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Deadpool x Reader

Warnings: It’s fucking Deadpool. 

Summary: Your girl Nega hooks you up with Wade Wilson. 

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The bar was dingy as fuck.

Fuck it was downright biowaste, but it was the place your date picked. And now you were questioning the whole damn thing.

Cursing Nega under your breath for setting you up with her ‘friend’, you hustled into the bar and looked down at your phone. Quickly you texted the number of Wade Wilson, the man you had been talking to on and off for the last week and a half.

“I’m here.”

A second later, your cell buzzed. “Holy shit you’re way hotter in person. Fuck me.”

Another buzz. “Full disclosure, I have a boner.”

Another buzz. “Also my penis is big.”

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Falling In Reverse - Six

Y/N drove although both were unsure where to go. At first Y/N suggested that they should go somewhere that was neutral ground but they couldn’t decide on where as they needed somewhere quiet yet comfortable enough to talk in private. In the end they ended up going back to Y/N’s apartment, both of them surprised when Spencer commented that she was at most, a fifteen minute walk from his building.

“Do you want a drink?” Y/N tossed her keys and her bag, kicking off her shoes by the door.

“Coffee would be great. Do I… Do I need to take my shoes off too?” Spencer observed the row of footwear by the door, fully aware that some people had a no shoe rule.

“Huh?… Oh.. No. It’s fine. Whatever is comfortable for you.” Y/N made her way over to the kitchen and Spencer quickly toed his converse off and followed her. She made them both a drink, coffee for him and juice for her, and then led him over to her couch.

“So” Y/N took a sip of juice, feeling so very out of her depth.

“So…. ”

“Erm….Spencer. I just want you to know that I don’t expect anything from you. If you want nothing to do with this I’ll understand. I…. I was thinking on the drive back here that… I think, I’m gonna keep this baby and raise it. It’ll be hard and it wasn’t exactly what I was expecting to be doing at 26 but… well it’s happened right? If you want an annulment and to just walk away then I understand. No judgement.”

The words just came pouring out of Y/N and she felt lighter somehow for saying them.

“We can’t get an annulment,” Spencer told her still mentally processing her speech.

“We.. We can’t?”

He shook his head. “The marriage has been consummated. We’d have to get a divorce.”

“Oh.” Shit. Her mother was going to kill her.

“I don’t want to get divorced,” Spencer whispered, staring straight ahead.


As Reid sat there an image formed in his mind. Two years down the line, him and Y/N and a small child sitting together on a picnic blanket in front of a small house. He and Y/N were holding hands and laughing, the child wobbling on its feet as it tried to potter around.

Could this work?

“Y/N, if you hadn’t have lost your cell phone would you have contacted me?”

She was struck by his question, completely not the one she was expecting. But she nodded.

“Yes, I enjoyed spending time with you. As cheesy as it is, I thought there was some sort of connection between us and I was looking forward to meeting up with you again.”

“So was I.” Spencer turned on the couch today look at her, shuffling a little bit closer.

“So here’s what I propose. And it sounds crazy but…. what if we stayed married? And raised this baby together as a family. If we were going to date anyway then…. it’s just like we’ve sped that process up? We like each other, we enjoy each others company at least the small amount of time we’ve spent together so what if… What if we just went with it.”

“You’re right, it sounds crazy,” Y/N commented after a few moments of thought, lifting her head to lock her eyes on his. “But crazy sometimes works.”

And so six weeks later Y/N and Spencer, along with Spencer’s teammates, were moving into a three bed rental. Reid’s colleague Derek Morgan owned the property and had recently finished renovating it.

“I can’t believe you’re going through with this,” Morgan said through gritted teeth as they positioned Spencer’s bed in one of the double rooms.

“Hey, you signed the rental agreement.”

“Yeah well, I’m beginning to regret that decision,” Morgan huffed.

“I thought you liked her?”

Spencer had taken Y/N to one of the team dinners at Rossi’s a few weeks ago, her making a resounding impression on the team.

“I do. I just think this is all too fast. You barely know this woman and now you’re shacking up and playing happy families with her.

“Derek, we’ve been through this before. I appreciate you looking out for me here and both Y/N and I understand that this relationship isn’t exactly conventional. But it IS a relationship. She IS my wife and the mother of MY child.”

