can we just talk about his arms for a second

Imagine demon!Dean beating a guy up to death because he touched you and he got jealous.

“She’s pretty.” you said softly, trying to hold back the hint of bitterness and pain in your voice. Or jealousy for that matter. You couldn’t blame her, who knew with how many women Dean had been with ever since he became a demon.

“And probably his type. But it shouldn’t bother you now, should it chipmunk?” Crowley raised an eyebrow as the both of you didn’t take your eyes off of the demon playing darts as the blonde waitress gave him another drink with a rather flirtysmile might you say.

“Not now, not ever.” Crowley finally turned to look at you “You are not his girlfriend, (Y/n). Never been, yet you are bothered so much by this. I wonder why.”

You scoffed, turning to glare at him “As if you don’t know. Dean is probably the most oblivious man in the world but you never were Crowley. Why would you use this stupid nickname on me if you didn’t?”

“Guilty.” he flashed you a smile, downing his drink “But he’s no longer the man that you remember, love.”

“Right, so that’s why you wanted me here?” you scoffed “And don’t you dare deny it to me Crowley. You didn’t even blink in surprise when you saw me. You’re letting yourself get caught and sooner or later Sam will come walking in as well.”

“I must admit- the only thing that did surprise me was the fact that moose didn’t come in right after you.” he shrugged “But probably- it’s time to finally put him on track-” he looked at Dean “And make him realize how little he is leaving for just how much.”

“Hell? Oh wow, yes Crowley that really is everyone’s dream kingdom.”

“It is one, nonetheless.” he winked at you and before you could say a thing he had vanished right in front of your eyes. You scoffed at him but didn’t have the chance to question him when you turned your head and your eyes locked with his green ones. And just like always they made your heart skip a beat. Because maybe you were always friends but your love for him was undying.

You held your breath as he set his glass down and raised an eyebrow at you. He said nothing to the rest of them men he was playing with and casually strode towards you “(Y/n)” his voice was as rough but a lot more cold “Fancy seeing you here.” and the smirk on his face made it all worse.

“Is it?” you asked in a low voice and his smile dropped.

“What do you want here?” he asked serious.

“Oh so Crowley didn’t tell you?” you scoffed a laugh “He knew I was on your tracks with Sam, he should be here very soon. I managed to get a lead and thought if I could convince you to come back without him having to hurt himself but… I don’t think there is a point in trying.”

“I told you to stay away.” he shrugged casually, stuffing his hands in his pockets “Not my fault you don’t listen.

“You told Sam to let you go, not me. And I thought there was a chance here but- I was wrong obviously. I’m curious how you didn’t see this coming, or even more that Crowley didn’t speak to you about his plans. Whatever those may be. What happened? Don’t you guys tell everything? Oh no, don’t Dean, secrets are bad, they ruin relationships. We know it better than anyone.” you went from sarcastic to completely serious.

He scoffed, putting on a smirk on his face and rolling his eyes “Don’t care what his game is, I am not his toy. I have my own plans and I’m glad that… he made it easier for me.” he looked

“What do you mean?” you frowned when you noticed the predatory smile on his face “Made it easier by letting me find you?”

“I’ll let you know soon, now follow me and let’s out of here. You’re drawing too much fucking attention with those shorts.” he took hold of your arm, dragging you up as he glared at a few men behind you that had been sneaking looks at you.

“Like hell.” you hissed, snatching your arm from his “Why does it even matter to you? Especially now, I am nothing to you. So what if they look? I am free, Dean, hell they can even touch as much as they want to.” you said angrily.

His eyes darkened as he looked “Let’s go. Now.” he said in a low almost growl but you weren’t having any of it.

“Why?” you scoffed a laugh “So that you can kill me now? Or so that she doesn’t see us talking?” you motioned with your head to the blonde that already had her eyes on you. You tried so hard not to show how much this was hurting you.

“She has nothing to do with this. Come on.” he tugged, holding your hand again.

“Right, of course she doesn’t.” you scoffed “With how many have you been exactly all these months?”

“You’d want to know, wouldn’t you?” a satisfied smirk was on his face.

You didn’t have the chance to speak though because another voice spoke up “Is everything alright?” it was a guy you had seen checking you out ever since you came in.

“Yes, everything’s fine actually. My friend here was just leaving.” you gave Dean a look “How about you buy me a drink and we can talk?” you gave him a smile that made his grin widen.

“Yes, of course sweet cheeks.” he wrapped an arm around your waist.

“You’re gonna lose that hand buddy.” Dean growled, and you both stopped before you could leave.

“Excuse me?” he raised an eyebrow “Did you just threaten me?”

“No, I was giving you a friendly warning.” Dean shrugged with a casual smile.

“Yeah, right.” he scoffed, arm tightening on your waist just to mock the demon and for a second you got scared when Dean’s smile completely fell.

“But you obviously don’t listen very well.” he scoffed and before you could realize it he had grabbed the man by the collarof his shirt and pinned him against a pillar.

“And now- you get to see what I mean when I say that you shouldn’t have done that.” and even if you expected it you jumped when he threw a powerful punch at the man. And the another, and another and another without letting him do a single move. You were almost scared for his life when you saw the mark on Dean’s arm burn that angry red as he kept hitting the guy, blood covering his fist and groans and moans of pain filling the bar along with hushed whispers from other customers.

“Fucking asshole, think you could ever have a piece of that?” he scoffed a laugh, punching more “In your dreams!” another punch “She’s too pure and perfect for a bloody jackass like you. You would never stand a fucking chance.” he growled, punching him more.

You could barely make out any of the things he said after that as the sounds were too much to handle. People shouting, some cheering and encouraging him to keep going. And then you heard her.

“Dean, stop!” she screamed but he didn’t listen to her, as he kept punching with groans himself “Stop! You’re gonna kill him!” she screamed but it didn’t seem to have a single effect on him at the moment.

“Would serve him fucking right.” Dean growled, grabbing his bloody face and making the guy look at you “Do you see that? Do you see her?” he said through gritted teeth “She’s great isn’t she? And you’d really want a piece of her tonight but that would be it. You had some gruesome thoughts for her after that though, didn’t you?” he turned his head to look at Dean “Didn’t you?” he roared and he gave him a weak nod.

“Just like I thought.” Dean smirked “For the first, I’d really just break your hand and maybe face. But for this-” he looked at him darkly and your breath got caught in your throat. If he killed him right there in front of so many people he’d draw all the wrong attention.

“Dean!” you screamed “No, no don’t!” you exclaimed and as surprising as it was for everyone, it caught his attention and he glanced at you over your shoulder. You looked at him with wide eyes, shaking your head in fear.

“Seems like your lucky day, bastard.” he growled “You’re very damn lucky that she can have this effect on me because trust me your death… it would have not been easy. And she would never give you a single glance because you know why?” he smirked in an almost sinister way “Oh you know why.” he laughed, pushing him to the side and he fell on the floor. He looked down at him for a second, smirking before with a roll of his eyes he turned around and looked at the rest of the customers.

He didn’t say a think, he only scoffed at them and walked towards you.

“D” you found yourself whispering as you stared at him with wide eyes “You would have-”

“I should have.” he growled “Hope you fucking understand I am not playing games here, (Y/n).” he grabbed your jaw with one hand and your heart leapt to your throat when he brought his face closer to yours, your lips only an inch away. You knew what he wanted to do but he stopped himself, looking from your lips up to your eyes. He smiled slightly, running his thumb over your lower lip.

“You are mine, and I’ll make sure everybody knows it from now on.” he said in a low rough voice and you frowned. You knew in what way he meant it, you were no fool with what he had almost done but it still confused you. You were always friends and on top of that even if he didn’t care at the moment as a demon… what really held him back from forcing a kiss out of you? IT felt as if for a moment you saw your own Dean flash through his eyes.

“Only. Mine.” he said in a husky voice in your ear and you felt shivers run down your spine when his teeth grazed over it “I’ll wait in the car.” he added and let go of you, almost leaving you to try to recover from the shock.

But you only had another one coming once he’d left and the waitress spoke to you “You are (Y/n)?”

“Why-” your voice was hoarse as you looked at her “You know me?” and the look on her face only said yes, making you realize there was only person that could have spoken about you to her.

Dean. But the real question was why?

Double Duty | M

Yoongi & Jungkook | BTS | 10.2k Words

w: for @tendershepherd and plotted with her (and she came up with the title. bless lmao) to create this mess of sub!jk & sub!yoongi, dom!reader, ass play, pussy worship, slight mxm, humiliation… and a lot more. this is so filthy. i’m sorry. lmfao

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Apples and Heroes

Originally posted by kissthejotun

Request: Can you please do a Star Trek story with Bones and the words “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”, “your pulse is weak,” and “all the apples in the world wouldn’t stop me.” They aren’t in your prompts list I hope that’s okay? Thank you!

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This Is War [10]

Summary: After being rejected by your best friend Bucky, Sam sets you up with one of his friends, on the condition that if the date doesn’t go well, you have to sign up for a dating app. The date doesn’t go well. As you begin to look for love in other places, Bucky starts to feel something he never felt before. Jealous.

Bucky Barnes X Reader

Word Count: 1558

Warnings: It’s a little angsty.. And there is bad language!

A/N: Sorry this took so long, I’ve been very sick!! Thank you everybody who has been reading this!! The amount of feedback has been incredible and amazing and I’m so thankful!! xo

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For You

Thank you @viviena for this amazing animation!!! It is perfect :))                   In celebration of such amazing work, I present a fic

  Stiles was a very easily distracted five year old. Example A - he had managed to wander off seventeen times in the past hour, constantly caught up in his need to more closely examine every flower or bug that caught his fancy.

  He had been taken on the hike to expend some energy, to relieve the restlessness that seemed ingrained into the kid’s bones. It was a common occurrence for Sheriff Stilinski to have to revert back to countless websites that he had bookmarked to look for a new babysitter willing to look after his little bundle of spaz.

 It had been almost fate, meeting the Hales. A simple accident, one that the families had long since moved past seeing as a negative. The sheriff and Stiles had gone to the grocery store, his dad looking worn out and tired, staying up too late looking for a new sitter. It seemed like if a person hadn’t already babysat Stiles, they had heard rumors about the boy and his difficult to handle nature. So, for now, the sheriff took the boy everywhere, cashing in favours the receptionists at the precinct owed him when he was called out on duty. But even their patience was growing thin.

  It was in the grocery store after John Stilinski and Talia Hale had exchanged pleasant smiles that all hell broke loose. Or well, Stiles broke loose. He had managed to climb out of the back of the cart and wandered the aisle before running head first into a pair of legs. A boy of about nine or ten years looked down at the stumbling mess of a kid by his knees. The boy looked up, saw the man talking pleasantly with his mother and smelled the familial scents.

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Accidents Happen (Part 4/?)

Peter Parker x Pregnant!Reader

A/N: I love all the feedback you all keep giving me! I wanna be humble and say: “You’re feeding my ego, stop!”… but KEEP IT COMING! *Wink* I love it! Makes me want to keep writing! Love you guys! You give me the warm and fuzzies! I have a big weekend, so part 5 may not be posted until next week! XOXO

ALSO!! I had someone ask me about this, yesterday… If you notice that I sometimes switch off and on using contractions (it is versus it’s), that’s because I have a lot of APA style papers I’ve been doing for college and my professors keep telling me not to use contractions (example: it is or you are)! I think contractions sound less strained, but it’s hard to kick the habit after writing papers! Just to answer that question!

