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The New Sugar List: 47 Songs to Inspire You

I created the sugar list out of need. I needed to songs to get ready to, to boost my confidence to, to remember why I had decided to go pro in the first place. Once I started the list, I found myself listening to and discovering new songs to add to the list. It’s an ever growing monster that I hope you enjoy. There are some songs that would be perfect on this playlist that I avoided because I had exhausted their appeal to me and others because I didn’t like the artist or the message they were providing. This list is just a jumping off point. Tweak it to your hearts content. 

  1. Whatever You Like- T.I.- Perhaps one of the first songs I ever heard that talked about sugaring. It’s still a dream. A man that will look me in the eye and say I can have whatever I like? Please, sugar gods, please. 
  2. 6 Inch- Beyonce- Walk in the club like nobody’s business….
  3. Pay Me- Miguel- …and tell them to pay you. 
  4. Normally I Get It-Lola Wolf- This song is SO me as a newbie. Improvising, taking advice I should have ignored, wondering how it all went wrong. It’s an excellent reminder of how far I’ve come and an opportunity to laugh at the past. 
  5. Lemme Get That- Rihanna- Her Excellency appears on this list five or six times. There’s a reason for that. This song in particular has always warmed my heart. There was a time when I was breaking up and making up over furniture.
  6. Bandz a Make Her Dance- Juicy J- Because, yes, bandz will make me do things that I wouldn’t do otherwise. Like pay attention to you. 
  7. Can’t Tell Me Nothing- Kanye West- This is my reminder that I’m not sugaring for accessories. I’m trying to better myself. To get certain things that will advance me towards my goal. To build a business that will get my money so right, I’ll only have men around for giggles. 
  8. Money Make Her Smile- Bruno Mars- Well, this isn’t a lie. 
  9. Work B**ch- Britney Spears- It’s my alarm to get up in the morning. It’s my reminder that this life isn’t easy
  10. Pour It Up- Rihanna- A reminder not to be afraid to get what I want. He could leave me tomorrow but I’ve still got these gifts and I know I can find someone to get me more.
  11. Glamorous- Fergie- If you aint got no money take your broke ass home. Thanks
  12. Maneater- Nelly Furtado- Because after some time spent fumbling, I’ve figured out what type of seducer I am. Men beware. 
  13. Raining Men- Rihanna- I could dwell on my failures or I could recognize that there’s more than one rich man out there and get another.
  14. Murder- Justin Timberlake- The self esteem boost I need when I can’t get my eyebrows right.
  15. Luxurious- Gwen Stefani- You worked so hard to get an SD and now you have. You worked so hard on your profile and gathered the courage to go on a POT date. Celebrate
  16. Love ‘Em All- K. Michelle- When my vanilla friends ask how I can go from man to man so quickly, this is the song that starts playing in my head
  17. Faithful- Drake- This song doesn’t really belong on this list but when I heard Amber Rose saying that she just liked really expensive shit, well I had to add it. 
  18. She Knows- Ne-Yo- I didn’t quite understand the concept of owning your sex appeal, of never apologizing for it. I get it now. 
  19. Throw Sum Mo- Rae Sremmurd- If you’ve got cash who or what should you be spending it on besides me? Throw some mo.
  20. Shawty is Da Sh*!- The- Dream- Yes, actually, I am. 
  21. All N My Grill- Missy Elliott- To the men who want to text and email and date the women they met on SD sites but don’t want to do the one thing that the site says they should be doing. Why aren’t they paying bills?
  22. She Wants to Move- N.E.R.D. - When it’s time for me to leave you, when it’s time for me to dance, you don’t need to come with me, daddy.
  23. Paper Planes- M.I.A. - All I want to do is take your money? Sounds accurate
  24. Got It- Marian Hill- My reminder that the things I have, the things I bring to the table can’t be bought or stolen by any man. There isn’t enough money in the world
  25. My Love is Like…Wo- Mya- This is not a lie. I will change your life. You will crawl back to me over and over again because of what I provided.
  26. Feeling Myself- Nicki Minaj- Because I am, I am feeling myself. It’s hard work but I’m successfully doing what I said I was going to do. 
  27. Bitch Better Have My Money- Rihanna- Does this honestly need an explanation? While I’ll never be posting allowance shots, I want what I was told I could have when I was told I would have it. 
  28. Plastic Bag- Drake & Future- I do deserve it, yes. 
  29. About the Money- T.I.- His second feature on this list and perhaps one of the more obvious songs. If it aint about the money, why are we speaking? What else could you possibly offer?
  30. Mascara- Jazmine Sullivan- Perhaps the song that speaks the most blatantly about life as a sugar baby on this list and the song that I think should be the sugar baby anthem, it’s a reminder to always stay well dressed, always stay ready for more. 
  31. The Boys- Nicki Minaj and Cassie- They’ll always spend money when they think there is love. 
  32. Guap- Big Sean- If you’ve ever gotten anon hate, dirty looks when you’re out in public, or patronizing conversations with friends that couldn’t begin to do what you do: I need you to blast this song. 
  33. Conceited (There’s Something About Remy)- Remy Ma- The attitude you need to have when they say you aren’t good enough and walk away, announce they don’t desire you, or try to lowball you. 
  34. Afford My Love-Dreezy-  The truth is, salty salts, you can’t afford me. This is not my problem.
  35. Money Over Love- Bilal- Money over love cause the best things in life aint free. 
  36. The Morning- The Weeknd- The money is the motive
  37. Spoiled- Wale- The song opens with Wale affectionately saying “with your spoiled ass”. I laughed. I am spoiled. Why shouldn’t I be?
  38. Anaconda- Nicki Minaj- A reminder that a man can want you for your body. Do you know what you want him for? Cause he buys you Balmain?
  39. Ex’s & Oh’s-Elle King- They always want to cum but they never want to leave (or pay).
  40. Sally-Bibi Bourelly- They don’t understand us. Hate, jealousy, and fear are better. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t dance. Let me see you rock little Sally.
  41. Back Up-Dej Loaf- Yeah, I made you feel good but…why are you blowing up my phone? Is there money? No? Back up off me. 
  42. Nun for Free-Zonnique- We don’t do nothing for free. Amen, amen.
  43. Nothing is Promised- Mike Will Made-It & Rihanna- You can lose it as quickly as you got it. Be smart
  44. Rich-K. Michelle- The only way to solve rich people problems? Get richer. Grind ladies
  45. Sex With Me- Rihanna- If I could play this song every time I’m asked if I’m a sexual person…the time I could save.
  46. No Scrubs-TLC- No explanation needed. They knew.
  47. Buy the World- Mike Will Made-It- What you think we out here hustling for? We’re just trying to buy the world and do the impossible.

What would you add to this list? Do you have any favorite songs that you get ready to take over the world (or a wallet) to?

Polar Opposites (Part 1) | Zach Dempsey x Reader

Genre: Romance, Fluff
POV: Reader’s POV and Zach’s POV (Stated before a section)

A/N: Here’s my second request done! This was fun to write especially because the girl in the write-up is extremely similar to who I was in high school. Haha. And it’s the first time I’ve posted an imagine with different POVs. Please do tell me how this all works out or if you guys want me to stick to first person. Enjoy everyone!

Request:  Hey I was wondering if you can do an imagine where Zach falls for a girl after they talk about their favorite things and about what they want to be after high school. Like he’s passionate about being a marine biologist and he loves the sparkle in the girl’s eyes when she talks about her favorite books and how she says she wants to become an author or something along those lines. Maybe she even lets him read some of her writing?



