can we just talk about the freakin hook and emma parallels

Every s5 episode so far has been a step towards canon SQ

1) The Dark Swan

Regina knowing about Emma’s baby blanket so she is obviously someone Emma trusted with that piece of info. The show could’ve used any article of clothing but no they picked Emma’s most valuable possession for the spell.

I mean look at her face! Maybe it’s my shipper goggles but all I see unadulterated, pure, honest love.


Then we had Emma giving Regina her dagger which is something Rumple did with his TL Belle as a wedding proposal. I really thought Emma would give it to Hook but no she gave it to Regina, who now has Emma’s life in her hands WHOA. Emma willingly (without any prompting) gave up complete autonomy over herself to Regina… to control or destroy her. This is implicit TRUST, the foundation of any loving relationship.

Emma to Regina: I saved you. Now save me.


Enough said.

2) The Price

Emma’s jealousy towards OQ (see my post for complete explanation and more jealous Emma)

Regina to Emma: I know you. The good you is still in there

Which is similar to Belle’s “there’s still good in you” to her TL Rumple. You see Regina’s words can still make stone-cold Emma falter. Regina bringing out a glimmer of old Emma must have been a hint that she would have a big role in saving her. 


2 failed CS TLK’s and both were not so romantic i.e. Emma attempting TLK to get rid of her darkness and Dark Emma trying to seduce Hook.

In the end montage, Regina is the “magic that threatens to undo your most evil doing” - she snapped her finger to reverse Dark Emma’s spell and turned the dwarf cosplay of Emma (the beanie and red jacket were a dead giveaway) back to normal… foreshadowing that Regina will be the one to bring the old Emma back.


And we all know “true love is magic” that can break any spell! :D

3) Siege Perilous

CS breakup - Hook’s “that you isn’t here” which contrasts with TL Rumbelle’s “there’s still good in you”


4) The Broken Kingdom

CS paralleled to false love Arthur/Gwen (at least the later version)



None of these CS romantic scenes mattered anyway since we know Hook stopped loving Emma a few weeks later.

Now you might retort “But WAIT, What about the pink flower petals being thrown over Lancelot and Gwen at her birthday party? They can’t be fake love as the real Gwen loved Lancelot!”. A fellow Swen explained it perfectly here.

When lancelot includes the phony Arthur love flowers in the party he throws Guinevere to ensure her happiness Bc he thinks that’s what she wants. Just like when emma gives her life for regina’s “happiness” with hood.

Even here the pink flowers as a symbol of “deception” make sense because Lancelot made Gwen think it was Arthur who planned the flowery birthday gift not himself. ;)

Lancelot/Gwen parallel to Swan Queen OMG. :O This is so not a “seed” (read lgbt hint) the showrunners talked about but the whole freakin PLANT.

And we know that Lancelot was the one Gwen’s heart truly wanted!


Are these all “seeds” being planted by the writers to suggest that Swan Queen are true love? Only time will tell. ;)