can we keep him forever please


Imagine Ponyboy and Sodapop trying to convince Darry to keep the abandoned puppy they found…

“Please Darry, he is a really good puppy.” Ponyboy pleaded, his big green-grey eyes looked up at Darry as he pouted softly- that always used to work on him when he was a kid. 

“Now Ponyboy, dogs are a big responsibility, especially puppies. They are needy, they eat everything, they chew through everything and they pee everywhere.” 

“Aww come on Darry, let him keep it!” Sodapop chimed, running his fingers through the puppy’s matted fur. “We found him abandoned and sad, he was all on his lonesome, how can you say no to this face? Aww look at him Darry.” 

“Not you too, Soda.” Darry sighed with a shake of his head. 

“Dawwy, please adopt me!” Soda said in a high, sing-song voice, trying to imitate the dog. “I will love you forever…” 

“Okay, look. You can keep it” Darry grimaced as the boys whooped, shouting out their appreciation. “I’m not finished, you can keep it, but you’re both looking after it. The moment that dog does something wrong, it’s outta here, you got it?” 

“Yeah yeah, Darry.” They waved him off nonchalantly, he inwardly groaned.

This was going to be a disaster.

Wrong Place Wrong Time (17)

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Summary: You end up in the wrong place at the wrong time and it has negative repercussions. Main characters include: Reader and EXO.

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You had heard two bangs followed by two cries, startling you. Yixing and Chanyeol were on the ground, blood pouring from their thighs. You panicked, ripping Chanyeol’s T-shirt off of his body and exposing his chest. You tore the shirt into two and wrapped the material around each of their wounds in an attempt to stop the bleeding. You needed help and fast, if someone didn’t find you soon they would most certainly bleed to death. Your mind was racing and your heart was banging in your chest, you felt as though you were having some type respiratory malfunction as breathing was proving to be almost impossible. Jongin stood at the other end of the section, beside a crate; you were crouched down on the floor next to an Injured Yixing and an Injured Chanyeol. All you could focus on was the gun that was spinning in Jongin’s hand. You’d all be dead in a matter of moments; you had no arms to protect yourself. How didn’t anybody realise who the mole was; the traitor in your squadron all along.

He was leaking information all this time.

He was the Tell-Tale.

It was Jongin.

You stared up at him, eyes widening in fear, he had his gun pointed straight at you. You had allowed yourself to believe that Jongin was a lovely and warm man who cared for you and had feelings for you, contrary to Yixing’s warnings, but boy were you wrong. You stared directly into his eyes and took a breath. What seemed to be the longest breath that you had ever taken in your life, and held it, you weren’t sure you were ready to die but at this point in time the power was not in your hands. Jongin smirked at you lowering his gun and removing a can of red spray paint from his holster, painting two red crosses on Chanyeol’s chest, he threw the can towards you and ran behind the crate disappearing altogether. You blinked hard, you were still alive. You let out the breath you were holding and began to cry hysterically, the shock of it all hitting you at once.

“Y/N, find help. Please.” Chanyeol groaned, you noticed they were both pale now, their trousers and the ripped shirt material soaked with their blood. You nodded vigorously and stood up in search for one of the others.

“Suho! Xiumin! Someone help me! Please!”

With two men down you had to fall back, there weren’t enough of you to win this battle. You sat in the van crying manically. The thought that you would never see Yixing again after you guys ended on a bad note, or never see Chanyeol again. Your best friend.

“Y/N you’re going to need to calm down.” Kyungsoo said, staring at you.

“Don’t fucking tell me to calm down!” You screamed, spraying saliva across the van. You were in a frenzied state and couldn’t calm yourself down. “We need to get them to a hospital.” You panicked, your eyes darting between Yixing and Chanyeol who were slowly beginning to look like corpses, their lives literally draining before your eyes.

“We can’t do that Y/N, have you forgotten who we are?” Minseok was rubbing your back. All you wanted to do was hold his hand right now, but you were too shaken to even successfully do that.

“No we can’t but I know who we can bring home. My brother.” Kyungsoo said, looking gravely at the two dying men lying on the floor at the back of the van.
“He’s a surgeon; he works in the hospital that Chanyeol’s dad used to work in before Genesis, we’ll have to make a detour.”

“But he doesn’t know who we are Soo, are you sure this is a good idea.” Sehun sat forward looking from Kyungsoo to Chanyeol and Yixing.

“No, but it’s our only option, Baekhyun can’t deal with this is alone, by the time he’s done with one of them the other will be dead.” He gave his family address to Junmyeon who was in the driver seat.

“Are you sure Kyungsoo?” Junmyeon asked looking at him through the rear view mirror.

“No. But we don’t have a choice.” He sighed, looking at the two corpse-like bodies. Junmyeon nodded swerving the van, knocking over a trash can. You kept your hands compressed on Yixing’s and Chanyeol’s thighs, trying anything you could to keep them alive, neither of them were moving now and it was scaring you beyond belief.

“Oh God! Please don’t die on me!” You began crying again, Minseok was rubbing his hand on your shoulder.

“This is all your fault.” Kyungsoo hissed, tears in his eyes, pointing at Minseok. “You had us ambushed didn’t you?! Tell me why I shouldn’t shoot a bullet through your brain right now. After everything we’ve all been through together.”

Minseok looked up at Kyungsoo, his face was expressionless.

“If you really think this was my doing then you’re really crazy.”

Sehun shifted in his seat, looking around the van “Minseok I don’t understand why, I thought I knew you better than this.”

“I thought you knew me better than this too.” Minseok frowned at Sehun.

You had enough of the bickering and arguing now, your best friend was dying and all they could do was pick a fight with the wrong person.

“It wasn’t fucking Minseok!” You screamed, shooting Sehun with a fierce look. “You’re all out here blaming the wrong person, meanwhile you’ve failed to realise that one of us is missing.”

They all frowned, Suho still speeding down dark streets, breaking every single road law out there.
Spinning his head around Sehun gasped in realisation. “Shit guys, we left Jongin behind! Fuck, we have to go back for him.”

“We can’t now; these two are almost dead we need to get to Kyungsoo’s brother.” Minseok said helping you to add more pressure to the gunshot wounds.

“No we’re not going back for Jongin; he can stay there and die. He deserves to waste away in a fucking crate full of Jay Lee’s toxic substances. Do you want to know why? Jongin did this. Jongin was the one who shot them. You see that?” You pointed to the two red crosses on Chanyeol’s chest. “’Kai’ did that. He’s the fucking Tell-Tale.” You screamed, your lungs felt as though they were going to burst, you felt your shoulders violently shaking again, but tried your hardest not to break down, this wasn’t the right time.
“Please Chanyeol, you have to make this. Please.” You whispered. “Yixing you too.”

The van was quiet; you were assuming everyone was taking a moment to process what you had just said. You were still in shock yourself, you couldn’t get the image of Jongin out of your head, you thought he was going to kill the man that was holding the gun up at you, but no, you were so wrong, instead he gave him a quick discrete nod, the man ran away from your section leaving you momentarily dazed, but before you had a chance to process what had just happened, Jongin was shooting both Yixing and Chanyeol, but why didn’t he shoot you too, you were obviously going to go back and tell the others what you had discovered.

“What… What did you just say?” Minseok’s breath was shaky looking at you through disbelieving eyes, waiting for you to say that you were only joking, but unfortunately you weren’t.

“Jongin was the mole all along. It explains how the letter got in the house; he probably just dropped it on the floor when nobody was watching. He probably planted the red spray paint in your cupboard too and planned the whole sugar incident.”

“No, it doesn’t make sense, how could he have planned all of this stuff we never let him out of our sight. Did he have an accomplice?” Minseok shook his head.

“I don’t know, but I remember him telling me that every midnight he’d go for a jog or something to get the stress out of his system, I guess that’s when he did whatever he had to do.” You shook your head, how had you been so easily fooled.

“Why didn’t you tell us?”

“I didn’t know he was a fucking traitor Minseok, this isn’t my fault! You’re only saying this because you’re blinded by hindsight bias. How was I to know that that would be relevant information at the time? Besides I’m sure there are other places that people visit that they’d like to keep secrets from anyone else, so I didn’t say anything due to privacy.” You gave him a knowing look; you knew where he went now so he couldn’t really say anything. He lowered his head. “Look can we discuss this later and just get to Kyungsoo’s house please!” Junmyeon nodded; driving faster now then he had been before.

You were all waiting impatiently for Kyungsoo who was standing at his front door, there were lights on so somebody was home, they were taking forever to answer, it seemed like forever, every second was crucial for you. Slowly the door opened up revealing a short woman. She was middle aged but looked withered, her hair had many grey strands in it and she had bags under her eyes. You all pressed your foreheads against the van windows listening intently to what was going on outside.

“Mama…”Kyungsoo breathed, almost inaudibly if you weren’t mistaken you were sure you could hear Kyungsoo’s voice catch in his throat, as if he was about to cry.

“Oh my God…Oh my God! Kyungsoo it’s you, Oh my God!” Tears were spilling down her face, as she pulled him into a hug. “My baby! I didn’t know whether you were alive. Kyungsoo where have you been, please just come back home. I can’t sleep knowing you’re not safe, it’s been 6 years, don’t you think you’ve tortured us enough.”

“Mama I’m sorry…But I don’t have time I need to see Babu, where is he?”

“Babu?” You whispered knitting your brows together.