He was the captain of the school’s basketball team, I was the student body president. He was often involved in after-school detention, I was always involved with extracurricular school activities. He was the class clown, I was the class nerd. He had girls running after him, I had boys running away from me. He was 6foot3, I was 5foot7.

I could probably go on with this list but I’m assuming you already catch my drift. We were polar opposites, which was why when our Media teacher chose us as partners for our upcoming media project, I couldn’t help but complain to him after class. Of course he stood by his decision and I was stuck with Zach Dempsey for a week.


Monday after school

“So, what is the project all about again?” Zach asks me while spinning on his desk chair like a 5 year old.

“Can you stop doing that please, my head’s starting to spin now.” I say as I rub my forehead with my eyes shut. A soft sorry escapes his lips as he stopped.

“Mr. Andrews said I have to do a profile about you, and you have to do the same for me. We can use any media we like as long as we’re creative with it. I’m planning on doing a powerpoint.” I reply as I go through my notebook.

“I guess I’ll just do a documentary, it’s the easiest thing to do and I’m pretty good at video editing.” he says as he looks up at the ceiling.

“Alright, fine, let’s get started then.” I suggest and we both get to work. I take a blank piece of paper from my binder and start interviewing him.

“So Zachary Dempsey, would you care to tell me some of your interests, your hobbies, likes and dislikes?” I ask him while clicking my pen.

“Interests: basketball, hobbies: basketball, likes: basketball, dislikes: the color orange, although funnily enough that’s the color of the ball.” he answers and I roll my eyes at him.

“Zach, I already know that you like basketball. I need other information.” I reply.

“Oh, so you want to get to know me better, eh?” he retors with a smirk growing on his face.

“Not known for his modesty.” I mumble to myself as I write it down my blank piece of paper.

“You need to chill Y/N, I was just kidding.” he says as he leans back on his chair and laughs. I exhale deeply and proceed with asking the questions for his profile.

“For the second time, please tell me some of your interests, your hobbies, likes and dislikes.” I say.

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Words Written on Your Wrist | Soulmates! Spencer Reid x Reader | Part 2

Fandom: Criminal Minds

Pairing: Soulmates! Spencer Reid x reader

Requested: Nope, I just figured I’d jump on the soulmate band wagon

Requests: OPEN

Part 2/?

       Part 1 Part 3

Words: 1699

Warnings: none

Summary: Everyone’s wrist has three words on it, the first three words you’ll hear your soulmate say. You think the idea of soulmates is just a bunch of junk, but you’re in for a rude awakening when you meet your soulmate at your new job at the BAU. Because you worry you will lose your new dream job, you keep the fact that he’s your soulmate hidden, pretending as if those three words didn’t exist.

A/N: Thank you all so much for all the positive feedback! It honestly means so much to me!! Here’s the second chapter!!

You and Rossi drove to the second dump site, going over possible theories as you navigated the foreign roads of New York. When you got to the scene you ducked under the yellow crime scene tape and took in your surroundings. It was a park, so very public. There was a bit of snow on the ground, though based on the photographs there was more when she was found.

             “She wasn’t found until the snow thawed.” You commented, “There was a blizzard the night she was dumped, which covered the body, that probably upset him, which could explain why there was the short time period between the second and third kills than the first and second.”

             “He could also be deteriorating.” Rossi added, walking around.

             “I don’t understand what message hes trying to send. He takes average middle to upper class women, holds them for a week, doing god knows what, but it isn’t torture, then stabs them, then lays them in very public places. They all had contusions on their head, so blitz attack, the unsub either isn’t very physically big or lacks the social skills to lure them.”

             Rossi agrees, giving the scene another once over before going back to the SUV. As you began driving back to the local precinct, silence took over the car and you thought that you couldn’t wait for 3 months from now when you’re settled in and part of the team. Since they act so much like a family, you felt a bit on the outside. That is, if you last three months and this soulmate situation doesn’t rear its ugly head. After a bit Rossi laughed, well not so much laughed but moer so pushed air through his nose in an amused manor.

             “You do know that the Bureau keeps record of what’s on all their agents wrists, right?” He asks, looking at you with an expression you couldn’t quite make out.

             “Yeah I know, I remember them taking a photogr- Oh. You heard, didn’t you?” Your stomach drops as you realize what he was getting at. Of course your superiors would know what your tattoos said in case there was a conflict of interest on a case or for identification purposes.

             “I did.”

             “What does this mean?” You ask, hands gripping the steering wheel with white knuckles.

             “I think that depends on how you want to handle the situation.”

             “There isn’t even a situation in my mind. Or at least I don’t want there to be. I don’t want a soulmate. I’m happy with my job the way it is and I don’t want to risk it. I’m my own person, I don’t need another half.” You say with a sign.

             “So you’re just going to let him keep thinking he’s a Glitch?” You can hear the disappointment and sadness in his voice. Of course, he would be sad for his friend, they had been working together for years.

             “I don’t know. I just. I don’t want a soulmate.” You say quietly, a guilty feeling settling in your gut. “Please don’t tell him.”

             “We’re bound by laws that say we can’t reveal what anyone’s tattoos say, it’s one of the strictest rules we have in the FBI, so I couldn’t even if I wanted to.” Rossi says as you pull into the parking lot of the local police station and you let out a sigh of relief.

             “Good, you’re back, what did you find?” Hotch asks as you walk in.

             You and Rossi go over all of the things you noticed in detail, explaining your theories. Spencer was standing in front of a white board, a map taped to it, mumbling something to himself and then writing it down on the board, and that guilty feeling started to rise again. Quickly looking away you grabbed the file for the case.

             “Y/L/N, why don’t you go talk to the victim’s partners, we have them in the interview rooms, Reid, will you join her?” Hotch asks after a moment.

             You curse internally, though you plaster a normal look on your face and nod, waiting for Reid to finish the geographical profile before you go to the interview rooms. Glancing at him you kicked yourself, you have to get over the awkward and guilty feelings, you’re going to be working with him for a long time, hopefully, so you need to get better at acting normally around him, you tell yourself.

             “Hello, my name is Dr. Spencer Reid and this is SSA Y/F/N Y/L/N,” Reid introduced you both and you shake the fiancée of the first victim’s hand.

             You two went through the motions of questions, did Angela have any enemies, what were her habits, where was he last, the works. You ignored the nagging feeling that was pulling you left, which just so happened to be the side of you that Spencer was sitting on. It was like your body was telling you to reach out and touch him, but you definitely kept your hands to yourself. Though you hate to admit you moved your chair forward and to the left a couple inches, disguising the leftward movement with the forward one. Maybe if you were closer it would get rid of that annoying feeling and you could concentrate more.

             “No, no I don’t think she had any enemies, everyone loved her. God, I loved her. We weren’t perfect together like everyone else but we loved each other, we made it work.” The fiancée went on, tears in his eyes. You frowned, what could he mean by that? 

             “Im sorry for asking this, but what do you mean?” You ask, leaning forward a bit.

             “Angela and I met in a support group for Glitches.” He clarified.

             You and Spencer nod, and you see Spencer fidget uncomfortably. After that you finish the interview quickly, moving onto the next the second victims husband. When you walked in and shook his hand you immediately noticed that his wrist was bare, and you frowned. Not only was this man a Glitch, he was a Blank. You envied him. You glanced at Spencer, wondering if he had noticed the pattern arising as well, but he didn’t seem to look at the man’s wrist at all. As you Reid was about to dismiss the man after asking all the routine questions you quickly interrupted to say that you had one more question for him.

