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lost cause {s.r}

summary: the reader sends nudes to steve when he’s at work and he becomes a flustered little shit
pairing(s): steve rogers x reader 
listen to: movement - us (trust me, the song makes it a lit reading experience)
word count: 2.8k
warning(s): UNPROTECTED SEX (wrap it before you tap it kids!), dirty talk, language
notes: i tried something a little different and wrote in 3rd person. idk what you guys prefer so just lmk :) also, writing this made me feel some type of way. hope you enjoy!

The first one comes at two o’clock. 

Steve is walking down the hallway with Bucky in tow, both sweaty from their workout in the training facility. Lunch is at the forefront of their minds and they are throwing suggestions back and forth as they amble up to their rooms. Showers are a definite necessity. When the soft ping of an incoming text rings through the hall, Steve pulls his phone out and glances down at the screen. 

The 21st century still confuses the hell out of him, sometimes, but he has at least some technological proficiency, and when he sees who has texted him he stops walking. (Y/N) never texts him in the middle of the afternoon. Bucky glances over at him with a raised eyebrow. “What is it?” he asks, hands in his pockets as he watches his friend.

Steve purses his mouth, “It’s from (Y/N).  I’ll look at it later.” Conversations with his fairly long term girlfriend usually last a while. She likes to tell him what she’s up to at the hospital where she works, and he likes to hear her stories. It’s surprising, how much drama a hospital setting can incur. 

Bucky gives him an almost cringing look, “Are you sure that’s a good idea? Dames don’t like being ignored.” 

Steve laughs. So much has changed, in the world and between them, and yet here they are. Bucky’s still giving him relationship advice and Steve is still treading with so much uncertainty around dating. “Women aren’t the same as they used to be, Buck,” he says. 

Bucky just smirks and rolls his eyes, “The women didn’t change, Steve; they just got empowered.” They don’t say anything more on the subject though, and when Steve returns to his suite he tosses his phone on the bed and goes for a shower, almost forgetting about the unopened text entirely. But by the time he comes out of the bathroom, towel wrapped around his waist and steam billowing behind him, Bucky’s words come back to bite him in the ass. He sits on the edge of the bed and glances at his phone, only to see that there are two more texts. A jolt of worry suddenly hits him at that – perhaps he should have opened the original one the moment he got it instead of taking his shower first.  

What if something’s happened at the hospital and (Y/N) needs him? He grabs his phone and opens the texts without a second thought…only to start coughing the moment they load. He hadn’t been expecting this.

Stockinged legs stretch out on the screen. Her ankles are crossed and vibrant red heels are on display. There’s so much leg that Steve feels his face redden as he stares. If she’d taken the picture any higher…“Oh God,” he mumbles, and looks at the message beneath the picture.

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Ernesto De La Cruz is one of the most interesting Human villains in Disney, right up there with Clayton and Cruella.

(Warning Spoilers ahead. Read at your own risk)

Let me start this by saying that I define human Villains as characters that don’t use magic or powers to do evil, they’re being bad on their own volition using things that every day people can use, and that’s what makes them scarier in my opinion then most of the other characters in the Disney/Pixar Staple of Villains.

The reason I’m starting to think that Ernesto is by far and away a great villain is because he is human in nature. It’s an interesting situation here in Coco with how he’s presented. Unlike other villains, who don’t have a claim to fame in the same sense as he does in world, Ernesto oozes the whole issue of what we see on screen vs. who the actor/actress truly is. We’ve seen in recent years that people equate a person’s character on screen to who they are off screen. Which leads to some very awkward moments for fans and actors alike. Ernesto has that going for him. He’s a person that shows himself to be one way but ultimately is not as he appears. On top of that he died young, making him a character that has the added mystique of people putting their own views and spins on his history, and making him a tragic figure.

In Coco, we are painted a picture through Miguel’s point of view on Ernesto. He’s being forced to not play music and so becomes infatuated by Ernesto and sees him as a larger than life person. What’s interesting about this is that, while the town embraces him, they also seem to be using him as a tool for their own revenue stream. We see with his monument that there are marigolds in there, but they are limited unlike the other grave sites. Clearly, while the town does respect him as one of their “favorite” sons, they also only see him as someone at a distance, an image on screen, a character and not the real person. Miguel ups that, wanting to be like the image that Ernesto shows the public in interviews and movies, and we see that Miguel is infatuated with Ernesto the character that he plays and not the real person who he is.

When we finally do get to the land of the dead, again, we see Ernesto the celebrity, and not the person. People seem to adore him as a musician, but also are using him for their own push forward. To play at his party is a big thing, and Ernesto seems to revel in that celebrity as we see at the party he likes to smooze (to ingratiate himself) with some of the bigger people in Mexican (and Spanish) history. He employees a number of people for his event, much like he probably did in real life, and creates an event where he makes it seem like they are important but he’s clearly the star of the show. This much like the whole town using him for the contest and other events happening during Day of the Dead.

But how much of this image is a cultivated thing and how much is the real Ernesto. I propose it’s half and half. 

Ernesto diving into the water to save Miguel was a legit thing, he wasn’t doing this for fan fair and for the audience it sets him up as a decent person, which, he at first, seems to be. Now does this make him a good person, no by no means, but it does paint him as more human, as we see that he can be capable of doing the right thing. However, this only adds more to the whole fact that he is, in fact, not a good person, but a very narcissistic, cowardly, criminal one.

Taking a look at his actions in film we can see a very different Ernesto in regard to the real person based on his actions and what we have to look back on after the revelation of his murderous act. So where do we even start with finding the real Ernesto, well we have to start off at the beginning of his career with Hector. We know both men grew up in the same town, and given how Hector calls him his friend and such, we have to assume they are about the same age, so likely boy hood friends, or at the very least they knew one another growing up. If not growing up, then at least when they were teens or older.

We know that Ernesto can sing and play on his own, this much is clear from the movies and his actions during the party. This is important as it puts a rather big mark on his reasoning. Ernesto is a good singer and player, but he can’t write his own songs. He can perform Hector’s works but can’t write them himself. Meaning that he was never trained in creating music, just playing and possibly reading it. 

This puts Hector as someone very important to Ernesto’s goals, and he sees his friend much more as a tool and something that he needs with him at all times. During the moment of Hector’s death, we pretty much get that from Ernesto as he pleads with him to stay.

The thing is I think that the fact that Ernesto was good looking, could play, and sing, probably got the attention of a lot of people in town. Unlike Hector who, let’s be honest, while good looking, is still skinny, tall and during the time period that they were alive, would have been seen as gangly and unattractive for a movie star. Ernesto probably, being fed from a young age, that he was good looking, and gifted, became more narcissistic and probably became heavily interested in becoming a star at a young age.

From the look of the flashbacks and the films that we see, we can assume that Ernesto got his start during the 30s and 40s, maybe into the 50s of cinema. It’s clear that the movie style is based on the period of time of black and white cinema, but not so far back that it’s the Silent Movies. 

This means that Ernesto more than likely had the goal, early on, of becoming famous as he felt that he could never just sing for one person, that he had to have the world love him, and that he wasn’t about to let anyone get in his way. This adds a lot to how he is as a person. He’s determined to the point of murder, he’s so determined to be seen as someone great and amazing and loved by all that he’s willing to kill to get to that point and his Ego is beyond the pale.

Which brings us to his actions with Hector. Again, assuming that the two knew one another and were probably good friends, Ernesto more than likely saw talent in Hector and realized how useful to him he could be. If he were to sing Hector’s songs he could become well known, as the songs were amazingly beautiful and meaningful. So the plan more than likely was for Hector and Ernesto to travel to Mexico City or the surrounding area where a good percentage of Mexican movies were being in the 1930s and 1940s. Ernesto most likely didn’t care that much about Imelda and her relationship with Hector outside of the fact that it could throw a wrench in his plans. We get the impression that Imelda probably was not too keen on Hector leaving with Ernesto, who undoubtedly made a plea to Hector about making a lot of money if they became famous to help fund his family.

In the moment when Hector was leaving Ernesto we saw that they were nearly at the goal that Ernesto was looking for. The duo more than likely had traveled for quite some time, as evidence from Mama Coco’s letters. So this wasn’t a simple case of a year or so, this was possibly a number of year that they were on the road preforming. Eventually the fact that Hector was home sick and realized that it was not going to happen for him and Ernesto in regard to getting well known for their music made him want to go home. This is where I think Ernesto’s fears and desires trumped his moral code.

We know for fact that Ernesto pleaded with Hector not to go. Not because he was going to miss his friend, but because without Hector’s music and skills, he was going to not have a way to make it big for himself. It became evident to Ernesto that he didn’t need Hector if he had his song book. So that became the obvious thing to him. Get the book from him at all costs. We clearly see he’s willing to poison his friend, but, what makes it so much worse, is what he does after.

He took the guitar, something that had significance to probably Imelda, Coco and Hector. The fact that he was willing to take the guitar, use the Guitar, and clearly care for it brings to light some info about Ernesto that either makes him out to be a real scumbag even more, or someone that has some semblance of guilt, no matter how small. We know the Guitar was taken well care of. If Ernesto truly hated Hector, he probably wouldn’t have taken it and still took care of it. However, the issue becomes why. The more reasonable thought could be that there was a bit of guilt on his part for killing his friend and keeping the guitar with him was a way of both keeping Hector with him and dealing with that guilt. It was, in some subconscious way, a way for him to say “I’m guilty of a crime” since Imelda, if she saw the movies, probably would have recognized the guitar and, being a clever woman, possibly would have put two and two together as Hector more than likely wouldn’t have given away a guitar like that willingly. We also know that it was put in the tomb for Ernesto, so clearly he did make sure that it was kept safe.

On the other hand, we’ve seen later how much of a jerk he can really be, and that brings us to the fact that he possibly took the guitar because it was worth a lot as a gimmick and had no regret of really killing his friend. I’m more inclined to think it’s the later seeing how cowardly he becomes when Imelda and the others go after him to get the picture. There’s also the fact that his reputation trumps everything else and we also see this in how he talks to Miguel after the big reveal and even before that.

When Ernesto first discovers that he has a grandson, his reaction is interesting. He doesn’t deny it, and embraces it, but the look on his face says that he both doesn’t understand and at the same time is freaking out mentally. It’s pretty clear, given the ladies in the movies, he’s known as a romantic lead, and it wouldn’t be that hard to believe in that period of time that he willingly went to bed with a few different women. This means he’s probably wondering which one he got pregnant, so clearly he probably does have some unknown kids or a child running around if he’s willing to buy Miguel’s story without any proof of who the woman was. He doesn’t even ask about his grandmother. He just goes with it.

Later when he was going to give Miguel a pass back to the land of the living, he points out that he doesn’t want people to know that Miguel is his grandson, as if that would ruin his reputation. It’s made more blatant that Ernesto doesn’t seem to care about anyone but himself, since, rather than sharing all the “love” that his fans gave him, he hoards it and shows it off to Miguel.

 It’s an interesting moment because you realize how alone Ernesto really is since if you go back to the town, while he has a lovely tomb, there is no food or drink or wine on his alter, meaning that there was no one there other than the locals to tend to it. So clearly the town even knew of his attitude if they were not willing to put up more offerings on the alter.

This brings us to the point about his actions with Hector, Miguel and the family during the ending. We see that he is willing to throw both Hector and Miguel into a hole to hide the truth. This begs the question of, who else did he get rid of to keep his face? If he’s willing to kill Hector, then it’s not that big a shock that he could be willing to steal and kill to get other roles and get rid of people he doesn’t want in his life. He throws Miguel off the roof, and pretty much threatens the family due to, what he believes, is his power and influence in this world. Now while I would love to believe that he would be punished for his actions by fading. The problem is that, while there is proof of him being a thief of music, there’s no proof of him killing Hector. This means that there are probably people out there that either don’t buy the idea that Ernesto stole the music, or they don’t care as he went on to become the singer of their favorite songs.

