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Over Our Heads

Title: Over Our Heads

Summary: When Sam leaves you and Dean alone in the bunker to have a movie night all by yourselves, feelings that have been under wraps for years begin to surface. Will it be the start of something new or will it turn into yet another moment you’ve had with the eldest Winchester?

Author: deanssweetheart23

Characters: Dean Winchester x reader, Sam Winchester (mentioned)

Word count: 2482

Warnings: Language, the slightest bit of angst. Pure fluff.

Author’s Notes: This is my submission for @idreamofhazel ‘s and @impala-dreamer ‘s “Sammy Says” writing challenge. First of all, congratulations to both of you amazing human beings because you deserve it. Second of all, thank you so much for letting me participate, I loved writing this.

Also, I’d like to thank my amazing twin @ravengirl94 for putting up with my whining and for helping me figure out what I wanted to do with the ending here. Thank you so, so much, Emily, you’re the absolute best.

Now about this fic: My prompt was “You mind doing a little bit of thinking with your upstairs brain, Dean?” and is included in bold in the text below. (This is written both from the reader’s and Dean’s POV and includes a flashback in italics.)

Originally posted by personal-interest-in-you

Your fingers curled into your palm whilst you sat on Dean’s bed, head rested against the headboard, body just mere inches away from his as the world in the screen before you came to life.

It was one of those rare nights that you had nowhere to be and nothing to do. Miraculously enough, the world seemed to be doing just fine without you and the Winchesters brothers were more than happy to take advantage of all of that tranquility and stagnation while it lasted. Sam, for instance, had already hit the bar for the night -he had said something about needing to spend some time with himself but you were pretty sure that his sudden outing had something to do with that beautiful librarian that had been flirting with him all week- while, much to your surprise, the older Winchester had decided to spend a lazy night in with you, filled with cooking and silly jokes, wonderfully interesting conversations and laughter.

However, as fantastic as the evening had been, it was getting late and you were getting more and more tired.

Stifling a yawn, you turned to see Dean already staring at you, green eyes bright and wide in the dim light of the bedroom.

“What?” you asked.

He smiled that half-smile of his that always caused your heart to flutter unevenly.

“C’mere.” He whispered, arm draping over your shoulder to pull you to him.

You opened your mouth to object but the look on his face, vulnerable and intense, pierced through your very soul and you leaned against him, letting his warmth seep into your skin and his scent, so utterly and uniquely Dean, to overwhelm your senses, comfortably resting your head on the crook of his neck.

“Better now?”

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CS Oneshot: So Much For My Happy Ending

A Secret Santa gift for @jenswans. It was lovely getting to know you and you have been ridiculously patient with me! I hope this domestic modern AU with multiple meet-cutes exceeds expectations! You absolutely deserve it and much more! 

5k | T | | AO3  

The morning wind held a hint of spring as Emma yanked on the door to the coffee shop. She had been living in Boston for three months but had yet to find a regular coffee place. The place closest to her house was too pretentious, the one down the street had good coffee but was always crowded with college students, the one on the corner was decent but the blonde barista kept hitting on her. Emma didn’t think she was picky she just wanted a place that served simple, no frills, quality coffee, without ridiculous lines or having to endure awkward flirting.

Emma had high hopes that Cafe Hollow, despite its strange name, could be her place. It was painted in rich neutrals and littered with no-nonsense tables, the music was at a reasonable volume, the line was short, and the menu was a simple black signboard with white letters posted above the register offering simply coffee, espresso, Americano, and cappuccino and no option for sizes. Emma smiled–this was her kind of place.

“I don’t understand. You have milk, you have coffee why can’t you just make me a latte?” The raven haired woman at the front complained in an over-loud voice. Emma rolled her eyes. Why was it so hard to just order what was on the menu?

“This isn’t Starbucks.” Emma heard a male voice mutter lowly behind her and she nodded

“How can you even call yourself a cafe if you don’t serve latte’s?” The irate customer’s pitch rose.

“Seriously?” Emma murmured.

“Someone should tell her there are four other coffee shops on this block that would happily accept her patronage.” The voice added in a rich English accent. Emma gave a chuckle and glanced back to say hello to her fellow annoyed customer but stopped short.

 He was a taller man with dark brown hair, a strong jaw covered in scruff, and a mouth quirked into a smirk that Emma found both endearing and dangerous. She gave him a small smile back as her heart did a strange leap and she turned back around to see the woman leaving in a huff. Emma pretended to be interested in the menu as she tried to center herself. It had been a long time since she had felt such an instant attraction–not since Neal– and the thought disturbed her, set all her personal alarms ringing. She ordered her coffee to-go and was striding out the door before the guy had a chance to try talking to her again.

