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7 tips for teachers on how to create a safe school environment

All children deserve to learn in a safe, supportive educational environment. One education organization working toward this goal is GLSEN, which aims “to create safe and affirming schools for all, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression.” Below, GLSEN ambassador and youth advocate Jeffrey Marsh offers 7 key pieces of advice for teachers in this excerpt from their excellent book, How To Be You:

I work with young people. They write to me all the time. They message me about their experiences. They communicate. They respect me. And there are a few magical things I’ve learned about how to treat them. If you really want to reach young people, if you want to know what helps them feel safe and cared for and ready to learn from you as an educator or school administrator or camp counselor, read on.

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1. Really listen. Seems obvious, right? This is first because it is the most important. So many ills can be alleviated with concentrated respectful listening. You know deep down that you want to feel accepted and cared for and you want to feel like your opinions and experiences matter. The same is true for any student or young person you work with. Don’t dismiss. Don’t conflate. Don’t belittle and don’t rush any young person you’re talking to. Take the care you would give to a close friend and give that to a student. Sit for awhile. Pause before you respond. Really pay attention. Don’t cut them off. Listen. Also, don’t get all high and mighty. Assuming what someone means without actually asking for clarification is a big fat CDE: communication dead end. If you want a student to show up, then you need to do the work of showing them that it’s safe to do so. Along these lines, please ask follow-up questions. Don’t try to lead the conversation, but lean into it: “What do you mean?” Can you say more about that? Asking shows you care — it shows you’re listening.

2. Get to know the lingo. One of the best ways to show respect to someone from a different background or generation is to understand the terms they use — especially when it comes to how they define themselves. Some of my fans’ Twitter bios read like this: “I’m an a-romantic pansexual trans-fem DMAB.” I realized at a certain point that I needed a vocab lesson if I was going to be of any use at all! In my day (which wasn’t all that long ago) we didn’t use any of these terms. I needed to “meet them where they were” if I was going to connect with and help any young person. So I learned. I asked around. I found out what the terms were, what folks in school were using to define themselves and their experiences of the world. Knowing what the vocabulary was went a long way to helping me show that I meant business and was ready to accept and respect whoever I was talking to.

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3. Lobby for safe spaces (or create them). Sometimes a teacher needs to be the one to advocate for the use of school space for clubs and gatherings that the school deems controversial or unimportant. Whether it’s an LGBT or religious or just a hobby club, young people need at least one safe space to make connections with peers and find out they are not alone or freakish or as weird as they may be thinking. A safe space of this kind has several hallmarks. It is clean and respectful. It is private. It is free from other activities and groups. It is free from haters and bullies, whether they are students or teachers who disagree with what the club is offering. If a school refuses to allow a safe space that you know your students need, look for ways to assist with the club outside your school.

4. Take a forthright unequivocal stand against bullying. In big ways and small ways, in your private life and in your public persona as an educator, you must take an anti-bullying stance. If any student senses an attitude of “Boys will be boys” or “Kids need to toughen up” or “It’s not that big of a deal,” you’ve already lost them. If you aren’t willing to take a strong no-tolerance policy against bullying in your own school or classroom, you will never reach your students effectively. I’d recommend zero tolerance. If you witness bullying or you find out it’s going on, you must show all the kids involved that bullying behavior has real (negative) consequences. Many schools have a structure in place for this kind of disciplinary action and my advice is to use that structure without hesitation. If you want to reach young people, you must be willing to respect them by keeping them physically and psychologically safe while they learn. Work to make your school’s anti-bullying policy comprehensive. An appropriate policy should cover gender, race, sexual orientation, gender identity, and all the reasons that kids are bullied.

5. Get help if you need it. Don’t believe the lie that you need to do it all yourself. You are not alone. There are a ton of organizations (GLSEN, for example) that love to help make schools safe for everyone. So Google for help. Reach out. Don’t get caught up in thinking that communicating with and helping students is all up to you.

6. Honor their experience. Just because you’re older and probably wiser doesn’t mean you’re right. If you disagree with a student, try interacting with them as you would with an adult. For whatever reason, many teachers just tend to assume that a student’s views and experiences are a little less valid than an adult’s. Why do we do this? It seems basically arbitrary in most respects. Sure, a young person is less like likely to have the depth and breadth of experiences that an adult has had, but that may not always be true. And if it is true, does it automatically mean that their opinions and experiences are somehow less valuable? Well…no.