Warnings: Teen pregnancy, swearing (always), a little bit of smutty/fluff at the end, etc.


Accidents Happen Masterlist

Originally posted by 0chlophobia

“Is she okay? Is the baby okay? What happened?” You hear Peter’s panicked voice from outside the door.

“Her blood sugar was low.” You hear Natasha’s voice, “She was lucky Ed – from security – caught her, or she would have hit her head.”

“I got a voicemail from her saying that her mom hit her with a bottle.” He said quietly, “Is there any damage?”

“Just a cut and some bruising. Her body will heal it once her blood sugar is back to normal.” You hear someone sigh, “I think we need to get her out of there. Especially, if she wants to keep your baby.”

“I’ve been a dick.”

“Yeah, you have been.”

“Yeah, you have been!” You call out, jokingly. Your back cracked as you stretched, “Now, can someone get me the hell out of this bed?”

The door was thrown open, and Peter ran in. His entire appearance was disheveled. “You’re okay.” He breathed out.

“I feel fine. Just sore.” You held out your arms, “Hug me?”

He ran to you, sitting down and pulling you up into his arms. “I’m so sorry.” His voice cracked, “I thought I needed time to think, but all I could think about was how much I wanted to talk to you. I was miserable, and being a jerk. Then, Tony called and said that you were in med bay, and I panicked.” He tightened his arms, “I had a full-on panic attack in front of Steve. I was terrified something happened to you, or the baby.”  

“’Never apologize for showing feeling. When you do so, you apologize for the truth.’ Benjamin Disraeli.” You smirked, burrowing your face into his neck and pressing a small, chaste kiss there. “You were upset. I get it. I’m sorry I scared you.”

“How the hell do you have these quotes memorized?” He sniffed, a smile in his voice and smoothing your hair against the back of your head, “I keep having to Google them to keep up with you.”

“I like to keep you on our toes.” You pulled back, framing his face with your hands, using your thumbs to wipe away any evidence of tears, “I’m sorry for being a jerk, too.” You pulled him down, pressing your lips to his. His hands moved to your waist, pulling you closer. Before you could get too intimate, though, you pulled back a little, keeping your foreheads together, “We need to talk about this. This isn’t something we can put off. There’s kind of a deadline – or due date, if you will.”

“You really want to keep this baby?” He asked, pulling back, but taking your hands in his, “You want to be parents at sixteen?”

“I just don’t think I could live with myself if I chose any other option.” You looked at your intertwined hands, “Are any parents really ready? At any age?”

“I suppose not.” He mumbled, bringing your hands up to his mouth, kissing your knuckles, “I just don’t want you to hate me, if things don’t work out.” He looked up, “Not th-that I think it won’t work o-out, you know? I just want to make sure you are ready to be stuck with me for the rest of your life. This isn’t something we can just back out of.”

“I was already prepared to have you in my whole life, however long my life lasts.” You smiled up at him, “Whether it be love or friendship.”

“Really?” His eyebrows shot up, “You like me that much? Wow, sounds like you’re a little obsessed with me.”

“Shut up, you ass.” You hit him in the shoulder, gently. “I fucking like you, okay? Like, a lot. You know I don’t take dating lightly. I’m dating you for a reason.”

“I thought you said you only liked me for my ‘hot bod and decent personality’?” He smirked, using finger quotes.

“I did say that, didn’t I?”

“You guys are weird.” Natasha’s voice came from the doorway. “I will never be able to get that sentence scrubbed from my brain. Thanks for that.”

“Hey, Nat.” You leaned over, looking behind Peter. “How long have you been standing there?”

“Apparently, too long.” She smiled, “How are you feeling?”

“Better.” You scooted over so Natasha could sit on your other side, “My face doesn’t hurt anymore. I feel fine.”

“I talked to your doctor.” She frowned, “Your blood sugar was really low. Not good when your hormones are changing. When was the last time you ate?”

You thought about it. “Well, shit… Lunch? …Yesterday, I think? I was freaking out.”

“You can’t do that, Y/n.” She scolded, running a hand through her red hair in frustration, “You’re pregnant. You need to eat more. You could really hurt the baby.” She slapped your arm, “And no more rigorous training until after the baby is born. Only exercise as much as the doctor allows. Cho is going to find you the best OBGYN. Tony already said that cost doesn’t matter.”

“I can’t let him pay for things.” You frowned, moving your hand over your small bump. “I can’t pay him back.”

“You can let me pay for things, and you will never speak of paying me back, ever again.” Tony waltzed into the room. “Everyone out. I need to speak to Y/n, alone.”

Peter kissed your forehead, “I’ll go grab you something to eat.”

You nodded, and the two left the room. “So,” You started, nervous about what Tony had to say. “What’s up?”

“I’m only going to say this once.” He put on his stern ‘dad-voice’ that he usually reserved for you and Peter, “You are getting emancipated.”

“Tony…” You sighed, leaning back against the pillow.

“Don’t you ‘Tony’ me!” He replied, furious. “That woman threw a fucking bottle at your head. I know this isn’t the first time she has hurt you, and it probably won’t be the last – if you fucking stay with that woman.” He started pacing. “You’re lucky that I haven’t reported her to Child Protective Services! You’re still a minor, and she has been abusing you.” He stopped, crossing his arms and facing you, again. “What if she hurts the baby?”

“She wouldn’t-”

“Don’t you dare say she wouldn’t.” He snapped. “You know – deep down – that she would. Accidently, or purposely.”

He was right. She was always either high, or drunk. Who knows what she could do, or leave around the apartment for a baby to find. “So, what do you suppose I do?”

“Get emancipated, and move into the tower.” He shrugged, “Or with Peter and that insanely hot aunt of his. Either way, as long as you’re not in that apartment.”

“I’d need a job to get emancipated.” You sighed, “I don’t have a fake ‘Stark Internship’ like Peter. Or a job.”

“I’ll put you on payroll for Med Bay.” He sat down next to your knee, “Your job is to finish high school. You can raise the baby, go to school, and work for Med Bay when the baby is born. We could use you in Med Bay after a mission, anyways. Plus, we have a 24-hour daycare, you know.”

It wasn’t a bad plan. “Are you sure about this?”

“Would I offer this if I wasn’t?”

He had a point. “Okay.” You held your finger up before he could say anything, “I don’t know if Peter will want me to move in full-time, so I’ll keep my room here, and we can add to it. How does that sound?”

“Sounds reasonable.” He shrugged, “Although you do realize that the kid is head over heels in love with you, right?”

“Shush!” You leaned forward, slapping his shoulder, “We haven’t talked about that kind of thing, yet!”

He laughed, standing up, “Well, I’ve hogged you long enough. I can practically feel spiderkid pacing outside the door.”

“Thanks, Tony.” You smiled, and he tried to wave you off, “No, seriously, Tony. You are literally saving us, and I appreciate you.”

“Shut up, kid.” He blushed, “I don’t want to see two beautiful minds not live up to their potential, just because life didn’t go according to plan.” With that statement, he opened the door and walked out.

Peter ran in a few seconds later, arms full of different food. “Hope you’re hungry.”



“So, you’re really keeping the baby?” Aunt May asked, sitting across the restaurant table from you both. “Are you guys sure about this? It’s not something you two should take lightly. This is a child, who’s life is going to depend on your care.”

You nodded, holding Peter’s hand under the table, “I have a job. Mr. Stark hired me for med bay.” You took a small bite of your food – thankfully not Italian food – and squeezed his hand a little, “I’m also getting emancipated, so I can move out and away from my mom.”

“Are you living with us?” May asked, eyes widening in excitement, “I am so happy you are finally leaving that apartment. You have no idea how happy that makes me.” Her voice cracked, and tears sprung to her eyes.

“We decided that Y/n is going to have the option to stay with me, or stay at the tower.” Peter shrugged, “Mr. Stark gave her a room.”

“He did?” May asked in shock, “I didn’t realize you knew Tony Stark so well, Y/n.”

“I, uh, talk to him when I visit Peter.” You stuttered, trying not to lie, but trying not to tell the whole truth, “He said that he didn’t want to see our ‘beautiful minds’ not live up to their potential just because life didn’t happen according to plan.”

“That… Wow. That was really generous of him.” She was in shock. “You do know that you can move in with us, if you want to. I doubt Peter will mind. Not like he isn’t already in love with you.”

“Aunt May!” Peter gave her a look, squeezing your hand a little too tight, “We talked about this. Shut it.”

“Oh, yeah.” She made a zipping motion over her lips and chuckled. “Sorry.”

Wait. Did he talk to May about how he felt?! WHAT DID HE SAY?!?!

You smoothed your thumb over his knuckles, changing the subject. “Anyways, I figured I could move in for a little while and see how that goes. If it becomes too much, then I’ll stay at the tower. Otherwise, Peter’s getting a roommate.”

“I feel like this is one of those situations where I should be stern about you two sleeping in a room together… Especially, permanently.” She joked, motioning for the check. “But you’ve been doing that for years, and you’re already pregnant, so…”

“Real funny, May.” Peter rolled his eyes. “Hilarious.”

“I have a question.” You mumbled into Peter’s chest, later that night, before you both fell asleep.

He tilted his head down, “Ask away.” His voice was thick with sleep.

You were silent for a few moments, listening to the sounds of the city while you were trying to summon the courage to ask him the question that’s been eating away at your mind. How does a girl ask their boyfriend if he loves her? Do you just come out and say it? Do you beat around the bush? Will he freak out?

“Hey,” He ran his hand soothingly up and down your back, almost lulling you to sleep, “Are you okay?”

“I was wondering…” You took a deep breath, “When did you decide that you liked me more than a friend?”

He snorted, “I’ve always liked you more than a friend. I told you that.”

“Yeah, I get it, I’m hot.” You joked, burrowing closer into Peter’s side and running your finger along the lines of his chest, “What I mean is: was there a specific moment that you just decided that you liked me more than a friend?”

“You were eating chicken nuggets.”

You shifted around, sitting up and climbing on top of him, thighs on each side of his hips – so you could look down at him in shock, “Seriously?”

“Yeah.” He smiled, placing his hands on your thighs, “It was a few weeks after we met, and you were eating chicken nuggets during lunch. You were talking to Michelle about how much you loved them, and she was yelling at you that it wasn’t real meat. Then, you noticed I was staring at you, and you smiled at me. That bright, gorgeous smile was when I knew that I couldn’t just be friends with you.” He looked to the side, not meeting your gaze, “That was when I realized that I was completely in love with you.”


A tear slid down your face, and your lip wobbled, “You love me?”

“Well… Yeah. I do. I have for a long time.” He bit his lip, nervously, reddening it.

You leaned down, sliding your arms underneath his neck so you could hug him with your whole body. “’My heart is, and always will be, yours.’ Jane Austen.”

He pressed his lips against the side of your head, “Does that mean you love me back?”

