can we just take a moment to appreciate how perfect my otp is

My Take On SnB:VS Episode 13 Pure ChariNina trash here, also long. VERY LONG. I MEAN VERY.

I can’t. For the love of me I can’t. I literally screamed my head off this episode. Girl at first I was like: aw hell, I need to get my sht together and analyze this episode because this is gonna be a gruesome fight.

And then this beautiful thing happened

And thus I knew I was fkced. Screw the analyzation of the intense fight and let’s fangirl about all of this beauty that’s being fed to us by Kami himself. (Also can we appreciate how they hold on to each other when Charioce caught Nina?)


First up, I love this. It’s so perfect, so sweet I died. I know it’s not that much, I mean he just caught Nina and IS JUST HOLDING HER OH SO GENTLY AND PROTECTIVELY. Not a big deal right? 

Second up, ooh nuuuuuu baby Chari your eye TT-TT

(Hold up, lemme fangirl at the way he looks at Nina. So what if I’m making a big deal out of everything? I mean I can see an undertone of worry in his look. Still though, your eye Chari.)

*Nina regains consciousness and fangirls at the beauty in front of her*

*Charioce noticing Nina’s awake and smiles at her fangirliness making me fangirl even more*




Now here we have Nina looking at Charioce with a pout while blushing.

*When bae did something wrong but you still love him*

*Arguing with bae*

SHT MY HEART. This is the second time Charioce’s asked Nina this and now I can definitely say he aint saying it to mock her! Plus, Chari looks like he’s a child who wants candy and just can’t stop asking for it.

*When you in an argument and bae just smiles like prince charming up at you while kneeling in front of you*


Okay okay, something more serious now.

I can’t help but feel happy to know that even though Nina knows the situation she’s in she still trusts that Charioce will help her, I mean really, Nina knows Charioce is the source of all of this and yet she still trusts that Chari will help her,

See? Even Chari is confused/shocked by this.

He’s even more shocked when she does this. (Just open your arms and catch her darling) Also, I really liked that in this scene Chari’s first instinct was to grab his sword but stopped and opened his arms to catch her. *faints*

Me during this: Nina, chill.

Still me: Nina, chill! Charioce is shooketh!

Chari is shooketh x 3. (Still, I aint complaining with what Nina is asking huehuehue)

Somewhere deep in Charioce’s head: Is she serious?

Somewhere deep in Nina’s head: Yes I’m serious

Me: Oh.


Admit it! I aint the only btch that thought instead of a hug Chari was going to kiss her.

That hug though, such intensity. It’s as if the entire world stopped for a minute to appreciate how perfect they are.

I have no idea how many timed I’ve died today.

Lemme be honest, when Nina told Chari to hug her I really was thinking that he was only going to hug her while Nina stays frozen in her spot encircled in Charioce’s arms. I didn’t expect her to encircle her arms around his neck and hug him back!

Also, Chari hugging Nina like she’s the most precious thing in this entire world gave me life. LIFE I TELL YOU, LIFE! I mean just look at that peaceful smile, it’s a smile of a person who believes that at that moment everything is perfect.

*When ya girl turns into a dragon. Literally.* Charioce is shooked.

*Timeskip to after Nina’s brutal and badass fight* Charioce is still shookethed.

How to fall in love with a dragon.

Cute head tilting dragon Nina is cute.

How to fall in love with a dragon 2: Getting closer.

I don’t know why but Charioce looking up at Nina like this just gives me a peek at Charioces’s emotion depth. Like it’s so deep you can’t see it.

Me: Aww.

Me: Wait, what?

Me: … *waits expectantly*



OMG. His touch turned her into a dragon and it was his touch that turned her back.

Charioce is shookethed.

Charioce is shookethed and mezmerized all the the same time.

Charioce looking worriedly at Nina. I can’t, I just can’t.

*timeskip to after Rita and Jeanne take Nina away.*

Ah one last final glance because Chari knows he won’t be seeing Nina for a couple more episodes.

Overall all this damn episode gave me a rollercoaster of feelings that I will be willing to ride again in the future. I love these two to death and will definitely keep on rooting for them. This episode just confirmed so much for me that I’m willing to die for Charioce and Nina.

Well this ends my long a** post, I hope you enjoyed because I made this in a span of like an hour or two. Feel free to reblog or comment!

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OOOH JIMON: "Can we pretend I didn’t just say that?" (make it a love declaration scene and i'll love you forever)


Simon is gonna be late to class, he just knows it. Three months being exclusively nocturnal have really ruined him for normal things like timetables, public transportation and traffic. He gets off on the next station and decides to walk the rest of the way.

Still. Despite his racing thoughts and irrational fear that his professor will hate him forever for being a few minutes late, he’s excited. He’s going back to school! He’ll take classes again and be bored beyond relief over static lectures and be looked down upon by much cooler classmates. Things will go back to something resembling normal.

Simon checks his phone again. Twelve minutes until his class begins. He could use his vampire speed, but the streets are busy and swarming with people. That’d be a little hard to explain. He takes a deep breath and takes wider steps.

Someone bumps into him. 

“You’ve been avoiding me.” 

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Can we all take a moment to appreciate how aesthetically pleasing these two look next to each other? Their hair and eyes colors compliment each other so well. I mean, my God. They’re BEAUTIFUL.


find model!jisoo: here!  model!jennie: here! and model!lisa: here!