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7. Give yourself some credit. If only for just a moment, don’t judge your performance as a teacher; don’t get down about how you’re not doing this “right.” See yourself from the outside. Take note of how hard you’re trying. Notice how hard the profession of teaching can be. And notice how deeply impactful you are every day. We all remember the teacher who inspired us, who was nice to us when we needed it, or who we felt really got us. You’re changing lives, and it’s totally okay to acknowledge your good hard work enthusiastically and often.

Author bio: @jeffreymarsh​ is a youth advocate and the author of How To Be You

Can we just take a minute to acknowledge and appreciate fanfiction writers who are just so unbelievably on point with characterization.. and how they paint into reality beautiful and breathtaking moments that would put many published authors to shame! They do this for free because they love it and are passionate about the stories they wish to tell… and if that isn’t art at its finest and purest then I don’t know what is..


Can we take a moment to acknowledge just how muscular our boy nochu has gotten recently. Like he’s always been the Bangtan muscle pig, but this. THIS

Also, I know that Kook has been self-conscious about his muscular thighs for quite some time, but lord have mercy boy those legs were sculpted by the gods you are B L E S S E D young man. 


those tight pants, silk, and low cut shirts will be the death of me.

Can we please just take a moment to acknowledge how hard it would be for Taylor to sing Better Man

She gave the song away for a reason and it would still hurt her and you can tell in the lyrics that the pain is still so raw
Taylor is brave because she ran but she is also brave for returning back to those feelings even though she has come so far
She is so strong

Sentence Starters: Losing Battle

“We can’t win.”

“We’re done for.”

“There are too many of them.”

“I can’t fight any longer.”

“I’m too tired to keep fighting.”

“There’s nothing we can do, they just keep coming.”

“This is it. This is where we die.”

“This is it, huh?”

“I always figured I’d die fighting.”

“I never thought I’d die fighting.”

“I won’t let them take me alive.”

“It’s been an honor fighting with you.”

“There are worse places to die than fighting by your side.”

“We might be losing, but it doesn’t mean we won’t be taking some of them with us!”

“We should’ve retreated while we had the chance.”

“We’re living our last moments here, and now you acknowledge my skills? Gee thanks.”

Finally! a dad of color portrayed as supportive!!

Ya’ll can we press pause for a second and just acknowledge how supportive Sana’s dad is??? Like literally shattering the stereotype that all poc fathers are abusive and want their daughters to stay home and be housewives. 

I can’t believe how many stereotypes revolve around that.

 Even I still get that from my grandparents sometimes, “oh no don’t go for that job. How will you take care of your own children?” It’s really nice to see this in SKAM. Especially after watching that wonderful supportive moment between Sana and her brother. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a teen drama where the parents are actually supportive like this. Much less a poc. 

Not all stories need extra “drama” revolving around overused stereotypes that add nothing to the story except an added eye roll of “oh look a plot device I’ve seen in every other show I’ve watched this year”. 

Man, I love Sana’s season so much. 

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Ship manifesto: FlintVane

So while I totally get why Silverflint and Flinthamilton are fandom’s bright, shiny OTPs, could we possibly spend a minute contemplating the possibilities and the potential of Flintvane? 

Because come on, there is nothing as glorious for non-canon pairings as the famous enemies to lovers trope, and there’s such a wonderful journey for Flint and Vane at the end of which … lies tragedy, but nothing that a bit of fanfiction couldn’t easily fix so it’s all bliss and rum and sodomy high seas piracy.

Of course, the first episode of meaning is 1.03, the one where Flint and Vane try to hash out a deal through their quartermasters, and it’s Flint who behaves like a disgruntled cat, ready to be at everyone’s throat, while Vane is sitting there calmly and you can just feel the mutual loathing, the air is thick with it. The scene, in itself, is hilarious, especially with Vane and Flint sitting both with their back to the wall, in a position where they can watch each other, while Eleanor and Gates and Jack make the deal, determined not to let these two idiots ruin their fun. 

Things then escalate right up to 2.05, with Flint bombing the fort and Vane attacking him right after Miranda has left. The important question for everyone involved: did Vane hear them arguing, sneaking up on Flint? 

