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Kitten of the Alleyway

So I was going through some writing prompts and I found this

“So, I know you said only one cat, but listen. Hear me out- wait, don’t open the door- I can explain.”

And I just knew I wanted for it to be Jehanparnasse so here ya go.

When it came to people, Montparnasse was not the best. In all honestly, he was a cat person. He always had been. After roughly six months of living with Jehan, they had finally agreed to getting a kitten. Jehan loved their cat, ‘Parnasse had named him Kors, and they wanted the best for their cat. Their one cat.

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If you think the diggers/bates are crazy, you'll define you dislike anyone of the apostolic/Pentecostal faith. Girls wear skirts, don't cut their hair and wear no jewelry or makeup. We're way stricter than the bates/sugars when it comes to modesty standards. The only big difference would be that most of us watch tv and kiss before marriage. But, I am happy in my faith and the duggars/bates look to be as well, so I would stop throwing the word "cult" around, unless they have actually admitted it.

(I did not change anything in this ask, the spelling mistakes were created by anon)

You are right @anon, I will dislike any religion that treats parts of their church members as second class citizen… If a religion/church feels the need to push women into predefined gender roles (aka church leaders are scared to lose their position as the head of the household because some women could actually do better than some men - I can already hear them scream *😠burn the witch* at me) I can not like or support them in any way. We are all humans, no matter what gender, race, sexuality, religion, nationality and so on. Nobody should be put down for living the way they enjoy to live if that lifestyle does not effect anybody else in a negative way.

I am happy that you are happy in your faith but reacting the way you are (caring about how other people call your faith, trying to shut me up “I would stop throwing the word “cult” around”) shows me that you are not as secure in your faith as you are leading on to be. If you were you would probably not care.

And I do not think, I have stated anywhere on this blog that the Duggars or Bateses or any of the fundie families we talk about are per se crazy. I just think most of their rules/ideology/church is/are…

Also… have you ever looked at a definition of the word “cult”?

  • Oxford dictionary says (i.a.): A relatively small group of people having religious beliefs or practices regarded by others as strange or as imposing excessive control over members.
  • Cambridge dictionary: (i.a.) a religious group, often living together, whose beliefs are considered extreme or strange by many people

Sooo…. I guess the word cult describes it pretty well….

Oh and before I forget: THIS IS OUR BLOG AND WE WILL POST, COMMENT OR NAME THINGS AS WE PLEASE, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!! If you can´t agree to disagree or just can´t stand our opinions please unfollow us. No one forces you to spend any time on our blog. This is not a fan blog. It is a blog where the lives of the fundies who chose to live it in the public eye will be critically analyzed.


The Inner Thoughts of an AoS Fangirl - 4x18

Got to watch AoS after all (thanks to @bioforensics)…

Thoughts while watching (not in perfect order):

