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Isn’t That What Soulmates Do?

pairing: connor murphy x reader

word count: 12000

warnings: swearing, genitalia mention, suicide mention, suicide attempt

summary: when your soulmate gets a mark on their body - pen ink, a tattoo, a cut, a bruise, a sliver, or anything like it - you get a matching one on your body, too. however, this boy seems to write awfully crude things on his arms, and you’re having trouble covering up all the profanities at work. 

a/n: nobody asked for a connor murphy soulmate au but i am here to deliver anyway. (bold text is connor, italicized text is you). also sorry this probably got waay too long and it probably got worse the more time went on and its cheesy and bad and i cant tell if i like it or hate it either way enjoy! 

call in sick monday so you dont have to present that dumb fucking science project you totally didnt do

You sighed and tugged your hoodie sleeve over the messy scrawl on your forearm, turning your attention to the next customer in the queue.

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Heart on the Line (part 10)


You and Bucky had your differences in college, but now you need a place to stay and he needs a roommate, and in order to make ends meet, you two start a phone sex line together.  

“For a Good Time, Call…” AU

author: sugardaddytonystark (formerly buckysbackpackbuckle)
pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
word count: 1150

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Science Partners (Peter Parker x Reader)

A/N: With all of the Homecoming hype, I figured I would write another little thing about our cute web-slinger. Enjoy!! xx

Warnings: cute, cute, cuTE, and the cheesiest of tropes

Originally posted by jessikaort

It was a new year. A new year of hell. Peter always did fairly well in his classes, especially his science classes, but he still hated the idea of being invisible as he navigated the crowds of hormonal teenagers. He also hated listening to guys and girls complain about broken phones when he had to worry about broken bones as he kept the streets safe. 

He didn’t hate school quite as much, however, when he walked into chemistry and saw you. You were a new student and you sat perched on a stool, alone at a back table. Your hair shone in the sunlight that streaked through the classroom window. Peter would swear that your eyes glittered like (Y/E/C) jewels when your eyes met his. You flashed him a shy smile before looking away. It was only for a moment but Peter was undeniably head-over-heels. 

“Parker,” the teacher barked. Peter snapped his head to look at the teacher. He gripped the strap of his backpack nervously. “It is nice of you to finally join us. For the rest of the year, I think it would be kind to your new science partner that you arrive on time.” The teacher gestured to you with one liver-spotted hand. 

Peter’s heart leaped into his throat as he willed his feet to move towards you. He placed his bag down with a thud and nervously took the stool next to you. “I’m (Y/N),” you whispered, tapping his shoulder lightly. 

“I’m Peter!” he blurted out as the teacher was going over the syllabus. His face went as red as a tomato and a few students snickered. The teacher shot him a threatening glare before continuing. You smiled and giggled lightly, pink creeping up your cheeks. 

The entire hour, Peter kept stealing glances at you. Everything about you was perfect. The shape of your lips, the color of your eyes, the rise of your cheek bones, the curve of your nose. An oral pop quiz was given and Peter was impressed by your intelligence. You raised your hand for almost every question and every time you were right. 

Every now and then you would catch Peter staring. Your heartbeat was rapid the entire class period. His chocolaty brown gaze made your breath hitch and your stomach flutter. When he wasn’t looking, you would also steal glances. His jaw clenched in concentration. His messy hair fluttered in his eyes. His surprisingly defined arms and chest moved gracefully under his sweater. 

Towards the end of class, the teacher handed out a list of various labs you could choose from to get yourself acquainted with the lab. You looked over the purple paper and looked up at Peter who was staring directly at you. His chin was propped up on his hand and he had a dazed smile on his face. “So, um, Peter, what do you think?” you asked.

“I think you’re amazing,” he mumbled. His eyes grew wide as he realized what he said. You looked away, hoping to hide the intense blush on your cheeks. “I.. I mean no, well, yes, you are, but I, uh…” You could say that Peter was saved by the bell, for the high pitched school bell began to ring and Peter was out the door before anyone else. You stared at the empty stool and your shoulders drooped a little. This was going to be an interesting year. 

Peter made his way to the lunch room, trying to block out the embarrassing image of him making a fool of himself. He somberly waited in line for his lunch and then took his usual seat with his friend, Ned. “New year, dude. New year means new girls,” Ned said, nudging Peter’s shoulder. Peter just slowly shook his head, staring down at his grease soaked pizza. “What’s wrong with you?”

“I met the new girl,” Peter mumbled. 

“Dude, tell me about her! Is she that bad that so you’re like this now?”

Peter shook his head once more. “No, Ned. She’s astounding. She’s so intelligent and she made this really funny joke in class and her face… Ned, her face. She’s the most gorgeous girl I’ve ever seen. And she’s my science partner..” Peter went on and on with great enthusiasm about you. Ned encouraged it. 

You walked into the lunch room, gripping your bagged lunch and looking around nervously. You finally found who you were looking for and made a bee-line for the table. “And Ned, her shirt fit in all of the right…”

“Um, Peter?” you interrupted nervously, standing behind him as Ned eyed you humorously. You saw his shoulders tense and his ostentatious hand gestures freeze in mid-air. He slowly turned in his seat and looked up at you. “You forgot this in chemistry,” you held up the hand not holding your lunch to show Peter’s backpack. 

He gingerly took the bag from you, his fingertips brushing against your hand. You would laugh at yourself later but you could have sworn you felt sparks when his hand touched yours. “Thank you,” he mumbled, looking into your eyes. You could feel a heat creeping up your neck and you gripped your lunch nervously.

“Would you like to sit with us?” Ned piped up, breaking your attention away from Peter’s gold-flecked eyes. 

You flashed him a smile, and nodded. “Yes, thank you,” you stammered. 

“You wouldn’t mind, Pete, right?” Ned winked at him. 

“Not… Not at all,” Peter said, scooting over so you could sit next to him. You made yourself comfortable as you slid in next to your cute new lab partner. Your shoulders brushed together and Peter cleared his throat. 

“So, (Y/N), I’m Ned. Peter has told me a lot about you.” Peter angrily took a bite out of his pizza. You giggled shyly and began unpacking your lunch. “Peter here is very good at chemistry with other people, just so you know.” The boy in question let out a very angry sigh, his jaw clenching. You bit your lip and saw that Ned was playing wing-man. 

“Is he now?” you asked, sounding intrigued. “Maybe you could show me a thing or two… In the lab, of course.” Peter perked up but continued to stare down at his food. 

“So, (Y/N), have you ever studied anatomy?” Ned asked, waggling his eyebrows at you and nodding towards Peter. You suppressed a giggle as you felt Peter kick him under the table. 

You made sure to flutter your eyelashes a little as you looked sideways at the very embarrassed boy and said, “The human body happens to be a.. main interest of mine.”

Peter almost choked on his milk and you couldn’t help but let out a laugh. Ned roared with laughter and Peter was once again bright red. “He’ll get this flirting thing down eventually,” Ned said through fits of laughter, patting your hand reassuringly. “So, where ya from?”

Ned made pleasant conversation the rest of the lunch period and Peter gradually came out of his shell. You could tell that you would become fast friends with the two boys and your feelings for Peter had already begun to take root. Peter, at one point, even attempted a pick-up line. 

“What lab were you thinking of doing?” you asked Peter. 

“Well,” he began, puffing out his chest and looking at you through half-lidded eyes, “I was thinking we could mix copper and tellurium because you’re CuTe.”

“Impressive, Peter,” you said with a giggle. He looked very proud of himself for the “effectiveness” of his flirting. The lunch bell rang and all three of you stood up to leave. “Well, I’ll see you in gym, Peter. See you tomorrow, Ned!” you shouted over your shoulder. 

“Gym, huh? You guys can be gym partners! You can help her with her squats, spot that a… ouch, dude!” Peter punched Ned’s shoulder as he was talking. Peter watched you walk away, a soft smile on his face. You glanced once more over your shoulder and flashed a gorgeous smile at Peter. Peter was not going to hate school at all this year. 

A/N: This ended up a little longer than I expected. Also, this is set up perfectly to become a series! What do you guys think? Would you want that? Let me know and send in requests!! xx

Nine to Five (Part 3)

Pairing: Stiles x Reader

A/N: The response to Part 2 was absolutely out of this world. I couldn’t believe it, I’m so happy that people are loving this as much as I am writing it. Enjoy Part 3; Just a reminder that this is a drabble series so I’m not trying to make each part 2k long, this part is only 905 words so don’t bombard me with “why is it so short” drabble series

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 (coming soon)

Originally posted by wydobrien

Over a month has passed, the most amazing and exciting month of your life. Accepting the job to be Rosie’s nanny was definitely the best thing you’ve ever done. She was a wonderful, adoring little girl that deserved the best in life, and you were determined to give it to her; along with the help from Stiles, who you would willingly give the award for Best Father within a beat of the heart. He had so much time for his daughter even with working a full time job, he never came home grumpy or too tired to spend time with her. Every time you left the house in the evening, he had her cooped in his arms.

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Torn Up (Part One)

Originally posted by leafbabies

A couple of disclaimers:  

1. I’ve never ever published an imagine before, and this is just the first part of many, so if you want to read more, shoot me a message and I’ll continue to post this story!

2. This is gonna be a big one. It’s already 15k words on the google doc, and I’m nowhere near halfway done, so I’ll be releasing it in parts if y’all want me to continue.

3. I’m not sure about the pairing yet, so in a couple parts if y’all have any opinions, feel free to weigh in!

Warnings:  Some foul language, probably rude jokes, ambiguous romance at this point… 

The first time I tried coffee, I was convinced that it was the most vile thing on Earth. Granted, it was that super bitter, low-quality instant stuff. As I got older and tried higher quality beans and roasts, I fell in love with its complexity. Fast-forward seven years and there I was working as a barista in a quirky little coffee shop in downtown Toronto.

I had always wanted to go to college outside of the United States; I could never really stay contentedly in one place. The constant relocation that came with having parents whose jobs included constant moves was the most likely cause of my wanderlust. That, and the fact that I was raised in places like Germany and England, Texas and Canada. Out of the thirteen different places I had lived, Canada was my favorite; granted, it was Niagara Falls which was known for being very American. Canada was just foreign enough to be separate from the U.S., but Toronto was only seven hours away from where my parents had retired to in Indiana. They weren’t happy about me studying in another country, but conceded that Toronto wasn’t as bad as sending me off to Europe.

The stress of classes hadn’t quite hit me yet, as it was only three weeks into the fall semester of my freshman year at the University of Toronto. I was feeling confident enough to get a job at a coffee shop a couple of blocks away from campus and was enjoying the sense of purpose it gave me. I did however dread the idea that I would possibly have to give it up if my grades started to slip. Granted, the employee benefits of working at a niche little place like Espresso Yourself, along with the free coffee and flexible hours, it would be difficult to leave, no matter how tough my classes got.

After about a month of working at Espresso Yourself, I already had a few regular customers. Most of them were young professionals who would show up in immaculate suits and with purposeful, if not superior, expressions on their faces. While they all seemed to order the same three things, kind of like how they all wore variations of the same three outfits, I learned to predict whether someone would order real coffee or a fancy, sugary drink from the rest of my customers.

Adversely, the only two true regulars who didn’t show up dressed like they would kill each other for a job were two young guys who pretty much lived in Toronto Maple Leafs gear. Despite them being regulars, they never seemed to show up at the same time every day, but by their third visit I knew them by name and their orders by heart. Mitch was the shorter of the two and without fail would order a caramel mocha with extra whip. His friend Auston (double espresso, splash of cream) teased Mitch mercilessly after every order for choosing something so sugary and girly, to which Mitch complained that it was the only out of diet thing he consumed and that he was trying to put on weight anyway. The two bickered like frat boys. Or old women.

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anonymous asked:

how do you think John talked to Sherlock about the ILY scene?

So when I got this ask it ended up inspiring me a little. My answer is going to be a little ficlet instead of a legit answer, so hopefully that won’t bother you lol. Besides, I don’t think this is totally out of the realm of possibility. We can happily imagine…

There’s Still A Chance

John pulled the blanket around his shoulders a little tighter in the back seat of the police cruiser and let out a heavy sigh. “God, I can’t wait to hold Rosie,” he murmured.

Sherlock continued staring silently out his window.

“Hey,” John prodded gently, making his friend turn. “You did good today. You should be proud.”

Sherlock barely smiled. “People did die, John.”

He nodded. “Yeah but some people didn’t. Your parents still have all three of their children because of you. I get to go home and raise my daughter because of you. You did that.”

John cleared his throat a minute later, after some more silence had set in, deciding it was a reasonable time to unearth another more specific topic.


Sherlock’s head whirled round again to meet his gaze before swallowing thickly and facing ahead.

“Yes,” he answered softly, perhaps a little nervously.

“So during that phone call you- you told her you…” John started slowly, and Sherlock took the bait.

“I did think she was about to die, John.”

John shook his head and smiled. “I knew you were gonna say that. I knew that’s what you were going to say when I brought this up. Sherlock, look, I’m not talking about how it happened. I don’t care if she was surrounded by bombs or in a cage or in that coffin or if she was just standing there in front of you. The point is…you meant it.”

Sherlock kept his gaze straight ahead but John could detect a shift in his demeanor.

John boldly repeated his statement. “Sherlock, you meant it.”

Finally, the stoic detective turned and looked him in the eye, speaking not much above a whisper.

“Maybe I did.”

“Ok,” John acknowledged, nodding slowly. “So you meant it. So then…what now? I mean, I know you don’t typically do…that sort of thing but I can’t help wonder if things might be different now. Things should be different now, I’d think. You’ve scoffed at sentiment for years but, mate, what saved you today? What saved everyone who walked away today? It wasn’t cold unfeeling logic, I can tell you that much for sure. If that’s all you had you never would have won. Because I think we all know Eurus has got you beat in that department. No, what saved us was your heart. Doesn’t that tell you something?”

Sherlock pressed his lips together nervously, no argument to offer, likely because he knew there was none to be had.