  • doesn’t do runway that often because she already has to stand a long ass time for her job, she don’t wanna have to walk in some crazy high heels too
  • only does it when a lot of her other friends are in the same show or her company won’t let her refuse
  • like “rose… this is gucci. you can not say no to gucci.”
  • she’ll put 110% effort into any project she does, though
  • this is her job, after all, and she does enjoy it, and it makes it even better knowing that she put her best effort into it
  • this girl is the LITERAL definition of photogenic
  • like, most people have at least one funny photo of them out there somewhere, but rose? has? none?
  • not even from her pre teen years, like EVERYONE has a cringe middle school year, but hers like fricken amazing
  • jisoo tried to make it her life mission to get a derpy photo of rose, but literally every time she took a photo of her off guard, it just looked like a really beautiful candid
  • eventually, jisoo gave up, she was just like ‘screw this, you’re too beautiful, i give up’
  • did i mention that she has the cutest friendship with wendy? like, obviously she’s closest to jisoo, jennie, and lisa, but her wendy have had such good chemsitry since day 1, like they just get along so well, it’s v v v cute
  • was once in a music video for TVXQ, and jisoo almost cried (she actually cried), but rose was like ‘i gotchu, boo’
  • then proceeded to bring jisoo to the filming site (with permission ofc) and introduced for to Yunho and Changmin and jisoo got to talk with them and take pictures with them, and they even gave her a hug right before she left
  • jisoo was so over the moon that she showed up at rose’s apartment a week later and was like ‘pack your bags, we’re going on a vacation, i already cleared it with your company.’
  • and rose was like ?? omg, jisoo, this is so last minute?? where are we even going??
  • *jisoo, throwing clothes into a suitcase*: it’s a surprise
  • turns out they were going to australia. rose started crying when she saw her family waiting for her there at the airport. jennie and lisa were there as well, and they were like: ‘we’re gonna let you hang with your family for a week, we’ll meet you back here in a week’
  • rose: ‘i love you all so much?’
  • the rest of bp: ‘we know’
  • rose has this habit of saying ‘wait, what?’ even though she heard and understood everything perfectly, and jennie just sighs and gives her a few seconds to catch up with the conversation
  • her and lisa always competing to see who can eat a fried chicken the fastest, and it always ends up in a tie
  • you’re actually fairly close to rose because you’re a photographer that works with a brand that rose models for a lot
  • and rose is your favorite model to work with because, while she is immensely photogenic, she’s also a sweetheart that takes interest in what you do as well?
  • like, models don’t need to know what kind of camera you’re using or the type of equipment you prefer, but rose is always so interested?
  • like, ‘oh, are you using a new camera today? what type is it? what are the good points of this camera? would you recommend it?’
  • sometimes she’s scared she’s being annoying by asking too many questions, but you always reassure her that you actually love it when she does that? it’s endearing, and you appreciate her making conversation over something you’re interested in
  • she constantly expresses that your photos of her are her favorite, and she’s always showing off your photos on her instagram and @ ing you and telling all her followers to go follow you!
  • someone named @bobbykim keeps commenting ‘my otp, i’m fanboying’ whenever you two make a post about each other
  • your friend/coworker joy keeps trying to get you to ask her out, but you keep going ‘she’s just being nice, i don’t think she sees me in that way’
  • and it takes you guys traveling to a different continent to finally figure that out, like hot damn, you guys couldn’t have figured this out at home
  • like the both of you had been flown out to europe for an exclusive photo shoot, and rose is so excited to hear that you’re the photographer that she calls up lisa and is like ‘THE CUTE PHOTOGRAPHER IS HERE’ and lisa is just calmly like ‘you guys are in the city of love, do not let me down by coming back single’ and hangs up bc international calls are expensive af
  • and rose kinda stands there contemplating her options when you come up to greet her
  • and you end up scaring the living day lights out of her, causing her to trip and fall
  • profusely apologizing but rose insisting that she’s alright, she was spacing out, so it’s partially her fault
  • que a slightly awkward silence, followed by rose asking if you were doing anything after the shoot ended
  • you: ‘i was thinking about walking around a little, but i’m afraid of getting lost alone and not being able to communicate with anyone’
  • rose *outloud*: ‘oh! well, i’m actually pretty fluent in the language and was looking for someone to go sightseeing with me. would you be interested?’
  • ofc you say yes, you’re still in your right mind
  • and it’s perfect, sightseeing with rose as she shows you into her favorite shops and has you try some food that you can’t even pronounce the name of
  • but something in the back of your head keeps bugging you because
  • is this a date? or is rose just being nice and friendly?
  • your question is answered at 8:00 in the evening, when the sun starts setting, and all the sudden you feel a really soft? and warm hand? slipping into yours?
  • and you look over to find rose looking down at her shoes, blushing profusely
  • your heart melts, she just looks so pure and beautiful, so you just loosen her grip a little, only to properly entwine your fingers together
  • if you had a heart reading on rose in that moment, it would be the most dramatic drop, and then a rapid increase, most people would be like ‘that is not healthy’
  • rose looking at you with wide eyes, and you just shyly going ‘i prefer to hold hands tightly’
  • she swears she could have just kissed you in that moment but she was like @ me….. chill
  • everyday for the week you two are in paris, you and rose spend it getting to know each other a little better, sipping wine on her hotel balcony, and even taking a picture of her as the sun sets behind her.
  • that picture is your pride and joy, and is now in a frame, sitting on the nightstand next to your bed
  • as you two come back, lisa is already at the airport, waiting for rose, and she’s sad when rose emerges, without you by her side, because… did it not… happen
  • but, no, lisa, it’s only because you two took different flights, and you’ll be arriving tomorrow morning
  • rose doesn’t tell her that, though. she decides to surprise lisa by going to their scheduled lunch date 4 days later, with your hand entwined with hers.
  • lisa flipping in the middle of the restaurant and jennie being like… lisa… pls… we’re in public
  • bobby+jennie+jisoo: ‘we all called it, sit down and decide what you want to eat, you’ve been staring at the menu for half an hour.’
  • rose falling more in love with you when she sees how well you get along with her friends
  • and eventually falling in love with you again when she sees how much you enjoy being around her family
  • a while after you start dating, rose takes on the habit of taking photos of you for a change
  • you’re really shy about it at first because ‘i’ve only ever been behind the camera’
  • rose reassuring you, saying ‘while a camera can’t capture all of your beauty, it’s nice to have something to remind me of you when we’re not together’
  • every model you ever worked with now knows you and rose are dating, and it’s like?? how??
  • everyone in a 100 mile radius: she likes to tell anyone and everyone about how perfect you are
  • concept: the next time you and rose do a shoot together, rose is naturally more flirty and cute, and while you two are looking over the photos together later on, you’re like ‘is it me, or did rose get more beautiful some how?’ and joy, from ten feet behind you two just goes: ‘I WANT TO MAD BY ALL THIS MUSHY CRAP, BUT IT’S SO CUTE THAT I CAN’T’
  • then rose smiling shyly at that and giving you a kiss on the cheek while joy takes a picture
  • which is now your phone background because it was just too cute

should i do another model!au with another group after i finish lisa’s, or should i do another au? let me know!

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i absolutely in love with bruiseshipping too! And I was wondering why you like them so much? I just love how their character developments involve one another!

//breathes in
Sorry for any spelling errors. Im writing on mobile.

I’m leaving this TL;DR version here.

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Hi, so I’ve noticed that in this particular fandom there is so much hate between ships. I am heavily displeased with ship wars, so what I’m about to do, is to put all my opinion about all ships in bsd in an attempt to somewhat make you understand how fucking stupid ship wars is. What we should do is support everyone in every way since in this fandom, we should love all and be loved. I will talk about as many ships as possible, look for yours or message me about your ship so I can put my trashy opinion on it. This’ll be long. Okay, let’s begin.

- I will be rating the ship’s popularity according to how much I see it on my feed, on Twitter, and some observations. My popularity rating is not canon in any way -

⊳ Soukoku [popularity: most popular] - I think Chuuya and Dazai are very very cute for each other. In our shippy world, what their relationship is seen as Chuuya getting mad at Dazai for every little thing but secretly (or not so secretly) loves him. Dazai is then this chill guy who would profess his love for Chuuya so recklessly yet sincerely — and it’s honestly so fucking cute. I also love how they can be cute and fucking smexy at the same time. Like shit. This ship can take my ass. Fuck me over man. But if we were to look into the sad sad canon world, their relationship could be two things; extreme friendship built on trust, or an unhealthy hateful relationship. This is how it truly is, please accept this. The canon world cannot touch us though. All hail, Soukoku!

⊳ AtsuDazai [popularity: very popular] - Two words; Sexily fluffy. Atsushi is an innocent doe no matter who he’s shipped with (I’m sorry bub), and even with Dazai on the boat, this wouldn’t change. A senpai and his subordinate. Imagine Dazai exploring every intimate thing between them, and Atsushi just being downright flustered. Christ. Take me to hell people. In the canon world though, there’s Atsushi admiring Dazai and Dazai being proud of Atsushi all the time. In the shippy world, or canon world: I’d say their relationship is pretty damn cute. I’m all for this.

⊳ AkuAtsu, Shin Soukoku [popularity: very popular] - Salt. Salty. Saltiness. This relationship is pure salt and bitterness in both worlds. Salt, that just needs a dash of sugar to taste okay. Akutagawa is this guy who’s envious of Atsushi, and Atsushi is this guy who just wants him off his ass; though the latter wouldn’t mind getting along with him, the former not giving fucks at all. Their relationship in the shippy world could be connected to the canon world, but in the shippy world it develops into something… more. Picture Akutagawa attempting to kill Atsushi with Rashomon, but then Atsushi dodges, comes in front and kisses him — then Akutagawa unexpectedly blushes and thinks about it for 4 months. That’s exactly what I’m talking about.