Spencer looked at his friend, a pleading look on his face. His didn’t want Morgan to ruin this day for him, they’d had this discussion multiple times already.

“Okay fine, I’ll go help bring the other bed in.”

Derek stalked out of the room leaving Spencer to reposition the mattress himself.

“Hey….” Y/N crept up behind him pressing a hand on his shoulder.

“Hey yourself.”

She plopped down onto his mattress. “I’m bored. None of your friends will let me lift anything and the stuff that I could be unpacking like our clothes, are at the back of the van.”

“That’s because they’re under strict instructions from me NOT to let you do anything….”

“Spence, I’m pregnant not an invalid.”

Spence. The nickname hardly anyone got away with using. But when it had slipped off her lips a few weeks ago, Reid hadn’t corrected her. He kinda liked the way it sounded from her.

“I know you’re not. But I’m not taking any chances with that peanut in there,” he motioned towards Y/N’s belly and she reached out and took his hand, pressing it against the small curve that was forming. They both knew it was too early to feel anything but it was a sweet motion none the less. They’d been for the first scan two weeks ago, the Doctor confirming that the dates did match up with the size of the teeny tiny baby that was shown on the screen. She was now roughly fourteen weeks gone, although neither of them had told their parents yet.

The scan had been an experience Spencer would never forget. He’d accompanied JJ to one when she’d been pregnant with Henry and it had been emotional then, but this was his child in there. His baby. They’d both shed a tear watching the monitor, their hands clasped together so tightly that no one would have guessed that their relationship was only five days older than the baby shown on the screen.

Relationship…. It was still strange to them both that they were going ahead with this. Not so much the pregnancy but the staying married and just going with it. The decision to move in with each other had come a week week or so after their decision to stay together and try to make this work, and although Morgan hadn’t seemed tremendously happy when he offered one of his houses to Reid, he still did it. Y/N and Spencer had made sure that they spent as much time together as they could, learning more about about each other. So far neither of them had found anything they particularly disliked and Y/N had found herself wondering whether it was just that they were simply meant to be together and the marriage and baby was fates way of ensuring that happened.

They still hadn’t kissed or had any real kind of intimacy between them though. Spencer would touch Y/N’s tummy and they’d hug whenever they were saying goodbye but so far, nothing had happened. It was like they were both nervous even though they’d already done the deed once. And they’d settled on separate bedrooms which had caused snickers from Rossi and Derek.

“You’re married but sleeping in separate rooms. C'mon now Kid, that’s how marriages end not begin,” Dave had teased him, earning a withering look from Reid.

Y/N looked around the room that was now Spencer’s bedroom. Being the gentleman he was, he taken the slightly smaller of the two doubles, the rooms backing onto each other.

“Where are you bed sheets? I can at least make your bed for you, that’s not too strenuous.”

“Erm. I’ll find them for you. But that’s all you’re doing for now, until we get the smaller stuff in okay.”

“Okay,” she grinned at him. “Whatever you say husband.”

It was 10pm when Y/N and Spencer finally sat down on the couch that had come from Y/N’s apartment. The team had left around an hour ago, both Y/N and Spencer showering before eating some take out that they’d ordered. Despite not doing any of the heavy lifting Y/N was shattered and rose from the couch, stretching her back out and feeling Spencer’s eyes going almost immediately to her tummy.

“I’m beat. I think I’m gonna head on up.”

“I think I’ll join you….. I mean, in my own room of course,” Reid hurried to correct himself.

Y/N nodded and then found herself saying, “You don’t have to you know. We ARE married after all. Maybe we should be sharing a bed. Although… We’ve not even… We’ve not even done anything since that night.”

“I know,” Spencer’s words were quiet.

“Doesn’t that bother you at all?”

Reid’s shook his head, his replying coming out as more of a question, “Not really?”

“You sound so sure there.”

He hauled himself off the couch and stood directly in front of Y/N.

“I just didn’t want to presume anything. Yes, a piece of paper says we’re married and we’ve very obviously already had intercourse….”

“Intercourse, Spence? We fucked. We had sex. Don’t make it sound so technical,” she smiled to let him know that she was jesting and he continued.

“Fine.. We’ve very obviously already had sex. But… I just didn’t want to presume that meant that we were going to again.”

“So we’re just going to be married and have a kid and not have a physical relationship?” Y/N’s voice was more high pitched than she’d intended it to be.

“No!… Yes? I don’t know.”