“So…” John pressed on. “What now?”

Sherlock inhaled and released the air from his lungs slowly, the plain old oxygen probably filling in for the comfort of nicotine that he’d never fully stop craving. Finally he squared his shoulders and his eyes brightened just a bit.

“Do you know, John, I believe you’ve already told me what to do next.”

John tilted his head and frowned in question. “Have I?”

Sherlock gave him a little smirk and cleared his throat in preparation to repeat the words. “Text her, phone her, do something…while there’s still a chance.”

John’s lips lifted slowly in a smile at his familiar wording before returning the favor and repeating words of Sherlock’s. “If you’d like to know how I predict the future…”

Sherlock chuckled. “No need to be smug, John.”

“Ooh, I think there’s need. Anytime I’m in the right I think I’ll have to use the chance to be just a bit smug.”

Before anything else could be said, John leaned forward toward the front seat. “Scuse me, could we use your mobile?”

The driver immediately complied, passing the device to John. Sherlock looked a little frightened as John settled back in his seat and reached his hand over, holding out the phone for him to take. Of course he was frightened, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t finally ready.

“While there’s still a chance,” John repeated softly, giving another gentle push.

Finally, slowly, Sherlock reached out and took the phone. He stared at it in his hands then, motionless before once again speaking the words that were quickly becoming like a mantra for him, making his fingers move to dial the familiar sequence of numbers.

“While there’s still a chance.”

Happy Birthday!

(A birthday fic for everyone’s favorite doof, Markiplier!)


It’s so loud that Mark jumps several feet back in one, frightened bound. Everyone is gathered in his living room, the Egos and his friends and Amy, holding a cake in her hands. They’re all smiling, and Wilford is currently giving a solo on a kazoo. And it’s all so silly and wonderful that Mark just melts into pure happiness.

Kathryn has organized a table of Mark’s favorite foods and has battled quite valiantly to keep the Egos’ dirty little hands off it while they waited for Host to bring Mark back from Ego Inc. Tyler and the Googles set up all the decorations, and it’s certainly not the prettiest sight. But Mark appreciates the thought more than anything else. Ethan and Bim guide Mark over to the “special birthday seat” they’ve made up for him which is just his most comfy chair with balloons taped to it.

King of Squirrels walks over, takes the crown from his head, and puts it on Mark’s. “Just for today!” he warns Mark. “I dub you, Sir Markiplier, king for a day!” The others cheer, and Mark blushes so brightly that he almost matches the rubies in King’s crown.

Amy lets Wilford light the candles on the cake with Kat’s supervision. “No goofs,” Amy warns him as he makes a face and lights the candles and only the candles on fire. “All together now!”

And they start singing Happy Birthday to Mark. Wilford throws an arm around Bim’s shoulders as they break into two part harmony, and Dr. Iplier manages an impressive falsetto. Amy brings the cake over to Mark’s birthday throne and holds it out for him with a huge smile on her beautiful face. Mark notices that on the cake in green icing instead of “Happy Birthday” are the words, “B to Blow.”

He giggles a little, and when they stop singing, Amy tells him, “Make a wish!” Mark knows exactly what his wish is without even having to consider. He takes a deep, deep breath and blows out all the candles in one try. “I see all that jabbering does you some good,” Amy says with a laugh a gives Mark a quick peck on the cheek. “Alright, Birthday Boy gets the first slice!”

Kathryn refuses to let Wilford cut the cake no matter how much he protests. They let Google do it instead since he can actually make all the pieces the exact same size so that everyone gets an equal share. Even Tim gets a slice, just so he doesn’t feel left out. Chica, nervous but still excited, seats herself across Mark’s lap, her tail wagging happily off one end and her head nuzzling under his hand on the other.

They all sit around, laughing and talking together about funny memories of Mark. The Egos hang on to every word of the team’s stories of Mark stumbling around half-asleep after finishing the editing for “A Date with Markiplier” or the time that Tyler smashed the famous table Mark faceplanted on, it’s all new to them. Host seems to enjoy the stories the most, leaning back in his chair and smiling to himself as if, for once, he doesn’t mind that he’s not the one telling the tales.

“Time for gifts! Time for gifts!” Tim announces, throwing his little hands in the air happily. “Open mine first, Mark!” Tim hands Mark an even smaller box which has a small button inside. “It’s for when one falls off of your shirt!”

Mark smiles and thanks his little biscuit. The Egos tell him their present can wait for the end, and so they move on to Teamiplier. Tyler and Ethan give Mark a coupon book full of pieces of paper that say things like “Free trip to Cracker Barrel,” “Free ‘Go Away Now’ Card,” and the like. Mark laughs and tucks the little book away in his pocket for later as Kat and Amy bring over their gifts of food, which Mark probably appreciates the most out of anything.

Finally, Wilford agrees to show Mark the Ego’s present, which he claims is really a present for everybody. “I’ll take everyone if you all get close.” Once they all gather around Warfstache, the Ego shouts a loud, “Poof!” And they’re all suddenly flying through his void, tumbling head over heels until they break through to the other side like falling out of water.

Other than Wilford, everyone else lands sloppily on their faces or backs or another person. When they all scramble to their feet, Mark looks up and gasps. “Wilford! How?”

“Bim and I made it.” He gestures up to the house. It’s colossal and unusual, colorful and lopsided, but it’s the most appropriate house for the Egos that Mark could’ve ever imagined. There’s a giant oak growing right out of the top of it, and half of it is raised up on stilts while the other half seems somewhat buried in the hillside of the wilderness where the house rests alone among the trees.

Bim looks at Amy and smiles. “We thought since you had such bad memories at the other building… and-and since Dark is in control of that place, we decided to move!” He glances between the house and Amy and Mark. “Do-do you like it?”

“Like it?” Amy asks. “It’s amazing! I love it!”

Kat, Ethan, and Tyler gather around. “Can we see inside?” Ethan asks.

Wilford clears his throat, putting on his best TV show host voice and declaring. “Right this way, ladies, gentlemen, and of course, all other configurations of being!” And leads them through on the grand tour. As they step inside, Amy drops back to the back of the group where Mark is smiling just as bright as day and looking around at the others’ excitement.

“You look happy,” she says softly.

He takes her hand in his. “I am, Liebling.”

Amy grins over at him. “So, what did you wish for?”

Mark glances around once more at the new house, the Egos, and his friends all happy together and safe. “This,” he says, “this is the best thing I could wish for.”


Sebastian Stan x reader

 au where Chris actually has a fucking Instagram

 @avenging-the-supernatural requested: hi! can you write one with sebastian where they’re dating & recently made their relationship public but the reader is getting some negative responses from fans and she tries to keep it quiet because she thinks seb will end it if he finds out (for her safety)? and she ends up telling him? thank you, i love your work!

 Warnings: cyberbullying, self doubt, protective!Seb, fluff 

 A/N: I went a little off request, but I hope you liked it anyway! This was also kind of short

 You scrolled through the comments on Sebastian’s latest Instagram post- a selfie of him kissing you on the cheek as you smiled brightly.

He can do better than that 

She doesn’t deserve him 

She’s not even pretty 

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My Favorite Person [Connor Murphy x Reader]

Title: My Favorite Person
Pairing: Connor Murphy x Reader
Fandom: Dear Evan Hansen
Requested: by the lovely @rinzix
Summary: College!Friends with benefits | You’re thankful to have a friend like Connor, for more reasons than one, but you’re fun may soon be coming to an end, and Connor isn’t feeling like himself
Warnings: mentions of sex | Connor has a potty mouth | mentions of mental health relapses and recovery | brief allusions to domestic violence | first person reader
A/N: This was such a wonderful, fun prompt and it reeaallly got away from me, so I apologize in advance. Essentially, the summary is I will probably never let Connor Murphy be happy. As always, it’s really rushed and I didn’t proof read. Enjoy?

It never starts the way I expect it to.

Don’t get me wrong–I’m not complaining. It just doesn’t work out the way it does in the movies, ya know? I’ve never gotten a text at eleven pm asking me to sneak across the campus to his conviently empty dorm room, never received anything remotely similar to a booty call. It started on accident, like everything else Connor Murphy does. He doesn’t understand the sort of pull he has on people.

Connor Murphy was an absolute octopus, first off. I woke up early–much earlier than he ever would–underneath a pile of pale, lithe limbs that seemed to tangle around me in a number of places. I was sticky–definitely sweaty from sleeping too close to Connor, who apparently fell asleep on top of me like some kind of animal, but I also felt an uncomfortable squish between my thighs that reminded me of the drastic turn of events that happened last night.

To be perfectly clear, this wasn’t the first time we had done this. The first time had been planned–an accidental mishap that had spiraled out of control, beginning with texts (“Hey, would you mind to model for a piece I’m working on? I can’t find any decent reference poses online.”) and ended with some not so appropriate banter (“Are we sexting? Is this sexting? I mean I’m horny but like it’s gotta be smoother than this, right? Shit, do you have nudes??) that had snowballed into an agreement: we could fool around, platonically, because being in college and being ridiculously horny all the time and balancing a decent relationship was one thing too many.

Still, our first few times had been planned: I’d come over for pizza when Connor’s roommate was out, we’d play video games and watch a movie, and, at some point, Connor would lean over with little to no warning and kiss me much too roughly, taking me off guard–it usually either dissolved into a fit of giggles or ended up with me on my back staring up at the smooth column of his throat, watching his pale adams apple dip briefly as he groaned into my hair.

The sun was up, shining obnoxiously through Connor’s too thin quilted curtains, filtering across our tangled bodies. My shirt was still on, thankfully–I had no idea when his roommate would be back–but Connor was entirely nude (save for a pair of tie-dye tube socks, I can’t believe I slept with him while he was wearing that), sprawled on top of me, all pale skin and angles. From here, I could see the knobs of his spine pressing against the thin, pale skin of his back where my hand rested. One of his hands was fisted tightly in the fabric of my shirt, just over my stomach, and the other was dangling off the edge of the  bed, his thin wrist almost comically looking as if it would snap.

The smell of him was overwhelming, of course, it always was. I could still taste him if I ran my tongue across the backs of my teeth. I’d need a long shower to scrub away the smell if I wanted to think coherently today–Connor was definitely my favorite person, the only real  friend I’d made at school so far, but the very smell of him was going to make my brain short circuit.

We needed to have a discussion, needed to stop doing this every time we hang out. A limit. I sighed, remembering. We were going to have to have a talk anyway.

Reaching up gingerly, I ran my fingers against the knots on his back, tracing the triangles of his scapula and cupping the back of neck to run my fingers through the curls. His hair needed washed, badly, but I didn’t mind, just continued to soothe, feeling him sigh in his sleep against my neck. I grinned, feeling his nose press more firmly against the juncture of my neck and shoulder.

"Why are you awake?” He slurred, lips wet where they brushed my skin. His limbs went taunt, stretching before rolling over off of me, his arms slinging against his eyes.

“Ugh, can you cover up?” I groaned, sitting up and pulling a blanket to pool in my lap, trying to look anywhere but Connor. “It’s daylight now, it’s too vivid.”

He just chuckled, running his hands to scrub at his face in an attempt to wake up, pushing tangled curls out of his eyes, grinning at me. “Sorry, geez. Didn’t hear you complaining last night.” Nonetheless, he yanked the blanket over his lap, rolling over to look at me with a smirk.

“How’d you sleep?” He asked, tapping my forehead with his thumb, before leaning over to kiss me there. He didn’t move away, just hovered over me on an elbow, and surrounded by his scent left me vaguely dizzy. I’d miss it when I left here, I knew.

I scrunched my nose, letting him know that the affection was unnecessary, but he kept leaning over, pressing another kiss to my temple.

“I don’t remember,” I sighed honestly. “You kinda kept me up till two am.”

“What time is it now?”


“Christ, sorry,” he laughed, sitting up immediately and pushing his hair back. “Guess I tired you out, huh?”

“Don’t get cocky. We were talking until twelve thirty, you only last half an hour, bucko,” I said, crawling quickly out of the bed and tugging on my panties.

“Ouch! Didn’t hear you complaining,” he chuckled, pulling his hair back into a ponytail holder. He was planning to let me shower first, then.

“Yeah, yeah,” I muttered, and I could tell that was the end of the discussion. We had a habit of skirting the topic during the daylight hours–if we talked about it, then we thought about it, and if we thought about it, then–well, you get the picture. “I’m gonna shower.”


By the time I’m out, my hair combed in wet strands sticking to the back of my neck and dressed in a clear pair of panties and one of Connor’s bigger shirts, Connor is sprawled on the bed, fully dressed, staring at a worn copy of T.S. Eliot poems, the green cloth binding fraying between his lithe fingers. The steam from the shower followed me in the room, making it look like a hazy 1970s Polaroid, accompanied by the warm light trying desperately to filter into the room through Connor’s quilted curtains.

He’s brushed his hair, I noticed, and there’s a lingering scent of cologne in an attempt to mask the smell of him–of us, if I’m being entirely honest–without showering. I nearly snorted aloud when I saw what he was wearing.

“That’s my shirt, you know,” I choked out between laughter, unable to believe that Connor fucking Murphy is wearing my tie dye crop top with a pair of ratty grey sweatpants. It was big on him, with a little pink embroidered heart stitched messily over the chest. The sweatpants rode high on his square hips, so all I could see was the slope of his ribs into the flat plain of his stomach, his belly button barely peaking out over the elastic waistband of his boxers, which rode a little higher than the sweats.

He looked up from the book, grinning lethargically, letting me know he was still barely awake. I probably should’ve let him sleep longer, but I needed to leave soon, and I wanted to tell him goodbye.

“I know,” he sighed lazily. “You left it here last time. It’s really soft.”

I bit back my smile, crossing the room to sit beside him. “Fair enough,” I conceded, tucking back a piece of hair that was beginning to slip from his ponytail.

“You’re wearing my shirt,” he pointed out, pouting his bottom lip.

“I forgot to bring a clean one,” I lied.