  • yes hair is the real priority here completely agree *eye roll*
  • Leopold freakin’ Fitz has Jemma bloody Simmons on his mind and no matter what he tells himself and no matter what his crappy trash of a father tells him, he can’t stop thinking about her.
  • hell Fitz apologize to her you just slapped your bff good god
  • ummm Ward go away vs. Ward I love you can they make you an LMD in reality
  • I think we can all agree that telling Mace is a bad idea Simmons
  • Radcliffe is my spirit animal even though he’s the very reason they’re in this mess
  • so like Simmons and Fitz both corrected someone that they were doctors
  • psychically linked even in a vitural reality and one has no idea the other is psychically linked to them
  • Please be Tripp please be Tripp
  • Coulson you’re so presh –
  • TRIP.
  • can Tripp trip on his shoe just because its funny don’t actually hurt him because TRIPP
  • i feel i forgot to mention Tripp
  • “that’s because I am troubled” “A woman?” Yeah her names Jemma Anne Simmons she screamed at him from across a field and now he can’t stop thinking about her and old Fitz is coming out because he killed an innocent woman in cold blood and Jemma made him feel guilty for something that normally would never bother him but her voice and eyes he just CAN’T “Is it that obvious?” Yes.
  • oh his dad seems nice maybe he’ll give Fitz good advice
  • Well you can put Fitz’s dad on my list of fictional characters I intend on murdering in every fanfic
  • “oh golly who knows what kind of man i’d be without you dad i might be an actual nice person like who the hell needs that”
  • Side note: TRIPP
  • did Fitz just
  • It wasn’t him it wasn’t him it wasn’t him it wasn’t him i hate AIDA and dad fitz it wasn’t him it wasn’t him
  • the fact that our presh Fitz still is Fitz but is basically forced to be an evil, twisted murderer because of AIDA and his dad peer pressuring and emotionally abusing and manipulating him kills me slowly
  • Holy crap did that work
  • Holy crap it worked
  • does this mean that we just need Simmons to look at Fitz and nonchalant just be like “UGH FITZ just snap out of it”
  • #hating everything right now
  • deah of characters that never reach their full potential in their character arc is my reason for crying on a regular basis
  • that and fitzsimmons
  • oh look what a nice sinister smile AIDA has as Fitz bonds with his abusive creep of a dad heyyy i mean murder am i right
  • “did you watch Days of Our Lives the other day son” “no dad I missed it (cause Jemma Simmons was screaming at me “no”)” “well it was a good one cause Raph killed Pheobe” “That’s awful” “…” “I mean wow what a great thing to fill your mind with and tell yourself its okay”
  • radcliffe was a better father figure even after he freakin betrayed him
  • #pretending Mace didn’t die by Fitz’s hands and he’ll forever have to live with Mace AND Agens’s blood on his hands for all eternity
  • im chill im totally chill as a dead body because i’m dead inside
  • Mother and Daughter Goals
  • Radcliffe totes heard this whole thing
  • this is what dreams are made of
  • If Daisy gets her powers then its only appropriate for Tripp to be in the episode right (just a little morbid there Whedon)
  • next episodes gonna be LEGIT
Let’s Agree to Disagree

The Percy Jackson is obviously insane, we lost our minds a loooong time ago. We love each other and we argue, I’ve seen straight up cat fights between shippers of Jiper and shippers of Brason (which, guys, that’s not even funny anymore).

Personally I don’t care what you ship, it makes me sad to see people getting so angry fighting over Percico and Percabeth, because guys stop we’re supposed to be family, stop fighting over everything, stop getting so insulted, it’s ridiculous. We’re not children (I think), we should be able to have a civil conversation about couples.

Example, I freaking love Jason and Piper, they’re perfect, but I also ship Valgrace and Reyna/Piper (forgot their ship name whoops), and Pipabeth, because it’s adorable.

Percabeth is my soul but guys, Jercy.

Solangelo is OTP but…. but STOLLACE.

Can’t we just agree to disagree and be NICE ABOUT IT?! I can’t believe I’m saying this, but everyone in this fandom who argues between Solangelo and Percico are Octavian. That’s right haters, those of you who are violently rude to Solangelo shippers because you ship Percico (and vise versa), you Hera scum all OCTAVIAN.

Do you wanna be known as the Octavian’s of the Percy Jackson fandom? Do you? Because that’s what you jerks are acting like.

Live and let live, love and let love, agree to disagree, stop being dickwads, because it’s immature and rude.

That said, can we just agree on one thing? Even if you ship Percico, or Stollace, or Valdangelo, or anything else involving Nico and Will, we need to understand something.

The ship name Solangelo is the most beautiful one we have. I dare you to give me one that sounds even more beautiful, something aesthetically pleasing to both eye and tongue, I frigging dare you.

Ship what you want, even if you don’t like the ship itself, the name is perfect.

And no one messes with Frazel.

Or Gruniper.

And stay away from Tyson/Ella.

Systems against Split!

Hey guys; I’ve come up with an idea and I hope you’ll all like it! I could really use your help! :D

Jess struggles to be a focal point in her videos (which is what puts her off filming a lot) but I thought, with this Split film coming out, what an awesome time for systems to gather and valiantly fight against it together!