“Do you not find me attractive anymore? Oh god, is it because I’m getting fat because of the baby?” Y/N was barely showing but she was still paranoid about the change in her weight.

“Of course I find you attractive, anyone would be blind not to. And you’re not fat, you’re pregnant. And you can barely tell that anyway.”

“Then what is it? Because…if we were dating ‘normally’ and the same amount of time had passed from our first date, then I’m quite certain things would have progressed beyond us hugging by now.”

Spencer shrugged. “I just didn’t think you’d want to.”

Y/N looked at him, her husband. He looked dejected and unsure of himself. Where was the smooth talking Spencer who had charmed her family at her sister’s wedding? Why was there suddenly this lack of confidence here?

“Spencer, I don’t need to constantly point out the unconventionalness of… us. But I wouldn’t have agreed to stay married to you if I didn’t want a physical relationship with you as well. And it frustrates the hell out of me that I can’t remember that night, that I can’t remember kissing you or seeing you naked, or doing any of those things we must have done to each other.”

“It… It does?”

“Yes! How many married women can say they can’t remember kissing their husband? I don’t want to pressure you into anything you don’t want to do but…. ”

Y/N couldn’t continue because Spencer’s mouth was suddenly on hers, kissing her gently. His lips were warm and soft and when she parted her lips to deepen the kiss she could taste the chinese food they’d been eating earlier. It was… nice. Not earth shattering or knee trembling, but nice. She pulled away a few moments later and licked her lips.

“Alright. That’s one thing ticked off the list. First sober kiss as a married couple.”

“Was it… Was it o… ”

“Don’t you dare ask me if it was okay Spencer Reid. I’m not going to mark you out of ten. But if yours are the only lips I get to kiss for the rest of my life then I’d be okay with that.”

She reached up and touched his cheek, nudging a piece of hair out of his eyes.

“Can we try not to leave the other things too long? I’d rather not have our first sober time when I’m the size of a whale. I’m not saying it has to happen tonight or anything but….”

“It wouldn’t matter to me, just so you know. You’re beautiful to me no matter how big your tummy gets. You’d be beautiful to me no matter what,” Spencer’s eyes were full of warmth when he said that.

“There he is! There’s the charmer…. Welcome back!”

Even though Y/N had joked, she did feel well and truly charmed after those words.


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Anon said: this may not be what you’re looking for but for that castiel mpreg prompt, cas and dean meeting in their freshman year of college and quickly becoming really close. dean practically raised his house full of siblings, sam, adam, and jo and is only there on scholarship while bobby and ellen watch over them and cas was raised by nannies with his four brothers so their back grounds couldn’t be more different, but somehow they just click. after months of pining, they finally end up hooking up after a party one night during their senior year and both are too drunk and too eager to remember a condom. drama ensues with cas’ parents having a problem with the whole ordeal and both of them trying to figure out the new dynamic of actually having a relationship together, but ultimately, they come out the other side and work everything out

Castiel stared at the test in his hands, willing for the tiny plus sign to change.

How could this happen? Of course he knew how it happened and who it happened with, but how could this happen?

Cas had met Dean at freshmen orientation at the beginning of the semester. They were both in a new state, surrounded by strangers, and had been paired up for the college’s buddy system. They had latched onto each other immediately and became fast friends, despite having little in common.

Dean was from Kansas, though he had moved all over due to his father’s job. He had three siblings that he had raised while struggling to balance work, school, and sports. They were now living with family friends since his dad had disappeared. He was at school on a baseball scholarship. Castiel was the youngest of four and been raised by a different nanny every year. His parents were all about business and appearances. He and his brothers were expected to look presentable at parties and during public outings and not to disturb them. Castiel’s college expenses were covered by his trust fund.

Even though the buddy system had ended after the first week, they stuck together, going to parties and the campus pub or staying in to watch movies. Castiel was hardly surprised when he developed a crush on his friend, he had a bad habit for falling for people he shouldn’t. He kept his feelings to himself in hopes of keeping his only friend.

They both dated but the relationships didn’t last. Most of the kids at their school were more interested in sex than a relationship. Castiel eventually gave up and opted to stay in and study while Dean went out. Then one night Dean asked him to go to a party with him.

“It’ll be fun, Cas. You haven’t been out in forever.” After some persuasion, Castiel had agreed just to shut him up.

