can we just take time to notice how adorable shane is

Preference "How they react when you flirt with them"

(WOOOO TWD PREFERENCE 😍😍I made this short and sweet :3 Hope it is as requested and you all like it! Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

Negan-Whenever you’d flirt with him, he’d be a little surprised at first and think to himself if that really just happened, his eyes shifting around in wonder before coming onto you as well. “Wait…You..Are you telling me all these things because you want to “fuck” ME?! Goddamn! Well you’re in luck…I wouldn’t mind it at all!”

Daryl-Whenever you’d flirt with him, he’d be weirded out and feel so out of place to know that you see him like that, he wouldn’t know what he should be saying or doing in response to be appropriate. “Y-you think I have nice arms? R-really? I-I never…really noticed it before…I-I don’t stare at them that long enough…”

Rick-Whenever you’d flirt with him, he’d get bashful and would let out a small laugh and smile, shaking his head as he tries to give you and worthy response. “I think you’re making me out better than I really am…If anything you’re the one who looks good leading all of us…”

Merle-Whenever you’d flirt with him, he’d get honestly so turned on by the idea of him being desired that way that he wouldn’t hesitate to flirt back all while smirking and licking/biting his lips. “Oh my…Sugar, you really mean it? Well I wouldn’t mind at all taking up on that offer of yours…It would be a blessing for me, when you think about it really…”

Glenn-Whenever you’d flirt with him, he’d be stunned at first and would be somewhat so nervous about it that he’d start stuttering before slowly get his own confidence and flirt back. “Euh…Really? Y-you think so? I-I guess yeah…Wh-whatever…I-I’m cool…I’m totally fine…”

Carl-Whenever you’d flirt with him, he’d get quiet and try to stop himself from blushing too much as he’d be actually stunned that this was happening to him. “I-I’m not blushing…Wh-what are you talking about? I mean it happens when you just compliment someone like that, god!”

The Governor-Whenever you’d flirt with him, he’d be intrigued by your attitude and would at first act clueless just to see how serious you are about him before totally giving into your persuasiveness. “Y/N…I just want to let you know that I knew you were flirting with me this whole time…I was just trying to see how far you’d go for me, beautiful…”

Abraham-Whenever you’d flirt with him, he’d be more than pleased and would gladly play along with you just to see how far you can both really get. “Oh really? You think so…Well I have a better idea? Wanna know? Come here, come closer, i’ll tell you about it right in your ear…”

Eugene-Whenever you’d flirt with him, he’d be utterly clueless and would initially think you were messing with him for your own pleasure until someone would have to mention it to him about how serious you are. “What? Y/N’s flirting with me? Impossible, I don’t see her being interested in me, she’s just joking…Wait really? She said that…”

Ron-Whenever you’d flirt with him, he’d get full of himself but would try his best to be humble about it, only to end up cutting to the chase and be blunt with you. “Ah..thanks…That’s nice of you…Actually forget about it, how about we just go out and make it official!”

Jesus-Whenever you’d flirt with him, he’d be so amazed that it happened to him that he’d start to blush and would try to laugh it off. “Really? Oh no…I don’t think I look that great…I just kinda woke up you know! There’s really nothing special about my look today…”

Dwight-Whenever you’d flirt with him, he’d feel somewhat torn between flirting back and telling you off, as he’d have a hard time believing you’d ever want anything to do with him. “T-thanks Y/N…but…when you say those kinds of things…Do you mean it? Like behind all of it are you serious about liking and thinking that way about me…”

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Sunshine- Connor Murphy

Originally posted by fuckyeaharizonacoyotes

Omg the Arizona Coyotes need more love! I’m totally on top of that! Who wants to go to Arizona with me to give them cookies? Hope you guys enjoy this one!

Warning: blonde bitches, cussing

Anon request: Hi!! I was wondering if I could request an imagine for Connor Murphy where the reader gets insecure around the other boys partners and he comforts her


              You tugged self-consciously on the hem of your dress, praying it would make it longer.