You leaned back, connecting your lips with his. You threw all your emotions into that kiss, all the passion, the lust, the love… Everything you had ever felt for him. You could taste your tears on his lips, as you buried your fingers into his thick hair. He was responding back to you quickly, sitting up so you were straddling his lap, so he could pull you closer. There was so much fire in that kiss, you could feel your skin heating up throughout your entire body. Your heart was pounding in your chest, and you could feel Peter’s pulse racing when you brushed your hands down the sides of his neck, placing your hands onto his bare shoulders.

You pulled back slowly, gasping for breath. “Does that answer your question?”

“I think I need a little more clarification.” He pressed a small kiss against your jaw, “Just to be safe.”

You slid your hands back up, holding his face. “I.” You pressed a small kiss against the corner of his mouth. “Love.” Another kiss on the other side of his mouth. “You.” You tilted your head and kissed his lips, tongue brushing against his lower lip, daring him to open his mouth.

He flipped you over, earning a small squeak from you as your back hit the mattress. He kissed your neck for a few moments, making you lose all form of thoughts for a few moments.

Pulling back, his grin was bright with happiness, eyes shining. “’Love is friendship that has caught fire. It is quiet understanding, mutual confidence, sharing and forgiving. It is loyalty through good and bad times. It settles for less than perfection and makes allowances for human weakness.’ Ann Landers.”

You blushed, brushing his hair out of his eyes, “Did you google that one, earlier?”

“You bet your ass I did.”

Part 5

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Daryl Dixon x Reader

Warnings: Drama

Words: 1,000

Hi, could you write an imagine where reader is jealous instead of daryl? :)

You watched Daryl, who was talking to another girl across the room. She ran her hand up and down his arm and giggled at something he said. “Un-fucking-believable.” you thought to yourself. Was Daryl actually interested in her? What the fuck did he see in this bitch? Well, you didn’t exactly ‘know’ her because you just moved to Alexandria, but you didn’t give a shit. Daryl was off limits to anyone except you, in your mind at least.

“Hey Daryl, can I talk to you for a second?” you asked, interrupting their conversation. He was about to answer but he was cut off when the girl said “Um, excuse me? We were in the middle of something.” you honestly didn’t want to start anything, so you turned around. “What do ya need to talk about?” Daryl asked, putting his hand on your shoulder to stop you from walking away. “Don’t even worry about it.” you said, shaking your head slowly. You glanced back at the girl and she had a confident smirk on her face.

“Can ya give me a second?” Daryl asked the girl as he watched you walk over and sit next to Maggie and Glenn. “Stay.” she pleaded and Daryl just shrugged his shoulders and stayed put. Whatever you had to say could wait.

(2 Weeks Later)

“What did ya wanna talk about?” Daryl asked you. “Really? It’s been two weeks and you’re asking me this now?” you answered, slightly annoyed. “M’sorry, just been busy.” he said. “Busy?” you asked with raised eyebrows and he nodded. You knew he was full of shit, but decided not to bring it up. “Alright then, it was nice catching up.” you told him sarcastically. “Hold on”- Daryl began.

“There you are! I’ve been looking everywhere for you.” the girl told Daryl in a cheerful voice. She noticed that you were standing next to him and the smile on her face faded. An idea popped into her head and she decided to give it a go. She wrapped her arms around Daryl’s neck and kissed him. You literally felt your heart drop and tears welled in your eyes. You needed to get out of here so that’s exactly what you did.


You got on your motorcycle and drove over to the entrance of Alexandria. “Open the gate.” you told Sasha who noticed your tear stained face. “I’m not going to.” she told you firmly. “Open the fucking gate!” you yelled at her and she still didn’t move. You got off your bike and opened the gate yourself and Sasha just watched you. “Thanks for all the help.” you told her as you remounted your bike and took off.

Wind tousled your hair, sending it it in different directions as you sped up as fast as you could. After a while you pulled over on the side of the road and hid the bike underneath branches. You walked for a little bit, eventually you came across a pond and decided to take a break. You took out your water bottle and took a swig as images of Daryl kissing someone else filled your head.


“The fuck are ya doin’?” Daryl asked pushing away and wiping his mouth. “Letting that chick know who you belong too and it clearly worked.” she said grinning and he looked around trying to find you. “I gotta find her.” he said. “Come on, is she really worth all that trouble. You can’t compare her to me. Just forget her and come back home with me.” she purred into his ear and tugged on his shirt.

“Yer right, I can’t compare her to you.” he answered and she smiled widely. “She’s better in every single way and she’s got something that you’ll never have.” he said. “Oh yea? And what’s that?” she replied furiously.



“Have you seen (Y/N)?” Daryl asked Sasha. “Yep, she took off about an hour ago.” she answered. “And ya didn’t stop ‘er?!” Daryl asked, swinging his arm in front of him. “She’s a big girl Daryl. She can make her own decisions. Who am I to stop her? If (Y/N) wants to leave, she can.” Sasha stated.

Daryl rolled his eyes in disgust and got on his own bike, to go and find you. “I would let her cool down. She was obviously upset about something.” Sasha told him and Daryl ignored her, pulling through the gate.


Daryl was driving for a while when he saw a bushel of branches where they didn’t belong. He lifted a branch up and saw that it was your motorcycle that was covered. He hurriedly hid his own bike and started to follow your tracks through the woods.

“The hell do ya think yer doin’? Runnin off like that.” You heard a familiar voice say making you jump.

“What are you doing here?” you asked, not bothering to answer his question. “Someone needed to make sure ya didn’t do anythin’ stupid.” he said. “I don’t need a babysitter Daryl!” you yelled, scrambling to stand up. “I’m pretty sure ya do. Comin’ out here alone, do ya even think?!” he yelled back. “Why do you care? It’s not like I mean anything to you anyway! I could die tomorrow and you wouldn’t give a shit.” you answered. “That’s really what ya think?” Daryl asked, lowering his voice. “That’s what I know.” you replied sharply.

“Fine.” he growled. Daryl stormed over to you, pushing you against the nearest tree. “Get off me you asshole!” you shouted, but didn’t try to get out of his grasp. “Nope.” he said licking up the side of your neck and instantly you fell into a puddle of mush. “I saw the way ya looked at me ya know.” he continued and placed open mouthed kisses on your neck. “I know ya were jealous.” he said, digging his fingertips into your hips. “Was.. Not..” you barely got out. “Mhmm, sure ya weren’t.” he answered. “Screw you Dixon.” you said, smashing your lips against his.

“Now you’re all mine.”

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The Birds and the Bees- Meihem One-Shot (NSFW)

The question had come from nowhere.

Mei hadn’t been expecting it at all, not while she was laying in bed still panting and sweating, her body only just starting to cool from their third round of the night.

Junkrat had returned from a mission in Egypt, arriving on a ship that had landed earlier that evening after almost four weeks away. The junker had shoved his way past his colleagues, waved Roadhog off as his bodyguard headed for the cafeteria, made a beeline for Mei’s dorms, and had set upon her like a man possessed as soon as she’d barely opened the door. That had been hours ago, and the junker’s libido was finally starting to slow down, allowing Mei to at least catch her breath. She was an absolute mess, her hair damp and sticking out in all directions, her body flushed pink and glistening with perspiration, and the insides of her thighs were still wet and sticky. He had just rolled off her in a similar state of disarray, though disarray was hardly an unusual state for him in the first place. He was grinning as always, laying sprawled on his back next to the dazed woman atop her rumpled snowflake sheets.

There was finally room for something else in his brain, able to think of something other than sex. Well, the thoughts were still sex-related, but he wasn’t really sure where they had come from. He’d taken Mei to bed countless times since their first night together and he’d never really thought of it before. He’d been focused on…other things at the time. Still, the thought he had was intriguing. Really, it was a good question, he decided, so he turned to her and he asked it.

“Oi, Mei.”

“Mm?” She gave a little moan next to him, eyes closed and barely listening.

“Did ya ever want a baby?”

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need a loving hand (to help you fall asleep tonight)

July 20th, day 5 nurseydex week prompt: hurt/comfort

[SORRY THIS IS SO LATE GUYS it was a long day]

“I’ll be back later,” Dex tells him, slinging his bag over his shoulder. No practice today, but Dex has an early class. Normally he doesn’t mind morning classes – years of working and living in Maine enforced an early to bed/early to rise mentality so fierce he can’t knock it even on off-season. Not even for Christmas. But he’s making a bit of an exception today and allowing himself to want to stay at the Haus, in bed with his boyfriend. Because it’s Nursey. And for Nursey, he’ll always make an exception.

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im-an-indoor-person  asked:

I need tony and other characters with steve and bucky jealousy Like tell me how are they when jealous. Give me facepalming everyone and oblivious tony

Unfortunately most times when they’re jealous it’s people they cannot just threaten to beat up. They have to be diplomatic about it. Mostly they just turn bright red and look mulish. Honestly everyone’s more amused by it than scared.

There is, of course, Loki when he comes of age. He’s always been touchy-feely with Tony, since he was ten when they met and Tony didn’t think to set up boundaries as Loki got older (why would Loki be attracted to an old maid, Tony would be thirty with children by the time Loki came of age after all). So Loki continues to be touchy-feely, holding Tony’s hand, touching his arm, giving him little gifts from their homeland. Tony is super flattered by it all and thinks Loki is the most wonderful friend. It drives Steve and Bucky out of their minds with rage because Loki doesn’t even try to be sneaky about it; he does it in front of everyone: visiting dignitaries, other royalty, Queen Sarah. It’s embarrassing but they can’t really do anything about it because whenever they accuse him of anything Loki always looks at them with wide, innocent eyes and says, “But Tony is just my dear friend!” (They’re pretty sure he’s sincere about that though because Tony always looks surprised and pleased when Loki says that and Loki looks at him fondly.) ((“I swear on my son’s life if you ever try to sway Tony’s affections toward you,” Sarah hisses after she pulls Loki aside, and lets the threat hang there because she’s found it works better than actually saying what she’ll do. Loki is terrified because no one fucks with Queen Sarah and also his parents and Thor will be super upset if he starts a war with the Rogers. “Tony is just my friend!” Sarah continues to squint at him suspiciously. “I only do it because Steven and James’s faces turn red!” Sarah can accept that, she supposes.))

Then there’s always T’Challa, who has no designs on Tony at all but Steve and Bucky still kind of hover whenever they talk anyway, scowling petulantly. Tony always looks so enthused when they talk, usually about things that Steve and Bucky don’t understand even though Tony’s tried to explain it to them. Plus, Bucky and T’Challa have kind of a weird relationship where they hate each other but politically they agree with each other. It gets even worse when Shuri wanders over and joins the conversation because they’re both so smart and Steve and Bucky aren’t oh no oh no what does Tony even see in them???? (“Kindness?” Shuri says, raising her eyebrows. “Love and affection?” T’Challa adds, rolling his eyes. “Tenderness,” Shuri adds back, because even though she’s an alpha Tony still gossips with her like she’s an omega. “Gentleness,” T’Challa finishes, nodding. “Okay I get it shut up!” Bucky snarls, and then he and T’Challa glare at each other.) ((Tony wanders over from talking with Dame Margaret and smiles at them because they’re all getting along. “What are we talking about?” “You,” Shuri says before anyone else can. Tony blushes and covers his face. “Surely you can find something more interesting to talk about!” “That is absolutely one hundred percent not possible,” Steve insists, wrapping his arms around him, and Shuri and T’Challa roll their eyes.))

