can we keep him forever please

The squad finding out you’re dating Fin would involve:

  • I think Fin would keep the relationship to himself, but if anybody ever asked or accused him of dating you, he wouldn’t try to deny it
  • “You’re dating Y/N!” “Yeah. So what?”
  • And that could be a little frustrating if you wanted to keep the relationship on the downlow. He just doesn’t see any reason to hide
  • So once one person knows about it, it’ll spread through the squad like wildfire. You’ll walk into the precinct and get a knowing smile from Rollins. A few teasing words from Munch
  • And scolding Fin wouldn’t do a damn thing. He wasn’t looking to keep it a secret forever
  • “So that’s why Fin is so nice to you?” “Can we please drop this?”
  • “What is dating Fin even like? I just can’t imagine him in a relationship…” “I said drop it.”
  • Sooner or later, the shock of finding out the secret would die down. But every now and again, when you and Fin are more open about the relationship, you’ll get a few surprised looks

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What Would You Say? ~Tyler Joseph Imagine~

Hello humans! I’ve been binge listening to Twenty One Pilots (Erin, they’re your favorite band, you’ve been “binge” listening to them for 2 years.) and I decided to write my first Tyler Joseph imagine! Woohoo!

*Not My Gif*

“If you don’t tell him, I will.” Josh threatened with a huge grin on his face.
“Joshua, if you tell him we will no longer be friends.” She retaliated.
Josh crossed his arm and stared at her with the “I call your bluff” look.
Y/N tried to keep a straight face and stand her ground, but her and Josh both knew she wasn’t serious.
“Fine, but please don’t tell him…I’m begging you.”
“You can’t keep this a secret forever.”
“Oh, believe me, I’m very capable of not saying a word for the rest of my life.”
Josh threw his hands up in frustration.
“But…but YOU HAVE TO! What if he likes you back?” He ranted as if he were a little kid.
“HA! I didn’t know you were so funny, Josh!” She replied sarcastically.
“I’m serious! You’ll never know until you try.”
“And what if he doesn’t? Then I just threw our friendship right down the drain.”
Josh leaned back in his chair and threw his head back in frustration. His eyes scanned the room before his lips curved into a small smile. He leaned up and grabbed her
wrists frantically.
“Okay, I know something that may help…If you ever had the nerve to tell Tyler EXACTLY how you felt, what would you say?” Josh asked with a serious stare.
“Josh..” She started to object.
“Just please…this will help, I promise.” He interrupted.
Y/N bit her lip and took a deep breath.
“I would tell Tyler that…I’m in love with him and I really always have been. I would tell him that he’s helped me through so much and we’ve related on so many things. I’d
tell him that every time we stay up late talking about life and everything, I fall a little more in love with him. His voice is like velvet and I…oh gosh I hope he feels the same
way…” Y/N started trailing off.
Josh’s face lit up like a little kid on Christmas.
“Is that true?” Tyler’s voice chimed in from behind her.
Her heart sank to her stomach and her cheeks grew ruby red.
“Josh…I’m going to hit you now.” She whispered without moving a muscle.
“No, you’re not.” He shook his head with a huge grin.
She slowly turned around and saw Tyler standing behind her.
“Yes..” She muttered.
Josh stood up slowly and left the room so they could talk.
“Y/N…” He started to speak.
“Look, I know you probably don’t feel the same, but I don’t want this to affect our friendship, Ty..” She spoke as she prepared herself for heartbreak…a feeling she knew
all too well.
“I was actually going to say that I felt the same way..” He spoke softly.
She was taken back by his words. She thought she had heard him wrong.
“Really?” She whispered.
A small, bashful smile appeared on his face. He walked up to her and put his hands on her cheeks softly.
“Yes.” He whispered back.
Her stomach fluttered and she felt her knees go weak. He leaned in and closed the space between their lips. There lips connected like puzzle pieces and glided smoothly.
After years of dreaming and wishing, her wish had finally come true. She was finally kissing the guy she was head over heels for.

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Take a second and imagine Jannah. A place beyond the good things of this world. Everything perfect. No stress. No drama. Perfect happiness! Now think about the last time you chose this duniya instead of doing the right thing. Was it really worth it? Is it worth losing Jannah for what will one day feel like a few seconds in this prison that none of us can escape before our time? 

Jannah is ours by default, we are all born pure! Allah created such a beautiful place for us. There is a place in Jannah just for YOU! It is yours as promised by Allah! But, you have a choice. If you forget the reality, you could easily sell your Jannah and trade it for something that will leave you in regret forever. Make the right choice and keep your Jannah in mind.

May Allah give us the strength to act in a way that pleases Him, so that on that day, none of us will feel the regret of selling our Jannah in return for such a limited duniya.



This whole exchange was wonderful. To tell a fear-filled man he fears a fearless man was so close to the bone and risky, but he does it with such evenness and equality. It was clever and both men were so funny, which… who could expect that in such a conversation? 

I want to keep this guy. I love him. 

Please, can we keep Duffy and Ben Harding forever?

Oh, forgot to say… I LOVE that Dylan repeated almost everything verbatim to Ben Chiltern, with relish. The same words but filled out this time with appreciation. That has got to be healthy. 

Seth Green as Leo

I know i already made one of these. But im making another one. Why? Because in the two…(Three?)) episodes that we got yesterday, Seth Green has been wonderful. Like now i can hardly tell the difference.

Im probably the odd one in the fandom But Seth Green makes the best Leo, hands down. 

One minute he can sound so damn badass, then the next, he can go all fanboy on us. Like seriously dudes…I cannot get over this!

If you really listen closely, he sounds kinda close to that Dominic guy we had, I think he changed his voice slightly, trying to make it sound more like his previous voices that he had, or making it sound close to them at least. Which if thats the case…..I LOVE HIM EVEN MORE!!! PLEASE KEEP SETH FOREVER AT LEO! HE EARNED IT! :)