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To Build A Home... [Rick Grimes x Reader]

Rick wakes up one day to see the woman he loves taking care of Judith, and the view makes him feel like the happiest man on Earth. The title of the imagine is taken from the song by The Cinematic Orchestra, which the reader later sings in the imagine. (For the sake of the fluffiness of this imagine, let’s pretend Rick’s Judith and Shane confession never happened…)

Requested By: @l8nitl0vr

Warnings: Literally none, this is just straight up fluff.


For the first time in a few days, I woke up to the sound of blissful nothingness as the sun shone through the crack in the curtains, and the bed sheets seemed to engulf me in a warm cocoon that would take a lot for me to get out of. I turned over and rested the side of my head into the pillows, sighing and smiling at the comfort. I noticed that the left side of the bed was made and tucked in perfectly, signifying that Y/N was already up and active.

I sat up, throwing the covers off of me as I forced myself to get ready and go check up on everyone, after all, there’s only so much silence you can endure here without becoming suspicious.

“Morning Y/N! Y/N?” I called through the house, peeking my head into the kitchen to find it empty. I went into the lounge and saw Carl sprawled on the couch, and it was kind of strange to see him so relaxed and not outside busying himself with something, “Carl, where’s Y/N?” He looked up from his old comic book which I was sure he’d read hundreds of times now and shrugged.

“She left the house early this morning, you’ve been asleep for ages Dad,” He said simply before burying his concentration back into his fictional heroes. I tilted my head in confusion before turning on my heels and walking back through the house. I looked out of the window and scanned the area, only to see Aaron and Gabriel talking near the crops, and Michonne strolling past the house. I knocked to get Michonne’s attention, and she turned her head to look at me.

“Where’s Y/N?” I mouthed and she shrugged also. Part of me was starting to get worried, then I realised I hadn’t been into Judith’s room to check on her.

I practically sprinted up the stairs, only to find my daughter’s room empty. My heart started racing and I went straight back to Carl to question Judith’s whereabouts, “Dad I don’t think Judith climbed out of her crib and walked off…” He joked, before putting his comic book down and leaning forward, “I think Y/N had her, wherever she is, Judith will be also.”

Where the hell are they? I stepped outside and the warm air hit me in the face like it was being blown towards me with a high-speed electric fan. Gabriel and Aaron glanced over to me and waved as they walked towards the gate to speak to Eugene. I sat down on the stairs outside the house and watched the day go by for a while, allowing myself to enjoy the weather instead of overworking myself in the heat. After a while, Maggie came to join me, “Hello stranger, forgive me for saying this, but you look oddly relaxed today,” She laughed, sitting down next to me and giving me a brief hug. I couldn’t help but let out a chuckle in response as I shuffled over to give her more space.

“It seems like we’ve got everything under control here today so I’m giving myself some well-deserved time off. Have you seen Y/N at all this morning?”

“I saw her not long ago behind the houses, she might still be there,” I mentally slapped myself for not thinking to look in the backyards. I thanked Maggie and wished her a good day before walking back through my house and into the garden.

That’s when I saw a sight I didn’t know I needed to see, and my heart feel like it was going to explode in my chest. A huge grin spread across my face like a child on Christmas Morning as I watched Y/N pushing Judith on a tyre-swing I assumed she’d built herself. The rope was tied firmly to a branch, and Judith was comfortably sat on the tyre as Y/N pushed it back and forth slowly. The sweet sound of Judith’s laughter made my stomach tingle with adoration, and I swear the smile on Y/N’s face was making me fall deeper in love with her than ever before.

“Can I cut in?” I said, surprising them. Judith turned her head to face me and flung her arms forward. I went over and picked her up in my arms, giving her a tight hug, “What’s all this? Did Y/N build my princess a swing?” I asked Judith in a calm voice. She just giggled at me, then I looked up and saw a content smile on Y/N’s face.

“I know it’s ridiculous, it’s the end of the world as we know it and I’m building a playground out here, I -” She started, only for me to cut her off.

“No Y/N, it’s not ridiculous. I love it,” Watching the grin grow on her face made butterflies arise in my stomach. Could I love this woman anymore than I do right now?

I put Judith down and she sat on the grass, staring up at me and Y/N as if she was waiting for something, “What is it Judith?” Y/N asked, making the little girl smile and laugh again. I suddenly had an idea, that I was sure would make Judith laugh until she couldn’t possibly laugh anymore.