They spent the night drinking and flirting with other people and each other. A song that Castiel liked came on and he pulled Dean onto the dance floor with him. It started off as a joke, but ended with them grinding on each other.

“Let’s get out of here.” Dean’s mouth had been hot against Castiel’s ear and the other boy found himself nodding enthusiastically.

Once they got back to Dean’s dorm they were kissing and pulling each other’s clothes off.

“Wanted this for a long time,” Dean had panted when they were in bed together. “Want you so bad, Cas.”

“Then have me,” Cas had responded, wrapping his legs around Dean and pulling him in.

It had been the best sex of Castiel’s life. He had hoped that it would be the beginning of something more, but Dean had starting dating a cheerleader and Cas had gone back to staying in.

Now here he was, sitting alone in his dorm room, holding a positive pregnancy test.

Castiel forced himself to get up and go to the living room, still clutching the piece of plastic. He took out his phone and called Dean.

“What’s up, Cas?” Dean said, by way of greeting. Cas felt the tears staring build behind his eyes.

“Can you come over?” Cas asked, his voice cracking. “I really need to talk to you.”

“Yeah. I’ll be right there. Are you okay?”

“I’ll explain when you get here.” He hung up and let a few tears fall before wiping them away. Dean walked in a few minutes later, looking concerned.

“What’s wrong? Are you alright?”

“I’m pregnant.” Cas whispered, holding the test out. “It’s yours.”

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signs as uncommon things that my exes told me before
  • aries: "just had a dream where you cheated on me... why you did this?"
  • taurus: "my cats likes you... you must be special"
  • gemini: "uh... first date... let's get high and look up at the stars, nothing is more romantic"
  • cancer: "so do you like people who cry a lot? will like it better when be me crying at our wedding"
  • leo: "you are probably the only person in the world who's better than me"
  • virgo: "i'm scared to kiss you cause you ate a lot of peanuts and i'm allergic to they"
  • libra: "i came back just to tell you bye..."
  • scorpio: "if i die first, you better don't find anyone else"
  • sagittarius: "hey, wanna come to playground with me? expel some children and have some fun?"
  • capricorn: "you were sad, so i brought you a flower"
  • aquarius: "baby, are you waked? wanna talk about reptilians? are you one of they?"
  • pisces: "after we get married, we can live in a castle and have some white horse too"
Being Married to J-Hope would Include...

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OMG we got so many notes on the Joshua one it gave me a little confidence boost c’: tysm

-Admin M <3


 -Him calling you wife because he finally can

 -You calling him husband because you finally can 

 -“Jagi when can we have babies?” 

 -“Hobiiii…. Patience” 

 -Him trying to cook you dinner to be romantic but fails and you just get take out. 

 -Romantic Hobi who still takes you on cute dates

 -Him trying to get you to come to more concerts and such 

-Bragging about his gorgeous wife to the guys 

 -And to everyone else 

 -To anyone who will listen basically 

 -Sweet loving Hobi in bed 

 -Occasionally rough and dominant Hoseok

-Him loving to show you off by going out in public with you 

-Being even more affectionate than when you were just dating 

-Pillow talk about the future with him 

 -Eventually having a large sum of children whom you both adore with all your heart 

-“Jagi can we have another?” 

 -“Hoseok we already have three!” 

 -“Then can we get a dog?” 

 -“… Fine.“ 

 -Always happy Hobi 

 -You’ll probably never move out of the honeymoon phase with him.

The Doppleganger: Chapter 1

“Breaking Down Walls”


Adrien is Chat Noir.  Chat Noir is Adrien.  Just as Marinette is starting to accept this fact, and see the two as one, someone new appears on the scene.  Someone who looks, sounds, and acts like Ladybug.  But she’s not.  Can Marinette convince Adrien this new girl isn’t his Lady, without revealing who she is?  Can their friendship survive Adrien’s determination to find Ladybug, and Marinette’s jealousy?

Tags: Angst (so much angst coming), some swearing.

(For the most part I’m keeping this PG13, if we consider that most 13 year olds swear, cause besides ripping all our hearts to shreds eventually, thats the worst it might get.  I’ll keep it tasteful.  Any suggested tags?  I’m not really sure what to fill the warning section with!)