This brings me back to the point that as far as Villains come, Ernesto is probably one of the best human ones that Disney has had in a long while, and I hope that people really do support him in that sense. We need more nuanced villains in stories, and Ernesto probably will be a good start to that.

Sarah J Maas Transcript (1/3)

Finished this last night and posting it before I go to a fair!

This is a transcript for the parts I recorder of the Manchester Sarah J Maas event. The video just isn’t working with me, so here. The visuals weren’t good anyways xD. I didn’t record from the start, heads-up. Also, I wouldn’t super-analyse every word she says because, again, she was talking on stage and that won’t translate smoothly to a write up. There were a lot of ‘uh’s and ‘like’s that I cut out and a lot more laughing.

UPDATE: Next one has been posted!

SJM: I’ve said before, so I can say it now: the wall scene… is in this book [laughs as audience screams]. I had a lot of fun writing writng that – um, if you don’t know what I’m talking about –

Charlie Bowater: Where have you been?

SJM: (laughs) I hope for the parents that have no idea what I’m talking about… you don’t wanna know. [audience laughter]. A Court of Frost and Starlight – ACOFAS, or ACOfaus as you Brits would say – that’s coming out in May.

Talking about the planning of things – with these novellas, I always wanted them to be something you had to read before the last Throne of Glass book. So I knew some big, big things that would go on in this, but then when I wrote it there were actually some surprises – and again, no spoilers – that I didn’t see coming, and they were actually things that I had planted the seeds for earlier in the books. Then I got to this moment and I had this idea and I literally looked back – combed through the books – and I was like, holy. Effing. Shit.

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The Secret Book Club Part 6

Pairing: Loki x Reader

Content/Warnings: Flirting, boners, filthy cocktails, bump n grind and a very naughty Loki

Words: 2995


Two updates in one day to celebrate 700 followers!! Thank you all so much, I love every one of you! 😘 I think you all know what’s coming in the next update 😜 @notthisthyme the kraken is on its way 😜

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Part one
Part two
Part three
Part four
Part five
Part seven (NSFW)

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BEST FICS OF 2017 picked by notchopsuey
manips | other recs | rec page

#1. Runaway Land. 103k.
Louis is sure he’s stumbled upon a secret, underground nightclub, though that is far from the truth. He’s also pretty sure he’s stumbled upon Apollo, which… isn’t very far from the truth, actually.
Modern Greek mythology AU.

#2. You Might Want to Marry My Husband. 24k.
When Harry’s husband dies, he asks one thing of him; to find love and happiness again without him. It’s a request that Harry is happy to disregard, until he meets the one person who is impossible to ignore.

#3. Love’s Truest Language. 48k.
The first part was meant as a joke. He didn’t really expect Harry to buy anything. It was just Louis’ way of softening the ‘get the fuck out’ blow.
“Where’s your order forms, then?”
“I don’t want your flowers.” Louis chided before directing all of his attention to the arrangement in front of him.
Harry laughed under his breath as he stood to his full height, “Who said anything about them being for you, love?”

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GOT7 / Someone flirts with their S/O

REQUEST: Can you made “Got7 reaction when someone tries to flirt with his girlfriend ”

thank you for sending this request! hope you enjoy! 💞

WARNING: strong language, some mentions of violence, & some sexual themes


Originally posted by ceohan

It took Mark over fifteen tries to ask you out because you kept mistaking his flirting for general friendly behavior. He didn’t realize that your cluelessness would continue to be a problem even when you were already in a relationship.

“Y/n!” Mark scolded as he watched a guy you were just talking to walk away. “Why the hell did you let that guy flirt with you?”

“I didn’t. What are you talking about?” you frowned. “He just came here to ask for directions and told me my dress was really nice.”

“Is that what he said?” Mark asked, crossing his arms over his chest.

“Well, not in those words but I’m sure that’s what he meant—”

“Y/n,” your boyfriend cut you off, shaking his head. “When will you realize that almost every guy that talks to you is flirting with you?”

“They’re just being nice,” you claimed.

“They’re most definitely not,” Mark insisted. “They want what’s mine.”

Quickly realizing that arguing with him about this would be useless because both of you were the type of people to stand their ground no matter what, and sometimes, one of you had to give in or you’d continue to argue about this for months, you just sighed.

“Either way,” you said. “They’re not going to get me. I already have a boyfriend who has it all backwards, but he’s my boyfriend nonetheless.”

Mark smiled proudly at first but then realized. “I do not have it all backwards.”

“Being overly paranoid that everyone who talks to me is flirting with me, doesn’t seem like normal behavior to me, Mark,” you said, smiling sweetly. “But I still love you despite all of that.”


Originally posted by jypnior

Jaebum always clenched his teeth whenever he saw you wear something that was at least somewhat revealing. He never said anything to you because he was a decent human being and he knew he didn’t own you but boy, did the fact that you made everyone’s heads turn drove him up the wall.

Another thing he never revealed was his jealous side which, he claimed, he didn’t have at all.

“That guy at the end of the club has been staring at you the whole night,” he told you, shooting lasers at the guy, sitting in the lounge area of the club. “And it doesn’t bother me in the slightest.”

Almost laughing because Jaebum’s anger caused by his jealousy was probably visible from space, you placed a hand on his chest. “That’s great, Jae. I’m proud of you for not getting jealous pointlessly.”

“I’m going to stop by the bathroom and then we can head out, yeah?” he checked up and you nodded.

He placed a quick kiss on your cheek, glancing at the guy at the end of the club again, and then heading for the bathroom.

Obviously, as soon as Jaebum was no longer in the picture, the guy stood up and made his way to you. He was drunk. You could smell the alcohol on him from across the club.

Naturally, losing all of his common sense – not that he had a lot of that, in the first place – he started sweet-talking to you despite having just seen you with a boyfriend. As soon as his hand came to your thigh, you jumped off the bar chair, glaring at him.

“I have a boyfriend,” you said. “And I strongly suggest you leave because, frankly, he doesn’t have a very good impulse control. If he saw you right now, you’d end up at the hospital.”

“Is that the pretty boy you were with?” the guy laughed, walking closer to you again. “Come on, darling, we both know he’d be too afraid to mess up his—”

“Step the hell away from my girlfriend, you fucking son of a bitch.”

The guy in front of you instinctively took a step back at the threatening tone of your boyfriend who wrapped an arm around your waist and pulled you towards the door.

“If I fucking see you again,” Jaebum glared at the guy who was still taken aback and hasn’t managed to say a word yet. “I’ll beat your ass into the pavement.”


Originally posted by jackseunie

You were hanging around your group of mutual friends and one of them, your friend from university, asked you to explain your latest assignment to him. As you were doing that, you felt Jackson’s hand on your leg. At first, you just smiled at him, not paying attention to the unhappy expression on his face. But when he started to caress your thigh, distracting you, you turned to look at him with a frown.

“Jackson, please, would you give me a moment?” you asked.

“I can’t,” he said. “I really need your attention right now.”

“Okay. Hold on just a moment though until I finish explaining—”

“I can’t hold on any moments,” Jackson said. “I’ve been holding on the whole night.”

You knew he didn’t need you to do anything in particular, he just needed you to stop talking to others and give him attention. Sighing because you knew Jackson wouldn’t stop unless you complied, you apologized to your friend and turned to look at your boyfriend.

“You always do this,” you said.

“I’m not doing anything,” he shrugged his shoulders, smiling in content now that all of your attention was on him. “That guy was obviously only asking you questions because he’s into you. I’ve heard him talk about the assignment to his friends before. He knows very well what it’s about.”

You frowned turning around to look at your friend who had just walked away from you and was now talking to his group of friends.

“That’s bullshit, Jackson,” you said, shaking your head. “He has a girlfriend.”

“Yeah, well, he didn’t seem too bothered that you had a boyfriend so maybe he’s just a dick,” Jackson said, shrugging his shoulders.

“Whatever. You still could have been nicer.”

“I am nice,” he pouted. “It’s him who could have been less of a motherfu—”

You placed a kiss on his lips, cutting him off before he could finish. After pulling away just a second later, you saw Jackson glance at someone behind you.

“Kiss me again,” he asked you. “I want to prove that asshole a point not to mess with other people’s girlfriends.”

“Is it really him you’re thinking about when I’m kissing you?” you asked, frowning.

Jackson’s eyes returned to yours and a small smirk appeared on his lips. “Trust me, I’m thinking about something else when you’re kissing me, baby.”


Originally posted by bamethyst

Jinyoung had that cute, cinnamon roll appearance that made him seem innocent and almost child-like. Which is probably why whenever you were out with him, “tough” guys always hit on you, thinking Jinyoung wasn’t dangerous.

You just watched in amusement as your boyfriend unleashed his savage side and left the other guys confused and too shocked to function properly.

“Hi, baby,” one of the so-called bad boys approached you when you and Jinyoung were waiting in line for a concert. “What do you say if you and I go for drinks after?”

“What do you say if you and my fist go out for drinks after?” Jinyoung interrupted.

The guy raised his eyebrows and turned to look at your boyfriend. “Excuse me? I don’t remember talking to you.”

“You’re about to not remember talking to my girlfriend, either,” Jinyoung started to take a step towards the other guy when you quickly jumped in front of him, blocking the two guys from each other.

“There’s no need, Jinyoung,” you said, trying to get him to look at you so he’d break eye contact with the other guy. “He’s leaving anyway.”

“Am I leaving with you, baby girl?” the guy said again, purposefully pulling Jinyoung’s strings.

You knew your boyfriend couldn’t fight. He had a way with words but he sure as hell couldn’t land a punch. And you weren’t particularly excited about spending the night at the hospital.

“You’re leaving,” you said to the guy. “Period. I’m not interested.”

“I bet I can change your mind, though,” he continued relentlessly.

“Are you fucking deaf?” Jinyoung’s tone was louder and much angrier now. “She told you to fuck off.”

“You need to put a leash on that one,” the guy told you, nodding in the direction of Jinyoung. “He seems a little rabid.”

“I’m about to go rabid on your fucking ass if you don’t—”

“Jinyoung,” you said again, having to physically push Jinyoung away, so he wouldn’t cause any more trouble. “Let’s go get some air, okay? I don’t want to be here anyway.”

Jinyoung’s eyes left the asshole who was harassing you. “But the line to the concert—”

“It’ll still be here when we come back,” you said. “You need to clear your head.”

Realizing that you were doing this so he’d calm down, your boyfriend just sighed. “He was hitting on my girlfriend, Y/n. Obviously, I had to say something.”

“And you did,” you said. “Now let’s leave before it escalates.”

“What, you don’t think I could take him?” he raised his eyebrows.

Rolling your eyes at the men’s constant need to reaffirm their masculinity, you chose to let Jinyoung win this one. “Of course, you could take him. But I don’t want you arrested, so let’s go.”

Smiling, he kissed your temple, bringing your body to his. “I love you, Y/n. And I will always defend your honor.”

“Oh God,” you groaned. “Please don’t say it like that.”


Originally posted by bamethyst

Youngjae never really knew how to react when other guys were hitting on you in front of him. He was jealous but he didn’t get aggressive. Which is why, he pondered his choices, not knowing what to do as he watched a guy flash you a Prince Charming-like smile

“Sorry,” you said to the guy who had just invited you to go to a party at his place. “But I’m here with my boyfriend.”