Sometimes they get jealous of Pepper, but Pepper has made it clear that Tony is, first and foremost, her leader, and second, her friend. Sometimes it’s just hard to remember that when Pepper reaches out to delicately fix Tony’s hair or the way his clothes are falling on him, especially when she leans in and kisses his forehead afterward. (“This is irrational, boys,” Pepper tells them. “We know,” they answer meekly. “I have never seen Tony in a romantic way.” “We know,” they repeat meekly. Pepper sighs loudly. “Would it make you feel better if we fought it out?” “…Yes,” they reply meekly.) ((“…What,” Tony says when Steve, Bucky, and Pepper limp into the castle, covered in dirt and grass stains and–is that blood?! “Alphas,” Sarah sneers, and then drags him away before he can ask more.))

They always get jealous of Rhodey. They’d challenge him to a fight but one time he heard Tiberius was nosing around again and before Steve and Bucky could do something about it, he wheeled himself out, knocked Tiberius down, and then crawled out of his chair so he could beat him with it. He broke his chair. Rhodey does not fuck around about Tony ever. (“He’s not my type,” Rhodey tells them when he notices them hovering. “Also if you ever even look at him wrong I’m going to heave myself out of this chair and strangle you.”) ((“Why are you so scared of Rhodey?” Tony asks guilelessly. “Rhodey wouldn’t hurt you. You’re my husbands.” “My precious sunflower,” Steve says, cupping Tony’s cheeks. Bucky shakes his head slowly, reaching out to wrap his arms around Tony’s waist. “That is precisely why he would murder us.”))

One of Those Days.

Jughead x Reader

Summary: He had a bad day and you take him home and try make it better. 

Warnings: Its hella cute. And very cuddly.

Originally posted by marorra

Jug had asked if he could come over to my place after school, he didn’t give a reason why and I was late for my last lesson so I didn’t get a chance to ask. When school ended I waited in the hall for a few minutes before I spotted him, he looked drained and irritable. I stepped out when he reached me, I didn’t say anything because I could tell he didn’t want to talk or listen, I simply just took his hand and walked us home.

No one was at home when we arrived so I took Jug upstairs to my room while I got something for us to eat downstairs. I brought up some tea and cookies and found Jug sprawled over my bed. I sighed and set the tray down on the corner of the mattress and gently moved his arm, he watched me with heavy eyes and inhaled deeply as I lay next to him.

“I got you some tea?” I whispered as I pulled my fingers through his messy hair, that’s  how I know he’s had a bad day, he always fiddles with his hair as a nervous tic.

“Thanks, can you pass the cup here please.” He said sitting up and pulling my blanket over his body. I reached over for the cup and gave it to him, “Thanks babe.” His voice was thick and raspy. He sipped his tea and stared at the blank wall.

“Wasn’t a good day was it?” I whispered and took his free hand in mine, I wriggled closer and put my head on his shoulder.

He put his head on top of mine before he whispered back, “No, not really… Can we not talk about it though. Can I just enjoy being with you right now.”

“Of course.” I hushed and felt him lean to the side and place his cup on the night stand. He lay down and pulled me into him, we lay in a tangled mess with our legs intertwined and our arms wrapped around each other like we could loose each other at any moment.

“Talk to me though, tell me something good.” He stated in a breathy monotonous tone.

“Something good?” I giggled slightly.

“Mhm.” He smiled for a second, his eyes still closed.

I responded only when his smile faded, “Well Jughead Jones The Third, my good news is that I get to be with my favorite person in the whole wide world on this divine afternoon.” He smiled again, only to fade in a moment or two.

I watched him as he fell asleep, his brows furrowed together in a constant frown even as a soft snore escaped him every now and then. He was exhausted, you could feel it in his presence, the heavy mood filled the room and his body felt heavy on mine. I pulled strands of hair out his face and watched him adoringly as his chest rose and fell with each breath. Soon after I had felt my own eyes fall heavy.

I woke up about an hour later when my sister came home from practice, Jug was still asleep with the pain of his day still evident on his face. I listened as my sister climbed the stairs and opened her bedroom door which was across the hall from mine. I heard her put her stuff down and pull the door closed, she paused and then took two steps to my door. She knocked softly and entered without waiting for a reply from anyone. She stepped in the room quietly, knowing that I was either asleep or doing work if it was this quiet. I looked up at her and she smiled at us.

“Is he asleep?” She said so softly it was barely audible. I nodded and she sighed, “Just get up soon mom said she’ll be home early today.”

“Thanks.” I mouthed and looked back at Jug, his face still frowning slightly and his hair falling in front of his eyes. I brushed the stray hair out his face and put a hand on his back, grazing my fingers up and down his spine and onto his shoulders. “Jug, babe, you got to get up.” I said gently while slightly shaking his shoulder. He groaned and nuzzled closer to me. “No babe, come on.” I giggled and shifted away slightly.

He pulled me closer and rolled on top of me so I couldn’t force him out of bed, I giggled and tried to push him off, after a while I gave up and wrapped an arm around him again. “Love you.” He said in a gruff sleepy voice.

“I love you too.”  

anonymous asked:

I was wondering how the chocobros would react if their s/o told them they were pregnant at an early age and they're the father? Like around high school—maybe as Seniors or Juniors? You don't have to do it if you don't want to but thank you for your time!

I’ve actually been so excited to write this prompt?? I feel like there’s some good angst/fluff breeding ground right here (get it? Puns haha). I’m going to be addressing this topic not in a negative manner per se, but a less favorable one, as pregnancy in high school for many people can be a very scary thing that they aren’t prepared for.

(PS. Let’s pretend that Ignis and Gladio also went to public school during their teenage years)

Hope this is close to your liking, anon!


You’re scared. Very, very scared.

At first, you don’t believe the test. So you take another. Then another.

All positive.

And you feel like you’re about to throw up— this time not because of the morning sickness. The second thing you do after watching the second little red line appear on the stick for the third time is cry. You thought you were being safe, you thought…

You didn’t think enough, obviously. And now you have to deal with the aftermath.

You don’t work up the courage to tell your family. You can’t. Not yet.

First, you have to tell the father.

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Concussion || Joe Sugg Imagine

“Uh, Y/N?” I hear when I answer my phone.

“What’s happened Casp?” I ask, holding my phone to my ear with my shoulder. My hands continue to work the key into the lock of the door. The shopping in my arms making it hard to do anything.

“I’m assuming you know that Joe pranked me,” Caspar says half-distractedly.

I nod my head and then I realize that he can’t see me, “Yeah, of course, the slip and slide right?”

“Yeah that’s the one,” Caspar lets out a nervous laugh.

“Whats happened?” I ask nerves bubbling in my chest.

“Joehithisheadandwethinkthathe'sgotaconcussion,” Caspar speaks too fast for me to understand.

“Please slow down,”

“Joe hit his head and we think that he’s got a concussion,” Caspar beaches.

“I’ll be there in five minutes,” I say hanging up the phone and quickly placing my bags into the apartment and locking the door after myself again.

Racing my way over to the south African’s apartment. I don’t bother to knock and just let myself into the entry.

“Joe?” I call out.

“Y/N? Caspar, you didn’t,” Joe says in a hushed tone, I make my way over to where the voices are coming from.

“Mate, you hit your head really hard.”

My eyes gravitate to the blue eyed brown haired boy laying across the floor with his arms over his chest.

“You’re an actual dickhead,” I sigh, “I can’t even get to you, please bring me your person and a towel.”

Joe groans, “Nope, you’re going to yell at me.”

“Joseph Graham Sugg, get your ass over here,” I say sternly, leaving no room for arguments.

“Fine, I’m coming,” I watch as he gets up off the floor and slides his way over to me.

“For the love of god, please stop sliding around,” Joe stops in front of me and gives me a nervous half smile.

“Hey babe,” He breathes.

“You’re cleaning this up and then you’re coming home with me,” I sigh. I watch as the boys scramble to clean up the mess. Once they’re finished I watch as Joe hides behind Caspar.

“Come on, or you’ll have to walk home,” I threaten.

Joe shyly makes his way over to me and grins at me innocently.

“A concussion huh?” I ask placing my hand in his as we make our way into the carpark and into my car.

“Why’d you have to go and hurt yourself?” I ask.

“I didn’t mean to,” He sighs, “But at least I’ve got my little nurse to look after me.”

I remove my eyes from the road and look over to Joe, “You’re so cute.”

“I don’t think I’m actually concussed.” He says crossing his arms over his chest.

“Well talk about this when we get home,” I say softly, my eyes traveling back to the road in front of me.

Opening the front door for the second time today, I hold it open as an invite for Joe to go inside.

“After you my love,” He says placing his hand on the small of my back.

“Such a gentlemen,” I laugh making my way into the apartment, “You’re just trying to get out of the talk were about to have.”

“But baby, I’m hurt, please can I just have cuddles?” He asks pouting softly.

“Of course my love,” I say pulling him towards me. We embrace each other and stumble our way over to the couch. He sits down and brings me to sit on his lap.

“I love you,” He whispers into my ear softly.

“I love you more,” I whisper back. My fingers travel up his back and into his hair.

“Babe I need to get up, I need to find out if you’re actually concussed,” I pull away from him, but Joe doesn’t let me get up.  I huff.

“Nope, my girl is just going to give me cuddles and kisses.”

“But-,” Joe cuts me off.

“If you get up, I’m getting up, so chose what you would like me to do?”

I place my lips on his and wrap myself around him nuzzling my face into his neck.

“Good decision,” He mumbles.

His arms wrap themselves tighter around my waist. I breathe in his intoxicating scent. His khaki hoodie keeping us both warm as we laze around on our sofa.

“You’re my favorite person you know?” Joe whispers.

“That’s not true,” I mumble eyes closed, head still tucked in his neck.

“It is,” He whispers kissing the top of my head, “You’re my best friend, my girlfriend, you’re my other half Y/N.”

“I love you so much,” I say tilting my head up enough that I can place my lips on his softly.

“You’re my little princess,” He says, eyes locked with mine.

“And you’re my big prince,” I giggle softly.

Actor's lie



Prompt: the reader gets mad at Matthew because he had to shoot sex scenes.

@overcastmisfitkid @paradiselover-18


“Matthew stop talking, please! I don’t want to hear your voice because it makes me more upset.” you cried when you both entered in your apartment and you almost shut the door in his face.

“Can’t we just talk about it as adult people would do? You always shout at me and you never let me have the possibility to talk.” he followed you in the bedroom where you just tossed your bag and cardigan on the bed.

Your hands were on your hips and you raised your eyebrow, expecting him to say something more, but he just stared in your eyes.

“So, sweetheart?” you asked him, obviously joking about the nickname you just gave him “What is your excuse now? ‘I am sorry but I forgot to tell you about it’?”

He opened his mouth to take a breath and say something but then you stopped him.