Emma didn’t go back to Cafe Hollow. She told herself it was because their coffee was weak but deep down she knew it was because she didn’t want to run into “coffee guy” again. She knew it was ridiculous but after Neal, after being abandoned and betrayed, she just couldn’t trust herself or her gut when it came to men. Especially not drop-dead gorgeous men with accents and hair that looked softer than a puppy’s fur. She threw herself into her work that week taking on more skips than usual to make sure she was distracted.

That’s how she ended up at a bar called Neverland in a skin-tight red dress and heels that were killing her as she waited for her skip to show his face. She was busy watching the door when someone slid next to her.

“What a charming coincidence.”

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Second Chances (6)

Summary:  Most parents would love for their children to follow in their footsteps, but if it involves a pair of magical earrings and swinging across the rooftops of Paris, Adrien thinks he can be forgiven for overreacting when a certain kwami shows up in his daughter’s room.

A/N:  Based on this prompt (warning: spoilers!).

And this, dear reader, is the end of Second Chances. I had a lot of fun planning and writing this with @fickleminder, and now it’s over I just feel :((((((

Aye, the show must go on and enjoy!

chp: ( 12345 )

Adrien was going to kill that kwami.

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Wondering Ch. 2

Damn I am on a roll tonight! Here is Chapter 2 of the Soulmate AU! Message for the next chapter!!

Chapter 1

Imagine Masterlist

Before I knew it, I was asleep. I dreamed of him like I do every night. I dreamed of how we would meet, how his voice would sound when he tells me he loves me, how his lips would feel against mine. I was jolted awake by my alarm. I groaned and sat up on my bed and ruby eyes. I walked down stairs to find an empty house and a note on the fridge.

Emma, I left for the airport. Remember to pick up your brother at 3pm! Love you!

I groaned and looked at the clock. 10:24am. Okay, well I can do the rest of my homework before I have to pick up Zack, and I have to get the guest room ready for mom’s friend. I blew up the air mattress and set it up in Zack’s room so I could sleep there and their son could have my bed. I wasn’t exactly thrilled about having an 18 year old boy in my room, but there was nothing too embarrassing in there. I finished cleaning out the guest bedroom and went to work on my homework.

My mind was drifting again. I was thinking of him. How can you be so in love with someone you have never met? I guess I was more in love with the idea of him. I lifted my shirt to reveal the initials. I studied them like I have a million times before. I traced my fingers over the pigmented skin and sighed heavily. Next thing I knew, it was 2:39pm. I rushed to get ready and grab the keys from the table by the door. I was able to take my dad’s car since he took his motor cycle to work today.

I pulled into the parking lot of the elementary school and I couldn’t help but wonder if my kids would go here someday. Will they look like me or him? Will he be a good father? Will he even want kids? I looked up to see my brother running towards the car.

“Hey, bud. How was school?” I asked as he got into the back seat.

“It sucked. Some of the other guys were making fun of my initials.” He sighed softly.

“What? Why? Everyone has them.” I said, trying not to get mad.

“Mine match this girl in the grade above us, and they keep telling me that someday, we are going to get married and that’s gross. Girls are icky.” He pouted. He was only in second grade so he won’t get the “talk” for another two years. That’s the only bad thing about having initials that are visible. You don’t have any way to hide them. Everyone knows and they can butt into your business.

“She may not be your match. Don’t worry, okay?” I tried to soothe him. I decided to take him to get some ice cream before we went home. Adults aren’t supposed to talk to kids about the initials until they have had the talk, but I think he needs to talk. We sat under a big tree and I watched him slurp his ice cream. “Hey, don’t worry about those boys, okay?” I nudged his shoulder a bit and he giggled.

“They keep saying that hers matches mine too. What if we do get married someday?” He asked softly.

“You’re going to get this talk in a couple years so you’ll understand that if you are meant to be, you’ll find each other when you’re ready.” His green eyes met mine and a grin spread across his face.

“She is kind of pretty I guess.” He giggled and I laughed. “Have you found that L guy, yet?” He blurted out and I almost spit my ice cream onto the ground.

“How did you know my initials have an L?” I cocked my head to the side and he shrugged.

“I always see you looking at it in the mirror. I never knew what it meant until those boys told me.” He has no idea how lucky he is to not know. Sometimes I wish I didn’t. The waiting is torture.

“No, I haven’t found him yet, but I will. You know, you are too smart for your own good, little booger.” I noogied his head and stood up. “Now, come on. We have to get home.” I reached my hand out for his.

We made it home fairly quickly and I got Zack started on his homework. My dad made it home right after us and took his usual spot in his chair.

“Hi daddy, how was school?” I smiled.

