can we just discuss this

Your Obedient Servant
Workshop Cast
Your Obedient Servant

OKAY I just listened to the workshop version and HOLY SHIT OKAY CAN WE JUST DISCUSS THIS A LITTLE BIT:

  • The amount of words in this version of this song like HOLY SHIT
  • “ Obviously such an accusation must be met with either an immediate acknowledgement or disavowal. Now! Are you capable of such a thing?” SHIT BURR GET REKT HAMILTON
  • ‘"Dangerous with the reigns of government", wow, Surely I said something less banal, Be realistic now” wow hamilton very humble 
  • “Or prepare to bleed, young man” “YOU KNOW WHAT? I DONT LIKE YOUR TONE!”
  • “Sorry if your life is difficult without your wife” ALEXANDER ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS THAT IS A LOW BLOW
  • His “YOURE ON!” is so much quicker than in the OBC album likE HAMMY PLS

[Full lyrics here]

Can we discuss this gif for a moment? It needs just a second of appreciation without the other gifs that usually accompany it.
First of all, watch Tonks’ lips. The line she’s saying here is “My husband the joker.” Watch when she says the word “husband.”
Watch Lupin when she says “husband.” He does the goofiest little thing. Like, his smile gets bigger and the smile even goes to his eyes. He does this cute thing with his head and it’s like he’s saying, “Husband. That’s me. I’m her husband.”
It is adorable.

a slow burn ship/plot of two best friends (a “straight” one and a gay one omg) where the gay one is just really casual/nonchalant and flirts with his straight friend bc that’s just who he is and the straight friend is fine with it (bc i am NOT HERE for those homophobic types who can’t even let their friend joke around with them like jfc) and like… just eventually they get really drunk/high/etc one night and things end up happening and it’s kind of just like? a snowball effect of the straight one questioning about if he’s actually straight and then it leads to just… a cute relationship where it’s just like “we’re dating now but like before anything you’re my best friend. we might break up, or fight, or whatever, but you will always be my best friend” and just CUTE SHIPPY SHIT FAM with only a little smut thrown in (okay maybe occasionally a lot, i just want this to be more about their relationship than their sex k fam)

Ah, yes, because it’s totally normal for a band to be connected to their “mentor” when stunts are involved, it’s totally normal for said mentor to mention them once every four months, and it’s totally normal that the sister of one of the band members co-owns an update account, and we should not only ignore all of these things and more, but we should be excited about it. Even though Louis’ involvement has been shady since the beginning and this band is another of the shitty things that tie him to Syco. Sure. 

anonymous asked:

tbh i love that clip of magnus's petty ass, and i love that he's kinda wary and vulnerable when it comes to relationships. there's such a huuuge difference in age, experience, and power between him and alec that it would be easy for their relationship to feel very boring and unequal with him as the perfectly mature wise sage teaching alec all about love. it's so much more interesting and healthy if they both have flaws and insecurities and moments of immaturity and pettiness.

Same, and i think every relationship is new, too. Magnus might have had relationships in the past, but it doesn’t mean falling in love isn’t new every time. Alec is his own person, this is a brand new relationship for both of them, and they’re each going to be learning about each other – all their favorite foods, what makes them tick, the things that make their knees weak. These are things they both have to put work into learning, not just one or the other.

So yeah, I agree, it’s nice to see them both a little unsure about their footing and watch them slowly work it out together. Magnus, I think, has enough experience to know how to open communications where Alec might be hesitant to, but I don’t doubt Alec will put in quite a bit of effort, as well. We’re already seeing it happening when he approaches Magnus on his own to apologize and to talk. And if you don’t realize the significance of this, remember that just days ago Isabelle literally had to blindfold Alec and drag him into a room before he would talk to Jace and even then he stubbornly refused to until Jace spoke up first. So Alec coming to Magnus first all on his own is a pretty huge step for him and I think it says a lot about how important his relationship with Magnus already is to him.

Okay, so I’ve been thinking about the results of the Grand Prix Final and I think we can already assume that the first two places will be taken by

1. Yuuri
2. Yurio

(Just an assumption, we can leave the discussion on that for a later time.)

But what about third place?

Will it be Phichit, winning glory for Thailand for the first time in history?

Will it be Otabek, Yurio’s new boyfriend who’s had a really good season and seems to have likely chances of winning?

Will it be Chris, a long-time experienced skater who’s also been doing well and is known to reach his ‘peak’ later in the season? (take that ‘peak’ as you will)

I can tell you that it won’t be JJ because this season’s been going too well for him and something’s gonna have to go badly.

I want to say it’ll be Chris because he’s been on the podium for the past few years, but then there’s also Phichit who’s finally showing the world his true potential and it seems like Otabek has fought long and hard and he must also be relevant as more than just Yurio’s friend.

Do you see how difficult it is to decide? They all have fair chances, plot-wise!

Who do you guys think is most likely to be third?


My kind of aesthetic, Taekook’s body differences. Dem shoulders, peck and arms doe jeon jungkook.

Let the panties hit the… FLOOOOOOOOR

(⁎❝᷀ົ ˙̫ ❝᷀ົ⁎)

It was just days ago that liberals were talking about “resisting” Trump in terms reminiscent of Churchill’s ‘we will fight them on the beaches’ speech, a few broken widows later and they’re back to ‘can’t we all just sit down and discuss this like adults’