SO.  This is my first fanfic.  I do not consider myself a writer, but my head buzzes with so many story ideas that sometimes it’s hard to fight the urge to create it in some way.  Usually, this comes in the format of comics, but I’m kinda not feeling the art-thing right now, and this one was buzzing insistently.  Plus, I wasn’t sure someone else could do it the way I want it done, and that’s an unfair expectation to hold.  So here it is.  Hopefully I can keep my motivation up.

Chapter: [1:you are here] | [2] | [3] | [4] | [5] [6] [7] [8] [Epilogue]


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It’s Our Job *Nate Maloley Imagine*

Requested by Anon; I apologize for the wait.

y/bf/n : Your Best Friends Name


You collapsed onto your bed with a huge sigh of relief. You had finally gotten your baby to go to sleep.


Overall your son; Declan was a good baby but taking naps was pure hell. You’ve learned to take naps when he does so you weren’t overly tired throughout your day.


You lay there with your eyes closed, not sure if you’ll fall asleep or not because you didn’t feel all that tired at the moment. You let out an annoyed groan when you heard the front door slam and then your sons whimpering through the baby monitor.


You sat up and just as you were about to get up he stopped so you fell back onto your bed then not to long after your boyfriend walked in the room.


“Please be quiet, I just got him to sleep” you begged “Sorry” Nate said quietly and walked over to his closet.


“When are you gonna do laundry y/n? I have like no clothes” he complained which made you laugh “Are you kidding me? Your closet is packed, you have more clothes than me” “That is…probably true” he grabbed a pair of pants then went and sat at the edge of your bed.


“Hey can you watch the baby tonight?” you asked carefully while sitting him up.


“Why? Where you going?” “It’s y/bf/n’s birthday she wants me to go out with her and the girls” “Oh, well I can’t” “Why…?” “I’m not staying” “Now where are you going?” you asked him getting annoyed.


Nate is always out and you’re stuck here with your son, not that you hated it but you never saw your friends or left the house without Declan and the one time you want to he’s got to make it difficult for you.


“Does it matter? I just can’t watch him so either take him with you or don’t go” he told you as if that was the end of the discussion but of course you wouldn’t let him get the last word.


“Why can’t you take him or don’t go?” “Because I just can’t, you’re his mother you shouldn’t be out partying he’s a baby he needs you” “And you’re his dad” you said as if you were saying duh.


“I go out and I make money, that gives him clothes and food and everything else he needs” “so that means you never have to spend time with him just because he’s your son? I take care of him every minute of every god damn day one night to myself shouldn’t be too much to ask for” “Yeah, what a great mom you are leaving your son at home so you can go out and party, congratulations you’re mother of the year y/n” he said the sarcasm clear in his voice.


“You know what forget it, screw you go get high or wasted or whatever the fuck you do every weekend actually why don’t you just don’t come back and stay away from and my son!”


Before he could say anything your son began to cry so you got up and went to go get him.

10 minutes later you were sitting on your couch with Declan in your lap holding a bottle for him in one hand and your phone in the other. You were texting y/bf/n to make sure she wouldn’t mind if you brought the baby with you.


“Hope you don’t mind that I have to bring the baby tonight”



“No, of course not but why? I thought his dad was watching him?”



“Long story I’ll tell u later”






You tossed your phone on the couch then looked down at your son who was staring up at you. You smiled at him “Looks like you and mommy are going out tonight, if you could be as good as you are right now that would be great baby” you didn’t really have anything to worry about Declan never gave you much of a problem in public.

Hours later you sat at a table with your few closest friends while Declan was sitting quietly in your lap.


“So why couldn’t Nate watch him?” Y/bf/n asked you, “he was busy and you know I’m his mother it’s my job” “So? He’s his dad he should take care of him too” “He makes money so he thinks he does enough” “Um Declan needs daddy time, you can’t teach him how to be a man” she pointed out which was very true and even if Declan was a girl she would still need her father.


“I told him not to come home, I wonder if he’ll listen…” You remembered now wishing you hadn’t said that.


“I doubt it you were mad I’m sure he knew that you didn’t really mean it” you sighed you really hoped she was right.


“Enough about me it’s your birthday” you said ending the conversation.

You got home around 11; Declan was out cold so you brought him upstairs and put him to bed.


As you were leaving the baby’s room you bumped into someone who you looked up to see was your boyfriend.


“You’re home early” you said quietly with a hint of annoyance breaking the silence, you were still mad at him but you were happy he came home.


