can we marry yes please

Baby Steps

Anakin Skywalker x Reader

Prompt: Hello! Could you do please this? Anakin and the reader are both Jedis and they are in a relationship. So she gets pregnant and freaks out and Ani assures her everything will be fine and asks her to marry him? Since they broke the code, and are expecting a baby maybe it is time for them for the next step? Thank you.

A/N: anything Anakin I will happily oblige to. I hope you like it, I feel like the ending is a little strange, it’s mainly because I had honestly no clue how to end this. Feed back would be lovely, xx.

You had just won a very important battle against the separatists so everyone was going out for drinks to celebrate, including you and your boyfriend Anakin. After you had had a few drinks Anakin suggested that you go home.

“Oh come on, Ani! Have a couple more, loosen up!” you smiled, batting your eyelashes up at the taller male.

“Y/n please. Can we go?” he asked. You shook your head, downing another shot. He sighed and gave in, having a few more drinks himself. Roughly an hour and a half later you were drunk off your ass and Anakin was hardly sober either, but he was sober enough to fly. He carried you to his speeder as you giggled playfully, nipping at his neck and kissing his jaw.

“Not now. We need to at least get home first.” he murmured, zooming away from the bar. Waking up the next morning was a pain. You’re head hurt like hell and you could hardly open your eyes. You managed to roll out of bed and when you did, you realized that both you, and Anakin were completely naked. You shrugged it off, the two of you had had sex before so you didn’t really think too much of it. You took a quick shower, washing off before returning to the room where Anakin was, though now he was awake.

“You are so.. beautiful.” he murmured, looking you up and down.

“It is only because you are so in love.” you jested playfully, watching as he shook his head lightly..

“Are you saying that you are not in love with me?” he questioned, raising an eyebrow. “because after last night.. I believe not only would that be a problem, but I would also feel very betrayed.” you laughed and sat down next to him.

“Of course I love you Ani. You are my light.” you smiled, before kissing his cheek. “Even so, we do have duties to attend to.” he groaned.

“I don’t want to.” he complained, pinning you underneath him and nipping at your neck.

“I don’t either, but we must.” you told him sternly.


Weeks passed and when you woke one morning you had expected the usual discomfort that came with this specific week of the month, but it wasn’t there. You felt completely fine. It worried you because you had never missed a period before. You caught your breath as you remembered the night after you had won the battle. Dressing quickly, you rushed to the med bay to get a scan. You sat in the waiting room nervously, waiting to be called back.

“Y/n y/l/n, we have a room ready for you.” you stood up quickly, following the medical droid to a back room. You sat on a chair, unable to stop fidgeting.

“What seems to be the problem, Miss Y/n? You appear to be perfectly healthy.” the droid speculated. You swallowed the lump in your throat and let out the breath you didn’t know you were holding.

“My period is late. It’s never been late before. I’m worried I might be-.” the droid cut you off by scanning you quickly and speaking up.

“Pregnant? If that is what you are worried you might be, you are right. Do you not wish to be?” even for a droid it was still confused about your actions.

“I- I am a Jedi, this is forbidden- I…” you started, not sure of how to continue. You left swiftly with a quiet thank you to the droid. You couldn’t tell Anakin. What would he say? He probably wouldn’t want to have to deal with the problems of a child. You let out an ‘oomph’ as you ran straight into someone’s chest.

“Y/n? Are you alright? You seem upset.” stiffening as you looked up, you realized you had run into none other than Anakin himself.

“Can we- lets go some where more private.” you whispered, trying to keep your voice from cracking. He nodded and you led him to a small hidden room multiple yards away from earshot of anyone that might be around. You took a deep breath, but you couldn’t get the words out. No matter how you tried, you couldn’t.

“Y/n..? You’re beginning to scare me..” he whispered, looking down at you eyes brimmed with worry. “please.. what is the matter?” you swallowed hard, and took a deep breath. There was no better way to say this than to rip it off, like a band aid.

“Ani.. I- I’m pregnant..” you whispered, unable to meet his eye. You were afraid of what you might see if you did.

“You’re… what?” he asked, voice full of both amazement and excitement. “y/n, this is wonderful!” he exclaimed, picking you up by your waist and spinning you around.

“It.. it is?”

“I believe so. Y/n this baby.. it is a blessing. I’m so happy that I get to go through this with you.” he smiled, eyes alight with joy.

“But Anakin.. We’re Jedi.. this is forbidden.. we’ll be kicked out of the order!”

“We’ll figure that out later.. right now. right now is a time of happiness.” he pressed a gentle kiss to your lips. “and.. sense we are having a child together… y/n, will you marry me?” he questioned, looking into your eyes and scanning your face.

“Yes Ani.. Yes I will marry you, but can we please take baby steps?” you asked, letting all of the fear and worry into your voice. You were terrified to be a mother, you were afraid you would end up ruining your baby’s childhood.

“My love, we can do whatever makes you the most comfortable.” he replied. you let out a relieved sigh and leaned against his chest. The beat of his heart was calming to you.

“I love you Ani. I’m so lucky to have you in my life.” you muttered against his shoulder.

“I love you too, y/n. You’ve made me the luckiest man in the galaxy.”