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GOM and their gf broke up leaving the boys emotionally shattered. They meet reader-chan (you) who slowly mends their broken hearts piece by piece. Eventually they start to fall for each other then BAM, ex wants to work things out. What happens next?

Kuroko: “_____-san, will you be mine ——“ Kuroko starts, but is interrupted by a shrill cry. “KoKo!! Oh my gosh, I’ve been looking for you for so long! I want to get back together!” ___ looked at the other girl as she grabbed onto his arm and pressed her boobs against him. “This is the girl who broke his heart? Well, my chance is gone now.” ____ thinks as she looks away from the situation, about to cry. Suddenly, ____ feels an arm wrap around her waist before she looks up to Kuroko, seeing him pull her closer. “(Ex’s Name), I’m actually glad you’re here. I want you to meet my new girlfriend, _____. She’s the one that showed me what real love is.”

Midorima: “Shinshin? I can’t believe I finally found you here! Fate must want us to be together!” A high-pitched voice cuts through the air as ___ and Midorima pull away from their kiss. “Uhm, who is this?” The mystery girl says as she realises ____’s presence and position. “This is ____. My girlfriend.” Midorima says as he pushes up his glasses. ____ is surprised at the fact he does not pull away from their close position. “But..we’re supposed to be together? Remember! Your psychic even said so!” The girl pouted, obviously annoyed at the fact someone had taken Midorima’s attention and pain away. “Sorry, (Ex’s Name), but our signs are not compatible at all. She actually told me that you were bad, but I didn’t want to listen. However, ____ and I are perfect for each other, and that’s approved by my psychic. Do not get in my way with happiness this time, nanodayo.”

Kise: “___cchi, I want you to be my girl—Huh? (Ex’s Name)? What are you doing here?” Kise starts before looking past ___’s shoulder, behind her. ___ turns just in time to catch the picture-perfect girl give Kise a flirty wink and an alluring smile. “Kise-kun! I’ve missed you! I’m a little bit insulted that you’ve dropped ‘cchi’ on my name, but I’ll forgive you this time. I want to get back together!” (Ex’s Name) murmurs while walking past you and up to Kise, leaning a bit too far in for ____’s liking. “And just when he was going to ask me out, she comes waltzing back into his life. Absolutely stunning and the number one female model of the year, how the hell could I compete? Just walk on out quietly before you lose any more dignity, ____.” ____ thinks before trying to turn and walk out before Kise can catch her. Kise immediately sees that ___’s trying to leave so he speaks up. “Sorry, (Ex’s Name), but I don’t have time to talk. My girlfriend’s leaving, so that’s my queue!” He starts walking over to ____ as ____ and (Ex’s Name) turns towards him in shock. “Girlfriend?!” (Ex’s Name) beats ____ into questioning him as his ex flip her silky hair as if she was insulted. Kise gives off a cheeky smirk as his aura changes into a little less ‘happy-go-lucky’. “Yes, you heard me. Girlfriend. Bye, (Ex’s Name).” Kise grabs ____’s hand and looks down to her blushing face, pecking her on the lips, before quickly turning back to his ex one last time. “Oh! And (Ex’s Name)? My model agency says we won’t be working together anymore. They found a new girl who’s beautiful inside and out.” Kise remarks, looking back towards his girlfriend and giving her a wink.

Aomine: “No you do it like this, baka.” Aomine’s voice vibrates through ____’s ear as his arms have a secure hold on her waist and he guides her body to shoot correctly at the hoop. She giggles in response and glances into his eyes, her eyes twinkling, before she turns her attention back towards the goal. Just as she’s about to shoot, a voice cries out making ____ miss the goal. Aomine’s eyebrow twitches in annoyance at whoever interrupted their cute little moment (although he would never admit that). “Dai-chan!” The stranger’s voice squeals making Aomine flinch again. “Who is this? Why help her when you can help me! I want you back, Dai-chan!” His ex comes running up and pushing ____ out of the way, making her fall in the process, before running into Aomine’s arms. ___ cries out as Daiki’s eyes widen, concerned. Quickly he forcefully pushes his ex out of the way before running over to ___ to make sure she’s okay. Once he realises nothing is hurt, he fiercely glares back up to his ex. “I’m not taking you back, (Ex’s Name), and if you ever touch my girlfriend again, we’re going to have a major problem.”

Murasakibara: “____-chin, doesn’t it taste good?” Murasakibara says as he shoves a little cake down ___ throat. His hand then goes to rest on her arm as he caresses it. “Mmpft!” ___ chokes before reprimanding him. “Sushi-chan, I can’t eat as much as you can at once! Be careful before I cho—“ Suddenly, Atsushi’s arm is ripped from ___’s as someone tugs him up out of his seat. “Atsu-chin, what the hell are you doing with this girl?!” A cry yells out from the stranger girl, as she stares up to the giant with a glare. Murasakibara’s mellow expression drastically changes as he directs an intimidating glare to his smaller ex. He tightly grabs onto his ex’s hand that was on his wrist and throws it off with a force that’s just enough to leave a red mark so she knows he’s seriously pissed. “(Ex’s Name), we once had a thing, but it’s long gone. I love ____-chin now, and if you get in the way of that, I won’t hesitate to crush you.” And the red mark on her arm says just that.

Akashi: Akashi knew his ex was going to try something the moment she passed ____ and him in the park. A swift walk-by before she turns around and runs back up to him. “Sei? I knew it was you! This must mean something. I’ve been wanting to get bac—“ She interrupts the special moment between ___ and Akashi did not appreciate that. “Excuse me, (Ex’s Name), but it seems that I was in worse condition than usual back then.” “What?” She’s taken aback by the riddles Akashi was giving her; meanwhile, ____ was just looking on, hoping and praying that Akashi would not take her back. He did just admit his feelings to her. “I must have been at an all-time low when we were dating because I see things so clearly now. You were into me because of my status, that much I knew, I just always thought that you had enough class to fulfil your part of being my significant other. But it seems now that you are nothing but home-wrecking trash. Excuse us.” ____ blinks as she’s tugged along with Akashi. Omg the sass, though.

Kuroko no Basuke: Last Game (feat. my shameless fangirling)

Look, AkaKuro’s standing next to each other! ❤❤❤❤

The order of everything I’d written here might be in random, because I was mentally screaming all the way through the entire movie. Mentally, because I couldn’t just shout “FUCK THAT’S MY OTP!!! AREN’T THEY BEAUTIFUL TOGETHER??” with anime heart eyes every time AkaKuro appeared on screen. I’m in the cinemas with equally brooding fanboys and fangirls so nope.

This is full of spoilers and shitposting. Proceed at your own risk. XD

  • Kagami’s backstory. Who would’ve thought that such a bright ray of sunshine was once a tol angsty child. Well, everyone probably went through that phase so-
  • One thing I realized while I was watching the entire Strky vs Jabberwock match was how much I love Kasamatsu, Miyaji, Imayoshi, Okamura, and Higuchi (I don’t even know this guy but I love him unconditionally okay?). So, yeah, basically, everyone in Team Strky.
  • I was waiting for Kasamatsu to slap Nash in the face after the guy spit on his hand, but– *3*
  • The GoM greeting each other in the gym is the most precious thing ever
  • AKASHI ❤ I’m biased so–
  • Kuroko following Kagetora in Roppongi to confront the Jabberwock. 
  • Everyone taken aback by Kuroko’s disappearance lol
  • Kuroko’s boyfriends protecting him after Nash kicked him. DAMN I GOT SHIVERS AT AKASHI’S EXPRESSION HERE.
  • Akashi: Stop
  • Kuroko: Akashi-kun.
  • Akashi: I understand. Knowing you, you probably want to settle this in a basketball match.
  • I literally just mentally scream my head off every time AkaKuro is next to each other
  • EIGO
  • The match’s setting was different from the one in the manga. And the other characters watched them live which was also different.
  • (Btw, there were two guys sitting few seats to my right in the cinema who were doing a live commentary of every fucking scene the entire time. I was torn between getting annoyed and fanboying with them because what they were whispering to each other was what I was thinking at that exact moment.)
  • Everyone being OP AS FUCK
  • Midorima’s remote control
  • Fucking Silver
  • Murasakibara and Silver’s match up
  • Silver is an ass
  • Pouting Murasakibara *sound of angels’ choir in the background*
  • Everyone giving way to each other so the team could win. #PRECIOUS
  • Kuroko: *joins the game*
  • Jabberwock: LMAO So weak-looking
  • Jabberwock [5 seconds after Kuroko played]: WHAT THE FUCK??????
  • DID I MENTION THE TEAM PLAYS??? The AoKaga?? Midorima and Kagami highfiving each other? Murasakibara and Kagami double-teaming Silver? And ofc who could forget AoKi double-teaming Silver
  • Kise’s Perfect Copy + Aomine’s Zone = beautiful AoKi babies
  • I swear even Momoi could feel the AOKI in the air. She was too overwhelmed that it brought tears to her eyes. lol
  • Kise and Silver’s one-on-one
  • “Kise is the strongest player on the court.” Dude… I already knew that, like, 5 years ago.
  • Nash’s passes WTAF
  • Murasakibara getting hurt again. STOP HURTING MY TREE SON I SAY
  • Takao getting jealous of Akashi and Midorima’s teamplay. Don’t worry Shin-chan’s all yours already. :3
  • Kise failing to make the shot because he’s too damn exhausted already. Somebody take his place aaaaaahhhhhhh :’((((((((((
  • “Leave the rest to me, Ryouta.”
  • WHY DIDN’T THEY INCLUDE THIS: “Akashi-kun is Akashi-kun. There is no difference.” THIS IS, LIKE, THE ULTIMATE AKAKURO MOMENT. I’M SO SAD ;-;
  • “Right now, Akashi’s the most reliable person on the court.” He’s also the most reliable in be– //slapped
  • Mayuyu supporting his kouhai from the sidelines. HOW CUTE
  • Also, can we talk about Mibuchi’s new hairstyle?
  • Midorima’s three pointers. Also OP as fuck
  • “My shots will not miss.” His shots through Takao’s heart will also never miss. ;)
  • Midorima trying to make Kagami feel better. Holy shit the world’s ending soon
  • Nash’s ability was translated in the movie as “Barrier Eye.” But I actually heard “Belial Eye” every time it was mentioned. But it was called “Demon Eye” in the manga. So which is it? @-@
  • “Goodbye.”
  • NAked Akashi
  • Oreshi and Bokushi fanservice DAMNNNNNNN I NEED MORE. I love the way they parted in the movie, with all the hands holding and the changing of perspectives and just… everything.
  • Akashi was about to give up
  • Then Kuroko appears in his line of sight
  • Then everyone gets an instant power up
  • GoM + Seirin bonding moment™
  • Kagami’s leaving for America.
  • God just remembering it makes me tear up
  • When Kagami ran back to Kuroko, I thought he changed his mind and would say: “It’s more fun playing with you and the rest of the team.” But they just said goodbye to each other and Kagami was thanking Kuroko for everything and all these onion ninjas just started popping out of nowhere and I was dying inside. :’((((((((((
  • Holy fucks I think I didn’t watch the complete final scene? Now I’m sadder. I mean, I saw some spoiler about the GoM talking about the future or smth?? I DIDN’T SEE THAT. ;-;

Apparently, my lil bro backed out from watching this with me, and I ended up watching it with my dad. Though, in all actuality, he just slept and woke up about quarterway through the movie. And I think he enjoyed the rest of the movie, because he didn’t sleep after that, and that was SOMETHING because he always just sleeps whenever he comes with me and my siblings to the cinemas. 😂😂😂😂 Anyway, I’ll add the others once I remember them.



Writing by @moustachiopenguin :

If someone were to ask him about his first love, he would lie and say he’s forgotten.  He wouldn’t tell them about a boy named Kise Ryouta.  He wouldn’t share memories that make him smile and make him ache.  He’d pretend not to remember racing hearts and sweaty palms and stolen kisses.  There would be no stories about commuting between cities and missing trains home.  He’d have nothing to say about locked doors and flushed cheeks or bruised lips. 

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I love your marriage proposal headcanons! Thank you so much for answering my request. Can you do them this time for Aomine, Kise, Murasakibara, Himuro and Mayuzumi?

Hi dear! Aw, I’m so happy you liked them! *-* I hope you’ll like these the same! Let me know!

Have a nice day!

Aomine Daiki, Kise Ryouta, Murasakibara Atsushi, Himuro Tatsuya, Mayuzumi Chihiro Wedding Proposal Headcanons

Aomine Daiki

-I imagine Aomine being totally lost about it. He really, really want to propose…but something stops him every time and he gets more and more irritated. Once it’s his cowardice, another time your annoying friends, than he doubts himself… He just can’t imagine answering yes. And he hates it. He hates feeling not at his best, feeling as he’s going to lose. So, he decides he’s going to ask it when he really his as his top.

