can we just talk about his arms for a second

This is going to be long.

The YOI fandom is full of hypocrisy when it comes to certain characters and I haven’t really seen any posts detailing why, so I thought I would waste my time putting this together. I’m especially irked by all of the Christophe/JJ hate that seems to be practically universal among the fandom.

For the record, I’m not a particularly big fan of either character, (I like Chris more than JJ, that’s the only thing I know for sure) but I just can’t fathom the hate that they get.

Let’s talk about Chris for a second.

It seems that the fandom has two big complaints about him. 1) He groped Yuuri! and 2) He nuts on the ice!

With the revelation from episode 10 I think we can officially rule out that first one. It’s obvious by now that Chris thought he and Yuuri were on more familiar terms, considering Yuuri literally pole danced with him half-naked, held him in his arms, and stood on his shiny toned thighs. “But, but,” I hear you unflatteringly shriek, “that still doesn’t justify it!” Yeah, it’s still coming on a little strong. Let’s see, who else came on strong based on Yuuri’s drunken escapades?

Oh, right. I guess when you’re Viktor Nikiforov, it’s chill.

“But, but,” you screech, “Viktor never touched him in an inappropriate way!”

Aw crap, you’re right. No one else has really touched other characters in a negative way, or I would have seen posts about it! Oh wait

I guess when it’s violent, it’s fine, or…? (surely this won’t be a theme in this post, surely)

The other more common complaint is Chris’s erotic routine in episode 6. But hang on, why do I feel like there’s another character who has a routine with a similar theme…?


Well, I guess eros is okay so long as the eros in question is half of your OTP.

“But, but,” you wail, “I’m ace, so Chris’s routine really offended me!” Then Yuuri’s should offend you too, because they are both about sexual love. The whole show should make you uncomfortable, considering Yuuri embracing his eros has been a central theme of the plot. Don’t like don’t look. Give it a try. (This is coming from an ace person)

I also want to point out that Chris never actually nuts on the ice? I don’t know if you’ve ever seen someone ejaculate before, but it’s preeeetty noticeable, especially given the thin material skaters wear. The only two people who even know that Chris gets that worked up during a performance are A) Himself, and B) You, the viewer, who can read his thoughts. He’s not making anyone else uncomfortable, so chill.

Chris hasn’t said a negative word to anyone. If anything, Chris is a good sport who accepts others victories with unbelievable grace, and is confident in his own abilities. Chaotic good, for sure.

Now we come to JJ.

Tumblr has a real problem with confidence, seems like. Because that’s virtually JJ’s only explored trait.

Honestly, I didn’t entirely know what to make of him at first. I wasn’t sure whether he was being antagonistic or not, but he just came off as rather silly to me. Socially inept, maybe. This was proved to me in episode 10, when he bursts in uninvited to the now famous dinner/engagement announcement scene to announce his own engagement as a letter of challenge.

It seems like a real villain move at first glance, if it weren’t for his (slightly wounded) confusion when everyone snubs him (rightfully so lol) and leaves him in the dust:

He’s highly competitive, but he’s not trying to be antagonistic.

Hey, you know who IS openly antagonistic, purposefully hurtful and insulting to other characters?


yeesh, well this is awkward

Ah, well, I guess it’s okay because he smiled that one time and talked about his grandpa.

(For the record, I don’t hate Yuri Plisetsky at all. You can check my blog for proof, I love this little angry Russian kitten, but liking a character does not mean excusing their actions or pretending they’re not being an asshole when they absolutely are.)

There are so many other things that are bugging me about this fandom: ship hate, fandom policing, harassment, but I don’t have enough time in the day to talk about all of them and I’ve wasted enough time already on this dumb post. In closing, we can do better. We finally got an anime (sports anime!) with a healthy, pure homosexual couple, and we are absolutely blowing it. I don’t want people to avoid this show because they heard “the fanbase in insane”. The first season isn’t even over and we’re already turning on each other, telling each other what we are and aren’t allowed to like, and it’s just sad. Let people like what they like. Stop trashing on characters and ships that people like. Be graceful, be chill. This show means a lot to a lot of people, but if you are going out of your way to ruin the experience for someone else, you can kindly fuck off.