“Just remember Matthew that you used this excuse the last time, so it is not available anymore. You have to choose another.”

“(Y/n) you are getting really unbearable!” he let out this thing as a shout and for a moment it scared you because you were not expecting that.

“So that’s it? Well mister Gubler, you just won a night on the couch. Don’t even think you’ll sleep in bed with me tonight.”

And with that you walked toward him and pushed him out of your bedroom closing the door in front of him.
You were not in the wrong there and you both knew that but he always wanted you to understand him because ‘he was an actor’.

You knew about his job since the beginning and you never had problem with it. You liked what he did and you really enjoyed every role he had to play and when he told you he was taken to play on the new film ’68 kill’ as the main character you really got excited for him because you knew he was more than happy about that new job. He told you the prompt and all, but as it seemed he forgot to tell you that he had to shoot sex scenes with two different women.
The fact was, you were not mad because he had to shoot scenes like these, but because he had not told you. Since the first day you got together you pleaded him to tell you the truth about everything and he always did, except two times and this one was worse than the first one.

Of course you would have been ok with this thing, you were not there to don’t allow him to do his job but all you wanted was sincerity from him and for the second time he didn’t gave you it.

You heard some knocks on the door and then Matthew’s voice.

“(Y/n) please open the door, we can talk it out. I am really sorry. Please sweetie.”

“Don’t ‘sweetie’ me Matthew. I am not in the mood and I just want to have some sleep. The blankets are above the couch. Good night.”

But it was all but a good night. All the things you could do was slew in the sheets and thinking about how bad you felt. You needed him that night next to you with his arms wrapped around your body, instead you kicked him out of the bedroom and was sleeping in that uncomfortable couch. But he stayed, even if you treated him badly, with or without right.

When you went to the bathroom, you walked to the living room to see how he was. You were still really mad but you loved him and you were really sorry.
He was all curled up on the little couch of yours and a blanket was above him. His face was not relaxed, but he was sleeping so you didn’t wake him up.
But when an hour later he showed at your now open bedroom door, awake, his was still the same. Sad and worried.

“The couch is too…” he was whispering but before he could finish what he was saying, you told the last word.


He just nodded looking down.

“I think I’ll go home and get some sleep in my bed. Maybe if you want tomorrow…”

“Just come here, you stupid.”

You moved to a side of the bed to let some space for him and when he positioned himself under the sheets with himself on his shoulder so he could look at you, for a moment your heart melted a bit.
But you didn’t say anything and it made Matthew talking.

“I don’t care if you don’t want to talk, then just listen.”

You positioned yourself on your shoulder too, so now your eyes were exploring into each other’s.

“I know that I made a big mistake by not telling you about the movie scenes and you can’t imagine how sorry I am. I didn’t want to disappoint you because I know about your last relationship cheating problem and I was scared of you being mad at me for having accepted the role.”

“But Matthew, I wouldn’t have been mad if you told me. I am mad because you haven’t told me. You know that I am ok with what you do for living and if it means making sex scenes with women it is ok with me, but just tell me.”

“I didn’t want you to feel hurt.”

“But you did, Matthew.”

You could see some tears forming in the corners of his eyes and for a moment you felt the worst person into the world. You took his hand and brought it to your lips, kissing it delicately.

“Please, don’t cry. It makes me feel bad.”

“(Y/n) I am so sorry. You are the love of my life, one of the most important people in my life and believe me, I didn’t want to hurt you. I am the most terrible man in the world, but I promise you that since this time I’ll tell you the truth about my job. Because you deserve to be happy and I am an asshole who seems to not care about it, but I really do. It is just sometime I wanna do the right thing but apparently I always choose the wrong way. Forgive me because I love you and I would never hurt you and if I did, it was not my intention. I am sorry.”

He was now crying silently because he was scared of losing you just because he made a wrong choice. But he really cared about you and he didn’t want you to feel bad after your last relationship. He wanted you to be happy and he was not able to give you the happiness you deserved.

“Matthew, stop crying, please.”

But he couldn’t help it, he felt like shit and you had never been so mad at him that it made it too overwhelmed.

“I got mad, it is true, but it doesn’t mean that I stopped loving you. Well, when you act like this  you are the stupidest man in the world” you said chuckling making him smile a little “but you  are my stupid man and I wouldn’t change you with anyone else in the world. Just please, talk to me and tell me the truth the next time, ok?”

He nodded and kissed you as he never had before.

The Joker x Reader - “Operation Broken Twig”

You were trying to dust off the vaulted ceiling at the penthouse, fell off the ladder and broke your right ankle and left wrist. You’ll be out of commision for a while and The Joker is not sure what to do with you yet: being gentle and sympathetic are definitely not his strengths.

Almost 12 at night

You struggle to move your body closer to J in a pitiful attempt to cuddle. He just watches you squirm, not helping one bit, adamant in not scooting over. The proud recipient of a huge smug grin on his face.

“What?” you ask, panting from the effort when you finally reach your destination that was only a few inches away but took a lot of work due to your present misfortune.

“I’m plotting your murder, Doll, gotta put you out of your misery. You look so pathetic, just like a broken twig. What would be the best way to send you off to a better place, hm?” he pretends to debate, but you realize he’s probably 50% serious.

“No killing,” you yawn, placing your casted arm on his shoulder since you can’t really hug him.

“This thing is heavy, I don’t like it,” The Joker pushes your hand away. You whimper, discontent at his gesture.

“Don’t be mean to me, I am already very uncomfortable,” you remind him and bury your face in his neck, all needy and whiny for once. He’s not used to you like this because…well, nothing like this happened before.

“I was thinking to suffocate you with a pillow after you fall asleep, what do you think?” he pretends not to hear your words.

“No killing I said,” you pout and immediately smile when his arm goes around your waist. “Hey, baby, would you be sad if I’d die?” you inquire, curious to see what aberration he’ll come up with. He always has some smart ass answer.

“Maybe…” You elbow him. “Probably…” You start  a fake cry on his shoulder. “Definitely…” he growls when you bite his skin “…NOT.”

“I know you’d miss me, don’t pretend,” you sniffle.

“Yeah, of couuurrseeee, how could I not miss such a huge pain in my butt?!” he sarcastically answers.

“Hey, are you rolling your eyes?”

“How did you know?” more sass comes your way, thanks to your boyfriend’s supporting attitude. J is a natural when it comes to this stuff.  T__T

“I felt a soft breeze and I figured it must be from your fluttering eyelashes. Auuuchhh,” the laud spank you felt through the fabric of your boy-shorts make you scream. “Hey, that really hurt! I don’t need more pain!!!”

“Perfect, precisely what I was aiming for.” He is very satisfied with himself, you can tell by the tone in his voice. “Since we’re reached such a positive place right now…”

“A-ha,” you mutter, not convinced.

“…I was hoping we can have some fun. I’m in the mood!” he smacks his lips and you giggle, forgetting you were upset.

“Is there a day when you’re not in the mood, J?”

“No, not really. Come on, Y/N, Daddy wants you.”

“Hold on,” you fight to get on your elbow, because, you know, you’re in the mood also but was too lazy to do something about it. Plus, with a casted arm and ankle, it’s not the easiest. ”Stay where you are, I’m coming,” you huff, kind of rolling over and kind of crawling on top of him.

Man, this is more entertaining than any show, J laughs to himself, resting both hands under his head, just lying there, enjoying you straining so much and not doing anything to help. It won’t be fun if he does.

You finally manage to straddle him and take a deep breath, already tired. You begin to pull your tank top over your head with the good hand and your head gets stuck inside it. It’s really hard to do things with one arm.

“J…J…can you help me please? I’m trapped.”

“Naaahh, figure it out, Pumpkin,” he snickers and you get frustrated.

“Help me out! I can’t breathe,” you complain, pulling on the fabric but it won’t budge.

“Good, this way you can put yourself out of the misery and I won’t have to do anything,” The Joker laughs but helps you and now you’re free. “Why do you even wear clothes, Princess? Sleep naked like me, I’m ready to go at any time,” he points out.

“You know I usually sleep naked too, but now that I’m like this it actually feels more soothing wearing clothes, OK?” And you lean over to kiss him but he must say it:

“How are you going to take your underwear off, huh? I’m not helping you, do it yourself.”

“Oh, come on,” you sigh, flustered. “Stop being stubborn and help a woman in need, would you? I know you want to,” you wink, wishing you didn’t have to depend on his whims.

J pushes you off him and you land on your back, felling a sharp pain in your ankle.

“Hey, be gentle!” you admonish him, annoyed he’s so reckless.

“I am! I didn’t break another arm or leg, did I ??!! Be grateful I’m taking care of things,” he pulls on your boy-shorts, licking his lips.

“Taking care of things?!” you almost shout when he eagerly yanks them off you, tossing them to the side of the bed.

“You really look like a turtle on its back, compleeeeetely helpless. I really need to put you out of your misery,” he grins, creeping up on top of you, biting his way up to your neck.

“No killing,” you moan, accidentally resting your casted arm on his back, even if you know he hates it.

“Too heavy,” he mumbles and pushes it away. “Just use your other arm, Kitten, yes?”

“Yes, your Majesty, sorry to…Auuucchhhh,” you fret when you feel the skin burning under another spank.

“Ahhhh, so unfortunate you have an attitude when, in fact, you can’t afford to. I’m gonna punish you and there’s nothing you can do about it,” J closes his eyes for a few seconds, taking it all in, pleased to take revenge.

“Like…ummmm…what exactly are we talking about here?” you gulp, staring in his blue eyes that got darker at the mischievous immediate future he has in store for you.

“You should have worried about it before you opened your mouth Doll,” your boyfriend snarls, getting on his knees.


You hop using your crutches, determined to get on the scale. J lifts his head from his laptop, intrigued at your action. He’s in bed, enjoying a slow morning.

“What are you doing, Pumpkin?!”

“Weighting myself,” you inform him, balancing on the glass plate, waiting for the digits to show up.

“What for?!” J wants to know, intrigued.

But you don’t answer:

“Oh my God, I gained 5 pounds!” you cover your mouth in shock.

“So?” he narrows his eyes, not getting what the fuss is all about.

“I gained 5 pounds since last week!!” and it doesn’t make you happy to say the least.

“I don’t care, get over it; more for Daddy to love,” he chuckles, blowing his green hair off his face. He certainly doesn’t give a crap about this new issue of yours.

“I care!” you frown, worried. “It will be a while until I can take the cast off, what am I supposed to do?!? I can’t work out, I can’t really even walk…There is only one way I can burn calories right now,” and you glare at the Joker since he’s your only hope.

“Let me guess…” he nonchalantly chuckles. “More sex?”

You keep on nodding yes, desperate.

“Want me to land my services even more than I already do?”

More nodding, more despair.

“Wanna kill me, woman?!”

“No, I just wanna put you out of your misery,” you smirk, hoping back to the bed.

J starts laughing, pleased your quirky whit actually delights him most of the time. 

“Come on, baby, take one for the team,” you beg, leaning your crutches against the nightstand, and using your fingers from the good hand to walk them down his abs, pouting in anticipation.

