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Writing is Hard, part 6: SEX

Summary: Dean and the reader have sex. Finally. FINALLY.

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Warning: Smut

Word Count: 4250ish

A/N: This is all written with love for fan fic. I’m teasing, not putting it down in any way. And the quotes are from my own Faking It series, in case anyone was curious. Hope you enjoy! (Sorry, tag list is closed!) XOXO

“You knew he didn’t quite understand why you found it so hot, but Dean had never seen himself leaning over the engine in a tight, sweaty t-shirt, hands and forearms covered in grease as he worked.”

Dean’s outside working on the Impala, and you’re reading fics about just that. Apparently, Dean working on the Impala is the hottest thing to ever grace the fandom (aside from his lips…and his green eyes…and his cocky swagger that is really just hiding adorable and unnecessary insecurity…and Jesus, these people are thorough), and you’re curious. In your actual experience with Dean, working on the Impala is just a nuisance. You have to wait longer to get on the road, Dean takes forever to scrub himself clean afterward, and for the next few hours, everything smells like metal and oil covered up by motel soap. Why do people find that so hot?

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What Happens Now Part 7

Pairings: Sebastian Stan x Reader

Warnings: Pregnancy, morning sickness 

Word Count: 700 (I’m not doing this on purpose I swear haha)

Summary: It was just one night, something that happened in the midst of too much alcohol. But what happens now?


I rubbed one of my hands over my stomach as I walked through into Sebastian’s kitchen, feeling the soft swell under my fingertips. I’d only noticed the barely there bump yesterday and ever since I haven’t been able to refrain from keeping my hand there, tracing circles over my skin. It was a new feeling, the warmth I felt from being able to feel where my baby was and it was one I hadn’t thought I’d feel for a long time, if at all. I hadn’t been able to see myself having children, I’d never imagined it or wondered what it might be like; but the further I got into my pregnancy the more comfortable I felt in the roll.

I’d just hit fifteen weeks, time seemingly flying by. Filming had wrapped up for now and instead of heading straight back to LA I agreed on trial running New York with Sebastian, seeing how we went living together. We’d always gotten along and we’d made fast friends on the set of Civil War but this was a whole different territory for the both of us. We were both learning to navigate around each other while also learning how to be parents and it was tough. On top of all that though I was homesick; I missed both my friends and my family and not being able to just see them whenever I liked was tough.

Sebastian smiled as I stepped into the room, turning away from the stove where he was cooking.
“Sleep well?” He asked, voice still foggy and laced with sleep.
I shrugged, taking a seat at the counter. “I guess so, it’s still just different.”
“You’ve only been here a few weeks y/n/n,” Sebastian chuckled. “Give it a little longer to get used to it and if you still don’t like it then we can trial LA alright?”
“Yeah,” I agreed, giving him a soft smile. “I mean I guess this place isn’t so bad.”
“Exactly, it just has to grow on you, that’s all.”

Sebastian turned back to the stove, flipping whatever he was cooking in the pan. I was about to make some joke about the New York charm not being the only thing possible to grow on you around here when the smell hit me, my stomach flipping. I covered my mouth with my hand, taking a deep breath while silently praying that my stomach was going to calm itself back down without having to bring up last night’s dinner; however as it rolled again I knew that wasn’t the case.

I was up and out of my chair within seconds, moving as fast as I could down the hall towards the bathroom, only just making it as I heaved. I crouched in front of the toilet, gripping the edges of the bowl as my throat burned. I felt tears prick at the corner of my eyes in embarrassment as I saw Sebastian in the corner of my eye kneeling behind me, one of his hands pulling my hair back while the other rubbed up and down the length of my spine.

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