Bound - Part 2 (Julian Albert x wheelchair!reader)

Words: 1,228

Note: The below isn’t my GIF, credit goes to its owner.

Part 1

“Hey, Julian,” Barry turned his chair around, looking at the meta-human CSI Specialist who was carefully picking a sample from a small piece of evidence with a pair of forceps, “can we talk about something for a second?”

“What?” Julian didn’t bother with lifting his head up, just concentrated on the tiny sample in front of him.

“Actually, I want to talk about Y/N.” Barry sighed, rubbing the back of his neck.

Julian’s hands instantly froze in the middle of the air after your name fell from Barry’s lips. He set the forceps down and turned around to meet Barry’s gaze.

“What about her?” Julian asked, crossing his arms in front of his chest, certainly not fond of any men, especially the always-late-for-work-without-a-proper-excuse Barry Allen, calling your name.

“I saw her the other day, you know… the day she brought your lunchbox to the precinct… and… I might know someone who can help her.”

“Help her with what?”

“Well…” Barry suddenly felt nervous under Julian’s cold stare, he cleared his throat and rapidly searched for the least offensive words inside his head, “I notice she is in a wheelchair… so… um… I think she might want some medical help?”

“My wife doesn’t need that, thank you.” Julian refused sharply, turning around with his back facing Barry.

“But the person I know is the expert in bioengineering field, she might be able to hel-”

“I SAID my wife doesn’t need that.” Julian raised his voice, feeling irritated.

“Why?” Barry frowned.

Julian was so done with Barry’s continuous asks, he really wanted to end this displeasing conversation, “It’s none of your business, Allen.”

Barry was discontent with Julian’s reaction, he scowled at him challengingly, “I’m sorry, man, there is a chance of getting Y/N out of the wheelchair, but I notice you just help your wife decide everything and block all the hope of recovery from her.”

“The last thing my wife needed is hope, Allen.” These words were almost pushed through Julian’s clenched teeth.

“I don’t think it’s the decision you should make, Julian.” Barry crossed his arms over his chest, “It’s up to her.”

“Since when you developed a sudden interest on my wife, Allen?” Julian pinned his suspicious gaze right on Barry, his features went totally grim, “You barely know her.”

“Don’t get me wrong, I already have Iris.” Barry defended himself, “I’m just saying that keeping hope away from Y/N isn’t a good thing.”

“Good? How do you define what’s good for her?” Julian barked, the rage he kept holding back finally broke, “She bore intense pain and disappointment every time the doctors said there is nothing they can do to help her. This is torture, and I won’t put her into a torture like this again.”

Barry went silent after hearing the unexpected outburst. He comprehended why Julian didn’t want you to go for a medical treatment now, he was protecting you from any possibility of shattered hope.

Julian glared at Barry one more time before walking out of the lab, “This is for Y/N’s own good, let’s keep it this way.”

“Dr. Caitlin Snow.” Barry uttered behind Julian, who stopped at the current spot without looking back, “If you change your mind, you can find her at S.T.A.R. Lab.”

“Goodnight, mate.” Julian said and stepped out of the lab.


Julian twisted the handle and swung the door open. What’s greeting him was the fragile you sleeping with knees and body curled up on the couch. Julian sighed, he dimmed the light and turned off the television which was currently on the 24 hour news channel.

Every time. Every time there is a crime in the city, you would be worried sick about his safety. Although he already told you he would not participate in any crime fighting as he was just a forensic scientist, you still stuck to the TV anyway and watched every news just to make sure he was okay.

He undid his tie and leaned down to gather your tiny body into his arms. He gently lifted you up and let your head rested against his chest. He carefully not to wake you and carried you up to the bedroom.