-He waits for the last match of the international basketball tournament of the year. He had asked the coach to let you sit on the benches during the match so that it’s going to be easy for him to reach you. Everyone says it’s the best match Aomine has ever played: he’s the king of the court, a wild animal without leashes, unstoppable. The number one. Every time he scores he grins widely.
He crushes his adversaries, even if they we’re a powerful team. Because this time he can’t afford to lose. Not tonight. He has a bet with himself.

-When, finally, they are celebrating on the podium and the presenter had put around his neck the golden medal, he jumps down from his place and walks right to you, who are already enthusiastic about the victory and jumping around excitedly. All the eyes of the entire gym and the cameras are on you two, but Aomine sees only you. A smirk on his lips, face still flushed and eyes glimmering.

-He stops in front of you and takes off the medal to put it around your neck.
“This is probably going to be the best day of my life,” he grins as you watch him speechless. He then takes off the chain necklace you’ve bought him for his birthday.
But, hanging from it, there a shining silver ring with a sapphire.
“But only if you say yes, babe,” He kneels and stretches it to you, as you cover your mouth.
“A-Are you serious?” You mutter and tears roll down your cheeks.
“Hell yes,” he scoffs blushing, “And please answer, don’t make it even more embarrassing.”
You literally jump into his arms, without words to answer properly but “Yes. Yes! Yes!”

Kise Ryouta
-Kise devises different plans for week. He wants it to be special, but doesn’t want reporters or fangirls ruining the moment. So, what to do?
Simple, he kidnaps you.

-I mean, being a famous pilot brings some privileges no? He rent a small plane just for the two of you and one day, without warning you, instead of dropping you at your best friend’s house, he just puts you on it with two suitcases and a smirk on his face.

-He makes you sit beside him as he maneuvers, with a glass of champagne in your hand. You try to make him talk and ask for reasons, but he evades them and keeps his mouth sealed, chatting instead.

-He brings you in a natural paradise on top of the world, far from the cities and immersed in the starry skies. Looking around, on the peak of a mountain or a hill, you don’t know, you can see only stars and stars. Just the two of you for once. No public, no fangirls, no photographers and reporters. Just you and Kise.
He shows it to you with pride as soon as you step out, in awe. He had planned to ask it after a romantic dinner outside (picnic gourmet) and while whispering to each other but…he’s too enthusiastic. Excited.
Imagine him laughing openly as he spins with his arms open, shining blond hair against the night.
“SO!” he calls laughing at himself and at the world, “I swear I planned it properly, but if I wait a second more I could explode!” He takes your hands into his and drags you away from the plane and almost into the sky.
You’re without words, a giddy chuckle escapes your lips as his happiness is rubbing off on you.
“This is beautiful!” you whisper and he beams pointing up.
“Do you see the stars?”
You nod tilting your head and he smiles as a child.
“They’re my love for you!” he pronounces easily and heartfeltly, but your heart misses a beat. And, before you can recover from it, he kneels and offers you an open velvet box.
A silver ring with a topaz shines in it.
“Please, be my star forever.” His hands are trembling even if he’s faking to be calm and smooth but…his golden eyes are so fond, so warm as he watches you as the most precious of the treasures.
Crying, you throw yourself at him and hug your boyfriend tightly. He picks and spins you around, repeating against your ear, “I’m so happy, so happy…”

-You spend the next three days in a luxurious onsen near where you’ve landed.

Murasakibara Atsushi
-In a domestic, sweet and comfy way. It’s just that for you it’s like being already married, you already live like that so…Murasakibara realizes you’re not only when one of his friend tells him he’s going to marry.

-It’s a normal evening. You two are eating at the table what he has cooked and you are chatting happily about the day, as he nods, listening even if he seems not to. You think it’s going to be a normal night: you’ll wash the plates and he’ll dry them, putting them away since he’s taller. Maybe then some cuddles on the couch, laughing and munching sweets. In the end, sleeping curled in Murasakibara’s arms.
But then Murasakibara starts a new conversation out of nowhere and changes the rest of your lives in few seconds.

“We’re like married, aren’t we?” He’s stopped eating and his words sound casual, as he looks up from his plate and meets your gaze. You nearly choke on your food and cough, embarrassed by the sudden change of topic.
“I-I think so…” You stutter, not daring to lower your gaze but already feeling your cheeks getting redder.
“But we aren’t,” He adds calmly. A sting to your heart, but you manage to keep your smile.
“Then let’s make it official.” And suddenly Murasakibara is stretching to you a small, open box. In the middle you can see a golden ring with three amethyst.
“Marry me, SO.”
You blinked at him completely lost, fear and happiness swirling in your mind.
“It’s already like we’re married no? I just want to make this official,” he shrugs, “So that I’m sure you’re going to be with me forever.”
Maybe is seeing his red cheeks or the way his hand is slightly trembling, but everything clicks and you start crying. Stumbling you leave your seat and hug him tightly, as Murasakibara pulls you in his laps and buries his face in the crook of your neck.
“Yeah, let’s make it official. Our forever.”

Himuro  Tatsuya
-He’s the mysterious and cool guy who likes to tease, that’s how I see him in a relationship. So, a simple thing but meaningful for you. Unexpected.

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Kuroko no Basuke S2 Vol.6 Drama CD

Momoi, Aomine and Kise go shopping for Momoi's future 'date' with Kuroko. Hilarity, drama and cheese ensue.

FULL translation under ‘read more’. A big thanks to gintocki (translator) for letting this happen. ♥

Please notify me if you plan to share the translation outside of Tumblr!

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I know what to request finally! So how about kise wanting to marry his s/o and proposing to her extravagantly, with all the sparkly lights and fireworks and in front of all their close family and friends? I hope it's ok this time (≧◡≦)

Gender neutral instead of the requested Fem!Reader. I hope you enjoy nevertheless (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄

It was a delightful dinner you had with him, and at a fancy place too, where you had to dress up and do your hair differently. Kise was absolutely charming, though that was not a surprise for you, having dated him for a number of years now. The night isn’t over yet, according to Kise, so here you are with a hand in his as you sit on the porch in front of his house, as if you were still high school students.

He is being very sweet, telling you stories of the early stages of your relationship. How it felt pining for each other for a long time before finally confessing, that time when you went for a trip together. You watch him as he talk, beautiful like when you first met, and the nostalgic memories you both talk about certainly sends warmth to your heart.

“I can’t believe it’s almost been five years with you, Ryouta,” you murmur, smiling a little, “time flies by so fast.”

“Mmm,” he hums back, looking at his own thumb drawing circles on the back of your hand. “That’s a long time, huh.”


“But it doesn’t feel like it for me,” he adds softly, “because I have so much fun whenever I’m with you.”

“Me too, Ryouta.”

That’s when the porch ceiling suddenly lights up, making you gasp out in surprise. The two of you are now bathed in yellow light from the string lights hidden meticulously in between wooden bars up above, twinkling in a way that reminds you of Christmas. Your eyes wide, you look up to the porch ceiling and back at Kise—

—only to see him on one knee in front of you.

You have a hand cupping your mouth in shock—is this really happening?—as the night makes an unexpected turn. Kise looks at you, nothing but earnestness, love, and a bit of nervousness in his eyes. The normally playful boyfriend is suddenly solemn, dare you say, as he holds one of your hands in his.



“I can’t be more grateful to have you in my life, but after having you by my side for so long, I realize that I can’t continue without you in it. I promise that I’ll always treat you right, and that I’ll love you.”

Kise pauses, sighs, and shakes his head, while you wait with emotions a mix of confusion, anticipation, and unshed tears.

“I really can’t,” he finally says, looking down at his feet. Before you can ask what’s wrong (is he having second thoughts? Does he not want to marry ou?), he takes out a velvet box from inside his suit jacket, opening it in front of you. A brilliant ring sits inside, shining under the twinkling lights, and it looks as if it’s calling you to wear it. 

“I can’t love again if it’s not with you, _________-cchi. You’re the only one for me—and I really hope that I am the one for you, too—so will you… will you please be mine forever?”

He looks at you, a tear falling down your cheek as you try to hold back a sob. The sound of blood rushing and the rapid beat of his heart almost deafens his ears, but despite this he stills hear the choked ‘yes’ you whisper to him.

“Yes,” you repeat again, louder. If only your eyes weren’t so blurry from the tears, you would notice how Kise visibly relaxes at your answer, a smile on his face as he wipes your wet cheek. You blink a few times until you see the ring slipping on your finger—cold and heavy, but strangely makes you feel warmer and lighter at heart. In fact, you feel faint, so you place a hand on Kise’s shoulder for support.

Instead, he pulls you up by the waist, the two of you now standing, before he proceeds to kiss you. He cups your face, and at that moment everything in the world seems right and you feel as if you could hear metaphorical fireworks in your ears in celebration of the moment.

When you pull away, slowly opening your eyes, the sound of fireworks sound too real and something flashily colorful catches your attention.


Jaw slack, you look at the sky from the front porch as a firework shoots up into the dark, only to burst its redness into a heart shape. You are, once again, flabbergasted, but this time Kise has a smug look on his face when he sees your reaction. You are enthralled and hypnotized, and the moment seems too perfect to be true—maybe you passed out and this is just a dream, but when you feel Kise hugging your waist from behind, planting a kiss against your neck, it feels so real.

A loud slam of the door makes you jump even in Kise’s embrace, and the next thing you know is a chorus of “Surprise!!” and shiny colors blinding your vision. You feel the confetti on your nose and hair, and the vibrations in Kise’s chest as he laughs. When your eyes open, it’s everyone: your family, your friends, his friends from basketball with peculiar hair colors, his sisters, crowding the small porch of the house. 

The tears that you thought were dry immediately resurface and you have to bury your face in your hands to hide them, triggering a series of ‘aww’s from your friends. Kise lovingly strokes your hair, slowly prying your hands away to reveal your reddened face.

“Congratulations on your engagement, _________!”  

“You guys, thank you so much!” You say before rushing over to hug everybody. Kise’s friends are patting him on the back, congratulating him for a job well done and of course your newfound relationship. Kise looks over to you, making eye contact as he asks you to come over.

“Show them the ring,” he says, loud enough to catch everyone’s attention. You shyly hold up your left hand, half-hiding behind Kise as praises are given. 

“Looks really good on you.”

“Thank you,” you say, offering a shy smile. “Still, everyone… I can’t believe you all took part in this.” That earns an honest chuckle from the crowd, especially from Kise’s sisters, who steals you from their sibling’s grasp to lead you to the backyard.

“We prepared dinner!”

“That’s very kind of you, but we just ate—”

“Oh, sorry about that, _________—the dinner is for us, your job is just to drink, dance, and be cute with Ryouta, okay?”

So that’s exactly what you do. The backyard is lit with lights similar to that on the porch ceiling, illuminating the modest area. Kise arranged several nice tables and food for the partaking crowd while he sits next to you for the whole affair, whispering sweet nothings in your ear as he pours wine for you while drinking plenty himself, until some of your friends teasingly suggest that you dance. 

“This is sort of embarrassing,” you chuckle, hiding your face in the crook of his neck. Maybe you drank too much.

“Come on, _________-cchi,” he replies, hands enveloping yours. Just feeling the bump of the diamond ring on your finger makes his heart skip a beat or two. “Look at me.” His lithe fingers lightly bring your chin up, urging eye contact. Kise seems pleased at the extremity of your blush and presses a kiss against your pink ear. 

“If you’re already so shy here, how are you going to survive the wedding ceremony, darling?”

“Oh, Ryouta…”         

anonymous asked:

How would GOM plus Kagami react to being out with their s/o, only for their s/o to be catcalled and/or having unwanted sexually objectifying phrases called out to them that makes the poor s/o really uncomfortable? I just discovered your blog / am newly obsessed (hello new stalker alert i've read through every single one of your a+ posts.) Go protective gom boyfriends! (。•̀ᴗ-)✧

Oh hello my lovely stalker <3 Thank you for your kindness and this A++ request ;) 


Aomine - Aomine had left to go quickly check out the athletic shoe store, leaving you by yourself as you waited outside for him. You briefly notice a man eyeing you from afar, suddenly making you feel very uneasy. You wait a few seconds before glancing over again, just to see if he was still looking. He was, and the eye contact was his incentive to approach you. You looked down, wishing you could disappear, although it didn’t help your case.

“Shy girls are so cute,” he says, sitting right next to you. You have no response for this, and continue ignoring him. He continued. “I know you want me baby, how about I take you back to my place?”

You wanted to say no, but you could only mouth the word. The man just laughs. “I bet you’re even more shy and cute when you’re naked”. Aomine, who had just left the store, was able to catch the tail end of the last sentence. It was enough for him. He stood directly in front of the creep.

“What was that?” he said, narrowing his eyes.

At that moment, the man wished he could retract every single word he just said. Aomine loomed over him, his broad figure enough to cast a shadow on the creep. He stuttered a quick “nothing”, but it wasn’t enough for Aomine.

“If you can say it to her, my girlfriend, you can say it to me”. The man hesitates for a second, before bolting up and running away. Aomine thought about running after him, but decided he didn’t want to leave you alone again. He sighed, disgusted by how pathetic he was.