“How did you and your wife meet?” You ask, hoping that this could give you at least some direction.

“We uh, we met at a group for Glitches.” He said as he held up his wrist you then thanked him for his time and he left.

“Both of the couples so far met at the support group, we should ask the others as well.” You say quickly, “It could be where the unsub is meeting them.”

“I agree, good catch,” Reid says with a small smile, but you noticed he didn’t make eye contact with you. 

Soon enough you found out that out of the four couples, all were Glitches, all four of the four couples met at support groups. When you explained this to the team, they immediately called Garcia asking about all the support groups in the area. Glitches weren’t that common, only about one per million people, and New York state’s population was just under 20 million people, which meant there were about 20 Glitches in total. Garcia found two support groups, both in New York City, but dozens of online forums. Together you came to the conclusion that the unsub may be a Glitch as well, possibly murdering these people because he was jealous that they were happy even without a soulmate.

“We should have two of us go undercover and go to the meetings.” Morgan suggested.

“I agree,” Rossi said next.

“I can go,” Prentiss volunteered with a shrug.

“Your script isn’t very believable as a Glitch though, Prentiss, like you said before, it is a pretty common sentence.” Morgan said with a sign, “Maybe JJ or Y/L/N could go, her is more ambiguous.”

“I can go.” Reid said suddenly, catching everyone’s attention.

“I could do it as well.” JJ gave Spencer a quick glance.

Luckily the team didn’t have to wait long because the first support group met that night at a local community center. JJ and Spencer were fit with wires, and instructed to go in with a story already set to explain how they were Glitches and that they made a pact to go to the support group together. Hotch, Prentiss, Rossi, Morgan, and you all waited outside in two surveillance vans, listening in on the wire. You watch as your teammates walk into the building, hoping that they would be able to find something out about the unsub.

“Hi, welcome to GA, Glitches anonymous, you two are new, what are your names and script so we can get you a name tag?” You heard someone greet. You stopped your jaw from dropping as your heart beat quickened, did they mean what you thought they did? Reaching up to tuck hair behind your ear you notice your hands are shaking. Glancing to your other teammates you make eye contact with Rossi for a second before you tear your eyes away.

“Excuse me?” JJ asked, Reid staying silent.

“Your script, what’s on your wrist, in order to build trust, we all write down what’s the first things we heard our soulmate say to show that we are willing to be vulnerable.” The person obviously running the support group explains.

“What if you’re a Blank?” JJ asks, obviously trying to give Spencer and out so that he doesn’t have to say what his is over the wire.

“Blanks are so rare, we’ve only had two in the 20 years we’ve been around. A lot of people like to claim their Blanks so they don’t have to write it down but we also always roll our sleeves up to keep everything out in the open. So, what are your names and script?”

“Im JJ, mine says ‘you must be’” JJ conceded, holding her wrist out.

“and you, sir?” You subly tried to take deep breaths to calm your heart. They were all in the room when you told Garcia that you love coffee, they would all know immediately.

“Uh, Im Spencer and uh,” He pauses and coughs uncomfortably, you glance to your teammates, who all look like they pity him as they listen. He had been working there for about a decade now and he never revealed what the words on his wrist said. “My script says ‘I love coffee.’”


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Illusion of Choice (M)

Originally posted by tbhobi

Summary: You’ve grown up with the Jeons, Jungmin and Jungkook, for as long as you can remember, your parents being very close. But little did you know that this is because you are in fact arranged to be married to the Jeon heir, Jungmin. However, a tragedy causes Jungkook to take up his brother’s mantle, and that includes becoming your fiancé.

Word Count: 7.3k+

Genre: Heir!AU, Arranged Marriage!AU, angst, fluff, smut

Warnings: Smut and mentions (but not depictions) of death

A/N: Honestly one of the thoughts going through my head while writing this was “What’s the best way to make the readers suffer?” I’m not even sure if I’m kidding.

You always wondered why your parents let you have boy best friends. After all, being from such an affluent family, as well as being the oldest child, you will be expected to marry someone for the good of the company. Letting you be around boys would just risk you falling for someone that you can’t have.

These are the thoughts running through your mind as your parents call you up to their study on the eve of your 18th birthday, and you know that the day has come. They would finally tell you who you were betrothed to. You stand in front of your father’s big wooden desk, listening to their spiel about your duties as the heir to their company, only listening for one thing: a name. However, what leaves your father’s lips is not what you expected. The words “Jeon Jungmin.”

Jeon Jungmin, whom you had grown up with, along with his brother Jungkook. You had always been closer to Jungkook, having been closer to him in age, but Jungmin would always show you his drawings and sneak you an extra cookie at the dinner table.

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Suits: Part 2

“Some people don’t change… they just find new ways to lie.”

Genre: romance, mystery crime, thriller

Warning: Contains smut, violence, and tense situations in some chapters

Teaser  Part 1

You plopped down in your seat as soon as you saw the familiar manila folders stacked onto your desk. “Let’s see what we got here,” you whispered to yourself as you opened each one, getting excited just like opening presents on your birthday.

And just as you did, you found the case you had been assigned. It was new and a high profile murder case awaiting trial soon.

But this was no ordinary murder case – no. It was one much different compared to anything you’ve ever tackled before as there, written in plain black letters was the name of the infamous Park Jinyoung.

 “Park Jinyoung” you repeated to yourself, saying the name aloud as you flipped through the thick folder. He was a young entrepreneur worth millions – starting a trading business on his own and becoming one of the richest men in the country. Judging from his file, he led a lavish lifestyle – becoming friends with celebrities and traveling the world with his beautiful supermodel wife.

However none of that seemed to matter as his beautiful wife was now dead – brutally murdered in her own home with trauma to the head and internal bleeding.

…And by the time the police had arrived to the scene, the only person they found was her husband covered in her blood. Mr. Park Jinyoung.

While walking down the hall you continued to look through the photos, flipping through each one until you spotted a family photo. It was Jinyoung and his wife, smiling with their two daughters on a beach vacation. Judging from the photo alone, they all looked so happy – seeming like the picture perfect ideal for a family.

However as you sat there waiting, you found the man walking towards you looking completely different. The creak from the door caught your attention first, causing you to look up from the photos before realizing just who had entered.

And there he was, Mr. Park himself. He entered with a stiff expression, looking nothing like the photos. You couldn’t help but stare as he walked further in, noticing his ill appearance from the start. His skin was completely pale, donning an almost blue-ish tint while he had heavy bags under his tired eyes.  

But as he came closer you snapped out of your stare and quickly stood up, extending your hand out to the man, “Hi Mr. Park. I’m Y/N, your attorney-”

“Yeah, I know who you are.” He transparently stated, looking like he was in a hurry as he proceeded to sit down in the chair across from you.

You blinked once, taken back by his rude behavior before glancing at the tall man standing beside him. “Ah and who are you?” You asked, eyes darting between the two in confusion.

“One of my bodyguards.” Jinyoung announced instead before getting comfortable in his seat. You raised a brow, getting ready to ask a few more questions at before he blatantly said, “I have my reasons”.

“Oh…” you awkwardly commented and he huffed.

“Listen lady, I don’t have a lot of time to spare so I would like to get this over with in a hurry.” Jinyoung stated with a grim face.