He lowered you onto the bed and sat beside you. A slight smile coiled up on his lips as he watched you sleep. He laced your hand with his and stroked your cheek with the back of his fingers. He then sunk into the memories.

“Am I able to walk again?” You sobbed, tears almost dropped from your eye frames.

“You will.” Julian assured, gripping your hand tight and firm.

“Promise?” You whimpered, voice cracked.

“Promise.” He reassured you and placed a soft kiss on the back of your hand.

Oh god, what was he doing? He once promised to make you whole again, but what had he done? He just left you broken and vulnerable. And damn it, maybe Allen was right, he did keep all the hope away from you because he, Julian Albert, was scared to hear the bad news from the best doctor in Central City again.

Feeling something poking his shoulder, he looked back and found you blinking at him.

“What are you thinking about?” You asked your lost-track husband, bringing him back to the reality.

“Nothing… Just…” He pushed away the memories and pull you up gently, he settled you onto his lap and wrapped his arms around your waist, “Do you remember Allen?”

You nodded, letting your head rested on his shoulder and feeling his hot breath smacking on your neck.

“He… um… He said there is an expert in S.T.A.R. Lab who might be able to help you…” He murmured, tucking a stray of hair behind your ear before eyeing you softly, “Do you want to give it a try?”

You looked him in his sapphire blue eyes. Those eyes were tired, barely happy, and beyond that, you found pain hidden behind those irises. It wasn’t the first time you saw him with regret and guilt. He always thought that he was responsible for putting you in a wheelchair. But the truth is, it was never his fault. And you would never, ever blame him for what happened that night. But learning that you could no longer use your leg again, he beat himself up over that accident even more.

If you are able to walk again, maybe he will eventually be relieved and let himself out of the self-blaming cycle.

“You know… I really miss those days when you and I ran around the garden and collected samples of insects…” You said with a grin, “I will give it a try.”

Seeing something lit up inside his eyes, you pressed a soft kiss on his lips, “I love you, you adorable dork.”

He let out a small laugh and kissed your lips again, “I love you too.”

“You should go to shave.” You said between kisses and chuckles, his newly grown beard somehow made your face itch.

“I rather not.” Julian smirked, he was already on the top of you before you could notice.

He buried his face and planted endless of sweet kisses along on the side of your neck while another hand of his started unbuttoning his shirt.

You giggled at the itchy sensation and pulled your husband closer.

This is definitely going to be a lovely passionate night.

Part 3

ok can we talk about this for a second?
at the wedding john is hugging sherlock (it’s not romantic though, obviously) and he’s putting one hand in Sherlock’s neck and the other on his arm, sound familiar?

sherlock is basically imitating john’s wedding hug, he tries to learn how to be a human being with feelings from john! and the first time we see sherlock actually trying is when he comforts john!!
the other romantic things about the scene are, that:
a) no people watching, it’s a pure and genuine hug just to comfort john (or more?)
b) how slowly sherlock moves! he is so cautious and touches john like he could break any moment
c) the music (music is so important!!!!)
d) sherlock is literally pulling john into his chest by grabbing his neck
e) sherlock’s chin is resting on john’s head
f) sherlock is not only holding john, he’s stroking him!!!

we all know how john always has to do the sympathy part when someone dies because sherlock doesn’t know how to do it and he probably doesn’t even care. but with john?? he is trying to do what john always does and he just literally intimidates john’s wedding hug but he is calm and (maybe a bit scared to be rejected like in TST?) he genuinely cares and wants to do this.

anonymous asked:

Is it me or Kara is grabbing Mon el's shirt by the neck at the end before everything goes burry?

I see you’ve been examining their movements just like I have haha She does run her fingers through his hair and then her hand goes from his face to his neck but I don’t know if she grabs his shirt and if she does, it’s only for a second because she immediately puts her arm around him. Every time I rewatch that scene I notice something new like Mon-El fisting her hair (at first I thought he only touched it but he actually grabs it), or the way her arm seems to reach for him and pull him closer and can we talk about the grinding?? Damn. I need to stop watching that scene. 