So, my plan is this:

If you’re happy to be filmed:
- Film no more than 30-60 seconds of you and why this film is a bad idea/how it will negatively stereotype DID
- Introduce yourself “my name is… and I have been diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder” before you start :) (you can use pseudonyms if you prefer!)
- Taglines work great if you can think of any (i.e. “We are a real disorder, not a Hollywood myth”)

*Please ensure that you have an official diagnosis (this is so we can solemnly swear that everybody involved has it if we ever have to justify it’s not an act etc (you’d be surprised that we can get this a lot!))
*Please ensure there’s just one person on screen :D if your friend/partner wants to get involved, ask them to shoot themselves separately (it will look more powerful with more people speaking in separate takes!)
*Partners and friends are welcome too! “My name is… and my mother/friend/partner has DID”
*If you’d rather shoot anonymously, you can! Just use a teddy bear or a mask or a sign etc so the camera has something to look at! :) be as inventive as you’d like!
*By sending the video to us, you agree to be on our channel and give us this right to edit and post as such

If you’d like to take part, please attach your video to email and send to:

The deadline will be next weekend (14/01) so I can stick everything I have together and edit in time for the film coming out ^_^

Thank you to everybody who takes part! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me here!

After acquiring a pair of trained dragons from a random chick in the woods, our ranger pointed out that maybe we should put some time into learning about the creatures we would be riding and taking care of. As such, I decide to cast Detect Thoughts on each dragon.

Gm (via text): "Red Dragon: I wish to mate

Red Dragon: where do i go for to fuck?“

Rogue: “We also have to name the dragons!”

Gm (still texting): “Red Dragon: me so horny

Red Dragon: daddy”

Me: “uhhh…. i think we should name the red one Aphrodite”

After agreeing that the name Venus is more aesthetically pleasing and intrigued as to what the dm is telling me about the dragons, the group asks why I want to name the dragon after the god in question.

Me: “Look, sometimes certain animals have instincts towards…certain… uncouth activities…and I’m just saying that our red dragon here is a bit….”

Gm (text): “Red Dragon: (is eyeing Boris thirstily)”

Me: “oh god. Boris, you really shouldn’t go near Venus”

Boris (Cleric): “Can I roll to pray, please?”

Monk: “I think I’m going to join you …”

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(The Thief) What would Sebs do if Ciel brought a kitten home and asked to keep it as a friend for Nothing?

“Ciel, what are you hiding.”

“Huh, what, who - me?”

“You. Behind your back.”

“Um OH well see funny story-”

“Come here, Ciel.”

“Ahah there’s no need for that I’m just going to go to our room real quick and I’ll be right ba-”

“I can see FUR behind your tiny FUCKING ass. WHAT IS THAT?”

“It’s Nothing! Our cat, Nothing, you know uh…we just got back from a stroll around the block, yeah!”


“OKAY, GOD! I was coming back from school and saw this little guy all scared behind this car and he was crying all high-pitched and SCREAMING for me to rescue him - look! Look his eyes are the exact same color as mine and he’s all dark grey and beautiful and please please PLEASE CAN WE KEEP HIM?”

“I said get over here.”



“But what about Anything I can’t just leave him homeless!”

“Anything? You NAMED him already? First Nothing then Something, Everything and now FUCKING ANYTHNG? WHAT IS THIS A FUCKING FARM?”

“YOU got Something and we both found Everything and now it’s just Anything and I SWEAR no more pets! We can’t control ourselves I KNOW but you have to admit he’s cute right? RIGHT? I can see it in those angry eyes you agree!”

“You’re going to get it.”

“Ahah! I knew it, thank you thank you!”


“What?! But what about that old stray dog that limps that you’ve been trying to catch for like a month? I thought we’d keep him for sure!”

“I spent TWO FUCKING HOURS catching him already, he’s in the backyard. And there was another one with him so I grabbed her too…”

“Oh my GOD!”