“You know you have extras here,” he said, suddenly frowning and returning to his book. I paused, unsure what had caused the sudden mood shift, and wanted to be careful moving forward in the conversation. “I mean, you can always borrow mine, I don’t care or anything–”

“You don’t want anyone to see me wearing it, I get it, I’ll switch back before I leave,” I said reassuringly, scooting away half an inch to give him space. It was easy to overload Connor–it wasn’t his fault, I really did understand. Sometimes social interaction was too much, especially when I’d spent almost twenty four hours with him, and we’d been so intimate.

“Fuck, I don’t care about that,” he hissed, flipping the pages of his book much too rapidly to be actually reading them. “Do you care about that?”

The second statement was shorter, softer, almost as if he didn’t want me to hear. It made me nervous–Connor had been doing better, a lot better. Throwing himself into school, into art, made him better. He wasn’t recovered–it was hard to tell if he ever would be, and I’d only ever seen a few of his episodes, but any form of relapse that I couldn’t help him control was unwanted.

“Of course I don’t care, Con,” I said softly, reaching up to soothe his hair softly, feeling him stiffen and relax beneath my fingertips. “Jeez, we’re in college. I couldn’t care less what people think.”

He nodded, eyes creased before closing, his lips pressed together in a frown. “Right, right, you’re right, sorry.”

“Don’t be sorry,” I muttered, feeling nervous. He certainly wasn’t in any mood to hear my news. Something was on his mind. “You good?”

“Huh? Yeah! Great, don’t sweat it!” He some how managed to morph his deer in the headlights expression into one of enthusiasm.  It was more than concerning, and I hadn’t noticed when he’d developed the ability to swallow back his feelings. I didn’t know why he felt like he needed to. “What’s the plan for today, kiddo? There’s a Clark Gable marathon on TCM tonight, I know you like that black and white crap.”

Shit. I swallowed thickly, realizing I needed to tell him, and now. I was hoping it would wait until at least after we had food in us, or at least until Connor was awake enough to reign in his emotions and think with a level head.

“When’s your roommate getting back?” I asked instead, scratching at the back of my neck and not meeting his gaze. I felt him squint angrily at me, aware of my avoidance. “Don’t want him to walk in on anything unseemly,” I laughed.

Connor was still watching me, I felt it, with a pinched, calculated expression. “We don’t have to fool around tonight,” he said softly. “We can just hang.”

His voice was that soft, melancholy tone again that made my heart constrict. He wasn’t feeling good, I realized. He clearly thought that I was upset with him–I wasn’t, but I realized with a jolt that my news certainly wasn’t going to help his sudden self conscious streak.

I shifted on the bed again, feeling his eyes on me as I delayed, and I could practically see his inner turmoil. I should stay here with him. He wasn’t doing well. But, I’d promised….

“Um,” I mumbled, pushing back my wet hair with my hand. “About that. I, uh, have plans for tonight.”

His eyebrows took a quick hike into his hairline, his slate eyes wide, before he horrified me by neutralizing his expression again before I could read him properly–he gave me a small smile, one that didn’t reach his eyes.

“Oh,” he said hoarsely. “That’s chill. You could’ve just told me that.”

I smiled gratefully back at him, reaching out to rest my hand on his knee. “You’re sure?” I asked softly, tracing a pattern out on the grey cotton knee of the sweatpants. He swatted my hand away, and I felt a sudden dip in my stomach. He was upset.

“Yes, geez,” he grumbled. “I am perfectly capable to spend a day without you, you know. I probably need to check in with my folks, anyway.”

“You’re sure?” I asked again, leaning back, a bit more skeptical. Connor saying he wanted to check in with his parents was the boldest lie I’d heard in a long time.

“Yes, Christ, shut it,” he hissed, flopping onto his back, the crop top riding comically up on his stomach, and, without thinking, I leaned forward quickly to press a wet kiss to the cluster of freckles on his ribcage, earning a loud swear from Connor, followed by a slew of giggles, his thin hands pushing at my hair to pull me away from his ticklish sides.

“Stop it! Stop! Christ–st–” he sat up abruptly and tangled his hands into my hair, yanking me down against him, his bare chest trapped between us, soft against my palms.

What had started as a gentle joke, just a silly peck, escalated as it tended to. It was slow–Connor’s laughter dying quickly in his chest, his breath hitching in the back of his throat instead. I opened my eyes to glance down at him, his eyes closed, his eyelashes flickering against his cheeks. I pulled back, just for a moment, amazed to find his lips parted, head tilted back, obvious that he expected me to move my lips to neck. I just chuckled, pressing a soft kiss to the cleft of his chin.

“Not this morning, Con,” I whispered, kissing behind his ear.

“Just kissing,” he whispered, letting out a shuddering breath into my hair. Eyes still closed, his hands tightened in my shirt in an attempt to keep me against him.

“You know it won’t stop there,” I laughed. He pouted beneath me.

“But–I’m not wearing a bra. I’m all ready to fool around!” Connor snorted, hands digging harshly into my sides as he laughed.

I smothered my laugh against his jugular, fighting to control my breathing, before pushing myself up against Connor’s chest.

“Not now,” I sighed sadly, giving him a closed mouth kiss against his lips, watching his eyes fade as he chased me for another kiss.

“Okay,” he sighed. “Sorry, my fault.” Throwing a hand over his eyes, he groaned, tangling his fingers in his pretty, pulled back hair.

“Don’t be sorry,” I mumbled.

“Later,” he smiled against his fist, slate eyes staring up at the ceiling with amusement. “Later. Christ, no one told me my libido would get a second wind after fourteen.”

“You’ve always got your hand,” I reminded with a chuckle, rising from the bed to stretch. Distance, I needed distance to think. He wrinkled his nose in disdain.

“Yeah, no thanks, not the same.”

There was a beat of silence, where I caught Connor watching me from the bed, before turning away with a pinched expression. It triggered an oddly sick feeling in my stomach–I shouldn’t feel guilty. I shouldn’t. This was just fun, Connor was just my friend, nothing more.

“So, uh,” he coughed. “What was your plan for tonight?”

I stiffened, turning around to sit on the edge of the bed with my back to him, beginning to braid my hair. The bed dipped suddenly, and Connor’s leg was flush with mine, the other folded behind my back, and Connor’s fingers wove into my wet hair, beginning to plait it silently.

“I have a date.”

His hands stilled, just briefly, and I felt myself relax when his fingers began again. He hadn’t taken a single breath.



“Who with?” Cold. Uninterested. I growled low in my throat.

“Not sure. Some guy my mom set me up with–they’re pissed I don’t have a boyfriend, you know,” I reminded, and Connor just grunted in affirmation.

“You have no idea who he is?” Connor groaned in disgust. 

I shrugged. “He goes to school here–I think his name is Jared? He’s a business major. My mom is very impressed.”

Now, Connor really paused, his fingers abandoning the braid to snap his hands down into his lap.

“You know him?” I asked.

“Jared Kleinman?” Connor hissed, not looking at me.

“I think?” I said skeptically, unsure what about this kid had Connor in such a state.

“He’s an ass,” Connor growled. “An absolute asshole, bully, short-stack, scum bag, and you can’t go out with him. You can’t go out with that jerk off, trust me, okay? As your friend, I forbid you.”

I’d been taking everything Connor said seriously up to that point–it took a lot to make Connor that verbose, let alone that enraged–he’d been working on getting better, he really had–but his final statement made my eyes snap open, throwing my body off the bed.

“You forbid me?” I hissed, spinning with a wicked laugh. “I’m not your girlfriend, Connor. You can’t stop me from doing shit, okay?”

His eyes widened–in shock or shame, I wasn’t sure–sliding back up onto the bed. “I didn’t mean, fuck, I’m just trying to look out for you, okay? He’s bad news. He was–fuck, he was such an ass in highschool, okay?”

“And people can’t change, right?” I laughed crudely, watching the muscle twitch in his jaw. I’d pressed a button. Good. His eyebrows furrowed down over his glare, and I saw his hands clench and unclench in his lap. He’d caught my eyes flickering to them, and immediately looked helpless, wiping them on his jeans.

“I’m not having a fit,” he promised. “I’m not gonna hit you, I fucking swear to–”

“I know,” I lied, softening my posture and  looking away from him. “I know, Con. You’re not gonna hurt me again.”

Truth be told, he might. Relapse was easy–I knew, I’d seen it in teaspoon sized doses, whether be him throwing me against the door with too much force or be it a fist coming to connect on the wall behind my head after I gave a particular nasty comment. Connor had never hit me, not hard, but he almost had, and he’d said a few nasty things, broken some things of mine.

We were friends because I trusted him, because I didn’t want to leave him just because this felt hard. But I wouldn’t let Connor talk to me like that again, I’d promised myself. It meant a time out–no sex, no talking, not until he could calmly apologize and talk through what he was feeling.

“I’m sorry,” he sighed, scrubbing his hands over his eyes–he’d forgotten to paint his nails this week, I noticed, but his wrist had flowering patches of indigo and lavender peppered along his arm like blooming bruises–they were just left over from his last art class Friday. He really needed a shower, I realized.

“Don’t be sorry,” I said again, leaning against the bathroom’s doorjamb in lieu of joining him on the bed. If I sat on the bed, I’d want to touch him, and as much as he deserved reassurance, he didn’t need the positive reinforcement. He had to learn I was a finite fixture. “That Jared kid–he said something to you, right? In school. You didn’t like each other.”

Connor laughed mirthlessly, filling my stomach with lead. “Yeah, you could say that. He’s one of those weasely kids, ya know? With just shitty underhanded comments they get out of Mad magazine. Gets under your skin.”

It was too easy to picture, embarrassingly so, I thought, watching Connor now with his eyes downcast and his mouth pursed, I could still see him, just a year ago, and some punk kid whose comment landed on its mark. He probably sent Connor into fits.

I tried too hard not to picture Connor those nights, crying disgustingly in the shower, banging his head too hard against the tile, replaying over and over in his head what that little shit had said to him.

I didn’t want to go out with him. I hadn’t wanted to to begin with. But, I had to. I’d promised.

“I’m really sorry, Con,” I sighed softly, thunking my head against the doorjamb in punishment. “I’m sorry you had to go through that.”

“Don’t be,” he laughed bitterly again. “’S over now.” He held his arms open, silently asking me to come back down to him, just to make up. “Just because you’re sucking his cock now–”

He froze, eyes bugging out of his head, staring at something on the ceiling I couldn’t make out from here. My stomach churned uneasily, and the tips of my ears got uncomfortably warm. Connor sat up slowly, bracing himself on his arms, staring at the wall with a horrified expression. He was vaguely green around the collar of my shirt.

“You wanna stop. That’s why you told me. You wanna stop.”

I swallowed thickly. “Con–”

“Christ, kid! What happened to relationships and sex and school are too much? We said–”

“It’s out of my hands!” I gasped, Connor’s glare finally snapping to mine, melting me into the floor. “I don’t want to go out with him–you know my mom expects me to–”

“Fuck, I know, you’re parents want you to be a fucking baby factory with a rich husband, I know, okay?” He groaned, shoving his hands into his hair and dislodging the ponytail holder, his dark hair cascading around his shoulders, his whole expression pinched.

I flinched, shutting my eyes, wishing desperately to be somewhere else. He didn’t mean it, he was angry–it didn’t mean it didn’t hurt.

“It’s just to appease my mom,” I sighed quietly, disgusted to realize how wet and broken my voice sounded. “Just to say I have a boyfriend, to keep her out of my hair. Otherwise she’d be down here every week, and I’d never be able to see you–”

“What if I pretended to be your boyfriend?” He said suddenly, making my gaze snap to his, despite my discomfort. He was staring seriously at me, and I felt sick to realize he was sincere.

“Trust me, Con, you don’t wanna do that.”

To subject him to that kind of scrutiny would be unfair. Connor was my favorite person in the world right now, and, despite coming from a good family, my mother would be less than thrilled to hear I was involved with an art major with a juvenile record.

He snorted. “I know I’m no Jared–”

“Don’t,” I glared. “Don’t. I’m sorry, but yeah, we can’t have sex for awhile, okay?”

“Fuck,” he hissed.

I felt sick–like crying. “I’m sorry if that ruins our friendship for you. I thought you might be able to tolerate spending time with me when I’m not getting you off.”

Connor’s horrified expression let me know he hadn’t actually thought of that, but it didn’t mean he hadn’t known.

“Hey,” he said softly, rolling off the bed to stand, his hands out stretched as if he was scared to spook me. “Hey, that’s not–hey, don’t cry.”

“Fuck off.”

“No,” he growled, coming forward to wrap his arms around me, still wearing that stupid crop top, pressing his face into my neck. “Fuck, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean that,” he murmured, his lips brushing my jaw. “You come first, you always come first. I’d rather have you than sex, you know that, right?”

His fingers scraped under my shirt to press against my skin, pulling me tighter to him, his fingertips tripping with friction.

“I know,” I sighed, going limp against him and wrapping my arms around his neck–it felt nice just to be close. “I’m sorry.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Fair enough.”

He pulled back, reaching up to cup my face, his fingertips burning where they thumbed my cheeks, wiping away the stray tears. He stared down at me so intently, and I realized he was still scared.

“Before your lame ass date, you wanna get some take out?” He asked with a crooked grin, leaning in to kiss my forehead quickly.

“Fine, but you have to change,” I giggled, pulling away despite his protests to grab my purse from his desk.

“I refuse to change–this color looks too good on me.”


“I can’t believe you’re gonna wear one of my shirts on your date with that wank,” Connor groaned, watching me button up one of his shirts over my chest, shaking his head. “He’s gonna try to cop a feel–it’s like he’s grabbing my boob, kid. That’s the worst violation of all.”

I rolled my eyes, brushing my hair back from my forehead. “First off, they’re still my boobs, but I promise I’ll bring the shirt back in mint condition. I doubt I’ll be kissing him tonight.”

Connor grinned around a mouthful of rice–he was cute like that, I realized, cheeks full and eyes crinkled with a smile. His mood had flipped swiftly, thank goodness, despite the fact it had started to pour outside, the sky pitch black despite the fact it was still early in the afternoon.