“Yes. His brother. It’s not his real name though; it’s just a family pet name.” Junmyeon answered, pressing his header closer to the window and putting a finger up to his lips.

“Come inside my baby, it’s cold out here.” His mother said grabbing his arm and pulling him closer to the door, but he slipped it out of her grip just as quickly.

“Mama…I don’t have time, I need Babu, where is he?” He cleared his throat, but his voice was little and you could still sense he was trying to refrain from crying.

“Why what’s happening, have you gotten yourself into trouble? Kyungsoo, what’s happening with you? Ever since your father died you –”

“Babu!” Kyungsoo called from outside of the house, cutting off his mother completely.

“Shh, Or you’ll wake Rina.”


“Your niece Kyungsoo, you have a niece.” His mother’s eyes wondered up and down his body. She must have been terrified he looked a mess, scratches on his body, he looked rough and there were scraps of blood here and there. Suddenly a taller man appeared in the door frame; he was wearing a suit and looked well groomed.

“Mama, what’s all this noise? Have you not seen the time? Rina is…” He broke off when he realised Kyungsoo standing in front of him. His eyes widened in shock and then a frown descended upon his face.

“Wow, well would you take a look at what the Cat dragged in.”He crossed his hands over his chest letting out a deep grunt. “So you’ve decided to finally come home after six years of God knows what. Drugs I presume? Did you get bored Soo? You’re not welcome here, do you know how much shit you’ve put this family through.”

“Babu, stop it,he’s back now that’s all that matters.” Kyungsoo’s mother put her hand over his brother’s shoulder, but he shrugged it off violently.

“No Mama! He’s put us through so much, all those sleepness nights, all that worrying! And he rocks up here after six years. We had to grieve two losses. Dad’s and Kyungsoo’s and now he thinks it’s okay to just rock up here like nothing ever happened. What do you want money? Are you in trouble? Because we’re not going to fucking help you out Kyungsoo! You’re dead to this fucking family, do you understand me!?”

His mum began crying uncontrollably, hanging onto Kyungsoo’s arm. “Babu don’t say that. Don’t say that to my little boy. He’ll always be your brother. Your father would hate this.”

“He means nothing to me. Honestly you and dad should never have gone through the trouble of having another. I don’t know where you suddenly resurfaced from Kyungsoo, but you better crawl back under that rock, you’re not welcome at this house. You’ll never see Rina, you’re not worthy of being an uncle to her, you won’t even exist in her world.”

Kyungsoo stood there silently for a moment, his back was facing you so you couldn’t tell if he was crying or not.

“They’re taking too long!” You hissed. “Chanyeol and Yixing will die!” Things needed to be sped up.

“Babu I need your help…” Kyungsoo breathed

“I told you I’m not fucking helping you Kyungsoo. And don’t you ever call me Babu again, you lost your right to say that six years ago.”

That’s it, you thought to yourself, this was taking too long you had to do something to speed this up otherwise Chanyeol and Yixing definitely wouldn’t stand a chance. You stood up from your seat taking your trousers off, causing the others to gasp in surprise.
“Give me your jacket!” You motioned towards Sehun with your hand.

“What? Why?”

“Just give it to me!” You hissed. He took it off throwing it towards you. You wrapped it into a ball and tucked it under the jacket you were wearing and wiped the blood that was on your hands in between your legs and on your thighs.

“What the fuck are you doing?” Junmyeon whispered in shock, you could just about hear him.

“I’m currently in the process of saving Chanyeol and Yixing. Thank me later!” You hissed, jumping down from the van. You were about to put on as good a performance as you did at the Hotel launch, or better. You limped towards where Kyungsoo was stood with his estranged family, clutching on to your puffed out stomach. It didn’t take much for you to cry, just thinking of Chanyeol and Yixing set you off.

“Babe, you said you were getting some help.” You cried powerlessly, holding onto Kyungsoo’s arm with your free hand. “I don’t know how much more I can wait, I don’t know if the baby will survive. Kyungsoo do something.” You cried against his shoulder feigning physical and emotional agony. Kyungsoo stood there motionless and dazed for a second or two, but then pulled himself together when he realised you were trying to speed up the situation.

“Kyungsoo…wh-who is this?” His mother stuttered, looking you up and down in complete and utter shock.

“It’s my fiancée, we were in a car accident and the impact…the baby. Babu I didn’t know what to do, I panicked and came here first please help us.” Kyungsoo placed a hand over your stomach looking up helplessly at his older brother. His brother’s eyes widened with horror now looking down at the blood on your legs. He nodded quickly stepping aside from the door.

“Come inside quickly!”

“No.” You said more abruptly than intended. “I’d feel more comfortable in the van.” You began to limp over back to the van parked on the roadside.

“Quickly Babu! Please!” Kyungsoo called to his brother as he ran into the car behind you.

Seconds later Kyungsoo’s brother was in the van. Junmyeon locked all the doors and sped off back to the house. You removed the scrunched up jacket from under yours and threw it back to Sehun, taking your place next to Minseok again and helping to apply pressure to Yixing and Chanyeol’s bullet wounds.

“What the fuck is this?! What the fuck is going on?!” Kyungsoo’s brother shouted looking around the van frantically, realising you were simulating your pregnancy.

“Babu we need your help, please!” tears were falling from Kyungsoo’s eyes now, he was staring intensely at his brother.

“No Kyungsoo! What you need is God! What is going on here.” He looked around again. “Do Kyungsoo, what the fuck have you gotten yourself into.” His brother said losing his breath at the sight before him.

“I can’t tell you Babu. It’s better for everyone if you don’t know. But we need your help. We can’t take them to a hospital.” He pointed down at Chanyeol and Yixing. “But they’re dying so please Babu.”

“For Christ’s sake Kyungsoo, what have you done? What is go—Oh my God!” His eyes were wider now than they had been before, looking closer at the two injured men. “Is that?…”

“Mr Park’s son. Yes.” 

Kyungsoo’s brother gulped at the sight of his ex-colleagues son dying before him on the floor. “So please Babu you have to help, not for me but for Chanyeol. For Mr. Park.”


All of you were sitting patiently in the board waiting and waiting. Kyungsoo’s brother and Baekhyun had been at it for hours and you found in those hours, your tears didn’t cease to spill down your cheeks. You didn’t know what you were shaken at more; Jongin, or the fact that the other two may not make it. Junmyeon had told Jongdae about Jongin, but you didn’t say any more because you were in no frame of mind to speak. You were breathing heavily, your chest heaving up and down at an irregular pace, anger rising in your body. You were so mad that you hadn’t recognised you were grunting whilst breathing.

“Y/N. Calm down, you need to calm down.” Minseok put his arm on your shoulder, but you pushed it off immediately.

“Calm down? How can I calm down? Minseok I’m so angry, I’m so fucking angry. That stupid bastard Jongin!” You stood up pushing your chair backwards and running out of the board. You found yourself inside Jongin’s room, anger had consumed you whole. You were livid, absolutely fuming. You found yourself trashing his room, pulling his bed sheets off the bed, ripping clothes out of his wardrobe and kicking the wardrobe down. Crashing the desk onto the floor. You never knew it was possible to loathe someone as much as you did now, but it was hitting you like a tonne of bricks. You tugged at your hair letting out a spine chilling scream. This was too much for you, you couldn’t deal with this. It was too much. You began clawing at Jongin’s pillows, feathers flying about everywhere.
The sun was rising now, they had been operating for so long, there was no way they’d make it. You began clawing at Jongin’s walls, the stupid bastard. He had this all planned out, he buttered you up so you would never suspect it was him. The tips of your fingers were bleeding now, but you couldn’t stop yourself. Jongin had pushed you over the edge, you had turned into a mad woman.

“Y/N stop! Stop it!” You were being dragged back away from the wall by Minseok. “They’re done Y/N, they’re going to be okay.”

Suddenly you lost all sensation in your legs and fell to the floor, a wave of emotions taking over you, You were crying uncontrollably, they were going to be okay. They were going to live. You were gasping for air between your loud sobs. Minseok crouched down beside you, using his sleeve to wipe tears away from your eyes.
“I don’t know what’s gotten into me, being all caring lately. This is not good for my image.” He sighed. “But Y/N they’re going to be okay, so you need to relax now okay.” He pulled you into a hug and began rubbing your back. “Let’s go and see them okay. They won’t be awake, but it’s enough to know they’re alive, hmm?” You nodded your head allowing Minseok to drag you to the Op room in the basement.

“Thank you so much Babu” Kyungsoo breathed, his eyes were red. He walked up to his brother to embrace him in a hug, but he was met with a hard shove, falling backwards into Jongdae.

“Get the fuck away from me…” His brother breathed backing away from the everyone, closer to the metal door. “I don’t know who the fuck you all are, but this is sick. Somebody take me home, now.”
Kyungsoo looked so defeated; his eyes looked lifeless, even more so than on the day that Jongdae was injured.

“Babu, you can’t tell anyone about this.”

“Why the fuck not. This is an underground operation, you’re all scum you deserve to be rotting away in a cell. And here I was thinking it was just drugs. If only.” He scoffed disbelievingly at Kyungsoo. “You always were the worse child. The authorities deserve to know about this.”

“I hate to do this, but we know where you live. You, your mum. Rina.” Minseok raised an eyebrow. Here he was, the cold-hearted man you had first been introduced to, making a quick reappearance, and it was scary how quickly Minseok could change.