“Keep running!” he shouted after him, grinning as he noticed the man pick up his pace.

Midorima - You and Midorima had just planned for a pleasant walk through the city, which was interrupted by a man who called to you with the classic wolf whistle as he watched you walk by. Midorima ignores him, so you do as well. You continue to walk, but the man snaps his fingers and calls out to you again. You’re about to turn around, but Midorima stops you. He doesn’t want to do this, but he does for you.

“My girlfriend is not a dog, nanodayo. If you want the gift of her presence, you will call to her appropriately”. The man attempts to interject, but Midorima continues, speaking over him, causing him to shut up. “In addition, if you snap at her once more, you may lose the ability to use those fingers”.

With this, he turns away abruptly, placing a hand on your back as he quickly leads you away. He silently prays that the man doesn’t do anything more, and to his relief, it seems as though he is completely speechless.

Kuroko - While on a date at the mall with Kuroko, you spot a couple of older boys from your school, resting against the wall, calling out to almost every girl they see. It’s no different when they spot you. “You’re that hot first year from our school!” one of them calls out. “Instead of hanging with those losers from the basketball team, why don’t you see me at lunch break? We could have a lot of fun in that hour,” another suggests. Kuroko has to accept that there’s nothing he can do directly to those boys. He encourages you to ignore them, squeezing your hand tighter as you two pick up the pace. They continue to call after you, making you feel uncomfortable.

“Tetsuya, I don’t want to go to school tomorrow…” you say.

“It’s okay, ____. I’ll be with you the entire day,” he assures.

“I just don’t want them to start picking on you too, they might even hurt you,”

“Then maybe I’ll get Nigou to guard us too. He can be very scary”. You laugh. “Tetsuya, you know that isn’t true,”

“I’m being serious. You should see how Kagami-kun is around him,” he responds in his usual blunt tone. You laugh harder, and he smiles upon seeing this. He understands he can’t physically protect you like Kagami or Aomine could, but he can make you laugh and cheer you up inside, which was enough for him.

Akashi - You happily clung to Akashi’s arm as he walked with you around the park, trying to find a spot to rest. You find a nice bench underneath a tree, and decide to sit down for a while. A basketball rolls over to your feet, which you pick up to give back to the boy that was approaching you. He was about your age, though much taller than the average teenager. He lets out a low whistle when he sees you, not even trying to hide the fact he was checking you out, despite knowing Akashi was right beside you.

“Aren’t you a sweet little thing?” he says, ignoring Akashi completely. You’re at a loss for words, almost expecting Akashi to say something, but he holds back to observe the situation further. The boy continues, asking a question that’s sure to receive a response. “Why don’t you leave your little runt of a boyfriend here and come play ball with me?”

“I’ll play on her behalf. One on one, first point wins,” Akashi challenges immediately. The boy is taken aback. “I don’t remember inviting you, kid”. Akashi walks past him and heads to the court, saying his next sentence with absolute authority.

“Don’t worry, this won’t take long,”

Akashi throws the ball to the boy now standing in front of him on the court. “Go on, show me what your height can do”. He is visibly agitated at this point, unbelieving that he let himself be taunted into a one on one. He keeps his arrogance anyways. “Winner gets to sleep with your girlfriend then, and there’s no way I’m losing to you,” Akashi remains calm, letting the comment slide for now. Akashi’s excellent defense stops him within seconds. The ball is in Akashi’s possession, and before the boy can realize what’s happening, he is on his hands and knees.

“There. You’re right where I need you,” Akashi says, slowing dribbling the ball at his side. He calls you over. “Come here for a moment, ______,” he sets you directly in front of the boy on his knees.

“You’re in the correct position to apologize to my girlfriend,” he states. Akashi stares down at him. “Go on,” he instructs. The boy is withering on the ground, his refusal to say anything, even an insult, is enough for Akashi to realize he has got his point across. He takes your hand and starts walking away, before remembering the ball in his hands. He winds up the shot and shoots it in with perfection.

Kise - “Hey sexy,” an older man called out in your direction as you passed by. You and Kise both do a double take, and you intend on simply moving on, but Kise stands his ground. “She is attractive isn’t she? I agree with you completely,” he responds, keeping his friendly smile. The man is surprised by his lack of annoyance, so he continues. “I bet she’s good to have around eh? Seems like she knows what she’s doing, if you know what I mean,” he says with a deep laugh. Kise’s eye twitches a bit. “Yes, she is great company,” The man laughs even harder, and decides to continue pressing his luck.

“Yeah there’s a lot I’d like to do to her, especially if she was tied up and-” Kise cuts him off immediately. He laughs a little. “Ok, now you’re really starting to piss me off,” he says, his tone much lower than before. “What’ll I do?”

Kise is most dangerous when his eyes change. When the bright, playful yellow orbs turn into a deeper, mischievously glinting gold, that’s when people know to run. And so he did. Kise breathed a sigh of relief, tugging you close to him for a tight hug. “This is what I get for having a beautiful girlfriend I guess,”

Murasakibara - Murasakibara slipped into the convenience store for a moment to refill on snacks, so you waited outside for his return. Another man exits the store and catches a glimpse of you. He approaches you, even going as far to touch your shoulder as he spoke to you.

“Wow baby, you feel as good as you look”. You were incredibly freaked out over the sheer creepiness of his comment, backing away, calling for Murasakibara on instinct.

“A-Atsushi!” you yell out, not wanting to be alone with this man. He notices and is by your side in seconds. The man looks up at him, stunned. Murasakibara is enraged, and the sight of him clenching his fists invokes fear within the man. “You’re bothering ____-chin,” The man has no dignified response, and quickly turns on his heel to escape. Murasakibara catches his wrist, gripping it tightly. “Where do you think you’re going?”

You see fear deep in the creep’s eyes, and decide that was good enough. You tell Murasakibara to let him go, and he does after seeing your face. His expression softens and he bends down to pick you up.

“Atsushi, what are you doing?”

“Protecting ____-chin” he says, giving you a tight hug.

Kagami - You and Kagami were on your way to the basketball court to play together, only to see it was already occupied by someone else. The man gets a look at you, the string of words that leaves his mouth causes you deep discomfort. You couldn’t believe someone would actually say something so openly objectifying and sexual to a stranger. Kagami was also in shock, but not the speechless kind of shock. He grabs the man by the collar, lifting him high off the ground, cussing him out. You know Kagami isn’t a violent person, so his reaction scares you. You try to get Kagami to put him down, but he doesn’t budge. He’s focused on the guy, his face displaying his sincerest expression. “I have to teach this guy a lesson, to make sure he doesn’t do this to anyone ever again”.

You see the man trembling. “I think you’ve done that already,” Kagami notices too, so he simply throws him down the ground, letting him scamper away. He sighs. “Sorry you had to see me like that, _____. Guys like that just really piss me off”.

(baby protag tsukki drawn with love by @soodyo​)

ALL RIGHT, so jaywalkers (u know, that one haikyuu!! college AU) completes one year today! to celebrate, in addition to getting smashed this weekend, i’m setting up an FAQ post for all your queries about the universe, concerns about tsukishima kei’s wellbeing, and questions for bokuto koutarou. 

i’d like to thank every single one of my readers for all the amazing responses and love this story has gotten! i’m very, very happy. i write jaywalkers to make people happy and when i see it working, i’m over the moon.

to begin with, i introduce the two people without whom not only this ‘verse, but i, as a person, would be sitting in one of those big recycling dumpster things with a bottle of absolut and three hundred packets of doritos:

teddy/ @soodyo​ who i went down on one knee and asked to govern the kingdom of this verse with me. that is to say, my co-artist and everything that is good and pure in my life. (she stopped me from breaking suga’s ribs during a performance. believe me when i say she is the one that keeps jaywalkers safe.)

ksenya/ @fyolette​ who i went down on the other knee and asked to be the iron hand beneath the velvet glove re: my writing endeavours. that is to say, she told me that the apocalyptic photoshoot scene made her laugh in the middle of a swedish airport and i fell in love and said PLEASE BE MY BETA. she is asking me to let you know that she loses her marbles at the mention of jaywalkers!akaashi.

NOW, ONTO THE QUESTIONS. under the cut that is under these goddamn amazing character profiles, again by teddy.

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nonsense-girl  asked:

thank you! *sobs quietly* that's so beautiful and heart-warming, thank you!! <3 can I request more please? (sorry, AoKi is life <3<3) takes place during wc finals, after the awarding ceremony, Aomine congratulates Kise and they patch things up ('cause you know their IH match was heartbreaking but we didn't see some angst between them after, they just suddenly become 'ok' after it even without proper talking), and maybe accidental/forced/awkward confession? Light angst plus fluff, thanks again!

Aw you’re welcome! *hug you back* I’m so excited about this ‘ask’, I wonder what it is… lmao xP Take your time! Have a good day too! <3<3

Anonymous said:

scenario with Kise and Aomine where Kise stops admiring Aomine (after Kaijo vs Touou) and fawning over him altogether, after some time Aomine realizes he wants Kise’s attention all to himself after all and confronts him, insert love confession? thanks so much your AoKise are so amazing especially the one with punching Haizaki <3

Hi dears! Sorry if I made you wait! First, thank you for your kind words! I’m really happy that you like my Aokise’s things! (I LOVE THEM TOO) Second, since you two sent me similar asks on the same day, I decided to answer with one but longer drabble! I hope you’ll be satisfied with this, let me know and thank you for your support!

AoKise, Angst + Fluff, After Seirin’s victory, Confession


Don’t Stop Following Me


Aomine fought with the crowd of people that was trying to leave the stadium and cursed every single one of them. Were they a flock of sheep or what? He had also lost sight of Momoi, damn.

After an interminable struggle, he finally reached the exit and inhaled fresh air. He immediately moved away from the mass, choosing a more secluded path. The sky was already dark and he was still thinking about Kuroko and Seirin’s victory, when he caught sight of a well-known blond in front of him.

Instinctively, he raised a hand and called him.

“Oi Kise!”

He regretted his action on the spot, remembering that well, the last time they had spoken…he hadn’t been the best friend he could have been, right?

He hoped the boy hadn’t heard him, but, like a trained dog, Kise stopped and turned in a second.

“Aominecchi?” stuttered shocked, waiting for the other to reach him.

Aomine could see his expressions going from happiness, to bitterness and finally to a blushing uneasiness. He wasn’t feeling any different, but probably his face was frozen in the usual scowl.

“What are you doing here?” Kise asked, fidgeting with his hands.

“Got separated from Momoi. I’m going home,” he explained briefly, eyeing nervously the way Kise avoided meeting his eyes.

“Ah me too! But my team lives in the opposite direction, so it’s fine!” he stifled a laughter, scratching his nape.

“I live near you,” Aomine blurted it before he could realize. Kise for a moment stilled, and then forced a smile. He had written on the forehead that he was uncomfortable and part of Aomine would have liked to punch himself for making that implicit offer, but he had always been good at ignoring people’s feelings and doing what he wanted, so why stop now?

“Let’s go,” he ordered with a nod and started walking. For a second, he didn’t heard any sound of footsteps behind him and his heart missed a beat, yet Kise moved in the end. Aomine sighed in relief, trying to erase the flashes of their last match from the mind.

Kise walked in silent by his side, hands in the pocket and eyes covered by the blonde bangs.

“Tetsu was right all along uh?” at some point Aomine commented to break the silence.

Kise blinked and pushed aside his own thoughts to look at him.

“It seems so,” he agreed with a bittersweet smile. He was grateful to Kuroko for the new world he had showed him, but at the same time the defeat still burned.

The silence dropped again.

“Listen,” Aomine burst, clenching his fists, “About our match-” he began, but Kise interrupted him.

“Are you here to rub salt on the wound?” hissed in disbelief, glaring at him, and Aomine growled annoyed.

“I’m not, you idiot.”

“Strange, oh Unbeatable One,” Kise mocked him shaking his head and Aomine hit him on the shoulder.

“I’ve never done something like that.” He alleged, wounded by Kise’s joke. He had been an asshole but he had never belittled Kise.

“That’s discussible.” The other insisted showing a small pout and crossing his arms. Aomine felt the need to hit him again but restrained himself and inhaled deeply.

“During that match,” he tried again, a little uncertain of how and what he wanted to say, “You stopped following me.”

Kise stiffened and whipped his head to look at Aomine, eyes wide with shock.

“W-what do you mean?” he muttered. Aomine’s blue eyes were serious as they never had and Kise felt a grip around his throat.

“What I said,” Aomine repeated more sure, slowing his pace, “you stopped following me.”

“I don’t know what are-”

“You’ve never done it before. You have always chased after me,” Aomine continued to speak, like his walls had broken down, “You were the only one who never stopped chasing after me. It didn’t matter how strong I was becoming, it didn’t matter if the gap between us was growing larger, it didn’t matter if I was unbeatable. You searched for me. You challenged me. So why had you stopped?” he breathed in the end, slightly panting. He didn’t even noticed he had slowly raised his voice and halted.

