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For everyone that wanted to know how things went today with that lady that hired me to clean her house, it looks like I’ll be doing it for 15 hours a week between her house and the salon. I got paid $90 for just 6 hours of cleaning today! I’m might be making more every week doing this than I do at my other job I think! The only down side is that this is an everyday thing. It’s only a couple hours a day though, about how long it takes me to clean my home, and now we’re able to afford possibly renting a house now so we can move out of this crappy apartment. So it went very well! -Abby

I’m really very sure that the whole armour exchange scene with Liam and Jaal was added as a flimsy way for Bioware to be like “LOOK YOU FILTHY ANIMALS WE RENDERED THE ALIEN NAKED JUST LIKE YOU WANTED” because I’ve been thinking about it for days and I can’t think of a single logical reason they actually needed to be naked for that scene

Not complaining, don’t get me wrong, my brain completely shut down

What I’m saying is Bioware just gets us

so my mother, of her own volition, decided to download and read the entirety of Call Me By Your Name. here are some of her quality reax (verbatim): 

  • “Haven’t read a love story so moving in years. Totally bereft. Xxxx”
  • “oh I’m so sad I’m crying.”
  • “I want to read it again and I just finished it..” 

[two hours later]

  • “Lottie I can’t stop thinking about the book” 
  • “When is the film showing in the U.K. And will it be mainstream?” (her response to “24th of November at the earliest but tbh we’ve no idea” was “I’ll have to reread it in the meantime.” me: haha yeah, I reread it once a year. her: just once a year!) 
  • “So glad it’s on my iPad I feel very attached.” 
  • me: I own three copies so feel free to peruse the hardback.
    mum: Yes might just want to hold it. xxx 

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decans, your memories you can use them to give you strength, when your memories are giving you strength your soul will glow. you are a star that should be glowing bright, not fading away. you can do it, do what we do, believe in you!

Y-YOU KNOW NOTHING ! Wanting something is d-different then being able to do it… y-you really think that I can stay strong ? That I can… keep going forever and just… get better ? I g-got a damn parasite stuck in my skull… I… I feel my soul-

- The star died long ago… I fail everyone I care about…

Look I’m tired of this war between Supercorp and Karamel why can’t you guys just ship whoever you want without spreading hate (IM TALKING ABOUT BOTH SIDES) I’m a karamel shipper everyone who follows me knows that but I LOVE LENA LUTHOR and I’m so happy Katie is going to be a regular next season. I don’t ship Supercorp but I think the kind of friendship Kara and Lena have is hard to find and I’m glad we’re gonna see more of this friendship but all this hate coming from both sides and hateful posts is just exhausting when I read this things (and is hard not to bc is all the time) I find myself sad and all the joy shipping karamel brings me kinda goes way. Look I find it very honorable you guys fighting for LGBT equality and wanting more time on screen that awesome (I personally think that sanvers is a beautiful couple that deserves more time on screen) but you have to understand that is not karamel fans who decide that so stop attacking them for something we can’t control and I love Chris Wood w/ all my heart he’s the most selfless and adorable person I know he talks and fights for the mental illness cause bc of his dad and he’s so strong to talk openly about this his feminist and fights too for the rights of LGBT community so I’m sorry but if you hate him for just being white/straight or bc your ship is not happening sorry but it’s not enough bc you’re hating and spreading horrible things about a beautiful human being. But ok you have the right to no like his character and karamel that’s your opinion and I respect it but don’t think you should say this things about him bc it really hurts especially him(who hardly uses his social media and with all this hate his getting i’m not surprised) and for us fans it sucks you hurt us too bc I’m a fan for a really long time I know the kind of person he is. You guys are hurting a human being a super cute human being not the character bc he’s just doing his job and he has no say in the storyline so pls stop I’m begging you. THE OTHER SIDE NOW in MY FEED I’ve never seen any hate about supercorp or about the LGBT community THANK GOD BC IF I DID I SURE AS HELL WAS GOING TO FIGHT FOR THE RIGHT THING (of course I know that there’re people out there who spreads hate about supercorp too) BUT IS NOT THE ENTIRE FANDOM EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE ITS A TINY PART OF US AND IS STILL WRONG AND IT HURTS I KNOW BUT WE FIGHT THEM TOO BC ITS NOT RIGHT. I told myself I wasn’t going to talk about this ship war anymore bc it makes me sick to see a fandom who are supposed to be supportive and united grabbing each other’s throats like that but the time is passing and more and more hate are being spread I mean ??? LEARN TO LOVE THATS ALL IM ASKING YOU DONT LIKE YOUR FRINDS SHIP THATS FINE YOU DONT NEED TO FIGHT W/ THEM BC OF THAT OR SAY OFFENSIVE NAMES. RESPECT THATS ALL
Don’t say offensive things and spread more hate on this post okay? I’m just trying to idk help maybe try to unite a little THIS amazing fandom that’s all I’m asking thanks.