(Thief boys really love animals.)

New Girl, Chapter Three

A/N: Finally, it’s here! Thanks to everyone who sent me messages, you keep me on my toes! They help a lot. I hope you enjoy this chapter, even if it does leave you with a bit of a *ahem* cliff hanger. Happy reading!

Chapter one and two are here and here

“Heard you were at Newt’s house the other day y/n.” Teresa said as she unwrapped a sandwich. You were eating by yourselves today, on the stairs where students weren’t supposed to sit. (Like the rebels like you were.)

“Yep.” you replied casually.

“Well?” she asked. You raised an eyebrow.

“Well what?”

“Did he kiss you yet?” Teresa asked. You must have looked shocked because she rolled her eyes. “C’mon y/n, we all know you like each other.” you looked down. You would have hope you weren’t so obvious.

Wait, you liked each other?

“By we I mean me, your best friend, and Thomas and Minho, Newt’s best friends.”

“Oh!” you said, somewhat relieved. “Ok… That’s fine… I just wouldn’t want anyone knowing.” Teresa nodded.

“Well… Tomorrow’s Friday. One Friday of every month, we WICKED kids all head over to our spot. It’s a abandoned building, we call it Paradise. It’s all just for fun. Newt will be there.” you grimaced slightly at the idea of a party. “Please?” Teresa grabbed your hand. “I can give you a dress to wear and we can do each other’s hair.” you smiled.

“Okay.” you agreed. “But only because you rhymed.”

You later heard Teresa’s name called over the intercom, but when you texted her, she didn’t reply. You saw her at the end of the day. She was kissing Thomas, which she never did on school grounds. It was different then usual, her kiss seemed to have meaning. She broke away, saying something, to which Thomas responded with pulling her into his chest, murmuring into her black hair.

“Everything okay?” you asked.

“Yeah.” Teresa replied. “I just have to do something hard tomorrow.”

She didn’t say anything after that.


Teresa had curled your ponytail and painted your eyes with plack eyeliner to match you dress. She then highlighted your cheeks. You thought you looked a million times better when you looked in the mirror by the time she was done. Teresa looked the same as you, just with a burst of color from red lipstick. She looked at you, back to the mirror, and took a breath.

“Alright.” she said. “To Paradise.”


Paradise was a squarish building with heavy doors. Once you and Teresa were inside, music filled your ears, the best so strong it matched your heartbeat. Every eight feet or so, there was a table with tiny glasses filled with orange liquid in them.

“We call it the Flare.” Teresa said when you asked her what they were. “It’s a non-alcoholic drink some WICKED employees let spread in the students awhile back. It makes relaxed, if you just take one. If you take, say, three though…” Teresa pointed to a girl whose hair was messy. She was standing alone, just screaming, occasionally biting at pretty guys that walked by. “Always come with a buddy.”she then moved her gaze, which you followed, over to Newt and Thomas, who were making their way through the people.

“Hey.” you smiled at Newt, who smiled back.

“I need to talk to Thomas.” Teresa was leading away a unsure looking Thomas. You watched as she quickly downed a couple cups of the Flare. 

“Woah!” you clutched Newt’s arm. “Is she gonna be okay?!” Newt chuckled. 

“She’s not going to be affected love. She’s Immune. Not affected like most. Someone with real original thoughts started calling them ‘Munies. No one knows what makes you Immune.”

“Are you Immune?” you asked. Newt’s expression faltered.

“No.” he said. You were both quiet for a moment. “Come on.” Newt led you to the dance floor. “I dare you.” he said, holding out his hand, which you took.He led you, fast, swaying to the beat and picking up his feet. Eventually you got the hang of it and let your hands move to Newt’s neck. Your stomach plummeted when Newt’s hands traveled to your waist. (This time not because you almost died on a Berg Bus. This time… Because he wanted to.)