Can we

Can we talk about this for a second?
Here we have Mukuro Ikusaba, who has dedicated her life to combat and assassination. She could probably kill you one hundred different ways with her bare hands, as most of her life was spent training for that very purpose.

And then here we have Izuru Kamukura, who has been alive for approximately a week. Who also incapacitated her just by lifting his arm.

I think we’ve gravely underestimated how powerful Izuru really is.

Dating Calum
  • Cuddles….like all the time
  • “Babe look at the puppy!! IT’S SO CUTE!!”
  • “Why can’t we buy the puppy?!”
  • He ends up convincing you to get the puppy anyway
  • Having lazy days in bed just talking about anything and everything
  • Forehead kisses
  • Hickeys…lots of them..on you and him
  • Him getting super protective when you guys are out in public
  • His arm constantly being around your waist and holding your hand in front of other guys
  • Wearing his shirts
  • Him slapping your butt all the damn time
  • Catching glimpses of him staring at you like you’re his whole world, because you are
  • Blushing like crazy whenever the guys or an interviewer mentions you 
  • Skyping for hours on end when he’s on tour
  • Trying out new songs on you
  • Tight hugs
  • Squishing his cheeks because they’re so darn adorable (and squishable)
  •  Being all cute and coupley all the time
  •  Him loving you with literally everything he has

can we please, for like two seconds, talk about enjolras being the most secretly adorable boyfriend????

like, he and grantaire are on the sofa watching a movie or something and enj just pulls out his phone and yanks grantaire over and takes a hideously cute smooching selfie

and grantaire’s like, “the fuck?” and enjolras smiles indulgently and takes like ten more photos and sets one as his wallpaper

he always wakes grantaire up with sweet smooches and always insists on holding hands whenever they are within arm’s length of each other

even though he is awful at writing them, enjolras sends grantaire love letters. in the post. they live together why does he send them in the post????

grantaire is not the most romantic soul but he just shrugs and goes along with it because even though enjolras is a massive dweeb, he is grantaire’s dweeb and he loves him.

izabellazwan  asked:

*runs to and throws herself in his arms* "Can we talk?"

With his eyes widened slightly 
as he didn’t expect anyone hugging 
him from behind, Bill quickly turns around, 
as in just a few seconds, a bright smile 
appears on his lips. ‘’Bella?!’’ The singer 
pulls her into a tight hug. ‘’What the fuck 
are you doing here?’’ Way too excited to 
see her after months, he just enjoys their 
hug, totally forgot about the talking question.

CAN WE TALK ABOUT THIS FOR A SECOND. Can we talk about how Bellamy looks like he is running into Clarke. HE TORPEDOES INTO HER JUST SO HE CAN WRAP HIS ARMS AROUND THIS GIRL. He is visibly fucking crying. The way he absently rubs her hair, almost to assure himself that YES SHE REALLY IS HERE WITH HIM. Now let’s take a look at Clarke. The way she has her eyes closed in pure relief. THE WAY SHE BRINGS HER HEAD UP TO REST ON HIS SHOULDER AFTER HAVING IT HIDDEN IN HIS FUCKING CHEST. The little breathe she lets out because no matter what happens and no matter how much shit these two go through, she knows they can always make it through together. Imagine what these two have gone through leading up to this hug. All the betrayal and the hurt and deceit. But through it all, they somehow always find their way back to each other.

But imagine Luke and Michael in a pet store looking for a cat and Luke is talking to a worker about care for cats, leaving Michael to pick a cat and Luke turns around about 30 seconds later and Michael is on the ground with 3 kittens in his arm, 2 on his shoulders,7 crawling all over his legs and one top of his head and he just looks up at Luke and says “I’m making a cat army”