can we marry

  • MC: [flirts with Seven in the chatroom]
  • 707: ______!! Do you have like, a crush on me or something?! Is that why you're being all chummy with me?!
  • MC: Saeyoung. We've been married for three years.

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while we are on the subject of spouse remember when Harry said to Louis face "you are getting married!!" and Louis was sort of completely lost for words? I loved that!

FOUND IT!! This moment, right? Because what even was that??
Like, why so certain Harry..? 😏

I’M CRYING OF JOY THAT VIKTUURI IS ACTUALLY A CANON GAY AND MULTIRACIAL COUPLE WITH A HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP IN A SPORT ANIME But can we talk about the fact that Viktor, a world champion russian athlete that probably is not just idolized in his own country (RUSSIA A EXTEMELY HOMOPHOBIC COUNTRY) but in the world kissed a japanese man in national chinese (other homophobic country) tv and in a world event don’t giving a fuck to the consequences, dgaf to the opinion not just from all the world but his family and friends in his house and risking all his life and dreams because he’s so in love with Yuuri in this point that he don’t need anything more CAN WE TALK ABOUT THE FACT THAT VIKTOR AND YUURI ARE SO BRAVE TO SHOW THEIR LOVE DESPITE ALL DANGERS THAT THEY MAY FACE FROM NOW ON

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on love: extreme marriage ideas
  • yuuri: hey viktor we can get married in all 50 states now!!
  • viktor: ...
  • yuuri: ...

remember that one da:o redesign post from a year ago that i wanted to remake because it was really ugly because its taking ages lmao so here are the ones i have so far, romance options + anora c;

they tell us to give him a chance. they tell us that homophobia is over because we can get married. we can’t buy pizza but we can get married. we can’t get HRT but we can get married. homophobia is over and pence literally wants to torture our sexuality out of us. it’s not a big deal because we talked about it for over a year and now you’re bored of hearing it. my friend asks her doctor to remove the parts of her that make her feel like she’s suffocating. he tells her that “one day you might find yourself wishing you were a man again.” he isn’t the only one. that’s the problem. he isn’t the only one.

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Inspired by the people from the SteveTony imzy community ♥ Bless y'all for being so inspirational hahaha

Context: Steve and Tony were reincarnated, met and befriended each other at a young age, and became best friends. Steve was just recently informed about what marriage was- which was explained to him in a watered down sense where it just means being with the person you love forever. He then insists that Tony marry him, because they’re best friends and they love each other and they want to stick together forever. Tony, being the smart boy that he is, tries to resist because logically, “we’re just kids and we can’t get married!” Steve is undeterred, because he’s Steve.

They do eventually get married, and Steve is smug as fuck about it because he got what he’s always wanted in the end.

Edit: I’m sad that it’s not visible due to the text bubbles- Steve is wearing an Iron Man shirt because he’s his favorite superhero since he reminds him of tony, as they are both very smart and good with robots❤️

help, my wife and i aren’t married yet but shes started calling me her wife all th time and i melt and want to cry each n every time bc shes amazing and wonderful and i cant believe i have someone in my lyfe who loves me so much and wants to be with me forever and i cant wait until we can get married for real