“Are you trying to threaten me?” Kyungsoo’s brother asked, frowning at Minseok.

“I don’t know. Would you like to take a chance and find out?” Minseok answered him rhetorically, putting him in his place. Kyungsoo’s brother silently shook his head, allowing himself to be escorted out of the room by Sehun. After you were sure he was away from earshot, Junmyeon finally began to release his pent-up anger.

“Jongin! That fucking bastard, after we took him in. We were a family! And he was working for them all along! He tried to fucking kill my boys, to get rid of them! Is he fucking crazy, I’ll fucking kill him with my own two hands!” Junmyeon shouted, his face red and consumed with rage, his body was shaking and his breathing was heavy. Baekhyun rubbed his back trying to calm him down but it wasn’t helping.

You frowned looking at Chanyeol and Yixing on the bed again, and only just really began to notice that Jongin had shot them in the thigh. You shook your head. “No…” You whispered.

“No what!?” Junmyeon screamed at you “Are you fucking defending that traitor you bitch!”

“No.” You shook your head again “Look.” You said pointing at Chanyeol’s and Yixing’s thighs.

“Yes I am fully fucking aware that he tried shooting them dead!” He stormed over to your direction, but Kyungsoo pulled him back.

“Are you crazy Y/N? Are you intentionally trying to piss him off?” Kyungsoo spat at you, trying to pull Junmyeon away to the opposite side of the room from you.

“No!” You squeezed your eyes shut tight, desperate for someone to just listen to you. “Look, he shot their thighs!”

“Yes we know that Y/N” Baekhyun said starting to get irritated himself. But then Minseok turned to you and nodded slowly.
“Oh.” He said pointing at their thighs “You’re right.”

“What!?” Baekhyun half-shouted “You’re confusing me, I don’t understand.”

“There’s something more to this. Don’t you see?” You continued, but only received blank stares from the other men. You sighed, rolling your eyes. “This is Jongin we’re talking about.” You walked up to Chanyeol placing your hand softly next to the gunshot wound on his thigh. “When we were on the way to pick up Kyungsoo’s brother I was wondering to myself why Jongin didn’t shoot me too. Why did he just leave me there when I was obviously going to come back and tell you guys everything that happened. But what bugs me the most is the fact that Jongin was out to kill them, but unfortunately for him he only managed to shoot their thighs, then it dawned on me suddenly.” You looked up to face Baekhyun.

“Jongin never misses.”


You take the file Natasha’s holding out to you and flip it open to see a familiar setting. “Why are we going to Star City?”

“There’s a growing crime ring there that could turn into a terrorist threat,” Steve explains.

“Who’s Damien Dark?” Sam asks, flipping through his own file. You, Sam, Steve, Natasha, and Wanda are the only ones going on this mission. At least for now.

“We suspect he’s the crime ring’s leader.” Natasha pulls up a picture of him on the projection monitor. “For the past couple of weeks, he’s either been unable to track down, or at social gatherings.” She looks over at you. “He’s been at every single one of your boyfriend’s campaign events.”

You swallow nervously. Oliver still doesn’t know you’re an Avenger. He’s already been through enough, he doesn’t need a possible evil overlord after him and a superhero girlfriend. “Okay, so what’s the game plan?” you ask.

“We,” Steve starts, “will be undercover in Star City until we can’t be anymore. We’ll be supporting Mr. Queen’s campaign. Wanda will go through Damien’s mind at each event so we know if he’s guilty, and, possibly, what he’s up to.” He locks eyes with Wanda, who stands next to you with her arms crossed. “Is that alright?”

She nods. “I can do it.”

The corner of Steve’s mouth twitches up in a smile at her words. “All right, we’ll head out in fifteen minutes so we can make Queen’s next event. ”

“Steve,” Sam says, “what about the Green Arrow?”

Natasha and Steve exchange a look that makes you frown.

“We tried to contact the vigilante so we could work with him, but got no response,” Natasha says. “We’re on our own for now.”

“Hey.” You smile, walking up to where Thea stands in the front row of Oliver’s supporters. The younger girl smiles brightly and hugs you.

“Hey!” She squeals, pulling away from the hug, but keeping her hands on your shoulders. “Where have you been? It’s been months!”

You sigh. “My job’s kept me tied up in a bad way.” Your eyes flicker over to where Steve stands at the edge of the crowd, the World War II veteran hat Natasha got him perched on his head. His undercover get up sucks, as usual. “In fact, I’m here on business.”

Thea frowns slightly. “What kind of–”

She’s cut off as Oliver takes the stage in the new music hall, smiling and waving as the crowd cheers and cameras flash. “I’ll tell you later!” You yell to Thea over the commotion. She nods.

“Good evening, everyone,” Oliver greets, smiling at the crowd. His eyes flit over you once before resting on you, making his smile brighten. “It’s great to see you all here.” You can’t help the smile that comes over your face at the way he’s looking at you.

“As you probably know, I am here to support the opening of this beautiful new Star City Music Hall here in the Glades. Earlier this year, it was–”

You feel a tug on your right sleeve and turn your head to see Wanda with wide eyes flashing quickly from scarlet to brown. “Wanda, what’s wrong?” You whisper, taking hold of her elbow in case she gets weak. “Wanda?”

Thea comes at your side. “Hey, is she okay?”

“She’s fine.” You wince at how quickly you responded. “This is my colleague. She doesn’t do well in crowds, I’ll be right back.”

Thea nods with worried eyes and you wrap your arm around Wanda’s waist, half-carrying her over to the entrance of a hallway. “What’s wrong, Wanda? What is it?”

Sam walks up to you, sporting a red hat and a casual jacket and jeans. “Damien is here, but something … Something is wrong with it. It’s twisted and dark, (y/n). It’s making me dizzy.”

“Do you see anything about him? Anything important?” Sam asks.

Wanda shakes her head. “Nothing. Except …” Her eyes suddenly widen, her irises all scarlet as she sits there, quietly shaking.

You shake her shoulder, getting increasingly more worried. “Wanda? Wanda are you okay?”

She continues to shake uncontrollably, and you and Sam share a worried look. “What do we do?” he asks.

Suddenly, the floor shakes with the force of an explosion, and the sound of gunshots comes from the hall. You gently lower Wanda to the floor as Sam runs to look at what’s going on. You follow, looking around the corner to see complete chaos.

People are fleeing in all directions, and masked men with guns are firing into the crowd. Oliver is nowhere to be seen, which terrifies you. You glance behind you to see Wanda in the same state, before seeing Felicity running towards you.

“Felicity!” You yell. Running forward, you take her arm and pull her behind cover. Sam pulls out his gun and guards the entrance as you pull the surprisingly calm blonde towards Wanda. “Please watch her, something’s wrong and I have to go.”

Felicity nods before glancing at Wanda and doing a double take. “Is that … ?” Then she looks at Sam’s crappy undercover outfit and back at you, putting two and two together. “Oh my god.”

You smile nervously. “I’ll be back.”

Then you run into the fray after Sam, pulling on your wrist braces as you do.

Sam grins, walking towards where Diggle stands on the other side of the lair. “Looks like neither of us really got out of the good fight.”

“Can’t escape.” Dig laughs, shaking his old army buddy’s hand. He sees Steve standing beside Sam and shakes the captain’s hand. “Even after a lifetime.”

Steve laughs dryly, and the three veterans look around the room. Felicity, Thea, Wanda, and Natasha are all talking around the computers as Felicity tries to track the terrorists. Wanda has a blanket around her shoulders, and is still shaking slightly. She doesn’t know what happened to her at the music hall, only that Damien caused it somehow. According to her, he must have known that she was in his mind somehow.

All of the information she gathered from him was erased.

While the two teams have gotten along well so far, the couple at the other end of the room has been in a quiet argument for two hours. They were silent on the ride to the lair, silent for the first half hour, and finally, they went and talked and haven’t stopped. The others are doing their best to ignore it.

“So, what’re they usually like when they’re together?” Sam asks, looking away from you and Oliver and back at Diggle. “(y/n) talks about Oliver all the time, but …”

Dig smiles a bit. “They’re great. Whenever (Y/n)’s in town, Oliver’s the happiest. I just wish he would’ve told her about his nightly activities. And that she told him.”

Steve nods. “(Y/n)’s so strict about keeping her identity secret. She’s never told me why.” The three are silent as they look at the other end of the room. Steve clears his throat. “Well, since they’re a bit caught up at the moment, we should probably discuss some sort of plan.” The other two men agree, and they begin discussing battle strategies.

On the other side of the large room, (y/n) steps away from Oliver, arms crossing over her chest. “I just don’t understand why you didn’t tell me.”

He holds up a finger, eyes narrowing at her. “You have no right to say that to me. You did the same thing.”

“I was going to tell you today. After your conference. But then some psychos decided to shoot up the place, so I didn’t really get the chance.”

Oliver’s angry gaze doesn’t falter from you and you sigh, stepping forward and interlacing both of your hands with his. “Look, I love you, Oliver, and I really don’t want this to come between us. We both kept secrets, and we both know everything now, so can we please just promise each other that we won’t lie anymore and move on?”

You pause, looking down at your hands. “I already hardly see you, I don’t want to lose you forever.”

He untangles his right hand’s fingers from your left’s and gently cups your chin, making you look up at him. “No more secrets?”

You shake your head.