“Maybe he’ll buy you something nice,” Connor grinned. “I’m sure he’s loaded. If he brings a friend, make sure you hit on him.”

I snorted, but pulled on my slightly dirty skinny jeans anyway. “If he brings his friend on a date, I’m walking out and taking you home for thanksgiving.”

Connor grinned again. “God, that’d be rich.”

Thunder pounded through the room, making Connor’s hair products shake on his desk, causing me to jump back onto the bed to be near Connor.

“Don’t tell me you’re scared,” he teased softly, glancing out the window to see the downpour. “Christ, maybe you should stay in tonight. Last thing you need is to be trapped in some shitty French restaurant with mademoiselle rat face.”

“You’re hilarious,” I said bitterly, watching the leaves paste themselves to the window pane. “But, maybe I should reschedule. That’s not a shitty thing to do, right? It looks awful out there.”

“Nah,” Connor said around another mouthful. “Plus, if you do, we can have one last hoorah–okay, you’re right, sorry.”

I just grinned, hitting him lightly upside the head. “You can finish up in the shower, pretty boy.”

He frowned. “Fine.”

I pursed my lips, glaring out into the storm again. “I should call Jared ask him to reschedule,” I sighed again, feeling only vaguely guilty. I mean, what were the odds Jared even wanted to go on this date? Our parents set us up, for goodness’ sake.

I wondered briefly if Connor had worn this shirt in highschool, if Jared would recognize it.

“I highly recommend standing him up,” Connor said chipperly. “Allow me to hand you your phone–”

Connor froze, still half stretched across the bed, staring at my phone on the nightstand.

“Oh my God.”

“What?” I asked, concerned. “Is everything okay?”

“Oh my God,” Connor said again, this time dissolving into a fit of giggles, yanking my phone off the charger and throwing it on the bed. “I can’t believe this!”

“Connor, if you don’t tell me–”

“He stood you up!”

“What?” I screeched, fumbling for my phone, surprised to see a few missed texts on my home screen.

From: Jared
To: Me

Srry 4 the short notice, do you think we coukd meet some other time? Don’t wanna get caught in the strom

“He can’t even spell,” I muttered in disgust, throwing my phone onto Connor’s bare stomach that shook with laughter.

“This is hilarious, oh my God. It’s so sad, you look so cute and everything! You were gonna put on mascara for that asshole!”

“I’m gonna dump this soy sauce on your shirt, Murphy.”

“Sorry, sorry, geez!”

He put down his plastic fork, reaching across the mattress to stroke his hand across my bare arm. For a minute, I thought he might ask me how I felt, but instead just asked, “Are you up for a round of Battlefront?”

I grinned, beginning to undo pearline buttons of Connor’s nice navy shirt. “I’m gonna kick your ass.”

He grinned, eyes crinkling at the corners and his lips cracking with the force of his smile. “I look forward to it.”

Morgan Rielly - One Big Happy Family

Originally posted by laurastacey

OK this one was really fun to write and I made it super kid oriented so I hope you love it as much as I loved writing it! 

Request from @gally-lehky : Hi can you write a cute fluffy one with Mo rielly where you guys and your kids just have a cute cuddly day

The house was silent as you headed downstairs to make breakfast for the family before everyone woke up. It was a rare moment that it was ever quiet in the house seeing as there were three kids constantly running all over the place.

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Ever Since New York • Pt 7


Thanks as always for reading and giving me feedback, I appreciate it so much you guys have no idea :)
Edited this myself so there is probably errors, sorry I got caught up in the smut!

So I’m dedicating this chapter to my new bff @lazydaizies cause she has motivated me to no end and I love her ❤️ Go and read her fic, it’s bomb. Trust me.


When Jughead woke up, he wasn’t sure whether last night had been a dream or not. And when he felt the warmth of Betty in his arms, her back snuggled in so tightly to his chest, he almost thought he was still dreaming. Those were the only dreams he ever had anyway, ones of her.

But no. He was wide awake. This was happening to him. And he couldn’t quite believe it. His heart felt like it would burst out of his chest and any given moment, beating like that. Betty stirred then, she turned around to face him, still asleep. And if he thought his heart was full before, it wasn’t. For now he could see her face, so peaceful in that dream state and all he wanted to do was reach out and touch her. He didn’t want to wake her, but God damnit he had to make sure she was real. He had to make sure she was really here. So he did, he ran his hand down her face, her skin so soft on his fingertips. She opened one eye slowly, a smile forming on her sleepy face.

“Morning, Juggie.” She whispered, her voice full with sleep but also so full with love it was like he’d never heard his name before. If he could lay here like this for the rest of his life, he may well have. “You sleep okay?”

“The best sleep I’ve had in a long time, Betts.” He smiled down at her, still stroking her face, moving to play with her hair that had curled around her face in her sleep. As she watched him with those big meadow- green eyes of hers, he was overwhelmed by how beautiful she was. His breath hitched in his throat, and all he wanted to do in that moment was kiss her. Which is exactly what he did. He placed soft little kisses all over her face, down her neck, not being able to stop himself. A laugh escaped her lips.

“Jughea-” He cut her off with more kisses, all of them on her mouth. She kissed him back lightly, and still laughing, she managed to push him onto his back and sit over him, straddling his waist. “As much as I’m enjoying this, you really worked me out last night -” She blushed as she said this, quickly ducking down to kiss him again when she saw that glint in his eye “- And I am starving. Breakfast?”

She didn’t have to ask Jughead twice.


Betty had convinced Jughead that it would be safe for them to go out to a local diner she knew for breakfast. It was definitely no Pops, but it did damn good waffles, so Betty had told him. And she never went often enough for anyone to notice she was with someone who wasn’t her boyfriend. “At a glance they’ll think you’re him, anyway”

They both got dressed in the same clothes they were wearing last night, and Jughead couldn’t help but smile at the thought. As he sat on the edge of the bed he watched her tie her hair back in her bedroom mirror, her shirt lifted, and he could see a blue and purple bruise the shape of his fingertips forming on her lower back. He winced, and Betty noticed in the mirror.


She lifted her shirt and turned awkwardly to see what Jughead was looking at in the mirror, her lips forming a smirk when her eyes locked on the mark he had left on her. She couldn’t help but love it, heat rising in her face when she thought about the amount of times he had claimed her as his own last night. And this morning. She looked at him then, a smug look on his face that she instantly wanted to kiss off.

“It’s okay, you’ll just have to kiss it better.” She almost sung as she pranced over to him. He wrapped his arms around her waist, the smile on his face as he looked up to her one that made her heart swell. He let his hands slip down to the back of her thighs, his thumb pressing into her skin. “But not yet, I need energy.”

She removed his hands from her and pulled on him until he stood. He placed a chaste kiss on the tip of her nose.

“Me too, you took all mine. Feed me please” He wrapped his arm around her as they left her apartment.


The soon piled into a booth at this diner, Jughead making the conscious decision to sit opposite and not beside Betty. He wasn’t sure he could keep his hands to himself.

But it wasn’t himself he needed to worry about.

“Hi there, are you guys ready to order yet? Or can I just get y'all some coffee to start?” Betty looked up at the waitress with a smile.

“Actually, can I have a milkshake please? Strawberry. And waffles, too. With fruit.” The waitress jots that down, then looks to Jughead with a look on her face that Betty can read a mile off.

“And for you, hunny?”

“I’ll definitely have coffee, black, and umm, burger and fries, please.” He smiled up at the waitress, oblivious to her flirting. As she sauntered away he saw the look ok Betty’s face, her brow was furrowed and her mount the perfect ‘o’ shape.

“What?” He asked, trying not to laugh at how annoyed she looked.

“Uhh that pretty little thing was totally flirting with you, Jug. God, where the professionalism?” Jughead was laughing now, so much so his head hit the back of the booth. “What? What are you laughing at? Just because you were oblivious.” She leaned back and crossed her arms, the cutest little pout Jughead had ever seen on her mouth. He wanted to take that lip in his teeth.

“Is that a hint of jealousy I can detect there, Cooper?” Betty shoots him daggers.

“Shut up, Jones.” The corners of her mouth are tilting up and he can see she’s trying not to smile.

“Trust me, Betty. I notice, I just don’t pay any attention to anyone else but you.” He holds her gaze, her mouth turning into a full blown smirk at his words. There eye contact only broken because said waitress was back with their drinks. She placed Betty’s milkshake in front of her with a smile, and the Jugheads coffee in front of him.

“There you are hunny, nice and hot. Do you need any extra sweetness in there or are you sweet enough?” Betty can’t believe her ears, she kicks Jugheads knee under the table as if to say “what the fuck?” He just smiles back and says no, as charming as ever. As soon as she’s gone he burst out laughing again.

“Jesus, someone needs to tell her it’s not hot when you make it easy.” Betty is staring daggers into the back of the waitresses head as she’s walking towards the kitchen.

“No, but jealousy? Totally fucking hot. Looks good on you, Coop.” He’s got this stupid smirk on his face and Betty can’t decided whether she wants to smack it off or attack it with her mouth.

“You wish, I’m just simply saying it doesn’t look good for business.” She pulls her shake towards her then, and knowing that Jughead is watching she purposefully drags her mouth down and back up the straw, taking long sips of her shake and swallowing slowly. She flutters her eyelashes just to vamp up the seduction.

“Jesus, Betty. Are you trying to kill me woman?” Jughead can’t take is eyes off her, now she’s gripping the glass and nibbling ever so lightly on the end of her straw with her teeth. He could feel the warmth growing in the out of his stomach. All this girl had to do was suck on a damn straw and he was done for. Enough so that he didn’t even notice the waitress come back with their food, his eyes didn’t leave Betty’s mouth around that straw, not even to say thank you. The waitress left with a slightly disappointed look on her face and that didn’t go unnoticed by Betty, satisfied with herself. Jughead couldn’t help but let out a little moan as Betty stopped hanging off her straw and started on her food.

“Eat, Juggie.” She just smiled up at him with that million dollar smile, and if he didn’t love her so much he would hate her for winding him up so easily.

They made small talk at the table as they ate, laughing and smiling. Jughead found himself continuously having to swat Betty away from stealing his fries, just like all those times at Pops. Even though he didn’t mind, not really. He’d give her anything she ever wanted.

They were halfway through their meals when Betty noticed the waitress coming back, probably to make sure everything was okay with their food. She reached her leg out under the table and slowly ran her foot up the inside of Jugheads leg, getting achingly close to his lap when the waitress made it to the table. Jugheads eyes went wide.

“Everything okay here, guys?” She wasn’t even asking Betty, it was all directed at Jughead, her head was tilted towards him for god sake. And so, with her veins running hot, Betty’s foot made it to his lap, and she smirked when she could feel a slight bulge. It was working. She let her toe run a light, slow circle around his groin. She could feel him twitching through his jeans. Jughead gripped the table.

“Yeah, perfect, thanks.” If you didn’t know him you wouldn’t really notice the strain in his voice, but Betty could. She let out a light laugh and the waitress shot her a look.

“Nothing else I can get you? No refil-”

“No!” Jughead winced as her cut her off “No, th-thank you. We’re fine.” She nodded and hurried away. Jugheads eyes turned to Betty then. She let out a breath when she saw the lust clouding in them. He grabbed her food under the table.

“Are you done? We need to leave. Now.” His tone was firm enough to make the hairs on Betty’s arms stand up. He threw the cash for the food on the table and quickly stood up from the booth and took her hand, pulling her out. He strategically placed her in front of him with his hands on her shoulders and lead her out, he didn’t want anyone else to notice how excited she’d just made him over breakfast. Betty couldn’t help but wink at that waitress as they walked out.


They headed home via the hostel Jughead was (supposed to be) staying at so he could grab his stuff and check out. Betty had told him there was no way he wasn’t staying with her again.

They were back at Betty’s apartment now, she was telling him about how long she’d been living there and what is was like as she unlocked the front door and let them in. As soon as the door was closed, Jughead had slammed Betty back up against it, her chin firmly in his grasp.

“You’re super fucking sexy when you’re jealous, you know that? I nearly had to take you on that damn table” He was looking down at her, his eyes darting over her face possessively. And when she bit her lip and faked a look of innocence, her green eyes wide, he held back the moan that sat in his throat.

“Who, me? Oh, no. Are you gonna punish me?” She was fluttering her eyelashes at him now. He felt her leg work its way inbetween his.

“I might,” He licked his lips, his mouth so close to hers he could feel her breath mixing with his. “Unless you can convince me not too?” His breath hitched as she hooked a finger through his belt loop, pulling his flush again her.

“No, Jug. I deserve to be punished.” And without another word her mouth was on his, tongue pressing against his lips, searching for his. He let out that moan that he had been holding in and wrapped both his arms around her thighs, just below her ass, and hoisted her up. She let out a laugh again this mouth.

“Atta girl.” He started towards the bedroom. Betty ran her fingers through his hair as she kissed his face between her giggles, one on each side of his smile, one on his nose, his forehead, and one on his mouth as they reached the bedroom door. She reached her hands out against the frame, stopping him from taking her in. He looked up at her, a question in his eye. She brushed his hair away from his face, smiling down at him.

“As much as I want you to show me how much of a bad girl I am Jug, maybe we should shower first?” His heart jumped at the use of the word we, instantly beating faster as he thought of her naked and dripping. He hoisted her up again, causing another giggle that he loved to hear escape her lips. He turned around and headed to the bathroom instead.

They got clean in the shower they shared, and then dirty, and then clean again. By the time Jughead stepped out and wrapped a towel around his lower body, he was covered in mouth shaped bruises and scratches. He had wanted her to mark him, he wanted reminders everywhere that she touched him, wanted and loved him. And as she stepped out of the shower, he wanted to take a mental snapshot of her. Her lips were plump and red from all the kissing, hair wet and clinging to her face, her cheeks stained pink. She stood there naked, and Jughead wanted to follow the trail of water dripping down her body with his tongue. God, she was beautiful and even though he had just ravished her completely he wanted her again and again. He grabbed her face between his hands and kisses her long and hard, both of them breathing heavy as he pulled away. He laid his forehead against hers and trailed his fingers along her mouth.