“It was okay, sweetie.” My dad was never really the talking type, unless he was talking about my mom. It was actually really cute.

Before I could respond, the door opened. My mom stepped in followed by a lovely blonde woman and an older man.

“Guys, come meet the Hemmings’!” My mom yelled into the house. My dad and my brother were the first to make it into the living room.

“Okay, Liz, Andy, this is my husband, Jim, and my youngest, Zachary.” She smiled. “Emma, sweetie, come here!” My mom finished yelling just as I came into the room.

“Hi, its nice to meet you.” I extended a hand to them both.

“Nice to meet you too, dear.” Her Australian accent filled my ears and it sounded so cool. “Luke! Come in here and meet everyone!” She yelled out the door. My head snapped up. Luke. Luke Hemmings. My heart skipped a beat when a tall, blonde haired, blue eyed boy entered our house. I took in his appearance quietly. His initials weren’t visible. I have to be dreaming. Okay, here is what I will do. I will wait a few days until he is comfortable around me and I’ll casually ask him what his middle name is. Yeah, that will work.

“Hi, I’m Luke.” He waved at us.

“Luke, this is Jim, Zack, and Emma.” His mom pointed to each of us as she introduced us. His head whipped towards me when she said my name. I tried to smile and not faint right there. He moved towards me slowly and extended a hand to me.

“Hi, Emma Weston. I’m Luke.” His voice was low and hoarse. I loved it. I reached for his hand and shook it lightly. His hands were calloused, but his touch was soft. My breath stopped the second our skin touched. Is this the feeling? Is this what Jamie had been talking about? Someone cleared their throat and I snapped out of whatever daze I was in.

“Emma, why don’t you show Luke to where he will be sleeping, and take Zack with you.” My mom said, undoubtedly wanting some adult time. I nodded and headed up to my room. I told Zack to go to his room and make my air mattress for me. He groaned, but obliged. I led Luke to my room and shut the door quickly.

“Okay, so you are going to be sleeping in my room and I’ll be in my brother’s room. Make yourself at home.” I smiled avoided looking into his gorgeous blue eyes.

“Thanks, Emma.” My name slipped out of his mouth so smoothly. I wanted to fall onto my bed and scream into my pillow. “C-Can I ask you a question?” His voice was softer now, like he was scared.

“Sure, yeah.” I said nervously. He walked up to me so we were only a few inches apart. His eyes stayed connected with mine. I thought he was going to grab my waist, but his hands grabbed the ends of my shirt. My breath hitched because I had only imagined doing this to someone a million times. He lifted it slowly, as if to build the tension, and once it was up around my ribs his eyes trailed away from mine, and went down my body. I saw his blue eyes widen when he saw the ink on my skin. He didn’t say a word as he dropped my shirt and lifted his own. That’s where I saw my initials etched into his extremely pale skin. I closed my eyes and let the butterflies in my tummy take over.

“I found you.”

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Number 7 - Jackunzel fake relationship au! I'm a sucker for some good old stereotypes :)

“This isn’t going to work.”

“It’s going to work, just trust me.” Hiccup said, taking a deep breath, “Merida said that the girl is a long time friend and has been doing this for awhile.”

Jack sat on the couch, his suit was new and pressed yet his tie hung around his neck. He was nervous. Sure he had played a lot of tricks and pranks on his family before but not like this. It was younger sisters wedding and of course he was expected to bring a ‘plus one’. He was already forced into the procession by being a groomsmen upon Emma’s request, but now his entire family expected him to marry before his twenty two year old sister.

He couldn’t arrive dateless especially if Elsa was supposed to be there.

The doorbell rang.

Hiccup was the first to answer, dressed in a suit himself with a green shirt underneath. The brunette smiled and opened his mouth to greet the girl when she looked up at him. His speech faltered and he couldn’t help but stare.

Jack was not a patient man and quickly got up and stomped toward the door,

“Well? Are you going to let her–”

“Which one of you is Jack Overland?” The girl asked sweetly, her big green doe eyes looking between the two males.

The woman was petite but everything about her fit her size. She wore a light pink sundress that hugged her figure until it flared out at her small waist; pink wedges of the same color adorned her small feet. Her skin was flawlessly lightly tanned with small freckles on her shoulders, long golden hair feel down to the small of her waist. Her bangs were swept to the side framing her heart shaped face. Her lips were naturally pouting, her nose was decorated lightly in freckles as well. She looked like they cut her out of a magazine.

“Me–I mean I am.” He said trying not to feel too excited about escorting his girl to his sisters wedding.

She smiled lightly and held out her hand.

Both males looked at her oddly for a moment before the light went on.