“So what do you think of Paradise love?” Newt had to lean in close for you to hear him. You opened your mouth to reply, and was shocked at what came out.

“I love it when you call me love.” Newt didn’t miss a beat.

“Why?” he asked.

“Because…” it was to late to not say anything. “You don’t call anyone else that. It makes me feel… Special.” Newt pressed his forehead against yours. 

“You’ll never know how special you make me feel love.” he murmured. Newt began to lean in, and you did to, until you heard a cry.

“Thomas, please!”

“Teresa!” you pulled away and followed the sound, Newt behind you. Teresa was standing in front of Thomas, whose fists were clenched.

“You’ve been giving them information about me?! What more could they possibly know?!” he yelled. Teresa shook her head.

“Thomas, you don’t understand. They would have expelled everyone, you, Newt, Minho, even Chuck if I didn’t-”

“And you?” Thomas interrupted.


“Would they have expelled you too?” he repeated. Teresa momentarily froze.

“Yes, but you have to understand, that’s not why I-” Thomas smacked Teresa’s hand away so hard you heard a snap. He looked momentarily terrified, but blinked the expression away.

“Don’t ever talk to me again.” he spat. Thomas began to walk away before he turned around and added, “I’m going to find Brenda.”

All at once, Thomas was gone, and Newt was helping tie Teresa’s wrist and helping her in his car. He was quiet as you sat in the bacl watching your best friend stare aimlessly out the window.

Once you had dropped Teresa off, you slipped into the front seat with Newt. It wasn’t until you stopped you realized Newt had taken you to a field instead of your house. He quickly unbuckled and looked at you.

“Want to talk?” he asked. You nodded, stepping out and leaning on the front of the car. “You look beautiful.” Newt said, taking a step forward, and you by surprise.

“Thank you.” you said. Newt put his hand on your cheek and wiped his thumb over your eye. 

“But you don’t need all this makeup.” Newt barely had time to finish his own sentence,  because he had cupped your face in his hands and and was kissing you, taking away the little breath you had in the first place.

“Newt…” you exhaled as he pulled away. His lips were red and swollen.

You did that to him.

“Love?” all at once, the images started pouring back into your mind, the building, the stairs, the hands. And the messy hair.

Newt’s messy hair.

“Who are you?” you asked. 

But you passed out in Newt’s arms before he could even think of a reply.

Harry and Ginny Potter's Children

When their first son was born, Ginny and Harry had already picked out his name.
‘James Sirius,’ Ginny whispered as she held her tiny son to her chest.
Harry’s green eyes - his mothers eyes, to that day - crinkled in the corners as he smiled. Anxiety still stole through, however.
'Are you sure, Ginny? We can talk about other names -’
'Harry, please, we’ve already talked about it. I love the name. And a name does not define a life - he will make it his own, one day. You just have to love him.’
'Always,’ Harry responded, his smile breaking out once more.

When their second son was born, a name proved more contentious.
'We can’t name him after *Snape*,’ Ginny argued, her eyes sad. 'He was not a good man, Harry-’
'Not always, no,’ Harry agreed. 'But he was a brave man. He saved my life, Ginny. And he had a hard life. Do you remember what you said about our James, making his name his own? Let Albus Severus do that also. Let him create a better life for the name of a forgotten man.’
Ginny’s eyes softened at that, and she nodded her head.

Though many of their friends never knew, it was Ginny who decided the name of their daughter.
'Lily Luna,’ she crooned over the sleeping baby.
'Lily Luna?’ Harry repeated with a smile.
'I love it.’

When James first arrived at Hogwarts, he saw the son of Remus and Tonks walking up ahead of him. 'Teddy!’ James called out, making him turn.
'Hey! James Sirius! J-S! Jayse!’ Teddy yelled back, and gave James a name of his own.
Albus had been called Al for as long as he could remember, and he was content. But he liked the thought that if his grandmother were alive, she would call him Sev.
Little Lily Luna loved to hear stories of both her namesakes, and liked to be called Lina - a mix of both names in one.