“Oh,” the smile left the guy’s face as he noticed Youngjae who was holding your hand and watching him intensely. “Well, he can come, too… I guess.”

You almost laughed at this. “No thanks. We’re just going to hang out tonight. Just the two of us. Like we do most of the time.”

“Well, that doesn’t sound very fun,” the guy said.

“Oh, believe me,” you were grinning now. “It’s very fun.”

The guy quickly understood what you were talking about and excused himself immediately. Once he was gone, you turned to look at your boyfriend with a victorious smile on your face while he just watched you for a moment.

“Did you, uh, just tell that guy we were about to go home to have sex?” he asked you.

“That’s not what I said,” you replied. “But I was hoping that that’s what he’d think.”

Youngjae smiled at this. “I don’t like that guy.”

“Me neither,” you said.

“Well, let’s go then,” Youngjae said, pulling your hand towards the exit.

“What, where?”

“Home,” Youngjae said, smiling widely now. “To hang out. Just the two of us. Like we do most of the time. Because, apparently, it’s very fun.”

You laughed at this, slapping his shoulder. “Don’t you use your words against me.”

“Hmm. What are you going to do about it?” Youngjae challenged playfully.


Originally posted by ladymaysworld

Feeling possessive over you was something he had trouble getting rid of. He knew you didn’t particularly enjoy that he always had to find a way to show everyone that you were his, but it felt as if he lost his mind whenever someone else was talking to you.

Always wrapping an arm around your waist whenever you were talking to someone that wasn’t him, he’d bring your body closer to his, being unnecessarily over-affectionate just to prove a point.

“Bam, you’re seriously starting to embarrass me,” you told him once the guy you were talking to walked away.

“What, my love is embarrassing you?” BamBam asked, feigning shock.

“It’s not love,” you said. “It’s your… honestly, I don’t even know what you’re doing but you need to stop.”

“Y/n, that guy was obviously flirting with you,” he told you matter-of-factly. “Did you honestly expect me to just stand back and watch?”

Trying not to laugh at this, you cleared your throat. “He was flirting with me, huh?”


“Well, that sure as hell is going to make a fun family story next Christmas,” you said. “Because that guy was my cousin.”

Suddenly very awkward, BamBam released his grip on your waist. “Oh.”

You finally laughed at this, while he groaned.

“Don’t laugh, Y/n! I didn’t know!” he asked, but that just made you laugh even more.

“That is precisely why you should stop acting like you own me in front of people, Bam,” you said, wiping the tears from your eyes.

“In front of people, huh?” his voice was suddenly lower and needless to say, you weren’t laughing anymore. “Then can I act like I own you when it’s just us two?”

Exhaling quietly, you looked around to see if anyone was close enough to you two to hear what you were talking about. Thankfully, no one was.

Walking even closer to your boyfriend, you wrapped an arm around his neck and leaned in to whisper in his ear. “You already own me when it’s just us two.”

Wrapping his arms around your waist tightly, he made you gasp and pull away to look him in the eyes.

“You have five minutes to tell everyone goodbye,” BamBam told you. “Because we’re going home.”


Originally posted by dreamyugyeom

Yugyeom never expressed his jealousy when he saw someone flirt with you but you could tell by the way he turned quiet that he wasn’t very happy with the guy who was talking to you. You rebuked the guy’s attempts to flirt with you and eventually, he took the hint and walked away.

When you asked Yugyeom what was wrong and why was he so quiet all of a sudden, he didn’t say anything, though. And he didn’t have to. You already knew what was wrong.

However, you didn’t expect him to be so cold to you the whole day.

“Yugyeom,” you said, losing patience because the two of you were preparing to go to bed and he was still not talking to you. “Honestly, what’s wrong? You’ve been acting weird the whole day.”

Finally, he sighed and sat down on the bed. “I just feel so helpless whenever others hit on you that I don’t even know what to do with myself.”

The insecure undertones when he spoke was what made you stop doing what you were doing and walk around the bed until you were standing directly in front of him.

“You don’t have to do anything,” you told him. “I love you, Yugyeom.”

“I know,” he nodded. “But sometimes I wonder why.”

You raised your eyebrows in shock. “What? Why would you—Yugyeom, are you seriously doubting what we have right now?”

“It just doesn’t make sense to me sometimes,” he admitted with a sigh. “There are so many better guys than me—”

“Well, there are so many better girls than me,” you countered. “And you’re still with me.”

“Because I love you,” Yugyeom replied as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

“Exactly!” you replied. “Remember that I have to watch you be surrounded by girls almost every time we go out and I try not to let it get to me.”

“Yeah, because you don’t get jealous.”

“I do,” you disagreed. “Believe me, I do. But I remember that you love me and I get over that jealousy.”

“It’s not so easy,” Yugyeom sighed.

“Well,” you said, sitting on the bed next to him and placing a hand on his knee. “Then I guess I’ll have to keep reminding you how much I love you so you always remember.”

Him & I (Ethan Dolan)


Series based on Him and I by G-Eazy and Halsey

Originally posted by punishmedolans

Having a guy for a bestfriend is great! You can be your true self with them without having to worry about them judging you. You can spend the night playing video games and eating junk food and they’d be perfectly happy. You don’t have to spend hours on your appearance because they don’t care what you look like. I still remember the day I met my best friend Ethan Grant Dolan. 

I was sitting in my first grade classroom, coloring my picture and minding my own business. Suddenly the blue crayon I was using was ripped straight from my hand. 

“hey give that back!” I yelled turning to the culprit. 

He was tiny boy with brown hair and brown eyes. 

“but I need this crayon!” the boy yelled stomping his foot. 

“but I was using it.” I yelled back at him. 

“too bad it’s mine now.” He said sticking his tongue out at me. 

I don’t know why I did it, but I was so angry that I punched him in the nose. He dropped the crayon and started crying. I picked up my crayon and went back to my picture. It wasn’t long until our teacher sent us both to the office. I got yelled at by the principle and was told that I needed to go and apologize to the boy. I rolled my eyes walking out of the office. I saw the boy standing with his mom. I walked over standing in front of him.

“I’m sorry for punching you.” I mumbled not really meaning my apology. 

“you didn’t punch me?” The boy said confused.

“no you punched me!” 

I did a double take, there were two of them. 

“who did I punch?” I asked shaking my head. 

“me, Grayson.” the boy said holding a tissue to his bleeding nose. 

“well, Grayson I’m sorry for punching you.” I said rolling my eyes. 

I had to sit in the office until my mom could pick me up. I was sitting in the chair swinging my legs back and forth when the other boy approached me. 

“did you really punch my brother?” He asked smiling at me.

“he took my crayon!” I exclaimed. 

“He’s mean, I’m glad you punched him. Want to be best friends?” the boy asked sitting beside me. 

“sure! I’m Y/N.” I said turning to him. 

“I’m Ethan!” He said. 

And we’ve been best friends ever since. Grayson eventually grew on me too, when he wasn’t stealing my crayons. Ethan and I would always have a special bond though. I’ll be honest, it hasn’t always been easy being his bestfriend. When they started posting videos on vine the whole school made fun of them, and me too. I didn’t care though, I stuck by Ethan and eventually people started to love them and they got super popular. Ethan and Grayson even have a place in LA now which is really cool, cause I can now say I’ve been to LA. Now they were famous, going on tours, even on a TV show. At the end of the day though, Ethan would always be the same kid who applauded me for punching his brother. 

“ETHAN!” I screamed running towards him. 

He dropped his luggage and picked me up in a big hug. It’s been a week since I’d last seen Ethan.

“I missed you so much Y/N!” Ethan said hugging me tighter.

“I missed you too, but I can’t breath with you hugging me so tight.” I choked out.

Ethan laughed letting me go. 

“I mean I know we aren’t bestfriends but not even a hug for me?” Grayson said beside me.

I turned around giving Grayson a big hug as well. I could see some fans snapping pictures but the twins and I had made it clear that I was just a friend. 

“let’s go home, I’m starving!” Ethan said grabbing my hand and walking out of the airport with Grayson and myself.  

“did you watch TRL?” Ethan asked as he played with my fingers in the backseat. 

Grayson sat up front talking to Lisa, their mom.

“of course, you were on it.” I said giving him a smile. 

“you’re great, you know that?” Ethan said slinging an arm around my shoulders. 

“I know, that’s why I’m your bestfriend!” I said smirking at him. 

We pulled up to the Dolan household and I helped Ethan bring his stuff in. I went up to his room to help him unpack his stuff and so we could catch up. He started to unpack and was telling me all about their recent trip to New York where they film TRL. 

“a bunch of fans asked about you today.” Ethan said throwing the clothes out of his suitcase. 

“oh yeah, what did they say?” I asked leaning back on his bed. 

“they just wanted to know if we were dating, and to tell you that they loved you.” He said laughing. 

“they always ask if were dating.” I said putting a hand to my forehead. 

“so how about you, how was your date with what’s his face?” Ethan asked sitting down beside me. 

“his name was Matt, and it was awful, he tried to kiss me and well it made me feel weird.” I said sitting up to look at Ethan. 

“why would it make you feel weird?” Ethan asked. 

“well, it’s a funny story, I’ve never actually kissed anyone.” I said scratching the back of my neck.

“but you told me that..” Ethan started.

“well I lied.” I said looking down embarrassed. 

“why would you lie?” Ethan asked making me look at him. 

“because I’m 17 Ethan and everyone around us is doing it and I feel like a loser, but it’s my first kiss, I don’t want it to be with just anyone, I want it to be with someone special, someone I trust.” I said bringing my knees to my chest.

Ethan was silent for a moment, probably trying not to laugh at how lame I sounded right now. 

“someone like me?” Ethan finally said.

I could feel my face instantly get hot. Ethan was special to me, and I trusted him with everything I had in me. 

“you trust me don’t you?” Ethan asked getting closer to me. 

“but why would you want to do that?” I asked looking at him.

“because I’m your bestfriend, and your first kiss should be special, and I don’t want you to waste it on some jerk who is going to break your heart.” Ethan said shrugging his shoulders like it was no big deal. 

“but won’t things be weird afterwards?” I asked looking at the boy I had know since we were five years old.

“I mean not if we don’t make it weird.” He said laughing a little

“but I don’t know what I’m doing.” I said feeling very nervous. 

“It’s okay, I’ll show you.” Ethan said sitting in front of me. 

I shuffled closer to Ethan still unsure of what was about to happen. Was I really about to kiss him?

“okay, now I’m going to put my hand on your cheek and lean in, you lean it too.” Ethan said putting his hand on my cheek. 

Ethan’s touched me many times before but for some reason now his touch sent shivers down my spine. Ethan slowly leaned in causing me to lean in now too. Our lips were almost touching. I could feel his breath hitting my face making me even more nervous than I already was. 

“I’m going to kiss you now.” Ethan whispered in a low breathy voice. 

I shook my head shyly as the beating of my heart escalated in my ears. Ethan pressed his lips on mine softly. His lips were warm, and surprisingly soft. He pulled away after a brief second. 

“you have to kiss back, you know that’s the whole point of a kiss.” Ethan said laughing.

I could feel the redness spread on my tanned cheeks. 

“It’s okay, just let it happen and you’ll find you already know what to do.” Ethan said smiling at me. 

Ethan leaned in again connecting our lips. This time I kissed him back. He was right, I already knew what to do. I found myself tangling my fingers in the ends of his hair as our lips moved in sync with one another. I could feel butterflies erupt from my stomach every time his lips pressed down harder on mine. I didn’t know what this feeling was, it was something I’ve never felt before. It was like I was floating, like suddenly his kiss was the only thing that kept me grounded. I can’t say that I didn’t like it either. 

