can we just take a moment to appreciate the almost popped buttons on that not too tight shirt

Unorthodox [m]

genre : smut

summary : you broke up with your boyfriend, and yet you still find yourself underneath him.

Your hands leafed through the rack as your eyes looked for the perfect little combo. You didn’t have an exact style in mind, maybe something nice and perhaps powder blue. You didn’t want something too gaudy and try hard, you’d never forgive yourself if you wore something like that. 

Baekhee was on the other side of the rack also working through the pieces. “I thought you guys weren’t together anymore.” She said, breaking your stealthy concentration.

You looked up at her, “Oh no, we aren’t together. You know that.”

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Hold On

Request: If there were ever to be a Tony Stark/Reader hall of fame, “Closer” should be number one. There’s a sad shortage of great Tony/Reader smut. Could you write more? xoxoxoxo thank you!

Tony Stark x Reader

Word Count: ~1650

Warnings: Fluff, Smut, a sprinkling of angst, unprotected sex, oral sex (female receiving)

A/N: This one is for @crocodilerocker. Thank you so much for the request. This one came along after listening to the Hamilton soundtrack a million and one times, taking songs like “That Would Be Enough” and “Best of Wives and Best of Women” as inspiration. The title comes from this really beautiful Michael Buble song. I hope you this was everything you hoped for, and thank you for your support.

On another note: I’m providing the link for Closer should anyone in the mood.


The mission was rough, but it was a success. It also left you extremely tired so you decided, upon arriving back at the compound, that all you wanted was a hot shower and a good night’s sleep. That was hours ago.

You sit up in bed, blinking a few times as your eyes adjust to the darkness. You reach out to the space beside you, sighing when you find it empty. Though, it’s not only empty but untouched. You throw back the covers, the floor cold beneath your feet as you stand. You make your way from the room. You stop at the end of the hall, looking around but finding it completely empty.

You go to the elevator, pushing the down button and waiting for the doors to open. Once you’re in, you push the button for the basement level. When the doors open again, you continue down the long corridor.

You turn to the glass wall, sighing at the scene in front of you. You press your hand to the sensor, and when the light turns green, you push the door open.

Originally posted by akamatthewmurdock

“Tony, baby, how long have you been down here?”

“What time is it?”

“It’s after 5.”

“What time did we get back?”

“Almost 1.”

“Then it’s been about four hours.”

You move toward him, wrapping your arms around his neck from behind and leaning into him.

“I’m almost done.”

“It can wait.” You turn your head so that your lips are at his ear, whispering, “Come to bed.”

He shakes his head, continuing on with his work, “I have to finish this.”

You look down at the device in his hands, “What is that?”

“It’s the reactor.”

You pull away from him, turning his chair around, “What’s going on, Tony?”

He sighs, taking your hands and pulling you into his lap, “I didn’t want to tell you until I figured out the problem and how to fix it.”

“What happened?”

“The suit started to fail in the middle of the fight. It didn’t go down completely, but…”

You take a deep breath, carding your fingers through his hair and resting your hand against the back of his neck, “Did you fix it?”


“Then leave it for now and come to bed. Please?”

He seems reluctant, but he agrees. You smile as you stand up from his lap, keeping his hands in yours so that you can pull him to his feet. The lights turn off behind as you leave the lab. He holds you close for the duration of the elevator ride back to your floor.

Once you’ve returned to your bedroom and you attempt to climb back into bed, he tightens his grip on your hand and pulls you back to him.

“You know how much I love you, right?”


“Because I do. At first, I was just going to take the reactor to the lab and leave it. I was going to come to bed. I just couldn’t.”

You place your hands on his chest. His own hands move up and down along your upper arms.

“You shouldn’t have had to come looking for me.”

“You act like it was such a difficult search.” You chuckle, “I knew something was wrong. I just didn’t expect you to still be down there when I got up.”

“Neither did I.” he puts his hand against your cheek, his thumb moving lightly over your skin, “I’m sorry, baby.”

“It’s okay.”

Originally posted by relationshipaims

His thumb finds your lips in the dark, providing the direction his own lips need to press against yours. You fist your hands in his shirt, pulling him closer. He stoops down a bit to wrap his hands around your thighs, effortlessly lifting you from the floor. Your legs wrap around his waist; he holds you tight to him as he climbs onto the bed.