Jayse, Al and Lina were Harry and Ginny Potters’ children. They made their names their own.

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KLAROLINE + 30!!!!!!!!!!!

“I’ll walk you home — or in our case, back to your common room.”

AN: Oh, I see what you did there, Angie. HP AU it is then!

I hope you like it, it has two things I know you like :)

Caroline had never broken rules so outrageously but this time, she had a very good reason for it.

The best one.

She had to walk out her dragon so it could fly, alright?

Well, the dragon belonged to her and Enzo. They had won the egg in the local pub playing wizard chess, while out celebrating her 17th birthday. The woman they got it from, Katerina or something like that, seemed reluctant to part with it but Caroline had surprised her with the magnificent charge of her rook.

And a bet was a bet.

So here she was, a couple of weeks later, cautiously tiptoeing her way through the dark corridors with Ukrainian Ironbelly nestled comfortably in her arms. The silence the school was immersed in seemed almost unnatural and the quietest creak of the floor echoed across the corridors, making her wince. Caroline only hoped that the noise wouldn’t attract Mr. Saltzman, Ilvermorny’s caretaker or his nasty little bulldog, Damon.

Only two more floors and she would make it to Horned Serpent’s common room, yet another night she managed to outsmart Saltzman and prefects on patrol.

Caroline realized they couldn’t keep the dragon forever but they were so rare in America - and really, she just wanted to care for it a little bit longer before it grew enough to be freed to the wilderness.

Slowly descending the next set of stairs, she felt a shiver ran down her spine, as if she was being observed. She looked back, her heart in her throat but there was no one there. With a soft sigh of relief, she took the next careful step forward, only to collide with a toned, sinfully smelling body.

“Well, well, well. Look who we have here. A stroll after curfew? I knew you had it in you, Caroline.” Lilted voice that haunted her dreams drawled in her ear while male hands rested on her shoulders, steadying her.


Of all the people to patrol the corridors, she had to run into him.

Truthfully, she would rather face Damon’s drooling muzzle.

Okay, that was clearly a lie.

Klaus Mikaelson had transferred from Hogwarts a year ago, surprising everyone when as a former Slytherin he’d got sorted into Thunderbird house. Naturally, half of the female (and not only) population in Ilvermorny had gone crazy over his British accent and those stupid dimples.

Caroline wasn’t one of them, of course.

Even if she spent a ridiculous amount of time studying his face, it was only because the permanent smug expression on it reminded her how annoying he was.

That was it.

“So, where are you sneaking back from, love? A midnight walk? Some illicit affair? Rendezvous with the library that just couldn’t wait til morning?” he sounded so happy with himself, Caroline fought herself not to smack him.

“Will you be quiet? Detention is so not in my plans,” she hissed under her nose.

“You should’ve thought of it earlier, sweetheart. I really should report you to old Ric, you know. Of course, I can reconsider - “ he stopped abruptly, eyes widening as they took in the creature in her arms. “What the bloody hell?”

“Shh! Someone’s coming!” Grabbing his hand, she quickly pulled them into the nearest room, a supply closet, as it turned out. With a few swift flicks of her wand, she locked the door and silenced Klaus, while petting the dragon to keep quiet with her other hand.

The Brit looked both outraged and impressed with how seamlessly she managed to hex him, undoing the Silencio spell with his own wand. Yet, as the hurried footsteps behind the door came and gone, he kept quiet, his unyielding gaze fixed on Caroline.

There was hardly any space between them, she realized in short shallow breaths, as his scent and body heat took over her senses. She could feel the caress of his darkened eyes on her lips, as they itched to meet his.

They were so dangerously close, she could lean in just an inch and get a taste.

And she might have even gone for it if it hadn’t been for the dragon resting in the crook of her elbow.

Sound of cleared throats filled the closet as they subtly shifted away as much as they could and then - silence.

Caroline Forbes hated awkward silence.

“Look, Klaus. I know it’s against the rules to leave dorms after curfew but - “ she started, only to be interrupted by his incredulous laugh.