“hey Ethan dinner is, woah sorry.” 

Ethan and I quickly pulled away to see Grayson standing in the doorway in shock. I immediately felt the redness spread back to my cheeks. 

“we’ll be right down.” Ethan said shrugging.

“uh, ah um.” Grayson stuttered obviously confused and in shock of what he just walked in on. 

“she’s never had her first kiss, so I was showing her.” He said shrugging his shoulders again. 

I put a hand to my forehead. I don’t know what I was more embarrassed by, the fact that Grayson caught us kissing, or that Ethan just blabbed the secret that I’m 17 and this was my first kiss. 

“maybe I can be your second.” Grayson joked. 

I got up throwing Ethan’s pillow at him. 

“you hungry, pizza is downstairs.” Ethan asked standing up. 

“wait aren’t we going to talk about what just happened?” I asked standing up. 

“Grayson will tease for a little but he wouldn’t actually tell anyone.” Ethan said.

“that isn’t what I’m talking about.” I said shyly. 

“then what, are you okay?” Ethan asked. 

How was I supposed to tell the boy I’d been friends with for 12 years that I liked it when he kissed me? The answer to that question is simple, you don’t. 

“never mind let’s go get food, I’m starving.” I said walking ahead of Ethan and down the stairs. 

I couldn’t make eye contact with Grayson as I sat down beside Cameron. Ethan came down taking the seat beside me. 

“did you finish unpacking yet Ethan?” Lisa asked him as she passed out pizza to each of us.

“nope, but he wasn’t unpacking.” Grayson smirked as he took a sip of his water.

I grabbed one of the pieces of pineapple off my pizza throwing it at him. Grayson just laughed making Lisa and Cameron look at each other with confusion. 

“not yet, but I’ll finish as soon as we’re done eating.” Ethan said taking a bite of his pizza.

I ate in silence feeling the awkward tension in the air. If one of the Dolan’s talked to me I would answer their question and then go back to eating in silence. I could tell that Ethan noticed because he kept glancing at me out of the corner of his eye. Once we were finished eating, I offered to help clean up before following Ethan back to his room. 

“now you finish unpacking now, no distractions!” Grayson yelled down the hall with a laugh.

“ignore him.” Ethan said hopping on his bed, definitely not unpacking. 

I don’t know why I felt so awkward all of the sudden. Ethan and I had never been shy in front of each other, but suddenly I felt like it was the first time I was meeting him. 

“what are you doing? come over here!” Ethan said patting the spot beside him.

I crossed the room sitting on the spot he indicated. 

“okay what’s up with you? You’re never quiet around us? Is it Grayson’s teasing? Should I go talk to him?” Ethan asked turning towards me. 

That was the problem, I didn’t know what was up with me. 

“uh no, I’m just not feeling very well.” I lied shrugging my shoulders.

“well lay down and let’s watch a movie and hopefully you’ll feel better in a little bit.” Ethan said crawling under the covers. 

He had his arms open for me to crawl in to them. I was never hesitant about cuddling with him, but now it felt as if I was crossing a line. What line that was, I had no idea. I knew I needed to snap out of this. I crawled under the covers leaning on him. 

“what do you want to watch?” Ethan asked handing me the remote.

I grabbed the remote and started scrolling through Netflix. Of course all the suggested movies were romantic ones. I picked a random comedy, giving Ethan his remote back. He wrapped his arms around me before focusing on the movie, but my mind was far from focusing on the movie. Halfway through the movie Ethan fell asleep much like he always did when we watched movies. He was a terrible movie buddy. I got out of his arms before sneaking out of his room. It was pretty late anyways so I was just going to head home. Normally I’d just fall asleep in Ethan’s room with him but it didn’t feel right this time. I walked out of his door running right in to Grayson.

“leaving so soon?” He asked with a smirk. 

I shrugged my shoulders not in the mood for his teasing. His demeanor immediately changed when I looked to the floor.

“did I hurt your feelings? I’m sorry if I did Y/N, I was totally just kidding.” He said giving me an apologetic look. 

“no Grayson it’s okay, I just don’t feel to well.” I again lied all too smoothly. 

“did something happen between you and Ethan besides well uh yeah?” Grayson questioned rubbing his neck nervously. 

well yeah, something did happen. I liked it. 

“no, we’re fine. I’ll uh see you guys tomorrow. If Ethan wakes up tell him I went home and I’ll text him tomorrow.” I said giving Grayson a hug before walking out of the Dolan household. 

that night was anything but peaceful. I couldn’t figure out why I was acting differently. So I did what every teenager does when they can’t figure something out. I went to the internet. I found many stories from teenage girls like myself telling a similar story. One caught my eye in particular. 

One day my best guy friend and I accidently drunk kissed at a party. I didn’t think anything of it in the moment but everything changed after we accidently kissed. It was like I was seeing things from someone else’s point of view. I was suddenly very nervous around him. I was hesitant to do the things we would normally do. I started to see him in a different light and he was suddenly everything I had ever wanted. That is how I realized that I was in love with my bestfriend.

In love? With Ethan? Could I be? He was incredibly attractive, there was no denying that. He knew me better than I knew myself. He always had my best interest in mind. But could I really be in love with my bestfriend? I tossed and turned trying to think of something else that could explain what I was feeling. It would ruin our whole friendship. I couldn’t be in love with him. I didn’t realize how long I was contemplating until my phone lit up with a text from Ethan.

Ethan: I hope you’re feeling better! Guess what I have a date today!

A date? I read the words and was immediately filled with sadness. Ethan’s had dates before and I thought nothing of it, he even had a girlfriend for a couple months and I was happy for him. I don’t understand why the simple word filled me with so much dread now. 

: a date? with who? 

Ethan: just a girl I’ve been texting, it’s nothing serious just want to hang out with her.

: oh cool.

Ethan: I was kind of hoping you’d come help me get ready so I can make an impression? You’re better at this stuff than I am. 

The last thing I wanted to do was to help Ethan impress another girl. 

: sure I’ll be over soon.

Ethan: you’re the best love you!

I sighed setting down my phone. I ran a frustrated hand through my hair before heading over to the Dolan household. I walked in to a nearly empty house. 

“where is everybody?” I asked to no one in particular. 

“oh hey!” Ethan said running down the stairs. 

He pulled me in to a big hug. 

“Mom and Dad are away today and Cameron is with her friends. Grayson just went to meet his girl.” Ethan explained grabbing my hand and dragging me up to his room. 

He had clothes all over his bed.

“I can’t find an outfit to wear.” He said looking at me before laughing. 

wow he was putting in a lot of effort in to this. 

“don’t worry, I’ll help you.” I said pushing my feelings aside. 

I grabbed an outfit matching it for him. 

“Here, put this on.” I said handing him some nice jeans and a dress shirt. 

He ran to the bathroom putting on the outfit. He came out and he looked incredibly handsome, just like I knew he would. 

“wow, I look good, thanks Y/N you’re a life saver!” He said giving me a hug. 

“you’re welcome. you know you have to tell me all about this girl now.” I said giving him a look. 

“I will when I get home, I promise, you can chill out here and as soon as I get back we’ll hang out!” He said grabbing a jacket and putting it around his shoulders. 

I gave him a wave and watched him walk out the door. It was quiet in the house. I couldn’t fight this feeling of overwhelming sadness. I walked to the kitchen opening the cabinet. I found a full bottle of liquor calling my name. I grabbed the bottle before slumping on the couch. I unscrewed the top feeling the alcohol slide down my throat. I coughed not used to the taste. I took a couple more long swigs until I started to feel the effects. Suddenly the door slammed open and in walked an angry Grayson. 

“what happened to you?” I asked giving him a look.

“my date stood me up.” He said slouching on the couch beside me. 

“here this will help.” I said handing him the bottle of liquor. 

Grayson took the bottle taking a long drink of it. 

“you’re right this does help.” He said before taking another long drink. 

Grayson and I passed the bottle back and fourth until it was completely empty. 

“you’re date doesn’t know what she’s missing out on.” I said offering Grayson a smile. 

“what about you, why are you so upset?” He asked turning his body towards me. 

I leaned back on the couch looking at the ceiling. 

“I think I’m in love with someone, and he doesn’t feel the same.” I said not taking my gaze off the ceiling. 

“who?” Grayson asked making me look at him. 

At this point it was the alcohol talking. Sober, I would’ve never admitted this to Grayson. You know what they say though, drunk words are sober thoughts. 

“Ethan.” I admitted.

“wait you love Ethan?” Grayson asked springing up off the couch. 

“yeah I love Ethan.” I said out loud. 

As soon as the words left my lips I felt this sense of relief wash over me. 

“you have to tell him!” Grayson exclaimed. 

“What! I can’t tell him! It would ruin our friendship! Besides Ethan does not like me like that Grayson! I can’t tell him and you can’t either!” I snapped.

I sank back in to the couch, Grayson falling beside me. 

“Look, you’ll never know if you don’t try. Besides the way he was kissing you yesterday didn’t look just friendly to me.” He said 

“It didn’t?” I asked looking at Grayson. 

“nope.” Grayson said popping the p. 

“then how did it look?” I asked. 

“like this.” Grayson said grabbing my face and crashing his lips on to mine. 

It was weird, not like when I kissed Ethan but the alcohol fogging my brain told me to kiss him back, so I did. Grayson deepened the kiss, laying be back on the couch. He hovered above me still not breaking the kiss. He slowly put his hands under my shirt pushing it up a little bit. I felt a shiver as his bare hand gripped my hip roughly. I slid my hands under his shirt feeling his toned abs and chest. Grayson pulled away before yanking his shirt off. He attached his lips to my neck, kissing up to my jawline and then putting his lips back on mine. 

“hey Y/N I’m..” 


I pulled up to Jessica’s house ready for our date. I had been texting her for a little bit and was excited to hang out with her. She seemed like a pretty nice girl and I wanted to get to know her more. She came out wearing a nice dress and giving me a big smile. 

“are you ready to go?” I asked offering her my hand. 

“sure, let’s go.” She said offering me another smile.

She was silent as I drove to the restaurant I was taking her too. I glanced at her but it wasn’t her sitting there suddenly, it was Y/N. I shook my head quickly taking my eyes off the road.

“Ethan are you okay?” She asked putting a hand on my arm. 

“yeah uh, I’m fine.” I said shrugging my shoulders. 

okay that was odd? Why did I just imagine my bestfriend? I pulled in to the restaurant offering my arm to Jessica. We walked in the restaurant, taking a seat and making small talk. I was being my goofy self and trying to make her laugh. I said something funny making her burst out laughing. Instead of her laugh I heard Y/N’s laugh. I quickly put my hands over my ears. I saw Jessica look a little hurt as she stopped laughing. 

“Ethan what’s wrong?” Jessica asked.

I was going crazy. 

“I uh am not feeling to well, I’m sorry Jessica I have to leave.” I said getting up quickly from the table.

“wait who’s going to take me home?” She called after me. 

I ran jumping in my car. I could feel my heart beating quickly. What was wrong with me? Why am I imagining Y/N? Did that mean I wanted to take her on a date? I thought of yesterday, my lips on hers. Her lips were softer then I’d imagine they’d be. I ran a frustrated hand through my hair before starting up the car and driving home. What was I going to tell her? She’d ask how the date went, I couldn’t tell her that I imagined her and freaked out and left. I pulled up to the house seeing as she was still here. 

“hey Y/N I’m..” I started but immediately stopped at the sight in front of me. 

Grayson was on top of her, shirtless, and kissing her lips. She quickly threw Grayson off of her. 

