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The Bookstore

Square Filled- Destiel

Rating- Mature

Tags- almost-smut, bookstore au, alpha!Dean, omega!Cas

Word Count- 1500ish

A/N: For @spnabobingo​. Hope you enjoy! XOXO

Dean walks by the bookstore every single day on his way to work and looks for the stranger who works there. The town is small, and Dean thought he knew everyone who lived here, until this place opened up. For five months now, Dean has walked by this bookstore. And for five months, he has wondered about the dark haired man inside. The one he’s never seen around town before.

Sometimes the man is on the computer at the large counter, sometimes helping a customer, sometimes straightening and restocking the shelves. No matter what he’s doing, he’s always gorgeous. His hair is long enough to be messy when he runs his hands through it, and Dean loves the days when it’s sticking everywhere, like maybe the store was too busy or too boring and the man has a nervous habit of pulling at it. He has broad shoulders, and is taller than most people around him, though still a couple of inches shorter than Dean. His jeans always cling tight to his thighs and his ass, like they’re a little too big for his small waist. He’s perfect.

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Naruto is wearing mascara and Sasuke thinks he’s being super cute about it.
and yes that is a dog if you can’t tell im sorry its so bad

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Why we haven't kicked Arda out of this team ?

Because he has contract for a few more years so we can’t jut kick him out, and he doesn’t want to leave so he will be benched for this season. In Turkey transfer window ends on September 8th so maybe there is still a chance to sell him.

TW Preference - Winter




You sighed as you shifted in your bed, not finding the warmth of Derek’s body during this winter night. Your eyes slowly opened as you groggily rubbed them.
“Derek?” you called out in a raspy voice. Derek, who was perched on the window of his bedroom quickly turned to you. 
“Shit.” he muttered once he realized that he forgot to close the window, making the cold air enter the bedroom you two shared. “Sorry, (y/n). I forgot to close the windows." 
"It’s oka-” you paused once your vision on Derek focused. “Are you shirtless?” you creased your eyebrows.
“I-uh, it was getting a little hot with the heater on, so I took off my shirt and sat outside.” he shrugged fake non-chalantly. 
“You’re so weird.” you muttered as you got out of the bed, dragging the sheets behind you like a train. 
“What are you doing, baby? Go back to sleep.” Derek gestured at the bed.
“Can we cuddle?” you jutted out your lip in plea. Derek rolled his eyes but a smile was on his lips as he patted the spot next to him. You got on the window as careful as you could with a bunch of sheets. Derek helped you by putting it around the both of you while settling his arms around your small frame and you laid your head on his bare chest, his werewolf body heat making you warm already.
“Can’t sleep?” he murmured against your hair, which his face was burried in.
“Too cold.” you replied, snuggling deeper into his chest. “But I’m warm now." 
"Try hot.” he chuckled at his own joke as his fingers directed your chin towards his so he could give you a kiss that warmed you from the inside out.


“Could you be any slower, Lahey?!” you growled as you tugged on your jacket frantically to try and warm yourself up. You had gone out earlier to go and take a nice cold walk with your boyfriend, but on your way home, it begun to snow and well, fuck.
“(y/n),” you heard him sigh from behind you. “Why do you have to be so stubborn? Like, werewolf here,” you turned to see that he was gesturing towards his body. “A lot of body heat.”
“I don’t want to cuddle, I want to go home.” you snarled at him, trying to scare him off so he’d listen to you but instead, he was laughing at you.
“Woah there, babe. I thought was the werewolf in this relationship?” he chuckled as he jogged so he could fast-walk beside you. You stopped in your tracks and gave him the ’really, bitch?‘ glare. “Okay, okay. I’m sorry. Can’t you just like get your mind off of the cold for one second and look around you?” he had that hopeful puppy-like glint in his eyes that made you unfold your arms and actually take in the beautiful sight of snow falling around the two of you. 
“You know, when it was snowing, my mom would take me out of the house for little walks so she could calm down from fights with my dad-” he stopped his own rambling. “Anyways, the point is, my mom would just stop in the middle of an empty street and just make me shut up and we would hold hands and look up and just live in the serenity that comes with snowflakes falling on you and just appreciate everything because it’s beautiful.” Isaac was talking to you but his eyes were gleaming and it looked as if he was having his very own flashback. You couldn’t help but have a few tears pooling in your eyes. 
“So what I’m saying is; just shut up and look up for a second, because it’s beautiful, you’re beautiful, what we have is beautiful and I love you.” Isaac shyly looked at you with a proud smile playing at his lips.
“I love you too, Isaac.” you breathed.