“God, Betty. I will never have enough of you.” She closed her eyes and smiled sweetly.

“I’m counting on that, Jug.”


They had decided to order take out and have a movie night. They were snuggled under a blanket on the couch now, empty Chinese take out containers on the coffee table in front of them. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind was playing. Betty’s head was in Jugheads lap, he was absent mindedly runnning his hands through her hair. She turned her head to look up at him from his lap.

“If this was a thing, like a legit thing, would you consider it?” She nodded towards the tv. “Erasing someone from your memory?”

He tilted his head in thought. “Maybe if it was like, Reggie Mantle? Wouldn’t mind forgetting him.” Betty laughed at him and smacked him on the arm.

“Serious, Jug. Would you?” He thought about it for a moment as he ran his hand down her face. But he already knew this answer, he wanted to hear hers.

“Would you?”

“No.” Her face was serious, she hadn’t even had to think about it. She grabbed his hand that was on her face and looked him straight in his eye. “Not even if you died, or told me you never wanted to see me again, nothing. Nothing would make me want to forget how much I love you. Cause it’s a whole fucking lot Jug, and I would never not want to know that feeling, you know? Not everyone is as lucky as me to love someone so fiercely, even after being apart and not speaking, even with the Clara’s and the Jacks” Betty felt guilty for a fleeting moment when Jacks face flashed in her mind, but she pushed it back because she didn’t want to think about it. She hadn’t even realised she was crying when Jughead wiped her tears from her cheek. Her voice was a whisper when she spoke again. “And I never want to forget what it feels like to be loved by you.”

Jughead is tracing Bettys lips with his fingertips. “You never will, baby. I promise you never, ever will.” She kissed his fingers before he moved them to hold her head in his hands. “And to answer your question, fuck no, I would never consider it. Why would I want to forget this face? These lips” He placed a kiss on her mouth. “This neck” Then another kiss on her neck just under her jaw. “This ass” He smirked as his hand moved down her body and pinched her. “You are the blood in my veins Elizabeth Cooper, I’m not even a functional human being without you. Seriously, ask Archie.” He’s laughing but he’s dead serious, she can see it in his eyes. She reached up to cup his face with her hand, he nuzzles his cheek in her palm.

“I love you, Jughead. Thank you for coming to me. I know I-, I know that you came here for closure and to leave it behind you and I’m sorr-”

“Shh, Betty, shh it’s okay. Please don’t apologise to me. Ever. This is closure, Betty. This is me coming to terms with the fact that you are it for me. Even if you told me right now to leave, to not come back-”

“Jug I would never.”

“I know, but let me finish, Betts. Even if you kicked me out right and and said you never wanted to see me again, I think I could manage. It would hurt like a bitch, sure. But I could live with that because I’ve come to terms with it, I’m being honest with myself now. I’m not hiding anything anymore. You are etched into my very being, and I could live every day as long as I knew you were happy and smiling and where you wanted to be.” His hands are on her face again, tracing all her features. “You are the most beautiful woman in this whole world, you know that?”

“Oh shush, you old romantic.” But she’s laughing and smiling up at him, eyes glittering with tears and he knows he’s not wrong.

“Never, never ever. I don’t even believe in god but I will never stop thanking whoever the hell is up there for letting me have you, even if it’s just for this weekend.” Jughead can feel his own tears trailing down his face. “I just love you so fucking much, so fucking much it’s a little bit overwhelming and I-” Betty put her finger over his mouth to shush him.

“Make love to me, Jughead. Please. No more talking.” He leaned his head down to kiss her, softly at first but that wasn’t what she was after. She let him know that by wrapping her fingers in his hair, pulling on it so his nose was flat against hers. She used it as leverage to pull herself up into his lap until she was straddling him. Never once taking her mouth from his. His hands were pressed into her lower back, pushing he flat against him. He peppered kisses all along her jaw, down her neck to her chest. He nibbled on her collar bone, which causes a moan from Betty’s throat. He runs his tongue soothingly along the bite marks he left. Her head is hung back, giving full access to Jughead. He places more kisses on the rise in her chest. One hand weaves up the back of her shirt, gripping on her bra clasp and quickly undoing it. She inhales quickly and pulls away from his mouth.

“How did you do that so fast?” He smirked at her, looking smug. He leans into her automatically at the absence of her mouth on his.

“It’s a talent, baby. I’m full of them.” She rolled her eyes at him. She wrapped her arms around his neck and took his bottom lip in between her teeth. She pulled back slowly until his lip popped back.

“You think so? Can I show you mine?” She wiggled her eyebrows at him, placing a quick kiss on his mouth before she trails more down his neck, only stopping to pull his t shirt over his head. And then he’s pulling hers off, her bra hitting the floor next to it. His hands make to cup her breast, but she grabs them before he can.

“Nuh uh, I want this all for you.”

He pouts at her. “But your boobs are for me!”

“Not just yet, sunshine. Now don’t speak unless you’re moaning my name, capesh?”

She quickly continued her way down his chest with kisses, right down through his navel until she’s pecking at the skin along the waistband of his jeans. She runs a finger up the zipper, teasing him. She can feel him growing under her touch. She looked up at him with hooded eyes.

“Is that for me?” She asks, putting on a sing-song voice, a hand on her heart. He licks his lips and tried to find his voice.

“All for you, Betty.” His words catch on his breath as she wraps her fingers around his waistband and shimmies his jeans down until they are on the floor next to the rest of their clothes. Now she has him just in his boxers. She climbs back in between his legs and traces down his member through the fabric. Jughead twitches under her touch, pushing his hips up towards her.

“Such a tease.” He breaths out. She smirks up at him, holding his gaze while she pulls down his boxers and sets him free. She still doesn’t break eye contact when she slowly licks from his shaft up to the tip, and then when she takes him completely in her mouth.

“Jesus, Betty.” His head falls back against the couch as she moves her mouth against him, bobbing her head slowly. Swirling her tongue around his tip on her way back up. As she picked up the pace, Jugheads hand grabbed a fistful of her hair. He could feel her muffled groan against him. She wrapped her hand around his shaft as she pulled away, only so she could tell him;
“Pull my hair, Juggie” before she took him in her mouth again. He did as his lady asked, almost laughing when she asked him to pull harder.

“I don’t want to pull your hair ou- Oh my fuck.” She started to use her hand at the same time, working her hand to meet her mouth. “Betty, I’m gonna cum, you g-gotta stop.” She looked up at him then, giving him a look that obviously meant she wasn’t gonna stop. His head fell back again as he reached his high. Betty let him fill her mouth, making sure he was watching her as she swallowed him down. There was a sheen of sweat on Jugheads face, his cheeks read, eyes blown wide. And yet she looked like a goddess, lips slightly swollen and hair a mess.

“Jesus fuck Betty, you actually are going to kill me.”

She climbed up into his bare lap again, and placed a kiss square on his mouth.

“Not until you fuck me first, Jug.” He pushed her hair out of his face, mesmerised by this girl.

“Fuck you? I thought you wanted me to make love to you?”

She shrugged at him. “Whatever way it comes, I just want you in me.”

“You, are something else.” He marvels at her. “But I’m gonna need a minute here, Betts.”

“Need to refuel?” She laughs.

“Something like that, yeah.” He kisses her pouting lip.

“Fair enough, I guess I can wai- Oh!” Before she even knew what was happening she was on her back on the couch, Jughead hovering between her legs.

“I’m not sure you’re still wearing these.” He says nonchalant before pulling her shorts off. He can see her black panties are already soaked through. He runs a finger along her, her back arched up towards him in response. “Is that for me?” He mocked her, stroking her through the fabric again. Betty doesn’t even have time to respond appropriately before Jughead has her panties on the floor and his tongue running through her.

“God, yes.” She moaned, burying her fingers in his hair. He swivels his tongue to open her, flicking along all her folds, suckling on the sensitive bud that nearly made Betty’s head explode. She groans his name some more as he slips two fingers in her, curling upwards. He moves them in and out, while still stroking and suckling with his tongue. Her hips arch up in his face, begging him for more.

“Deeper, Jug.” He pumps his fingers faster, concentrating his tongue on her clit.

“Cum for me, baby.” He mutters into her, his mouth vibrating against her healing push her over the edge. She pulls his hair tight and grips the couch with her free hand. He can feel her quivering around his fingers in her release.

“Fuck, oh my god.” She manages through bated breath. Jughead kissed his way up her body, bracing himself over her. He kisses each of her nipples, then up her neck until he’s hovering over her face. He looked her in the eye as he brought his fingers up to his mouth, licking them clean. Betty let out a groan.

“God, you’re so fucking hot.” She whispered, not quite having her breath back yet. Jughead leant down to kiss her again. She wrapped her arms under his around his back, pulling him flush against her. They lay there on the couch for a moment, both catching their breath. Betty played with Jugheads hair, pushing it back from his head as he lay on her chest. She grabbed his chin and pulled his face to look at her. “I’m not done with you yet, mister.”

“Thank fuck for that” He smirked, that smug possessive look on his face that Betty loved so much. “I still haven’t punished you, you know? From earlier today.”

“Mm? So are you gonna?” She wiggles her eyebrows at him.

“You bet your sweet ass I’m gonna. Now shut up, you’ve been a bad girl.” He quickly stood and took a hold of her hips, forcing her around so she was bent over the side of the couch, her feet on the floor, face pressed into the couch, and ass in the air. He gave her a little smack on her ass, not actually wanting to hit too hard and cause you pain. Betty just laughed.

“Is that it?” He grunted and hit her a little harder, this time leaving a red hand-shaped mark. “That’s still not enough, Jugh- Oh fuuuck!”

He cut her off by slamming into her, not bothering to be slow or gentle about it. He gripped her hips so hard he knew he would bruise her but this time he wanted too. He felt a possessiveness creep over him as he slammed into her, pulling her hips back to meet his.

“Fuck, yes, Juggie. Oh my god, you feel so good.” He reached one hand around to grab her breast, pinching a nipple between his finger and thumb. “Harder, give me more. Please, more”

He picked up the pace to his absolute maximum, dropping her nipple and instead creeps his way down to her bundle of nerves, his fingers once again opening her folds to work around her clit. He wraps his free arm around her waist, pulling her as close to him as possible. He bits her shoulder to try distract himself from letting go just yet.

“Jug, I’m so close. Oh my, I’m gonna..” she doesn’t manage to finish her sentence before she’s letting go all over him, and he follows suit pretty quickly. He shudders into her a couple more times before he slowly draws himself out from inside her, Betty instantly feeling empty without him. He slumps on her back, still hanging over the edge of the couch. He placed light kisses on the bite mark he left on her shoulder.

“Jug, that was definitely not a punishment.” She giggles under him, making no point to move even though he’s a dead weight on her.

“I know,” He pants “I just can’t help myself when your wrapped around me like that.”


A little later in the night, they are back snuggled on the couch watching another movie. Neither made a move to get dressed, which was smart because Jughead had Betty bent over another couple of times since then and now. But she was sleepy now, tucked into his lap with her face pressed into the crook of his neck.

Jughead isn’t really watching the film, he’s too busy thinking about how many times he got to make love to Betty today. There’s now a whole virtual photo album in his brain full with the mental snapshots he had been taking of her all day. He wanted to take another now, of her tucked into him, this one far more innocent than the rest but just as special. He can’t believe how this trip to New York had turned out. If you had told him this last week, he would have laughed in your face and told you too fuck off.

His thoughts are broken by the ring of Betty’s cellphone. It’s on the coffee table in front of them, and from here he can see who’s face and name is on the screen. He went still.

It was Jack.

Fuck. He had literally not had a second though to Betty’s boyfriend since last night. Oh god, now he was tense worrying about the regret Betty is going to feel when he’s gone and she has to face him.

“I’m not gonna answer it, Jug. I’ll just text him.” She startles him, moving her face to look at him. “Don’t look at me like that, I know what I’m doing. Im a big girl. know I should feel guilty, but I don’t.”

“Betty, how are you gonna face him. I’ve had you on nearly every surface in this apartment.” He laughs, running his hand through his hair nervously. She takes his face in her hands.

“This is my cross to bear, not yours.” She kissed him. “So please, don’t worry. Don’t let it ruin this time we have together.” He kissed her back.

“Okay, I won’t. I won’t.” And he knows he should worry, he should feel guilty, but he’s gonna be selfish and not. The woman he loves is in his lap, and she loves him back. It’s been 6 years since he’s been able to touch her so he’s not going to stop anytime soon. Not when their future is uncertain.

“Thank you, Juggie.”

The Adoption

Part Two

Emily never really did answer me.  I didn’t know if that was because she was purposely avoiding the subject or she didn’t know that I’d actually asked her a question.  My confusion was answered when I saw her face the next morning.  I had left her in bed to get Lucy to school, when I returned she was wrangling Noah from his booster seat after he’d finished breakfast.  She looked at me, let out a deep sigh and then diverted her eyes downward.

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anonymous asked:

Hi! I had an idea for a Yousana AU fic and I would love to see it written by you... the balloon squad are famous youtubers with their hey briskeby channel; Sana and Yousef have feelings for each other. The fic starts when they aren't together yet, but when they do get together they decide to keep it a secret from the viewers (1of the reasons is that Yousef doesn't want Sana to get hate from his fans). Sana, however starts appearing more and more in the guys' videos and the viewers start...

Hey :)

First of all thank you for this prompt! I don’t know if there was supposed to be another part to this ask but I only received this one. So I hope I didn’t miss anything important. 

I hope this is how you imagined it. Let me know!


(The short parts in between the dotted lines are comments Sana concentrates on.)

“HEEEEY”, they all shout at the same time. Sana is used to them being this loud but standing behind the camera now, she still jumps at how loud they really are.