“Ethan.” She gasped.

ending part one here because I’m a evil child, share this post if you want a part two! love you guys so much!

part two

Masterlist of Sterek Exchange 2017 Fics

AO3 collection

Thank you for every author, pinch hitter, beta and cheerleader for working so hard to make this exchange so much fun and such a huge success!

Please, show some love to the authors in forms of kudos and comments on their fics!

#librarynerd by yodasyoyo | 7k | T

“I’ll likely get far more done in  the group if I’m not distracted watching you with your pen–”

“My–My pen?”

“Pens. Drinking straws. Don’t act like you don’t know,” Derek says darkly.  “You know.”


In which Stiles follows Scott into his Spanish study group, takes one look  at the hot nerd who runs it and then decides to stay… even though he doesn’t  actually speak Spanish.

(Don’t) Work Your Magic by Saori | 6k | T

Stiles is the Hale pack’s emissary in training. He’s good at what he does, and ninety-nine percent of the time he knows what he’s doing. He does. Too bad that one percent is when he permanently links his soul to Derek’s.

Or, not quite a soulmate AU, but it kind of is, which is totally Stiles’ fault.

A Family Portrait In Soft Lightning by Fearful_Little_Thing | 4k | G

Everything was so much easier when  the kids were small. When the kids were small their problems had been small  too. Easily fixed by hugs or hot chocolates, with kisses to boo-boos and ten  minute time outs when they misbehaved.

Now things aren’t so simple and  the problems aren’t so small.

Derek and Stiles love their kids.  It’s just that raising two delinquent teenagers is a lot harder than it  looked.

Adderall and All by IronRoseWriter | 4k | T

From the prompt: Derek can smell amphetemines on Stiles thanks to his  Adderall, but because no one ever thought to sit him down and say “Hey so  Stiles has pretty severe ADHD” he just thinks Stiles does drugs. Cue a super  judgemental misunderstanding.

For Sterek Exchange 2017

And After All by red_crate | 5k | T

The world fucking ended while Stiles was clear across the country from his  dad. He trekked that distance on his own, surviving the elements, fighting  monsters and scavengers. Stiles rescued a goddamn werewolf who ended up  saving him in return.

Blue Eyes by KFlynn | 4k | T

It had all begun with Stiles slowly driving his Jeep along the road, in  the direction of his home…..

or the story where Stiles finds a wolf Derek, takes him back home and  cuddles with him, only to wake up with naked human Derek the next morning;  then they have breakfast and an important talk where they both realise that  they’re in love with each other.

Can’t Start a Fire Without a Spark by Nerdy_fangirl_57 | 9k | T

After the whole ordeal with the nogitsune Stiles struggles with proving to  himself that he can be good again. He starts learning to control his spark in  hopes that he could be helpful to the pack once he manages to channel it’s  power. Everyone thinks it’s a great idea and are willing to help him anyway  they can, but Scott, Scott doesn’t see the point in it.

It’s not like Stiles’ tiny spark could ever be powerful enough to be an  actual asset to the pack.

Stiles just wants a chance to prove himself.

Charm Misdirect by froggydarren | 4k | T

There are only so many times that Derek will go along with Peter’s plans.  He swears there is a last one, and it’s pretty likely that this is it. Really,  it should have been the time when he almost got arrested, or some of the  times before.
 So when Peter asks Derek to be his wingman in Jungle, Derek says no. And  thinks that that’s the end of it.

He’s wrong.

Collision Course by grimmypuff | 5k | T

Roller Derby and Stiles Stilinski: a pairing that should not exist in nature. Add Derek Hale and somehow it works.

Come To My… by Gonardo | 8k | M

It starts out with Derek meeting a new group of people. One standing out:  Stiles Stilinski. So he may seen a little strange at first, but that’s  alright.

Then they are put together for a project. Derek catches feelings. Cue the  pining.

While Stiles looked at other guys objectively, he pretty much thought he  was straight. Boy he was wrong. Maybe he’s just dereksexual.

Can they figure out their feelings in time.

Defenses by inatshej | 10k | T

“Do you know the Molotov Cocktail  café near the station? I think their pastries are the best. We could go there  this weekend.”

Oh wait.

Oh shit.

Oh fuck. He’s proposed a date.

“Sure,” Stiles agrees easily with a shrug.

Immediate friendzoning.

But did he really get friendzoned just now? Can he get friendzoned when  they aren’t even friends?

Does that make them friends? It would be nice, actually-

god, he just feels so lonely at times.

Derek Hale’s Undercover Summer: How to Attract Your FBI-Partner in These 10 Short  Steps (While Also Killing Bad Guys) by the_problem_with_stardust | 4k | T

Written for jennysparkles’ awesome prompt: Derek wasn’t sure why, but if  his time busting the biggest smuggling- and drug-ring in Northern California  had the chance to become a book or a movie, it would be named ‘Derek Hale’s  Undercover Summer: How to Attract Your FBI-Partner in These 10 Short Steps  (While Also Killing Bad Guys)’. It was ridiculous, how killing people  bare-handed turned into a romantic comedy whenever he looked into Stiles’  eyes.

events  may be different than they appear by icarusinflight | 4k | T

The first time Stiles sees the couple, the hot dude is giving the gorgeous  girl a ride on his back through the main walkway of campus.
 It’s pretty dumb

it doesn’t stop him from feeling jealous of them

Feelings He Didn’t Know He Had by StaciNadia | 5k | T

Derek is absolutely not in love with Stiles.

Finding warmth in your arms (I’m not even cold) by Saori | 10k | T

When Stiles and his father move to Beacon Hills, they have to get familiar with new rules. Being a werefox, Stiles sticks out as a thumb in the small town, but thanks for his luck, he’s not the only one. He doesn’t expect that Kira and him will get close to the pack of ‘wolves whose territory they live in, so when they both fall in love with one, it takes him by surprise.

Or, Stiles and Kira are both werefoxes, recently moved into Beacon Hills. They quickly steal their way into the heart of the local werewolf pack.

For  If Dreams Die by veritas_st | 23k | M

“I had a dream about a boy last  night,” Mischief says through a mouthful of pancakes.  His dad points  the spatula at him and he swallows before he says anything else.  “His  name was Derek.  He called me Stiles.  I want to be called that  from now on.”

Forever Young by thegirlnamedcove | 12k | T

“What do you want Laura?” he  groaned, “Why am I up?”

“Because you’re going to pack a bag with whatever’s clean and come with me  back to California,” she fished a folded page out of her back pocket and  handed it over, “Someone is on our territory with a vendetta in mind.”

He accepted the paper and opened it up, smoothing it against the side of  the mattress. It was a picture, printed out from an email, of a deer with a  spiral carved in its side.

Fuel  a Fantasy by Delightful_I_Am | 19k | T

Let it never be said that Stiles wasn’t able to keep his cool when faced  with awkward situations. It’d be right maybe, but it should never be said.

 Stiles gasped and spun around,  eyes finding Derek immediately. The poor guy looked a bit shell-shocked.

 “Oh my god! Dude!” Stiles  flailed his arms and lunged forward, tripping a bit and catching himself on  Derek’s arms. “You have to fake date me!”


Hold the Cheese by sheerpoetry | 3k | T

Derek wasn’t sure how he’d gotten himself into this particular  situation. Sure, he’d gotten used to the pack in his space. But Stiles? He  hadn’t gotten used to Stiles.

 Fluff. Adorable Derek, maybe some pining, Stiles being his flailing, sassy  self. Lydia and Laura would totally be a power couple. Laura is an awesome  big sister. Stiles as a potential Emissary.

I got the first half, at least? ;) Hope you enjoy it!

How Long Will I Love You? by vaguelyobscene | 6k | T

Stiles is finally marrying his boyfriend of 8 years and Lydia makes a surprisingly  sweet offer on his wedding day, but she’s not the only one who seems  determined to make him cry today.

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I haven’t drawn a Christmas themed piece in years but, here we are. I wanted to draw something warm and mushy and… yeah. Also I whipped up a little drabble for the setup, you can read it under the cut.

Whatever you celebrate, happy holidays!!

Do not reupload/repost/edit.

It was late, and the friends found their Christmas party starting to wind down as the night drew on. Finally, Marinette let slip a yawn and Alya suggested that they call it. Marinette made sure everyone had their gifts and walked them out to the street. Alya and Nino hurried up ahead to the street corner at the store front of the bakery, whispering along the way as Marinette and Adrien followed along. “Come on, I want to see the bakery decorations!” Alya called, waving them along as Nino dug around in his coat pocket.

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Yang is pretty damn smart: a megapost

Okay y’all, I mentioned this was coming and voila, here it is: a collection of each and every moment in the show where we see Yang demonstrate her intelligence (hopefully updated frequently when new episodes air or when someone points out something I missed). Heads up, it’s a long one because it’s almost like she isn’t an airheaded idiot or something

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Hell is empty promises

This short review of EP3 is written based on the presumption that all leaks were fake/were never going to happen, and so it only looks at the episode as it is with as little as possible of “it could’ve been better/it could’ve had this and that.”

Forewarning, I’m not a certified video game critic with twenty years of experience, several tours and three bullet wounds that I got reviewing games in Vietnam.

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Operation Henderson and Harrington Pt. 2 ~ Mini-Series

Summary: The kids take it upon themselves to test their matchmaking skills. With a little help, they form a plot to get you and Steve together by Halloween.

Pairing: Steve Harrington x (Henderson!You) Reader

Word Count: 1.6k

Warnings: Language! Mostly from Dustin.

A/N: I am so happy that part 1 received so much positive feedback and I am so happy that you all love it so much! Here is part 2 for you. I’ll try to post a part each night until the series is complete. Please let me know if you want to be added to the tag list!!! Much love to you all. xx

Part One ~ Part Two ~ Part Three ~ Part Four ~ Part Five ~ Part Six ~ Part Seven FINALE

Tags: @vaultvixen @everythingilove-blog @petah-parkah-and-potahtas @holycoldcoffee @thechandlerbingdance @jinx-is-fire @unapologetically-insane @moonlightbae14 

Phase One of Operation Henderson and Harrington: Get Steve to agree to the group costume.

Hopper swung by to pick up El and Max after school, leaving the four boys alone to wait for Steve. He took on the responsibility of dropping them off at home after each school day ended, unless they had AV Club and in that case Joyce would pick them up.

“Alright, guys,” Dustin clapped his hands to get their attention, gathering them up into a circle. “Remember the plan. We changed our costume idea, and now we’re going to be the T-Birds, and we want Steve to dress up as one too so the group is complete. I am Kenickie. Mike, you are Sonny. Will, you are Doody. And Lucas, you are Putzie.”

“Why do you get to be the cool one?” Will asked.

“Because Danny and Kenickie are best friends, like Steve and I are, so it works,” Dustin explained to them.

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The Interview

Pairings: Joe Keery x Reader
Words: 2,146 sorry
Request: I absolutely loved the Joe Keery x reader one you made. Could you do a similar one where joe is still dating Maika but somehow starts to fall for the reader? I love all your imagines, you’re so talented! xx
Summary: You portray the new character Olivia Henderson in season three of Stranger Things. You and Joe go on a Jimmy Fallon interview together to talk about the recent season together.
Part: 1/5
Warnings: Joe likes the reader but is dating Maika, so if you consider that cheating.
A/N: I absolutely loved writing this, it’s probably one of my favorite fics I’ve written, so I hope I did your request justice! I cut this into two parts because there’s just so much more I want to do with it. (Also I have no idea how interviews work so if this is really inaccurate, I’m so sorry.

Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5

Your foot bounces as nerves run through your leg. You watch the TV backstage as Jimmy tells jokes to his audience. You stand beside your co-star, Joe, preparing to walk in front of the boisterous crowd. Joe playfully bumps your shoulder with his own, a smile tugging at his lips. “Relax,” He maneuvers himself behind you and begins to rub your shoulders, Joe’s touch calmed you down immediately -much to your dismay. “You’re going to do great, okay?” He reassures, “And if you panic just know I’m right there next to you. Jimmy’s interviews are always the best, he makes you feel right at home. There’s nothing to be worried about, I promise.” You nod along with Joe’s words. You can do this, you’re Y/N Y/L/N.

“Without further ado, everybody, Joe Keery and Y/N Y/L/N from Stranger Things season three!” People in the audience screech as you step onto the stage to meet the host. You and Joe quickly shake hands with Jimmy and situate yourself onto the couch as Jimmy gets comfortable behind his desk. “Welcome, welcome!”

“Thank you so much for having us!” You gush towards the man and the crowd cheers, you wave slightly to the crowd as their voices die down. “Ah, I’m so nervous, this is my first night show, I feel like the pressure is on.” You mention, Jimmy lets out a loud laugh and the crowd mimics his actions.

“Well I am honored to be your first host,” Jimmy grins towards you before jumping right on into the interview, “So Stranger Things 3 aired on Netflix about a month ago, correct?” You and Joe nod to answer his question. “Y/N, you’re the newest member of the cast this season, would you mind telling us about your character and her background? I believe it was mentioned here and there but just to make sure everyone is familiar with you.”

“Of course!” You cheer, your nerves subside as you begin to speak, “My character was Olivia Henderson, she is Dustin’s cousin who lived in New York. Her father was re-marrying a woman  who Olivia wasn’t fond of and she just wanted to escape for the summer, so that’s how she ended up in Hawkins.” You explain the backstory of your character like the back of your hand.

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BTS / Their S/O undresses at night

REQUEST: Can I request a reaction to BTS waking up in the morning and seeing that you took your pants off in the middle of the night?

This might not be exactly what you requested, but I hope you still enjoy!


Originally posted by fyeahbangtaned

It was the first time you were spending the night with him, so it was normal that you were a little awkward. When you basically insisted that you were going to sleep with jeans and your sweater on, Jin just laughed, telling you that you were probably going to regret it.

Telling him that you wouldn’t, you got into bed with him, trying to calm your beating heart down. He was really close to you. So close that you weren’t sure you were going to be able to sleep at all.

But his soft breathing and the feeling of his warm body next to yours calmed you down enough to realize that you were actually almost sleeping. And then Jin’s prophecy came true. You just couldn’t sleep with jeans on. It was hot and uncomfortable.

At first, you decided you’d just suffer, but a few hours later, you realized that sleep was more important and sat up in bed to slip your jeans off. When you sleepily lied down on your pillow again, you saw Jin’s smiling eyes.

“Oh. Did I wake you?” you asked awkwardly.

“Yeah,” he said, smirking. “I told you you’d regret it.”

You groaned. “Sleep.”

“I’m trying,” he replied, wrapping an arm around you again. “But I can’t sleep unless you’re sleeping, too.”


Originally posted by chimtae

Yoongi kept trying to convince you that you undressed in your sleep, but you never believed him. You were always too exhausted to remember what you wore to bed but you were certain that you woke up in the same clothes.

“No,” Yoongi disagreed. “I’ll prove it to you.”

You just shook your head, dismissing this topic and went back to what you were doing before he interrupted you.

Once it was time to go to sleep, Yoongi gave you a sneaky smile. “Let’s take a picture.”

“I’m too tired,” you sighed. “Let’s just—”

“Come on, just a quick one. In front of that mirror right there,” Yoongi pleaded.

Groaning, you agreed, simply unable to tell him no. Your exhausted brain didn’t see through his plan as you smiled tiredly at the mirror while he took the picture and then finally allowed you to go to bed.

You fell asleep as soon as your head touched the pillow.

When your alarm rang in the morning, you extended a hand to reach for your phone to stop the annoying noise. When you opened your eyes to put the phone back, you noticed that Yoongi was awake. For the first time in your relationship, it looked as if he woke up first.

“You never wake up before me,” you said matter-of-factly.

“Get out of bed,” he told you.

You frowned. “What—”

“Do you remember how we took a picture before going to sleep last night?” he asked while you sat up, stretched, and stepped out of bed.

“I remember… something,” you said, yawning.

Yoongi extended his hand, not saying anything. He was showing you the picture he presumably took last night. It was you and him in front of the mirror, both of you wearing sweatpants and warm sweaters because the heating in your house wasn’t ideal. Only, as you were looking at the picture, you realized that Yoongi was still wearing the same clothes, while you were only wearing the sweater. Which was inside out for some reason.

Groaning loudly, you realized what he had just done.

“Did you seriously just take that picture so you could prove this to me?” you asked.

Yoongi grinned. “Yes. And see? I was right.”

“You’re unbelievable.”

“Have a good day today,” he said, still smiling, but closing his eyes and cuddling into his pillow. “I’m going back to sleep.”


Originally posted by mvssmedia

You had just come home from the cold weather outside. Even though you took your coat and shoes off, you could still feel the snow on you and you couldn’t stop shivering. Hoseok made you hot tea so you’d warm up and told you to go to bed. You were exhausted after a long day, though, so you fell asleep before he even brought you the cup.

Smiling at your sleeping face, he wrapped the sheets tighter around your body so you’d stop shivering even in your sleep, and then he went to take a shower before he joined you in bed.

When he left the bathroom forty minutes later and got under the sheets, preparing to wrap his arms around you, he almost screamed in horror at the feeling of your cold feet against his legs. He swore you were wearing three pairs of socks before you got into bed.

“Y/n?” he whispered, checking if you were awake.

You didn’t reply, clearly still sleeping. Hoseok didn’t want to wake you to tell you to put your pants and socks back on so you wouldn’t be cold. Clenching his teeth, he threw his leg over yours so his body warmth would warm you up. For the first few moments though, he felt as if the opposite was happening – your cold was passing to him. But soon, he felt you warm up and he wasn’t as cold anymore, either.

In the end, he decided that he preferred warming your body with his, instead of telling you to dress as warmly as you could.


Originally posted by wreckitrapmon

Namjoon liked to hold you in his arms when you slept together and the first few nights he was awakened by you trashing feverishly in his arms. He woke up in shock, releasing you from his grip and watching you take your sweatpants off. Raising his eyebrows in surprise, he realized that this is what you were trying to do all along. You must have gotten too hot in your sleep but his strong arms around you didn’t allow you to relieve yourself from this warmth.

Obviously, as soon as you lied back down in bed, he wrapped his arms around you again, hearing you sigh in content, and smiling to himself.

He got used to this habit of yours later and it became somewhat of a tradition. Whenever he’d feel you nudge him at night, he’d let you go, wait until you undressed so you were comfortable and then hugged you again.

“Why don’t you just not wear pants to bed, to begin with?” he asked you one morning.

“Because I’m cold before I fall asleep,” you said, shrugging your shoulders. “I take them off when I warm up.”

“I’d warm you,” he suggested.

“No offense, Joon, but you’re just as cold as I am when we go to sleep,” you told him. “We’re a mess of chattering teeth and shivers until we fall asleep.”


Originally posted by namj00nsweetie

Normally, you brought your pajamas when you stayed over at the dorm with Jimin, but this time, you showed up, not planning to spend the night. Which is why when Jimin convinced you to stay because it was snowing outside (“Baby, it’s cold outside,” was what he said and you had the song stuck in your head the whole night), you didn’t have what to wear to bed.

Jimin had offered you his shirt but for some reason, you felt uncomfortable wearing so little clothing when the rest of the boys were just outside of his bedroom. So, you went to bed wearing the same clothes that you came with.

Needless to say, it soon got really uncomfortable to sleep in jeans and a hoodie that was comfortable during the day but was going to kill you at night. When did it get so uncomfortable? It was starting to get too much for you, so still not being fully awake, you slowly took your jeans off and then a few minutes later removed your hoodie, too.

It felt much better and you swore you haven’t slept that well in months.

What you forgot, however, was that you tended to throw your covers off of you when you slept, which is why in the morning, you found yourself on your stomach with your arm hanging outside of the bed while Jimin was forced to sleep in a pile of blankets.

And like it tended to happen a lot in the dorm, Hoseok burst into Jimin’s room, opening his mouth to say something until he noticed the sight in front of him: you in your underwear and nearly out of bed while Jimin was in a cocoon of blankets.

“That’s an interesting scene…” Hoseok mumbled, pulling his phone out to take a picture of the scene so he could tease Jimin later.


Originally posted by mvssmedia

He always had to cuddle when you slept with him. It was natural that you got hot and undressed as much as possible at night. Sleeping next to him was like sleeping next to a heater in summer.

“Why do you always undress at night?” Taehyung asked after he woke up one morning.

“Because you’re too hot,” you answered simply.

He smirked at this. “Is that so?”

“No, wait, that’s not what I meant,” you replied, suddenly blushing. “I mean, you produce so much warmth when we sleep, it’s impossible.”

“It’s probably because you’re hot too,” he said, still smiling. “And extremely cute when you’re blushing.”

“Let’s not talk about this,” you asked, covering your face with your hands.

“No, don’t hide your pretty face from me,” Taehyung said, trying to peel your hands away from your face, so he could see you. “Do you think if I wore extra clothes to bed you’d be even hotter and therefore take more of your clothes off?”


“I’m just checking,” he shrugged his shoulders, laughing. “I’m probably going to have to try that.”

“I’m going to refuse to sleep with you if you do stuff like that,” you told him.

He gasped dramatically. “How could you say that?!”


Originally posted by justanotherwriter1

Jungkook usually slept with the covers off. That is, he threw them all off of him at night, and all of them landed on you. Naturally, you were suffocating under a large number of blankets, even if it was winter. More often than not, you found yourself waking up just so you could throw your pajama bottoms off in hopes of feeling some more air.

Obviously, you tried to throw the covers back to him but his cat-like reflexes blocked your throw and the blankets found their way back to you in a second or less.

“Jungkook,” you said loudly one morning after you woke up sweating.

He was startled awake and looked at you in shock. “What happened?!”

“Look at us!” you said, struggling to get your hands out from under the covers. “I’m dying in here.”

“Why do you have so many blankets on you, then?” he asked cluelessly.

“Because you threw them all off!” you said. “Honestly, I love you, but this is driving me crazy. Not even taking my clothes off is helping me endure this.”

“Not even—wait, you’re not wearing clothes?” he asked, his eyes lighting up instantly.

“Of course not. It’s already as hot as it is, I don’t need—” you were cut off by Jungkook who gathered every blanket and started to pull it off of you. “What are you doing?”

He pulled all of the blankets away from you and threw it off the bed. You felt yourself shiver instantly but Jungkook seemingly didn’t notice that as his eyes scanned your body that was only hidden behind a white see-through oversized shirt.

“We’re not using blankets anymore,” Jungkook said, decidedly. “We can keep each other warm if we need to.”

taehyung scenario | heart-eyes

Originally posted by beui

prompt: I accidentally grabbed your sketchbook in art class, and it’s filled with amazing doodles… wait is that supposed to be you and me… and are we…???

pairing: taehyung x reader

requested by anon | 1.3k words | fluff

Students at art school are weird. Not a bad kind of weird, just a wearing-designer-clothes-only-to-get-paint-splashed-on-them, stopping-in-the-corridor-to-stare-out-the-window-and-mutter-some-poetry-on-a-sigh kind of weird. Maybe weird is the wrong word. Quirky. Charismatic. Artistic.