“You’re mad…” He said more to himself than to you “Well aren’t you a genius now if you don’t mind my baby is asleep please don’t disturb him” you snapped before walking passed him and down the stairs only to have him follow you.


“Y/n, come on don’t be like that” he said as you both approached the kitchen.


You turned around to look at him “You called me a bad mother and I’m anything but that and I’m just suppose to let that go” “Well no…but I’m sorry” “Ok” you said turning around attempting to start cleaning all the stuff in the sink.


Just as you turned the sink in he reached around you and turned it off then forced you to turn around.


“I mean it, I’m sorry I shouldn’t have said any of what I said earlier and I should’ve stayed with Dec that was not fair, and you aren’t a bad mom at all I know I can’t take it back but please forgive me?”


“Only if you promise you’ll spend more time with Declan; being a dad is more than just making money to feed him and make sure he has diapers and clothes, I can only do so much I can’t teach him how to be a man.”


“I promise, you’re right And I talked to my mom and she agreed to take him at least one night a week so you and I can have date night or just go out” “That would be amazing” like you said Declan was your life but one night to yourself would be great and spending one on one time with Nate would be a plus you didn’t get much time together lately.


“So you forgive me?” He asked you, you nodded “Yes, of course” he kissed you “I love you” “Love you”


“What do you say we go make some more Declan’s?” You laughed “No Nathan, no more babies till…” You stopped not sure if you should say it or not.


“Till what?” “Till we’re…married” “Oh my god, can we get married tomorrow?” “I wouldn’t be opposed to that but I still wouldn’t want any more kids yet, Declan is too young he needs our attention right now” “So we can still practice” “Yeah but not while he’s here that’s weird, now if you’ll excuse me I’m tired and I wanna go to sleep” “Wait” he said then the next thing you knew he was holding you bridal style.

“Really?” you said laughing “Yes y/n really, now just enjoy it” he told you then kissed you and carried you upstairs.


You really hoped Nate would be around for Declan more and even for you, you knew you guys had drifted a little and you just wanted what you had back and you were pretty sure he did too.

10/04/14 - 10:27

I’m currently in my office in-between patients. My next is a few minutes late, so I started to fill out some paperwork and file it away. I didn’t expect it to, but something struck me hard hard as I wrote down the date, when I remembered that in one month exactly, I’ll be marrying Sherlock Holmes.

I’ve known for a few months now that I would be. It shouldn’t be that shocking. But I was just staring at the date and imagining that 10 May 2014 is going to be our official wedding anniversary. And in 2015, on that exact date we’ll have been married for a year, a full 365 days of matrimonial domesticity. I’ll have probably put on a few pounds. He’ll still be young and slim as ever. We’ll be doing the same things we always do, except when I get home from work and he’s home too, I’ll know I’m walking in on my husband doing some experiment, or my husband playing the violin, or my husband thinking on the sofa with our not-so baby chameleon on his chest. Ray is just about a year old, now. Can you believe that?

I don’t know what’s so shocking about all of this: that I’m going to be marrying a man with an international reputation for genius and arsery; that I’m going to be marrying a man; that I’m marrying my best friend who, to me, was dead a little over a year ago, in a casket in the ground that I had to pick out myself; or that he loves me at all, enough to want to marry me, enough to sleep with me and eat bites of dinners with me and teach me how to dance, enough to reciprocate hugs and kisses and hold my hand. Sometimes I still can’t wrap my mind around that last one.

But, either way, every time I remember it - and especially now that it’s getting so close - I have to remind myself to breathe. I’m getting married. I’ll actually be someone’s husband. And they’ll be mine, too. And they’re fantastic and frustrating and gorgeous and genius and God, I’ve got it bad. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I’m not sure what the point of all of this is. I usually don’t blog at work because this happens: I rant and forget my paperwork. But, I needed to get this out there. I felt like I was going to burst if I kept it in. I can’t really remember ever being this happy. I sound like a sod, but I really don’t care.

I’m going to be married to the man I love in a month, and that’s good enough for me.


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SoMa (Soul Eater), "What happened doesn't change anything."

Again with the ‘this should have been angsty but instead go really fluffy’. Thank you for the prompt.

Maka stared at the pregnancy test in her hand, hands trembling slightly. The two little blue lines were all she could see, a testament to her fuck-up.

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