“And you’ll keep me updated?”

You nod. “And you’ll keep me updated?”

He nods. You smile a little bit.


Oliver smiles softly. “So we’re good?”

You laugh. “Yes, Ollie, we’re good.”

Still smiling, he leans down and kisses you softly. You tangle your fingers in his hair and kiss him back for a few seconds before pulling away. The two of you just sway back and forth for a couple of seconds, foreheads touching.

“I love you.” He smiles.

“I love you too.”

Get the fuck out // all of them

@hunterbunter123 requested:
Hey! I saw that you needed requests and I thought of an idea. Could you do a house imagine-like including all the guys. The imagine could be like you live with all of them(including Harrison) and they protect you somehow? Maybe you and your boyfriend get into a fight there? I don’t know, but I love your writing!


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Tony’s POV and story to the kids AU

When Anthony Edward Stark was born, it only took one look at his chubby face and sweet dewy eyes for Howard and Maria to fall completely in love with him.

Maria was both amused and exasperated by her husband because Howard was completely enamored by their tiny baby.

He whispered to their Tony (who has been affectionately named this by his mother), “I will protect you with my life” and puts a smacking wet kiss on Tony’s forehead.

When they’re able to come home with their child, he arrives and excitedly (and very loudly) tells everyone that “LOOK, THIS IS MY SON!”

The whole staff can’t help but be pulled along by Howard’s love and excitement. Well, Tony also just catches the hearts of everyone around him.

Howard has the most advanced camera system developed while Maria is pregnant and readily has it set up before their arrival back home.

He constantly takes pictures and videos until Maria smacks him in the face when he comes to bed with the camera in case he needs it on hand.

The first time Tony cries, Howard almost cries along with him. He’s frantically runs around the house to get Maria. Maria just looks at him with a fond look because this was the man she married and takes Tony into her arms.

She cuddles with Tony and peppers him with small kisses with cooing in between. Tony sniffles and settles down. Shortly after when Maria takes Tony to go have some lunch, Tony giggles happily and Howard learns that women are not to be messed with (also he loves his wife very much).

(“He’s such a proud papa,” Maria whispers to Jarvis as they stroll together in the mansion’s hall and see Howard with Tony.)

The first time Howard holds Tony to pat his back and make him burp, he does it nervously and widens his eyes immensely when small Tony gives a pitched burp and laughs.

He turns around and looks at Maria with the widest smile on his face.

“Maria! He burped!” 

Maria just smiles with amusement as she leans in the doorway. 

“That’s what babies do Howard.” 

“But that’s my son and he burped!” Howard cheers and Tony just chirps along with his father’s antics. 

Until shortly after another few pats, Tony pukes on him and Howard screams in surprise but also in horror. Jarvis just calmly comes into the scene and handles the situation with some towels while Maria chokes on laughter behind the camera.

Howard looks at his son with a serious face and points to himself. He says  slowly with exaggeration, “Papa.” He makes sure to annunciate the letters, excitement brimming under his skin.

Tony just stares back at him and tilts his head in curiosity. He gurgles incoherently in response and Howard nods his head and says, “Yes, that’s right.” 

Howard, ever the determined man, repeats the process again. 

This time Tony points to him and babbles. 

Howard agrees. 

Third times the charm as they say because after this attempt, Tony turns his head again, stares right at Howard, and smiles with his teeth that are barely growing in. 

“Papa!” Tony cheers and claps his hands.

Howard pauses, nothing could have prepared him for this moment. His heart is overflowing with love for this little spawn of his. 

He rushes forward and scoops Tony right up for a bear hug and lots of smooches on his face. 

Howard won’t admit to anyone that he cried profusely because right after, Tony just keeps babbling “Papa” to him while joyfully laughing and patting his father’s cheek. 

“You can’t make me!” Howard yells. 

“Sweetheart, it’s your company and they need you to be there,” Maria says to him, a tad annoyed. 

Maria has to physically drag Howard to the car (he keeps trying to hang onto edges of doorways, doorknobs, anything that will keep him in the house) 

Tony waves to Howard, cuddling into Jarvis’s arms. 

“Papa, bye bye!” 

“Tony, I’ll be home soon! Don’t forget me!” 

“For christ’s sake Howard, you’ll see him when you get home again.” And Maria closes the door on him. Howard smushes his face against the window and whines. 

Maria rolls her eyes a little and sends her husband a kiss before trotting over to Jarvis and Tony. 

She coos and smiles at her baby, who reciprocates back. 

“It’s Mama and Bambino day!” She chirps to her son, who waves his hands up and babbles happily in response. 

Jarvis shakes his head and just laughs a little. 

“What if something happens to him Maria?” Howard frets. “What if someone bullies him? Or what if he doesn’t eat enough for lunch? What if he doesn’t hydrate before recess?” 

“Honey, please. Tony will be fine. It’s only elementary school.” Maria just keeps walking and heads into the kitchen. Howard follows after her. 

“Kids are evil cretins, Maria. Except for my son.” 

“Howard, Tony can’t stay home forever. He needs to go outside and make friends.” 

“We can build robots! Tony can be our well-kept boy.” 

“I’m not even going to reply to that. Howard, Tony is going to school and that’s final.” She says as she packs Tony’s favorite spaghetti and meatballs (made by the magnificent where-would-we-be-without-him Jarvis) into a container. 

She puts some juice and cut fruit into the lunchbox (which has the period table on it, Tony insisted on it and used the puppy-dog eyes).

“Master Tony!” Jarvis calls, just as Tony runs into the kitchen and hugs Howard’s waist. 

“Papa, I’m so excited to go to school! I can’t wait to learn lotsa stuff and maybe make some friends,” Tony finishes off softer. 

Howard mentally face palms because how can he resist his son. He moves Tony’s arms off his waist and turns around to face Tony. 

“Anthony Edward Stark, you are my son but also one of the most amazing tiny people I know. Anyone is lucky to be your friend.” 

Tony puffs his cheeks at the ‘tiny’ part and rushes forward to give Howard another hug and a kiss on the cheek. Tony turns around and faces his mother with the universal ‘up now, hug me” arms. Maria picks up her son (who is growing way too fast) and peppers his face with her lipstick. 

Once put down, Tony walks over and holds Jarvis’s hand and looks up at his dearest butler. 

“School now?” 

“Of course, Master Tony. School now.” Jarvis’s eyes crinkle and smile along. 

Howard turns to place his face on Maria’s shoulder and wails about his son, Maria just places a kiss on his head and pats his back. 

Tony feels his cheeks heat up with nervousness. His hands feel a little clammy and his throat is shut tight. 

The teacher finishes her introduction and gently puts her hands on his shoulders with a small squeeze. 

“I-I’m Tony. Nice to meet everyone.” He mentally hits himself for that little stutter in the beginning, he practiced it in his head so much! 

The teacher shows him where his desk is and lets him wander off to his seat. 

Tony sees his desk partners and gives a small smile. There’s a short boy with blonde hair (like the color of molten gold, Tony thinks) and ocean blue eyes. Across from him is a brunette with the softest looking hair (that makes Tony’s fingers itch to touch) and pale eyes (like sleek titanium). 

Tony nervously sits in his seat and waits for the other two to introduce themselves. The butterflies in his stomach raise a storm. 

Before he knows it, the pretty blonde tries to talk to him but pukes on him instead and Tony just clams up. The brunette just stares for a long time and then gets some towels to clean Tony up. 

The other kids start screaming and yelling and it’s all static noise in his head because Tony is just a stone right now. 

A very confused and kind of scarred stone.

watching skyeward in the framework is just….the most frustrating thing because WE COULD HAVE HAD THIS we could have had this in real life if the writers weren’t so hellbent on fucking up grant ward’s character six ways to sunday

the way he hovered over her shoulder! the way she told him to stop mouth breathing on her! the way she grabbed him and then kissed him on the cheek as a cover to slip him that paper! the way she sacrificed herself so he could get the intel to simmons! the way he said he’d die for her!! 

this is the ship that i wanted and yeah, i guess it’s better late than never that we are getting it now even if it’s all fake, but it also feels like an epically cruel level of trolling from the writers, like, we could’ve made him this interesting from season 1 but we chose not to because we thought it would be a better story if he were a nazi and then an alien husk and then dead! but hey, look at what could have been, isn’t that fun? 

and maybe i’m missing something major but what the fuck was fitz’s biggest regret that he ended up madame hydra’s fuckboy and became a sociopath? how did that happen? how does not being with simmons erase all the good that was in him? it’s such a cheap trope that i hate, that a man is only good because a woman made him that way, that he becomes a monster wehen he loses the love of his life. no, leo fitz has always been good because that’s who he is - he didn’t need jemma for that. they made each other better by bringing out the best in what was already in the other. 

and maybe i’m still missing something major but may NOT killing a little girl leads to may becoming a stone cold nazi?? may showing humanity leads to may not having any humanity?? may not killing the girl and therefore NOT following orders leads to may blindly following any and all orders? what am i missing?? how does that logically make sense?? 

just fucking throw me in the framework so i can see what my life would’ve been like if i’d never watched this show. it’s not like i hate it, i mean, imma still watch it….it’s just so….frustrating sometimes because i think it could be so much better than it is! the female characters are fucking AMAZING and the action sequences are really really well done but man idk maybe i don’t pay close enough attention but sometimes it just does NOT make sense and i will be forever salty over its treatment of grant ward not because he was a hero but because he had so much potential to be a full on villain or an anti-hero or to have a redemption arc and they squandered all of that

but uh great work with framework phil he’s adorable can we keep him please

Amusement Park Date with Taehyung

Anonymous: Hello! ^_^ I was wondering if I could please request an amusement park date with Taehyung, like the movie night with Taehyung ask? That one was cute :“) I’m so soft for Tae lol Thank you!