Your feet fall to the mattress as he settles you on your back with his body between your parted thighs. His hips grind slowly against yours, his hardening length pressing to your clothed core through his jeans. The t-shirt you’d worn to bed is like a straightjacket as you arch up and into his touch, his hand brushing over the hard peak of your breast. His name is little more than a breath as it passes between your lips.

He smirks down at you, obviously pleased by your reaction but still wanting more. His touch moves beneath the shirt. The warmth of his skin against yours as he pushes the fabric up is almost too much for your unexpectedly sensitive body. In your desperation to further the contact, you grab at the hem of you shirt, yanking it over your head in one swift motion and tossing it away.

He groans in appreciation, his lips descending to your neck, moving over your pulse point. By now, you’re certain he can feel the rushing of your blood beneath your skin. The movement of his hips, once gentle, becomes rougher as he presses down harder.

“Tony… please…”

You don’t mean to beg, but the aching between your thighs is becoming too much. He chuckles softly, leaning away from you and sitting back on his heels. You watch the muscles in his arms and chest flex as he removes his shirt. Your eyes follow his hands to the buckle of his belt. You bite your lip as he pulls the leather from his belt loops. You moan softly as he pops the button and pulls down the zipper. Your whining continues as he stands and pushes his jeans down, kicking them away.

His hands slide up your calves, over your knees, your thighs, and up to your hips. His fingers curl around the elastic of your panties. Your hips rise as he pulls the fabric away from your body and tosses it to the floor. He kisses up your inner thigh but skips your waiting core, eliciting a frustrated groan from you.

“Patience, baby girl.” He chuckles, his voice rough as he whispers into your ear.

You gasp as his fingertips tease your slick entrance, his palm pressing against your clit but not providing nearly enough pressure to relieve the tension coursing through your body. Then his fingers are inside of you, moving slowly back and forth, the tips of them grazing your g-spot again and again. He kisses down your body inch-by-inch before his tongue licks out against the most sensitive spot at the apex of your thighs.

You tread your fingers through his hair, fisting them in the short length of it. He groans against you as you pull it, your hips rolling into his ministrations.

“Tony,” you whimper, “I need you, baby. Please.”

Prompted by your demands, his body moves to hover over yours again. His fingers continue on in their sweet movements as you grab at his boxers, working them down his body. He chuckles softly, his forehead falling to your shoulder for a moment before he finally decides to help. Once they’re gone, his lips come down against yours.

In one swift movement, he’s deep inside of you, his hips flush to yours. You clutch to his body as he begins to rock his hips back and forth. You moan against his skin, your breath coming in short gasps, each one punctuated by each forward thrust. When his pace falters for a moment, you take the opportunity to push him to his back.

Now free to set your own pace, you move slow at first. You smile, reveling in the feeling of his fingertips digging into your hips. Your nails dig into his chest as the knot once wound tight inside of you begins to come apart. You lean into him, pressing your lips to his as his fingers thread into your hair. You roll your hips steadily. The new angle allows you to feel the tension building in his muscles.

You push yourself back up, determined now to bring him to his finish first, but then his thumb is working your clit in small, fast circles. He tenses beneath you, coming undone as you follow barely a minute later.

You take a deep breath as you collapse against him, your ear pressing against his chest over his rapidly beating heart.

“Tony?” you whisper into the darkness.

He hums in response, finding your hand in the darkness and lacing his fingers with yours.

Originally posted by pinepizzalove

“You know, there was a time when that reactor was your heart. There was a time when it failing meant you could die.”

“I know.” He raises your hand to his lip, kissing your knuckles softly.

“You should have told me what happened sooner.”

“I know.”

“I’m terrified of losing you, but that’s why I deserve to know when things like that happen.”


You sit up, putting your hands on either side of his head, “You shouldn’t have to deal those things alone.”


You press a hand over his mouth, “I love you, Tony Stark, but I will kill you myself if you hide anything else like this from me.”

He smiles beneath your hand, kissing your palm. His next words are muffled but clear all at the same time.

“I love you too.” His arms wrap around your waist, and he flips you to your back, “No more secrets.”

You smile, putting your hand to his cheek and guiding his lips down to yours. He kisses your forehead before he pulls away, pushing off the bed and heading for the bathroom. You lay there, closing your eyes to the sound of the shower.

“Hey!” he calls.

You open one eye and look over at him, “What?”

“Ya comin’?”

You giggle, getting up and running toward him. He catches you as you jump into his arms, your legs wrapping around his waist as he carries you into the shower.