Kise was staring at him petrified and some passersby were glancing curiously at them. But Aomine didn’t care. He didn’t even know he was that angry until that moment.

“Why, Kise?” asked again. He needed an answer. He was thinking about it from that time, growing more and more uneasy as days passed by.

The distressed tone that surfaced in his voice unblocked the blond, who took a step back as if Aomine had slapped him and wrapped an arm around his own waist as to protect himself.

“Why? Because that way I could finally beat you. Or that was what I thought.” He answered with a cold, disillusioned smile, “What’s wrong? Your powerful self don’t accept my insubordination? You don’t like it when no one is fawning about how strong you are? Were you offended?” he spited his accuses one after the other letting all his bottled up anger surface.

“That’s not-”

“That’s not what?” Kise abruptly interrupted him and grabbed him by the collar of the t-shirt, “Were you lonely because I wasn’t there? Did you feel left behind? Well, welcome to my world.” Kise hissed, few centimeters away from his lips. Aomine speechlessly stared at his burning golden eyes. Why his voice was so sad? Why he was on the verge of crying?

Kise let him slowly go, trying to calm his accelerated breathing. He didn’t want to speak anymore. He didn’t want to let him see his true feelings a second longer.

“You’re such an egoist, Aomine,” he murmured with the same cold expression he had worn during that fatal match. Then he turned and tried to walk away.

The sound of his name, without any suffix, without any cheerful inflection, echoed in Aomine head. He watched Kise’s back leaving and a thought crossed his mind: “Is this what you have seen for all those years?”

“Kise!” he called reaching for him, but the boy jolted and suddenly bolted away without turning.

Aomine cursed and sprinted after him, stretching his hand. He had never had the need to chase after something, he had never felt the fear of not reaching what he wanted. Yet he was learning how bitter and scary it could be.

“Kise, stop!” he chased after the blond like his life depended on it. Kise tried his best and pushed his body to the limit, but Aomine was still the best, wasn’t he?

He finally caught his wrist.

“Let me go!” Kise screamed, but he tightened the grip.

“No!” he roared before yanking and roughly slamming the boy against the nearest wall. He pinned him by the shoulders, impeding him from wiggling out of his hold. “You have to listen to me!”

“Why? Why I have to?” Kise cried as desperation took over.

“Because I don’t like you stop following me.” Aomine admitted panting and letting his tiredness crept in his voice.

Kise tightened his lips and ducked his head, trembling.

“And what should I do, you egoistic idiot?” he replied trying to hold back the tears, “If you need a dog or a fool for your own entertainment, find someone else. I can’t stand as player on your level because you never recognize me, yet I can’t stop chasing your shadow and become a proper rival because you don’t want it. Do you want to make me even more miserable? I’m tired of looking at you from afar…” he confessed finally dropping any resistance and shrinking against the wall.

“I don’t want you as a rival or player!” Aomine exclaimed instinctively. Only the pained expression that flashed on Kise’s face made him realize that it wasn’t what he should have said.

“Are you a sadist?” Kise whined in disbelief. He was crying and letting him crush his heart and that idiot just poured salt in the wound.

“That’s not what I meant!”

“Then be clear!”

“I’m trying to-”

“Do you want to break my heart again, you insensitive asshole?”

“I said I’m trying to-”

“Not that you car-”

“I’M TRYING TO CONFESS!” Aomine finally screamed it out, exasperated and annoyed at the same time. Why Kise had to speak that much?

“W-what?” Kise stuttered lifting his head and staring at him shocked, eyes still filled with shiny tears. He had to be mistaken…

“I’m trying to confess,” Aomine repeated slowly and rested his head against Kise’ shoulder, “I love you, I don’t want you to stop following me. Please come back, even if I’m egoistic. Sorry for having realized it after so long.”

Kise remained there, petrified for some seconds, and then blinked at the blue haired head. Realization hit me.

“Aominecchi!” he suddenly shrilled and the other guy jumped for the surprise, “Repeat it!” begged catching his face between the hands and squeezing his cheeks.

“Uh?” Aomine looked at Kise dumbfounded and tried to break free, but the guy’s fingers remained planted into his skin. He was staring at him with eyes full of expectancy and incredulousness.

“Say it again!”

“No.” he grunted avoiding his gaze.

“Aominecchi! Please!”

“I’ve already said it. Stop with this shit and answer me.”

“I’m not answering if you don’t say it again.” Kise threatened serious and Aomine groaned defeated.

“…I love you, go out with me,” He muttered unwillingly and embarrassed. A light pink hue colored his dark cheeks.

Kise slowly let him go and took a step back to look properly ad Aomine, struck by both euphoria and confusion. It had happened so fast and after so long at the same time. He felt lightheaded, as if he was still caught in a dream. A happy dream.

“Oi, you said you were going to answer!” Aomine fretted, trying to calm down his own heart. He was starting to believe that Kise was going to escape again. Not that he could have blamed him but-


Aomine stared at Kise’s blushing face. He was wearing a bright smile, the one of the old days, and his eyes shined brightly. All the sadness had finally left him.

“Yes, I love you too,” Kise beamed, as he vibrantly accepted his confession. He didn’t even hoped it for it anymore and yet. He was on the verge of exploding for the happiness.

The other boy suddenly crouched to the ground.

“Thank God!” Aomine sighed in relief holding his head between the hands; “Don’t tease me like this!” growled glaring up at the blond, who had burst into a lighthearted laughter.

“Now we’re even!” Kise chanted playfully, bending slightly towards him with a mischievous smirk.

Aomine however didn’t miss the chance and suddenly grabbed his collar; in a swift move dragged him down and planted a rough kiss on his soft lips.

Now, we’re even.” Aomine allured satisfied when they divided, licking his lips. Kise’s face flushed even more and, with a whimper, he let himself fall into Aomine’s arms, on the ground.

“That’s sly, Aominecchi!”


Some old ladies on the street that had stopped to watch the entire scene clapped furiously and dried their eyes with handkerchiefs, expressing aloud compliments and congratulations. Ah, those younglings in love!

anonymous asked:

Scenario with Yandere Hanamiya and Kise finding out their crush likes someone else

Thank you for the request. 

It was my first time writing a yandere oneshot. I can only hope that it is not THAT bad.

I also wanted to thank my dear kouhai for her help and great ideas.

Check out her tumblr (link) and wattpad (link)

She is writtes really good yandere oneshots and she is amazing!

Anyway, enjoy~!


Makoto was everyone’s biggest fear. People in the school were scared of him and tried to avoid him the best they could. Some of them were lucky, but some of them were not. When he was in bad mood, he was doing really disgusting things. He beat kids who looked him in the eye, he injured his rivals, he played with girls’ hearts.
He wasn’t a perfect material for best friend, but you knew him for years. he was your childhood friend. 

 Hanamiya always had soft spot for you, you were his weakness. He was taking care of you, helped you, scared away your bullies. You couldn’t imagine better comrade for you. 

 The only thing that was annoying to you, was his controlling mania. When you guys fought, he always insisted that you should just do as he wants. And you, being a good friend, usually did as he told you. 

 But not this time. 

MAKOTO CALM YOURSELF, IT IS JUST ONE DATE!’ You shouted at him, getting more nervours as minutes passed by. You weren’t use to fighting him, but this topic was very important to you.


‘Y-yes, I do actually. He is nice, sweet and caring. AND he isn’t controlling prick like you!’ It was the first that you said something like that to him, you weren’t sure about the way he will react though.
He stayed silent, but suddenly his palm made its way to your cheek.

He slapped you.

You cried out and fell on your butt, looking at him with wide eyes, tears were silently falling on your red cheeks, hands shaking violently.

‘Okay s/o, I didn’t want to do that, but you probably are too stupid to unterstand what is good to you. Don’t worry, I know how to take care of you.’ He said calmly, making his way to the door. You blinked upon hearing a clicking sound.  

Oh God, he closed the door.

M-Makoto! Please, open the door! I-I wil l-listen to you! I promise!’ You said, hoping that he will buy it and let you leave his house. You didn’t have your phone with you, your parents were away on a trip. You were completely alone in your former bestfriend’s house, who was undeniably insane. Great. Just great.

S/o, listen to me carefully. I will be back in a few. Don’t scream or something bad might happend, okay? I love you. Wait for me.’ He said and left.
You were tremblind and crying, this situation was too much for you to handle. ‘What will he do? Where is he going? Where is my Makoto?’ You thought and sit on the couch, waiting for you torturer to come back.


 He came after one hour, his clothes were stained with blood, he smelled like cigarettes and alkohol.

Mako? Is this your blood? Wha-what is wrong?’ You couldn’t think straight anymore, your vision was blur, your voice was breaking down, your cheek was bruised, your heart stopped beating.

‘Shh s/o, I called my teammates and we took care of that asshole. He won’t bother you anymore, no one will. You are mine.’ He smirked and you, with craziness in his eyes. ‘Forever mine.’ He added and stroked your cheek, making you winced in pain.

‘You undestand your situation, right?’ He asked laughing. You only nodded in the resposne.

You did, you really did understand.

There was no escape for you. Once the prey is trapped in the spider’s web, it will never run away.


 Everyone knew Kise. Kise was a star. He was incredibly handsome, skilled in the basketball and he was a model. Everyone knew Kise

 Girls loved him, his flawless face, his cuteness, popularity…he could have anyone, but he wanted you. He watched your every move, he knew where you live, what you eat, your favourite things, where you sit in the class. He knew everything about you, everything. 

 His obsession was growing day by day, he was falling more and more in love with you, he couldn’t take his eyes away from you beautiful features. He waited patiently for the occasion to ask you out. He was sure that you will say yes, because why wouldn’t you in the first place.

 He knew that he would make you happy, that your future is bright, that you will be together forever. He would make it happend. 

 The perfect moment came earlier that he thought. Your class has a big project and teacher paired you with him. He couldn’t help but grin all day, imaging every thing he will do to you after his confession. 

‘Today s/occhi, you will be finally mine.’ He thought, running to you. 

S/occhi! We will be working on this project together, I hope you will take care of me!’ He screamed, hugging your body to his. You flinched, making him confused as he looked at you with dumbfounded expression. 

Ym, yeah, right. So what is your…ee name?’ You asked nervously, swallowing and pushing him away from you. 

‘You….don’t know me?’ He asked shocked with small tears in the corner of his eyes. It couldn’t be the truth. 


‘No-not really, I’m sorry.’ You apologised, looking uncomfortable. Then you smiled brightly, but it wasn’t mean for him. You were looking at your classmate who pecked your lips, said something about a date on Sunday and quickly left the classroom. 

 He was sad, no, he was devasted. Why didn’t you know him? WHY DIDN”T YOU LOVE HIM?! WASN”T HE ENOUGH?! HUH?! 

 His mind screamed in absolutly pain and unhappines, but his face didn’t show anything. He already had plan B. If you don’t want to be his on your free will, he will make you. You will have your happy ending, no matter what. 


‘So Kise…thank you for inviting me! I’m really happy we can work on our project now, because I’m busy at the weekeend.’ You smiled and went to his room. He smiled back, asking what you want to drink as he went to the kitchen.  

You opened the door and look at his room, it was spacious, quite messy but really modern. You being a curious person, of course, looked in every corner, every place, every shelf, when you saw a colorful box with small heart on it under the bed. You carefully took it and opened. 

 What you saw made your body freeze and your mind went blanc. The box was full of your photos, some of them were really private. There also were a strand of your hair, your used blouse, your strawberry lipstick…

Oh God.. You stand up, ready to run away from Kise and his madness, when you spotted him right in front of you. 

K-Kise..’ You managed to say before his lips touched yours.

This kiss was sloppy, disgusting and it made you shiver from head to toe. His tongue touched every place in your mouth, waiting for your to participate in this sinful act. But you didn’t move, you didn’t even blink. 

When he stopped abusing your lips, he looked at your face twisted in fear. His smirk grew wide as he whispered in your ear: 

‘Now when you know who I am, I hope we will get to know each otherr more…physically.’ 

ourneverendingpossibilities  asked:

CLAIRE!!! I NEED A SCENARIO WHERE KASAMATSU GETS MARRIED TO HIS FEM! S/O. PLEASE make it funny and fluffy! (With some Kaijou fun here and there!) please and thank you?!


I had so many ideas for this! ♡^▽^♡

Thank you for requesting! 💋

“Kise, what the hell?” Kobori snorted, the three senpais watching as the blonde entered the room, looking a bit too attention-catching.

“What?” he asked, pocketing his hands and flashing them a smile, then he turned to Kasamatsu. “Wah! I still can’t believe it. Kasamatsu-senpai, you’re finally getting married!”

“Did you really have to dress up so.. nicely?” Moriyama frowned, then dramatically placed a hand on his forehead. “Ah.. all the girls would be chasing you.. not me!”

“You look like the one getting married with what you look like.” Kasamatsu scoffed, then turned his head to see his reflection in the mirror.

“Say..” Moriyama smirked, placing both of his hands on the groom’s shoulders. “Are you really ready for your wedding?”