Hei Briskeby, aka Elias, Mutta, Adam, Mikael and Yousef, are shooting a video for their YouTube channel. Once again in the Bakkoush house. 

Sana is at home most of the time the guys decide to shoot a video. Well, they actually have a weekly plan to have a clear schedule when to prepare, when to film, when to edit. However, they don’t keep to that plan very often. So it’s possible that they are at the Bakkoush house every day. One would think that they would have found another location to film at when their channel got big, like really big. But no, they love filming here and probably won’t stop so soon. Not that Sana minds much. This gives her the opportunity to see that one friend of Elias she might have a crush on. 

“What’s up everyone? Welcome back! How are you all? I hope you’re doing good! Like I always say, you look good no matter what!”, Elias says with his usual grin and leans forward in his seat and winks at the camera. Sana rolls her eyes until she sees Yousef looking at her.

Mutta, Adam and Mikael are sitting on the couch while Elias and Yousef are sitting on the floor in front of them. Yousef’s eyes keep wandering over to Sana and while Elias says ‘You look good no matter what’ Yousef looks straight at Sana and nods while smiling at her. Sana immediately blushes and presses her lips together to not smile too brightly and attract attention from the other boys. 

“Today, we’re going to do something that has been requested a lot!”, Yousef says after Elias nudges him for him to pay attention to the video. “We are doing a Q&A!”

“We haven’t done a video like this in … well, never. We’ve never done this kind of video.”, Adam says.

“And since we’ve gained quite a lot of viewers in the last months and you all keep asking us about ourselves we thought we would do this.”, Mutta explains and Sana is amazed that the guys didn’t write a script for this. They work so well together but that just shows how great of friends they are. 

“And it’s impossible to answer every comment you leave us so we’re going to try to answer as many questions as possible in this video.”, Mikael concludes.

Sana looks down at her phone and reads the messages in the group chat with her friends. She is still listening to what the guys are saying, though.

“We wanted to just read out the questions we choose from this..”, Elias holds up a sheet of paper. “But since my lovely sister is here today, behind the camera, she can ask us the questions randomly.”

Sana’s head shoots up and she narrows her eyes at her brother. He always finds a way to incorporate her in their videos. She has been in a few before but she really doesn’t feel like being in front of the camera now. Especially because she came back from basketball practice just minutes ago.

Because Sana doesn’t react immediately, the boys think they need to try and convince her. 

“Sana, it’s more fun that way!”, Adam suggests.

“Pleeeease, sis! I know you’re exhausted right now but you can just chill behind the camera and read them to us.”, Elias says and shows his sister a big smile. 

While Adam and Elias talk, Sana notices that all of them look at her but one pair of eyes looks most hopeful. Yousef raises his eyebrows at Sana and just waits.

“It’s fine. I’ll do it.”, Sana says. Yousef stands up to give Sana the sheet of paper with the questions and gives the paper more slowly to her than necessary. Sana plumps down onto the floor, crosses her legs under her and waits for the guys to give her a sign to start.

Most questions are stuff like age, where they all are from, this or that questions, who’s most likely to do something and what the guys do besides YouTube. Sana loves this question because these five boys are not just relying on YouTube for their future but all are either working or studying at university. Sana is not too interested in those questions because they practically live here and she knows all of them pretty well. 

But the following question is interesting. Not only because Sana knows that their fans are dying to know but because she has been asked this about the boys too often to count. 

She rephrases the question and says: “Do any of you have a significant other?”

Sana can’t help herself. Her eyes immediately find Yousef who is shaking his head. And looking at Sana with a … sad look. Sana and Yousef have something going on between them. They are not dating but there is something. And all the other guys know it too. 

Adam and Mikael look at each other as the first instinct but quickly look away then. Elias shakes his head but grins and Mutta just doesn’t say anything and looks into the camera with a lopsided smile. 

Elias looks around and answers for all of his friends too: “See, we’re all single!” Sana is ready to read the next question but Elias continues answering. Her older brother looks at Yousef who watches his best friend answer and says: “Well, you know.. it’s complicated with this guy here.” He pats Yousef on the shoulder and then sends a look towards Sana. She wishes she could vanish in thin air then and there. Sometimes she hates her brother. 

“Okay! Next question!”, Sana announces but Elias, Mutta, Mikael and Adam laugh about her reaction. They have such a great time trying to push Sana and Yousef to finally become a couple because it’s obvious to them that Sana and Yousef are gone for each other. Yousef pretends to laugh along.


“Does this mean Yousef is NOT single????”

“Please tell me it’s complicated because he’s in love with Elias’ sister!! How cute would they be?!?!?!”


“ I’m calling it! Yousana is a thing. Look at his cute face when looking at - behind - the camera!”


“Sana! Yousef! Get your cute little asses over here! We need to start filming!”, Elias shouts from the window to the couple sitting outside in the garden. Since Yousef and Sana started dating a short while back and actually told people about it, Yousef has been spending quite a lot of time with Sana when he was over at the Bakkoush house. Elias was a little jealous, actually, but he was glad that these two lovesick idiots are finally together.

“You think my ass is cute?”, Yousef’s first words are when he comes through the door. Elias turns around to his best friend and nods with a sarcastic smile.

“Yes, Yousef! Unbelievably cute. But if you don’t go sit in your spot now that cute ass will belong to a dead person.”, Elias says with the sweetest smile and has everyone in the room impressed. That he can threaten Yousef with such a cute facial expression… Sana always knew Elias is good at this kind of creative stuff.

They end up playing some version of charades that they changed a bit but only with YouTube related stuff. 

For example, Yousef had to describe the ‘Don’t Judge’ challenge and says: “The challenge Elias and Sana hated so much that Elias almost got in an argument with that dude at the gym!”

Sana is completely lost because she doesn’t go to the gym with them but Mikael immediately shouts the right challenge and can’t help but comment: “Yeah, well, Elias was right anyway!”

Elias impersonates Dan and Phil, yes both of them, perfectly which Mutta guesses first, though.

Adam describes someone with: “He serenades girls on College campuses with made up songs.” While Elias and Mutta have no clue, Mikael is trying to think of the name. Well, Sana and Yousef forget for a second that they are not alone and keep looking at each other and have to lean forward for that. Elias is sitting between them because that’s how they always sit when Sana joins them.

“Sana!”, Adam shouts and makes Sana jump because she’s ripped out of her small bubble with Yousef. “You need to know that! I’ve shown you videos and asked if you would mind if someone did that to you!”

Sana immediately knows who Adam is talking about but needs a second to remember the name. She jumps up and down on her seat on the floor while trying to remember the name and nervously pats on the couch. Yousef looks at her smilingly and then to the rest of the boys.

“Angrypicnic!”, Sana shouts as soon as she remembers the name. Mikael starts complaining how he also knew it but just couldn’t remember the name which Elias and Yousef make fun of him for because that’s exactly the point of this game.

Sana takes a piece of paper from the snapback the guys, or rather Mutta, took off of Yousef’s head because they needed to put the little pieces of paper with names of YouTubers, trends and challenges in it. 

Sana reads what’s written on it: “The floor is lava.”

Sana looks up at the boys and looks at each of them separately before trying to explain which wouldn’t be hard.

“Okay, it’s the challenge Yousef and I started and you all joined and now it gets dangerous!”

Yousef, Elias and Mikael shout: “The Floor is Lava” and as an instinct Sana looks around and sees herself sitting on the floor. Even though Yousef and Elias were two of the three people shouting the answer, they both do the same thing as Sana and all three of them jump on the couch, while the other three are still sitting on it. 

“I hate you people!”, Adam can be heard crying, being squished between Elias and Sana.

—————————————————————————————————-“Why is she in this video? She was in a video a month ago already!”

“Honestly if she’s dating one of the guys she shouldn’t be on your channel”

“Nobody can tell me Yousef and Sana are not IN LOVE! LOOK AT HOW CUTE THEY SMİLE AT EACH OTHER!”

“Girl! Concentrate on your brother or something and don’t bother with Yousef. Keep your eyes off him!”


“Look who we found here. Studying and being a good student as always!”, Adam has their vlogging-camera in his hands and points the camera at Sana. It’s a Thursday afternoon and once again, the boys are at the Bakkoush house. Sana came home, immediately put on comfortable clothes and took her make up off. She didn’t care that the boys are here. They have seen her in her worst conditions, like when she’s sick, so it really doesn’t matter. 
Sana looks up from her Biology book and smiles at Adam for a second, says Hi and looks back down on her book. She really doesn’t feel like being a part of their next vlog.

Adam goes to the fridge and turns around to Sana, still filming. 
“So why are you studying in the kitchen? And when’s your exam again? Tomorrow?”

Sana looks up again and plays with the pen in her hand. She nods and says: “Yeah, it’s tomorrow. And I’m in the kitchen because you guys are in the backyard and even with my windows closed I can hear you.”

Adam turns the camera to himself and smiles sheepishly: “Sooorry, we’ll keep it down.”

Sana just shrugs with a small smile: “Doesn’t really matter, really. I’m fine studying here.”

Adam stops filming after that and talks to Sana for a few minutes about what the topic of the exam will be. One would maybe not think that but Adam is a science- guy. He might not have been as good as Sana in school but he’s very interested in stuff like physics and biology.

Before Adam leaves the kitchen to join the other boys in the backyard, Sana calls after him. He turns around and Sana hesitates a little bit. Adam leans on to the door frame and waits. Sana presses her lips together and wonders if she should bother with this or not. Then she sighs and leans forward in her seat and finally says what has been on her mind.

“Adam, could you maybe not include that in the vlog?” It’s a good thing that all the Hei Briskeby boys, except for Yousef of course, are like brothers to Sana. She can talk to them about anything and they’ll listen. But this topic in particular is uncomfortable for Sana to talk about.

Adam pushes himself of the door frame and steps closer to the kitchen table. His eyebrows furrowed and a concerned look on his face, which he quickly changes and smiles at Sana.

“Sure, that’s no problem. But … is there a reason why you don’t want that?”, Adam asks. He knows that Sana meant their short conversation he had filmed minutes ago. Usually she didn’t mind being in their videos, she is some vlogs too. Mostly in the background because the guys are always in her house.

First Sana just shrugs and doesn’t want to elaborate but if she explains once she might not need to talk about it again. Adam is the one who vlogs their days, at least most of the times. He is the best at it out of all the boys. Elias and Yousef comment too much while vlogging; Mikael doesn’t comment anything at all and just films and Mutta gets too excited about things happening so fast that most things he films are blurry. Adam has the combination just right.

“Don’t you read the comments under your videos?”, Sana finally decides to say.

Adam nods but still looks confused so Sana continues: “Then you should know that your viewers don’t like me being in your videos that much. Especially since some of them think I’m with Yousef and they really don’t like that!”

She has noticed many comments under Hei Briskeby’s recent videos expressing this view very loudly.

Now Adam is even more confused. Sure, there are a few negative comments about Sana but it’s YouTube. There are negative comments about Elias, Mutta, Yousef, Mikael and Adam, too. Before they tried to delete all the hate comments but now it’s almost impossible and they don’t even care that much anymore. You get desensibilized when you’re on YouTube this long with a big audience. 

“What are you talking about? Most of our viewers love it when you’re in the videos! Some suggest you being in the videos every day! And you are together with Yousef so what’s the problem?”

Sana sighs and puts away her pen and instead takes her phone in her hand and turns it in her hands while talking. 

“But if so many of your fans react to the unconfirmed idea of Yousef and I dating, imagine how they’ll be if they knew.”, Sana says and gets really sad. Adam opens his mouth to say something but Sana interrupts him: “Could you just please edit that part out. I’m not sure I want to be in today’s vlog.” She finishes her sentence with a small smile and Adam nods. Of course he wouldn’t put her in a video is she doesn’t want that. 

Adam starts to leave again and Sana shouts after him: “Please fix it! And not in the way Mikael always ‘fixes it’!” She only hears Adam chuckle at that and turns back to the books all over the table. 

She’s not alone for long, though. About ten minutes later Yousef enters the kitchen. Sana doesn’t notice anyone coming into the room at first. He watches as Sana is really concentrated on the textbook in front of her and slowly and quietly gets closer to her. He goes to stand behind her chair and leans down and places a short kiss on Sana’s cheek. Sana is surprised and looks at him so fast that she almost falls out of her seat. Yousef didn’t move much after kissing her cheek so that there are only millimetres between their faces now. 

Sana looks into his eyes and can’t stop the smile creeping up on her face. She tries to act mad but it doesn’t work. “I hate you. Why would you do that?”

Yousef shakes his head lightly: “No, you don’t.” and grins at Sana. Then he pulls a chair close to Sana and sits down next to her. They both turn to each other and just smile at each other for a moment. 

Sana breaks the comfortable silence: “What are you doing here?“ 

Yousef tilts his head a little and looks at her innocently: “Can’t I just come and see my girlfriend?” He loves saying that Sana is his girlfriend and she loves hearing him say it. She still can’t really believe that they finally managed to become a couple. That’s why she doesn’t want anything to ruin that. 

Sana mimics her boyfriend and answers: “Of course you can. But since you were here half an hour ago and Adam just left after I’ve told him something about us… there might be a connection, don’t you think?”

Yousef gasps dramatically and makes Sana laugh and roll her eyes at him. “I’m offended that you would think that! … But a little birdie could’ve told me about some doubts you have.”

Sana quickly jumps up in her seat and instinctively reaches for Yousef’s hand. “But there are no doubts about us being together. None at all!” She doesn’t want him to misunderstand that.

Yousef nods with an understanding smile and covers Sana’s hand with his. “I know, don’t worry. But maybe we should still talk.”

This time Sana nods. She knows they have to talk. She just didn’t know how to start this conversation. Saying ‘Hey, maybe let’s keep our distance while filming and I’ll avoid filming with you guys at all for a while because people don’t like me’ is not the right way to go.

“So you don’t want to be in our videos anymore?”, Yousef asks. 

Sana looks at their hands while answering: “Maybe for a while. Seems like a good solution. I’ve seen people comment rude stuff about you because of me being in the video and you looking at me. I don’t want that for you.”