[fic] night shift

written for hakyonaweek day 1: first (meeting)
She enters the restaurant with a sway of hips, her six-inch heels clacking on the marble tiles. She can feel the way people turn and look at her. But she only has eyes for the gorgeous black haired man in a trench coat… nsfw. modern au. 
beta’d by the wonderful, talented, gorgeous Kat @sawamura-daichis-thighs!! Couldn’t have done this without your continuous support and guidance, so thank you, love. 

Yona tightens up the large white fur coat around her, her jet black heels click-clacking on the marble ground, her curls bouncing on her shoulders.

She enters the bar with a sway of her hips and, while she’s certainly not the only one who’s dressed rather provocatively, she gets a few appreciative stares that make her self-conscious.

Walking over to one of the bar stools, she orders whatever drink that comes up first on the menu. She’s too anxious to enjoy it.

Her client is late.

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jeremwood  asked:

im too jittery to give a super eloquent prompt but new-to-this-particular-scene Demon Ryan having his first encounter with the much rumored Jeremy "i dont have a soul to sell ya, but i'll suck your dick" Dooley and, well, who could pass up that deal, really? You know the good stuff, man. please my crops are dying

Okay so this…this got away from me DAMN quick but I bring you demon dick porn! Ft. nsfw Jeremwood with demon!Ryan. 

Thanks for prompting (and chatting)! And I hope you like it! 

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sorrydearie  asked:

I think you should totally do that ask meme for: college au + lizzington or doctor/companion + lizzington just sayin

absolutely would not do a doctor who one justice, so have some teachers/college au! sorry for the fade to black i’m the worst

“We really…we really shouldn’t be doing this,” Red whispers, hushed and muffled against Liz’s mouth.  All he gets in return is a short hum and a tightening of her fingers on the back of his head.  His entire body shivers and for a moment he forgets what he was trying to say.  When their kiss breaks apart for a moment, he takes a second to take a deep breath in and pulls away.  He doesn’t get very far before she’s trying to tug him back, but he stands his ground.  “Miss Keen, really,” he starts again, moving his hands from where they’d been resting on her hips to rest on the desk next to her.  “Miss Keen, please,” he tries again, moving his mouth out of the line of fire.  It doesn’t stop Liz though, she just moves on to pressing kisses to his jawline and then his neck.  He shivers again and feels his body melt before he regains his senses and steps back.  

“Lizzy!” he finally says, clearer now that he’s put some distance between them.  His chest is heaving and his head is bowed, staring at her knees that had been pressed tight to his hips, but are now hanging limply from his desk.  He can see a half graded report underneath her and it reminds him of the beginning of this scenario.

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Reader X Taehyng X Jimin X Jungkook [SMUT] 

“Yes! Fucking come!” Tae groans in your ear.

  A thrust later he comes as well. Leaving both of you a panting mess. He let you lay on top of him, and you didn’t notice your eyes slip close from exhaustion.


   A moan slipped from your lips, causing you to stir. You try moving your legs, but you’re held down by strong hands. Eyes popping open, you rub sleep from them as you try sitting up. This time, strong hands grab your shoulders and your dragged back to lay down. By now, the last remnants of sleep are slipping as you take in the situation. 

   Tae was above your head, holding down your shoulders, and when you lifted your head you saw Jungkook in between your legs. Being fully awake, you can tell now that he was licking your clit, slow but consistent and another moan slips from your lips. 

   “Hey, sweetie,” Tae whispers out. 

   He leans forward and places a soft kiss of your lips, leaving you weak and breathless. At least until you’re focusing on the pleasure Jungkook was giving you. His tongue starts moving faster, and your moans pick up. A growl comes from his lips, sending a vibration through you and your back arches. 

   Taking advantage of your position, Jungkook sticks a figure inside, followed by another and he pumps in and out. Tae leans over your head and sucks a nipple, using his hand to give appreciation to the other one. Jungkook picks up his pace on his fingers, applying more pressure with his tongue at the same time. 

   Tae gave a small bite to your nipple, and it caused you to gasp. You remove your hands from the bed sheets and grab Tae’s arms, pulling him back and bringing his mouth back to yours. You kissed him roughly, grabbing the back of his head to pull on his hair as your tongues battled. The pressure in your stomach brought you closer, and when Jungkook curled his finger to his your spot, a small scream escaped your mouth. Tae crushed his mouth harder to yours, silencing the scream. 