“Oh! Right..” Jack ran back into the house and grabbed the envelope off the couch and ran back to the door. He placed the envelope in her hand. She opened it in front of them and began to count the cash inside. Jack felt his impatience wearing on him as he checked the time. They had to head out now or they would miss the practice ceremony.

The woman nodded and closed the envelope before placing it inside her cute hand bag. The girl looked to Jack and met his eyes,

“My name is Rapunzel Corona. As you know I will be playing the part of your girlfriend. Hand holding, hugging and kissing are included in this but I do not have sex with my clients.” She waited for Jack to nod in understanding before she continued, “Merida gave me the questionnaire you filled out and I have given you my own made up information. The way to make this work is that there are no surprises. So any questions?”

Jack looked at Hiccup who looked as shocked as him. They wondered how Merida knew of this girl in the first place but other than that…

“Nope, think we’re good.” Jack said and smiled at her.

“Great!” She said smiling, putting a hand on her purple suitcase, “when do we start?”


His fathers house was decorated beautifully, pink and white flowers decorated the inside of the two story home; white Christmas lights outside in the massive backyard with pink flower petals in the pool. It was a gorgeous set up, much like his own love life. The three of them walked into the home, greeted by his father instantly. The man was big and burly, his white beard matched the white shirt and black sweater vest.

“You finally brought girl home!” He laughed, his Russian accent was thick as usual and Jack was never prepared for the beat hug that always caught him off guard. He was easily picked up by the older man, looking more like a fourteen year old poor than a twenty eight year old man.

“Thanks. Dad. Hurts.” Jack wheezed while his 'date’ laughed behind her hand demurely.

He was placed on his feet as his father found another venue for his attention.

“Ah! Very pretty. I am North Overland but you can call me Papa.” The elder man beamed, clearly inhaling the happy fumes of the wedding at hand. Jack hit his hand to his forehead while Hiccup blinked and his brow furrowed in shock.

“It’s nice to to meet you, Papa,” the blonde giggled, “Jack has told me a lot about you–”

“And he hasn’t mentioned you.” Another voice popped from the right of the man, a young girl with long brown hair and a very beautiful white sundress. He was obviously the sister and bride just by the way she held onto the elbow of her fathers arm.

Jack felt his stomach drop as he looked between his family and the girl he was supposed to be dating. His sister knew that he always at least talked to her about his love life even if only in passing and since Rapunzel just showed up…god this was bad. He was going to be found out. He’ll look like an idiot! He looked to Hiccup who was carefully backing out of the conversation. Some fucking friend.

“Look I can ex–”

“He wasn’t sure if he should bring me since Elsa is your bridesmaid.” Rapunzel said, biting her lip and looking rather guilty, “He knew you liked her and didn’t want to ruin anything with your big day.”

Oh, she was good.

Emma blinked her big brown eyes and looked at her brother. The man ran his hands through his hair, his weird dye job making him look more pale than he usually did, the black suit didn’t help. She knew that she was missing something but Jack always tended to do things a bit different. Emma smiled and offered her hand,

“I’m glad he did, that way someone can keep him out of trouble.” She said, “It’s nice to meet you.”

“You too. Congratulations.” Rapunzel said, shaking her hand. With a small 'oh’ the blonde reached into her hand pink bag, pulling out a small silver box with a white bow and bells on it. “This is for you.”

Emma gasped and took the box in her hands, “Oh you didn’t have to!”

Jack stared at the woman. Was she fucking Mary Poppins? Mrs. Smith?

“Jack and I chose it. I couldn’t let him show up without a great gift.” Rapunzel giggled. The bride laughed and gave the woman a hug before bouncing over to her soon to be husband. The father of the bride laughed and clapped his son on the back,

“I like her.” The man said with a laugh and moved past them with a boisterous hello to a new face.

Jack looked over at his smiling date and narrowed his eyes. Rapunzel stood there looking at all the decorations and people. He didn’t take his eyes off her.

“What?” She asked, looking up at him with those big deceiving green eyes.

“Who are you?” He asked. She giggled, the butterflies he didn’t know were there went wild as she took his arm.

“Your successful, pretty, caring girlfriend, Rapunzel.” She said mischievously.
Jack shook his head. He wasn’t sure if he was the luckiest son of a bitch on the planet or the saddest. Either way he would have to ask Merida how she came across this woman because so far it was obvious this was not her first fake date. The patrons of the wedding and family passed by all waving and smiling at them, saying hello while Rapunzel shook hands and introduced herself.

He was shocked by how easily she handled the new people, how easy it was for her to smile and learn names, lie about how she has heard all about his cousins and friends. Then again he did fill out a questionnaire with all that information. Didn’t make it less odd. Especially the part where he started playing along as if he were Mr. Smith.