Kasamatsu gulped, a drop of sweat trickling down the side of his temple but forced a determined smile. “Of course I am! (Name).. I’m sure she’s the one.”

“Wow! How sweet.” Kise teased, lightly nudging his high-school captain, only to receive a rather painful elbow hit from him.

“Ittai..” the blonde replied, holding his ribs. “You know what? I won’t complain. And I’ll get you your coffee, Kasamatsu-senpai.”

Moriyama and Kobori watched as the blonde painfully made his way outside of the room.

“Nothing much changed..” Kobori said, admiring him and his friends in the mirror. “Right?”

The three of them got taller. Moriyama’s hair got a bit longer, his eyes a bit sharper. Kobori had shorter hair, and Kasamatsu had fiercer eyes and his hair has grown longer as well.

As for Kise, well.. he’s become a bit too attractive for his own good.

Speaking of the blonde- he bursted inside the room, a cup of coffee in his hands. He made his way towards the three and handed the coffee to the groom.

“Here you go, Kasamatsu-senpai. Just like your favourite!” he smiled widely. Clumsily, he tripped over his own foot, the coffee he was holding pouring unto Kasamatsu’s suit.

“Hey! Be careful with that!” Kobori warned, but it was too late. Though his suit was black, the stain was visible.

“Oh god.” Kasamatsu panicked, standing up from his chair and observing the stain. “Is it that bad?”

Moriyama clicked his tongue. “My, my. We gotta do something. Fast.” he said, a finger on his chin, trying to think of something.

“Sumimasen, Kasamatsu-senpai!” Kise apologised loudly, bowing down as low as Sakurai could. “It was an accident! I’m so sorry!”

“Shut up and think of something.” Kobori said, massaging his temple and placing a hand on Kasamatsu’s shoulder, who was panicking like crazy.

“Ah!” Moriyama raised his index finger. “Kise.. will you do anything.. and I mean anything to make this wedding a success?”

Kise nodded and bowed down again, blinded by embarrassment. “Yes! Yes!”

“Well then..” he said, placing a hand on his shoulder and with his free hand, grabbed Kasamatsu’s wrist, leading them to the wardrobe.

“We’re gonna have to do a little makeover.”

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thescenarioswhichhinawrites  asked:

Hi, I'm a bit confused and idk if askbox is open if not you can ignore this lol. Can I get a reaction from GOM+Kagami seeing the girl they like wearing a beautiful kimono at a ceremony or something? Bonus points if she's elegant and shy~ Thx bby

Aomine Daiki: Aomine instinctively runs his gaze down your form when he sees you wearing your kimono for the first time, and actually feels his breath get knocked out of him for the first time. Seeing you slowly make your way towards him nervously, he can’t help but stride over from the meeting place you had arranged to grab your hand firmly, making it clear to others that you weren’t attending the ceremony alone.

“Oi,” He demands, voice lacking it’s usual aggression. “Only wear this when I’m around, got it?”

Kise Ryouta: Kise spots you immediately, as soon as you step into his line of sight, and he makes this very obvious - calling out excitedly and bounding up to you for a hug before halting abruptly, having only just taken notice of how you look in your kimono. Nudging your shoulder gently, he turns you around in a circle so he can admire from every inch and angle, and when you meet his eyes again upon turning the whole 360 degrees, they’re glazed over in admiration. 

Midorima Shintarou: Midorima’s eyes widen ever so slightly in surprise when he first sees you walking his way in your new yukata, and he doesn’t seem to realise that he’s been staring at you for a long time until you’re right in front of him, shyly asking if everything was okay. Your voice snaps him out of his reverie immediately, and he tears his eyes from you before he can embarrass himself any further. 

“Y-You…” Clearing his throat, he offers you his arm. “..You look nice, nanodayo. Shall we go?”

Murasakibara Atsushi: Murasakibara’s hand halts halfway to his chip packet, and his lips are frozen in mid chew as he spots you turning around the corner. He only begins to move again to reach up and rub his eyes, before glancing in your direction again, to check if the girl he had just seen moments ago really was you. Upon confirmation, Murasakibara decides that he likes seeing you wear traditional clothing, and wouldn’t mind seeing it again. 

“____-chin…” He speaks up as soon as the festival is over, acting nonchalant, as if he hadn’t been sneaking glances at you all night. “…tonight was fun…let’s come back again soon~”

Kuroko Tetsuya: Kuroko does a double-take when he first sees you, before quickly composing himself and greeting you with a fond smile. He has no trouble letting you know that he was taken off-guard by how lovely you looked in your kimono, the tips of his ears even turning a little red in embarrassment as he does so. 

Akashi Seijurou: Akashi’s standing outside your house, waiting for you to get ready so the two of you could attend the ceremony his father had organised. He’s staring into space, looking a little glum, and turns at the sound of your front door opening. His expression immediately changes into one of awe upon seeing how well your kimono suited you. 

“I don’t like the fact that my father arranged for us to attend this without consulting me first…” He admits when you question why he was looking down earlier, but proceeds to take your hand with a soft smile. “…but you look beautiful, so I guess I’ll let it slide for now.”

Kagami Taiga: Kagami actually gulps when he sees you emerging from your room, elegantly dressed up in your kimono. He swallows again, and mentally thanks his lucky stars that someone like you had agreed to be his girlfriend. Despite not really being used to doing so, Kagami would try to act like a gentlemen for the rest of the evening. He’d open a door for you and forget that it was opened for you in the first place, only to remember after he’d walked through it himself first

anonymous asked:

hello! can i have an morning after a long honeymoon night with GOM + Kagami with a fem!s/o? thank you!! :33

Kuroko: He woke up well before you and looked over at his new bride. You were still sound asleep as well you should be after the night the two of you shared. You suddenly let out a soft moan as you stretched your muscles and opened your eyes slightly. Your husband smiled at you softly as reached over under the covers to take your hand. “Good morning, (name),” he whispered softly as he pulled you closer. It was so peaceful just lying here beside you. And you were so beautiful…how did he ever convince you to marry him let alone spend so much time copulating last night? “Did you sleep well?” You nodded softly and closed your eyes again. “Good. You should rest more if you’re still tired.” You giggled softly before reminding him, “You’re the one who wore me out.”

Kagami: You liked to rise with the sun. And this morning was no exception despite how sore you were. You stretched and yawned loudly before looking over at your groom who was still snoring softly. “Taiga,” you whispered as you shook his arm softly. “I want to make our first breakfast as a married couple. Wake up.” It was as though the mere mention of food forced your husband’s eyes to open and he looked at you groggily for a moment before suddenly pulling you close, rolling on top of you, and kissing you over and over again. “You’re silly, (name). Don’t you know that you are my breakfast? I love you way more than I love food.”

Kise: Ever since the two of you called it a night last night, your husband had you wrapped up tightly in his arms. He held onto you throughout the night for deer life. His face was securely nestled in the crook of your neck where he was drooling ever so slightly. You woke up first and tried in vain to pry yourself from the iron grip of Kise Ryouta. Eventually you did break free, but only after waking your poor husband up. He pouted slightly as he looked at you with wide eyes. “What’s wrong, (name)?” he murmured tiredly. You giggled at his muddled demeanor and leaned in to peck his cheek. “It’s  morning, Ryouta,” you told him with another kiss. He only moaned and pulled you into his embrace again. “I’d be ok spending the whole day in bed with you, (name),” he told you. You smiled at the thought, agreeing with, “Yeah, I’d like that too.”

Midorima: He had woken up hours before you did. And the entire time, he was simply staring at you…as if he was simply trying to memorize every curve, crease, and shadow of your peaceful face. It was a little difficult to do since he didn’t have his glasses on. But nonetheless, your husband was perfectly content in spending the morning like this. It was such a shame that you eventually woke up only to scooch closer to him, burying your face in his chest. “Good morning, Shin-chan,” you murmured sleepily. You sighed in bliss before  falling back asleep in his arms. Shintarou couldn’t help but blush at your actions. He figured that he could spend the whole morning like this as well.

Aomine: His snoring slowly brought you back to reality late in the morning. It was no surprise that you woke to your husband’s face nuzzled securely between your breasts. His arms wrapped tightly around you to hold you in place, but you didn’t mind so much. It was fun to run your fingers through his short, blue locks. It wasn’t long after you started doing this that your husband pulled away slightly to look up at you. “Mornin’,” he murmured with a small smirk. “Wild night last night, hm?” you teased lightly before kissing his head. “It was,” he replied  as he stretched out, only to pull you close again. “So what do you say about round two, Mrs. Aomine?”

Murasakibara: “Murachin,” you whispered against as you continued to struggle to get out from under your giant of a husband. There was no hope, though, so you eventually gave up in order to save your energy. “Am I crushing (name)-chin?” he murmured after a while. You replied with a quiet yes which finally got a sluggish Murachin off of you. “I’m sorry, I’m just tired from last night.” You giggled and moved closer so that you could kiss your childish husband lightly. “You still taste like our wedding cake,” he added sheepishly before kissing you again, “Can we have fun like that again sometime?” You smiled softly as you ran your fingers through his hair. “Whenever you want, Murachin.”

Akashi: “Wake up, (name),” your husband whispered in your ear sternly. You opened your eyes and looked up at him with concern. “Is something wrong, Sei-chan?” He smiled softly at the nickname and ran his fingers through your hair. “Nothing’s wrong, (name),” he reassured softly, “I just want to start the day with my new wife.” He leaned down and kissed you softly, waking you up immediately. “And (name),” he added as he pulled away, “a wonderful day with my wife may lead to another wonderful evening with her.”

anonymous asked:

gom's reaction to wanting to take the next step in their relationship (aka gettin' down and dirty if you know what i mean ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ) with their s/o since they've been together awhile, only for their advances to keep getting rejected. As it turns out, s/o is incredibly self conscious of her body bc of very normal things (stretch marks, cellulite maybe her chest is too small, etc.) & is very insecure about her naked body bc of those things, and she thinks the boys will find her ugly.

And we’re back! Enjoy <3

Kise - You volunteered to spend the afternoon with your boyfriend to tutor him in all the subjects he was struggling with, which seemed to be all of them. You sat together in the school’s library, which was virtually empty after hours. As the hours went by, Kise’s focus and efficiency dropped significantly, and even you were beginning to feel boredom. It didn’t help that it was a particularly humid day either, the weak ceiling fans not enough to take the stickiness out of the air. You weakly attempt to fan yourself as you sit back waiting for Kise to finish the math problem you gave him. You pulled off your over shirt, revealing a thin camisole underneath. Kise turned his gaze towards you, suddenly perking up as if all his energy suddenly came back to him. You set the shirt aside and look at him questioningly.

“Don’t stop there, _____-cchi, take it all off!” You smile and shake your head at him to get his focus back on work. He goes on anyway. “How about for every piece of clothing you take off, I’ll do the same,” he says with a mischievous smile. You gulp hard. Kise’s overall appearance was a complete masterpiece, and there’s nothing more you wanted than to see it all for yourself. Your sexual attraction towards him dated back to before you two were even together. You hated yourself for it, but you weren’t going to accept his advance.

He sees you still doubt him, but he’s not willing to give up. “Come on, it would be so much more fun than this". He brought himself closer to you, lowering his voice and looking you directly in the eye. “Honestly, I can’t think of anything I’d rather do,”

Your heart beats wildly with excitement, but you turn him down, quickly muttering the words I can’t.

Kise’s smile disappears. He looks disheartened, but mostly concerned. You feel he deserves an answer, so you begin your explanation, mentioning everything you hate about your body, stretch marks, freckles, scars, everything. Kise listens intently.

“I see,” he says, pausing for a second before his playful smile spreads across his face again. “New game. I find every single unique, beautiful thing on your body and I give it a kiss,“

Akashi - Akashi had everything. Outstanding intelligence, athletic proficiency, a handsome face and an unbelievably fit body. Akashi radiated confidence, and for all the right reasons. You really wish you had some of that confidence, especially at times like this. Akashi had you against the wall, arms wrapped tightly around your waist, kissing you with all the passion in the world. He pulled back, looking at you through half lidded eyelids that begged the question Can we take this further?

This has happened before, and you’ve been able to generate excuses to deny him, but you knew it couldn’t keep going like this.

“This isn’t something you want, _____?” he asks. It wasn’t that. It was the feeling that Akashi deserved someone else. Someone who didn’t have all the flaws you did.

You’re broken and embarrassed, only able to get a few words out.

“I’m just not good enough for you, Seijuro,” Your words startle him, his brow arches in confusion, he couldn’t really believe what he just heard. He feels a sort of guilt, how could he have made his partner feel so inadequate? He was going to fix this.

“Why do you think I’m dating you?” You genuinely don’t know the answer, so he responds for you. “Because you are perfect”.

“Why do you think I want to spend all my time with you?” he asks, giving the response soon after. “Because you are perfect”.

He places his fingers on the first button of your shirt. “Now, _____. Why do you think I want to see you completely undone for me? Why do I want to have sex with you?” His hands remain still, his face inches away from yours. His eyes stare deep into yours.