Getting tired of his attitude, you gritted your teeth as you leaned forward, “No why don’t you listen up.” You scolded. “Judging from your file, you have no authority to throw orders around and act like this. If I were you I would act a little more polite to the person that will be defending your ass in court for the next few months.”

“Do you talk to all your clients like this?” Jinyoung snapped, looking up at you from his seat with a snarl. “You get paid a lot of money for-”

“Find someone else who will take your case then! I’m sure there will be hundreds of attorneys wanting to defend an asshole who is being convicted of murder,” you interrupted – packing your things and making your way to the door.  

“Ma’m, please don’t go.” His bodyguard urged, rushing towards the exit before you swatted him away. “No, I’m done here.” You announced, ready to leave the rude client in a heartbeat as you grabbed the door handle.

“I didn’t kill my wife!” Jinyoung suddenly shouted from behind.

You halted mid-step, slowly turning around to see Jinyoung standing up with a pained look on his face. His lips were slightly parted, taking in quick puffs of air as he seemed in a panic.

“-Then who did?” You asked from the other side of the room.

He stayed put for a second, looking bothered as he said, “I-I don’t know…”

Taking a deep breath, you sighed while opening the door before he spoke again.

“Don’t leave!” He pleaded. “Someone murdered my wife and I don’t have anyone else to go to…the police won’t listen to me and I-I cant trust anyone else in this city.”  

You stood there for a good minute, debating on whether or not to cut your losses and walk out before he could say anymore. He was rude from the start, not even giving you the chance to introduce yourself but there was something about him that kept you standing there – stuck in thought before finally turning around and facing him once more.  “And how do you know you can trust me?” You asked.

“…Because you defended your brother and won.”

Your face suddenly went cold at the mention of your brother, Yugyeom – pressing your lips together hard as you struggled to control your emotions. “That was different.”

“How?” Jinyoung asked. “I’m just as innocent as he was.”

“Are you?” You barked. “Are you really?”

You found yourself walking towards him, not cowering back as he said, “Yes.”

Taking a good look into his eyes, you tried to figure out if he was lying – looking for a sign of some sort to give you a reason to walk away again.

But yet you found nothing.

Jinyoung stood there, not daring to blink as you two stared. He didn’t cower back like you were expecting – not even in the least before you gritted your teeth and took your eyes off him. He watched as you took a deep breath and wandered back to the table, gripping onto the wood before taking a seat.

“I’m sorry for my behavior earlier,” Jinyoung slowly spoke. “Right now I’m going through a lot and I’m not myself…but would you please give me a second chance?”

You felt your gaze drop upon hearing the sadness in his voice – not being able to look at him as it would only bring back memories of your brother who too said those same words many years ago. You took a deep breath and found yourself looking back to his file beside you.

 “It says here your first appearance is tomorrow. This is a high profile case so granted, there will be a lot of press and media.” You stated as you crossed your arms before looking at him. “As your attorney, you’re instructed to not speak to anyone about anything. People will twist your words and use what you say against you.”

Jinyoung’s eyes shot wide, looking rather surprised that you actually agreed. “Got it,” he announced before his phone began to buzz. You shot him a glare before he spoke up again. “Ah, I need to take this.” The man announced before shooting you an apologetic glance.

“I’ll have my secretary send you the information for tomorrow,” you huffed before he excused himself and rushed out with his bodyguard, phone in hand and all.

“One more thing,” you shouted to the Jinyoung, causing him to turn around as you said,

“…Don’t speak of my brother ever again.”

He cocked a brow in your direction before shooting you a quick nod, hurriedly agreeing before finally leaving the building.


The next day you were walking down the familiar hall of the courthouse. It was an old building filled with grumpy parole officers and dirty old water fountains that looked like they hadn’t been cleaned in decades. After security check, you and Jinyoung were being escorted by the police, being led to a room where you would soon fight for his fate.

But as you two walked, you found yourselves being spat on by those who passed by, shouting vulgar things at you for defending a man who was being convicted of killing his own wife.

However despite what they were telling you, they were telling Jinyoung far worse. A few people even charged and spat in his direction before his bodyguard shielded him and opened the door.

And now you were greeted by a chaotic court room, one filled with hundreds of citizens from all wanting to witness such an infamous case. Numerous gasps and shudders were heard throughout the room as soon as Jinyoung entered, causing you to look at him as the two of you sat down.

The well-dressed man kept to himself for the most part, keeping a seemingly calm appearance despite the chaos that surrounded him. You heard names like, “Animal,” and “Murderer” being thrown his way before leaning in and whispering into his ear.

“Don’t pay attention to them, just focus on the trial today. It’s just a first appearance so I’m sure I can spare us some extra time before the next trial date.” You said.

“You sure?” He asked, sounding slightly nervous before you nodded your head with confidence. “Of course, I’m the best at what I do.” You smiled before the back door suddenly opened.

With a quick tilt of your head, you noticed that the prosecutor’s seat was empty on the other side. “Hmm, that must be who we’re going up against.” You simply muttered to Jinyoung before finally looking back to see your opponent.

And just as you did you could nearly feel your mouth drop at the sight of the newcomer.

It was the business man you met at the diner earlier.

He was standing tall and filled with confidence just as he did last time – walking in with a freshly pressed suit and briefcase in hand. His thick hair was handsomely combed back and to the side, giving him that charismatic look that you remembered before.

However there was something different about him. He wasn’t the same friendly looking business man before but rather held an intimidating aura now.

He walked in calm, cool, and collected – not caring to make eye contact or greet anyone as he entered. You watched as he sat down on the other end, holding this focused look until the judge suddenly walked in.

“All rise. Court is now in session, the Honorable Judge Walker presiding.”

Immediately everyone in the room sat up as the room fell silent – watching as Judge Walker sat down in her chair up front.

“You may be seated,” she announced before putting on her glasses and opening up a folder.

“Who will be on the defense?” She announced while looking over at your section.

“Y/N you responded, standing up and raising your right hand just as Jaebum looked over to see who was speaking.

But when he did his intimidating demeanor faded as he had the sudden urge to take a double look – raising an eyebrow in response as a small smile vaguely appeared on his handsome face.

“And the prosecutor to Mr. Park’s case would be…” Judge Walker started before glancing over at the file once more.

“That would be me.” The man announced, standing up as he said, “Im Jaebum.”

And as he said his name, you caught him sneaking a glance over at you with a condescending smirk peeking up from the curve of his lip.

You returned the stare before the Judge continued on with the case, playing it exactly the way you had planned as you had predicted it’d be just a simple hearing for today.

Using your skills to the best of your ability you were able to get Jinyoung off on bail for the time being.

But surprisingly, Jaebum had stayed mostly mute for the duration of the hearing, simply watching you go on about how Jinyoung was not harmful to anyone as you were convinced he is innocent.

“Next court date will be set a month from now. Court dismissed.” Judge Walker announced with a slam of her gravel before everyone let out.

“That went better than expected,” Jinyoung grinned as the two of you were escorted out by his bodyguard.

“Yeah, I’d say it went too well.” You commented, curiously looking back at Jaebum as he packed his briefcase.

“Either way I’m out on bail until next month, that’s a blessing in itself,” he added just as you both reached the double doors leading outside. However, as soon as you were out – hundreds of paparazzi camera lights and microphones were being shoved in your face at the same time. “Mr. Park if convicted what are your plans for your company?” A reporter nearly shouted at him, trying to throw any questions she could to get a reaction out of him.