“Yes, love, wandering round school after curfew is the issue here. Not, let’s say, a small lizard in your hands,” he deadpanned.

“Hey!” she smacked him in the chest. “Don’t insult Koline! It’s a dragon, have some respect.”


“It’s a name, alright?”

“Sure. It just…reminds me of someone, that’s all,” he smirked, dimples cutting into his cheeks.

Why did he have to looks so lickable?

“Anyways,” Caroline trailed off, shooting him a sunny smile. “Can we keep this between us, please? It’s just for a few more weeks.”

Gradually, his gaze softened until eventually he let out a reluctant groan and conceded, “Fine. But you owe me one, love.”

“Sure,” she agreed quickly, then momentarily regretted it as a satisfied grin curled his lips.

“Come on, Caroline,” he just said. “I’ll walk you home - or rather, back to your common room.”

And he did that for the next six weeks, each time it was Caroline’s turn to take her dragon for a walk flight.

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e/R fake dating au

oh goD LET’S DO IT

  • okay so enjolras needs a date for this fancy dinner bc he told his politics professor that he had a boyfriend (his professor is super cool) and he’s like the ta for the politics class and his prof invites him to this dinner with a plus one and he’s just stuck in a rut and he doesn’t know what he’s gonna do
  • combeferre and courfeyrac are dating each other plus it’d be weird if he brought one of them (he considers them siblings), jehan’s aro and enj doesn’t think anyone would believe jehan’s his type, bahorel’s got a maybe girlfriend at the moment, he wouldn’t be able to discuss his own opinions if he brought feuilly bc he’d just listen to feuilly the whole time, and joly, bossuet, and musichetta are a thing so that’s out. that leaves grantaire.
  • grantaire is… not that unbelievable really. he’s passionate enough when he finds something he enjoys, and they mostly agree on things, just differently on how to do the things/if it’s worth it to do the things. plus he saw grantaire dress up for cosette’s ballet recital and he cleans up really nicely
  • so he asks grantaire one day after a meeting and grantaire thinks for a moment before shrugging “i’ll have to cancel bingo night with joly and bossuet and musichetta, but why not” so it all works out
  • they talk about some things (yes we can hold hands, kiss on the cheek is okay, please god no pet names, should coordinate ties and stuff) and then that friday comes along. 
  • grantaire meets enjolras at his apartment at 5:30 because the dinner starts at 6 and neither one of them has a car. enjolras feels this rEALLY sharp pain in his chest when he sees grantaire in his suit and he tries to ignore it. they catch a taxi and grantaire is making him laugh during the ride with his awful french revolutionary/french history puns and it’s really nice
  • they get to the dinner and they walk in holding hands (enjolras can’t help noticing how warm and soft grantaire’s hands are) and professor lemarque guides them to their seats and he talks to grantaire and enjolras is surprised at how easily grantaire can make people laugh
  • they eat and talk with the people at their table (a grad student and her girlfriend who used to be the ta for lemarque) and grantaire is bringing in his own opinions while keeping it light and enjolras is just so proud and so comfortable and he’s having such a good time
  • after the dinner’s over and they’re all mingling and talking (enjolras gets to meet some really awesome people) and grantaire notices they’ve run out of champagne so he kisses enj on the cheek and says “i’ll be back, would you two like refills as well?” he offers to the people they’re talking to and enjolras just blushes so much
  • he comes to a conclusion in about .05 seconds and is like “i wanna date r. i wanna date r. WHERE ARE COMBEFERRE AND COURFEYRAC I WANNA DATE GRANTAIRE”
  • but basically it’s such a good night and then the whole week afterwards is some pretty serious pining for enjolras until combeferre is just like “jfc go ask him out FOR REAL OR I’M LOCKING YOU IN A CLOSET” (courf cheers ferre on)
  • it all ends well and it’s v v cute and joly and bossuet are probably crying when they find out (courfeyrac is definitely crying)