“You are soooo damn lucky I don’t want to kill you 100% of the time,” and you know you’ll have to listen to a very well put together speech, but you gotta if you want to reach your goal. He keeps on rambling: “I have murderous intents to each and single person I know or don’t know, but you…you’re unique: I only feel like killing you 90% of the time.”

“Woooww, you really know how to make a girl feel special J,” you praise him and the sarcasm in your voice is still evident.

Well, you never learn.

He lifts you up on the bed, dragging you in the middle of it, irritated.

“Well, little broken twig, since you obviously have a temper, let me give you a lesson you’ll never forget,” he rips your undies off, anger at your words.

“Does it involve sex…please?” you feel the need to check since it’s crucial for your general well-being.

“Yeah!” J shortly replies, trying to rip your bra but he can’t so he gives up.

“Thank heavens,” you smile, relieved. “Do you need help, baby?” you offer since you don’t want him to change his mind.

“I don’t need help from a helpless twig, I can manage just fine, got it?!” he covers your mouth, staring at you.

“Yes, your Majesty,” you muffle under his fingers. “Auuchhhh,” you whine when the slap is fast to follow.

“You asked for it!” he threatens, pulling you under him.


J got bored so he started drawing and writing on the arm cast: “Batsy is a jerk” ,“I love mister J”( with a heart by it), “I can’t keep my mouth shut”, “I have the best boyfriend ever”, “King of sex,” and he keeps on scribbling. You don’t care; you’re just happy he’s preoccupied with something so you can play on your phone for a little bit.

“Jaaaayyyy,” you kiss his shoulder, avoiding looking at him.

“Hm?” J lifts his non-existent eyebrows, concentrating on his project.

“Baby, could you please go get me some things?”

“If you are sending me on a wild goose chase for tampons or something, the answer is NO!” J growls, adding “No tampons,” to your white cast.

“I’m good on that, I just need more comfortable underwear, bras and stuff from my boutique. Would you go get them for me? Pretty please?” you meow, blowing him a kiss.

He inhales, starting to get grouchy.

“Do I really have to?!”

“Please, I am so miserable with my poor broken limbs,” you play the weakling card. “I want to be comfy, baby, pleeaaseeeeeeeee,” you squeak and he sneers.

“Stop with the voice, it drives me nuts! I’ll go but I need to be rewarded and I am not thinking about a massage. Did I make myself clear, Princess?”

More nodding, more despair.

“Anything you want, I just need my things!”


“Illusion” boutique is your favorite. It belongs to one of Mister J’s business partners, the perfect cover-up for what they do behind closed doors. J is going there tonight after closing to roam around and get you what you want, taking a few henchmen with him, just in case. Not that he needs to pay or anything since it’s implied all is free for the King of Gotham and his girl.

The Joker texted his men an hour before departure:
“Get ready to leave in 60- Operation Broken Twig.”

What the hell is Operation Broken Twig?! they all think, intrigued. But they know better than not to ask the burning question.


The Joker keeps on walking around, stopping in front of a panty display.

“Which ones, Doll?” he points his cell towards the hangers so you can see everything on the camera.

“ Ummm…I want hipsters, size medium, about 7 pairs, the ones with flowers, please.”

“Which ones are the hipsters, Pumpkin?!” he gets aggravated seeing so many styles.

“The ones that look kind of low cut,” you explain, wishing he would keep calm for the rest of his shopping spree. “They have the purple flowers.”

“Then why don’t you say so, Doll, hm?!” he snaps, grabbing a bunch of undies and stashing them in his duffel bag.

“Can you also get me some boy- shorts?”

“Which ones are the boy-shorts, Y/N?!” He’s getting mad.

“The kind I am wearing at night for now,” and it displeases him.

“They all look the same to me!!!” he barks and you sigh.

“The ones with pink flowers and all behind are boy-shorts, baby,” you explain and it’s no use, of course.

J stashes some in his bag again. You try the waters, somewhat nervous:

“Can you also take some briefs with you? The ones with green flowers.”

His mouth opens, speechless. He grabs a pair with only two fingers, disgusted:

“Why in the world they used so much fabric on this one?! Looks like a tent! They could make 50 pairs of the G-strings I like on you, Y/N!!”

“Well, they are very cozy and I need them,” you make a comeback but his stubborn ass won’t have any of it.

“There is NO way you’re wearing this style while I’m still breathing!!!” he tosses the garment to the ground, kicking it with his shoe.

For God’s sake! but can’t vociferate your feelings. At least he’s getting most of what you wanted.

“I need some bras, can you grab the matching ones with my underwear please?”

“What size?” he coldly replies.


He looks through them and begins to toss items in the bag. Of course he’s picking the skimpiest he can find.

“Not those, J! I need the comfortable ones, full cup and minimizers!” you plead, alarmed he’s not listening.

“Minimizers?! Why would you want a minimizer for?!” he rants, actually searching for one. “Daddy wants to see those babies!” he confesses, irked.

“Due to my present condition, I must…”

“Holy Batman!” he blurs out when he finds the bra. “No way you’re wearing this huge thing! My woman can’t be seen with this, not while I’m still breathing!” he drops it to the ground, outraged and steps on it.

You want to cry right now.

“Can you at least get me some sports bras?!” you raise your voice, agitated.

“Sports bras?! You can’t even work out for a while, having sex with me is the most you can do. And I don’t want to see a flipping…” he finds the right tag, reads it and calms down. “Oh, this is a sports bra?! Not too bad, this pink will look good on you,” he concludes, stuffing more colors in the duffel bag.

You lean back on your chair, relieved. Thank goodness, Holy Batman and whoever else. 


“Shit, I gained 3 more pounds,” you scream at the scale, almost tipping over from the revelation of the electronic numbers under your feet.

“Want me to put you out of your misery?” your boyfriend volunteers, aiming his gun at you with one eye closed. “Bang!” he pretends to shoot, but you are aware he contemplates it.

“No, baby, all I need is your services, obviously,” you give him a puppy gaze, jumping on your good leg towards the bed.

“Again?! You already needed my services three times today Kitten!” he scratches his head, placing the gun under the pillow.

You show him his own writing on the cast: “King of sex.”

“You have to help me!!! You really have to! Three more pounds!!!” you swallow the lump in your throat.“It’s imperative you take one for the team!”
“Hmmm, I guess I can…But I am in the mood for crazy stuff and I don’t mean a massage, understand?” he bites your finger when you caress his lips.

More nodding, more despair.

“Yeah, I don’t care, just do it!”

“Happy to oblige then,” he grins, pushing you on the bed and you feel discomfort in your broken ankle and wrist from the impact.

“Hey, be careful!” you whimper, wiggling under him.

“Oh, my, did I break something else?” he fakely sulks, worried…NOT.

“I swear I’m going to leave you when I get better if you don’t…” you mutter, but…

“I’m sorry??!?” he violently takes your t-shirt off, not liking what he hears.

You never learn.

“I planned to be as gentle as possible and I am not the type, but now, I’ll have to punish you again,” and the wide, eerie smirk on his face makes you gulp.

“Does it involve sex…please?”

“Yeah! Duh, I know you have to burn your calories,” he pins your good hand above your head and you sigh, grateful.

Thank goodness, Holy Batman and whoever else.


The Way You Make Me Feel- Calum Hood Imagine

Request: Can you pls pls pls make an imagine about Calum and y/n having a hate-love relationship? Like, you like each other but act to hate each other and one night you get closer to a guy at a party and C gets jelly???? 🙏😭 I need the butterflies feeling

A/N: Hope this is kind of what you were looking for. Thank you for the request and I hope you enjoy!

Originally posted by hemmoxhood96

“You’re wearing that” Calum asked, giving you a look of judgment.

“Yeah and you’re point is” you sass back.

“I mean it’s fine if you’re trying to get every guy to look at you like you’re a piece of meat or something” he scoffs. You respond with an eye roll and a look of annoyance towards Calum. You two had a weird relationship with one another. One day you would be best friends goofing off and making one another laugh, and the next day you were fighting about the littlest of things. All the other guys insist that you two fight because you care for one another, but you just don’t see it.  

Once you all arrive at the party, the loud music instantly fills your ears. Tonight you were determined to have fun, and you weren’t going to let what Calum said to you earlier get to you. If guys were going to look at you in any way, it was going to be because you want them to.

The party was crowded and you notice only a few people you recognized. Still feeling a bit annoyed from earlier, you decide to go and get a drink to help loosen you up a bit. Once at the bar, you place your drink order, and patiently wait for the bartender to get it for you.

“Hey, I don’t think I’ve seen you here before” a smooth voice said. The man was unfamiliar, but was very attractive, so a little small talk wouldn’t hurt.

“Yeah, it’s my first time here, I just came with some friends tonight” you respond flirtatiously.

“The name is Matt, and what kind of a name does a beautiful girl like you have?”

“It’s (Y/N)” you say tucking a stray piece of hair behind your head.

“So (y/n), where are your friends? Or more specifically, is one of them your boyfriend” he asks as he approaches closer to you.

“No, no boyfriend. I’m completely unattached” you say giving a small smile. A smile on his face appears, as he realizes this is his chance to make a move. For the next hour, you and Matt were completely focused on one another. Each of you briefly explained your past dating life, hobbies, and just other random stuff to talk about. With the music playing so loudly, both of you were only inches away from one another, the heat of his breath constantly hitting your neck.

“Hey do you maybe want to get out of here so we could some somewhere to ta-“

“Hey (y/n) can I see you for a second” Calum says as grabs you by the arm and pulls you away from Matt.

“What the hell Calum, he was cute” you protest.

“Yeah and he wanted more than just to talk” he quickly responds.

“And why do you care so much all of a sudden?” you snap back.

Calum knew that no words would work to ease your annoyance. So instead he pulled his body closer to yours, leaving nearly no space between your bodies. He brought his lips to yours and moved his hand to your lower back. Although your mind was running at a thousand miles a minute, your body couldn’t pull away. It’s as if you became addicted to Calum’s kiss, and don’t want to stop for a second.

“No boyfriend huh” you hear Matt say in a pissed off tone. He walks away from the two of you, but not before giving you and Calum each a hard glare. Once he’s gone you and Calum look at each other for a moment a burst into laughter.

“I hate you” you say through laughter while playfully pushing Calum.

“Oh please you know you love me” he jokes back. “Either way, I had to show him that you’re mine and he can’t have you.”

“And what makes you think that I’m yours” you say giving a devilish grin.

“If I need to convince you so more, I gladly will” he says as he places both of his hands on your waist. He pulls you in for another kiss, only to pull away just as soon as you start to enjoy it. As his lips leave yours you let out a small sigh.

“I’m convinced” you say with a smile.

“Good, because there is way more where that came from. I wish you could understand the way you make me feel. It’s as though every time I’m around you, my heart beats at a thousand miles a minute. When I saw you earlier all I wanted to do was tell you how I feel, but instead I came off as an ass, and I’m sorry. But why don’t you say we get outta here and just hang out back at my apartment?”

“Let’s go” you say eagerly as you tug on his arm and fight through the crowd. You weren’t sure what this meant for your relationship with Calum, but right now that didn’t matter, all you wanted was to have fun tonight.