⊳ AkuHigu [popularity: popular] - I don’t give a fuck about what anyone thinks, this ship is one of my OTPs. This ship has a capability of being canon, and that’s what makes it more exciting to support. I love Higuchi’s character so much, she’s so relatable and adorable. Then there’s Akutagawa who’s stoic and brooding; imagine that cold ass attitude warming up to Higuchi. And how happy Higuchi would be, so happy that she hugs Akutagawa unintentionally everytime and Akutagawa pretending he doesn’t like it (inside he’s like, “Holy fuck her breast is pressing up against me, is that okay? She smells nice. This is unfair. How do you so this to me?”). Or another alternate relationship for them is Higuchi treating him like her own son. Now, wouldn’t that be cute?

⊳ AtsuLucy [popularity: fairly popular] - I honestly can’t fucking understand how this ship is so under appreciated! Their moments! That stark naked moment! I’m mad! Fuck! Do y'all have any idea how cute this is? Shy-but-tough Lucy blushing as Atsushi does something unexpected without meaning to. Both of them being clueless as what to do in a relationship. They’re just so shippable! I love Lucy. I love Atsushi. I love them both. I love them together. I need more AtsuLucy content! Draw me some fucking Atsulucy! Give me an AtsuLucy graphic! Please! I love this! Plus, the fact that this ship has the highest possibility of being canon; and when it “does” become canon, everybody can suck our asses. Ha!

⊳ AtsuKyou [popularity: popular] - Words can’t even describe how much I love this ship. Honestly, I could see them as a couple, or as siblings, or as BFFs and it would all be the same — motherfucking cute. Like! Just! Imagine! Kyouka calling Atsushi “Onii-chan”! Oh my God. Kyouka and Atsushi sharing a kiss through a piece of spaghetti noodle! Holy balls. AtsuKyou sharing BFF bracelets! My Lord. You could look at this ship in any way you want, romantic or platonic, and nothing would change the fact that they will always prioritize each other. They will protect one another no matter what. My babies. So pure, so sweet. I will personally kill any rotten bastard who hates on this ship just because of the measly 4-year age gap (The only problem is that she is a minor! Christ, people need to calm down. They will age! They are fictional!). Y'all shipped Sebastian (over 100 years old) and Ciel (13 years old) yet no one said a word (“Oh, because it’s gay and it’s cute!” Shut the fuck up lol). So we can ship AtsuKyou as much as we want. Sit yer fuckin’ ass down.

⊳ AkuDazai [popularity: popular] - Another ship that I am very ready to cry for. Y'all. Akutagawa is cute. The way he reacts to Dazai is just… it makes me want to smack Dazai’s head and tell him “You go and praise him, you lazy bastard! Stop your suicidal thoughts for a second and! Notice! Him!”. Though I think this ship would be really cute, you can’t deny that it would be a little one-sided. I could just imagine Akutagawa being that clingy boyfriend lmfao (“Who’s that? Are you calling someone? What’s under your bandage? Why can’t you see me? Ignore your new subordinate goddammit!”). But Dazai loves him as well. And in the canon world, I only see a very strong kouhai admiring his senpai and awaiting his every action. It’s cute, either way.

⊳ ChuuAku [popularity: fairly popular] - I don’t have much to say about this ship. The fanarts are super adorable. Chuuya seems like the one who’d tease Akutagawa to no end about his obsession for Dazai, but kisses him lightly once he notices that Akutagawa is offended. And as for a canon scenario, well it’s the same: minus the kissing part. Sigh.

⊳ Yosanpo, Ranpokiko, Ransano [popularity: fairly popular] - Another under appreciated ship! Another thing to be salty about! I need more of these! Can you all just imagine? A psychotic doctor dating a childish genius detective — it’s fucking perfect! Screw me over with this! Don’t even dare to fight me on this. Their child will be a fucking badass, I know it! Though, though; I could also definitely see them as two crazy people with the best friendship as well. It’s friggin’ cool. They have each other’s backs, and for that particular chapter; we can all surmise that they care so much for each other. It’s perfect. They’re perfect. I would support this wholeheartedly.

⊳ KunikiDazai [popularity: fairly popular] - This. This ship. This ship is one of the many things I love about BSD ships. They’re just. Mom and dad, you know? They’re like an old married couple! I love this ship as much as I love my parents. Like, I need more of this too. This deserves appreciation! Blind fuckers! Not only is their ship so shippable, I also really really love their partnership in the canon world. Honestly, Chuuya deserves credit as a partner, but so does Mom — I mean Kunikida! They work so well together despite being incompatible. And what I love about them is that they don’t hate each other. It’s refreshing. Kunikida just lowkey gets annoyed at him, and Dazai just lowkey wants to annoy him. God, I love it.

⊳ KunikiAtsu [popularity: fair] - All I can think about this ship is Kunikida calling Atsushi “brat”. I could see what these shippers love about these two. It’s like a mother-son relationship in the canon world, but in the shippy world I see it like this: Atsushi kissing Kunikida, and Kunikida saying he is “not gay” while blushing and unintentionally letting Atsushi do what he wants. Good shit, eh?

⊳ JunichiAomi, Tanizaki siblings [popularity: fair] - I don’t want to see them no more as siblings who care for each other. Honestly, this ship makes me uncomfortable. I’ve never been into that brother sister complex, especially not incest. I support them as family. That’s all. If they weren’t siblings, then I would definitely ship them. But, no. I can’t. Sorry if you support this, but I’ve nothing good to say to anyone who sees them romantically. I will just keep it to myself so I don’t hurt you, at least. They’re a NOTP for me.

⊳ RanZawa [popularity: fair] - I cannot see this more than a child wanting his father/idol’s attention. Ranpo’s reaction to his praises is cute. Fukuzawa is fucking daddy. But I don’t ship them romantically. Too much age difference there. 26 - 45. Hm. Not good.

⊳ MorElise, EliMori [popularity: unpopular] - Believe it or not, I’ve actually seen some people who ship this. And I am, thoroughly, disgusted. This! This man, is a father figure to the child! Let them rest! Let them be a family! It’s like shipping a baby bean with a watermelon! Please don’t. This is my official number one NOTP.

⊳ SteinCraft [popularity: unpopular] - I don’t know, this seems… a bit… weird? And just so platonic? But funny? But I love them both. So if you ship them, I shall be there to support you throughout your journey, dear one!

⊳ AkuKyou [popularity: fair] - AtsuKyou was considerable, but the age difference here kind of makes me want to back off. 20 - 14? If that’s acceptable in your eyes, then I’ll leave you at that. But I see them more as comrades. Good comrades, if Akutagawa treats her better. After all, he only wanted what he thought was good for her. Good for you, though. I’ll be with you through the bitter end.

⊳ NaoSano [popularity: unpopular] - Admit it, you NaoSano shipper there. You started to ship them when you saw that official art. With Naomi and Yosano looking hot. It was hot. I can admit. The gay was real, man. I think this’ll be a cute relationship, wih Yosano being the mature and controlling one. And Naomi just lowkey being mischievous. Like it.

⊳ KenjiKyou [popularity: fair] - Oh my Goodness! This ship is really cute. It’s like puppy-middle-school love. I love it! But seeing how oblivious Kenji is, and how expressionless Kyouka is; they would be a too-chill couple. I can imagine the two of them not texting, calling nor dating at all; but they’re still alright. Sharing cake and shit. In the platonic side, I see them as playmates. Strong ass playmates. Disaster.

⊳ AlFitz, FitzCott [popularity: fair] - If you ship this, then I won’t judge you. They are potentially cute together. Alcott is freaking adorable, and I can imagine Fitz protecting her. But since Daddy Fitz is married, I cannot, even for a moment, think of them romantically. More like a student to his sensei. That kinda thing. Because in shipping this, fiction or not, you’re disrupting a sacred marriage, you’re actually making him cheat on Zelda (whom he loves dearly). And as for me, I’d rather not.

