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remember that one da:o redesign post from a year ago that i wanted to remake because it was really ugly because its taking ages lmao so here are the ones i have so far, romance options + anora c;

I just looked at my bank statement to see how much we spent on booze last night and suddenly I understand why I’m this hungover lol. I remember I closed my tab at one point thinking “if I close it then we won’t drink more” but I apparently went back to get drinks 7 more times after that so obviously the plan failed miserably 😂


Solim Couple’s LAST Mission Card.

“Your virtual marriage will end today. Please spend your last moments together as a couple in this newlywed house that is full of your memories..”

We’re all in agreement that on Sherlock, guns = male genitalia, yeah? I mean, after Moriarty all but felates one, it’s not exactly subtle anymore.

The gun metaphor is actually really interesting. The first thing Sherlock deduces about John? That he carried guns for a living. (”You’ll do,” indeed.) He can spot a fake one quite easily if the Jefferson Hope incident is any indication, and he’s … more than a bit turned on when faced with a room full of military men batting small balls about. Please, please please for the sake of my Johnlock feels, let’s not delve too deeply into the sideway smile he gives when John pulls rank at Baskerville. Or the way that when he’s pining bored at the beginning of TGG, he shoots up the wall with John’s gun.

Then there’s HLV. I could write a whole meta on this, but briefly: up until this point Sherlock has reminded John repeatedly to arm himself. It’s apparently really important to Sherlock that John’s well-armed and ready to use his gun at a moment’s notice. Now, John is stuck in a frustrated marriage, carrying a tire-lever instead of a gun, and for the first time in the series Sherlock is urging him not to come in well-armed. (I can’t decide if this is about John being emasculated [cuckolded?], or if it’s just because that part of John is now thoroughly off-limits. Interesting in either case that once John sorts things out with Mary, whatever we make of that “apology,” the guns make their appearance again.)

Yet for all that, Sherlock is really, really bad with them:


I mean, seriously. If he actually shot the gun holding it as stiffly as he did in the pool scene, it would have flown right out of his hand. As he puts it to Molly, he lacks the practical experience.

By which I can only deduce that William Sherlock Scott Holmes really, really likes cock but wouldn’t know what to do with one if he had it at its disposal, and so is need of an army doctor to educate him. Also, that John is so thoroughly bi, when he marries a woman he still needs her to be associated with a phallic symbol.That’s just canon, folks.

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Pidge is 10/10 and my precious daughter

Yes good. But does this mean I should ask you of I can we’d her because I would like to marry Pidge Gunderson. High key.

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Why is that a odd conclusion to jump to? I don't have IG so I don't know what she's liked/followed but she's probably done it for a reason. Nothing in this rl makes sense and since they've stated that they've been dating for a year it's soon but not extremely soon to get married. I hope it's not happening but I'm preparing for the worst. Sigh. GG has done a 180 so she holds some power over him.

It’s an odd conclusion because it’s based on LAT following a couple wedding related things. People have taken a flying leap to this conclusion based on some sporadic activity on social media on just her part.

What has HE done to make anybody think he’s interested in marrying LAT? Because we can think of several things that have shown that marrying her is the furthest thing from his mind.


We got married (종현♡승연) « Jong Hyun is his wife Seung Yeon’s number one fan that grabs the VIP seat while she plays the gayageum 

BTS reaction to their idol crush saying that he is her ideal type on tv

Jin: *Still can’t believe it*

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Suga: “Another fantastic day of Suga’s life”

J-hope: *faints*

Rap Monster: “Oh she really said my name???”

Jimin: “I told you all she likes me back”

V: “So she said like.. my name? Taehyung? Maybe she meant Daehyun? if not i am cool with it like really”

Jungkook: “bye everyone i need to leave now and say that i like her too so we can get married tomorrow”

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Romanogers - AU

“My greatest gift”

In their special day ,Steve and Natasha were opening the dances going slowly back and forth following the rythm of the music.

“I can’t believe we got married…” Natasha looks at her wedding ring shining under the lights of the wedding’s decorations. Steve holds her closer to him to not let her out of his sight and with a serious face answers her “Yeah…but we made it Nat”. She looks up at him in the eyes,stops a bit the dance to give him a slow and sensual kiss. On the background the tune changes,and a soft melodic song comes along “Mmmmm….I love this song,Steve!” Steve laughs a little about her reaction then he starts to sing along the song with an hilarious face “I would like you to offer me a gift….An untold dream…Give it to me right now” “Ah ah ah Rogers, really funny. You know we are really over the untold dream!” Nat looks smiling at him still singing and mocking her about this romantic and cheese song. But then he stops looking at her in the eyes and start to make his voice softer going along the melody at the right note “One of those that I don’t know how to open In front of other people…“ Natasha is bit surprised about his change of voice and she is stuck looking at his baby blue eyes.
“Because my greatest gift,It’s only ours forever….”

Natasha bites her lower lip to focus on his words and not let herself be too much emotional,but her husband keeps singing ,stubbornly “Your presence is always an arrival….And never a departure”

The redhead’s eyes waters at the last words and she knows she cant keep herself put toghether anymore “And if this agony denies everything to you
If it denies to you the life itself, breathe mine…”
Steve smiles at this line as wanting to confirm it “Oh Steve,please…just” Natasha looks down to avoid his eyes and being more emotional. But Steve dries her tears with his thumb and caress her face from the top of her cheek to her chin,lifting up,making her look at him in the eyes again. “So it would remember to you that my love is important
And that it doesn’t matter what people say….And then….Given love, taken love, never rendered love…A love as great as the time that never surrendered
A love that speaks to me with your eyes I have in front of me….”
He stops a bit at the rythm of the music ,smiling at her sweetly with eyes full of love and face red for this romantinc and not last declaration of love.

“It’s you, It’s you, It’s you…Nat…

….My Greatest Gift”

NOTE: The song is “ Il regalo più grande” - Tiziano Ferro
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Cordelia, Beatrix and Christa

This will be a pretty long analyses, and I am sure I’m gonna get some stuff from this, but this is a civil post and I know what I am saying here, so under the cut.

Credits to my friends who helped me sort this out. Won’t mention their names since they might get targeted again lol

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