“No comment,” you strictly ordered, urging him to keep walking through the crowd. “Mr. Park! Mr. Park!” Many other reporters shouted, trying to get him to utter a word as you made sure to get him out of the situation and to his car before an unexpected guest suddenly arrived.

The crowd of reporters went even more wild, making numerous camera flashes and nearly launching themselves at Jaebum who was now standing beside you.

“Mr. Im what do you have to say about this case? What sentence are you expecting?” Asked another reporter while placing a mic near the man.

In contrast to you, Jaebum had a nonchalant attitude towards the press – merely treating it as if it was his own celebrity fan meet as he waved to the cameras. “I’m sorry ladies and gentlemen, but I can’t disclose any information right now.” Jaebum casually announced – looking ahead and placing his hands in his pockets.

“Is this your first time working a case against Mrs. Y/N?” Another reporter asked – motioning towards the two of you for details.

“Hmm, we’ve met before.” He answered with a smug grin before adding. “It’ll be our first case together. I think it’ll be quite interesting to see what Y/N has to bring to the table, don’t you?” He asked, earning a slew of more demanding questions from the press as he concluded the interview.

You looked up at Jaebum, barely having time to steal a glance before he looked back at you and moved closer. “Now if you’d excuse us,” Jaebum added while placing a hand against your back and leading you down the steps with him – showing off a friendly rivalry between you two as the reporters were eating the entire thing up.

Shooting a fake smile towards the cameras, you continued down the steps with Jaebum by your side – feeling his firm hand never leaving your back until you reached your separate chauffeur cars.

But just before he let go, the man made sure the reporters were far out of earshot as he suddenly stopped and looked at you.

You noticed that smug smile that was painted over his face had quickly disappeared and was now replaced with a much more intense and serious aura as he kept you close to him and suddenly leaned in towards you saying…

“Let the games begin.”

A Preponderance of the Evidence: Prelim (Part 3 of 3)

Author:  KatEyes224
Rating: R (For adult themes)
Timeline: Post-ep for Never Again and Memento Mori.

A/N: @piecesofscully, you are the peanut butter to my jelly, and I love you more than you know.  If you missed it, read part 1 here, read part 2 here.

Mulder tosses and turns as minutes trickle into hours, entertaining himself by memorizing the way shadows dip and swirl across the ceiling to the sound of traffic gradually overtaking the steady metronome of Scully’s breathing.  He kicks the sheets off at one point, frustrated when they cling to his legs with a crackle of electricity, his body still charged with the current of all the things he hasn’t said.  

Morning finally comes.  

The late winter storm has retreated overnight, leaving the sun and blue sky to glare into the room as if demanding the two of them acknowledge that day has dawned.  They’ve ended up facing one another on their respective beds, and Mulder is watching Scully’s face when her eyes snap open seconds before the alarm goes off.  He sees her focus as the haze of sleep retreats, and doesn’t bother to look away when she finds him staring at her.  

Slipping past one another in the bathroom and their room, they’re comfortable enough with the dance of the other’s morning routine that they don’t even need to speak.  Mulder shaves while Scully showers; Scully leaves the water running when she steps out with a towel wrapped securely around her body.  She finds that Mulder has wiped the fog away from the mirror in a perfect circle where she can stand to apply her makeup; Mulder discovers that Scully has hung his suit and tie from a hook on the back of the bathroom door.

They catch a cab to the courthouse and arrive almost half an hour before they’re supposed to meet with ADA Venegas.  At a small coffee cart out front, Mulder buys them both coffees and wordlessly hands a banana nut muffin to Scully.  He frets until she rolls her eyes and eventually nibbles the top off before handing him the rest.

They’re sitting outside a long row of courtrooms when Scully makes eye contact with a young woman in an impeccably tailored grey skirt-suit who’s speaking animatedly to a uniformed police officer.  The woman nods at them, and they both stand.

“Agent Scully?”  

Clicking her way towards them in towering high heels, the petite brunette smiles and extends her hand.  She’s even shorter than Scully by a good two inches, although her shoes bring them almost eye-to-eye.  

“I’m ADA Regina Flores-Venegas.  Thanks so much for coming down on such short notice.”

Scully nods and takes Venegas’s hand, shaking it firmly.  “This is my partner, Fox Mulder.”

Venegas looks up at Mulder and her lips quirk into a bashful smile.

“Ah, Agent Mulder.  Nice to finally meet you.  Sorry for being so curt with you on the phone the other day.  I was…a little stressed out.”  She shrugs and holds her hand out to him.

Mulder grasps it and narrows his eyes, frowning at her.  “Not a problem, I understand.  If you could get Agent Scully on the stand first thing, we’d really appreciate it.  She has a doctor’s appointment back in Washington this afternoon.”

Venegas looks back to Scully, curiosity flashing in her eyes as they study one another.  “No problem.  I can call you out of order and get you up on the stand first thing.  Have you had a chance to review your report?”

Nodding, Scully sips her coffee and waves a few stapled sheets of paper up as proof.  “Yes, I have.  I’m good to go.”

Venegas glances over her shoulder as the bailiff steps out of their courtroom and catches her eye, motioning to her.  “Great.  That’s me.  Just have a seat in the hallway where I’ll be sure to see you, and I’ll have you in and out of here in a jiffy.  You’re free to go once you’re done with your testimony.”  Tilting her head in close to Scully, she lowers her voice so that Mulder has to crane his neck to hear over the din of the hallway.  “And Dana, remember what we talked about on the phone.  Expect some pretty…intimate questions from defense.  I’ll be doing my best to make sure they don’t overstep their bounds.”

With a toss of her long, wavy brown hair over her shoulder, Venegas clips away and disappears into the courtroom.

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anonymous asked:

Prompt: Huddling for warmth or they'll die, sexual tension results -I can never get enough

I love this trope a whole lot, anon. thanks for sending it in! hope you like it :)


Clarke lets her head fall back against the wall with a thump. It’s only been a couple of hours, and already her phone is dead, her ass is aching from the hard concrete floor, and she’s starting to shiver.

It wasn’t her fault she got locked in the lab. Really.

She’d insisted Monty go home when he offered to stay back with her, telling him she just had a few more things to finish up. She thinks better with a clean workstation, but she’s not in the habit of tidying as she goes, so every now and then she stays an extra twenty minutes after work to clean up. How could she have known the big storage room– kept at a specific, chilly temperature– locks from the outside after hours?

There was no way she could’ve anticipated it, though that doesn’t stop her from berating herself the longer she sits, cold and annoyed and bored.

She’s done everything she can think of to do. She tried to call for help, but found that she had no service. Tried banging on the doors, but that’s useless when nobody is around to hear her.

So she resigned herself to her fate– spending the night right where she sat. She played games on her phone until she realized she’d want it throughout the night to check the time. She organized the shelves, built a tower out of tissue boxes, and set out paper towels to sit on, protecting herself from the cold, cold floor. But now it’s eight thirty, far too early to go to sleep, and she’s out of ideas.

Another thump as her head falls back against the wall again. And another. It’s been two and a half hours, is she already going crazy?

All of a sudden, the door opens.

She squints against the brightness, momentarily blinded.

“Holy shit,” someone says, as she blinks furiously. “Are you okay?”