And, well, the fight, with both of them on equal footing - rolling on the floor in a way that is … suggestive at times - and I think it was one of the homophobes in a comment section who wrote in reaction to the Flint/Hamilton reveal, “What’s going to be next, Flint making out with Vane???!!!” to which the only possible reply can be yes, please

Come on, that fight was hot as fuck, and it took Eleanor and her musket to make them stop. And then, with Vane still completely pissed off, Flint pushed the chair out for him with his foot, and told him to sit, as if they hadn’t been trying to kill each other only seconds ago. 

I can’t with these two. 

Sadly, making out doesn’t happen in 2.06, but the next time Flint and Vane see each other, it’s when Vane walks up to the gallows in Charles Town in 2.10 with a girl’s diary in his hands to declare that he’s there to deliver testimony on behalf of Captain Flint.

I will always, forever, be completely pissed at the writers that we did not get to see Flint’s initial reaction shot. 

Because for everything he knew, Vane was in Nassau, either dead or fighting for his captaincy. 

I would give my right arm for a chance to see the expression on Flint’s face, that moment of, WHAT THE EVERLOVING FUCK.

But I disgress. Of course, this is the episode that is every fangirl’s wet dream because holy fucking shit, Vane delivers himself into captivity to free his arch enemy. Because it’s bad publicity if Captain Flint gets hanged in Charles Town. 

Sure, Charles. Sure. 

Flint and Vane sit next to each other, in chains, and Flint asks him what the fuck he’s doing there, and then shit goes down and they join forces to escape, running toward the harbor and killing everyone in their way like the absolute dream team they are, seriously, they don’t even have to think about it, they’re just dancing the dance as if they’ve never not fought side by side. 

And once they’re back on board of their fucking warship, Flint tells Billy that he won’t keep Vane’s men prisoner, no matter what they’ve done, and turns to Vane to tell him to keep his men in line. Vane gives him that nod, and at that point, it doesn’t matter one bit that they’ve spent the last couple of years at each other’s throats and that Flint bombed the shit out of that fort and that Vane tried to kill him, they are fucking brothers now.



A couple of episodes later, we’re dealing with Nassau and the new governor, who wants Vane’s head, and Vane, who has been so determined to keep his promises, wavers, and finally goes with Blackbeard, after facing the fact that he isn’t Flint and his military and tactical skills are sadly lacking. So he goes, but only because he has no other choice. 

And then. 

And then, in 3.05, after having convinced the maroon queen that they are totally allies now, when Silver asks him what’s next on the agenda, Flint says, “Now we martial all resources we can, as many ships as we can muster and allies to sail them, men resolved to defy the pardon and ready to join a war. Now we go and find Charles Vane.”

Now we go and …. 


Are you fucking kidding me.

Next stop is  3.06, which is … not even a wet dream, more like the culmination of several wet dreams, because Flint is preparing to fight Blackbeard, and Vane, who has just publicly spurned him, is having second thoughts, very, very serious second thoughts, because his tiny ginger pirate boyfriend Flint has gone through starvation and imprisonment and doesn’t stand a chance against big, bad pirate daddy Edward Teach. 

And can we just spend a moment to acknowledge the fact that Flint and Teach are basically dueling for the throne of the pirate kingdom and the hand of the princess, which would be … Charles Vane. 


So they fight, and poor Flint is totally losing. Blackbeard peprares to kill him, and Charles fucking Vane blocks his blow and then launches a furious series of attacks to drive Teach away from Flint, until he’s made his intentions clear, perfectly clear, crystal clear, so that Teach, with an expression of sheer heartbreak, walks up to Flint and tells him, “Take him, and get the fuck off my beach.”

I mean.

I mean, come on.

There is only so much a little shipper heart can take. 


So Flint has lost the kingdom, but he gets his true love Charles Vane, who, having second thoughts again, asks him if he’ll be enough, or if Flint was only in it for the shiny, precious pirate fleet. 

And Flint, not really able to lie, tells him “It would have helped having the fleet”, which implies that having the fleet would have been nice, but it’s not actually the fleet that he came for, but Charles. Because, you know, Charles is clearly the must-have

Can we also spend a moment honoring the writers, who could have made Teach say, “Get him out of my eyes,” or, “Get the fuck off my beach”, or “Take him the fuck off my beach”, or basically any variation of that, but what they wrote was:

Take him, and get the fuck off my beach.