The backyard was decorated much like the inside of the house, the large porch had a dozen tables with six chairs at each. Once side of the porch had a long white table with an assortment of food while the other side was set up with speakers and a DJ booth. Everything was decorated with golds and light pinks given the atmosphere a glow. The 'couple’ sat at their designated table, Jacks name written in pretty cursive at two seats on top of cloth napkins.

“So,” he began as he pulling out the chair for her, “is this what you do?”


Jack took his seat next to her before looking around. He leaned forward toward her, an arm around the back of her chair, “Playing escort, is it what you do?”

“I’m not an escort.” Rapunzel whispered, green eyes glared at him.

“Sorry! Sorry, um, stand in date?”

Rapunzel sighed, her shoulders dropped a bit and for the first time since he’s seen her that professional air of confidence had left her. She looked up at him from under her long lashes, facing her body towards him. She waited as one a hired caterer placed wine glasses on the table before speaking.

“No, this is just…just am easy way to pay bills. You’d be surprised how many men need a fake girlfriend. Gay men trying to keep in the closet, young men to get parents off their back, old men to look young again. It pays well.” She explained, picking up her wine glass with a gentle hand.

“Yes I know, I’m out a grand now.” He said with a purse of his lips, “So what do you really do?”

“I paint.” She answered, a light blush on her cheeks as if she were embarrassed to admit it.

“And here I thought you were a secret agent.” Jack joked, taking her wine glass and bringing it to his nose.

“Just like you’re a wine expert?” She teased. Jack shrugged and took a sip, blue eyes sparkled with mirth. They looked at each other for a moment before she tilted her head and smiled, “Go ahead.”

“How many?”

“Twelve so far.”

“You haven’t slept with any of them?”

“Nope, strictly business.”

“You’ve never been tempted?” He asked handing her back the wine glass. Her fingers brushed against his when she took it. He felt those butterflies again. She was very pretty.

“I don’t think that’s any of your business, Mr. Overland.” She smirked taking a sip from the glass as well.

Jack gasped and put his free hand on his heart, “That hurts, and here I thought this was love.”

Rapunzel laughed, her hand going to her mouth so that no wine escaped. Seeing her look less than perfect made him laugh as well. It was easy to talk to her despite the reason why she was at his side, but they leaned toward each other looking much like the 'couple’ they were playing.


Both of them paused and looked to the other side of the table, a beautiful woman in blue looked back at them. The man felt his stomach drop at the sight of his ex girlfriend. She was beautiful as usual. Her platinum blonde hair shone in the sunlight, her blue sundress hugged her slim figure, pale skin matched his own. Her blue eyes were narrowed a bit looking from himself to his date. The white haired male plastered on a smile,

“Oh, hey Elsa.” He said, keeping his arm hanging lazily on the top of Rapunzels chair. The woman looked from the unfamiliar face back to her ex.

“I didn’t know you were dating again.” She said with a smile of her own, though it looked rather forced. The comment made some thing inside his gut wretch. It was almost as if she believed that he should be begging her to come back to him six months later. The only reason he even felt he needed a date to this was because he knew that her new boyfriend would be with her and he was not losing his break up.

“Yeah, this is Rapunzel,” he said as his 'girlfriend’ placed a hand on his knee, “Rapunzel this is Elsa.”

Rapunzel smiled and tilted her head, making her long blonde hair fall over her shoulder. Her green eyes met the woman’s, her entire posture was filled with confidence as she held out her hand from her seat. Elsa blinked at the gesture. Jack watched as his ex had to be the one to reached down and shake Rapunzels hand instead of Rapunzel rising and doing work to shake hers. It was a powerful play that did not go unnoticed to Elsa.

“Nice to meet you, Elsa. I haven’t heard much about you but I love your dress.” Rapunzel said with a friendly smile. Jack had to stop from snickering.

Elsa smiled, “Thank you. I didn’t know Jack was dating someone, Emma didn’t say–”

“Here you go, sweetie.”

A wine glass appeared before Elsa and all eyes were on the red headed man who offered it. Jack glared at the idiot. He was taller, broader shoulders and an expensive suit. His hair was impeccably styled, matching his side burns. His green eyes went from the glass to Jack and the tension was palpable. The red headed man gave him a nod,



Elsa placed a hand on Hans chest and smiled, “Hans, this is Jacks girlfriend Rapunzel.”

Rapunzel gave the man a nod and smile, placing her hand on Jacks. She could feel his distress and how tense he got at seeing the two of them. He never explained why him and his girlfriend broke up but she was sure it had to do with this man. There was an awkward silence before Rapunzel smiled and gave a wave, not shaking his hand.

