can we just take a moment to really appreciate this line


I’ve been listening to this over and over, this might be my favorite little speech from an OTP/ship ever 

You deserve someone better. Because you, Detective, are selfless to a nauseating degree. You always put your daughter first, even though the ungrateful urchin does nothing to contribute to the rent. So, you deserve someone worthy of that grace. 

Can we take a moment to appreciate that Chloe has given Lucifer endless amounts of grace through the whole show? He’s pulled some crazy ass stunts and really stepped over the line more than once, but she always forgives him and gives him another chance. She is a very ‘graceful’ character in that way, she has allot of reasons to be angry or hold grudges against Dan, Lucifer and Maze at this point but she is able to mistakes aside and forgive. But Lucifer doesn’t think he deserves the grace Chloe would need to give him to be with him. He is becoming more self aware of how his behavior effects the people around him, and I think he understands that Chloe has allowed him allot of wiggle room already. It goes back to when he was busy trying to punish himself, he doesn’t think he’s worthy of grace anymore. 

Someone who knows every crime scene breaks your heart, even though you’ll never admit it.

He’s low key a douche at allot of crime scenes, death generally doesn’t bother him much he’s the devil for him it’s just taking a trip from once place to another. But he noticed and understood that it was hard for Chloe, and not in a ‘ew humans don’t like blood lol’ way he recognized that it hurts her. She doesn’t know what he does about heaven and hell, but he sees that being a homicide detective effects her even though she rarely shows it and will never admit it. 

Someone who actually appreciate your impossibly boring middle name. Jane.

THE WAY HE SAYS JANE THOUGH.  Like it’s the best name he’s ever heard, it rolls off his tongue in such a perfect way that sounds so previous and natural. He always calls her detective but it’s like he saviors using one of her names even if he thinks it’s boring, he likes that one best.  It’s like her first name is to much to even say, he will use detective with allot of feeling but I’ve not heard him say Chloe like that. It’s like a special little thing he likes about her, the boring middle name that’s less of a bombshell to say than her first.  

More importantly, Detective, you deserve someone as good as you. 

“You’re a bad man, and I’m not. I’m much worse than that.” 

Lucifer is obviously still struggling with guilt and whether or not he is ‘evil’. He has always treasured Chloe for her goodness, he looks up to that and finds it intriguing and admirable. And he doesn’t think he can ever live up to that, it’s not a matter of effort for him, he just doesn’t think he’ll ever be as good as her. He was cast into hell and I don’t think he’s figured out yet if he is inherently bad or if his dad just decided he was.  

Because, well, you’re special and I’m….I’m not worth it.

Ahhhh the humility… while I was watching this episode I got the feeling Lucifers world (and his pride) was falling down around him. He was seeing that actually his life wasn’t as fulfilling as he thought. He’s not as much of a womanizing, sexual powerhouse or as important as he thought he was. He’s just a sad devil filling his emptiness with woman, drugs and drink. All his worth got stripped away from him, all the while Chloe remained herself so he suddenly found himself feeling small and unworthy next to her. So instead of trying to prove his worth, he saw his lack there of and backed down for her sake. He cares about her that much that he would rather see her with someone worthy than be with her himself.