“Thank god,” she sighs, scrambling to her feet, her limbs stiff. When she looks up again, she can make out the figure of a security guard, just as he steps further in. Too far. “No, no, no–” she cries, rushing toward the door, but it’s too late. It shuts behind him with an ominous locking sound. She swears and beats on it with her palms, knowing it’s no use.

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thejokesterearth3alive  asked:

If you are still talking fic suggestions how is this: Chloentte with Chloe in deep denial about being gay, but everyone except Marinette can see it?

i got carried away again oops

words: 1668

“Jesus, you think it’s possible for Chloe to flirt with Adrien any harder?”

Nino winced as he watched Chloe twirl a lock of hair between her fingers and bat her lashes as she leaned against Adrien’s study table in the library. Adrien was doing his best to ignore her as much as he could, but Chloe’s hand was half covering his maths textbook and she wasn’t really leaving any room for Adrien to block her out. “It’s almost sad to watch,” Nino agreed. “Like she has absolutely no shame about it. Poor Adrien.”

“Should we rescue him?” Alya asked. 

“And try to take on that little monster? No thank you. I’m staying right here. Adrien’s handled her before, he’s a big boy.” Nino poked Marinette in the side with his elbow. “What’s the miracle you’re not running over to break that up? Last time Chloe was flirting with Adrien you practically leaped across the desks to interrupt them.”

Marinette shrugged and kept reading her novel for literature class. “Not worth it.”

“Seriously?” Alya snorted. “This coming from the girl who stayed on the phone with me for like an hour complaining about Chloe trying to steal the love of your life away.”

“Yeah,” Marinette laughed. “That’s definitely not a concern anymore.”


Marinette blinked and looked between her two friends. “Wait…you guys don’t see it?”

Alya blinked. “See what?”

“Are you serious?” Marinette exclaimed. “It’s so obvious!”

“What’s obvious?” Nino asked. “The fact that she’s an overdramatic gremlin?”

Marinette snorted in disbelief and shut her book. “Guys. Chloe is gay as shit.”

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Motherfucking Witches

Originally posted by princesscas

This is for @kas-not-cas Kas’ 2.5K Follower Writing Challenge!. I chose the quote, “No,no, you do NOT want me navigating, I’ll accidentally navigate us off a cliff.”  

Characters: Y/n (GENDER NEUTRAL READER), Sam, Dean, Cas

Pairing: No Pairing    TFW x Y/n (Friendship)

Warnings: Just fluff, kinda crackishness, teasing, sorta kinda angst, loss of hearing, loss of sight, loss of use of legs… then more fluff and happiness in the end.

Word count: 2333

Summary: When the Winchesters call, you always run to help. Even if you should know better by now. 

A/N: Ok, so, this ended up hella longer than I imagined it being…and it’s not as cracky as I imagined…but I like where I went with it. Hope u like it!!

Tagged peeps: @waywardsons-imagines @whywhydoyouwantmetosaymyname @sallyp-53 @greyravenvixen @helvonasche @notnaturalanahi @wayward-mirage @riversong-sam @nerdflash @miss-miep @impala-dreamer @unknown-chronicles @chelsea072498 @deals-with-demons @plaidstiel-wormstache @impalaimagining @deathtonormalcy56 @the-latina-trickster @aingealcethlenn @squirrels-angels-and-moose @meganwinchester1999 @cubs2019-blog @lucifer-in-leather @p–trick @straightestgay-voice @professsionalsinner @deantheotherkingofkinks @50shadesofyes @lucis-unicorn @whispersandwhiskerburn @lucibae-is-dancing-in-hell @colespriverdale @daddysxlittlexsunshine @atc74 @wonderange @mogaruke @aiaranradnay @totalwhovian @bloodstained-porcelain-doll


“Well well. Dean Winchester. Looking good after all this time”.

He sent you a grin, making his way over from baby to you.

“Sweetheart, I saw you just a few months ago”.

You sighed, shoving him lightly.

“I know that, Dean! I was tryna act all movie star-ish”.

He chuckled, shaking his head before wrapping his arms around you and pulling you into him.

You held onto his shirt, inhaling his scent as he placed a kiss in your hair.

“How’ve you been?”

“Eh, I’ve been good. Hunting. Making sure I avoid your dumb asses. Just the regular shit”.

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Gray Areas

Word Count: 1890

Pairing: Chanyeol x Reader

↠Notes: angst+fluff, modern au, strong language

You wipe off the last of your lipstick, the side of your hand painted with pale red smears. Your mascara’s already mixed with salty tears, dripped down right above your cheek bones. With both your index fingers, you wipe the trails away in a quick motion. You stare into the bathroom mirror, while your hands scrub away under the running sink.

You wipe off the last of your lipstick, the side of your hand painted with pale red smears. Your mascara’s already mixed with salty tears, dripped down right above your cheek bones. With both your index fingers, you wipe the trails away in a quick motion. You stare into the bathroom mirror, while your hands scrub away under the running sink.

Your phone rings. A loud groan escapes your lips. 

Reaching into your purse, you’re about to hang it up, until you realize that it’s just Kyungsoo. “Great timing. Come pick me up Soo…” you grumble wearily into the receiver.

“Y/N… Chanyeol just called me and said ‘yo get your girl’… What is it this time?”

“The fuck?!” you fume. “Is he implying that I’m the one at fault?” Your voice echoes through the empty restroom. “And why the fuck is he always calling you when shit happens?“

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In A Moment Ch. 2

An Avengers Series

Character Pairing: Bucky x Steve x Female Reader

Word Count: 1920

Warnings: Fluff… a few swear words…

A/N: A lot of different emotions in this chapter… the next one is going to get steamy ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for all the feedback I have received! I really appreciate it! It keeps me motivated guys!  

Prologue and Chapter One


Originally posted by stevesupallnighttogetbucky


Steve dodged the lamp that you hurled across the room at him. It crashed to the floor, the ceramic pieces falling at his feet. He crossed his arms over his chest and looked at you with anger in his eyes, “You are acting like a child.”

“I don’t care!” you mimicked his pose and stared him down. “Get out of my room.”

He shook his head in defeat and pointed at the tray of food next to your bed, “Fine. But at least eat.” He turned and walked out of your door. Bucky was sitting on the floor, leaned against the opposite wall.

“That went well,” he said looking up at Steve.

Steve sat down next to him and sighed. “Yea, well she said more than two words to me so I’ll count this as a win.”

Bucky chuckled ruefully and looked at your door. He wasn’t sure what he thought would happen after him and Steve had made the decision to give you the serum, but this wasn’t it. You would barely look at him and when you did make eye contact, the hurt in your eyes was like a punch to the gut.

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Playlist: Left Eye

Left Eye died 15 years ago and I wanted to collect all of my favorite verses from her in one playlist.

I might be in the minority, but I’m a much bigger fan of Left Eye earlier in her career.  The longer she was in the game, the lower her voice got and the more philosophical her rhymes became to the point where, honestly, some of her most classic rhymes I still be like “…what?”  I don’t she was getting the respect she deserved as a lyricist because she was cute, in a group, and sounded like a little girl.  The other women in rap were a lot harder than she was and instead of staying true to what I thought made her unique, she changed her style to meet theirs and it wasn’t quite as successful, to me anyway.