“Nice to me you.” She said before picking up her glass and offering it to Jack. It took everything inside him not to take the glass and down the contents. Instead he brought the glass to his lips and took a large gulp.

“Why don’t we get some food, Els?” Hans offered, watching his girlfriend stare at the couple before them with a bit of confusion and ire. The woman smiled and nodded,

“We’ll talk later?” Elsa asked, blue eyes met blue.

Jack shrugged and turned back to Rapunzel, “Sure, you know where I’ll be.” He said as he handed his date back her wine glass, purposely sliding his hand over hers.

He didn’t watch Elsa and Hans walk away, but he heard them. Rapunzel looked up at him, her hand still on his knee. She drew small comforting circles, while he searched for something in her green eyes.

“Want to talk about it?” She asked, letting him curl his fingers into her blonde waves, the soft sun shine through the trees felt good on their skin with the cool breeze.

“Not much to talk about. He’s a wealthy lawyer and I’m a middle school teacher. She had been seeing him before she broke up with me but I was too love sick to see it. End of story.” Jack gave her a sad smile, six months later still feeling the betrayal of it all,

Rapunzel stood and offered her hand to him. He raised and eyebrow and took the warm gesture. The blonde beauty smiled brilliantly and pulled him toward the dance floor, no one was dancing yet but the music played while people served themselves food. Neither of them we’re hungry. Jack rolled his eyes and allowed her to pull him into her arms, her hand went to his shoulder while his went to her petite waist.

“Emma doesn’t know does she?” Rapunzel asked, looking at the young. Ride speak with Elsa and Hans animatedly by the buffet table. Jack swayed back and forth with her, shaking his head.

“We had dated for five years. Emma looked up to her and I didn’t want to ruin that.”

Rapunzel smiled at him, “You’re way too good for her anyway.”

Jack mocked a shocked expression before dipping his head down and whispering,

“Did I pay for a compliment package too?”

Rapunzel hit his shoulder and laughed, “No, I just like your reason for hiring me than other men.”

Jack smiled at her before twirling her around then taking her back in his arms. He didn’t realize that he wasn’t thinking of Elsa anymore. He thought of the way Rapunzel glowed in her pink sundress, how her skin was soft and her smile lit up her green eyes. She was pretty and everyone who watched them knew it. It was Emma who commented on how happy he looked. A comment that Elsa couldn’t help but note as she watched her ex laugh and dance like an idiot with the new girl. A girl no one knew before this. As the song ended, the lone couple on the dance floor walked back to their table.

Rapunzel left Jack to relax as she headed to the restroom, smiling at the people she met as she went. Elsa excused herself from Emma and Hans, ignoring the looks she got from them as she headed to Jacks table.

“Found you.” She said with a smile, sitting in Rapunzels empty chair. Jack looked at her then back at where Hans stood by himself.

“So you did.” He countered, rather confused. He watched as Elsa took his hand and held it in hers, looking up at him through her long eyelashes.

“I know we haven’t talked since, well, everything happened. Rapunzel seems nice.”

“She is.” He said, watching her with suspicious eyes.

“I just hope that this isn’t all because of me.”

Jacks brow furrowed, “this?”

Elsa shrugged with a small smile, her hands rubbing small circled on his just like Rapunzel was doing not a moment ago.

“You know, being here with her.” Elsa said nonchalantly, “Bringing her, someone no one knows, to meet your family. Dancing with her when you don’t like to dance–”

Jack pulled back his hand, “Elsa I like to dance. Rapunzel is my girlfriend and that has nothing to do with you.”

“I know our break up hurt you but you–”

“Elsa stop.” Now this was just pissing him off.

“–just wasn’t what I was looking for anymore. We had something special–”

“Elsa, I mean it.”

“–and I miss you. I loved you and–”

“Look what I found Jack.”

The bubbly voice interrupted the tension that was building between the two, both pairs of blue eyes looked at the blonde guest walk towards them. Rapunzel had a small plate in her hands, filled with fruit. She tilted her head and smiled, looking at only Jack. She walked up and bent at the waist, her lips found his.

Jack closed his eyes and smiled against her soft plump lips, kissing her as well. She smelled of flowers and tasted of vanilla. He loved vanilla. Her lips moved against his, neither cared of their blushing audience. Jacks hand found the back of her neck, licking her bottom lip. With a small gasp and giggle, Rapunzel pulled away. She looked to Elsa expectedly.

“Umm I was just..” Elsa began.

“Leaving.” Jack said with an expectant smile.

Elsa blushed darker out of embarrassment before standing and moving out of Rapunzels way. The blonde nodded a thank you before sitting down in her spot. The platinum blonde moved away from the two of them as Rapunzel picked up a strawberry.