This is so cute!!

Going to the amusement park for a date with Taehyung would include:

  • Getting cotton candy as soon as you set foot in the park
  • but also discovering churros
  • and then the gift shops
  • and soon you’re both decked out in the hottest Superman and Batman gear you could buy
  • “can we trade y/n I like batman better”
  • “no tae batman is mine”
  • you two would walk around the park holding hANDS AW
  • just like swinging your arms back and forth
  • tae would pull you in different directions to look at different performers 
  • and when it was time to pick a ride 
  • the two of you would stand there and stare up at the crazy ass ride and be like
  • “yes?”
  • “no. definitely no.”
  • but eventually you’d drag him on a ride that you ASSURED him wasn’t bad
  • but he almost cut off the circulation in your hand when the two of you went down the drop
  • screaming but laughing at the same time made him sound like a donkey and you loved it
  • “hOW COULD YOU DO THAT TO ME,” he’d cry and make you buy him ice cream ((would lowkey put a $20 in your pocket so he’s technically paying for it))
  • there would be a point where taehyung found the kid rides and dragged you
  • on
  • all
  • of
  • them
  • the swinging cow ride?
  • “we’re going y/n stop fighting me on this”
  • “it’s for 5 year olds taehyung, so I mean you can go on it if you want you’d fit right in honey” you’d say smugly
  • he would just stare at you
  • “that was a low blow” and pull you into the cart next to him despite your protests
  • when you got dizzy he would put his arm around your waist and pull you against him to steady you
  • but you’d end up just staying that way because he was nice and warm and you adored him
  • and he’d look down and kiss you on the nose making the both of you laugh
  • and if you really did end up getting scared on a ride or nervous in line he would talk to you and tell you something stupid Namjoon did the day before 
  • “Y/N, there’s nothing to worry about, I promise. You’re gonna be fine.”
  • And he’d be super duper proud of you for going on the ride you were scared of
  • but that sweetness would come tumbling down when he saw the picture the ride took of the two of you
  • he’d be laughing so hard at your face he couldn’t breathe
  • and you’d be doing the same because he had the weirdest look on his face
  • he’d totally end up buying two copies to keep forever it was worthy of another $20
  • he hated the characters that would walk the streets and try to talk to you and you’d just stand behind him as the characters harassed and chased after him
  • he would just yell as he ran in circles 
  • you’d be taking snapchat after snapchat and sending them ALL to the boys
  • at the end of the day when the sun was setting taehyung would get so romantic
  • “can we go on the ferris wheel? please??” 
  • and at the top like all the cliche movies he’d lean in and kiss you until you were about halfway down to the bottom
  • “what are you doing I wasn’t done yet” and you’d pull his face towards you to kiss him again
  • “rides over kids”
  • queue severe blushing from both you and tae when the conductor found the two of you wrapped up in each other
Wind Beneath My Wings

can you do one where y/n shawn are both singers and y/n sings at the one love Manchester tribute concert and shawn’s watching her perform, holding her in his arms while others perform and making her feel safe while she’s so nervous to sing with all of these big stars and get a message out there? That would be incredible! #spreadlove❤️

This whole tragedy cut me so deep I actually cried for two days. Girls younger then me and parents died at a place where someone was suppose to forget world problems and enjoy themselves for a few hours. I’m so proud of everyone coming together and spreading love! I pray those angels are flying high and are at peace. I was a little worried about doing this one because of how heartbreaking it is for some people, but I made sure to leave a beautiful message at the end, along with the song. I love you all so dearly. You Mendes Army saved my life ❤


‘Shawn, I can’t do this.’ I sighed, bouncing my legs up and down on the spot, looking out to the crowd to see over 50,000 people. They were all here in support and to spread love after recent events at Ariana Grande’s concert in Manchester, supporting the families affected and donating as much money as they could.

Ariana had asked artist from Black Eyed Peas, Miles Cyrus, Niall Horan and many others, including Shawn and I.

I for one had never performed to a big crowd like this before, which set my anxiety through the roof. I was shaking in nerves, since I was singing a cover of a well known song. Shawn had his arms wrapped around me, my back against his chest.

'I promise you’ll do amazing. You always do.’ I felt Shawn kiss the top of my head, trying to calm me down.

'Easy for you to say, you do this thing daily. Me, well - I’m just over here crapping myself.’

'Why?’ Shawn whispered in my ear. I watched Miley performing, sighing in my own thoughts.

'Because this is so important to people. I’m not as big as Miley, Niall, Coldplay or even you…I still don’t get why I was asked to do this.’ I admitted.

Shawn gripped me tighter, resting his chin on my shoulder. 'The reason why you’re hear is to spread a message of love to these beautiful people. You’re amazing, Y/N. I believe in you and the crowd will too.’ He kissed my cheek, making me smile a little.

'Okay, Y/N, are you ready?’ One of the stage manager’s asked, handing me a microphone.

I sighed, gripping onto it tightly. 'Yeah, I’m-I’m ready.’ I nodded, turning to face Shawn. 'You’ll be here watching me, right?’ I asked, hugging him.

'I’ll stay right here, babe. You’ll do amazing.’ He mumbled, pulling away from our hug to peck my lips.

I smiled, turning around as I walked onto the stage. The crowd screamed, making me chuckle a little of the volume. They were pumped, they were ready for more love.

'Hello Manchester!’ I cheered into the microphone, waving at the crowd. 'You all look absolutely beautiful tonight. I couldn’t be more honoured to be here and perform for you all.’ I licked my bottom lip, glancing quickly at Shawn, who stood there looking at me with a proud smile. 'I’m gonna take it down a little bit with this next song. It’s very close to my heart and many others. It’s dedicated to all of you across the world, near and far, keep spreading the love.’

The music started, making me close my eyes and sigh.

“Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh.
It must have been cold there in my shadow,
to never have sunlight on your face.
You were content to let me shine, that’s your way.
You always walked a step behind.”

“So I was the one with all the glory,
while you were the one with all the strength.
A beautiful face without a name for so long.
A beautiful smile to hide the pain.”

“Did you ever know that you’re my hero,
and everything I would like to be?
I can fly higher than an eagle,
'cause you are the wind beneath my wings.”

“It might have appeared to go unnoticed,
but I’ve got it all here in my heart.
I want you to know I know the truth, of course I know it.
I would be nothing without you.”

“Did you ever know that you’re my hero?
You’re everything I wish I could be.
I could fly higher than an eagle,
'cause you are the wind beneath my wings.”

“Did I ever tell you you’re my hero?
You’re everything, everything I wish I could be.
Oh, and I, I could fly higher than an eagle,
'cause you are the wind beneath my wings,
'cause you are the wind beneath my wings.”

“Oh, the wind beneath my wings.
You, you, you, you are the wind beneath my wings.
Fly, fly, fly away. You let me fly so high.
Oh, you, you, you, the wind beneath my wings.
Oh, you, you, you, the wind beneath my wings.”

“Fly, fly, fly high against the sky,
so high I almost touch the sky.
Thank you, thank you,
thank God for you, the wind beneath my wings.”

As I sung the last note a hand flew to my mouth, feeling tears trickle down my face. The crowd cheered louder, clapping and screaming as took a deep breathe, letting out a tearful chuckle and nodding my head to the crowd, appreciating them.

'Thank you Manchester, you’ve been absolutely beautiful tonight. Thank you.’ I sniffled, a bright smile on my face as I walked off of the stage, seeing a few others with tears in their eyes.

I caught sight of Shawn, who quickly wiped his eyes with the back of his hand whilst he engulfed me into a hug. 'I’m so god damn proud of you, Y/N. I love you so much.’ He mumbled into my ear, kissing my temple.

'I couldn’t have done it without you.’ I whispered back, cuddling into him.

He pulled away, wiping my own tears from my face, making me grin at him.

He turned me around so he could wrap his arms around me and rest his head on my shoulder. 'Can you please stay in my arms so I can keep you safe forever?’ He whispered in my ear as we watched Ariana perform.

I turned my head to look at him, pecking his forehead. 'I’m happy to accept that.’ I smiled, placing my hands over his that rested on my stomach.

Here in this moment I wanted to cherish forever. Shawn was still travelling Europe for his tour, which worried me a little after the event, but we can’t live in fear and Shawn has taught me that. Music is something that brings people together, I mean - that’s what brought Shawn and I together. I never would’ve fell in love with him if it wasn’t for music and I’m so grateful to have him in my life.

I hope the people of Manchester can stand together in this sad time. Even though some days are darker then others, there’s always light to welcome us home through it.

I’m Here

Prompt: Jin comforts you after you have a nightmare about him leaving

Genre: angst, fluff

Word Count: 1367

He was packing, or rather, had finished packing, and the home you used to share now seemed to be left bare. Little trinkets and Mario toys were taken away and placed carefully in a suitcase, leaving behind spots on surfaces where dust couldn’t reside before. Clothes you had forgotten were his because of how often you’d wear them were gone, leaving a bigger hole than you thought they could. Not that you ever imagined this to happen in the first place.