I put these songs in chronological order, but I wanted to put this video for “Freedom” (1995) at the top because you can really see how unique she was alongside other Queens of Rap at the time.  "Freedom" was the theme from Panther and the original R&B version featured artists like Monica, Vanessa Williams, TLC, En Vogue, SWV, etc.  An alternative Rap Version was produced and shot as well featuring Queen Latifah, Yo-Yo, Patra, MC Lyte, Me'Shell Ndegeocello, Salt N Pepa and another artist I don’t recognize.  Unfortunately it’s not on Spotify so I can’t add it to my playlist, but you should find it and download it.  It’s one of my favorite moments in Left Eye’s discography.

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[ never will i ever ]

For the @kwritersnet April Prompt Event!

Prompt: Enemies To Lovers
What: BTS Drabble/Oneshot
Genre: Fluff
Pairing: Taehyung x Reader
Wiords: 3k

Summary: Your best friend is an idol and being an idol comes with its trappings. When she tells you that she’s signed up for We Got Married, you’re super excited for her. You are less enthused when you find out who her partner is going to be. Your teenage nemesis - Kim Taehyung

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A Change of Heart || Hoseok || Oneshot

Originally posted by chimneytaels

Word Count: 3153

Genre: fluff, oneshot

Summary: Hoseok wasn’t sure what love is until he realize that love was you.

(A/N): original was accidentally deleted.

To him, love was sporadic, useless, and extremely fickle. It was a game he liked to play when he got bored and it was easy. All he had to do was go to the dimly lit bar, have a drink or two, eye a couple girls and within the hour they’d willingly walk over, hair twirled around her finger and lip between her teeth as she giggled and replied to his lame attempts at conversation. Another hour would pass before they’d be on the dance floor and soon in a hotel room. The morning would come and he would leave with no trace that he was real and leaving his partners believing he was a beautiful dream that they could only crave to have again.

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Fight or Flight (Indiana Jones)

Pairing: Indiana Jones/OC

A/N: This was so much fun haha I effing love Indiana Jones. Let me know what you think!

Warnings: Nothing crazy or wild in this one!

“It’s incredible.”

Sweat trickled down the back of my neck as I stood with my hands on my hips, gazing up at the vine covered temple. Nature had reclaimed most of the structure, roots twisting up and covering the doorways while moss clung to the faded, time-worn walls. My pulse was thrumming beneath my skin, my entire body prickling with the anticipation of what I might find waiting inside. There was something about stepping foot in a place no one else had for centuries. It was bit of a sacrilegious experience, a moment I kept stored in the back of my memory for safe keeping…Aztec civilizations in Mexico, pyramids rising from the sands in Egypt, ancient tunnels twisting and turning beneath all of Europe. Each stood out in my mind, the memories serving as my own personal treasure.

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Chameleon [part 3]

Synopsis: [still in construction]
Requested: not at all
Pairing: Bucky×Reader
Warnings: none so far

Preview: Part 1; Part 2; Masterlist

A/N: A lovely reader contacted me last night to know if she could be part of my tag list. I didn’t have one but because of her, I thought maybe other people wanted to be tagged on the following chapters. So if you are interested in making part of my readers list, let me know. 

“Have you ever been in a fight?” Natasha tied her hair in a pony tale such thing she only did when training. Letting her hair down was her thing and everybody knew that.

“A couple of times.” you replied. “But I’ve been in several car chases, so don’t go start of thinking I’m a total inexperienced.” Natasha gave you a half smile because she knew you were being comic. It was the type of line she could imagine herself saying with the same tone you used but not everybody would get her humour. 

It was your first day at the gym with Natasha and you could consider yourself excited for what was to come. You had to admit that you were afraid of pissing her off with your lack of fighting skills. As you told Steve before, you were more of a strategist. Getting physical would be your last option in whatever situation. 

“Come on, show me what you can do.” agent Romanoff expected to see your best moves, total force and impact. She really wanted to have at least one reason to like you, to accept you. 

“What do you mean? You want me to just… like… go?” you had no more time to discuss your questions, next thing you saw was Natasha attacking you and you really did not want to get hit by her. 

You tried dodging her fists, but this woman could really take you down so easily. She was just giving you some beginners level of training and you already failed. She stopped her moves and watched as you panted with your back bent down and your hands on your knees. “What the hell?!”

You got up and Natasha waited so you could take a breath before she attacked you again. She was getting entertained, yes, but she wanted you to succeed and survive this first day like a real woman, like an avenger. 

“Are you trying to kill me?” again you came up with questions and so far this was being the longest dialogue you had since you got there. Natasha smiled. Your mind was only now questioning if tomorrow you would wake up to be alive or just have been gone to heaven after this training session. 

“Don’t be a chicken, Y/N. If you are here, if you are going to stay, there are things you must get through. This is just the beginning.” her crossed arms were now positioned as she would start round two, you got up quickly to your best posture and tried imitating her. “Ready?”

Hell no. You didn’t want to break your whole skeleton that morning but hey, you had a better plan. It would compromise the low profile you wanted to keep, but if you really wanted to blend in the group, to fit in as you had thought last night, you had to start making your moves. Sooner or later this would happen, right? Right. 

“Hell yeah.”

Natasha who was on the other side of the gym, took your last words as fuel to run towards you and do what she thought would be best, teach you how incredibly awesome were her moves and you had to at least learn one third of them until your first mission. 

But barely knew Natasha that you had other things in mind. Why learning them if you could only copy everything? Sounded weird if you wanted to say it out loud, but there was where your low profile got ruined and you used your mutant powers to copy Natasha’s DNA in mere seconds just before she threw her first punch and you dodged as if the real Natasha would do. 

“What the f-” she took a look on your face that looked just like her own. The perfect replica, better than any twin could ever look like the other. Agent Romanoff got interrupted by your grasp on her arms that made her spin around and get on her knees. She then found herself in the weirdest situation ever, having to fight against herself, it was’t Y/N anymore. 

Her legs swung to the sides dropping you in an amusing way to the floor. She got out of your grasp seeing an opportunity to go on top of you and just hold you down the way she knew you couldn’t get away. Well, at least she thought Y/N couldn’t get away. “What is that? What the hell is that, Y/N!?”

She screamed at you, she was completely confused so you decided to go back to your own skin, leaving Natasha’s DNA stored in your brain. The transformation was so fast and done kind of magically that under Natasha’s eyes, it was the most incredible thing she could have experienced. 

“Can you now let go of my arms?” you asked and so she did. She got up scared (or was it impressed?), and gave you a hand so you could get on your feet again. 

“So that… That’s what you have been hiding.” she concluded. 

“Well, it has only been a day and a few hours I got here. It isn’t the longest I kept a secrete. But yes, I did not want it to be used like that.” You said. You were pretty talkative today, it was unusual. Maybe it was happening because after so long, you had people around that you could have conversations with. 

“Tony must see this.” Natasha rushed to the door and you couldn’t let her go. 

“No! He can’t. Nobody can know about it now. Just for now…” she stopped to hear you. She wanted Tony to see what you were capable of even though it was scary and dangerous. “I guess I only showed you because we will get to spend some time here with you trying to kill me, while the only thing I have to defend myself is using other people’s skills.”

“Right.” Natasha swallowed your words still thinking about everything that just had happened. “But letting the others know about this” she pointed at you “will change things around here. They will see you as part of the team.”

“Nobody trusts a woman who can ‘change skin’. Don’t you see? They will never like having me around afraid of what I will turn into. Or what I’ll be doing in another skin.” you tried to show your point that was more than valid. Natasha understood. She looked at you, she watched your figure for silent seconds until she came up with something to say.