   Tae leans back, then leans his head down to your ear. “C’mon sweetie. Come.”

   Jungkook gives one more shove in you, curling his fingers, and you give a loud moan. Your body shakes as the orgasm surges through you. Tae places kisses all on your face, cooing soothing words as Jungkook slows down to ride out your orgasm, before stopping all together and sitting up. You look at his face, giving a huff as his smile sends a shiver down your neck. 

   “Hey, baby,” he says. His smile is still plastered on his face, but he gets up to come closer to you. “We weren’t going to let you run away this time.”

   You blush at his words, slowly sitting up, making sure neither of them were going to push you down again. When they didn’t, you try reaching for your tank top, but Jungkook slaps your hand away. You look at him, stunned at his action. 

   “I brought you clothes,” he explains. 

   You look at him, nodding before he hands you a pile of clothes. You rise and head towards the bathroom. 

   “I’m going to take a shower,” you say, closing the door behind you. 

   How the hell were you going to get out of this? Both of them were on the other side of this door, and you knew they could take you on. You set your clothes on the counter and glance at yourself in the mirror. Your eyes widen at the sight. Your hair was a lopsided mess of what was once a decent ponytail. Your eyes were undercoated with dark circles. It was still the third day of your vacation, so you probably only slept for an hour or two. 

   You step in the shower, placing the water on warm before turning it to hot. You wanted to cleanse yourself, almost scalding your skin from how hot the water was, but it felt so good. You dip your head under the water, letting your hair soak in the heat. It felt as if your core was becoming warmed up, even though you hadn’t really acknowledged the chill that had seeped into you. 

   Taking a deep breath, you finish scrubbing yourself and shut off the water. Opening the curtain, you quickly dry yourself with the hotel towel, and put on your clothes. Looking in the mirror, you realize that the outfit Jungkook had picked was of your black tights, matching with a dark green shirt that buttoned up just above your breasts. The sleeves went down to your wrist and the cuff had small little jewels. You looked casual, but depending on your hair style, you could look like you’re going out. 

   Bending forward, you flip your hair and start drying it out with the towel. When you’re done you stand back up and run your fingers through your hair, trying to tame the mess that had no product in it. 

   Walking out the bathroom, you see that both boys were sitting on the bed, fully dressed. You look at them in confusion, but the moment they notice you they smile. 

   “Y/N, you know you look good while we fuck you, but you’re really beautiful,” Jungkook says. 

   His words sent a shiver down your spine, but it also made you blush. You mentally push the anxiety from your heart and move forward. Jungkook pointed to the socks and converse that were next to the bed. 

   “I brought your shoes,” he says. 

   You smile and thank him, moving to the bed to sit and put the shoes on. When you’re done, you see they are both staring at you. 

   “Are you ready?” Tae asks. 

   “Ready?” you ask. 

   “We’re going to take you out,” Jungkook says. The smile is back on his face, and you smile back. 

   “What time is it?” you say. 

   “Five. We’re just waiting for Jimin,” Tae says. 

   You freeze at that. Jimin was joining you guys? You hadn’t seen him since what had happened with Jungkook, and he really hadn’t seemed happy of the situation. 

   “Is he really?” you say, trying to seem casual. 

   “Yeah, when i was getting my clothes he asked if he could come, too,” Jungkook states. 

   Your eyebrows come together. If anything you’d think Jimin would try to stay away. But maybe he was just coming because he was bored and wanted to get out. What ever the case was, you would just stick to Tae and Jungkook. The thought of being out in public with them made you excited, but then you realized something. 

   “Wait, I thought you guys were trying to hide out here? How are you going to be hiding if you’re out in public with me?”

   Tae smiles at you, reaching his hand out and caressing your cheek. The action was so sweet that for the moment you forgot to breathe. When he finally moved his hand away, the breath you had been holding came out, and your heart went back to normal speed. 

   “We’re gonna wear our masks, and hats. No one recognizes us when we do that. You don’t need to cover up though, so don’t worry. But it is a little chilly outside, so Jimin is going to bring you his black scarf so you can be matching, since Jungkook saw you didn’t bring anything for the chilly days.” Tae leans back against the headboard, still looking at you as you nod your head. 