“I better go find Hans.” She said, watching as the new girl lifted the berry to Jacks lips.

“Yeah, you do that, Els.” He mumbled, though he smiled at his date.

Neither looked as she walked away, Jack took a bite of the strawberry. Rapunzel smirked,

“Good timing, I guess?” She said seeing the twinkle in his blue eyes. Jack chuckled,

“How did you know?”

“Saw the look on your face.” She replied taking a bite of the rest of the berry. A pale hand took hers and pulled the stem from her juice stained fingers. The man brought her fingers to his lips and sucked one into his mouth. She gasped. He smirked around her finger, gliding his tongue over her skin before popping it from his lips.

“Tempted yet?” He teased. Rapunzel giggled as he licked the tip of her ring finger, her tongue red from the berry.

“You’re going to have to do better than that.” She smirked back.

“I have three days to try.” Jack met her eyes and both smiled.

His fake girlfriend turned out to be worth every penny.

Oneshot: Muse

SwanQueenAU – Fed up photographer Emma Swan is struggling for inspiration. One day a client drags her reluctant daughter in for some professional photographs and Emma might just find her new muse.

I don’t own Once or any of its characters. Apologies for any mistakes. Hope you all enjoy :)

Emma sighs as she sits in her photography studio. She’s surrounded by photos but nothing inspires her. She doesn’t know what happened. Everything was going pretty well for her. She found a talent for photography and after several years of working her way up and learning her craft she now owns this studio. In that aspect of her life everything’s great.

It’s just that sitting here in this photography studio snapping family portraits isn’t exactly Emma’s dream. She wants to photograph nature and capture beauty. Yet somewhere along the way she feels like she’s lost her creative muse.

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rowenaravenklaw  asked:

AU #49 please!!! And congratulations on 1000 followers, you deserve it (and so many more) xx

You’re my waiter and I’m on a really crappy date with an asshole:

A/N There is a hidden Disney reference in here. Ten points if you can find it. :) Also, this is REALLY LONG.

She had never thought much of internet dating. Hiding behind a computer screen while trying to make a meaningful connection had never appealed to her. But Mary had even gone behind her back and set up an account for her on a dating site.  She hadn’t expected anyone to be interested in her. She was a woman of business. She didn’t exactly come with a DATE ME stamp. Then someone sent her a nudge (which apparently meant he wanted to go on a date). He seemed okay, so she agreed. That date just happened to be tonight.  

The dress Mary had helped her pick out was a little tighter then she likes and her face feels like there’s a million tons of makeup on it.  Butterflies flutter around in her stomach. She taps her fingers on the counter.

“When was he supposed to get here?”

“Seven,” it is now fifteen minutes after and she has to admit that she’s not surprised.

“Did you give him the right address?”

“Of course I did! He’s just late.”

“Maybe he just got stuck in traffic.”

Emma scoffs. “You are the nicest person ever. Always ready to forgive people.”

“That’s why we’re friends, Emma. Because YOU are too quick to judge them.”

Emma glances out the window. Still no sign of a dark blue Chevy. She checks her cell to see if there’s a message. Annoyance surges through her when she sees nothing.  “He could’ve at least texted and told me he was going to be late.”

“Wait! I see headlights.”

Sure enough there is a car parked out the street. Emma grabs her purse and heads for the door.

“Have fun!” Mary calls just before the door slams behind her.

The man she’s seen pictures of is waiting by his car. He’s wearing a blue long sleeved shirt and black dress pants.

“Hi, you must be Sean. I’m Emma,” she gives him a firm handshake.

“Sorry I’m late,” he apologizes. “I got lost.”

“This neighborhood can be confusing,” she says as she climbs into the small car which crammed full of stuff. A few awkward moments pass and then he clears his throat nervously.

“Do you like music?”

She nods and he turns on the radio. Country music starts blaring over the speakers. He begins to hum along.

Oh, god. Please don’t start singing. She silently begs.

At that very moment that he bursts into song. He’s out of tune and very loud. She’s ninety percent sure that it’s the wrong words. “I’m in a band you know!” He shouts between verses.

“Really? You didn’t tell me that! What do you play?”

“Guitar. And I’m the lead vocalist!”

“What’s the name of your band?” So I can never hear them, she silently thinks. 

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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014) - Review

“You know what it is I love about being Spider-Man…?


Anyone who knows me knows that I was anxiously looking forward to The Amazing Spider-Man 2, the sequel to my favorite Spider-Man film to date. I had huge expectations, and it makes me sad to say that it didn’t live up to them. That’s not to say that I didn’t like it, because in my mind, it’s still fantastic, but the overall quality of the finished product falls flat way behind its predecessor. This is this year's Man of Steel. This is this year's Star Trek: Into Darkness. Some people will love it to death, while others will simply hate it.