Seokjin, why?

“I really wish we could, but everything is just so busy and I don’t feel like it’s right for you to have to wait so long to see me for such a short period of time before I need to leave again.”

You tried to protest. That was just a given for you to be with him, and the two of you already had plenty of conversations about the issues that arose with his work, but everything was resolved with reassurance and quality time whenever he was able to be with you. You were ok. He knows that!

The protest bubbled in your chest and you opened your mouth to speak, but nothing was spoken into the air. No words were formed.

Why can’t I speak?! I need to tell him!

“I wish we could be together forever.”

We can!

“The plans we made for our future…”

Seokjin! Stop, please!

“Right now, nothing is working. I don’t think I can keep the promises I made to you. You shouldn’t hold yourself back from life because of me.”

No! We talked about this!

“And I know how persistent you can be when you set your mind on something, and it’s really admirable…but because of that, you wouldn’t let yourself live as happily as I want you to-”

I am happy! Who told you this?!

“-so I’ll do it…For both of us, I think it would be better if we weren’t together anymore because of my job and how it affects your life. I just want you to be happy. I would hug you and kiss you, but I’m afraid that if I do, I’ll never be able to let go, so…the best I can do is this.”

You began crying as he solemnly brought his hand to his lips and sent a kiss to you by mournfully extending his arm back toward you. You tried to grab his hand and beg him to stay, to listen to you, but he was just out of your reach.

You could only watch the tears fall from his eyes.

He turned.

You yelled.

He left.

You cried and screamed his name, trying desperately to run after him, to find him, but everything was dark and you were confused and terrified and it felt like ropes were wrapping themselves securely around your torso to keep you from moving forward, to keep you from him.

You fought them with all your strength, but they were too strong. You could only sob, words too broken to be understood.

The sound of Seokjin’s voice calling your name further crushed the shattered pieces of your heart into dust. Your body was shaking violently and you couldn’t breathe. Hot pressure was crushing your chest and your name continued to be called.

“Please wake up!”

You jolted, eyes snapping open and frantically tried to get rid of the ropes tying you down. It took a few moments for you to realize that there weren’t any ropes. Only Seokjin holding you upright, securely in his arms. The violent shaking was him trying to rouse you as gently as possible and the burning, suffocating pressure was him pressing your body against his chest. The fresh, clean scent that belonged uniquely to him filled your nose. The smell of safety brought relief, flooding your senses to fight off panic, and all you could do was curl your fists into his shirt and continue to cry as he rocked you back and forth, rubbing circles into your back, murmuring words of comfort and pressing kisses to the crown of your head.

“It’s ok. You’re ok, it was only a dream. Everything’s ok. I’m here, it’s ok, I’m here. Just hold onto me and breathe. Can you do that for me? Breathe in-”

You sucked in a stuttering breath of air.

“And out…”

The air left too quickly and your lungs returned to the panicked hyperventilation for a moment until Seokjin’s voice brought you back.

“That’s ok, you’re ok. Try again, come on. In…and out. Good, good job. You’re doing so well. Again, c’mon,” he urged gently.

After a minute or so, your breathing and heart rate had calmed down, but you were still shuddering. Seokjin held onto you in the dark, the silence broken only by your deep breaths as you clung to him.

He was so warm and comforting.

He softly rubbed his hands over your arms, lightly massaging the muscles sore from shivering and tensing. “Are you feeling better?”

You wordlessly nodded and nestled further into him. He protectively rested his head on yours and sat there in silence, allowing you to simply feel his breath and listen to his heartbeat until you were comfortable with talking.

“Y-you…you left m-me,” you finally managed to explain, bursting into tears again.

Seokjin wordlessly held you tight and rocked you again, waiting patiently for you to regain composure so as to not rush you and stress you out. When you calmed down, he asked why he left.

“Because of being an i-idol, and I know, I know that both of us have talked about t-this and we’re ok, but that’s why I was so con-confused and scared. I thought I did something wrong and I c-couldn’t say anything and you’re ok, right? Y-you’re ok about us?”

Seokjin pulled back from the hug a little to look you in the eye. He cupped you face in his hands and brushed away stray tears still lingering on your cheeks. “Yes. I have no doubt that I want to stay with you for a very long time. Forever, even. I do feel bad more often than I would like to admit because of the way you have to live because of me, but the reassurance that you’re ok and that you love me with all your heart regardless of how late I get home or wherever in the world I may be…How can I not love you? It was just a bad dream. I would never just walk out on you based off of such a weak excuse like that. I love you. I love you so much and I don’t want to leave you and the fact that you don’t want to leave me makes me love you so much more. Please don’t have that dream again, but if that Seokjin comes back, if he says that crap again, just laugh at him. Look him dead in the eye and laugh at him and his stupidity.”

You giggled.

“Hey, what does a dog say when it sees a wall?”

“Seokjin, I swear to God-”

“Wol wol!!” He began laughing.

“That’s not even a new joke! You’ve already said this!”

“Isn’t it funny?”

“No!” You squirmed out of his hold and lay back down, turning your back to him. “I’m going back to sleep.”

“What color is a hamburger?”

“Burgundy! Go to bed, I don’t wanna talk to you anymore!”

He lay down next to you, wrapping his arms around your torso and squishing your body to back into his chest. You protested and tried to wriggle away, but he wouldn’t let you. Your kicking only tangled the two of you further into the sheets.

You stopped fighting him when he kissed the back of your neck softly, solemnly.

“I love hearing you smile.”

“That doesn’t make any sense.”

“Yes it does. You can hear it in someone’s voice when they smile. I love hearing your smile. It makes me happy too.”

You turned around and looked up at him. “Thank you, Seokjin.”

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

He pressed a kiss to your lips and held you close, playing with your hair until you fell sound asleep in his arms.

Cassian cutting Nesta's hair


- Nesta learning that if you run your fingers through short curly hair it separates and doubles in size.
- Cass finding out and thinking it’s hilarious, but also the most adorable thing in the world. “Can we please keep your hair short forever? I am in love with this.”
- Nesta being slow to agree as if she wasn’t already thinking the same thing.
- Nesta working up the nerve one night as he’s quietly trimming her hair to ask him to cut it off into a pixie.
- He’s a little confused at first by the term.
- Except he’s totally messing with her because let’s be real, he knows everything there is to know about hair.
- “Don’t tease me. I’m already nervous, Cass.”
“How short do you want it?”
She blushes before looking at him in the mirror. “…Short.”
Cassian giving her a warm smile and kissing her cheek. “Whatever you want, sweetheart.”
- Before cutting the first big chunk, going past the point of no return, he asks her if she’s sure. She grins as she feels the cold scissors so close to her scalp, cutting and making her feel lighter with each snip.
- Occasionally Cass looks down to see her beaming and he can’t help but kiss her.
- She’s watching in the mirror and he makes sure to ask if it’s okay every time he wants to take it a bit shorter in an area.
- “Is this okay? Not too short?” She nods and smiles, “Could we go shorter?”
- Cass doing a bang-up job.
- Nesta particularly loves the slightly ticklish feeling when he shaves the back of her neck.
- He blows off the shaved hairs instead of brushing them off to see how she reacts. This leads to him leaving a trail of hickeys that she’s no longer able to hide.
- Nesta wonders how he knows how to cut short hair so well and Cass is just like “You didn’t think Rhys’s hair got the way it is by magic did you?” (Az won’t let him go near his hair as he was the guinea pig when Rhys’s mother was teaching Cassian how to cut hair)
- She asks him if he likes it. He doesn’t like it, he says, he loves it. It’s so soft and he loves that she’s so excited about it.
- Cassian​ loving the confidence Nesta exudes and the fact that her long, graceful neck is always on display now. He almost passes out when she wears a backless dress the next day.
- He sees her fully exposed back and comes up behind her while she’s putting earrings on, he puts his hands on her hips and nuzzles her neck and says in a deep gruff voice “I really, really like this new haircut, sweetheart.”
-He rubs his face in her soft hair, inhaling her scent and becoming utterly intoxicated. “Well you’d better like it. You did it.”
- She reaches back and tangles her own fingers in the curls at the nape of his neck to hold him closer before turning her head around to kiss him softly. “You have to be available for monthly appointments to trim it for me and keep it at this length now.” He just smiles against her lips. “I’m forever at your service, Nesta Archeron.”
- And he does. Every month, without fail. He loves that he gets to plant kisses on her neck and shoulders whenever, wherever. Every time he finishes trimming, he plants a kiss behind her ear and grazes the tip of it with his teeth. “Finished,” he whispers, his breath hot on her exposed skin.
- He cannot believe how soft her hair feels when her head rests against his inner thigh, quite possibly the greatest feeling in the world.

In The Forest

depressed after his boyfriend’s Bill’s defeat, Dipper finds a statue in the woods that looks awfully familiar.

(fun fact: This idea was the reason I started writing drabbles)


Dipper walked through the woods of Gravity Falls. It was nice to be back again. Everything was the same as he remembered. Still, everything felt empty, like something was missing. It wasn’t a mystery as to what was missing of course.


The summer before they’d gotten rid of Bill Cipher, defeated him as Ford says. Dipper was the only one against the idea. He knew if they just let him talk to Bill he could make things better. They refused, literally locking him away until it was all over.