⊳ YumeLise [popularity: unpopular] - I don’t know, I’ve seen one fanart of them togeher before so I included Yumeno and Elise. I can see them having cute kid crushes on each other, but at the same time, being psychotic friends; killing people with adorable faces and all that yandere shit. Cool stuff

⊳ RanPoe [popularity: fairly popular] - I cannot stress about how much I love this ship. And the ship name! It’s just so perfect! I mean, this sort of gives me the AkuDazai vibe with Poe idolizing Ranpo; but I seriously love this so much more! I’m so sorry. Poe is such an adorable bean pie cinnamon roll, I could just picture it all! Ranpo giving him riddles that he would get a kiss for if he answers right, and Poe desperately solving all those riddles just to kiss him. Poe being awkward at everything, and Ranpo loving every second of it. Oh God! I could even love their relationship in the canon world. They’re bond is that of literary geniuses, and it’s nothing like other.

╔That’s all of the ship I could think about. If you have any other ships, no matter how rare they are, even if they have no interaction at all (except in your fantasies); I am more than glad to talk about it! Message me/Submit the ship name to me and I will say my opinion about it. OR, IF YOU SIMPLY WANT TO TALK ABOUT ANY OF THE SHIPS HERE, I WILL BE VERY HONORED TO TALK ABOUT IT. SO MESSAGE ME. PLEASE. I’M DESPERATE.╝

╔Anyways, see what I did? I supported every ship (excluding the NOTPs) and I’m happy for them all — my life is fucking peaceful. So rather than putting salt in other ships, why not just love them all? IT’S. SO. FUN. REALLY. I also don’t think it’s wise to compare your ships, because no matter how large or small the fanbase is; your ship will be your ship. Live and be proud to ship it.╝

╔And stop ship hating. Except when it is really wrong. Even if it was wrong, you should just express dislike. I hate the word “hate”, see. If you’re a proud BSD trash, then be an honorable one.╝

╔Reblog to save a life.╝

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[commander-cullywully. tumblr. com/post/134151183017/otp-question-meme] can you do all of this to CodyWan? We already know some answers from your fics, but may be when you'll have nothing to do)

  1. Who is the most affectionate?
    Obi-Wan, though neither of them are very demonstrative in public. Cody’s very happy to be on the receiving end of Obi-Wan’s tendency to cling.

  2. Big spoon/Little spoon?
    Big = Cody, little = Obi

  3. Most common argument?
    In canon, I am very much in agreement with the “Will you just WEAR ARMOR FOR FUCK’S SAKE” thing that Cody definitely has going on.

  4. Favorite non-sexual activity?
    Modern-day AU: cooking at home. Canon era: joint meditation or quiet moments when they’re wrapping up their administrative work for the battalion on their way back from the front.

  5. Who is most likely to carry the other?
    Cody has probably developed a surefire technique for throwing his general over his shoulder and hightailing it the fuck out of the latest battlefield explosion. The times when Obi-Wan is still conscious are actually kind of fun. When he’s not conscious, not so much.

  6. What is their favorite feature of their partner’s?
    For Cody, Obi-Wan’s build, because the difference between them is distinct enough that it’s noticeable and perfect for cuddling purposes; for Obi-Wan, Cody’s hair, because it’s perfect for getting his hands into it.

  7. What’s the first thing that changes when they realize they have feelings for the other?
    Their professional relationship becoming purely professional; whereas beforehand it had been gently teasing (on Obi-Wan’s part) or accommodating (on Cody’s), now that they actually have a romantic outlet it means there’s a stricter barrier between work and play.

  8. Nicknames? & if so, how did they originate?
    None. Obi-Wan has too much respect for Cody’s name, and Cody too much respect for Obi-Wan’s rank. (That being said, in my modern AU fics I have a tendency for Cody to call Obi-Wan ‘babe’ and you will pry that from my cold dead hands.)

  9. Who worries the most?
    Cody, but only because Obi-Wan has strenuously made sure he doesn’t worry about anything too much - he wouldn’t be able to function otherwise.

  10. Who remembers what the other one always orders at a restaurant?
    Obi-Wan remembers what Cody likes; Cody is easy-going enough that he doesn’t really realize he has a routine until Obi points it out to him. 

  11. Who tops?

  12. Who initiates kisses?
    A fairly even split, I think.

  13. Who reaches for the other’s hand first?
    Obi-Wan, on the battlefield, because it’s the quickest way to get Cody out of the path of a blaster bolt.

  14. Who kisses the hardest?
    Cody because he knows Obi-Wan can take it, or will match him.

  15. Who wakes up first?
    Cody, because his body clock will never ever get deprogrammed.

  16. Who wants to stay in bed just a little longer?
    Obi-Wan, Creature of the Quilt Lagoon. Extracting him is a chore.

  17. Who says I love you first?
    Cody, not expecting (or perhaps even needing) a reply.

  18. Who leaves little notes in the other’s one lunch? (Bonus: what does it usually say?)
    I’m not sure I can see either of them doing this - though they would definitely be able to put layers of meaning into their GAR communiques without anyone else noticing. 

  19. Who tells their family/friends about their relationship first?
    Given their company, it’s not so much a matter of telling people as it is every little nosy shit in their lives (i.e. everyone) poking and prodding and being suspicious of their happiness until they figure it out. *G*

  20. What do their family/friends think of their relationship?
    Rex et al will not shut up about it. Cody is very glad he has had the most rigorous anti-interrogation training the Kaminoans can devise. The Jedi, for the most part, don’t quite understand it, but trust Obi-Wan to make his own decisions.

  21. Who is more likely to start dancing with the other?
    Obi-Wan is very touchy-feely when tipsy. Things kind of go from there. (Oh man what if they were like that scene between Gaby and Ilya in Man from U.N.C.L.E. ahhHHHH)

  22. Who cooks more/who is better at cooking?
    Either of them; they’re both dedicated to a certain idea of process and enjoyment of a task which makes them pretty good at following recipes or keeping a home.

  23. Who comes up with cheesy pick up lines?
    Obi-Wan, but with that combination smirk-twinkle-giggle thing he’s got going on they somehow work. Or at least, Cody appreciates them.

  24. Who whispers inappropriate things in the other’s ear during inappropriate times?
    Cody, actually, says them into Obi-Wan’s ear. Because he’s got the better poker face, and it’s high entertainment to watch Obi-Wan try (and fail) to not crack.

  25. Who needs more assurance?
    Obi-Wan. After a while, Cody starts to realize that he’s the only one whose platitudes Obi-Wan seems to actually believe.

  26. What would be their theme song?
    Because @swdomesticverse actually made me write a fic featuring it - John Legend’s ‘All of Me.’ *G*

  27. Who would sing to their child back to sleep?
    Either/both; Cody judiciously modifies his more filthy barrack songs and Obi-Wan has a surprising talent for lullabies.

  28. What do they do when they’re away from each other?
    Be patient. They’ve been through enough in the war to drum them out of habit and to accept, if not embrace, spontaneity. They’ll take their next meeting as and when they can. 

  29. one headcanon about this OTP that breaks your heart
    ….headcanon? Have you seen their canon? Well, okay, here’s one that I’m actually in the middle of writing: the chip doesn’t just enforce obedience, it represses memory. It takes until Cody finds his way to a back-alley surgeon to even remember what it was he and Obi-Wan were to each other. 

  30. one headcanon about this OTP that mends it
    I.e. basically everything I ever write? *s* Cody finds his way to Tatooine. Doesn’t matter how long it takes, or what shape he’s in when he gets there: Tatooine, as it turns out, is a place where anyone can rediscover personhood, and he does. He refuses to have it any other way.
Beethoven and The Doctor

I originally called this “Cupcakes and Confessions,” which I feel is a cringeworthy title, not that “Beethoven and The Doctor” is any better. Anyway…I also edited this and added a huge chunk at the end.