Clearly, these are two separate orders, and it’s my personal headcanon that Flint followed both of them to the best of his abilities, though I’d like to think that he saved the first part for the privacy of his cabin, but whatever.

So, after that, we have Charles basically trying to earn his paycheck by being all helpful and rebellious, and we get the scene of 3.08, right in the beginning, where he and Flint (and Anne) are in Miranda’s house. Like the jealous boyfriend he is, Vane goes to make fun of Miranda’s cembalo and her porcelain and her books, but stops it after Flint asks him to, and then basically states that he has no appreciation for domesticity, and doesn’t get why a man would care for that kind of stuff (careful, Vane, your sexism is showing). 

Unfortunately, 3.08 also leads to the carriage fight, where Flint escapes with the cache and Vane remains behind to fight Rogers. 

And then, at the beach, we have Flint standing there and asking where Vane is, and when he hears that Vane has been caught, he makes ready to get on horseback and ride straight back to Nassau, because, you know. It’s bad publicity if Charles Vane is executed by the new governor.

Sure, Flint. Sure. 

Except - and here’s where a fangirl’s dreams come to a sudden and devastating end - Billy and Jack and Anne tell him that there’s a war waiting for him, and Charles wouldn’t want him to go back and endanger the cause, and Flint is the only one who can fight that battle that they know is coming, and Flint, very reluctantly, agrees to take the cache and leave Vane’s rescue up to Billy. 

Yeah, well. 

Sadly, we’re also never given Flint’s reaction to Charles’ death, and for season four, Flint is much too preoccupied with all his other boyfriends the war to waste a lot of thought on Vane, but well, I personally like to think that during the last moments in Skeleton Island, when he talked about stories and that they would have been for nothing - that he thought of himself, but also of Vane and Teach and Eleanor, and that when he spoke of that chest, he also had in mind what Jack had said to him, about what that cache meant, that there was a lot more in it than just gems. 

Because, you know, the greatest treasure are the friendships we formed along the way. Or something. 


After all of that, I would just like to add that FlintVane is beauty and grace and it shall never be forgotten.

(Also, Charles Vane would never have sold Captain Flint into a prison camp in Savannah. Just saying.)

kharypayton: Walking up to the Lincoln memorial, I’m thankful for these sunglasses hiding the tears in my eyes. I just keep hearing Mahalia Jackson shouting out, “Tell ‘em about your dream, Martin!” Its overwhelming. This country is so very complicated, so very imperfect, so very very beautiful. Also, can we take a moment to acknowledge how ridiculously stylish our 16th President was! I have those exact boots on right now. #howwedo #forefatherofstyle

okay can we take a sec and be proud that i was on the phone to a boy for over four hours? like can we take a moment to acknowledge that i’m not only getting control over my anxiety but also talking to a hella great boy who i totally fancy ngl and i’m totally comfortable just sitting on the phone with him except not literal sitting on the phone, that would be awkward, but like you get me 

Can we just take a moment to acknowledge that hating on Kindles or other eReaders because they’re “not real books” is inherently ableist?

I like paperbacks. I like the smell, I like how they look on my shelf, and I like having people know that I’m reading and not texting.

I’m not above being a little pretentious at times.

But I am also dyslexic.

It is simply easier for me to read on a screen.

I can change the colour and size of the text and that makes it so much easier for me to read.

I understand if paper books are your personal preference, but stop pretending that it makes you superior.

That just makes you an asshole.

I think that in many ways Sam and Cait only show us small snippets of their lives and for the most part all of us (NSTs, ES, and “regular” fans) are in the dark about who they are in their personal lives--and maybe that’s okay

I get information about Sam and Cait all the time and it gives me a headache trying to figure out what is true and what is just someone’s active imagination. As much as I have criticized the ES leaders, I also think that some of them are in the same boat. I don’t think they make up some of their stuff out of whole cloth. I think they are told things too and make their decisions about whether or not to believe what they are told by using a shipper lens, just as we NSTs do so using an NST lens. None of this is simple.

I firmly believe that Sam and Cait aren’t a couple. To me that is a bottom line–especially after the KDS/ IFH denial video where we heard  directly from Sam and Cait that they aren’t a couple. To my knowledge, no other celebrities have done anything like that stand-alone video and later came out as a couple. So, to me that sealed the deal.