“Hey, how secure is this thing?” I asked, turning to Y/N with a smirk on my face.

“It’s actually really secure. I used some of that really thick rope we’ve had stored away, and at the top, you can’t see it but I actually nailed the rope to the branch before knotting it multiple times…” It took her a while to notice the expression on my face, but as soon as she did, she raised a brow knowingly, “It’s secure enough for an adult.”

“That settles it then! Come on Y/N, sit down,” I patted the tyre and Judith clapped her hands together in excitement as she shuffled back on the grass, knowing to sit away from a swing when someone’s on it. Y/N looked at me in disbelief and I insisted she sat down by thrusting the tyre towards her, “Come on!”

She sat down and held on as I brought back the tyre before pushing it forward with all of my strength. Y/N squealed as she swung higher than she probably expected. Judith stood up and danced in excitement, before stumbling towards me, “Do you want to help me Judith?” I lifted her up and she placed a small hand on the tyre, pushing it with me so Y/N would once again disappear into the air then back down.

“Hey Judith, don’t push me too high!” Y/N called, turning her head to smile at us. I briefly grazed her cheek with my hand and her skin flushed a deep shade of pink. Judith reached out to stroke Y/N’s cheek, but ended up pinching her instead, “Judith! You cheeky little monkey,” Y/N laughed, sending Judith into hysterics.

We continued to spend time together for a little while, and the playtime ended with me sat in the tyre, being pushed into the air by Y/N whilst Judith sat and yanked chunks of grass from the ground. When we were all tired out and Judith was getting sleepy, we went back inside. Y/N settled Judith into her crib, and I stood outside the room listening to her softly humming. I peeped my head around the door to see Y/N crouched next to the crib, quietly singing.

“There is a house built out of stone, wooden floors, walls and window sills…”

I watched closely as Judith’s eyes began to shut, and Y/N leaned over to draw the curtains, still continuing the sweet song.

“Tables and chairs worn by all of the dust. This is a place where I don’t feel alone. This is a place where I feel at home… ‘Cause I built a home for you, for me…”

I leant against the door frame, making myself known to Y/N. She got up to her feet, tucked Judith under a blanket before walking towards me. “Hey you,” She whispered, wrapping her arms around me. I hugged her back, resting my chin on her head before kissing her hair.

“You know, it was great seeing you with her today,” I said, wrapping an arm around her as she turned to look back at a sleeping Judith, “Just, make sure you tell me next time you plan on confiscating my daughter,” I joked, making her laugh quietly. We both left the room to reduce the risk of waking Judith up and went downstairs. We went into the lounge which was now empty, and I assumed Carl had gone and found himself something to do. We both flopped down onto the couch together and sighed.

“Who knew keeping a toddler entertained was so tiring?” Y/N said jokingly. I laid down and tapped the small space next to me, so she could squeeze in and lay her head on my chest. She settled beside me, placing her hand on my chest and her head on my shoulder in the crook of my neck. I kissed her forehead lightly, before engulfing her in a tight embrace and rubbing her back soothingly.

“I know, I think it may’ve almost been as tiring as going out on runs,” I laughed, closing my eyes and sighing once more, “I think we deserve a nap. Is that allowed?”

“I should think so… Sleep well Rick,”

“I love you Y/N,”

“I love you too.”


Hey there! I hope you all liked this imagine, I’m absolutely loving writing so much fluff at the moment! I think Rick fluff may be my favourite thing right now. Let me know what you thought, and requests are open as usual! Love you guys!

Give Me Love Chapter 6

College roommates AU where Karma is not entirely fond of lesbians and Amy is unfortunately her roommate.

Yet she raises her head when she hears the question. Her green eyes are bright and she’s looking at Karma carefully, as if challenging her to say something more. But she doesn’t so the blonde says,

“She’s nice, pretty cool, if I have to say so myself.”

Karma ignores the knife in her heart. She crosses her arms and leans back against the wall.

“She likes you,” she says, waiting for Amy’s reaction.