They said it was to keep him safe but he knew it was to keep him from interfering. His relationship with his family hasn’t been the same since. They have yet to make up for what they did or make him understand. He is held together with tape, in one piece but the cracks will always show.

“Dipper, where’d you go?”

Mabel’s voice was heard nearby. Dipper changed direction to get farther away. He wants to explore alone. Stan and Ford wouldn’t let him so he had to take Mabel with him. He’s not sure why. Is there something they don’t want him to find? Dipper took Mabel with him then quickly lost her on purpose. He will only let her find him when he is ready.

Now he’s on an unfamiliar path. He explores it. Mabel’s calls get farther away. Soon he arrives in a new clearing. He stops and stares. There’s a statue of a triangle. It has a top hat and a bow tie and it’s arm out stretched. It can’t be… is it? Dipper approached it. He dropped to his knees and hugged it.

“Bill… what did they do to you? I’m so sorry.”

Dipper glanced up at the hand outstretched. He looked at it for a moment. It was reaching out like asking someone to… Dipper let go of the statue and stood. He looked at the hand a second longer then reached out and took it.

Nothing happened at first. Then Dipper felt the whole statue shake a little then the cracks appeared. They started at the hand then moved down the arm and throughout the statue. Gold lights shined through the cracks.

It got brighter and brighter and the statue started vibrating. Dipper was forced to let go as the hand crumbled. The statue exploded with a noise Dipper was sure was loud enough to tip off Mabel. He was forced to move back and shield his eyes but did not fall.

Coughing was heard and after the smoke had cleared Dipper got a look at what was there. Where the statue had been was a blond man in semi-formal clothing including a small top hat that floated about three inches over his head and a shiny gold bow tie. He coughed a bit more then hit his fist to his chest once.

“God, lungs are awful.”

That voice. It was a little different, it wasn’t as high pitched or nasally and the echoey effect was gone so it was easier on the ears but it was still unmistakably Bill’s. Dipper stared, frozen. Bill, it had to be Bill it just had to be, looked at Dipper. He grinned showing of teeth that were a little sharp to be human’s.

“What’s wrong pine tree, it looks like you’ve seen a ghost?”

Dipper tackled him. If Bill hadn’t already been on the ground the force of Dipper’s tackle would have put him there. Only by bracing both hands behind him on the ground did he manage to stay sitting up.

Dipper threw his arms around Bill from where he’d situated himself straddling the demon’s lap and hugged him. Bill laughed and now that he wasn’t in danger of being knocked over put one arm around Dipper in an attempt to hug back.

“I’m guessing you missed me then, kid?”

“You have no fucking idea.”

“Ah I missed you too.”

Dipper sniffed and Bill sensed the impending tears.

“Oh kid, don’t cry.”

“I- I’m s-sorry. I just. It’s been hell without you. At least I think it has. Everything’s been so dulled. I’m- I was just s-so numb. Everything felt so empty without you.”

“Pine tree, look at me.”

Dipper did despite the fact there were tears flowing down his face. He looked in to Bill’s eyes. One was blue like his magic fire and the other gold like his triangular form. Bill moved the hand that wasn’t supporting him up to Dipper’s cheek then up behind his head to thread through Dipper’s hair. He pulled Dipper to his lips and kissed him like he’s wanted to for years. Dipper melted immediately and kissed back. They parted reluctantly.

“I’m never going to leave you again, alright? You don’t have to worry or miss me ever again because this time I’m always going to be there.”

Dipper smiled.

“Thank you, Bill.”

“Of course, pine tree.”

“Hey Bill, why do you look human?”

“It was part of the deal.”

“What deal?”

“The deal we made to get me out of that statue. Did you think shaking my hand would do nothing?”

Dipper blinked, he was kind of comfortably cuddled up to Bill and seemed unconcerned.

“Oh. I was kind of acting without thinking. What are the terms of the deal?”

Bill laughed like he found Dipper’s impulse endearing.

“Well kid since I like you so much I’ll tell ya. You gave me some energy so I could get out of that statue which is what I wanted. You on the other hand wanted me to be back and be with you forever. You also seemed really interested in getting me this body.”

“I was?”

“You wanted me to be in a form you could make out with.”


Dipper blushed.

“So, I fulfilled your requests. You now have me in a body you can make out with, and I really do expect you to since I went through all this trouble to tailor it to what you find attractive, and we’re bonded.”

“What do you mean bonded?”

“We’re magically connected. We share energy, you technically belong to me but I also technically belong to you, and if one of us goes we both go which I believe will have your uncles singing a different tune about killing me. You can probably do a little magic now too. That’s basic bonding so, yes, we will be together forever.”

Dipper smiled and kissed Bill again. Bill was more than pleased with this and kissed back.

“I love you Bill.”

“I love you too pine tree.”

Mabel watched from the edge of the clearing unseen. She was sent with Dipper to avoid him finding the statue. They all knew he had a weird attachment to Bill and they were trying to keep him from doing something stupid like letting Bill out.

Well, now Bill’s been let out. She had always puzzled at Dipper’s obsession with Bill. She had thought their relationship had been bad because Dipper had started acting weird but now… Mabel thinks she may have been the blind one not her brother.

Maybe he wasn’t acting weird because Bill was tricking him maybe he’d been acting different because he was in love. That explanation made a lot of things fall into place. It explains Dipper’s distance.

Mabel sure wouldn’t trust or want to be close to the people who killed someone she was in love with. Dipper looked so happy with Bill, happier than she’s seen him in a year. Maybe this won’t be so bad. After watching the boys cuddle, hug, and kiss for a few more minutes Mabel backed up and went back to the shack by herself.

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So for alittlelost does obi wan take up anakin's offer of a poly relationship? How does he react to Palpatine being the sith master? Love your prompts

Caressing the elegant hand in his, Obi-Wan hummed. “Your hands are really lovely.” He settled on and gave Padme a soft smile. “But back to the original subject, are you sure about this, he is your husband after all.” He tilted his head.

Padme laughed quietly. “I knew he loved you before I married him, it was obvious even back then. The only thing I want from him, from both of you really, is openness if we do this. That we can all talk about this as sensible adults. Be honest.” She squeezed his hands.

Obi-Wan hummed at that, biting his lips. “I’m still not sure… I mean I… I know I care for him at least. I know I even love him but I don’t know if I’m IN love with him.” He sighed, letting her have his hands.

Running her thumb over the back of the Jedi’s hand, Padme nodded. “I get that. You need time. You’re allowed that. And you’re allowed to say no.”

Peering at Padme, Obi-Wan hummed. “…I can see why he loves you. Why he’s willing to risk so much.” He grinned a bit as Padme blushed. “I can’t imagine loving you like that though, I mean not for my own sake right now but… then again, I might have changed when I got older.” He mused.

Snorting a bit Padme smirked wryly at him. “What a compliment.”

“You know what I mean.” Obi-Wan laughed quietly. “I’m still not sure about doing it for Anakin and he’s a Jedi at least. You’re Force sensitive but not trained.”

She blinked at that. “Does…that change something?”

Obi-Wan shrugged. “For some of us. There’s an extra level of communication you can go through the Force, a sensation, a… well a double layer. Its kind of like lekku speech honestly. Or species that communicate through hormone odors.”

Staring at him for a long moment, Padme finally nodded. “Does…Anakin communicate like that?”

“Yes but I think with him its different, he doesn’t need that with you. I’m raised on it, that makes a difference. He’s not.” Obi-Wan shrugged. “For me its an unconscious action, to reach out to someone and ask for company in the Force. For him it seems an afterthought when someone approaches him.”

Relaxing slowly, Padme gave a nod of understanding, smiling.

They sat together in comfortable silence for a while, Padme still running her thumbs over the back of Obi-Wan’s hands, humming quietly.

“So…what do you intend to do now?” She questioned with care, holding his gaze. “Now that you’ve talked to me.”

“I still don’t know. I find him handsome of course but…I also understand that the level of attachment he requires can be… dangerous.” Obi-Wan gnawed on his cupid curved lips. “I am attracted to him though.”

“I can’t tell you how to live your life Obi-Wan.” The senator murmured. “But I will tell you that you’re welcome in my life if you want to join Anakin. And I hope we can always be friends.” She smiled.

That got a small laugh out of the Jedi and Obi-Wan pulled his hands out of hers to wrap her in a tight hug. “My friendship is yours, forever Senator Amidala.”

“Please, Padme.” She giggled, wrapping him in an equally tight hug.

“Only if you call me Obi-Wan.” The redhead grinned.


“I regret to inform that your deaged master has been seen coming from the Senator district… visiting Padme Amidala.” Palpatine stapled his fingers together.

Anakin struggled to keep his emotions off his face and only blinked at the man, wondering if he was honestly implying…

As the conversation continued onward, Anakin concluded that yes, the chancellor did want him to think that Obi-Wan and Padme were having an affair of all things. ‘Why? First he poisons Obi-Wan and then he wants me to… he wants me jealous? For what purpose?’ Frowning at the man, getting to his feet he bowed to the man and headed out, his frown growing deeper. ‘…I need to speak to Obi-Wan, this is getting out of hand.’