But if other fans absolutely need to believe they are a couple, well as long as they don’t bash their probable SOs, I’ve decided that is fine by me.

Most everything about Sam and Cait and their probable SOs are just our best guesses based on all sorts of gossip and little bits of information. We do the best we can with sorting it out but in the end we are all just guessing

If both sides could acknowledge that on some level we are just all making our best guesses, I think maybe some of the animosity could die down. 

Let’s try not to take any of this too seriously. Sam and Cait are just two actors. We don’t know them. We will never know them. IMHO what we think is happening or not happening with them is more of a reflection of who we are than anything to do with them. 

Regardless, my feeling at the moment is that none of this is worth any of us fighting over. Remember we all love Outlander. We all love Sam and Cait. If we can focus on that the rest doesn’t really matter. Just a thought.

NOTE: This is just my opinion as a fan, nothing more. If you disagree, well good for you!


Props to the writers for not forgetting that Koda was frozen in ice for centuries and that a) seeing his friends being frozen and b) almost being frozen again was really traumatic for him.

Also, props to them for explaining his trauma and trigger in a way that’s accessible for a kid’s show.

Like, can we take a moment to acknowledge how important this scene is? Trauma and triggers are dismissed and downplayed, both in real life and in fiction. Yet Power Rangers just handled the idea of a trigger better than most television shows out there. And they did it gently and for an audience that normally doesn’t get taught this stuff.

TUTORIAL: how to avoid a flat drawing

deppered: yay! could you give a few tips on adding depth to cartoonish faces (like how not to let them come out looking flat)?

DISCLAIMER: i don’t consider myself incredibly qualified to answer this- so please keep in mind that this is by no means a complete answer, and you can definitely go a lot more in depth with it! i’ll answer to the best of my abilities :>

you’re creating the illusion of depth, so first you need to understand the mechanics of how it works. otherwise you’re just guessing/copying what you see other people do (which isn’t something that doesn’t WORK but you’ll be infinitely better once you understand the fundamentals)

to start off, we need to acknowledge that there are lots of curves and dips to a human face. (take a moment to slowly run your hands over different parts of your face. it sounds stupid but it really helps to take a moment to examine smth closely) to help visualize the curves a drawing would have, i’ll use a grid

(hahaHA using lance as an example, what a surprise)

an important part (the most important part??) of creating a convincing drawing is understanding and using shadows. if you’re inexperienced, this is something you’re going to have to look up (or create your own) reference for and study. applying some shadow, you can see that they follow the grid i made

[IMPORTANT: if you’re applying shadows, don’t forget about the source of light!! inconsistent lighting leads to messed up drawings]

small details are what’ll really pull your drawing together. consider shadows on things like the teeth/tongue, eyebags, eyelids, EYES, lips, etc

but you don’t always need to add shadows/colour to a drawing it make it look believable! a lot of the time i’ll add a drop shadow beneath the face because it’s quick, i like how it looks, and it’s already a step towards giving a line drawing a little depth.

also consider using varying angles when you draw a character. front-facing and profile views get very boring very quickly, and are probably easier to go flat with. turning a character to ¾, 5/6, whatever fraction u want, that’ll convey a sense of dimension, with or without shadows to help

more examples (u can see that the top two drawings don’t feel very flat):

anonymous: do u hav any tips for developing ur art style + actually being able to draw semi-realistically? (like when u can tell where to put shadows and anatomy and stuff like that IM OSRRY I JUST LOVE AND ADMIRE UR ART AND ART STYLE AND UR EFFORT AND ITS JUST ALL SO AMAZING $!!!!)!)!!

WOW i’m glad i caught this ask like.. while making this tutorial LOL thank u anon, for coincidentally asking smth that falls perfectly in line with the nature of this tutorial- i’ll continue my answer under the cut

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~ aaron acknowledging how bad adam’s life is at the moment and wanting to spend time with him

~ the high possibility of robert being a sarky pouty little shit who can’t help but drop little digs in every now and again just for fun

~ robert actually participating in the legendary bartsy dart games ( we will need a parallel gif set of robert watching barsty play when he thought adam was aaron’s boyfriend, and then actually taking part himself )