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This woman kept trying to slide her card while I told her to insert. then asked me why we would have a spot to slide cards if people weren't supposed to use it. She couldn't understand that not all cards have chips and in certain stores(not all. This was a huge issue at my other store because people would insist they could slide and go back and forth not listening to me they can't) like ours, if a chip is broken customers can insert the card 3x and the machine will tell them to slide.

I honestly think these people know what their doing and just act dumb to have something to complain about in their day.


Does she even understand how much I love her? How empty I feel when she’s not with me? I can sit for hours at night just thinking about how beautiful she is, how beautiful she looked when we were dancing in the moonlight.
I see stars in her eyes when she is dancing to her favorite song. I crave for her small touches and her kisses and miss her voice when I lay in my cold bed and can’t go to sleep. I think about her cuddling me and kissing my neck and think about how sometimes you can find all the secrets of the universe in someone’s arms

  • Ezarel: Nevra?
  • Nevra: Yes.
  • Ezarel: Come here I need to talk to you. But cover your armpit, please.
  • Nevra: Is my armpit distracting you?
  • Ezarel: You always distract me with your endless beauty and charm.
  • Nevra: You devil, stop it.
  • Ezarel: How? How can I stop loving you? I can't even live a day without thinking about you.
  • Nevra: Oh, Ez, you always know what to say to me. When are we taking that vacation and getting our finally-just-the-two-of-us time?
  • Ezarel: Well, if you let me finish my work.
  • Nevra: Now, how can we do that?
  • Ezarel: You stop being handsome.
  • Nevra: I can't.
  • Ezarel: It's distracting.
  • Nevra: Only you seem to have that problem.
  • Ezarel: That's because everyone else here is blind.
  • Valkyon: I'm here. I'm right here.

Thinking about Shadowhunters not getting a season 3 is not possible for my brain it just starts to malfunction 

Like ?????

What am I expected to do with my life ????? 

I think even reading about our Pluto house can bring up things that are difficult to process, things we would rather not face right now, but the things we hide away have a way of showing themselves in other ways, sneaking up on us. I know in my chart, it is the house that Pluto resides that brings up the most fear in me, for a few different reasons, but I also think that we can’t paint the whole area with something scary and negative, that we can’t just expect that from ourselves. It is easy to say that through the other side of it will come knowledge and wisdom and transformation, but maybe there is something we can learn right this minute that can help us on our way. Fear seems to breed situations to be fearful of.

I miss you, i can’t deny that now. I tried to forget you but it’s so hard to forget someone like you. I’m trying my very best not to send you a message, not to call you, i will never do that because i know i’ll just hurt myself. But i really miss you and all i can do is think of you. I know in myself that i never crossed your mind and you are happy now. I miss the old times, the person you were when we were still together. I miss you so much and it hurts to think that i can’t have you anymore. I want to talk to you so bad. I really miss your face, i miss your voice, i miss your sweetness. I miss everything about you. I hate that i am missing you now instead of hating you and not thinking of you. Because i can’t deny the fact that you still have my heart and that’s just so sad to admit.
—  I miss you but i want to forget you

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Confession; I'm a bi agender person who's mostly into girls, and I've developed a crush on a girl I know. Her name is Sophie, and I've known her since I was 6 (our parents are good friends too). And i've been thinking about her a lot in a romantic and sexual way, but it all just seems gross and wrong. For all I know, she's probably straight and/or unachievable. What can I do to get rid of these thoughts about her or come to terms that I can never be with her?


Fruity goo, my dear strawberry cheesecake, my lovely child… you are NOT disgusting, gross or wrong for wanting to be with someone. 

You wanna be smooched and snuggled by a pretty girl? GREAT! thats lovely! you wanna be banged till you forget your name by a pretty girl? GREAT! thats lovely! I know is hard to believe when people constantly pushes non-heterosexual couples as disgusting or fetishes, but you are NOT wrong for wanting any of that! much less gross! I am not like… yelling at you or anything, its not my intention! I am not blaming it on you! that would be rude, i know society pushes things into our brains that are.. just.. bad things! 

Please dear, is ok wanting to get laid with a girl and wanting to smooch her and sing her junk and all that cheesy stuff! 