   At that, a knock sounds at the door before it’s opened and Jimin is there. His hair was mostly hidden in his hat, but he was wearing a dark green button up that matched your shirt, and he was wearing black jeans. His black mask and black hat went with his outfit, and he held the black scarf Tae had mentioned in his hand. He looked so good, his face only had a soft coating of makeup, not too extreme. His eyes grew wide when he saw you, and you stand and bow to him. He nods his head at you in a somewhat bow, but then he hands the scarf to you. 

   You formally grab it with both hands and stare at it. It was soft, and thick, and when you wrapped it around your neck it smelled of him. You couldn’t help but inhale, your eyes falling close as his scent overwhelmed you. If you kept your eyes closed, you could imagine his arms wrapped around you and your face tucked into the crook of his neck. 

   When Tae and Jungkook put on their masks and hats, you all exit the room and get to the elevator. Soongyo nods to you, and you give a small smile to the giant as the elevator door closes. The three boys surrounded you in the small space, all three were touching you in some way. Jimin’s hand skimmed against your hip, Tae’s shoulder bumped softly into yours, and Jungkook’s hand was in the curve of your back. The three bodies felt as if they were closing in on you, but then the elevator doors opened again and you stepped out, feeling cold as their bodies weren’t close anymore. 

   When you exit the hotel, Jungkook takes your hand and leads you down the sidewalk. When Tae notices the younger member and your hand holding, he moves to the other side and takes your other hand. You look back, glancing at Jimin and he is looking at the stores you were passing by. Turning forward again, Tae suddenly drags you into a clothing store that was to your left. 

   The first thing he does is grab a beanie and places it on your head. He had shoved it on your head to the point that it covered your eyes, and a giggle slips from your lips as you fix it on your head. 

   “Yah, Y/N,” Tae starts, pulling your hand towards a mirror on the wall. “You look really beautiful.” 

   You chuckle, shaking your head, but when you look up into the mirror you feel something deep in your chest. What he said, you looked beautiful because you looked happy. Truly happy. You stare for a moment more before the clenching in your heart starts. A tear escaped your eye, and you turn away from them all, wiping it quickly before you take the beanie off your head. 

   You put it back on the shelf and walk slowly towards the guys. They had started looking through the racks and you took the time to stare at a wall of bags. You were staring, but you weren’t really paying attention, at least not until Jimin stood next to you, grabbing your hand. You look over at him, his eyebrows up in question, as if asking if it was okay, and you give a small nod. 

   His eyes turn away from you, and he grips your hand tighter, pulling you with him as he heads for the back of the store. Tae and Jungkook didn’t notice, they were too busy helping each other decide what shirt went better. 

   Jimin took you to the last changing booth, shoving you inside and closing the door before anyone noticed. The music was even louder at the back of the store, you couldn’t even hear what you asked him. He pulls his mask down and leans toward your ear. 

   “I saw you Y/N. I saw that tear come out. Don’t try to hide it.”

   He leans back and then smashes his lips to yours. His fingers come up and start unbuttoning your shirt. When he’s done, his mouth moves down, skipping your neck still wrapped in his scarf, and goes straight for the curve of your breast still covered by your bra. His hand reaches inside your tights, moving your tan thong aside and two of his fingers instantly enter you. Your legs become weak, and his other hand moves to your waist to hold you up against the wall. His mouth comes back up to your ear.

   “Do you have any idea how good you look? Do you have any idea how you looked when Jungkook fucked you, made you come three times. Your face, your body,” he stops to place a kiss just below your ear. “Y/N, you’re making me a mess. I can’t stop thinking about you.”

   He leans back to watch your face, your eyes close as his fingers curve to hit your spot. He had only been doing it for maybe a minute, or two, but you could already feel yourself coming close to the edge. You were still sensitive from earlier. 

   “Y/N. I want you to come. Come now,” he says. 

   His thumb finds your clit and rubs as his fingers continue curving to hit your spot. The build up in your stomach was close to the end, just one more thing would bring you over. And it was as if he read your mind, he moves his free hand to your ass, squeezing as his mouth goes for your neck. He moves the scarf with his chin and bites. He hit the perfect spot, the most sensitive spot, and you were done. You came undone on his fingers, moaning so loud that his mouth crashes to yours again to muffle them. 

   He rides out your orgasm before removing his fingers and fixing you up. He winces at you, and you turn to the mirror in the changing room to see that he had left a big red mark on your neck. He moves his hands to the scarf, expertly moving it so that it covered the mark. Nodding, he turns you to the door and gives your butt a little pat, making you move forward. He waits a minute and then exits as well. You were already at Tae and Jungkook when he comes up next to you. 