Just Benefits (M)

Genre: Smut, university!AU, FWB!AU (slight angst?)
Word count: 4331
Description: You don’t know a lot about the man you share your bed with and it doesn’t necessarily bother you. However such things are never meant to last, which makes you question what the outcome with Jeon Jungkook will be in the end.
Warnings: Mature content
Author’s note: I just got hit with inspiration to write something with Jungkook and this was the outcome. Also, FWB is one of my favorite AUs so I just had to give it a try myself. :D

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NCT 127 Reaction to their gf being scared by a horror movie

Taeil: You could feel tears in your eyes, the movie that Taeil had picked was beyond scary. You wanted to move so you couldn’t see anymore but you were frozen in fear. Scared that if you moved the demon would come to get you. You managed to look over to Taeil. “Can you turn t-the movie off please?” you asked him quietly. He immediately looked over at you with concern. He had been so engrossed in the movie he hadn’t noticed you practically shaking with fear. He would turn the movie off as fast as he could and bring you into his chest, holding onto you tightly. “You should have told me sooner it was scaring you, I wouldn’t watch anything that made you feel so scared on purpose jagi,”. He would stay with you, holding you tightly until you were able to fall asleep.

Originally posted by yutatour

Johnny: He would notice you tensing up next to him pretty quick when you began to get scared. He would look down at you and see your head hidden behind a cushion in fear. “Do you want me to turn it off?” he would ask you. If it was early on in the movie you would probably shake your head not wanting to ruin it for him. After a while, he would turn it off anyway because he was worried about you. He would wrap his arms around you and whisper to you reassurances that it was just a film.

Originally posted by openyoureyesfornct

Taeyong: If he even saw a hint that you were uncomfortable with the scary movie he would turn it off. He had used it as an excuse to cuddle with you so he held himself responsible. “Oh, my babe I’m so sorry. I didn’t know you would be this scared, you will be okay I’m not going to leave you alone.” He would stay up with you all night and just talk or sing to you. Whatever you wanted until you felt safe enough to fall asleep. He would wait until you had fallen into a deep sleep and were definitely okay before he followed you into the same state of sleep.

Originally posted by tybeoji

Yuta: The demon doll would pop out and crucify some child and you would just break out into tears. You found the whole thing to scary and horrific which seeing as it was a horror movie wasn’t surprising. Yuta would stare at you shocked with no idea what to do. He wouldn’t even bother to pause the movie before he enveloped you with his embrace. Taking time to wipe away the tears that had fallen from your cheeks. “No more horror movies for you y/n,”

Originally posted by jhopety

Doyoung: At first he would find it cute as you hid your face in his chest to hide from the movie, saying things to tease you like, “it’s not that scary y/n,” with a laugh. But when he saw you almost in tears and shaking after a particularly scary bit. He froze. He felt terrible and leant down to place a soft kiss on your temple, wiping away the tears. “It’s okay y/n, the movie is just a movie. I’m here and when you’re with me you will always be safe.”

Originally posted by nctjaemin

Jaehyun: Jaehyun would probably have already turned the movie off before you got to the point where you were too terrified. You would look up from his chest and ask him to turn it off and he would do so instantly. “Oh gosh, y/n I’m so sorry I didn’t know it was so scary.” He would shift over so he was sitting more upright and pull you onto his lap, wrapping his arms around you. “We can stay here for as long as you need until you feel less scared,” he would say. He would talk about lots of funny things that had happened at practice whilst you cuddled together to try and make you smile.

Originally posted by jaehoneytoast

Winwin: He’s such an innocent child he would probably be sacred with you and turn the movie off pretty quick so I don’t think you would be able to become overly scared. Winwin would probably suggest other activities that were more y/n friendly. He would make popcorn and you could both watch a comedy movie together to forget about the horrors of the horror movie. 

Originally posted by nctinfo

Mark: He wouldn’t leave your side not even for a second after he noticed you were scared. He would turn the movie off and replace it with something different but he would probably just end up turning it off in favour of talking to you. “How do I make you feel less scared?” he would ask you, “We can go and turn all the lights on.” he would suggest before you sat back on the sofa. He would let your head rest on his shoulder and wrap his arm around you securely.

Originally posted by radrenjun

Haechan: The second you shed a tear or began to freeze in fear this little bean wouldn’t stop until you were happy again. He would turn the lights on, sing your favourite song, make you food. You would both just sit together and he would tell you terrible jokes as you rested your head on his chest, his heartbeat making you feel safer, as he hugged you close. “We will watch happier, not-scary movies from now on because I don’t like seeing you scared or upset,”

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I like that (5) - This is nice (FP Jones-Riverdale) for part one here!
Click for part two here!

Click for part 3 here!

Click for part 4 here!

By popular request here’s a part 5 of I like that. :) 

Summary: Y/N’s Jughead’s friend who works at Pop’s where  FP Jones saves her from a creepy fratboy and that intrigues her. They end up getting closer and closer by every second.

Summary for part 5: Y/N faces Betty’s Jugment again after waking up In FP’s trailer. 


Y/N woke up in an unfamiliar place. She looked around realising it has to be morning. The place was small, there was some light coming from a shut window on her left. Realising she is not alone, she smiled once she realised that she was in the arms of one and only FP Jones. “Oh.” She thought back to the night before. First she had the fuck of her life with the man that has been driving her crazy for days and then she confessed some of her darkest secrets to him. 

The girl didn’t remember coming in to the bedroom, FP carried her there once she fell asleep in his arms when they were talking on the couch. 

“Mornin’.” A deep raspy voice made her jump a little before turning to face him with a smile. There he was, in all his glory. She didn’t know him long, but she knew more about him than she did about any of her ex boyfriends. Their relationship was built on talking, on trusting each other. Well, the great sex made him that much appealing. 

“Good morning.” She couldn’t help but to look at him, he was so different from the rest. His face was stern, his edges sharp, there were scars all over his hands and even some on his chest. She had to wonder where he got them. Was it a bar fight? Did he fell down a pair of stairs? She might never know. She might not want to know. 

“What are you smiling about?” FP asked, tucking the hair that fell on to her face, behind her ear. 

“I don’t know.” She shrugged. “This is nice.’‘ 

’'This?” He said leaning down to kiss her before she quickly put her hand over his mouth making him look at her with confusion. 

“I haven’t washed my teeth yet.” She said like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

“I don’t care.” He grabbed her hand and pulled it away from his lips. 

“But I do.” She jumped out of bed and made her way to where she thew her purse the day before, pulling out a smaller bag, out of which she took a toothbrush.

“You can’t be serious?” He sneered, sitting up against his bed. 

“What? I like to be prepared.” She shrugged once again before walking in to his bathroom. “Where do you keep your toothpaste?”

The man shook his head before getting up and walking in to the bathroom behind her. “Here.” He reached up, taking his toothpaste and his toothbrush from the top shelf.

“What kind of person keeps that on the top shelf?” She shook her head before taking it and starting to brush her teeth.

“What kind of person needs to be 'Always prepared’?” He asked in the same tone before doing the same. Y/N couldn’t help but smile. They looked like a couple who has been living together for ages. The way they stood, close to one another in the small bathroom, brushing their teeth before any of them had to go about their day. 

Minutes later they were both back in the bedroom, kissing, like they haven’t been kissed in ages. “You’re right, this is nice.” FP smiled as they pulled away from the kiss. He didn’t know why, but with her he felt like everything was okay, like nothing could put him down. 

“Oh my god!” She pulled away as soon as she saw the clock on the wall behind him. 

“What’s wrong?”

“It’s 8AM!” She quickly gathered her things and made her way to the door. “I’m sorry, I really have to go.” She apologised before pressing a quick kiss to his lips. 

“Hey, it’s okay. Give me a second, I’ll drive you to school.” He grabbed her hand, keeping her from running off. 

“Okay.” She nodded, taking a deep breath, mentally making a plan for how she will get home, prepare breakfast for her mother, get changed and get to school. 

“Ready?” FP made his way to her, now fully dressed, his keys in his hands. 



’'Thanks.” Y/N smiled, pressing a quick kiss on FP’s lips when he parked in front of her house. 

“You’re going to school after, right?’' 


’'Good. I’ll take you.” He told her shortly.

“No, no, you don’t need to, I have to get changed and make breakfast for mum, and-”

“I’ll take you.” He cut her off, letting her know that was final.

“Okay.” She couldn’t help but smile. She hasn’t had that kind of relationship with anyone. It made her feel like she belong, like she was safe. “Okay.” She kissed him again before running to her house, where she quickly made her mum breakfast.

“Where were you?” Her mum asked, there was no worry in her voice, no anger, it was flat. Like always. 

“Out.” The girl sighted, she hated this. She hated how her life looked, she hated who she had to become. And it was all her fault, it was all her mothers fault. She felt bad for feeling that way. She knew her mother was depressed and ever since hher father felt them, she was never the same that she once was. 

“Okay.” Was all that the older woman said before Y/N walked upstairs, fixed up her make up and got changed in to a pair of high waisted shorts, paired with a white tank top that showed off her black strapy bralette. She put a pair of high heal boots and threw a black cardigan on top of everything before grabbing her bag and walking out of the house.

“Sorry that took that long.” She smiled apologetically as she sat back in his truck.

“It’s alright.” He said before looking at her, “Oh it’s more than alright.’' 

’'Oh Shh.” She playfully slapped his arm as his eyes shamelessly looked at her body. ’'Eyes on the road, Jones!.“ She said making him laugh before starting the car and driving off. 

The rest of the ride they stayed quiet, listening to the  radio softly playing some Aerosmith song. His hand found its place on her knee, making her scoot closer and leaning her head on his shoulder as he drove. 


’'We’re here.” He said as he parked the car in front of the school. 

“Yes we are.” She sighed before looking around, making sure no one is watching them and pressed a kiss to his lips. 

“Have fun.” He smirked as she jumped out of his car. 

“I wouldn’t count on it.” She laughed before winking at him and walking in to the school. 

“Y/N Y/L!” A high peach voice greeted her. 

“Hey Veronica.” Y/N smiled before turning to face her friend who must of just walked out of the classroom. Seems like the first period just ended. 

“Who was that… Daddy, that just dropped you off?” She said, grabbing her hand and pulling her to the side. 

“Don’t call him that.” The girl laughed rolling her eyes. 

“Who is he?”

“Just some guy.” She brushed it off, trying to hide the blush that was creeping up on her cheeks.  ’'Keep it between us? Please.“

’'Alright, it’ll be out little secret.” Veronica squealed like a little girl. 

“Hey.” Jughead said, walking towards the two girls with Betty on his arm.

“Did you see Y/N-’' 

”-missed the first period again.“ Y/N cut veronica off,  stopping her from saying something that would get her in troubles.  ’'Speaking of, the second period is about to start so, leggo.’' 

The group nodded and everyone walked in their own direction. Y/N caught up to Betty which was now alone. ’'Hey, can we talk?”

“There’s nothing to talk about.” Betty said as she kept walking. 

“Yes there is.” The girl sighed. “Look, about me and FP… It just happened. It was not my intention to hurt Jughead, you know I love Juggie.’' 