The main problem lies within the film’s script, which at times, is downright atrocious. The problem isn’t the story, but instead the dialogue spoken by certain characters throughout the film, and how they decided to portray others, such as the supposed “main” villain, Max Dillon / Electro. The character has so much potential to be awesome, but from his introduction all the way to his transformation and beyond, he is far too underwhelming and very cringe-worthy. The most disappointing part in this is that not even Jamie Foxx, a very talented Academy-Award winning actor, gives a good performance. His fight scenes are some of the highlights of the film, and those are truly spectacular, but his characterization and origins were not on par with other characters.

Another problem are the sudden tonal shifts and inconsistensies throughout the film, and of course, the marketing. It can have a dark and mysterious, sad scene going on and suddenly turn into a cheesy comedy in a blink of an eye. Overall, I liked the balance between comedy and seriousness, but there weren’t really any transitions between the two, it came off as effortless. It would be nice to go into the film without knowing a certain villain would make an appearance towards the end, as it clearly would have been a very welcomed surprise. Certain scenes and lines that were shown in the trailer and that made the film look more interesting were cut (including the quote at the start of this review ). The whole “too-much” villains thing that everyone was so worried about wasn’t much of a problem in the end. Rhino makes an impressively brief appearance (you could even call it a cameo), and leaves it open for the sequel.

If 2012's The Amazing Spider-Man didn’t already prove us that Andrew Garfield is the best Spider-Man we have ever gotten on screen, and probably the best one we will ever have, this is the film that does. Spider-Man’s sarcastic and energetic attitude manifests itself more so than ever, as he throws out witty comments and insults towards his enemies, making for some really funny scenes and lines. Not only is Garfield incredibly hilarious when he is inside the costume, but he’s still a very good Peter Parker as well. Naturally, the awkward and shy aspects of his personality are long-gone, but the more confident Peter is still as likeable a hero as he ever was.

I don’t ever get tired of saying it - Garfield’s chemistry with Emma Stone is absolutely fantastic, and really really cute. Their scenes together aren’t as strong as they were in the previous film, but there’s definitely a lot of good to be found in those romantic scenes.Emma is still outstanding as Gwen, and, in my opinion, offers a take on the character so great that it makes her the best romantic interest in a comic-book movie thus far. She’s amazing.

Who really surprised me was Dane DeHaan as Peter Parker’s childhood friend Harry Osborn (son of Norman Osborn). He played his character with fierceness and confidence, it was really a much better performance than what I ever thought he could do. His hostile relationship with his father (played by Chris Cooper) is a very interesting and intense part of the film’s storyline, mainly because of how it influences him and eventually leads him into a more darker path.

Marc Webb has created the ultimate Spider-Man visual spectacle. Usually, 3D doesn’t exactly make films better, but this is one of those rare cases where it does. Webb has envisioned the action scenes (namely the super-exciting animated intro, which looks like a true roller-coaster ride) to either look like we’re trying to catchSpider-Man by flying behind him or riding on his back. It all looks so beautiful: the camera movements, the swinging, the CGI character… This something we’ve never seen before, even in all previous Spidey films, and the 3D really gives that sensation that we’re really there with the web-slinger. The depth of field, everything. It just looks so gorgeous, and everyone who sees the movie in 2D will miss so much.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 also has a huge emotional side to it. I have said it before and I’ll say it again: no movie made me put so much effort in holding back tears than this movie did. It’s shocking. A scene in the climax of the film had so much work invested in it and deep-meaning emotional aspects. It’s all very quick, but it stays with you for a very long time. There’s a snap, and suddenly you’re hurt. It just hit so hard. Hard as all hell. There was pain, there was grief, there was anger, there was sadness, there was guilt. So much feelings and emotions crammed into a scene which will remain as the most heart-breaking scene I’ve ever seen in a comic-book film.

Then it ends on an inspirational note, just like its predecessor. I walked out of the theater disappointed by some of the film’s aforementioned flaws, but at the same time, really satisfied and shaken. The last 20 minutes are beautiful, and that alone deserves a viewing of the film. It’s been so difficult for me to talk about it without giving anything away, and I promise a spoiler-heavy review of the film will come when I see it again next week. There’s just so much to talk about and to discuss, the good and the bad. In the end, I really thought that The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was a pleasant addition to the series, with great performances by the main cast and smart direction from Marc Webb, and while it wasn’t as grand as it promised to be, it was still a film of great importance to the franchise and a giant visual achievement, the most technically-successful Spider-Man film to date.

Big (and perhaps even more amazing) things are coming, my friends. Big things.