Just for clarification, this snippet and the one to follow take place October 12, 2018. The team celebrated Reid’s 24th birthday in S1E4, “Plain Sight,” which aired October 12, 2005. S7E11, “True Genius,” which aired January 18, 2012, had them belatedly celebrating Boy Wonder’s 30th birthday. I’m going with an October birthday for Reid because, well, duh. I’m also keeping his age ambiguous.

Stories don’t need to be told chronologically, so I’ll be jumping around a little. The next part will cover the party and provide a lovely segue to the actual start of Spencer and the OC’s relationship.

Finally: drawing isn’t my strong suit, but I felt that the fic needed something extra.

Word count: 2,058 (I’m long winded, sorry.) Proofread, hopefully no mistakes.

It was a bright, warm October morning in Washington, D.C. Penelope Garcia and Derek Morgan strode into the apartment building swiftly, the former with an air of sheer determination, the latter with one of mild trepidation.

“Baby Girl, I’m not so sure we should -”

“Shush, you,” Garcia interjected, playfully slapping Derek on the arm. “This. Is. Happening. I put a lot of thought into today’s festivities and he will have fun, even if it kills him.”

Morgan raised his arm in front of her, halting their climb up the stairs. He had a stern expression on his face. “Penelope, Reid said he didn’t want a huge fuss on his birthday,” he said reproachfully.

“Oh, he doesn’t know what he wants,” Garcia countered as she rolled her eyes and waved her hand dismissively.

Morgan released a heavy sigh, resignedly following the clickety-clack of Penelope’s ridiculously high heels when she resumed her journey up the staircase. “He did agree to dinner with everyone tonight, but as much as he’ll love spending time with us, it’ll also exhaust him. We know how overstimulated Reid gets – all that noise, the camera flashes, the crowd – he needs quiet time alone to prepare himself for that.”

They had reached Reid’s floor. Garcia paused on the landing before turning to face Morgan. She looked crestfallen and slightly ashamed of herself. “I know, you’re right,” she conceded, “I…but,” she pouted as she defiantly raised the platter in her hands, “…Doctor Who cupcakes.”

Morgan flashed his impossibly white smile. “I know, Mamma. I worry about him too. Let’s leave these at his door and we can text him so he knows they’re out here. That work for you?”

Garcia, however, wasn’t paying attention to him. “Shhh, can you hear that?”

Morgan listened for a second, then he caught it; somebody nearby was playing an electric guitar. More like making it sing. “They’re talented, whoever they are…ummm, is that…Beethoven?”