“Hey,”, Yousef says and makes Sana look at him, “Don’t worry about that. I can deal with that. Nobody can expect me to not look at my beautiful girlfriend the whole time she is next to me.”

Sana starts blushing but shakes her head at him. Such a dork. “Yousef, I’m serious about that.”

He nods. He knows what she means. Yousef and the boys have gained a lot of YouTube friends since they started their channel and some of them have girlfriends. Yousef has seen what kind of stupid, unnecessary hate the girls have gotten because some fans didn’t think they were the right person for their favorite YouTubers. It’s stupid. But he knows that that is something that happens, sadly.

“I know. And you know I love having you in our videos, so do the boys. But if you’re not comfortable with it, it’s fine. Just know that you don’t have to worry about it for my sake.”, Yousef says and adds with a laugh, “Because let’s be honest: You secretly love shooting videos with us.”

“Ehh.. it’s okay.”, Sana answers looking bored. Secretly, she really does. She loves those boys and they are a lot of fun to hang out with.

Well, turns out YouTube videos are not the only thing to pay attention to when trying to be low-key about your relationship. Sana and Yousef don’t try to hide their relationship, Yousef just didn’t talk about being in a relationship in their videos where that topic comes up more often than one would think and Sana avoids being in their videos. At least in the main channel ones; she can’t escape the vlogging camera seeing as the guys are always at her home.

What Yousef forgot is that their viewers are not only watching their videos but are also on all the other social media. He loves it, don’t get him wrong. He loves how supportive they all are about everything he does. But he didn’t expect that much of a backlash to a picture he posts of him, Elias and Sana and the caption: 'My two favorite people’. It was partly just a response to a picture Mutta had posted some days ago of him with Mikael and Adam with the exact same caption. Elias and Yousef had jokingly teased those three for leaving them out of the picture and when Yousef was hanging out with the Bakkoush siblings he decided to post a similar picture. Even in the same poses as the other three.

There were a lot of really cute comments, more than anything else, but he couldn’t ignore that there were some really rude ones, mostly directed at Sana. Elias and Yousef were furious once they read those. While some of them were a little petty from super-fans, some were straight up disrespectful which Elias and Yousef both deleted whenever they saw them and reported the accounts.


“Two favorite people???? What about your best friends. since when is Elias’ sister that important. She needs to stop.”

“Aww, you’re family goals tho. How cute would Yousana babies be?? And Elias as an uncle??”

“I’m sick of seeing that girl with you all the time? Doesn’t she have her own friends?”


Sana’s plan to limit her appearances with the Hei Briskeby boys failed completely. Her own friends, especially Eva and Chris, told her not to pay attention to any of those stupid comments because those who leave these comments are jealous because Yousef is such a good catch and him and Sana are so cute. At the same time she couldn’t hide from the boys. They genuinely were some of her best friend; one of them being her older brother and another one her boyfriends. 

Hei Briskeby doesn’t post vlogs every day but every other day. In almost all of them you can see Yousef and Sana being all cute smiling at each other, flirting or something similar in the background. Of course there are not really physical and if you didn’t know the context of them being a couple you would just think they are only best friends. But since their audience suspected something between them Mikael had fun leaving all those cute scenes of them in the background in the vlogs. At first Sana, Yousef and even Elias didn’t like that at all but now, now they have fun with it. Neither Yousef nor Sana feels obligated to announce on the Internet that they are a couple and the longer they are together the less they care about what people have to say about them. 

Now, it’s actually quite funny to them seeing some people being so invested that they theorize if they are together or not and pointing out things that speak for or against it. 

“Hi to all of you beautiful people out there! How are you doing? All good? I hope so!”, Elias starts the video in his usual manner. Still looking straight into the camera he winks and then claps loudly and continues to talk: “After a long, loooong time we have a special guest in our video!” He points at the camera, or rather at Sana who is standing behind it. “Sana, come join us!”

As soon as Elias says that the other four guys start clapping which Sana only shakes her head at. She sits down between Elias and Yousef, who are leaning on the couch Adam, Mikael and Mutta are sitting on. 

“Okay! What we’re going to do today is: We’re going to see if we know Elias better..”, Mutta starts explaining and points at Adam, Mikael, Yousef and himself, “.. or if Sana knows her brother better.”, and pats Sana on the head. Sana starts laughing, joined by Yousef and Elias and looks at Mutta with an amused look. The way he pat her head was really cutely funny. Adam and Mikael were too preoccupied with whispering about something very close to notice that.

Elias explains the rules that they all write their answers on a sheet of paper and turn it around at the same time. 

“Let’s start off easy! Who is my celebrity crush right now?”

“I know this!”, Mutta shouts. 

Yousef looks up and around the room and thinks hard about this one. He should know this. His gaze falls onto Sana’s paper because well, she’s sitting right next to him, shoulders touching. She notices that he’s looking and lightly shoves his shoulder and warns him laughingly.

“Don’t look at me paper. You’re cheating!”

“I’m not cheating. I’m didn’t look at your answer!”

“Are you sure? I definitely saw you looking!”, Sana answers and holds his gaze. Yousef leans a little closer and whispers something to Sana so quietly that not even the other guys could hear him.

“Maybe I was just looking at you. I told you nobody can blame me if I can’t keep my eyes off of you.”

He makes Sana blush furiously so she looks down at her paper. All that time those two were in their own bubble Elias almost shouted at Mikael because he looked so lost. 

“What do you mean you don’t know? You told me we would make cute babies when I told you how hot she is!”, Elias sounds so offended that Mikael wouldn’t remember. 

“Dude, I don’t know. I forgot!”, Mikael shouts back and Mutta and Adam are watching them fight. All they need to make this perfect is popcorn. 

Elias is so done with Mikael and looks at Sana and Yousef before looking at the camera and announcing that they all should turn around their paper now. All, except for Mikael, have written the same name. 

“See, Mikael! Everyone knows it’s Lily Collins! We watched that one movie together and I told you how hot she is!”, Elias starts ranting while all the rest just laughs at him.


“I missed Sana in your videos!”

“Okay, but honestly. I don’t care if Yousef is dating Elias’ sister but they would be so cute together. Look at them!!!”

“I don’t know who I ship more: Yousef and Sana or Elias and Lily”

“Can I be Sana? She has the best boyfriend, best brother and best friends! I’m highkey jealous!”


anonymous asked:

Everlark for number 29? Your fics are great, keep on writing!

So, um…this prompt is two years old. Yikes. But anyways, the requested dialogue phrase is “I thought you were dead,” and it will be a miracle if the Anon who sent this even remembers sending it (*crazed laughter*). Anyhow, this prompt along with a few reviews shook something loose in my head and the below 4K+ word vomit happened. Not beta’d, so forgive my mistakes, also the end feels rushed but short of completely rewriting Catching Fire this is what you get. It is a continuation of something that is a year old, which you can read on:



or FF

your choice. You’re gonna want to read that part first. And before you ask…yes there’s a third part in the works. So now I have to figure out how to post this part to the other sites when I said I wouldn’t expand it. Why do I do this to myself? I should be working on ms2sl or It’s All a Lie. Enough whining! Rated M for sexy times. Enjoy.

It takes a good two minutes for what they’re suggesting to sink into my brain. As soon as it does, I shake my head vigorously. “I’m not saying that.”

“Come on, Katniss. Your mother will know it’s a lie.” As if that would be my only real objection.

“No!” I shout at Gale but my eyes are drawn to Peeta, sitting in one of the bright chartreuse armchairs, hands clenched with his forearms resting on his thighs. There’s a strange tick in his jaw and a gaping chasm between us that I don’t know how to breach. My next words are directed at him. “This was your idea, wasn’t it?”

“Yes,” he whispers. My eyes burn and bile rises in my throat as I run from the room.

“Catnip,” Gale pleads. He hasn’t called me that unless there’s a camera around since before the last Games.

“Let him talk to her and explain,” I hear Haymitch say and I know that Peeta’s following me. I run to the only place I can think of that might allow me to talk freely, so long as the wind is howling like it was last night. A cold blast of wind hits me when I reach the roof, bringing me to an abrupt halt. Peeta’s warmth crashes into my back. I didn’t think he’d be able to catch up that quickly.

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*A very smutty fic drabble, might be my smuttiest/rudest (cringey) one yet for Jonsa. Coz these two are just soooo …HOTTT*


“Are you ready yet?” Arya called out to her from downstairs. Sansa rolled her eyes and smoothed down her hair before flipping the light switch in her room. Jeez, I only said ten minutes..

“Yes, yes I am,” Sansa answered as she walked down the steps to her impatiently waiting sister.

“You look fine Sansa, you know Marge’s waiting for us now,” Arya huffed as she took her crossbody mini satchel and slung it across her chest. Sansa couldn’t help but grin at how adorable and pretty her sister looked, all dressed to the nines and prettily made up. It was a first for Sansa seeing her like this. And Sansa cherished it. Probably an evening to remember for them both since it was Arya’s last night as a single lady and Sansa’s night out in ages. She was quite certain it was going to be unforgettable if Arya was involved.

The deep house bass beats pounded through the speakers as Arya led Sansa into the doors of the Red Keep, the new Goth-Steampunk themed nightclub that Arya had been desperate to get in for ages. How she managed to get onto the guest list was beyond Sansa but who was she to refuse a girls’ night out?

“Hey, Arya, Sansa! Over here!” Sansa saw a familiar face and a hand stretching out to wave frantically at them amidst the large crowds in the club. “Hey Marge!” Arya cried out excitedly and Sansa followed her to where their table was.

“This place is amazing! Oh my god, so happy I get to have my hen’s night here! I am gonna get so drunk!!” Arya gushed as she bounced up and down excitedly. Sansa giggled just as excitedly, happy she was able to be a part of it all.

“I know right? It pays to know people I guess,” Margaery nodded with a knowing smirk. “Yeah, I bet you know the important ones well!” Arya teased laughingly.

“I’m going to get us drinks, just have fun and let loose okay?” Margaery yelled over the loud music and disappeared into the crowds.


“Soo.. I know it’s my hen’s night but Margaery and I were just talking the other day and we think you should be the one getting laid.”

Sansa almost spit out her vodka lime.

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Nothing can come between us

Blindspot fanfic. This started out as a short drabble but got a bit out of hand. I really miss Sarah and Sawyer and hope they come back next season.

Sarah Weller loved her brother, but if she was being totally honest, she’d have to admit that she was dreading this visit.

She kept one eye on her son’s back as they made their way out of the baggage claim area at La Guardia Airport and scanned the faces in the waiting crowd with the other.

She knew Kurt was eager for her to spend time with his new girlfriend, Jane, but as eager as Sarah was to see him, she didn’t share his enthusiasm. The last time she’d seen Jane, the woman had been pretending to be Taylor Shaw, a childhood friend magically returned after being missing for twenty-five years. Only the whole thing had been a lie just to worm her way into Kurt’s affections and the FBI. And when the lie had been revealed, Kurt had been destroyed. And even though he may have forgiven and forgotten, Sarah hadn’t. She’d never seen her brother so devastated, especially following on the heels of their father’s death and his deathbed revelation that he’d killed Taylor.

Kurt wasn’t entirely wrong, though: Sarah was going to spend some time with Jane this week. She was going to find a few moments—away from her brother—to let Jane know that if she ever even thought about hurting Kurt again, Sarah was going to make her pay, no matter how many fancy martial arts the tattooed woman knew.

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alright kids listen up dailymemori is writing meta and it’s not just in the tags this time so that makes this an historic day. in case you’re wondering where this is coming from, my sister is watching the 100 for the first time, and last night she was watching 2x12 so for obvious reasons i decided to watch it with her and i had??? a lot of feelings???? i mean some of these feelings were because my sister told me she hates emori (which was like…. fight emoticon activated (ง'̀-‘́)ง) but MORE IMPORTANTLY i just had a lot of feelings over how ride or die memori have been for each other since literally DAY ONE

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This has nothing to do w/ anything and I know people have talked about it before BUT I want to as well. Usually my metas tend to be angsty af and then end on a hopeful note, and this will probably be no exception. But anyway, a delve into Victor’s love of fairytales!

I can recall on 2 occasions Victor specifically comparing Yuuri to a fairytale.

Which may not seem like a lot but we have 12 episodes and if something is pointed out twice in a story, it has some amount of significance. Anyway, I just think it’s so damn cute that Victor considers Yuuri prince-like. Even the visuals and story of On Love: Eros is like a fairytale!

We go on about how extra Victor is (and he 200% is…that 50s pink cadillac tho) but I wanna here more about how much of a true romantic Victor is. 

This entire thing is like an hc-palooza courtesy of me. Here we go!

I like to think of a little Victor, watching all these fairytale movies–Disney or otherwise–and dreaming of one day finding a prince of his own.

A 12 year old Victor with his first real crush, staring at a pretty boy with darker hair and kind eyes in one of his classes or at the rink. Victor thought he had found his prince, until one day the affection faded and his mind focused on other things. 

A teenage Victor, going through various relationships like others would go through clothing. He’s a busy young man after all, and no one seems to want to look beyond the Victor Nikiforov on screen, one the ice, and actually date him. Victor starts to wonder if there is a prince out there for him. 

Victor as a young adult, still a romantic at heart, but has pretty much entirely lost hope on finding his true love. No one sticks around, and he hasn’t found anyone he cares deeply enough about to chase. Victor’s lonely, to put it simply. He sits up at night sometimes, and watches all those fairytales from when he was a child. Victor smiles sadly at the end of them all, and dreams of a prince of his own. 

And Victor in his late 20s, as we see him pre-series. He’s frosted with depression and loneliness; the never-ending cold discs of metal, the isolation from other skaters, people kissing up to him left and right. Everything is predictable. He’s running out of motivation, out of ideas. Victor knows people only want him as what they see when he performs. It’s a saddening thought, that Victor is not lovable as himself. Some people were not meant to find a true love, he supposes.