   “Are you guys hungry?” Tae asks, looking at his watch. 

   You nod, trying to avoid Jimin’s stare as you followed Jungkook out the store and to the restaurant next door. When you guys enter, it ends up that you sit next to Jimin, and when he drops his napkin, conveniently leaning towards you, you hear what he says. 

   “Just you wait, that was only the beginning.”

—–> Alright. My writers block went away for this one. Hopefully its good and i tried to make it a little long. Have a nice day! 

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Anything But

Summary: blackbirdprince prompted: early dalton fluffy klaine, where blaine learn some things about Kurt past like single ladies/football, or ohh push it, or there madonna week (cheerleading-4minutes)

Note: This got longer than what I had originally planned but it’s still a tiny little thing hehe. Threw in Wes and David because they’re awesome and totally klaine shippers. AO3

Smoothing out his shirt in front of the mirror, Blaine gave himself another spin and checked his outfit once again. He had reserved a table for two at the Italian restaurant near Dalton for Kurt and his dinner date tonight. It’s been 28 days, 9 hours and approximately 25 minutes since they started dating, and so far, it feels like he’s on a rollercoaster ride only heading up. 

The rush of butterflies in his tummy whenever he saw Kurt, the warmth of Kurt’s hand as they walked hand in hand to classes, and of course, the feel of Kurt’s lips against his; all of these, he probably would never get enough of them. Probably will never be able to get enough of Kurt.

Glancing at the clock, he realised that he still had 15 minutes before he due to pick Kurt up at his room. Maybe if he went early they could spend some extra time together…

His train of thought was stopped when there was a frantic knocking on his door.

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Blaine Anderson: Unzipped

A follow up to Rockstar!Blaine by several requests. gleekto asked for the first date and littlefluffythings gave me the idea for Kurt’s pants. This seems to have turned into a series.

Kurt is tempted to wear baggy drop crotch harem pants just to be contrary, his natural bristling at someone telling him what to wear sort of an automatic first response. But it’s not every day he gets to have dinner with a rock star, and dressing to impress wins out over obstinance.

He yanks on a pair of jeans from his own line, so tight he has to hop around the apartment and flop onto his bed to tug them the last bit over his hips, sucks in a breath and does the top button then rubs the feeling back into his legs as the fabric stretches and gives just a little. Puffs out a lungful of air and stands to do up the rest of the button fly- a long asymmetrical line from left hip to the top of the right inseam of his leg, safety pin accents done up over the buttons.

He pairs it with a soft gray henley with sleeves pushed up to soften the look a bit, and a lavender neckerchief secured with a silver skull pin. Pulls on black leather boots, swishes some mouthwash and sprays one last layer of hairspray on and he’s ready to go. Easy. And about forty five minutes late.

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We shouldn’t- Luke Hemmings Imagine (smut)

Requested- Yes

Anon-  Requests? Could you do one where y/n dating one of the boys, but Luke likes y/n a lot so y/n tease him and it it gets smutty. Oops xx.

Pairing- Luke & Y/N

Words: 1500+

Warning:  This is smut.  Read at own risk

Masterlist / Ask

“Calum come on!”  you groan down the phone, “You can’t leave me alone here with Luke.”

“I’ll just be a couple of hours,” Calum promised, “Just entertain Luke and tell him I’ll be home as soon as possible.”

“Ugh fine,” you snap, hanging up the phone.  

Luke stares at you, questioningly.

“Calum got held up.  He’s not going to be here for a couple of hours,” you explain.

“Oh,”  Luke mumbles, “Um I can go if you want?  I’ll just catch him another time.”

“No don’t leave.  Calum says I have to entertain you until he gets here,” you inform him.  You frown as a blush creeps on to Luke’s face and he swallows, his Adam’s apple prominent on his neck.

“Entertain me how?”  he gulps.

“Um well do you fancy some food?”  you ask.  You will never admit it to yourself or anyone else but there was something wildly attractive about Luke.  He was shy and cute and completely dorky but he had the most intense eyes and bulging muscles protruded from his broad shoulders.  You shook your head at the thought and rushed to the kitchen.  