The blonde shrugs but her gaze flickers towards Karma, as if she also waiting to see a reaction. Karma stubbornly sets her jaw and pointedly keeps the eye contact. She’s not going to back down. She doesn’t know what it means if she does but she knows that it’s something she doesn’t want to happen.

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everything carries me to you: part one (thorcid) - featherpluckn

Author’s Note: Hi! I’m new to the fandom and slash writing in general. I just had some feels that had to come out apparently. Any constructive criticism is definitely welcome.

This fic is hopefully the first part of what I plan to be a three part story. There is some language and adult situations but nothing too explicit.

The title of the story comes from “If You Forget Me” by Pablo Neruda.

Happy reading :)

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The Parent Trap (Biadore) [Chapter 4] - Henny

A/N: I’M BACK! Sorry for the super late update guys! I just ended my theatre workshop and the last few weeks were filled of coffee, redbull, rehearsals, and stress. I couldn’t find time to post a new chapter. Sorry for the mistakes and the rushed writing of this chapter, I was in a hurry to post this to keep the story going. I really want to write the Biadore part of this story. HAHAHAHHAH.

In this chapter, we might get a clue on why Roy and Danny broke up! Can you guess how they did?

So anyway, without further ado, CHAPTER FOUR everyone!

Dedicated to Set-fire-to-the-stars! Thanks for making me smile. :)


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We Three (ABC) - Circe

AN: This is long and over-emotional because I love these three so so much I had to write something fluffy for all of them because I can’t decide which two I ship together the most. Part of it is inspired by a prompt I got from veronicasanders so thank you!

I’m so on board for writing pairings/groups that people think are underwritten. I find it impossible to dislike a drag queen so if anyone has a pairing/story they want to read about, ask away and I’ll probably be up for it. I’m less inclined to do Season 7 queens, so unless it’s Katya or Max, it might be a little rough. Right now I’m feeling Rajila and maybe AAA/Witney, or perhaps something a bit more unexplored, so any ideas please let me know.

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Not That Little Anymore (Biadore) - by Sadie

A/N.: One of the biggest requests on my blog and it is finally here!! I am sorry for making you guys wait so long but it is here! Don’t I won’t be posting on the next Saturday, but then I will come back with a surprise for you guys!!! I love you all and I hope you like it! Xx Sadie

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Third Wheel - Michael Clifford [SMUT]

Requested by Anonymous

Summary~ You’re more of a wallflower at parties these days, after experiencing a year of attending college parties with your now exboyfriend, now you’re there to gather up information and gossip like a sponge, maybe have a few conversations yourself, get a little tipsy before leaving as people begin to hook up. No wonder you get the reputation as the nerdy virgin.

Word Count - 1700

You’re no one’s favourite, your closest friends, Alice and Dani are best friends with each other, you get little to no male attention and as the middle child you feel a little forgotten even though they don’t love you any less than your siblings. It sounds like a sad way to live, but that’s how you like it; slipping below the radar, the underdog, the dark horse, there’s less drama that way and you still have fun. Hoarding information that people probably don’t think you have,chances are you’ll never use it but it’s there if it’s ever needed, you sound like some kind of criminal lurking in the shadows blackmailing people with their own secrets.

“So Kyle’s party is this Saturday,” Dani says in a way that sounds like it’s directed to you but mostly to Alice.

“I thought it was Kyle’s party last weekend,” Alice furrows her brow a little clueless.

“No that was Kenny’s,” Dani corrects.

“Clark’s,” you re-correct since neither of them can seem to get it right. “And it’s Kenny’s this week”

“Oh right, so are we going?” Dani questions.

In reality she really wants Alice to go, sure she’d like you to be there but ultimately Alice is her deciding factor.

“Sure, why not maybe I can finally get with Shane,” Alice says melodramatically.

“And you [Y/N]?” she finally turns to you.

“Sure, I’ve nothing better to do”

That Saturday you arrive at Kenny’s place wearing the same outfit you’ve worn to every party for the past month, no one seems to have noticed yet, and wander in easily locating Alice and Dani who are flirting loudly in the kitchen as usual. Dani promises she’ll give you a ride home since she’s come to the decision to stay sober for this week so you pour yourself a drink.