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Reasons Why Bebop & Rocksteady RULE OOTS
  • Yannow, our very first look at them you take em seriously.  They’re all chained up in the back of a high security vehicle, ready to be escorted to prison.  Rocksteady’s all grim and that ultra close-up on Bebop’s profile is sinister as fuck. These guys are dangerous! They’ve done some serious crime and now they’re gonna do some serious time. Why else are they being transported with the Shredder? Just the three of them?
  • Then they both sigh in relief he’s shackled up away from them. Okay, they’re knuckleheads. Dangerous knuckleheads, maybe, but knuckleheads all the same. <3
  • Rocksteady’s all fangirling and Bebop’s just supportive af of it. How many times has he listened to Rocksteady sigh and swoon over the Shredhead? Now the moment has come and he won’t let his man miss his chance.
  • That POP on BeBOP is cute af
  • omg they just slide right into a little banter easy as pie and holy shit they’re already having a fucking great time! you can see straight away nothing amuses these guys more than each other and they don’t give a damn if everyone else around them is baffled or bewildered. 
  • “My man!” “My man!” o m ggggggggggggggggg (●♡∀♡)
  • they can’t fist-bump so they foot-bump. Nothing will stop these guys showing their physical appreciation for each other! they’re in love and they don’t care who knows it!
  • wait, their truck is being bombed? explosions all around? mayhem and chaos and possible imminent death? Time to PARTAAAAY! they are all into it and loving every minute. This is the shit these guys live for and you can’t help but revel right along with them. Can you imagine when these guys first started dating? Say what you will, but they sure know how to show a fella a good time. ˉ̶̡̭̭ ( ´͈ ᗨ `͈ ) ˉ̶̡̭̭
  • They might not be that bright, but they know an opportunity when they see one.
  • And there’s some serious satisfaction in watching them bash the snot out of that bland, banal excuse for Casey Jones. or was that just me?
  • “Heeeeey, my name is Be BOP!” I LOVE that moment cos it really shows these guys are mad, bad and dangerous to know. That’s a nasty kick to the face and it’s done in a nastily gleeful way. The fun here is they’re so much damn fun but… you really should take ‘em seriously too. They’re bad guys. 
  • “Hi”. Ditto this moment. He kicks that cop right out the damn truck into the middle of a highway.
  • And the next thing you know, they’re sitting around laughing and toasting each other over it all. Make no mistake, these boys love what they do - especially the nasty bits.
  • Also, it’s so fucking adorable they just go right back to their favourite bar, no disguises, in broad daylight. Dweebs. <3
  • Every single damn thing about them is so boisterous and unrestrained and flamboyant and it is a beauty and a joy forever.
  • Bebop deathstaring the barkeep and cautioning him against making eye contact. It’s hilarious cos it’s hard to take him seriously, but the ironic part is the barkeep probably should…
  • ROCKSTEADY’S WISTFUL LITTLE DREAMY MOMENT OMMMMMGGGGGGGGGFGGGGGGGGGG IT IS SO SWEET THE WAY HE STARES OFF IN YEARNING AND DREAMS SO BIG!  (。♥‿♥。) er… even if his dreams are to start a major crime syndicate. it’s still cute af!
  • And Bebop is right on board with it all, spinning the dream into an even grander fantasy. We know they’re way too incompetent to ever get their shit together and make it happen, but they’ve got each other’s backs all the way. These two would stick together to the bitterest of ends.
  • The way Bebop polishes his knife is hot, shutup. 
  • They’re so very scared of Shredder and it’s so very cute.
  • Look at these dweebs; they’re thrilled to be on board with the big bad Shredhead. Look at his digs, they’re schmick af and what was that he was saying about ultimate power? They’ve hit the jackpot this time! 
  • Looming in the back looking all beefy and badass. If we didn’t know they were such utter dorks, they might even be intimidating.
  • Kids in a candy store, messing around with Baxter’s undoubtedly super expenno and very important equipment. No matter where they are, or what they’re doing, these boys are focused on fun, fun, fun, the messier and naughtier the better. That childlike charm jars oh so deliciously with their thuggery and viciousness. <3
  • AND THEY LOVE IT! Instantly, completely, wholly and unhesitatingly embrace the ever loving fuck out of that shit.  I did NOT expect that, but it makes them all the more delightful. They’re ecstatic, amped up on the new power throbbing through their veins, thrilled by their new bodies. They completely accept each other’s new looks as well, laughing together as Rock squeezes Beebs’ shoulder, not grossed out or put off in the slightest, affirming how strong and deep their bond goes. They’re keen as mustard to find out what all they can do, roughhousing without restraint or rancour, just love, love, love, LOVE.
  • And hey, you wanna know what? I’ve just pegged onto what makes this duo so damn appealing. It’s love. Everything they do, everywhere they go and every dream they have, it’s out of love. Love for each other, love for violence, love for mayhem, love for what they are, love for fun. There’s no hate or spite or anger or bitterness to them. Just joy and amusement and sheer, sweet love.
  • Also their reactions are just so cute. Rocksteady’s waggly ears, the kiss he blows his own dick. Bebop’s dangling jaw and flickering ears, the huge grins they give each other and, of course, the delighted MY MAN. Ooohhh, and Bebop points to Rock. 🎶I know what they’re gonna do laaa-terrrrrr! 🎶 (ᗒᗜᗕ)՛̵̖
  • “Check out my tail! Wiggle wiggle wiggle!” I die.
  • Pigging out on drums filled with spaghetti and meatballs and we can see just how easily they’ve adjusted to their new lifestyle. We all know these guys were slobs before and they’ve just embraced this opportunity to really just unleash their wild sides! 
  • Woah and if you look close, you see it now - Bebop looks upset and confused when it seems at first Rock is telling him he’s not fat! And a big smile just races up his face when Rock tells him he looks REALLY fat! Can these two get any more gorgeous?
  • But - but that means that Rock knew what Bebop wanted to hear and that kind sensitivity in his voice was to reassure his man he’s got nothing to worry about, he’s fat as fuck. OMG THEY JUST GOT EVEN MORE GORGEOUS.
  • Also that whole scene is so obviously foreplay. Slapping that belly, Bebop’s ‘blubby blubby’ sounds, the big grins, the cries of ‘my man!’ - it’s intensely erotic and if Shredder and Karai hadn’t interrupted them, this movie would’ve been x-rated.
  • Also can we celebrate the animation detail? All. that. jiggle. hnnnnnnnng.  ( ♥ ټ ♥ ☚)
  • I’m sure Rocksteady deeply appreciates the suction skills Bebop is showing off right there. *ahem* 
  • The way Beebs grabs Rock for them to charge that meteor shard together, it’s just so cute! <3
  • “Smash it” “That’s what we do!” - and you do it SO well. <3 But seriously, I love that everything they do can basically be boiled down to those two simple words. And I mean everything.
    (ie: each other’s butts)
  • “My speedo’s already packed!” - eeeeeeeee, don’t tease, I wanna see THAT! (๑ ิټ ิ) But omg all that excitement is just too friggin’ cuuuuuute!
  • AHHHHHHHHHHHHH they’re destroying the Amazon rainforest yet somehow it is so damn cute??? Bebop singing along to his tunes, the relaxed happiness on Rocksteady’s face as he joins in, their uninhibited and unrestrained joy as they live it the fuck up!
  • Oooohhhh that fistbump after they blast open the meteor is somehow sexy as fuck??? It’s just so casual, so second nature to them, swoooooon! <3
  • To say nothing of their huge, lumbering forms as they stride towards it.
  • The turtles first look at them. Lost for words. <3
  • Bebop smoothing his ‘hawk, and Rocksteady ain’t too impressed at Mikey’s dig about it either. They got each other. 
  • Their squeaks and snorts and growls and grunts are just <3 <3
  • That clothesline Beebs floors Leo with is BRUTAL.  It’s not fat, it’s POWER.
    Okay, it’s fat too. 
  • And Rocksteady bodyslams Raph like it’s no big thing. Woof!
  • “Woah, MUMMMMYYYYYYYY!” I’m sorry, but it’s beyond adorable that Rock calls for his mum when Raph chucks him across the hull.
  • That little chuckle as he climbs up behind that machine gun! <3
  • “Dude! Seriously?” That’s the closest we ever get to seeing one of them cranky at the other, and he sounds irritated more than anything else. Nothing comes between these two.
  • OMG Rocksteady owns his fuckup like a man. That is a rare thing to see. Hell, not even the tmnt are capable of doing that 90% of the time! Between this, the body positivity, and the unstinting emotional support they show each other, these guys are just about the most adorably social justice warrioring violent, ruthless villains around! ヽ(o♡o)/
  • “This pig is flyinnnnnnnng!” - it’s sheer, solid, 24 carat gold. Bebop, you chubby delight.
  • He just fell 30,000 feet out of a plane and Bebop is still laughing and rearing to go. That bellyflop is the most adorable thing ever. <3
  • Rocksteady is having THE TIME OF HIS LIFE riding that tank down the river, firing the cannon, punching the sky. That is some fine living.
  • EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE the way Rock catches Beebs, “thanks buddy!”, Rock’s hand on his shoulder, Beebs fixing his ‘hawk, the adoring way they gaze at each other, the fistbump, just, just, just, EVERYTHING, god, how are they so fucking perfect??? ♡✧。 (⋈◍>◡<◍)。✧♡
  • BUT HERE’S A GOOD POINT: Beebs and Rock work amazingly as a team. They don’t beat the turtles here because they’re as smart, or as skilled, but because they know how to work together and they’ve always got each other’s backs. From the start of the film that team work has been in effect and serving them hella well. It’s yet another key indication to how functional and actually healthy their relationship with each other is - at this point in the film, more so than the turtles have got!
  • H O L Y S H I T those two big fat boys on their big fat boys, help me, I’m swooning so hard the world is topsy turvy Σ_( ♡ ཀ ♡ 」∠)_
  • Bebop flipping cars easy as that. The mighty power of all that brawn. Hubba hubba. 
  • Rocksteady kicking Casey clear across the room. POW.
  • “Get over here, little boy. Put down that popsicle stick”. (✽´ཫ`✽) *panting heavily*
  • Rocksteady charging whilst Bebop follows close behind on his bike.
  • Rocksteady charging. I mean, WOW. I mean, that’s fucking awesome. I mean, I need a cold shower.
  • The looks on the faces when they realise that’s one of their own damn grenades! (ᗒᗜᗕ)՛̵̖
  • And that final “my man”, complete with the unmistakeable slap of Bebop’s hand on Rocksteady’s shoulder. Even here, when they’re outsmarted, blown up, trapped and defeated, they’re not bickering or blaming each other. They’re still just as affectionate and supportive. The ultimate power couple. <3
  • In conclusion, Bebop and Rocksteady steal a truck, steal an artifact, steal our hearts and ultimately steal the show. They’re two dangerous and vicious criminals who’s idea of a good time is destroying shit, kicking butts and crushing skulls, who show no signs of remorse for any bad deed they’ve done and yet they’re also insanely supportive of each other, totally loyal and devoted, celebrate each other’s bodies, are completely at ease with themselves and easily embrace the dramatic changes they undergo, love to have fun, work brilliantly together as a team without having a single serious squabble or fight, look out for each other all the way and are all too obviously truly, madly, desperately in love. They’re a glorious study in healthy, happy romance and light up our lives every second they’re onscreen, sharing their joy. They’re a precious, precious gift we must all remember to treasure forever, because Bebop and Rocksteady remind us all what it means to live, love and laugh like there’s no tomorrow, and thank god for that. 
“We’d Be Pretty Cute” (Luke Hemmings Imagine)

Originally posted by 5secondsofsummerdaily

Summary: YouTuber!Luke and YouTuber!Y/N haven’t met but they’re heavily shipped by fans.

Requested: Yes

Warnings: There’s literally just one swear word so yeah

A/N: This took so long but I hope you liked it (I wrote this super fast and haven’t proof read it). YouTuber!5sos is pretty awesome ngl

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the skirt is supposed to be this short (harvey/mike) - for rainarahl & lawsonpines13

Mike can’t help but chuckle against Harvey’s chest. They’re both still sweaty and breathless and coming down after the high of some frankly mind blowing sex (not that that’s a surprise, it’s always amazing), and since Mike’s brain works the way it does he can’t help but realize an utterly ridiculously fact.

Harvey’s fingers thread through his hair as he asks, “What is it?”

Mike looks up, chin pressing into Harvey’s chest. “I just realized that this is the last time I’ll ever have premarital sex.”

Harvey rolls his eyes. “Really?”

“I can’t help the way my brain works!”

Harvey laughs. He runs his fingertips down the spine of Mike’s back, and he doesn’t stop there. “Maybe we could get one more round in.”

Mike groans at the touch, but says, “Pretty sure we don’t have time for that.”

Harvey makes a noise of disappointment, but Mike kisses him silent.

“Are you sure about this?” Harvey asks when they break away.