“Because I’m perfect?” you say with uncertainty.  

He shines a devilish smile and closes the gap between yours and his lips. His fingers quickly work away at the buttons. “Exactly,” he mumbles against your lips.

Midorima - Midorima was only going to make an advance once he was sure you were going to say yes. He figured this was the best way to avoid an uncomfortable situation. Truthfully, he would prefer not having to make the move at all, but knowing you, you weren’t the type to do it. After dating for several months, he accepted the fact that if he wanted sex, which he really, really did, he would have to initiate it. Midorima was soon able to find the perfect day. You were in a great mood after a wonderful date, he had the house to himself for the night, and both of your signs were ranked first and second. His original plan was to sit down and talk about it with you, but got a little carried away while making out with you on his bed.

Just as things were getting heated, and Midorima was about to slide your top up, you pull away. “C-could we maybe do this with the lights turned off?” you ask sheepishly. He looks at you with confusion. “I’m just really shy about showing you my body,” you add hesitantly. He blushes, he’s not particularly great at comforting people, but he can empathize with this. “____, I’m nervous too,” He sighs and shifts nervously for a moment. “B-but I think it’ll add to our pleasure if we’re able to see each other,” He looks at you sincerely. “I’d really love to see you, _____,” His words and tone are completely genuine, and it makes you feel better knowing that it’s not just you who’s shy. You and him were in the same position, and you were going to take the step together.

Murasakibara - “Hnnn? You never let me take your clothes off, ____-chin,” Murasakibara says, gently rolling you off of him. You’re taken aback by how direct he is, though you should be used to it by now. “S-sorry…,” was all you could manage to say. He raises an eyebrow at you. “Hm? It’s not really something to be sorry for…”

An awkward silence lingers for a moment before your boyfriend demands the inevitable question. “Why not? We’ve been together for so long,” he says, for once looking as though he’s completely ready to listen to you. “I guess I’m just shy,” you say, unable to look at him. His lack of response tells you he’s unsatisfied with the answer you’ve given. Sighing, you continue. “I just don’t like how I look naked. My stomach isn’t toned, and I have cellulite on my thighs. You’ll just think I’m ugly,” Murasakibara knows what he wants to say right away. He’s a little embarrassed to say it, he’s not one to out-rightly say these kinds of things, but it was something you really needed to hear.

“But I think ____-chin is the prettiest girl ever,” he mumbles. You look up at him, giggling at the sight of him blushing. “You think so?” He nods. “Come on, show me how pretty you are without this,” he says, tugging at your shirt. You roll your eyes at his childishness, but you’ve been convinced. Murasakibara is too lazy to judge you anyway.

Aomine - Aomine didn’t get too discouraged the first couple of times you subtly turned down his sexual advances. For him personally, He doesn’t see the point in withholding sex for the first few months in a relationship, what’s the point in denying himself something so fun? But, if that’s the way his girlfriend thought, he could stand waiting longer. You were always willing to make out, which was good enough for him.

The two of you had just returned from your one year anniversary date, and like most other dates, it ended with Aomine pinning you on the bed, attacking your face and neck with kisses. When he’s feeling lucky, he’ll sneak a hand up your shirt, which you always end up pushing away. You didn’t want him to see what was underneath. This time was no different. You catch his hand before he can pull your shirt up. In the past he would brush this off, but after going through the same thing so many times, he felt he needed to ask.

“Why don’t you ever want to go further?” You knew this was coming. Actually, you’re surprised he’s been so patient up to this point. For this, he deserved an honest answer, no matter how embarrassing it was to tell.  "I just don’t think you’ll find me attractive when you see everything… wrong with my body,” He looks at you completely bewildered. He lets out a long sigh. “In case you haven’t noticed, _____-chan, I wanted to do this with you since day 1. You’re not going to disappoint me, I swear,” You purse your lips, blushing at his words before breaking into a small smile. You nod at him, and that’s all the confirmation he needs. “Well, now that that’s out of the way,” he says, pinning you back down to the bed.

“Let me show you just how hot you get me,” he growls, hurriedly taking off his shirt. You giggle, feeling a mixture of nervousness and excitement. “O-okay, try to be gentle”. He looks at you with wild, eager eyes. “I’m going to show you what one year of sexual frustration feels like, so sorry, it won’t be gentle”.

Kuroko - You and Kuroko had spent the entire day together at a local summer festival. It was the most fun either of you had ever had on a date. Kuroko was glowing with happiness at the end of the day, smiling to himself as he laid down to sleep. Ready for sleep, you take your place beside him, going in for a quick goodnight kiss. You plant your lips on his, to which he responds much more enthusiastically than usual. You pull back and giggle. “That’s not like you, Tetsuya”. He blushes a little, but doesn’t advert his eyes. “I know, but you’ve made me so happy today I feel like I want more of you”. You look back at him, unsure of what he means. His eyes stare back with even more intensity. “All of you,” he clarifies.

You weren’t going to lie to yourself, this is something you wanted too, but only if you looked… better for him. Your lack of vocal response is enough for Kuroko to know something is wrong. “Do you feel differently, ____?”

“I want you too, Tetsuya, but,” you pause, unsure of how to proceed. “I wish my body was better looking, so you’d like it more,”

He blinks at you once, then twice, and finally a third time.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about, _____,” You can’t help but laugh a little. “What bothers you the most?” The answer comes to you quickly. “The size of my chest”.

His eyes soften, he still has no idea how you could find that to be a problem. “Bigger doesn’t always mean better,” he smiles at you reassuringly. “I’m surprised though, ____. I thought you would know that, I mean you are dating me after all…”

1st G of Replace V or In which I fall down the NijiHimu rabbit hole and can't claw my way back out again

So I said that I would do a list of descriptions Nijimura used for Himuro in this chapter, because both somnia and jcminwell professed interest. Especially the ‘bikei’ thing. To explain, ‘bikei’ is a word that is used to describe a beautiful person, especially someone with regular features – i.e. very much about their physical appearance; also, ‘bikei’ is very gender neutral, so it can be applied to both men and women equally. So it probably wouldn’t be that outrageous, except Nijimura didn’t learn Himuro’s name until part way through the chapter; which means he spent a good part of the beginning just calling him ‘bikei’. I ended up translating the entire first page and a bit because it was just that amazing:

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Hello! Can I please get some kasamatsu and takao fluff? Any scenario, it's up to you.

Hi there! Here you go! ♡(ŐωŐ人)

Thank you for requesting! 💋


“Kasamatsu, don’t be a killjoy now.” Moriyama rolled his eyes as he sat on one of the benches, teasingly nudging the captain.

“If you don’t want to, I can ask her out for you!” Kise offered, putting on a seductive face and winking at him, earning a bonk on the head from Kobori.

“Look, it’s not that.” Kasamatsu placed both of his hands on his knees, still trying to catch his breath from practice. “The thing is, she hates guys.”

“But why would she?” Kise frowned, glancing at the bleachers to glance at his senpai, (Name), reading a book. She was always in the gym after class. It must’ve been a special place for her.

Kasamatsu shrugged. “I don’t know. Do I look like I know? Anyways.. I really want to change that. But I don’t know how to without making her feel offended.”

“You wanna know what you should do?” Moriyama hummed, swallowing his water. “Just kiss her.”

Kasamatsu blushed furiously and slapped his friend upside the head. “Are you okay?”

“Hey!” he frowned, rubbing his head. “I was being serious about that suggestion.”

Kasamatsu puffed out his cheeks and turned to the side, getting a bit frustrated on his situation.

Kobori sighed and placed a hand on Kise’s shoulder. “Say, Kise..” he started. “How would you ask out a girl?”

The blonde turned his head and ran his fingers through his hair. “To be honest, I’d just day whatever comes to my mind. I wouldn’t want to get nervous.”

“You? Nervous? Ha!” Moriyama laughed.

“KISE! NERVOUS! NO!” Hayakawa added.

“See?” Kobori glanced at Kasamatsu, who was taking sneaky glances at (Name), his crush. “Just act like yourself and don’t plan things out too much. Let the situation flow on it’s own.”

Kasamatsu sighed but nodded, a bit astonished at the moment on how beautiful she looked as she flipped through the pages of her book.

“You better hurry..” Moriyama laughs softly as (Name) closed her book, pushing it inside her bag. Hayakawa and Kobori gave him a small push.

“We’re going to be watching from here, Kasamatsu-senpai!” Kise informed, sittting cross-legged on the bench and watching as the captain made his way to the bleachers.

He hoped he wasn’t blushing too hard. He wasn’t the type to not plan things out. What if she rejected him? What if she gets mad?

Once he was on the bleachers, she had her back turned to him as she shouldered her bag.

He pursed his lips and cleared his throat. “(N-Name)..” he stuttered, mentally cursing at himself for it.

She stopped for a moment, then sighed and turned to him, not smiling but keeping a straight face. “Do you need anything?”

Kasamatsu could feel his team watching as they talked. Luckily, they were too far to hear their conversation.

“U-Uh.. are you alone?” he asked.

Her eyes widen a bit and looked around, before glancing at him again. “Do I look like I’m with someone?”

He honestly didn’t expect her to be so cold. Was it because she hated guys that much? Or was he being irritating?

She sighed and tapped her foot. “Don’t worry. It’s okay.” she smiled reassuringly. “What do you have to say?”

He smiled back and looked around to try and get an idea of how to ask her out. Should he just be straightforward about it and blurt it out?

“Look..” he started, pausing for a while to try and calm himself down. “(Name).. you’re.. you’re really pretty..”

A light blush powdered her cheeks, her grip tightening around her bag and her posture stiffening. “M-Me? .. Pretty?”

Kasamatsu gulped and nodded, darting his gaze away from her. “Y-Yeah..”

She blinked a few times and directed her gaze from anything but Kasamatsu. She hoped she wasn’t blushing too hard, or else that would be embarrassing.

“You know..” she started, putting a strand of hair behind her ear. She glanced sneakily at him. “.. You’re kinda cute..”

This time, it was Kasamatsu’t turn to be the blushing mess. He swallowed all his fear and gathered his courage.

“I.. please go out with me.” he blurted out, lowering his head as he did so, not wanting to see his reaction.

She smiled softly and inched closer, placing a hand on his shoulder.

Kasamatsu swore he heard cheers from below.

“Kasamatsu-kun..” she trailed off. “This is considered a confession.. right?”

“O-Of course it is..” he looked up.

“My compliment was a confession too.” she grinned, Kasamatsu’s eyes widening at her words. “I like you too.”

Kasamatsu immediately straightened his posture and glanced uneasily to the side, gulping, before locking eyes with her again.

“So.. how about I walk you home?” he offered, lending out a hand to take her bag.

She smiled and handed him her bag with a grateful look. “Thank you, Kasamatsu-kun.”

He shouldered her bag. “No. Just Yukio, please.”

She blushed, but nodded anyways. “Alright. Come on.” she giggled, turning her head.

“So.. is this the part where we hold hands?”

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A Drug Named ‘Kise Ryouta’

Pairing: Aomine x Kise

AN: This is unbeta’d, so I apologize for any mistakes. Hope you guys like this fic :)

“I can’t believe you, Aominecchi! We have been dating for a year and that’s all you have to say? That you like me because I have a pretty face? What if I didn’t have a pretty face, then what? Would you not want to be my lover?” A familiar jut of his lower lip causes Aomine to sigh loudly as they enter Aomine’s apartment. “Do you see nothing beyond that?” Tears almost well up in his gold eyes.

“What about when I get all wrinkly and old? What would happen then?” His lower lip quivers. “And you said that in front of everyone.”

Stepping inside his house, Kise flops down on the couch.

“Idiot,” Aomine says and proceeds to get a drink from his refrigerator. “It’s not like that. Don’t over think, Kise.”

“Then what is it like? I now want to know what it is that you like about me. In detail.”  He glares at his boyfriend, feeling slightly offended.


It all started when Kagami absentmindedly asked, “Oi, Ahomine, what is it that you like about Kise?” And all heads – Kuroko’s, Momoi’s and especially Kise’s turned towards Aomine. They were at the Maji burger after a ‘little’ two-on-two they played earlier in the afternoon.

The atmosphere around them suddenly got too quiet.

From the corner of his eyes, Aomine eyed everybody, especially Kise. His eye twitched when he saw golden orbs fixated on him.

He took a moment to think of an answer but couldn’t muster up the courage to say anything. Not knowing what to answer at the sudden question, he ended up saying, “I like his pretty face.”

The faint shallow answer earned a gasp and a frown from Kise.

“What else you like about him?” Kagami asked, digging Aomine’s grave, not caring about the consequences.

And Aomine could see his intentions and he decided he was going to kill him later, probably in a one-on-one.

“…” No words came from Aomine. But his cheeks flushed which went unseen by everybody.

Soon enough, Kise got up from his seat and left the fast food joint. Getting up from his seat, Aomine began following him.


And now, Aomine faces his boyfriend.

He sighs, annoying Kise to no extent.