“(y/n)! Hurry up! the snow is thick today!” Scott whined as he pulled on your jacket like a little child. 
“Calm yourself, McCall.” you rolled your eyes as you set your beanie back into place. Once you were finally done, Scott grinned as he put his arm out for you to take. You chuckled as you linked your arms with his. The moment Scott opened the door, the cold crisp air slapped you across the face. “Yeap, there it is,” you breathed. “It’s definitely winter alright.” 
“Cold?” Scott smirked at you as he pulled on his gloves. 
“No.” you simply said, not giving him the satisfaction of getting the excuse to kiss you or hug you just to keep you warm. 
“Fine.” he huffed as he continued on walking down the streets. As the night went by, snow began to pile up and before you knew it, both of you were shaking your asses off from the cold as you walked home. You stole a quick glance at him, to see if he was going to break and admit defeat and coldness first but Scott had his brows furrowed and his jaws clenched to keep his teeth from chattering. You giggled involuntarily from the cuteness of your boyfriend when he was concentrating. 
“What?” he had a goofy grin on his face despite the cold. 
“Nothing.” you waved it off, trying hard not to shake. 
“Fuck this.” you heard him mutter as he took your face in his covered hands and literally stuffed his nose in your face.
“What are you doing?” you shrieked in between giggles, both from the cold and the bizarre act. 
“I’m keeping my nose warm, keep still.” he ordered as he sneakily gave your cheeks a kiss. 


“Not this song again.” you groaned as you continued to push the cart in between Stiles’s arms down the abandoned aisle filled with candy. 
“Grumpy much?” Stiles chuckled as he kissed your head. 
“I’m not grumpy.” you muttered grumpily as you got out of his arms to get small marshmallows so you could make hot chocolate later. “I just hate this song. Literally all that goes through my head is Lindsay Lohan dancing.” you shivered, pulling a disgusted face. 
“Oh come on, (y/n). it’s not that bad.” Stiles reasoned as his hands enveloped the packs of hot chocolate, already a step ahead of you.
“Yes, it is.” you shivered, as if the very thought of it disgusted you. 
“Their outfits weren’t too bad.” Stiles mused. 
“Of course you don’t think so." You rolled your eyes with a scoff to follow.
"But I mean, it’s so underrated. Like, the outfits are hot, okay, but the dance is truly inspiring. I mean,” Stiles slipped away from you and your cart and began dancing to the song. Your eyes widened once you realized that it was the actual routine from Mean Girls. Your boyfriend, Stiles Stilinski, memorized the actual Jingle Bell Rock dance routine from Mean Girls.
“Oh my god.” you howled in laughter. “You actually memorized it?!” you whisper-yelled as you covered your face, yet, still peaking through the gap your fingers made on your face. Your eyes widened once again when you saw that behind Stiles, was an old lady that saw the whole dance happen. “Stiles!” you quickly shouted at him and gestured to the lady with your eyes. Stiles whirled in a turn and gave the lady a sheepish wave as he rubbed the back of his neck in embarrassment.
“Sorry, that was uhh-” he cleared his throat. “for a school play.”

Can we jut talk about Simon and Izzy. How it wasn’t a cliché love at first sight. How they fell for each other slowly throughout the series. How every little touch or conversation or look led to their love growing and blooming. How Izzy, who was seemed so against love and heartbreak because of her parents, gave her heart to Simon. How Simon have his heart right back.
And then how that was all ripped apart.

Can we jut talk about Scott breaking those chains

These are not amateurs that are kidnapping him and his pack. These are not people who are new to the game. They’re not about to tie down an Alpha without some heavy duty chains. And he broke them.

People keep making jokes about how not even Jeff Davis knows what Scott can do as a True Alpha, but I think he has a damn good idea what Scott will slowly discover about himself as the season progresses.

Broken Home - Luke a.u

Quick Note: This is my absolute favorite song on the album, so I couldn’t help but write a blurb based on it first. I think we all know what the song focuses on, and topics like that I feel uncomfortable writing about, so I changed it around a little bit. Hopefully you enjoy! :)

Warnings: Sadness, Luke being a complete asshole

Word count: 1,870

This is the first blurb in my Sounds Good Feels Good Series!

Series Masterlist & Part Two

Originally posted by lukeisapenquin

The night Luke grabbed his things and left was the night everything in your life changed. It was a moment that constantly replayed in your mind, even when you didn’t want it to. You remembered the yelling and bickering so vividly like it only happened yesterday. But now that it had been a month since everything went down between you two, you knew there was no coming back. 

Rain had been falling from the sky for hours the night he left, and you remembered the way his wet blonde hair stuck to his face when he shut the door in front of you. The constant arguing and yelling had been going on for awhile. You both could never come to terms on anything, there were always no’s instead of yes’s. You watched your whole relationship crumble before your eyes. 