You’d have left by 11 o’clock if it was up to you but since you loose track of Dani you end up wandering around aimlessly, much more sober than you want to be.

11.30 and you still can’t find Dani but you wander onto the back porch where there’s a small group of people commencing in a game of “truth” or dare where the truths consist of the question “why are you so chicken for a dare?”

“Oh god,” you say as everyone turns to you. “Sorry, I’ll just go back inside”

One of the guys, Ashton slides back blocking the door and shakes his head, “Once you’re here you play, no leaving!” Clearly drunk.

Another grabs your arm and pulls you to sit next to him, “It’s [Y/N]!” he screams, at least he knows your name.

“Truth or dare?” Luke grins at you from across the circle.

“Truth,” you say easily.

Luke’s face falls and he leans closer to you, “Truth or dare”

“Fine, dare,” you exhale.

The people in the circle exchange looks and Luke begins to whisper to the person next to you, deciding your fate, you swear you hear him whisper, “She’s a total good girl right?”

What’s worse is the other person nods.

“Okay we want you to let Michael to do a body shot off you,” Luke seems to think this is an actual challenge.

“Yo, she doesn’t want to do that,” the previously silent Michael speaks up.

“It’s my dare,” you shrug which seems to shock everyone.

Salt, lime and shot already at hand you stand.

“Where do you want the salt?” you ask without batting an eyelid but in reality you are a little apprehensive

“Neck,” he gestures

You flick your hair over your shoulder and shake salt onto your neck. Luke hands you the lime which you hold between your teeth and holds his hand flat with Michael’s shot on it. He leans down to lick the salt kissing and sucking for a split second before taking the shot, screwing his face up and taking the lime, backing away immediately.

“Nice,” a few people hoot clearly impressed that you’d even do that.

“Yeah, sweet,” Michael slumps back down.

A few dares later and it’s Michael’s turn.

“Dare,” he says before they even ask.

“We dare you to take Miss Virgin here,” they point at you which catches you off guard. “up to whatever room is free and do whatever she lets you do”

“So you’re leaving this all down to how much consent she gives me?” Michael raises his eyebrows.


He glances at you and back to them, “Something tells me that won’t be much”

A little nervous you stand, willing to continue with the dare and prove your entirely non virgin status, you head to the door no one stopping you this time but turn around to see Michael still sat.

“Are you coming or what?” you say to him.

The startled look on his face almost makes you laugh as he stands.

You find a bedroom and lock the door once the two of you are in. He sits down on the bed and you stand opposite.

“What do you want me  to do?” you ask.

“A lot more than you want to do yourself,” he chuckles.

“What makes you think you know what I want to do?” you furrow your brow.

“Because you’re a virgin”

“And who told you that?”


You roll your eyes, “Luke knows nothing about me”

“So you’re not?” Michael asks.

“Far from it, I used to be a party animal,” you chuckle leaning against the wall

“Then how come I didn’t know about your party presence until now?” he looks genuinely confused at this point, the clueless look on his face actually quite adorable.

“I went to college parties with my then boyfriend,” you tell him, releasing more information about yourself than you thought you would be.

“Have you got a boyfriend now?” his eyebrows knit together.

“I’m more of a third wheel in every situation,” you say reluctantly, “You?”

He raises a hand, “Unicycle”

You chuckle.

“Are you going to sit down?” he asks. “I’m not as scary as the leather makes me look”

You smile and sit next to him slowly, leaning on your hand. You flinch a little when you feel his calloused finger tips touch your hand and you turn to him, you catch his eye and suddenly his lips are on yours. His hand finds your waist and you cautiously cup his face his tongue sliding across your bottom lip and past to mingle with yours.

After a moment of that you both raise to your feet, him having to lean down to kiss you now. His hands go under your shirt and reach it over your head as you let your hands slip down his neck to push the leather jacket off his shoulders and work on the buttons. When you are stood in only your jeans and bra and him in only his jeans you begin to think. You’d expected this to be so rough, so hasty but he’s going so slow, he has you melting in his touch, like putty in his hands.

Suddenly you hear a shaking of the handle followed buy a lot of cursing, “Fuck what’s going on in there?” it’s Luke’s voice

Almost as if you didn’t want to get caught you move away from each other.