“Um I’m just going to the bathroom!”  Luke called through to you.  You poured some chips in a bowl and hunted out some dip, before heading back to the living room and placing them on the table.  You jumped a little at a loud buzzing noise and looked down.  Luke had left his phone on the table and a message flashed up from Michael.

“Luke she is Calum’s gf.  Get out of there now before you do something you’ll regret.”

You frowned and turned to look away when another message popped up on the screen.

“I know you have the hots for her but you can’t sleep with Y/N.  Calum will kill you.”

You gasped. Luke fancied you?  Wow.  You’d always thought he was extra awkward around you but you had no idea why.  You rushed from the room as you heard the toilet flush and the bathroom door start to unlock.

Standing in the kitchen, you clutched the work surface, wondering what you should do. You knew you had feelings for Luke.  It was hard not to, and things had been really tense with you and Calum lately since some cheating rumours came out in the media.  You had barely slept together and you were starting to crave some kind of intimacy.  You knew it was wrong but you quickly whisked your jeans off so you were dressed in nothing but a t-shirt, bra and panties.  You poured some drinks and sauntered through.  Luke was glued to his phone but looked up as you placed the glasses down.  His whole demeanour changed.  His eyes filled with a wild fire as the scrolled up and down your legs, resting for a little too long on your most private area.  The white t-shirt you were wearing was almost see through and you saw his hands grip the arms of his seat as you leant over, ass poking out slightly and handed him his drink.

“I’m sorry about this,”  you giggled, gesturing at your attire, “I spilled juice on my jeans and all my other pairs are in the washing machine.”

Luke just nodded, incapable of forming words.  

You parked yourself on the sofa opposite him and crossed your legs as you sipped, quietly on your own drink.

He was doing his best not to look at you but his eyes kept dropping to the tiny bit of underwear he could see past your crossed legs.  You finished your drink and stood up, stretching dramatically so that your top lifted and Luke got a full view of your thong.  He coughed, choking slightly on his drink then placed it down.  It was almost finished so you strolled over to him.

“Let me get you a refill,”  you grinned.  You lifted the glass and pretended to drop it.  Juice spilled over Luke’s crotch and he jumped to his feet.

“Oh my god!” You cried out, “I am so sorry.  Here let me dry it.”

Luke suppressed a loud groan as you tugged your t-shirt off and used it as a cloth. He couldn’t hold back the next whimper to leave his lips as your hand brushed against his growing erection.

“Ugh you know what take them off and I’ll chuck them in the dryer,”  you decided and Luke didn’t stop you as you pulled the button loose in his jeans and lowered the zip but when your hands reached for the waistband to discard of his jeans he stopped you.

“We shouldn’t,”  he whispers.

“Dry your jeans?”

“I know what you’re doing,” he informs you.

You simply smile and bat your eyelashes.

“I’m just drying your jeans Luke.”

“In your underwear?”

“I’m sorry does this bother you?” You ask sweetly.

“A little,” Luke admits and you can hear the longing in his low voice.

“Oh sorry hang on,”  You reach round and unhook your bra, letting your breasts fall loose, “Is this better?”

Luke is frozen to the spot, his body rigid and eyes wide and on your nipples.

You smile up at him, waiting.  Any minute now he would give in.  You knew he would and you couldn’t wait to leave hickeys on those gorgeous collarbones.

“Fuck it,” Luke grunted as you were forced back on to the couch and finally the real fun began.  He latched his lips to one nipple and you cried out at the electric wave it sent through your body.  His hand came up to the other breast and gently rolled your nipple between his thumb and forefinger.  You purred lightly, savouring the feeling.  You could feel his soft stubble against your breast and his cold lip ring against your nipple and it felt amazing.  God you wanted him.  You wanted him right inside you, filling you up with his hard length.

“Oh Luke,” you moaned, “I need you to fuck me.”

“Hmm,”  Luke smirked against your chest but he pulled back a moment later and you gasped as he removed his top, showing off his broad chest and tight abs.  You let your hands wander over him, feeling his soft skin under your fingers then you leant in and pressed your lips to his collarbone, sucking wildly.  Luke loved it.  He groaned out loud and his fingers dug in to your back, gripping you closer.  You moved your lips and trailed them up to his ear.

“Take me,” you whispered.

You obliged as Luke pushed you back down so you were lying on the sofa, him on top of you.  You watched him as he pushed your panties aside and ran a finger up your folds, humming in appreciation.

“You’re definitely ready for me,”  he smirked and you nodded, wide eyed.