“Fine. But we need to talk about it. Your first mission is coming soon and we need to know what to do.” 

You nodded. Natasha had a half smile again, it was her best try of making you feel comfortable. She wanted you to trust her now that she knew about your powers, but there were still a lot of things she wanted to know about you. She knew it wouldn’t be easy because, just like herself, you had your past, your traumas, and your deepest secrets.

“How was the first day of training?” Asked Clint as you entered the living room where almost the entire team was gathered. 

“Not bad.” Answered Natasha glancing at you reminding you that she was being loyal to what you have asked her.

You didn’t know why you were there with them, and apparently there was no reason to be chilling in the living room. You remembered why Nick Fury selected you and brought you there and just by the thought of it, you shivered. Why could anyone just chill while there was a huge problem coming towards all of them sooner than they thought? But you, Y/N, thought twice and considered the next few hours your relaxing time. After all, you were tired and really wanted to just give your legs a little break. 

You didn’t know where to sit. So you looked around quickly and found a spot on the comfy couch. Right next to Bucky. You laughed to yourself hoping nobody noticed. How funny was it? He scared you, remember? But at the same time, the scary man was the first one to smile to you, and maybe the only one to give you another look that wasn’t judgmental. 

You walked over to the couch and sat without asking for permission. Nobody minded your movement around the room, but they seemed to be awaiting for something. Or someone. As you have noticed before, not all of them were present so you thought that maybe they were just expecting the others to join them. 

“How actually was your first day of training?” Bucky asked in a whisper not wanting anyone else to make part of this conversation. He saw the chance to talk to you so he took it. 

“I survived all Natasha’s attempts to kill me. I would say I did pretty good.” Your humour wasn’t hilarious, you knew already. But the choice of words and tone was what made Natasha slightly like you and unconsciously you tried to do the same with the soldier. 

He laughed came from his nose. Maybe he also liked your comic side. Maybe. You took the chance to look at him from closer, it was awesome. He went from super villain to a superhero in such short time. You certainly could go from mutant girl to superhero just like he did. That was what Nick believed. Professor Xavier too, you thought.

”What are we doing here?” You asked trying to understand the purpose of being in that room.

“We’re waiting for Steve and Tony.” He said not actually answering your question. 

“Tony doesn’t like me.” But neither did Sam. Bucky had his attention fixed on your face. He watched you frown with the affirmation. 

Tony didn’t like anybody at first sight. He always had the worst impressions of the people until you proved him wrong. But Bucky couldn’t give you any advise since his history with Stark was much more delicate than yours. You knew everything about this drama, part came from the media that couldn’t stop talking about Bucky and his past, and other information came from what you heard at the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning. 

Tony and Steve finally showed up in the living room and their presence made you pay attention to what was to come. You were curious to know what all of you were there for. It was when Steve held up a dvd case and from afar your couldn’t recognize the cover.

“We’re watching The Great Gatsby.”

A/N: This ending! I kinda hate it but I can also imagine Steve Rogers being all excited to watch a movie.

About Y/N’s powers, guys, you will more details soon. Don’t give up on me! 

Tell me what do you think about Y/N’s superpowers, and what do you think is going to happen from now on. There is still a lot to come. 

-Pearl Writer

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Spencer reid dating plus size reader Head cannons part 2

AN: Hey guys, so you guys loved the first set of these, and I can make Spencer Reid head cannons for years, so these are the second round, I love you all, and you are all beautiful, skinny, plus size, tall, short, if you have natural hair or permed, straight hair or curly hair, dark skin or pale skin, you guys are perfection and Spencer Reid would look at you and just fall in love. 

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-Smile. Oh my god Spencer loves your smile, like he loves how when you really smile, like full face smile, like he loves seeing it go to your eyes, and how when you fully smile you look like the most precious, beautiful art piece, he just finds himself staring at you in awe at how someone so beautiful, so truly amazing, hides her smile.

-He loves your laugh, like if he can make you fully laugh to the point of snorting, *we all do it, don’t lie about that one time you laughed so hard you snorted* he feels as if he just saved sick kids holding even sicker puppies from a burning building. like he loves seeing you laugh. Like if that was all he could listen to, he’d be so happy.

-He loves to watch you do your makeup, simply because he loves to see the process and he finds it true magic, that you can go from beautiful to even more beautiful, like just sits behind you and his face is just in wonderment like ‘How…did…wow’ 

-He loves to like surprise kiss you, like he’s not one for PDA but he at random point while you guys are walking around and just stops and pulls you in and kisses you because he just really needs to make sure you are real. 

-He hates seeing you sad because of clothe shopping, being a profiler he can always tell when you are upset, even if you try to hide it, he just takes your hand and squeezes it to let you know he’s there, because he knows its been a life time of these feelings and him simply saying the opposite won’t fix it instantly. 

-He takes no shit from people, like if you guys are out eating, and the waitress/waiter decides to just be the biggest of cunts like “so the check or…are you and your sister getting dessert?” and not just that they said sister, but also the tone of voice when speaking drives him to go full like angry Reid.

-Super hot to you though, also makes you blush at how he calls you beautiful and funny and far more attractive because you don’t make assumptions or judgments based of the soul outer body of a person. 

-He buys you sexy bedroom clothes, like things he knows you would never buy because of how much it shows off. 

-He has such a kink for seeing you in a plaid shirt and white burrow down. Like calling him professor/Dr. Reid…lets just say you’re real happy you let him talk you into wearing his little gift. 

-He is a sucker for cute couple type things, like matching Christmas sweaters to Rossi’s holiday party. 

-When JJ gets married he is in awe at how beautiful you look all dressed up, like thats when he knows, ‘yep i’ma marry her…’

-When he finds you criticizing yourself in the mirror he will stand behind you and trace his fingers over every part of you, and tell you facts about ancient times and how a woman of your beauty would have men battling in the street for your hand in courtship, or how the goddess of beauty and love herself has hips and curves. How the stretch marks are simply your warrior battle paint. 

-He sends you messages every day of little things, just ‘you are beautiful, in every way’ ‘man sure you remember to eat,’ ‘people’s words are nothing but anger that their soul is ugly and yours is perfect’ 

-He likes to have underwear dance parties on weekends he has off, just music on, both of you dancing in undies, like he doesn’t dance in clubs but he can move his hips, let me tell you. 

-He likes to keep his hands on your hips, like anywhere just his arm around you hand on your hip, to keep you close to him

-He will grab your butt to make you yelp and blush.

-Is a butt and boob guy. but what he loves the most…out of all of you. THIGHS! 

-He loves to kiss them, touch them, see them in jeans, leggings, shorts. 

-Thigh high socks are his weakness, like you just sitting on the couch reading, in shorts and a sweater and thigh highs, he just drops everything and pulls you off the couch and well you don’t leave the bedroom for a bit. 

-King of oral. Just….yes

-He gets off making you get off.

-Loves to kiss and bite down your body, 

-Has memorized every curve and dip of you, like he knows every freckle and scar, every dip and curve, everything on you. 

-Loves you, and every inch of it. 

-He brags about you, a lot….like…wow…like he has beat Morgan for how much he brags about you.

-Will leave marks on you so people know, you’re taken. 

-if a mark shows up on him, if someone see’s okay, he’s not ashamed to have it. 

-Likes to read to you, like your head in his lap, reading to you in a soft calm voice. 

-He will kill anyone who hurts you, or tries to take you from him.