“What? Don’t sigh, Aominecchi! I want an answer.” His gaze is determined and he stares down at Aomine.

“I love everything about you.” He says quickly, not wanting to anger him further neither does he want to see him cry.

“What?” A scarlet red blush adorns Kise’s cheeks. He might not have been expecting that.

“Everything, Kise. I can list them out if you want me to, but the time would just run out.” He smirks and lifts Kise’s chin up.

“Well, looks like you want me to spill everything.” He asks Kise to get up and sit on his lap.

“When I said, I like your face, I really did mean it. When I first met you, I think I fell in love with your beautiful face. Later I got to know you and I fell even deeper.” He pauses.

“Let’s start with your eyes. They are such a beautiful shade of brown like honey. They attract and draw me towards you, they pull me deep and deep and I feel like I’m drowning in them. I feel like I’ll lose myself in them. The way you look at me, makes me question what I ever did to deserve those beautiful eyes to look at me lovingly. I feel so lucky and happy; sometimes I’m at a loss to what to do. The way you look at me when we are playing a one-on-one, so determined and fiery. Your eyes tell a story, Kise, like they tell me you will never back down, you will never give up. I love the way your eyes tear up when we have sex. The pleasure drives you insane and the lust becomes evident in your eyes and so does love. I love the crinkles around your eyes when you smile. I love that glint in your eyes when you tease and challenge me, it makes me feel alive.” Aomine places a chaste kiss on his lips. “Your eyelashes are so pretty and beautiful. I’ve never met anybody with eyes like yours and I never will. I can go on and on but let’s proceed further.”

“I love your smile. It brightens up my day, every single time. Whenever I feel down, I close my eyes and imagine your smiling face, and the next thing I know I’m smiling and all the other unnecessary emotions leave my body.” He kisses him again.

“I love your lips. Just looking at them, makes me want to kiss you all the damn time and never let you go. I love the way you kiss me, with such passion and love, all coherent thoughts leave my body. I love it when you pout, you look so adorable, and then I feel like kissing your pouting lips. I love the way you lick them, so teasing and sexy. I love the way you bite them, nervously or while teasing me. I love it when they get all red and swollen after we make out.” There is another kiss.

“I love your nose, I love the way your nostrils flare up when you angry. I love it when you nuzzle in me just by rubbing your nose against me. Hell, I even love the way you breathe Kise.” Lips meet again.

“I love your cheeks. I love the way you blush, especially when I’m the cause of it. I love to pinch them; you look so cute when I do that.” He smiles and kisses Kise again.

“I love your blonde hair. It reminds me of the sun. It is so silky and beautiful, I always want to ruffle your hair and kiss the top of your head.” This time, Kise kisses him and he earns a smile from Aomine.

“I love your skin. It’s beautiful. It’s such a contrast to my skin, it’s flawless, soft and makes me want to leave marks all over you.” Aomine’s lips travels down and kisses his neck.

“Now, now let’s move on to the real you… I love your spirit, Kise. I love how hardworking you are. I love how exhausted you get at the end of the day and yet you manage to smile so brightly, it lightens me up every day. I love your heart, your heart which is so very kind and beautiful, your heart which loves me unconditionally, your heart that is pure and so big. I love how much you love me. I love how you love me even after all the stupid fights we have, I love how you love me no matter what stupid thing I do.” His lips ghost over his neck.

“I love your soul. It melts me. It makes me want to obey your every whim. It makes me wonder how this person is so understanding and caring.” He sucks on his neck and earns a moan from Kise.

“I love how you love your team. I love how you play to lead them to victory. Your teammates mean a lot to you, The Kaijō Basketball team is precious to you, I love how you value them.” He laps his tongue on Kise’s neck.

“I love the way you get angry at me, because I’m an idiot and I need your anger to make me realize what stupid things I’ve done.” He deeply inhales his scent.

“Every night you do those silly nightly makeup rituals, I love that. I love the way you take care of your outer appearance.” He kisses the shell of his ear.

“I love your voice. Your voice is the sweetest thing I hear every day. When you moan, whine, talk, sing, I feel like I’m on cloud nine.” He tugs on his blue earring.

“Aominecchi, that’s enough. I have heard enough.” His heart is pounding in his ears and his face is red.

“No, Kise. This is nowhere near enough.” Aomine smirks. “I also love your imperfections. I love how you can get annoying, how you complain about every single thing, I love how you act like a child sometimes. Your imperfections make me feel special, because they are only for me. And you still are so beautiful.” He kisses his nape.

“Aominecchi, it’s seriously enough. I’m too embarrassed.” Kise buries his face into his palms.

“Nowhere near enough, Kise.” He laces his hands with Kise’s. “Your palms and fingers are perfect, it fits and laces with mine, like a glove. Like I was meant to catch and hold onto your hand forever.” He kisses their laced fingers.

“Your body is perfect. Your arms, your chest, your belly, your legs, each and every part of you, even the nails of your toes never fail to mesmerize me.”

Aomine kisses the back of Kise’s hand. “Honestly I don’t care what your gender is, I know I’ll love you no matter what. But I like you with your dick attached.” He chuckles.

“Aominecchi, please…” Kise whimpers. “You say you love my chest, but you like boobs, I’m flat-chested.” He pouts.

“I love your chest, Kise. I wouldn’t trade it for a huge rack. I love your nipples, fuck. Whenever I play with them, they get so perky, hot and red. Fuck!” He removes Kise’s v-neck over his head.

“I love your cock. Fuck, your cock is so sexy. It gets all red and pink and I love to suck you off. Your sexy moa-”

“Aominecchi, stop!”

“I love your ass. It’s so jiggly, bouncy and perky.” Aomine licks his lips. “I worship your ass, Kise. You should get your ass insured. Don’t celebrities do that?” He chuckles. “And the moment I slide into you-”

“Aominecchi, I get it. Please stop now…” Kise whines, wrapping arms around Aomine’s neck.

“Kise, I’ll always love you. I love your expressions, your touch, your smiles, your laugh, your bed-head, your anger, you… just you.” He kisses him deeply but pulls back soon enough. “The things I’ve said are only the tip of the iceberg.” Kissing his cheek, he looks at him with a soft gaze.

“In the end, it wouldn’t matter if you are short, girl, ugly, fat, skinny, or anything for that matter. Because more than anything, I love your heart, Kise.” He kisses his forehead. “I could write a book about you, I really could, but it will never end.”

“You hypnotize me, mesmerize me, captivate me, fascinate me…You make me feel alive.” He cups his face. “There are millions and billions and trillions of things I love about you. Even when we get 60 years old, when our skin becomes all wrinkly, I’ll still love you. Sometimes I feel like walking up to your parents and thanking them for giving birth to you. I love them for giving birth to you.” He grips his waist, pulling him forward.

“Honestly, I don’t know what to do without you. Sometimes I find myself thinking, ‘why didn’t I meet you early?’ You are like a drug to me. A drug I can’t get enough of, a drug I always wanna be high on. I just can’t ever get enough of you. I love you, love everything about you.” He smiles fondly.

“Aominecchi, me too. I love you too, love everything about you.” Kise kisses him, passionately.

Aomine lifts Kise up while Kise wraps his legs around his waist, and Aomine carries him to the bedroom.

“Don’t ask me to say these things in front of other people. These things I say are only for your ears.”

Kise nods sharply and feels his heart grow warm.

After dropping Kise on the bed, Aomine says, “I love you, Ryouta.”

“I love you too, Daiki.” Kise smiles warmly.

Aomine climbs on top of Kise.

“Ryouta, Kiss me…”

And Kise doesn’t need to be told twice.

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GoM, Kagami, Alex and Himuro finding out that their crush/partner is pretty good at basketball?

Kuroko: “(name)…” he murmured with wary look. You had just spent your first night over your boyfriend’s house and he was rather surprised to find you up so early on a saturday morning. You always came off as someone who loved sleep. You didn’t hear him though, and so you put on a pair of gym shorts and a t-shirt before heading out. Kuroko didn’t even have enough time to brush his messy hair as he got dressed and chased after you. You made your way down to the basketball court at the end of the street and shot a perfect free throw, making a beautiful “swish” as you made the basket. Kuroko’s eyes grew wide as he watched and he snuck up behind you. “Can you teach me how to do that?” he asked you, making you jump. “Y-yeah, sure,” you murmured back with a blush. You didn’t realize how much work you had cut out until he picked up the ball and brutally missed a shot.

Kagami: It started with you making a comment about his appetite. “It’s because I’m always playing basketball in my free time,” he grumbled. You couldn’t help but giggle at him and shake your head. “I don’t think it has anything to do with basketball.” Kagami shot you a glare and stood up. “And what would you know about basketball?” You smirked at him before pulling the ball from his gym bag and leading him to the court. He followed quickly behind you, curious as to what you were going to do. “I don’t know anything about basketball, right?” you teased before you moved around him quickly and raced down the court to sink a perfect layup. Kagami stared at you for a moment before he glared at his feet. Damnit…you just had to give him another reason to like you.

Alex: She was nursing a sore shoulder when you snuck up behind her. “Hey babe, how’d this happen?” you asked softly as you massaged the aching muscle. “Oh you know…I tried taking on both the boys earlier today and messed up my shoulder a little bit.” She sighed and turned to kiss your cheek. “I guess I’ll have to tone it down with our scrimmages…” You frowned a bit as you ran your fingers through her hair. “You know, if you really want to play, I’ll take you on instead of having you kill yourself with Tatsuya and Taiga?” She let out a soft chuckle and looked up at you. “You think you could take me on?” You leaned in to kiss her softly before pulling away. “Yeah, I’m basically a pro,” you teased. Something about the way you said it made her believe you. “I knew there was a reason I fell in love with you.”

Kise: He was head over heels for you, yet you were incredibly oblivious to it. You didn’t notice him following you as you made your way to the gym. He knew that you went there just about every other day but this was the first time that he had the guts to actually check out what you were up to. He poked his head into the gym and watched as you fooled around with a basketball, making three-pointers and lay-ups. Your jump shots were beautiful. Kise could feel him melting as he watched you. You were so perfect… “(name)-cchi!” he called, shocking you so that you missed your last shot. You turned to the blonde with wide eyes. “You’re amazing!” he cooed as he raced over to you. “Let me take you out on a date please!” You chuckled as you shook your head. “Are you alright, Kise?” you asked softly. He nodded. Of course he was alright. He was in love.

Midorima: “You never hang out with me anymore,” you grumbled as you watched your boyfriend remove the tape from his fingers. “Always playing stupid basketball.” Midorima glared at you for a moment before adjusting his glasses. “I understand that you wouldn’t be able to appreciate the sport at the same level as me since you can’t play.” Your eyes widened slightly at his comment before standing up and placing your hands on your hips. “How would you know? We only see each other in class or when you come over to study. Is it because I’m short?” Midorima sighed and placed his hand on your head awkwardly. “No, it’s not because you’re short. It’s because I know you won’t be good at it.” You snatched the ball from his hands and headed out onto the court. You stopped at the halfcourt line and turned back to your boyfriend. With a sassy flip of your hair, you took a shot at the basket your boyfriend was standing by and made it perfectly. Midorima looked at you in shock. “Ok Shin-chan. Now that you know I’m amazing, you can take me out on a nice date.”

Aomine: Where was the miserable oaf? Of course he was on the rooftop again. You made your way up there and saw your boyfriend napping per usual. “Daiki,” you grumbled as you nudged his head with your foot. “Wake up. You missed practice again and you’re in trouble.” Aomine let out a soft moan and pulled you down on top of him. “Practice is so boring…” he complained softly. “I’d rather just be here with you.” You sighed and pulled away from him. “If you keep skipping practices you’ll start getting benched.” He chuckled and sat up, looking you over. “I doubt that’s gonna happen,” he replied with a smirk. “I’m too good to be benched.” You rolled your eyes and tried pulling him up. “Daiki, you’re not even that good. I’ll practice with you from now on if it will get you off your ass.” He got up and followed you down to the gym, completely skeptical of your basketball skills…well…he was skeptical until you played one on one.

Murasakibara: He snacked away as he watched Himuro mess around on the court outside. Really, he was only here because Himuro said you would be meeting him here for some reason. Murachin really just wanted to see you again. It was obvious to everyone how much he liked you. He always shared his snacks with you for Christ’s sake! You walked onto the court and tossed a ball to Himuro. Murachin watched with wide eyes as you played his best friend one on one. You were so graceful so…beautiful. He stood up and walked onto the court  and stood between you and the basket. He offered you some of his chips with a sheepish smile. Himuro nudged you slightly and you took a chip from the bag. “Thanks, Atsushi,” you murmured. He smiled softly and sluggishly walked back to his seat so he could continue watching you.