The apartment used to be filed with laughter and happiness, then it slowly changed to anger and yelling, and now there was nothing at all. Just silence. You missed waking up to the boy who once brought you sunshine instead of rain. You missed him singing your favorite songs to you when you were sad, and you missed his lame jokes he would tell you just to make you happy.

God you missed Luke more than anything

It was like something changed in him. One day he acted as if he was infatuated with you, always talking about how one day you’ll get married. But the next day everything would be different, he would be rude to you, saying “maybe we should just take a break” before storming out the door and doing god knows what.

As his close friend, Calum tried to convince you that it was just stress from the tour, that what he said wasn’t how he truly felt. Calum even tried to convince you he was better than him, one day leaning in way too close to your lips. He would wrap his arms around you, but his arms never gave you as much comfort as Luke’s did. You wanted to badly to have feelings for him, you wanted to get over Luke, you wanted to lock up the mess he made you and finally focus on something knew. You just couldn’t do it. 

And when that moment happened, when Calum’s lips hit yours for the short two seconds they did, you realized that there was no getting over Luke, because there was no one who could kiss you like he did. There was no one who could make you laugh like he did. It was like he held the key to you, all of you, and refused to give it up. 

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Luke Hemmings Imagine; Not As Ok As I Thought (Part 7)

Stumbling backwards through the open door, you felt your thoughts spinning around your head like lights on a carnival ride. Right now, in this moment, you were getting everything you had wanted for the past year. Luke was putty in your hands, wanting nothing more than to show you how much he loved you. And as willing and wanting as you were, there was still doubt gnawing at your conscious brain. As he pushed you back towards the bed, kicking the door shut behind him you,  felt your body tense. He began pulling at the hem of your blouse as the back of your knees hit the bed. He managed to pull the silky material over your head after some struggle and once it was discarded he planted his lips directly on your, a slight whimper falling from your lips as he gave a slight push for you to lay back. His kisses began to trail down your jawline and if your brain hadn’t been firing on all cylinders you might have actually enjoyed his perfect lips leaving small pecks along your soft skin. You knew exactly where tonight would lead, you would be wrapped up in the adrenaline and rush of his skin against yours, his fingertips tracing every inch of your tingling skin, but the next morning the magic would be gone. It would be like someone had dropped a ton of bricks on to your body and your body would be stuck in bed, cemented to the plush mattress, trying to wait out Luke and praying he would leave soon or else your bladder would explode. You never liked seeing Luke the morning after. Something felt wrong about it, like you hadn’t actually been present the previous night, or maybe you were under a spell, but the second you woke up you felt out of place and utterly uncomfortable. You had played this off to being shy for so long, but eventually you came to grips with the fact that your relationship with him was like an addiction, something you enjoyed in the moment, but the second you sobered up you knew that it was toxic for you, yet you kept coming back. By now, your lips had stopped moving in unison with Luke’s and he was only willing to continue without reciprocation for so long. 

“Y/n, What’s wrong? Did I do something wrong?” He asked, pausing his assault on the tender skin of your neck. His eyes looked soft, something that the previous year would have made you melt down to the core, the idea that he wanted to be so gentle with you that even his gaze was like a warm hug. Tonight was different though, the look in his eyes made you angry, you felt guilty for how easily you had given in to him. All he needed to do was pout his lips and give you a sob story and suddenly you were all, but ripping him out of his clothes, trying to have pity-driven sex with him. Looking back on it now, you realized, it seemed to be the only type of sex you had, that or angry sex which seemed to be his forte.

“Um… No.” You sighed feeling your body falling back in to its old routine. “Actually , yes. Yes there is something wrong, Luke. What are we doing?” You snapped, the wires finally clicking in your brain as you realized that this issue needed to be addressed before anymore of your clothing hit the floor.

“Well, we’re um… Well you know.” He stuttered, his confidence visibly faltering.

“I don’t mean physically, Luke, clearly I know what we’re DOING. What I meant was why are we doing this if we both know this won’t end well. It doesn’t even feel right, right now.”  You watched as the lanky boy in front of you let out a sigh, rubbing the back of his neck with the hand that had previously been holding you closer to his body than you thought humanly possible. He looked deflated, as if your question had popped his bubble of falsity and left him to face the raw facts.

“We’re fixing everything. All the shit, we’re getting past it." 

"No, Luke. We’re covering it up. We’re pretending to still have feeling for each other so that we can just fuck and make up. That’s how we always do it-”

“Pretending?” He interrupted suddenly, his soft eyes immediately turning in to sharp dagger, protecting his vulnerably thoughts. “I’m not pretending, y/n. Are you?” His tone was     clipped and his body seemed to tower above yours in a menacing stance, a dam threatening to break if you didn’t choose your words correctly.

“Well, I thought that… No I just…” Were you pretending? You hadn’t intended to say that, in fact you didn’t even realize that you felt that way until this moment.