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hanzo and mccree headcanons for how they would handle a secret relationship? completely in love with your blog! :)


  • He asks for it to be a secret
    • being a hunted man he didn’t want to put you in danger
  • He’s a lot better at hiding it than you
    • Being trained to be sneaky
  • You’re just a normal person
    • Everyone around you figuring out that you’re in a relationship
    • But you did manage to hide that it was a literal archer assassin that you were dating
  • Dates are at home
    • Hanzo sneaking through your window
    • Usually just a meal and cuddles
  • You would be the first to break
    • Wanting to be a bit more open about dating
    • He would honestly be fine hiding it for the rest of his life


  • You were a Talon agent he met while roaming around
    • Reaching an uneasy truce while you were on a mission
    • Both of you wanting the same thing
    • Afterwards, he asks for you number
      • Seeing something interesting inside of you
  • You have to keep it a secret from Talon
    • And when McCree goes back to Overwatch he needs to keep it a secret from them
  • You were the better at hiding it
    • Sombra being the only one who found the slightest evidence
    • But not nearly enough to blackmail you with
    • You can’t even imagine what Reaper would say
  • Everyone at Overwatch figured McCree was dating someone
    • He would just get this wistful look on his face
    • He was just so in love it was obvious
  • He’s the one to break first
    • Asking you to come to Overwatch with him
    • “We can protect you, please I wanna be with you forever.”
Till You Come Back Home|| Shawn Mendes

**Based on the song up I Don’t Wanna Live Forever by Zayn** ~I just wanna keep calling your name…till you come back home~ Shawn was my best friend. But the thing was…I hadn’t seen him in at least a year..and when he last left he kissed me. We never talked about the kiss. Hell we didn’t even talk. I haven’t heard from him since that kiss. I know he’s been busy but…I just wanted to hear his voice or something. Me and his family were still pretty close. I helped his sister with her school work every week and hung out with her sometimes because she didn’t have a lot of close friends. … Me and Aaliyah were sitting in her room working on her homework. “Can we please take a break this is annoying” she sighs. “Yea” I say. She smiles and outs on some music. I Don’t Wanna Live Forever comes on and we both start singing to it. “I just wanna keep calling your name till you come back home” I sing. I was thinking about Shawn the whole time I was singing that. “Hey sis” I hear the door open. I look over at the same time as Aaliyah. My body froze. There he stood. Shawn Mendes. She got up and ran to her brother and hugged him. She hated not seeing her brother. He hugged her tight. I packed up my things. “I better get going A, text me if ya need anything” I say putting my bag on my shoulder. “You can’t leave…Shawn just got here…you guys are bestfriends!!” she says. I look down at the floor. “Bestfriends talk to each other…” I sigh. “What. Shawn you said you talked to her the other day. You lied to me” she says. “He hasn’t talked to me in a year…it’s fine. I really gotta go.” I say. I get past them both but not until I feel a familiar hand grab my wrist firmly. I look at Shawn. Tears threatened my eyes. “Y/N please…” Shawn says. I shake my head. I get out of his grip and go home. I sat on my bed and stared outside. My phone buzzing every couple of seconds with messages from Shawn. Why did he want to throw our friendship away…not that I wanted to be just his friend. I heard my door open and close. I look over and see Shawn standing against my door. “Go away” I say. “Please…let me talk to you” he says. “Why now. Why not months ago. Why not the day after you left…why now.“I say. He stayed quiet. I got up and started pacing. "Well talk. I’m not in the mood.” I say. I felt his hand grab my wrist and pull me into him. He was warm and his hug comforting…but i was beyond mad at him. Next thing I knew his lips were on mine. I pull away after a minute. “No. No you don’t get to kiss me. The last time you did you left for a year and never talked to me….not even once” I start to cry. “You left me…you left me thinking I wasn’t good enough…you left me thinking you weren’t ever coming back…you left me…” I cried punching his firm muscular chest. I looked up at him and his eyes were glassy and puffy. “Why!” I cry. I punched his chest a few more times and I became weak. Shawn held me up in his arms. My head laid against his chest. His breathing was unsteady. “I never meant to hurt you. I love you. I didn’t just want to leave after kissing you…maybe no contact would make it easier to forget how much I would miss you. But it made it worst. I fell so hard for you Y/N and I was scared of leaving you. I feel like shit. I don’t want to hurt you” Shawn says. His voice becoming week. “You don’t understand how much I love you…you are my everything” he sighs. My crying steadied. I looked up at him. He had years dripping down his face. He looked at me and wiped my tears with his thumb. “I hate seeing you cry. And to think I was the one who caused it…” he sighs and closes his eyes. I suddenly didn’t feel so mad at him. He never really ever cried. He hated showing emotion and to see him showing it now. I sighed. My fingertips touched and walked lightly across his jawline. “I don’t want you to leave me…to leave me wondering like that ever again…you are to special to me…I love y-” his lips touch mine cutting me off. His kiss was passionate and hungry. His lips let go of mine. I pouted when they left. “I love you…will you be my girlfriend” he smiles. I smile and nod. He kisses me again. I hug him tightly. “I’ve missed you so much you have no idea"he says. I smile up at him. "I’ve missed you too” I say. “I’m glad I came home…” he sighs happily. I was too.

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Oh, I Can Wait

Dean x Castiel

Warnings: language, sexual language, touching/teasing (sexual).

Author’s Note: Tags below the cut. There may or may not be a Part 2 (since I’m really bad about actually writing them. Hahaha.)

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Dean sat across the small living room from Castiel, talking to the mother of the latest victim. He was sporting his new FBI suit, which Cas had to admit, was a tad small. But, Cas wouldn’t dare say anything. Oh, no

Cas smiled as his eyes traveled up Dean’s muscular legs, admiring how the shiny black fabric tugged around his thighs. Cas’ gaze slid upwards, to Dean’s perfectly toned ass. His muscles along his perfect curves flexed as he shifted his weight, making Cas practically drool.

“Thank you for your time, Mrs. Cooke. Let us know if anything else comes to mind.” Dean smiled as he handed the woman his card. He nodded before making his way over to Cas. “Let’s go, agent.” Dean’s hand scooped under Cas’ arm, forcing him to stand before quickly escorting him out the door.

Once they were both in the car, Dean let out a deep sigh. His shoved his keys into the ignition, but didn’t turn it. He smirked as he stared over at the angel beside him. 

“Don’t think I didn’t catch you checking out my ass,” Dean growled as he reached over, gripping Cas’ thigh. His hand slowly glided up the soft fabric of Cas’ suit. “You dig the new look.”

Cas swallowed hard as he stared forward, out towards the road ahead. “Your new suit has a… different fit.” Cas’ voice cracked as he turned towards the hunter. 

“Oh? And do you approve of this new look?” Dean cooed as his hands snaked further upward, nearing the bulge that pressed against his zipper. “I’ll take that as a ‘yes’.”

Cas moaned as Dean’s palm smoothed over his throbbing cock. “Dean.” Cas’ voice was half warning, half begging as his back arched against the seat.

“Unfortunately,” Dean pulled his hand away, placing it onto the steering wheel. Cas groaned at the loss of contact. “We have a date at the morgue before we can head back to the motel. We need to talk with the coroner.” Dean’s mouth curled into a devilish grin as he stared forward at the road. “You think you can wait?”

Cas’ breath hitched as he imagined Dean slowly stripping out of that suit, just for him. He bit his lip as he turned to Dean. “Oh, I can wait.”

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Loki: Skadi, look at these trees! Look at this plant! Look at it aaallll!!

Skadi: Why did you drag me along…

Loki: Because you need to get out of the snow every once in a while and explore new places. Besides, the wildlife is incredible.

Skadi: Good, I need something to impale.


Skadi: ….*looks over his shoulder*

Loki: What?

Skadi: Look…*points to a ball of blue light under a bush*

Loki: Oooh! What’s this??

*A small fox made of energy walks out onto the path*

Fox: Hello, I’m Raiju.

Loki: Awwww!! *Scoops him up* Skadi it’s so cute, can we keep it??

Skadi: Loki, don’t go picking up–

Raiju: I like to sleep in people’s belly buttons!

Loki: So do I– wait, what??

Raiju: Then I burst out of them! My favorite part is when all the soft things fall out and they make those twitchy movements from the volts of electricity frying their insides!

Loki: ……*sets Raiju down and slowly backs away* Okay Skadi, grab your stuff. That’s enough Japan for today.


Park Jimin
“Now. Always. Forever.” 
Word Count: 1,879
Genre: Fluff
I actually was unsure where i was going with this one hahahah

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It wasn’t fair. It was an one sided love that you didn’t want anything to do with anymore. He wasn’t going to like you back. He was incapable of loving you the same way. Park Jimin was the ultimate school flirt and you were the fool who fell for him. You were one of his puppets that he played with.

There was always a line for him or a crowd of girls wanting to be noticed by the Park Jimin. The two things that separated you from those girls were that Jimin always approached you first and your despicable call names.

He addressed every other girl as baby or babe. You, on the other hand, was addressed as princess or babygirl. Besides those two distinctions, you were treated just like the rest. He’d get the girls all flustered by running his hands through his hair – his signature move. If you were one of his noted companions he messes with, he’d randomly grab your hand in the halls or kiss your cheek when he passed.

You hated everything he did because of how it made you feel. Every time he’d smirk up at you, a light tint of pink would cover your cheeks immediately. When he would hold your hand, you were sure he felt the fast-paced tempo of your heartbeat. You were positive he heard the butterflies fluttering whenever he hugged you tightly.

However, those feelings would eventually get shattered by the reality that he’d never like you back; that was the part you hated the most.

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