Now that we got rid of that… I think the best is asking her what her view on that is, love is about understanding each other and communication, of course is a lil hard, so first try to know what’s her view on LGBTQ themes! try to start a conversation and slowly develop it to that junk, and if she is ok with that, you can always try to give her a shot and say “hey, I LOVE YOU TONS!”

Now now, please don’t lower yourself! you are amazing, incredibly stunning and super duper lovely! sweet and nice and pretty chilly vanilla! Self-confidence is hard I know, but i feel like reminding you that!! <3 

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about noorhelm.. yea very nice you wanted to show that people can change and the """smart"""" """"""different"""""" kid who OH dares to wear fucking red lipstick and is better than people who use fake tan, can fall in love with the cool kid.. BUT WE'VE SEEN THAT BEFORE!! SO MANY TIMES!!! I think that better message would've been that you don't need to fall in love with the boy who starts talking you just because he's the popular kid... you can say NO to boys and do whatever the fuck you want!


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So I am almost 100% sure I am pan. I'm still a bit nervous about like what if I'm faking it? Idk... but i know I like guys and I really don't see why I wouldn't date a girl or a person from any other gender. I just want to find a person who will love me for who I am, I don't see why what is between the legs matters. So I think I'm pan? Does this sound right? I'm sorry it's just I'm kinda confused.

I’ll tell ya a secret anon, I think I’m faking it almost every other week. I constantly question it but whenever I really think about it I know I’m pan. Honestly anon if you think you’re pan then you’re pan. Don’t be sorry about it. Sexuality is a journey you go through and I’m still going through mine. I’m right here with you anon and we can figure this out. 💖💛💙



I didn’t talk about the Country of Fog here but apparently that was a mistake because GUESS WHAT HAPPENS NEXT. 

Sadly this isn’t actually a surprise, because a couple of people accidentally spoiled me on this months and months ago, but I think we can all agree that on the grand scale of things this is a very small and inconsequential spoiler and it could have been much worse. 




<<Mr. Van der Veen?>>, the nurse called out, appearing from behind the doors.

<<Hey, dad, I’ve gotta go>>, Emmett said in the phone. <<Love you too. Talk to you later>>. He hung up, then turned to the waiting nurse.

<<We have set up the delivery room and are ready to go anytime now. We are just waiting for your wife to be dilated enough>>, she explained.

Emmett nodded. <<Can I come in?>>, he asked.

The nurse smiled, nodding. <<Of course. I think she’s quite nervous about the twins. Your presence could be helpful to calm her down>>, she agreed.


“Aren’t we forbidden to go to someone else’s rooms?”

“Come on, no one needs to know.” He stroked her cheek and smiled at her.

He could see her doubting so he read her mind to figure out what exactly was bugging her. Then he realized. “You’re trans!”

“Shhh!” She urged him to keep his voice down.

“You haven’t…” Damn. This new info really changed his plans. “Look…eh…don’t worry about it. I don’t think we’re going to do anything after all.”

“What?” Confusion. Anger. She was showing both emotions and Ibis was trying to think how to explain things.

“Sorry it’s just…I don’t…well, we can’t do anything!”

“Why couldn’t we do anything, huh?”

“You’re not really a girl.” He blurted out.

She was enraged. He swore he even saw part of her starting to turn into wolf. Luckily the slap that hit him didn’t include any claws. ‘Damn, that hurt.’ He tried to apologize to her but she had ran off.

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Settle down ya poof. No need to tag "anti-ns" in responses because you get triggered. Each fandom has extremists, and I think - at times - you can be just as vitriolic. That being said tho, this is a twilight pissing contest that's gone on far too long. I think we all can agree the story isn't good enough to warrant such bitching, and in the end, every ship has a good argument. Some more than others, of course. But my advice: read better shit. Saves the trouble justifying a bad one

Lol, who’s getting triggered?

If I tag a post as “anti NS”, it’s because that what it was. And no Anon, if you knew anything about me, you’d know that I can’t be associated with the term “vitriolic”. I don’t spend the majority of my time bitterly criticising the series or the pairings, nor do I treat any other person or ship with any spite or malice. I enjoy myself shipping what I like and immersing myself in the story, which is more than I can say for many anti extremists who’d even go so far as to create separate blogs, fully dedicated to whining and bitching about the series.

So why do so many of you always tell me to “read better shit”, as if those words have even the slightest bit of relevance to me?

My advice: Follow your own advice and read what you actually enjoy, rather than inexplicably stalking the tags of series you don’t deem to be worth your time. Saves the trouble of looking silly.