“You’re really over me now?” He whispered. The enormity of the situation was like a blow to your chest, you felt alone. You had always had this obsession with Luke to flood your brain, but now what did you have? Luke let out a slight huff, “Well, I should have seen that coming. I didn’t exactly treat you well. But then you spent that time with…” He trailed off, noticing the incredulous look on your face.

“… Luke. I…I don’t know.”

“I do. I know you y/n. You might not think I do, but before you were my girlfriend, you were my best friend. I know you. You have feelings for someone else. Don’t you?” His question caught you off guard, your eyes shooting up at him as you tried to rack your brain for some sort of response. Firing on all wires you tried to console him, but only one thought kept surfacing among the buzz and confusion of all the others.


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A/N: Woo ok, I hope you guys like this one! Sorry it’s short, but 

i wanted a cliff hanger haha.



can we jut acknowledge some stuff about Clint Barton??

  • The first time he actually meets the entire group there’s no time to shake hands and get to know each other
  • Essentially Tasha does a the “cognitive re-calibration” (knocked him pretty hard in the head.) Dragged (or carried fireman style… or bridal style it that’s what you wanna think)his sorry ass to his room (or her room) and watched him till he woke up.
  • Then they do little soul baring. Tasha refuses to let him wallow. 
  • Clint goes to was up, when Cap walks in. Tasha vouches for him. 
  • They hijack a plane. 
  • Cap jumps out of plane and then Clint crash lands (he did crash land right? No wonder he’s great with boats!) 
  • And he starts fighting. He then fights the Chitari without really any intel. He then watches his bff (Tasha jump onto Chitari flying craft (and starts to rethink life choices.
  • Tony/Iron Man gives him nickname and flies him to perch.
  • Tony asks about Banner and Clint must thinking “Shit, there’s more??)
  • Tony brings them a "party”
  • Thor preforms his own “cognitive re-calibration” of his own on Loki.
  • Little guy on motor bike shows up.
  • For some reason he’s always angry.
  • LITTLE GUY TURNS INTO BIG GREEN GUY (rethinks life choices)
  • Epic group shot
  • Captain America issues orders.
  • He runs INTO an explotion (and rethinks life choices.) 
  • As Iron Man flies into the abyss.
  • Iron Man falls. 
  • BIG GREEN GUY THAT WAS LITTLE GUY jumps into air and catches Tony/Iron Man
  • BIG GREEN GUY THAT WAS LITTLE GUY preforms some of his own “cognitive re-callibration” on Loki.
  • There prolly wasn’t a lot of “Hi, sorry about the whole Helicarrier thing.” chatter on the way up to confront Loki. 
  • Send off wearing shades (cause his eyes are prolly red cause he prolly didn’t sleep the night prior.)

like, this dude just kinda said. “Kay, Nat, my life is in your hands. I’m follow you into the abyss. I don’t know jack about these people. But we’re gonna do it cause… yeah… the abyss calls.”

He probably took all his queues from her.

  • Captain GODDAMN America wants their help. Nat’s okay with it, we’re gonna do the thing.
  • Dude talks in old English… Nat’s okay with it, gunna let it slide.
  • Old English Dude, FLIES. Nat’s okay wit it, gunna let it slide.
  • Fucking IRON MAN shows up. Nat’s okay with it, gunna let it slide.
  • Tasha rides chitari air thing, asks her wtf she is doing. Starts to pray that his one connection to reality doesn’t crash.
  • Little dude on motor bike shows up. Why is he apologizing to Nat? Whatever, she’s fine with it. Gunna let it slide.
  • Cap suggests little guy get angry. Nat’s okay with it, gunna let it silide
  • Little guy turns big and green, Nat’s not freaking out, I’m gonna let it slide until later. Then I'ma look that shit up.
  • Epicness, i can deal with that.
  • Lots of smashy. I can deal with that.
  • And then afterwards she prolly takes him aside and gives him the skinny

Like, whatever he’s been doing the last couple of year, ima gonna give the boy a pass. Cause between being under control and forced to give up all his inner most secrets to Loki, and the battle itself, there’s prolly a bit of (or a lot) of PTSD going on.

I just really like Clint Barton.

Can we just talk about how Sam is unknowingly talking about finding Dean a “Collette” to balance the Mark?

Can we also talk about how Dean has tried to find something/someone to do that and hasn’t been able to?

And how he probably assumed at first Sam could hold that place, but the love of a brother is not the same as the romantic love of a partner? And how clearly that isn’t enough?

Can we also jut mention how the only thing that Dean has focused on, the only time he was truly calm during “Hunter Games”, was when he was talking to Cas about Claire? (Not to mention how so much of his Metatron rage is centred around righting wrongs done to Cas first before even addressing the whole “you murdered me” thing)

Like, can we?