Michael clears his throat, “Piss off Hemmings”

“What’s going on?” he questions again.

He looks at you testing his ground and you give him a cocky smirk.

Knowing that he could say anything without hurting you now he turns and shouts to the door, “I’m gonna fuck her raw”

You choke back a laugh as there’s a lot of jeering outside.

“Nice one Clifford,” Luke shouts back.

Once they’re gone you turn to Michael, he seems a little bashful so you take a moment to compose yourself before seizing the opportunity to take control.

You step towards him, “So you’ll ‘fuck me raw’?”

“If you want me too,” he seems to be trying - and failing - to act confident which is proven when you hear him gulp.

Walking him backwards you glance behind him and give him a light push so he finds himself sat down on the bed. You kiss along his jaw, collar and down his chest while fiddling with his belt buckle.

“What are you going to do?” he asks his breathing a little more uneven.

“Give you the best blowjob of your life,” you smirk up at him through your eyelashes.

“Holy shit”

You pull his jeans down his legs so his boxers are the only thing between you and the now fairly prominent bulge. You glide your hands up his thighs feeling his muscles tense and you gently palm him through the boxers before you decide that you’ve done enough teasing like this.

He gasps when you pull his boxers off too and he curses under his breath, pulling hi lip between his teeth.

You pump his length a few times before positioning yourself between his legs a little more and licking a strip up his member, swirling your tongue around his tip, feeling him shudder. When you finally begin taking as much of him into your mouth as you can you feel him reach behind you to pull your hair into a bunch behind your head.

“Keep going, shit,” he pants a little. “Just like that, babe”

You hum lightly and he groans in response feeling the vibrations travel through him.

As you continue his grip on your hair tightens and loosens and he becomes a little less careful with his moaning.

“I’m so close,” he says his voice now raspy.

You stop what you’re doing and he sighs so you begin pumping him until he climaxes and hits his high., falling down onto the bed.

Satisfied with our work you toss him his shirt and stand up, pulling yours on too, smiling with a proud grin.

As you reach for the handle to the door you hear him say, “Where are you going?“

“I’m leaving you to your unicycle-dom,” you shrug.

“Maybe I’m a little tired of that,” he smiles at you but you don’t seem convinced, “Come on, it’s not like you’ve got anything better to do… third wheel”


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Thursday Night Lights

Chapter 1

Summary- This the girls first practice this year. Since Amy is Captain of the football team this year she wants to lead a successful team. It’s her junior year and she wants to prove to the coach that she what it takes to lead the team for more than one year. Karma made it onto this year cheerleading squad. She wasn’t going to try out, but Shane told her she’d be stupid not to. She did and got a spot. She had heard of Lauren because she was the Captain of the cheerleading squad. She wants to prove that she deserves to be on the squad.

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Genetically altered teenage freaks- and where to find them - phanfic.

Summary: Special Agent Phil Lester (also Agent 188) is assigned to assassinate Daniel Howell, a hacker who knows way too much. Though it’s not easy. Especially, after finding out this boy ain’t stupid,  and has a rather devious plan of his own. Upon realising, he’s suddenly in the clutches of a boy who just wants to be loved. But apart from being maybe kind of adorable, Dan Howell is dangerous and his actions set off a chain of events where Phil, a now genetically altered freak as well as an agent, and Dan- now a-deranged scientist, have to work together to round up a bunch of kids with screwed up DNA before they wreck havoc on the real world.

Genre: Secret agent AU, human experimentation, Supernatural

Warnings: N/A.

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Faking Fiancés.

Amy is pining over Karma, secretly. But, that’s nothing new. They’re both 24 now, living together in California, paying their rent with Amy’s successful job as a doctor and Karma’s steady job as an actor. Amy’s parents are glad that she’s a doctor, but they want her to settle down. Get married and have kids. Knowing that they want to hear that she popped the question, she tells them that she asked Karma to marry her after 4 years of being together. They were ecstatic. Even though they weren’t too big on Amy being gay, they were totally happy with Karma being the one she fell for. Except Karma knows nothing about this. Along the way, it’s not just Amy who’s falling deeper and deeper.

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