He gulped and looked right at you.

“This is so wrong,”  he whispered.

“Then why does it feel so good?”  You replied.  You could see him starting to convince himself not to go through with this and you knew you shouldn’t but you couldn’t stop now that you had started.  You sat up and crashed your lips to him in a feverish frenzy.  He kissed you back, tongue exploring your mouth, skimming over yours with a carnal lust, savouring every bit of your taste.  You moaned in to his mouth and that was enough to ignite him again.  He shoved you back and you blushed as he gripped his jeans and boxers and yanked them down so they were just past his balls, his length springing loose and hitting up against his stomach.  He dug in his pocket and yanked out his wallet and a condom from in there.  You watched as he pinched the top and slid it on with ease.

He didn’t speak a word but grabbed your legs, forced them apart and lifted your ass up slightly so your crotch was level with him.  You mewled slightly as he lined himself up then you cried out in satisfaction as he slammed in to you.  Your body jerked back against the arm of the sofa and you lifted your hands up to grip his hair.  Your lips met again as he continued to thrust and you could feel that nagging tingling in the pit of your stomach.  It was slowly creeping up your body and you were gasping in to his mouth, panting for breath.  Sweat was pouring from both of you as he fucked you senseless on yours and Calum’s couch.  Both of you swore and moaned as your climaxes neared.  Luke pinned your hands above your head as his thrusts became sloppy and you saw him bite down on his lip as he struggled not to come.  It was enough to push you over and you let go, coming in a swirl of colours as your eyes clenched shut and you called out his name.  Your walls tightened around Luke and he could hold it back no longer as he squirted inside you, grunting in relief.  Luke never moved his hand but kept yours pinned above your head as he leaned in and gently kissed your lips again.

placeofold  asked:

Olicity - buried alive (if you are accepting prompts at the moment - this came to mind when I saw your amazing Bones prompts =D)

I know I should be doing these in order, but this one skipped the queue because this scene popped into my head, and I had to write it!


The first thing Felicity’s aware of, is a hand running rhythmically through her hair. Fingers gently teasing, rubbing soothing circles against her head. It’s pleasant, soft and comforting. She burrows deeper into the solid mass beneath her, enjoying the warmth.


Even in her half conscious state she recognizes Oliver’s voice. And then other, less pleasant things drift into her awareness. Like the scratchy, gritty feeling behind her eyes, the cramped position of her arms, and the stuffy air in her lungs. She tries to lift her head, confusion sweeping through her as she realizes she has no idea where she is. But a hand holds her tighter, keeping her head pressed against what she’s just registering is Oliver’s chest.

“What’s happening?” She mumbles, her voice sounding thick and foreign to her own ears.

“It’s okay. Just try to stay relaxed.” He says gently.

He sounds calm, but she can hear the slight edge. The note of… She almost wants to say fear. Her eyes flutter open, and she blinks, meeting nothing but darkness.

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Fic: Poem Without Words (16/?) (M)

Author’s note: Floss and toothpaste for the sugary fluff, people. With added serious relationship talk. Chapters like these are my crack. ;)

Also posted: / AO3

Chapter 16

Emma burrowed deeper under the comforter, automatically tucking her feet between Killian’s. She was still a blanket hog, but she’d gotten accustomed to him sleeping beside her. His arm was thrown loosely over her hip, the patchwork quilt light against the blue of the comforter. She knew if she opened her eyes she’d see his sleeping face, so relaxed and boyish. It never failed to tug at her heartstrings.

It was early still, however. She’d arrived the evening before after working what amounted to a double shift at Granny’s over the weekend. It was just starting to snow when she pulled into his driveway. He took one look at her and drew her a bath, bringing her a tray of snacks. He was so sweet about it, but she was so, so tired. After the bath, she promptly fell asleep, leaving Killian to tuck her in. Not exactly their most romantic or sexy interlude.

Her internal clock told her it wasn’t yet time to wake up to get ready for class; she had this vaguely formed idea of making him breakfast for a change, since she’d been such a lousy date the previous night. But she was too warm and sleepy still. It could wait. She tucked her head against his chest and let his unique scent lull her back to sleep.

When she woke up again, they were entwined, the quilt falling off Killian’s shoulder as he clung to her for warmth. His thigh was between her legs, his nose buried in her cleavage. He was warm and solid and oh so adorable. She smiled into his hair, pressing a featherlight kiss to the crown of his head.

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