Until one night, a night we all know well. 

The Sochi GPF banquet. Victor is intrigued by this attractive man flitting through the room, clearly intoxicated, but with this charming energy no one can resist. Not even Yuri Plisestky, himself pulled into a dance with Japan’s Yuuri Katsuki. 

Victor manages to escape from his sponsors to laugh and point and take pictures from the sidelines. Yuuri whirls past him and the way the light shines on his hair and eyes makes Victor’s breath catch and his heart skip. 

Victor watches as Yuuri dances with Chris–and wow, is that a show and a half. Yuuri strides over to Victor and holds him in place, hips shaking and Victor can only stare on in wonder. This beautiful, energetic, charming young man is staring up at him, like he’s the only person in the room. Victor can’t understand Japanese, but that doesn’t matter–what matters is the warmth of Yuuri’s body, the sparkle of his eyes, and the earnestly fond tone he speaks with. Victor’s heart is beating out of his chest and he can’t imagine this moment getting better until-

Be my coach, Victor!

Victor’s face flushes with a little gasp and he can’t find it in himself to refuse the request or the next dance they share together. 

As Victor laughs spins and smiles like he hasn’t since child, looking at Yuuri all the while, he can feel it in his chest. 

A prince. A prince is with him!

And oh, when Yuuri dips him low, the lights above framing his face and hair like a halo, Victor knows that his prince has finally come for him. 

‘Why do you love me? What is there to love in someone like me? Please, tell me why you’re so fond of me because honestly? I don’t get it.’

I was perplexed how could he not see why?

‘I love you because you’re you.

I love you because when you smile, your lips always tilt slightly to the left. When you smile your amazingly sharp canines peek through giving you a juvenile look. When you smile, your ever present dimples show more — if that’s even possible —. When you smile, your eyes crease at the edges and your beautiful eyes become slits of pure joy.

I love you because when you laugh, you tilt your head backwards. When you laugh, you always close your eyes. When you laugh, you grasp your stomach and bend over. When you laugh, you always end in a deep sigh and smile after wards, you grasp my face in yours and kiss me as if we’ll never kiss again.

I love you because when I do something you like, you giggle. When I do something you like, you’ll caress my hair and pat my cheeks. When I do something you like, you look at my lips and say, “I fucking love you”. When I do something you like, your eyes bore into mine and I see a flame ignite in them.

I love you because when you’re concentrated you furrow your eyebrows. When you’re concentrated you tongue pokes out of your delicious lips and glides over them. When you’re concentrated, you tend to break out of it for a slight second and do that 'hmmph’ sound you know I like just to give yourself a small break. When you’re concentrated, you grab something to eat with your left hand and bring it to the right side of your mouth and proceed to take a bite.

I love you because when you kiss me, you grab my face with both hands. When you kiss me, one hand pulls on my hair, while the other runs its thumb across my cheek. When you kiss me, you always do a series of multiple pecks after we end making out. When you kiss me, I can feel you smile and let out small giggles of content. When you kiss me, you hold my face in your palms and look at me for a good while then you tell me I’m beautiful.

I love you because when you hug me, you hold me for a long time. When you hug me, you grasp me firmly with both of your strong arms. When you hug me, you use one hand to rub my back. When you hug me, you put your face in the crook of my neck and breathe in my scent. When you hug me, you won’t let me go until we’ve embraced each other tightly.

I love you because when you talk about something you love you smile the whole time. When you talk about something you love, you tend to look down at your hands. When you talk about something you love, you furrow your eyebrows and smirk a little. When you talk about something you love, you let out small sighs of happiness. When you talk about something you love, you always tilt your head to side and shrug your shoulders at the end because you get embarrassed at your enthusiasm.

I love you because when you make me blush, you tease me about it. When you make me blush you put your hands on my cheeks and remark, 'baby your cheeks are hot’ at which point I reply, 'no they’re not, I don’t know what you’re talking about’. When you make me blush you look at my cheeks and smile and say 'baby you’re blushing’. When you make me blush you hold me down and ask me why knowing damn well that makes me blush more.

I love you because when you tell me stories about your past, you say them in a low voice as if speaking louder will make them come back. When you tell me stories about your past, you always hug me and won’t let me go. When you tell me stories about your past, you run your hands through your hair because you know you might cry. When you tell me stories about your past you always mutter the phrase, 'why am I even telling you this?’ And we both know it’s because you love me, and you want me to know what I’m getting into.

I love you because when you notice I’m sad, you’ll look at me and poke my cheeks until I smile. When you notice I’m sad you tell me 'stop being a taco without the shell’ because you know I’ll laugh. When you notice I’m sad, you’ll hug me and tell me you love me. When you notice I’m sad, you’ll ruffle my hair and whisper in my ear, 'Tina eat your goddamn food’, because that llama is our spirit animal.’

I love you for so many reasons, if I listed them all, this poem would never end.

The best way to put it is, I love you because you’re you.

—  Beauty in IT /// I love you because…
I believe Spencer’s twin is coming.

In this post I want to give a list of reasons why Twincer is my prime suspect as AD. I know a lot of these ‘clues’ come from interviews, but they’re still really convincing for me at least. I’ve definitely missed some of the clues from within the show because they’re not as easy to spot - we need to know for sure if Twincer is happening, then we can dig further. (The fun won’t instantly stop once the finale airs.) But for now, enjoy these, and at the end, I give my theory as to the motive.

Please note: none of this is overly new. This is just the summation of everything we’ve been talking about on my blog for the past couple months. I wanted to put all the ideas into one post, rather than 31529 mini posts scattered here and there. I will be updating this as we find more. 

  1. The famous airport scene from 715.
    We all already think it’s weird that "Spencer" asked Ezra to not tell anyone he saw her there with Wren. What’s weirder, is the fact that Wren and “Spencer” were arguing. Amongst muffle, I heard Spencer say "stop calling me that" (let me know if you heard differently). Did Wren have a slip-of-the-tongue moment and call her Spencer rather than the twin’s real name?
  2. Dr. Cochran’s story is very telling.
    We all already know the ambiguous implication that Mary had more than two babies, because Dr. Cochran said he dealt with “two of Mary’s babies”. What’s more interesting is the second baby he dealt with. The first baby (Charlotte) he gave to Jessica. He said that the second baby that he delivered was placed in family county services. This could not have been Spencer, since Spencer was delivered to Veronica within 5 minutes of birth. So, who was that second baby that was placed in family services? I believe it was Spencer’s twin. Why? Dr Cochran referred to that second baby as “underweight but tenacious” - lo and behold, the next episode, Toby calls Spencer tenacious. This was the writers foreshadowing the similarities between this second baby, and Spencer. Twins. 
  3. We all know Hanna’s ‘dream’ in 701.
    It makes no sense that Hanna was able to dream ‘Spencer’ saying the name A.D. since Hanna was kidnapped before these initials were even revealed. Perhaps Hanna was visited by Twincer; the one holding her captive.
  4. A.D. needs to stand for something. 
    Spencer’s twin could literally have the initials A.D., since we know she would be Mary Drake’s child. Her first name would start with A and the D would stand for Drake. 
  5. Brendan and Ian both confessed to being confused by the identity of A.D.
    They needed the backstory to understand it. Is that because they had no idea who has the name “Alex Drake” (for example) ?
  6. Tyler said before 7B aired that “you’ve never met AD. You kind of have. You’ll know what I mean”.
    This can be interpreted in two ways: you’ve never met Twincer but since you know Spencer, you kind of know who AD is. Or. You’ve seen Twincer over the years, but thought it was Spencer. Either way, Tyler’s comment screams twin-theory to me. This could apply to any twin theory, but in this context, I’m using it for Spencer.
  7. Ian said (0:57) that “fans will be satisfied to a point. Right when it seems it’s gonna be really great, it might do a little [downwards hand motion]”….
    That cheeky smile on Ian’s face when he said “it seems it’s gonna be really great”… what could be greater than a liar being AD? Ian could be referring to the fact that they initially show us Troian under the hoodie, making us think Spencer is AD. Then, after commercial break, they will reveal it’s just her twin, hence the “it might do a little [downwards hand motion]”. We will be satisfied to a point, he said. It’ll start off amazing by thinking it’s Spencer, oh wait, it’s another twin.
  8. Ashley said (0:14) that she didn’t even know the A.D. reveal is possible.
    Because she did not expect a second pair of twins to come along?
  9. “It’s like there are two of you living in this house. You, and you’re evil twin, and we’re not sure who’s coming down to breakfast". 
    said Veronica to Spencer in 423. Foreshadowing at it’s finest.
  10. Spencer doesn’t remember this flashback.
    Was it her twin? And oh how coincidental, that the writers tell us a time Spencer doesn’t remember, in the same scene Veronica makes the above comment about Spencer’s “evil twin”.
  11. “Where are they?”
    said Mary as she entered the Hastings house (flashback from 717). Who is they? The twins? She proceeded to say that Spencer is the only good thing she’s ever made. Maybe Mary knows Spencer’s twin is evil, and is neglecting her. 
  12. “You look very much like your sister. Almost like twins”.
    said Mary to Spencer in 701. The writers wanted us to think that Mary was talking about Spencer and Melissa, since Mary was holding a picture of the half-sisters. But, were the writers, and therefore Mary, hinting towards Twincer? Is Mary being blackmailed/forced (by Peter?) to keep quiet on Twincer, and she had a slip-of-the-tongue moment here?
  13. Marlene is very aware of the Twincer theories.
    Back in 2014 she said that Troian sent her an online fan theory regarding Spencer having a twin who is A. Marlene was blown away by it and she thought it was a very well thought out plan with detailed evidence across the series. Watch from 1:35. Whilst you may be saying “there’s NO WAY Marlene spoilt her own show’s ending in an interview!!” - I feel like she had no idea the show would go on for 7 seasons, and once they got renewed, she panicked. “Shit, we need a new Uber A. Let’s go with that brilliant fan theory Troian sent me”. She probably regrets making this interview now. You can tell her passion for Twincer in this interview. She talks so damn highly of it.
  14. Marlene has said that the person who plays A.D. had known for a while.
    We know that Marlene told Troian the entire ending of the show years in advance. “Just like I had story time with Marlene, you all now get story time with Pretty Little Liars” said Troian.
  15. The girl in the coffin in the opening has the exact same black puffy shirt as Spencer.
  16. Why does it seem that A.D. is always going after the Hastings?
    Why shoot Spencer, out of all the liars? Why demand Aria to plant the audio device in the Hastings? Why not ruin the Marin household? The jealous twin wants her ungrateful sister dead, hence the shooting, and the jealous daughter is angry she never got adopted. Too much of the story is Hastings-oriented. 
  17. “They’re all some pretty. Good. Theories.”
    Was Janel’s response to being asked about the Spencer-twin theories. (22:20)
  18. And, I’ll just leave this here. Good one @prettylittlesessions​ !
  19. “Spencer’s” weird comments in 718.
    In 718 “Spencer” says to Toby “you know what its like to be the outsider. Removed from friends and family”. What made her say this? Nothing was said or done in 718 to prompt our Spencer to say this. 
  20. Keegan said there are no more Spoby kisses in 7B.
    “I can honestly say that there is not another Spoby kiss.” Yet - there was one in 718. Either Keegan lied, or that was Spencer’s twin. (10:15)
  21. “It’s somebody you have seen.”
    says Marlene in regards to who AD is. Was she talking about the Spoby kiss in 710, which Twincer referred to in 718 when she kissed Toby again? Marlene was very careful to avoid saying “it’s someone you KNOW”. We don't “know” Twincer. But, we have seen her.
  22. “That’s not the Spencer I know”
    said Toby in 718. Writers are foreshadowing.

Setting all this aside, I want to add my theory on the backstory and motive:

  • Twincer, who’s name is A_____ Drake, was born in Radley, as Dr. Cochran told us in 7A. 
  • Twincer was raised in Radley - not because she needed to be at a psychological hospital, but as a form of daycare, because Mary was deemed an unfit mother, and also she kept Twincer a secret from Peter… he already hated her (to the point of planning her murder, later on) enough for having one baby together, imagine Peter’s reaction to having twins.
  • There, Twincer met and bonded with her sister Charlotte. Charlotte became Twincer’s only friend. (Twincer might even be Bethany, since we already know of this bond between Bethany and Charlotte, and how Bethany was drawing Charles being taken away by a monster. But for this theory, let’s just forget Bethany for a second.)
  • When Mona came to Radley and started telling Charlotte about everything she did to her sister, Charlotte and Twincer wanted to play. They wanted a turn at harassing Spencer and her friends.
  • For Charlotte, as we know, it was the feeling of finally succeeding at something in life that made the game her drug. For Twincer, it was something far darker.
  • Harassing Aria, Hanna, Emily and Alison is all about driving a wedge between the girls. Twincer wants to break up the girls. Turn them against each other. Hopefully by throwing fire at the girls, they will break up, ultimately, to ruin Spencer’s life. Again, jealousy. Twincer’s plan is backfiring because it’s exactly A’s threats that makes Spencer say “we need each other more than ever” and “always stick together”. The writers keep making the point of SPENCER being the one to make the comments about “always” sticking together. Twincer cannot break Spencer and her bitches. This is fueling Twincer’s anger. Nothing is working.
  • That’s why AD/Twincer recently shot Spencer. “If I can’t break the girls up to ruin Spencer’s life, why not just become Spencer?” Twincer shot Spencer in an attempt to assume her identity and squeeze her way into the loving friendship group that she could never crack. “These girls are so loyal to each other… they don’t even break up after even my threats. Damn, I want to be a part of this. It’s my turn to live a happy life. You had your turn Spencer.”
  • Note: I do not believe that AD has been operating since season 1. Mona’s time as A is completely independent from Charlotte and Twincer’s story. Mona started the game, and now someone is ending it, and she wants to know who. Charlotte and Twincer are their own duo; their own A-team, which stemmed as a result of Mona coming to Radley. Charlotte revealed herself - next up in the A team is Twincer, who is carrying on the game she once played with her sister.