By far the weirdest (or should you say most artistic) student is Kim Taehyung. He’s the type to wear glasses just for aesthetic. He’s the type to daze off into space during lessons, staring open mouthed at the ceiling. He’s the type to brainstorm unique ideas that would never come together in other people’s heads. And he’s your type.

Which is why you get so excited when you find out he’s your partner for the group art project.

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Sex God

Okay so I had a debate whether to post this in one or not but now its here.

Word Count: 6k  *Warning: Smut*

Originally posted by meanyoongis

You are a beauty student and your task is to give someone a complete makeover. Who better than your geeky friend namjoon.

It was just an assignment. You had done hundreds of them in your time of being a beauty student so why was this one proving to be so difficult. Everyone is your class had their model weeks ago, everyone but you. So here you were flopped face first across your best friend Namjoon’s sofa stressing as the deadline drew closer. “What’s up Y/N?” Namjoon asked as he sat down in the small space that your body wasn’t taking over. “I’m going to fail.” You mumbled into the armrest, Namjoon stroked your hair and encouraged you to sit up. “You won’t fail what are you talking about?” He questioned before you let out a sigh and stood up, “I have to give someone a complete makeover and produce all the coursework in two weeks for my beauty project. All these years of work and I’m going to fail all because I don’t have the balls to ask anyone to be my partner.” You explained as you paced the length of his apartment. You probably would have ran yourself into the ground had your face not been met with a firm chest, “Y/N you’re my best friend but you are an idiot sometimes.” He laughed at you, “Not bringing up my confidence Joonie.” You mumbled hiding your face in his body. “No, I meant I’ll be your model.” He said while still chuckling at your childish behaviour as you jumped back. “Really? You would do that for me?” You asked quizzically, “Of course Y/N whatever it takes for you to pass. Or just to see you smile because I hate seeing you stressed like this.” Straight after he said this you were running around with relief. “Thank fuck. Okay let’s get started because I’m already like two weeks behind.” and with that you were dragging him out of his apartment with you.

First step: concept

“Okay first things first we have to specify what your opposite is.” You said flicking through a folder of different styles you had collected throughout the years, “I wouldn’t want to put you in anything you are uncomfortable with but we basically have to change everything for this project.” You explained letting him have a flick through while you set up the photoshoot. “Um Y/N I know I’m no expert but I swear the photoshoot goes at the end?” Namjoon questioned placing the folder on the table of your workshop, “I need a before and after shoot so get your ass over here and try not to smile.” You say as you fiddle with the settings on your camera and the lighting. “I thought the point of a photo is to smile?” he joked while awkwardly standing on the perfectly placed cross on the floor. You couldn’t help with laugh at how uncomfortable he looked, “Relax it’s for a school project not a mug shot. Here stand like this.” You said as you adjusted his feet and arms so he was stood like how most male models in magazines stand. You guided him through different poses as you tackled different angles for the shoot. About half an hour later you were just gathering the last of the photos, “And done. Well for today at least. Thank you again for all of this Joon, I don’t know where I would be without you.” You said as you packed up your camera, “Probably still face down on my sofa.” He joked and you hit him on the arm.

It was about three hours later when you finished editing the photos and you texted Namjoon.

Y/N: Hey I just finished editing the photos from today’s shoot. Do you wanna see some?

Joonie: Yeah sure.

You sent him through the best ones that you planned to use in your project,

Joonie: Holy Hell these are insane. They look like they could be out of a magazine.

Y/N: Well I should hope so, that was kind of the look I was going for.

You continued to fill him in on your plans for the rest of the project while making sure he was still one hundred percent comfortable with the concept. Once he confirmed he was fine with whatever you had planned you began to mindmap your ideas.

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Star Wars Breakout Kelly Marie Tran on The Last Jedi and Kylo Ren’s Shirtless Scene

— Kyle Buchanan for Vulture | Dec 20, 2017

Star Wars: The Last Jedi has a lot of characters to service, from franchise icons like Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) and Leia (Carrie Fisher) to heroes introduced two years ago in The Force Awakens, including Rey (Daisy Ridley) and Poe (Oscar Isaac). 

It’s a testament to Kelly Marie Tran, then, that the character you’re most likely to talk about after you leave the theater is her series newbie Rose, a mechanic who teams up with Finn (John Boyega) to embody the central theme of the Rian Johnson–directed film: A hero can come from anywhere. 

The 28-year-old San Diego native imbues Rose with such heart that she all but steals The Last Jedi, and offscreen, Tran is just as winning, repeatedly describing herself as a fan who’s hit the jackpot. With her big breakout now in theaters, Tran rang up Vulture to discuss how she’s dealing with her new place in the galaxy.

Tell me what it was like to see the movie at its first premiere in Los Angeles. How were you feeling before you got there, and then what was it like when you arrived?

It all happens so fast, it truly does. It feels like you’re getting married! So many people were going to be there, my friends, my family … there’s a lot of nerves involved. And then when I finally arrived, first of all, I was listening to Hamilton in the car with all my girlfriends, trying to get pumped up for the situation. I was like, “I’m not throwing away my shot!” And then I got out of the car, and it was just madness, immediately. There’s cameras everywhere and people saying my name — first of all, they knew my name, which is very different for me. And then I saw this girl who was dressed as Rose and I just lost it.

How come?

Because I know how impossible this is. I had been auditioning for so long and my parents aren’t from the entertainment industry. It just seemed like a dream the entire time, and to have it hit this final moment was a very big deal. It’s still a big deal. I never want to forget that I’m doing an impossible thing. How rare is it that you get to be part of something people love? It’s really special. It’s a very out-of-body experience to be a part of something so huge.

Now, that was the second time you’d seen it, right? I heard there had been a first screening for all the actors the week before.

It was right after we did Jimmy Kimmel, so if I can paint a picture for you, it was kind of a smaller room. Daisy and Gwen were on my left, and then Oscar on my right. And Laura Dern! Behind us, John and Andy Serkis. Sitting in that room with all these people that I’ve looked up to before I even got that first audition was a big deal for me, and we were shouting for each other. Every time someone would appear onscreen for the first time, we would all just scream. There was a lot of laughter and a lot of tears. It was a very emotional experience, and one that I will definitely cherish. The most comforting thing about this whole experience of being the new person was meeting everyone else and realizing that everyone was just as excited and pinching themselves.

How has your family reacted to the movie?

They were there at the premiere. My parents are refugees from Vietnam, so they didn’t grow up with Star Wars. I don’t think they know what’s going on in the movie at any given time. [Laughs.] But my dad stayed awake during this movie, and my dad never stays awake when I take him to the movies, so that was a good sign.

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Summary: Despite his emblem being a stormcloud, Virgil has never experienced rain. Roman fixes that.

Pairing: Prinxiety

Warnings: Over the top fluff. Excessive fluff. You have been warned.

It’s really late. The later it becomes, the more one can argue that it’s actually early. 

Logan and Patton have fallen fast asleep, leaning against one another on the couch. Roman sits on the floor and is still wide awake, completely enraptured by the movie that’s currently playing on TV, even though he has seen it more times than he can count. Virgil sits next to him and is fighting to hold his eyes open, actually enjoying the movie Beauty and the Beast.

Although he has also seen it before, he loves happy endings. No, he doesn’t just love happy endings, he desperately needs happy endings. He needs them because….well, he isn’t even sure why. He just knows that any other ending leaves a horrible feeling in the pit of his stomach and a dull pounding in his head.

The scene currently playing on screen is the moment where the rain is pelting the castle and the Beast is on the brink of death. Virgil leans forward, his eyes still on the movie. 

“Roman?” the anxious side whispers.

“Huh? Hm what is it, Virge?”

“Why is it always raining on all the really distressing scenes?” he turns to look at the Prince.

“Oh, I suppose that’s because storms symbolize change, transformation, and danger in stories. It can sometimes represent the inner turmoil of the characters.”

Virgil grimaces, “Oh….”

Roman glances at him, “Something wrong?”

“….is that why Thomas chose my emblem to be a stormcloud?”

The Prince looks thoughtful, “Quite possibly. But that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it can also represent new beginnings and growth. Let’s not forget that some of the most romantic scenes take place in the rain! And I rather enjoy rain, it’s quite….purifying.”

“Really? I guess I wouldn’t know.”

“Roman narrows his eyes, “Are you telling me that you have never experienced rain before?”

“You’re the one with the kingdom, Princey. You’ve never really liked me enough to invite me on your little ventures, remember?” Virgil rolls his eyes.

Roman gasps dramatically, “Okay, get up. It’s adventure time!”

“Wh–what are you talking about? It’s like 3am.”

“That’s the best time to get caught in a storm.” The Prince replies, helping Virgil off the ground.

“You’re fucking crazy,” he mutters. Roman simply grins as they make their way to his room, careful not to wake the others.

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EXO / Mafia AU - They start to have feelings for you after an arranged marriage

REQUEST: GOD THAT EXO MAFIA AU WAS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!! Okay now I’m calm! That was really good I read that five times already. Can you do the other way around this time? Like they’re starting to have feelings for you? Again with exo and arranged marriage?

Thank you for this request! I hope you enjoy! 💕



Originally posted by hlut

Minseok low-key had feelings for you ever since the first time he saw you, or rather, saw pictures of you.

Right after his parents announced to him that they’ve found a bride for him, the first thing Minseok did was cringe at the name they used, and then he pulled his laptop out, because we do live in a modern age, and he really wanted to see what you looked like.

He wasn’t a shallow person; he knew very well that it wasn’t just the appearance that mattered, but as soon as he opened your Facebook page, he froze, staring at your picture, and quietly thinking to himself, “yes. I definitely see myself spending the rest of my life with someone who looked like that.”

Then, however, you moved in with him after the wedding and proved to him that not only were you absolutely beautiful, but you also had an attitude that made him really want to kick things sometimes.

You barely even talked to him, and if you did, it was to tell him to stop doing something that annoyed you. Like breathing.

And Minseok would have been lying if he would have said that your attitude didn’t turn him on. He never acted upon the feelings you caused him, though. At least, not until you grew more accustomed to him, and didn’t look like you were going to shoot him in the head if someone handed you a gun.

Actually, even his own parents were surprised by your hatred for them, though Minseok thought it was normal. Your families have, after all, been rivals up until your marriage to him, so naturally, you needed some time to get used to this. Which is why, Minseok, without you knowing, always defended you to his parents, who claimed that maybe they made the wrong choice by having their heir marry you.

Somehow, even when you were glaring at him from across the room, he knew that this marriage was the right choice and he patiently waited until you realized it, too.


Originally posted by asstheticsuho

Junmyeon, being the gentleman that he was, always allowed you to do everything first: enter a room, sit at the table, fall in love…

He always treated you like his wife but it took him a little longer to realize that you weren’t just his wife because he had no choice but to marry you. You were also his wife because he had feelings for you.

You went on countless dates together, and the scenario was almost always the same: Junmyeon would hold the door open for you, he’d help you take your coat off, he’d help you read the menu if it was in a foreign language (honestly, up to this day, it was still a mystery to you how he was capable of speaking so many languages), and he always looked after you.

“Is your food cold?” he asked one time when he noticed that you weren’t eating. “Because I can send it back to the chef.”

“No, I’m just not hungry for some reason,” you replied, shrugging your shoulders.

Junmyeon panicked immediately. “Why? What’s wrong? Are you sick? Do you want me to take you to the hospital? Do you want to go home?”

A little taken aback by this avalanche of questions, you laughed awkwardly.

“No, I’m okay,” you said. “But your sudden freak-out mode is starting to freak me out, too.”

“Oh,” Junmyeon said, looking down and leaning back in his chair.