Mike grins at him. “What, the marrying you part, or the I know it was supposed to be just us but I feel guilty about it and can we ask Donna to be our witness at the last minute part?”


Mike kisses him, slow and deep. “I’m sure.”

Honestly, Mike would’ve been totally fine with it just being the two of them, but he doesn’t begrudge Harvey wanting to ask Donna to come along. They were two peas in a pod for a long time, long before Mike and Harvey ever met, so he doesn’t begrudge Harvey this. In fact, he’s surprised Harvey held out so long before asking if it was alright if Donna was their witness since she was here anyway.

“Alright,” Harvey says, grinning, “come on, let’s do this.”

They tumble out of bed and head to the double shower to clean up. Their suite is frankly ridiculous in its opulence, but Harvey had insisted that since they weren’t able to have their honeymoon straight away - they’re planning an overseas trip for next year - then they at least deserved the best room in the hotel for their wedding night. Normally Mike would think such an extravagance was unnecessary, but he didn’t argue the point this time. They were here for a conference, so their days have been filled with boring seminars and networking sessions. It’s been nice to come back to a luxurious room and share the biggest bed he’d ever seen with the man he loved and was about to marry.

Mike wouldn’t say their decision to get married in Vegas was spur of the moment, but it wasn’t a long and thought out plan either. Harvey had proposed less than a month ago, and it became quickly apparent that neither of them needed an extravagant ceremony or reception. Mike has no family and few friends to speak of, and Harvey’s brother has just moved to Macau for work so he wouldn’t be able to make it. Truthfully, the only thing they cared about was getting married to each other, the sooner the better, because when you finally found what you’d been looking for your whole life, why bother waiting?

It was Harvey’s suggestion that they turn their Vegas trip into their wedding day, and his only stipulation had been that they not get married by an Elvis impersonator. It was a rule Mike was happy to comply with. So they found somewhere small but nice and booked in for the night before their last conference obligation (which they had always planned to blow off).

It’s tempting to linger in the shower, but they really don’t have time. They dress into the suits they bought especially for the occasion and Mike digs into his suitcase to pull out the rings. When they meet by the door to leave Harvey says, “Last chance to back out.”

Mike smiles at him. “Never.”

They take the elevator down five levels and knock on Donna’s door. She answers dressed in a white bathrobe pulled tightly around her body, but nevertheless she lets them in, asking, “What’s up?”

“What are you doing?” Harvey asks.

Donna shrugs. “Was just going to take a bath, have a quiet night in. Why?”

“Well…” Harvey looks over at Mike, who smiles encouragingly. “Mike and I are about to go get married and we were wondering if you wanted to be our witness.”

Donna looks shocked. “You’re getting married now?”

Harvey nods, smiling. Donna looks back and forth between them and says, “I can’t believe it, this is so unexpected, if only I had something to wear…” before dropping her robe to reveal a blue, sequined dress underneath.

They all burst into laughter.

You knew?” Harvey asks.

Donna shrugs. “I suspected.”

“Unbelievable,” Harvey says, but he’s still laughing, and they step forward and hug warmly.

Mike’s surprise must be showing on his face - for all the events and parties they’ve been to he’s never seen her dressed quite like that - because when Donna turns back to him she tilts her head and asks, “What?”

“Nothing,” Mike says quickly, but when Donna levels a look at him like she isn’t going to move until he confesses he admits, “Uh, it’s just, is it supposed to be-”

“Yes, Mike, the skirt is supposed to be this short. I know you aren’t judging me for my clothes, are you?”

“Of course not!”

“Good, because this,” and she does a little twirl, so they can appreciate every angle of the short, form fitted dress, “is the perfect balance between trashy and couture. Perfect for a Vegas wedding.”

“Who knew such a thing existed,” Mike laughs.

“I did, when I bought it last weekend to wear when you kids got hitched. Speaking of, let’s go. We’ll be late.”

“How did you even - you know what, I’m not even asking,” Mike says, resigned. Donna laughs, sliding her feet into a pair of pumps and heading to the door. Mike shakes his head, turns to Harvey. “Alright, you ready?”

“I’ve been ready since the day we met,” Harvey says with a wink, following Donna out the door.

Mike’s brain, with its near infinite amount of processing power, can’t handle such a statement. It tries its very best, but there’s no way for it to comprehend this new piece of information, and when his brain finally starts up again all Mike can do is hustle after Harvey with a, “Wait, what?”

anonymous asked:

Prompt- Bitty is working at a restaurant/bakery and he loves it but there's one coworker who is SO LAZY and does everything half assed but criticizes everything bitty does and is super passive aggressively rude and sarcastic and bitty is The Better Person and Does Not Engage but it sucks and eventually coworker gets their comeuppance and it's great (based on my life right now and what I wish would happen lol) oh and Jack is there too because zimbits = life obviously

Oh gosh, this got a little out of hand. Hope you enjoy!

[Send me prompts] [My AO3]

“What do you mean you bought every pie in the bakery?”

Shitty was staring at him, slack-jawed, struck silent for perhaps the first time in his life. Ransom and Holster looked equally dumbfounded, but also kept inching closer and closer to the kitchen counter where dozens of pies sat, each smelling more heavenly than the last.

Jack cleared his throat, eyes cast down at his shoes. “Well, um…It’s hard to explain…”

“Oh, dude,” Ransom said, eyes alight with repressed laughter. “Please enlighten us. I’m dying to know.” Holster nodded, surreptitiously pulling out a knife and several forks from Jack’s cutlery drawer.

Jack sighed. “Okay, so you remember last weekend?”

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I’ve been listening to this over and over, this might be my favorite little speech from an OTP/ship ever 

You deserve someone better. Because you, Detective, are selfless to a nauseating degree. You always put your daughter first, even though the ungrateful urchin does nothing to contribute to the rent. So, you deserve someone worthy of that grace. 

Can we take a moment to appreciate that Chloe has given Lucifer endless amounts of grace through the whole show? He’s pulled some crazy ass stunts and really stepped over the line more than once, but she always forgives him and gives him another chance. She is a very ‘graceful’ character in that way, she has allot of reasons to be angry or hold grudges against Dan, Lucifer and Maze at this point but she is able to mistakes aside and forgive. But Lucifer doesn’t think he deserves the grace Chloe would need to give him to be with him. He is becoming more self aware of how his behavior effects the people around him, and I think he understands that Chloe has allowed him allot of wiggle room already. It goes back to when he was busy trying to punish himself, he doesn’t think he’s worthy of grace anymore. 

Someone who knows every crime scene breaks your heart, even though you’ll never admit it.

He’s low key a douche at allot of crime scenes, death generally doesn’t bother him much he’s the devil for him it’s just taking a trip from once place to another. But he noticed and understood that it was hard for Chloe, and not in a ‘ew humans don’t like blood lol’ way he recognized that it hurts her. She doesn’t know what he does about heaven and hell, but he sees that being a homicide detective effects her even though she rarely shows it and will never admit it. 

Someone who actually appreciate your impossibly boring middle name. Jane.

THE WAY HE SAYS JANE THOUGH.  Like it’s the best name he’s ever heard, it rolls off his tongue in such a perfect way that sounds so previous and natural. He always calls her detective but it’s like he saviors using one of her names even if he thinks it’s boring, he likes that one best.  It’s like her first name is to much to even say, he will use detective with allot of feeling but I’ve not heard him say Chloe like that. It’s like a special little thing he likes about her, the boring middle name that’s less of a bombshell to say than her first.  

More importantly, Detective, you deserve someone as good as you. 

“You’re a bad man, and I’m not. I’m much worse than that.” 

Lucifer is obviously still struggling with guilt and whether or not he is ‘evil’. He has always treasured Chloe for her goodness, he looks up to that and finds it intriguing and admirable. And he doesn’t think he can ever live up to that, it’s not a matter of effort for him, he just doesn’t think he’ll ever be as good as her. He was cast into hell and I don’t think he’s figured out yet if he is inherently bad or if his dad just decided he was.  

