going to have a lot of our posts in? Thats how it is in all fandoms? The bigger faction of the fandom always has the most in the tags?!?!

It’s not like we sat there all “Let’s band together and rub our little gay hands all over these tags and ruin them for everyone else” whilst giving it the good ol evil anime laugh. 

We were just one of the very few fandoms that had a majority of femslash shippers for once and enjoyed making shit for our pairing and enjoyed the community on the whole.