It took him a moment to understand why he became so concerned all of a sudden, but then once he did, the answer was clear as day: he was falling in love with you.

“What’s with the smile?” your voice woke him up from his dream world, and he raised his head to look at you.

“Huh? It’s nothing,” he said, waving his hand in an attempt to dismiss this topic for now because he still needed time for this new revelation to settle in his mind.


Originally posted by yongguk-hell-chyeah

He met you a couple of times before the wedding, and it was obvious to him that you didn’t like him particularly much. You didn’t go out of your way to spite him, though, and that was enough for him to believe that maybe this arranged marriage would work… in the long run.

He hadn’t had time to develop any feelings for you during those couple of times that he saw you, and even if he wanted to, he probably would have tried to stop himself from crushing on you. He didn’t want to wear his heart on his sleeve when he knew there was a chance you’d never feel anything for him.

But then the wedding came. He was standing there, by the altar, feeling like this was the most stressful thing he’s ever done, even if his line of work included shooting people and putting his life on the line. In fact, he would have much rather been in a shoot-out with a rival Mafia family, than stand here, in front of everyone he knew, and wait until he married a girl he didn’t even know.

But then, you started to walk down the aisle, and his heart got caught in his throat.

Not understanding the sudden surge of emotions, he just watched you approach him. With shaky hands, he helped you take the veil off, and the way his heart squeezed when he finally saw your face let him know that he was exactly where he was supposed to be.

The realization that you were truly the one for him, calmed Yixing down enough to actually enjoy and savour every moment of this because God knows what kind of challenges awaited him after the wedding. The only good thing was that he knew he’d have you with him all through it.


Originally posted by baekthecorgi

Baekhyun actually tried to stop himself from developing feelings for you.

When you first moved into his house, you were really closed off and said no to every single thing anyone from his family offered you. Even if it was work-related. So, naturally, Baekhyun, who thought that a relationship with no love was useless, was afraid that if he put his heart on the line for you, you’d grab it and break it.

But then you admitted that the reason why you weren’t participating in anything his family did was because you were afraid to fail, and Baekhyun felt his world light up again.

He promised you he’d train you and he kept his promise.

The two of you were in a shooting range his family had. You were holding a pistol in your hand while Baekhyun stood behind you and moved your hand so that you’d hit the target when you fired. And every time he guided you, your aim was perfect. But once he let go of you, you hit walls and instantly flinched, fearing that a bullet will ricochet and hit one of you.

“I told you to wear a bullet-proof vest,” you told Baekhyun with a sigh after you’ve missed your target for the fifth time in a row. “Now you make me worry about your health every time I miss.”

“Good!” Baekhyun replied with a teasing smile. “Maybe the fear of killing me will help your aim.”

“Ha ha,” you replied dryly. “I thought we came here so you could help me, not mock me.”

“I am helping you,” he said, walking behind you, so he could help you again. “But it seems to me like every time I tell you what to do, you’re not listening to me.”

Your face flushed. “I am listening. It’s just that… you’re distracting.”

“How am I distracting?” Baekhyun asked, clueless to your flustered state, because he was too focused on positioning the gun in your hand in the right way.

“You’re really… close,” you whispered the last word.

But Baekhyun heard you. And he immediately raised his eyes to meet yours, finally noticing your rosy cheeks and a shy smile.

And that’s exactly when he stopped holding himself back and just gave in to the inevitable. Trying not to fall in love was the most stupid thing he’s ever tried, which is probably why –  as he watched you try to concentrate on his words and not on his close proximity – he realized that he had failed.

His heart was already yours.


Originally posted by chensoo-l

Jongdae had a protective nature, so the need to always keep you safe came naturally to him. Needless to say, he wasn’t a big fan of the fact that you preferred walking instead of driving. This made it more difficult to protect you.

He told you numerous times to just ask his driver to take you somewhere, but you constantly refused, and eventually, this came back to bit you in the ass.

Jongdae was the one who found out that a man was stalking you. He didn’t know who this man was, but he didn’t need to; he was going to remove the threat before he hurt you. However, before that, he wanted to teach you a lesson.

Jongdae followed you to the restaurant that you had a meeting in, and carefully staked out by the entrance so he could spot your stalker when he inevitably showed up. While he waited, Jongdae sneaked some looks into the restaurant through the window, and clocked you, talking to a man twice your age and obviously struggling to understand what he was saying. Jongdae recognized the man as the head of a foreign Mafia family, and for some reason, he realized he didn’t like the fact that you were in the company of another man.

Then, he saw a masked man enter the restaurant, and his heart rate sped up immediately.

Not to cause any suspicion, for a moment, Jongdae just watched as the man circled around the hostess and chose a table next to yours. Just as the man sat down and got his hand into the pocket of his coat, Jongdae burst into the restaurant, firing his gun at the same time that the masked-man pulled his pistol out.

Jongdae hadn’t expected your stalker to actually try to kill you, but now that he thought of it, it really did seem kind of obvious. Why else would he follow you for a week?

But this thought didn’t make Jongdae feel better. If anything, it made him sick. Jongdae suddenly couldn’t believe he let this man stalk you for a whole week and he didn’t kill him just because he wanted to teach you a lesson that this was dangerous.

Well, your frightened eyes told him that you learned your lesson. And Jongdae definitely learned his. He was never going to risk your life like that again because whether his protective nature was natural, or the result of his ever-growing feelings for you, he was still going to take care of you in every way he knew how.


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He got tired of waiting until your dress was fixed, so he had left for the ball on his own. Obviously, he was curious to see what you looked like in a gown that took ages to make, but he was also really impatient.

The second he entered the ball in his father’s honor, girls started to circle him. This always tended to happen. Chanyeol was a nice person, and just like everyone else, he enjoyed the attention he received, so he didn’t shoo any of those girls away, choosing to enjoy their company instead.

But everything they said completely flew over his head, because in a few moments, the most beautiful girl he’s ever laid his eyes on walked through the door. It took Chanyeol a couple of moments to realize that this girl – who seemed to be illuminating the whole room and making heads turn as she walked – was his wife.

And she was angrily making her way towards him.

Not losing the amused expression, Chanyeol watched as you not-so-subtly told the girls around him to fuck off.

He swore he has never received a better compliment.

The most beautiful girl in the room, no competition, was jealous of the few girls – whose faces Chanyeol forgot as soon as he saw you – who were talking to him. He felt pride mix with amusement in his stomach, and he couldn’t resist the urge to smirk.

Watching you get possessive over him, made him feel like a winner. You were definitely the prize here, that was obvious to everyone. And you were his.

That was, Chanyeol realized, his biggest achievement.


Originally posted by daenso

Kyungsoo had a feeling that just like nearly everyone else on this planet, you were afraid of him, too. And it really upset him because he would never even think about hurting you.

You were the most innocent thing he’s ever seen. Of course, you knew how to manipulate people and if you really tried, you could definitely kick someone’s ass, but you were so small and fragile in Kyungsoo’s eyes that he just wanted to keep you in a bulletproof room so you were always safe.

When Kyungsoo scared you one night and you literally pulled a gun on him, not realizing that it was him, he truly felt hurt.

It was like all of this time he only speculated that you were afraid of him, but then he turned around and you looked even more scared than before you knew it was him.

The pain he felt of having not yet proven to you that you’re the last person he’d ever lay a hand on, was indescribable and he felt suffocated by it. But along with it came the realization that he’s never had a person like that before. He had a reputation of hurting those who crossed him for a reason, and now, all of a sudden, he had you.

His wife. His reality. His love.

He took a deep breath and moved his hand to gently touch your cheek. “Please don’t be afraid of me.”

This was the first time he said those words to anyone and he meant it. Although he didn’t tell you he loved you outright, the sincerity in his voice let you know that his feelings for you ran deeper than you could have ever imagined.


Originally posted by intokai

Jongin was somewhat cautious around new people. Even if one of these people were his wife. A few months after the wedding, he thought he had already gotten used to you, but then he found out you had a hobby that brought all of his paranoia up.

You loved to cook.

And it took you two months to find the courage to offer to cook him dinner. Not wanting to hurt your feelings, he agreed, although he knew it would take him every single ounce of strength to take even the smallest bite.

Jongin watched every move you made when you started to cook and you were truly starting to feel a little uncomfortable but you tried to tell yourself that he just wanted to guess what you were cooking. In reality, Jongin intensely eyed the products you used, because he couldn’t let go of the fact that his father died when his second wife poisoned his meal.

The wife was dead – obviously – but so was his father. And ever since he found out what happened, he has never eaten anything other people have cooked, unless someone tasted his food first.

But there he was, almost two years after his father’s death, sitting at the dinner table, a plate of freshly-cooked food in front of him, and your expectant face on his right.

“Go on, try it,” you encouraged. “No need to look like I’m trying to poison you.”

You tried to lighten the mood with this innocent joke but Jongin took a deep breath and finally raised his fork to his mouth.

Right before Jongin swallowed the food, he realized why his father was never suspicious of his wife’s cooking. Why he never expected to be poisoned.

It was because he loved her.

And as Jongin waited for a moment after having swallowed the food, he realized that he was stepping over his long-time fear because he didn’t want to make you sad. He would have rather experienced the effect of poisoned food first-hand than disappoint you by not trying the food that you made at all.

And this made no sense to him, but he never believed that everything had to make sense, anyway. So, he rolled with it.

So what if you decided to poison him?

The smile on your face when you saw him take a bite would have been worth it.


Originally posted by awwsehun

He liked you. It was simple as that. He never felt any hate towards you, he just simply liked you. Platonically.

He knew you had a hard time getting used to being married and living in his house, so he did everything he could to make it a little more bearable for you. On top of that, he felt kind of guilty about not having introduced you to his family’s tradition before the wedding.

Every single member of his family had to have the symbol of the family tattooed on their wrist. It was the husband who tattooed the wife, and it was the way it always was, but Sehun still felt like they should have made an exception for you. He managed to reach a compromise with his parents – instead of getting a tattoo right after your wedding, you’d get one once you finally adjusted to this new life.

However, the day you were supposed to get a tattoo came sooner than he expected.

Seeing you shake in fear made Sehun panic and he considered talking to his parents about this again. He was sure he could find a way to avoid ruining your delicate skin with black ink.

“You’re still part of the family, with or without the tattoo,” he told you, even though you were already sitting in the chair, desperately trying to calm yourself down.

Taking a deep breath, you gave him an encouraging look. “I know. But I want you to do this.”

Nodding, Sehun grabbed the needle with a lot more confidence.

As he watched the symbol of his family come to life on your wrist, he couldn’t help but think about the sacrifice you were making. You were basically confirming that you’ll stay a part of his family for the rest of your life, forgetting every other relationship that ever tied you to your own family.

Sehun knew you must have realized that this symbol would mark you as the property of his family, and he had so much admiration for you for doing this.

Then, once he finished the tattoo and looked at it, thoughts about future clouded his head. You and him celebrating your first anniversary. You and him moving out of the family house to live together. You and him having children and actually feeling like a family. You and him together… for the rest of your lives.

And he raised his head from your tattoo to give you a smile.

He didn’t like you anymore. He loved you.

Until Next Time—03 [m]

Synopsis: You are finally meeting Jimin in person after months—but it doesn’t go entirely as planned

Originally posted by nochuie

Pairing: Jimin x Reader // gaming au, long distance lovers au

Genre: Smut, a lil’ fluff

Word Count: 7.5k

Parts: 01 || 02 || 03

Includes: roadhead, oral, spanking, dom jimin, multiple orgasms, nipple play

A/N: happy!! holidays!! here’s the final installment, haha

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