’'Don’t say that!” Betty snapped, suddenly stopping and facing her friend. “Everything you do has an intention. You make everyone love you, so they don’t ask any questions. You have straight A’s so teachers  don’t get on your case for breaking rules. You liked Jason so you broke him and Polly up…’' 

’'Betty, no. That’s not it at all. Yes there is a reason behind everything i do, but it’s not what you think.”

“What is it then?’' 

’'It’s hard to explain.” Y/N sighed  as the bell rang. “Meet me at the bleachers at lunch time?” Before Betty could argue the other girl added, “I’ll explain everything, I promise.”



The day went by quickly and before Y/N knew it it was lunch time and she would have to face Betty Cooper at any moment. ’'Let’s do this.” She said to herself as she made her way to the bleachers where the blonde haired girl already sat. 

“You’re late.’' 

’'I’m sorry, I had class on the other end of the school.” Y/N apologised before sitting down beside her. “Look, FP, he helped me out when some creep wouldn’t leave me alone at work.”

“So you jumped in bed with him to thank him?” Betty sneered. 

“No. We talked, all night. And the night after,  we talked again, we got to know each other. He knows me better than anyone else, even just after a couple of days. Then we kissed. We didn’t plan it. It just felt right. And yesterday.. we, we didn’t mean for anyone to see us. We sure as hell didn’t mean to hurt anyone.’' 

’'But you did.’' 

’'You told Jughead?” Y/N’s eyes widened. 

“No, of course not, I can’t do that to him.” Betty said in a tone that made it clear to Y/N that there is no way of convincing her otherwise. “You hurt Polly.’' 

’'I… I know” Y/N decided that she can not tell Betty the whole story. Mrs. Blossom would make sure she and her mother lost their house if she finds out that she betrayed her. “And I’m sorry.’' 

”'Sorry’ doesn’t cut it, Y/N.“ 

’'I know.”

“I’ll keep your secret, but you have to end it!” Betty said before standing up and walking away. 

“What?” Y/N asked, knowing that Betty didn’t hear her. She knew she had to end it. There is no way that it would work, in the long run. But for right now. He was a nice distraction. He was a safe space. 

The rest of the went by so much slower. The classes were just boring enough to give Y/N just enough time to think about everything. She caught herself reaching for her phone through out the day, wanting to text FP, before realising that she didn’t even have his phone number. It was all still so new. She felt like she knew him, but in reality, she met him a week ago. 

“Finally.” She sighed with relief when the final bell of the day announced the end of school day. She walked out of the school before anyone could say anything else to her. 


“Hey.” FP walked in to the Pop’s dinner, knowing Y/N would be there. 

“Hey.” She said with a smile. Even seeing him made her feel better. 

“How was school?’' 

’'Don’t even ask.” She said walking out from behind the bar and wrapping her arms around his neck, burying her face in the crook of his neck. 

“That bad?” He instinctively wrapped his arms around her waist, holding her close to him. The dinner was completely empty, like it usually was at this time of the night. 

“Don’t worry about it, Teenage drama.” She said against his neck, not wanting to let go. 

“Ah.” He nodded before pulling away just enough to look her in the eye. “You can still talk to me about it.”

“I know, Thank you.” She smiled before stepping on her tip toes and kissing him. And in that moment she couldn’t bare the thought of loosing him. Not now, not ever. 


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AN: Hey i’m so glad you guys like this series thingy so much!! I’ve put a lot of myself in it so it means the world that you guys actually like reading it. Thank you.

also, i just realised that i made betty out to be a total asshole in this story, so i just wanted to say that i like betty as a character but i wanted some dynamic in here:) 

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Just Friends (part four) - Stiles Stilinski

Your knee was bouncing like crazy on the couch of your living room.  Your nerves were eating at you like angry gnomes in the pit of your stomach.

“I’m sorry-” Stiles tried.

“No don’t” You shook your head, looking behind you to the kitchen where your mother currently was.  She’d invited him inside, and Stiles didn’t have the time to say no before your mom ushered both of you into the house.

“y/n I know you didn’t want me to be here and if you don’t want me here then I don’t want to be here if I’m not wanted” You wanted to protest, but you just shook your head, and avoided his gaze.

After everything you’d literally gone through earlier that day, you thought that this wouldn’t happen.  But here you were.

Then your mom came back out, smiling as she sat in a chair across from you.  “So” She said cheerfully.  “How long have you been together?”

“We’re just friends” You said, voice dangerously close to a mutter.

“Okay, well then how long have you been hanging out?” She asked.

“I don’t know” You lied with a shrug.  Even though you knew it was a month and a day.

“Alright… are you going to let Stiles here talk?” Your mom asked, and you looked to your lap.

“Miss y/l/n, it was really nice meeting you, and I’d like to talk again, but my Dad’s been expecting me home for dinner, so I think I should head out” Stiles said while standing.  You secretly sighed with relief.

“y/n can walk you to the door, we hope to see you again Stiles” Your mom said, and you just nodded, walking behind Stiles while your mother went back to the kitchen.

“y/n I’m sorry- I don’t want you to be mad at me” He said, a hand on your arm as you stood in the doorway.

“I’m not-” You glanced to the other room, seeing your Mom was in the kitchen, then whispered.  “I’m not mad at you Stiles, okay? I’m just glad Jerry wasn’t around”

“So I can come by more?” Stiles asked hopefully, smiling a little bit.  You bit your lip.

“I-I don’t know Stiles” You said with a head shake.  “Can we talk about this another time?” Stiles got the hint that you were done with the conversation, which happened quickly with this topic.  “Just.. just give me a few days and I promise we can talk about it again, okay?” He nodded.

“Can I hug you?” You giggled a little, and nodded your head.  Stiles leaned forward, tugging on your arm and pulling you against his chest.  Both of his long arms wrapped around your back.  Your nose was pressed into the crook of his neck, arms laying on the front of his chest.  Stiles set his chin on your head, and after a few seconds, you realized you were swaying back and forth.  You let your eyes slip shut, just enjoying this that you have right here.

“Stiles” He hummed in response.  “Thanks” And that was that.  You pulled away, hands holding each other’s fore arms.  Everything that you’d needed to tell him, came in that one word.  He opened his mouth to speak again, but you heard the garage door in the back opening.  Meaning Jerry was home.


“You have to go” You rushed, and he stuttered  string of syllables you didn’t quite catch.  “Now, please” You begged, opening the door, and you pushed him towards it.

“y/n what’s-”

“Please just please go I’ll call you and we can talk about whatever you want I’ll answer any questions just right now you have to go” He paused, sucking in his lips and nodding.

“Okay” He said, walking out the door.  You were about to close it when he turned abruptly, taking your hand.  Your eyes shot up to his, and for the five seconds you stared at him, you realized no one had eyes as beautiful as his.  His hand squeezed yours, and then he let go.  “We’ll talk later” He said, walking off to the Jeep.  He got in quickly, and waved a little before driving off.

You stood at the door for a few extra moments, leaning on the frame and staring as his Jeep became a smaller and smaller dot.  You breathed out heavily.

Why’d you miss him?


You had quickly ran up the steps, entering the room, and closing your door silently.  You collapsed back on the bed, staring at the ceiling, fingers fumbling over your stomach.  You fell asleep curled up on the mattress.

You woke up two hours later to an obnoxious vibration and the sound of ducks.  Your eyes flickered open slowly, and you yawned as you grabbed your ringing phone.  You glanced at the screen, but pretty much knew only one person would call you anyways.

“’ello?” You mumbled sleepily into the speaker.

“Hey sunshine, did I wake you up?” You shook your head, then realized her couldn’t see you, so you made an ‘nuh uh’ sound into the phone.

“What time is it?” You asked quietly.

“About eight thirty, why gotta be somewhere?”

“No, no just wondering” You said, and rolled over to be laying on your side, curled up slightly under the covers, your phone laying on your cheek.

“So… care to explain earlier?” You licked your lips.

“Yeah okay” You said softly.  Stiles was patiently quiet, waiting for you to speak again.  “Um, Jerry came home” You said plainly.

“Yeah, and what is it that’s so wrong with him?” He asked with a slight chuckle.

“He just uh… he gets drunk and asks dumb questions” You said.  “I didn’t want to embarrass you”

“Please, I don’t know if there’s anything that could possibly embarrass me, I handled your mom right?” 

“Yeah, I guess you’re right” You lied.  If Jerry met Stiles, you didn’t know who he’d beat the crap out of first, you, or him.

“So… I can still pick you up for school tomorrow?” He asked.

“Yeah, yeah okay” You shrugged.  “Just text me when you’re here, and I’ll just come outside to meet you” You told him.

“Alright, I can do that” Stiles said.  “I’ll swing through Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks on the way, what’s your favorite doughnut?” He asked.

“Oh, I don’t know I probably like any kind”

“Probably? Doughnuts aren’t like any other food, they’re a gift from the Gods”

“I’m an atheist Stiles” You chuckled, and he laughed with you.  You suddenly wished that you were there with him, hearing his laugh in person.  It always seemed to warm you up, lighten the mood.  But here, you just felt cold, and lonely.

“Alright, well should I be hanging up on you and letting you sleep?”

“Eh, we all know I’ll be up all night anyways” You said.

“So we can play games?” Stiles asked, a hopefulness in his voice, which made you smile.

“Yeah okay, what games?”

“Chutes and Ladders?” You rolled your eyes.

“Stiles” You scolded playfully.  “What games can you even play over the phone?” You asked, rubbing the corner of your eye.

“Truth or Dare?” He offered.  You thought for a moment.

“I think that’d just be truth or truth” You said.  “But sure, if that won’t bore you” 

“Yeah, sounds cool” He said.  “So, miss y/n, truth or truth?”

“Hmm” You pretended to contemplate.  “Truth” You answered with a giggle.  

“Favorite color?”

“(your answer)” 

“My turn” You said.  “Best memory?”

“Scott peeing on my sand castle in the first grade” You giggled.  “If you could have any pet in the world, what would you want it to be?”

“A turtle” You said.  “Not little, but big enough that I can carry them in both hands” You said.  “I’d name him Jelly” Stiles laughed.

“How creative of you” He said.  “Can I have a turtle too?”

“If I name it” You replied cheekily.

“Okay and what would you name it?” You thought for a moment about it.

“Alexander the Fourth” You replied after a few seconds of silence.  Again, Stiles laugh erupted from the speaker.  Your heart fluttered for an unknown reason.

You went on playing the game for another hour, your voice growing quieter as the night grew closer.  Your mother and Jerry had come upstairs and retreated to their room just down the hall.  You didn’t want to get into trouble for being on your phone, so you continued conversations in a whisper.

“Okay, goodnight y/n” 

“Hm?” You jolted, not remembering the past few minutes.

“You fell asleep, I’m going to bed now”

“How long was I out?” You asked, checking your phone.

“I dunno.. ten minutes tops” Stiles said through a yawn.  You held back your own.

“Okay” You said softly.

“Alright, well.. goodnight”

“Stiles wait-” But he’d already ended the call.  You pulled your phone from your ear, looking at the screen as it faded for a moment, before showing you your home menu.  “Goodnight” You sighed.

Maybe you’d talk to him later.

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