Because, well, you’re special and I’m….I’m not worth it.

Ahhhh the humility… while I was watching this episode I got the feeling Lucifers world (and his pride) was falling down around him. He was seeing that actually his life wasn’t as fulfilling as he thought. He’s not as much of a womanizing, sexual powerhouse or as important as he thought he was. He’s just a sad devil filling his emptiness with woman, drugs and drink. All his worth got stripped away from him, all the while Chloe remained herself so he suddenly found himself feeling small and unworthy next to her. So instead of trying to prove his worth, he saw his lack there of and backed down for her sake. He cares about her that much that he would rather see her with someone worthy than be with her himself. 

Current sexuality: Commander Lexa S3

Can we just take a moment to appreciate HOW insanely hot is our Commander ??like please stop with all of this perfection  

And what about this?? Lexa fighting (hot af), with 2 swords (so fucking hot ), with opened mouth *deeply sighs*, with her new outfit (did i just said how hot she was??), with her warpaint SO on point, the fuck!!

AND the biggest turn on ever…riding on a horse with the love of her life aka grounder!clarke, and YES i have to say it again: grounder!clarke DAMN *heart eyes*


Fuck me up

And now I’m gonna die until JAN21st. Bye

y’know i’ve been thinking a lot about naked vex (i mean, i do anyway in general) and why a lot of people have an issue with it, saying that she was being pushy about the whole thing and trying to force a thing to happen, and i get that, i truly do, i see why it’s an issue (esp with the non-shippers), it’s also what i felt for a long time (and sometimes even to this day) with vax just randomly, spontaneously, SUDDENLY spooning keyleth in ep61 (marisha allowed it which is fine but still, as much as i ship vaxleth like the multi-shipper fuck that i am and as much as i appreciate and enjoy vax, that could’ve been “hey keyleth, mind if i stay here with you and spoon a bit with you” instead of “i go back to sleep and spoon keyleth” like okay does keyleth know you’re doing it tho).

but with this whole naked-vex-at-the-door thing (and i haven’t finished watching this week’s Talks Machina so idk if this is the entire truth of it), we don’t know that a) “we might die after tomorrow, let’s at least get a tumble in” wasn’t part of why percy went there, b) that they immediately jumped each other’s bones once the door slammed shut, and c) we don’t know that vex didn’t say “it’s not too late to leave” or “we don’t have to do anything, the offer is just on the table.” 

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Cherry Pie

prompted by @lenbarrys: allenbert + 16 from the autumn prompt meme (pie)  [read on ao3]

“I need you to come over.”

Julian sighs, pinching the bridge of his nose. If he had a penny for every time Barry Allen has said those words to him, he’d be the richest man on earth.

Not that it’s all that tedious spending time with Barry, now that they’ve managed to work out their feelings for each other, but still. Doesn’t Barry have other people he can ask? He glares at the phone, before placing it back over his ear.

“Just because we’re dating now doesn’t mean that you can call on me for every single drama you have, Allen. I don’t have that kind of free time.”

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Miraculous Ladybug

Word Count: 1735

“I’m so nervous.”

“Don’t be,” Alya soothed, putting an arm around Marinette’s shoulders. “Your designs are amazing. I retried almost every single one and they’re all good. Not to mention that your favourite model is here to help out.”

Marinette and Alya glanced over at Adrien adjusting the cufflinks on his outfit. He looked just as gorgeous as always and the pride of having Adrien of all people help her with the project made her even more determined. The contest had plenty of young designers and artists, each showcasing their talents in a way uniquely theirs. It was a celebration of fashion and photography, and it was more official than any small town hat competition judged by Gabriel Agreste.

She was glad to have chosen her theme so distinctly. Parisians had unique landmarks and personas, Cat Noir and Ladybug included. The paw prints and polka dotted patterns had already been stitched to perfection. Nothing left up to chance. Now with her friends at her side, she would showcase what she had been creating, hoping to wow the jury adjudicating her and gain valuable feedback from representatives of the most prominent fashion hubs in all of Paris (with the exception of Gabriel Agreste’s corporation, of course).

“It’s about to begin.” Adrien walked over to her, arms stretched. “Is this on right?”

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Molly Meets Toby: A KittenPressure Backstory

Molly Hooper appreciation Week

Day 4 - Flying Solo (Fanworks focusing on just Molly and no other human characters)

Okay… hope you don’t all call me out on this one and I hope you like it. Just under the wire (don’t be surprised if you see this again, I’ll probably reblog it in the morning). Not beta’d since I wrote it very, very late. Hugs ~Lil~

The grey cat sat in the far corner of his cage looking at the fluffy white beast across from him. She was pristine, like fresh snow, with long fur and a perfect pink nose. Objectively, he knew it was feline perfection at it’s best…he still wanted to scratch her face off.

Of course, he thought, put me in this blasted metal contraption with most beautiful creature in the building. I’m sure my chances of getting adopted are astronomical.

The white cat looked over at him with a smug smile and said, “Don’t worry, love, I’m sure you’ll find… yeah, who am I kidding?” she laughed. “You’re screwed.”

The grey cat chose to ignore her comment and take a much needed bath. He was nearly finished when a voice drew him away from his cleansing routine.

“Oh, I what about that one?” the voice said.

The cat looked up to see a young woman with big brown eyes and long brown hair looking into his cage. She looks nice, she could be my human, he thought, then he looked over at the cocky cotton ball and knew it was never going to happen. Fluffy was right, I’m going to the ‘kill room’.

“That’s Sheba. Isn’t she a doll?” one of the caretakers replied.

“Doesn’t really look like a Sheba,” the brunette said, scrunching up her face. 

That’s when the grey cat realised she was looking at him rather than the feline feather duster to his right.

“I think it’s quite fitting. Named her myself,” the caregiver explained then looked up at the woman. “Oh wait, are you talking about the other one? Ah, not much of a story there. He’s been here for a few weeks, not much interest. He’s neutered and ready to go if you want him.” 

Do we have to relive that horrible operation? he wondered as the cage opened up.

The caregiver looked at the grey cat then back woman with the big eyes again. “Are you sure you don’t want to see Sheba? She just came in today, I doubt she’ll last. Long hair cats go quicker, especially white ones.”

The other woman shook her head. “Um… can I hold him?”

With a sigh the caregiver reached for the grey cat. “Come on, it’s your lucky day,” she said as she picked him up then placed him in the brunette’s arms.

“Hi there, little man. My name’s Molly. You want to come live with me?” she asked him as she scratched behind his ears.

Does a cat poop in a box? Of course I want to come home with you, woman. Get me out of here before they take me on the ‘special walk’.

She smiled at him and he purred loudly, as loud as he could, as a matter of fact. “Oh, I love him!” She kissed his head then turned to the caregiver and said, “I’ll take him.”

“Okay, just give me a few minutes and I’ll get his paperwork,” she said before walking away.

His new owner looked back to him, with tears gathering in her eyes. “You don’t know how much I need you, little man. We’re going to be great friends.” She sniffled and seemed to compose herself. “Now, you need a name…” After thinking for a moment she got a funny look on her face. “I’m half tempted to call you Sherlock, but you seem much nicer than him.”

What the hell kind of name is Sherlock? he wondered.

She suddenly gasped. “Toby! I’ll call you Toby! You like it?”

You can call me whatever you want, Molly, as long as you get me out of this death house. He turned to the white mop still sitting in the cage and hissed.

“Oh Toby, be nice,” Molly admonished as she carried him away.

And that is how Toby Hooper found his human.

I just can’t stop, I flippin’ loves me some Toby! He and Molly are my real OTP!