Himuro: He had met you when he first moved back to Japan and had kind of fallen in love with you. He didn’t know why, but he knew that there definitely was something special about you. Himuro tried to get you alone so he could talk with you but he would always be surrounded by a group of girls and you would disappear without a trace. And soon after this habit of losing you just as he was getting close enough to confess, he also learned that his coach was your aunt. So the next time he lost you, he knew just where to find you. And there you were, being drilled by Araki just as hard as the basketball team in the gym. He waited until his coach left before he approached you. “I knew there was something I liked about you,” he told you with a small smirk. You returned the smirk and tossed him the ball. “Yeah but I don’t think that has much to do with basketball,” you replied. “You’re right,” he murmured as he stepped closer. “But it helps.”

Akashi: “Do you find mystery romantic?” you asked your boyfriend as you sat on his bed. He looked up at you from his textbook and frowned. “No,” he grumbled. “I don’t like mystery. That’s why I make sure to know exactly who a person is before I enter a relationship with them.” You frowned back at him. “But you don’t know everything about me,” you protested, “So there’s still some mystery…” Akashi looked you over before smirking. “No. I know everything about you, (name).” You shook your head and stood up, taking his hand and leading him out of his large home and towards the basketball court. “Did you know I used to play basketball too?” you asked as you took a ball and sunk a shot. “And that I was really good?” Akashi looked you over with a glare before turning away. “No,” he hissed. “See, Seijurou?” you teased as you took his hands again. “Mystery is romantic. You’re blushing and everything.” He looked back at you and sighed. “Yeah…maybe you’re right…”


Yaaaaas, I live for anything yandere! I hope you like it.

Akashi - It had been only 2 months since you broke it off with him after seeing him in your shared bed with another person. Sheets and clothes thrown on the floor, the stench of sex in the air. He was angry, he started a fight with them, blaming them for tempting him. He was already obsessed with you, you were always the object of his affections. If only it wasn’t for this thing pushing themselves on him like a bitch in heat. He broke things, fire in his eyes as he yelled and screamed, calling them a whore, a charlatan. He had sent you gifts, flowers, letters and notes showing his apologies. You threw them all away. He’d follow you around the city, watched you from across the street, kept tabs on you. He’d call you and when ever you did answer he would just breathe into the phone. When ever you hung up on him he’d get angry throwing a tantrum like a child whose parent said no to getting them a toy they wanted.

             One rainy night you were late from work, as he sat in his jet black car, he was beginning to become frustrated when his phone rang. As he answered he did so in a professional manner pushing his growing frustration back. Before he can say a word a serious voice begins to speak.

 “Is this Akashi Seijuro?”

 “Yes, may I ask to whom I am speaking with?” His tone is calm, almost as if it’s a business deal he is making with someone. 

“L/N, F/N has been involved in a car accident. You are the only person to answer their phone. They are in critical condition at the moment. Would you be willing to come here and make decisions if the situation calls for it?”

 “Yes, I will be there right away.” 

As he heads to the hospital he can’t help but worry. As he walks through the sliding doors to the font desk all he says is your name to the nurse. They show him to your room as you had just gotten out if surgery. As the doctor told him what happened and how bad your injuries really were he didn’t really pay attention, he just wanted to see you. At the mention of possible amnesia was mentioned it caught his attention fast.

 “Their head hit the windshield fairly hard, it’s a miracle they didn’t fly out of the car.” 

“Would it be temporary, or partial?” Akashi asked trying not to smile at the thought of you forgetting that you two had been broken up.

 “We won’t know until they wake up. Until then we need someone who knows them till they wake up. I presume you will be said person?”

 As Akashi nods yes he is allowed kn your room to wait for you to wake up. He already has everything planned out, as long as you didn’t tell friends or family about the break up he was in the clear. Well never hurt you, and you’ll never leave him again.

Midorima - It had been a drunken night of passion, and it was a mistake. It was shameful to have you walk in and see him on top of someone who wasn’t you, then moaning his name as his grunts and sighs mixed with theirs. You didn’t tell him anything. As he went to work you had packed everything and left. Not a word. He wouldn’t admit it but he did watch you from time to time be had found where you lived, he’d watch you from your bedroom window, he’d take pictures of you. So when he got the call that you were involved in a hit and run accident he rushed to the hospital. Your injuries weren’t too bad, but your head hit the concrete hard. As he walked into the room your eyes full of fear not knowing who or where you were. You looked at the green hard male only to have him as the only person you remembered. You didn’t remember the cheating, and leaving him. You just remembered everything else. Your voice is low and quiet. 


“Hello, Y/N, how are you feeling?”

 “Y/N?” You question your own name, he smiles. He can fix everything, he can fix you, make sure you never leave him alone again! 

“Yes, that’s your name. Do you not remember anything else?”

 “No, I just remember you.” Your eyes are gentle, you look so happy to see him, you feel safe. He hugs you ever so gently, as if you were made of glass. He smiles a sinister smile, eyes full of triumph, feeling like he’s just won the ultimate prize.

 “Good, that’s all that matters Y/N. ”

Kise - You were in the passenger side when you heard a car horn and the sound of metal crashing together. Everything went black. Upon waking up the lights of the room are so bright it hurts your eyes, they tear up as you close them, the stinking hurts more than the light itself. Kise had seen everything, he was following you in another car when it happened. He rushed to the hospital, he told the doctors he was your fiance. Obviously it was a lie, he had fucked some bitch and you left him. They didn’t mean anything to him, he just wanted to make it up but only found himself watching you from the sidelines like some love struck teenager. As he watched you wake up he called your name. It sounds muffled at first, almost as if water was in your ears. You look around with blurry eyes as your hearing starts becoming back to normal.


He’s so happy his heart feels as if it will jump out of his chest. You feel numb everywhere as you hear footsteps of the doctors and nurses.

 “L/N?” The doctor says. 

“Who is Y/N-chii? or L/N?”

 You look around, to see Kise’s face, he’s on the verge of crying.

 “Who are you?” You ask him feeling very defensive. 

He becomes happy realizing you didnt remember anything, he can fix the relationship!

 “It’s me, Kise Ryouta. You’re fiance, remember Y/N-chii?”


The doctor gives him a look of pity.

 “It’s okay! I’ll help you remember!” He thinks to himself ‘Yes forget everything, you’re mine again and we will make new memories. Just the two of us, no one else…ever.’ 

 Himuro - it had only been a week since you two had broken up. It was all thanks to Murasakibaba being the giant child he was. He had seen Himuro kissing another person and called you to ask if it was a normal thing because Himuro didn’t even kiss Alex. Naturally you were furious, the onslaught of curses that were thrown at Himuro made him feel lower than anything. Yet after that day he couldn’t get you out if his head. He’d follow you home, he’d text you, telling you he loves you, how he’ll fix everything. When he saw another guy talking to you he’d follow them after school and literally beat them with whatever was within arms reach. No one knew of this behavior, he just wanted you. When he managed to bump into you the person who he was caught with happened to be around and immediately ran to him, hugging his arm as if he was theirs. As you rolled your eyes and walked away he pushed them so hard they fell on the ground with a thud.

 “Stay the fuck away from me.” 

This wasn’t the Himuro Tatsuya everyone knew. Later that day he was following you, you caught on to his stalking and started running not looking behind you, he ran after you as you crossed the street. Everything happened so fast. You were flung into the air, your shoes and bag thrown off you in the process. One second you were looking at the sky, the next you saw the black color of the street , everything was numb and the world faded. Your parents were out of town with distant relatives and the scene Himuro pulled was believable enough to let the doctors pick him to contact. Another week had passed and you still didn’t remember anything. The hospital said the event was so traumatic that your mind blocked it out, you lived in your own mind now, forgetting everything about your relationship with Himuro and how you had broken up. He had threatened Murasakibaba that if he told you anything about before he’d hurt him. For once in his life Murasakibaba was scared of someone. You and Himuro were happy, well, on good days. On bad days… can’t talk about it.

Imayoshi - He’d fucked up. He didn’t think you’d be home early. He was in the middle of thrusting into the broad he brought home when you walked in. All you had said was ‘sorry’ and walked out. That was 3 years, 15 hours, and 58 seconds ago. He kept the track, he hunted you down, he watched you. Oh how beautiful you were. He was getting very impatient, he wanted to take you home every time he saw you but he didn’t want to struggle. Due to unknown circumstances you had stopped talking to your family, most friends you hardly spoke to. Yet for some reason you kept his number. Why? You didn’t even know yourself. You were leaving work late one evening when a car began to swerve because the driver was very drunk. You had tried to run, Imayoshi even tried to help you, but he wasn’t fast enough. The sound of what could only be described as the sound of ground beef hitting a window hard was heard. It was like the world went mute , he ran to the now stopped car, opened the door and started beating the driver. Blood was everywhere, the only sounds that the driver made were gargling sounds that still sent shivers down your spine. That was the last thing you remember. Imayoshi didn’t take you to the doctor, he took you home. Your pictures still hung on the walls of your once shared home. He kept some of your clothes, he made your favorite foods, everything. Almost as if you never left. That day was 5 months, 1 hour, and 4 seconds ago. He still counts the time. You don’t remember anything, you just barely remembered your own name and his. He doesn’t let you leave home, he hardly let’s you watch TV unless he is there so you don’t see any news stories about yourself. You’re his, the outside world was dangerous. He made sure of it.

Hanamiya - Everything was a blur, one minute he was on top if the world with someone’s arms and legs wrapped around him as he trusted into them. The next you’re yelling and screaming at him, telling him to leave your house and that you should’ve listened to everyone. That he was exactly what they said and did exactly what they said he’d do. You were always special to him from the moment he saw you. So when you kicked him out he could just leave you there, he loved you so much. He didn’t care about his actions, he didn’t care of he’d scare you. It was a nice summer day when he pushed you into oncoming traffic. He picked the slowest car, he made sure your head received a little more trauma than your body. His plan worked perfectly, you didn’t even remember a thing, not even yourself or your family. The night before he erased all of your contacts except for his so he’d be the only person the doctors could call. You were his now, and he would keep it that way.

Nijimura - After the break up he’d take pictures of you anywhere and everywhere. He’d break into your house to watch you sleep, taken pictures, and even sometimes lay with you. He’d breathe in your scent not wanting to forget it. His home was covered in pictures of you he had developed. Weather they were blurry or not he kept them, it was like his own wallpaper of you in every room. He’d even record you and watch it later on his TV, everything, every day was you. He missed you so much. In the morning as he was getting ready for his daily ritual he got a call, answering the phone on a calm manner he hears the doctor telling him you’ve been in the hospital and no one but him has answered their phone. He rushes there to see you, here was his chance to be even more close to you. After a week you finally woke up from your medically induced coma not knowing him or what had happened that morning you were hit. Here was his chance to make a new.

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what would be GOM's reactions (-Akashi) to their s/o having a tattoo on the whole back? like the whole back covered, up to you what design it would be ^.^

Ooooh. This is a nice one! I’m planning on getting one myself… you can take your guess which one from those I described here it is!ヾ(・ω・)シ This got pretty long, so I’m putting some under read more. I started with Aomine, intending to keep it all short like that one, and then it kinda escalated… Here we go, Kuroko, Aomine, Kise, Midorima, and Murasakibara!

You and Kuroko had spent most of night studying for an exam (… mostly), and now you were in the kitchen of his family home, patiently waiting for the water to boil to make coffee. You probably looked like a scarecrow, with shadows under your eyes, dishevelled hair, and slightly bloodshot eyes, never mention the wrinkled t-shirt you got from him to sleep in. Sure, Kuroko wasn’t that tall, but his clothes were too big for you anyway, and this particular tee was slipping to the side, showing quite a bit of the back of your shoulder.

“Good morning,” Kuroko said from the door. He had learned not to startle you after you punched him in an automatic defence response, before realising who had dared to scare you… and it had happened a couple of times.

You glanced at him over your shoulder with a smile. Kuroko frowned and for a moment you were confused.

“Is that a tattoo?” he asked, stepping closer to lightly trail his fingers over the tiny bit of the picture that was poking out from underneath the t-shirt. You felt your skin tingle. “Can I see?”

“Y-yeah…” you mumbled, moving your hands to pull up the fabric on your back. Kuroko held it above your shoulder blades and looked in silence at the stylised koi fish, lotus, and waves marking your skin.

“Did it hurt?” he asked quietly.

“A bit, yes,” you replied. “Do you like it?”

You couldn’t help a little shiver when Kuroko kissed the skin over the top of your spine before letting the cloth fall back into place.

“It’s really pretty.”

“How about this one?” Kise’s hand slipped inside the changing stall with another dress on a hanger. “It’s a nice cut, it’s going to look fantastic on you!”

“Would you wait a moment,” you hissed. “I’m still not done taking off this one, I think, ugh… I think I’m stuck.”

“Need help?” Kise asked with a shade of not-so-innocent hope in his voice.

“… yes, please,” you replied, not thinking much of it. There was no way Kise would do anything so… Aomine-like, not like this at least. Besides, the two of you hadn’t gotten all out yet anyway. Just maybe… like halfway. Just hands down each other’s pants and- uhm. You pulled your thoughts away from those memories and turned around when Kise stepped in to help you with removing the dress.

“You have a tattoo?!” Kise exclaimed before covering his mouth, peering all over the colourful florals covering your back. “It’s so beautiful…”

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