can we just cry about this for a bit

Sochi Banquet

I love how tentatively Viktor approached Yuuri during the Sochi banquet. Look at how many shots it took for this boy to get to Yuuri.

I find this to be especially precious given how Viktor already got rejected by Yuuri earlier that evening.

For all of his being a celebrity, Viktor does not strike me as the kind of person who can easily brush off another person’s dislike of him. Hell, he made a career out of pleasing everyone, and while I don’t think he would cry over another person’s opinion of him, neither does he seem like someone who could just easily dismiss it or not be hurt. I mean look at this face:

His reservations about approaching the fascinating Japanese boy were therefore perfectly understandable. We can even clearly see that he kept his distance for a bit at first.

But like a moth to a flame,

this precious boy

can’t seem to help himself.

And for a while it doesn’t seem like Yuuri even noticed him there?

Oh, but when he did…

It became such an unforgettable night.

Lmao, for Viktor anyway.

Poor Vitya.


she had the world // panic! at the disco

I wrote this directly after I left my first Harry Styles concert. My emotions were more elevated, and now that I’ve had some time to sit and reflect, I feel a little less raw. Keep that in mind.

I definitely got carried away, just needed to type it out, I guess. It seems a bit mad, and I’m slightly hesitant to post, but maybe someone else can resonate and understand.

Music does fucking weird things to you, man.

Warning: it’s pretty aggressive in terms of “I miss this fucking boyband so much, I cry about it,” but you all know.

It’s not just a boyband.

You get it.

I saw Harry Styles at the Chicago Theatre on September 26th.

Several people have asked me for an update.

First disclaimer: this is less of a concert play-by-play and more of a word vomit. About One Direction. About Harry. About the hiatus, the crazy shit it’s made me feel over the past two years, the future. All a bunch of nonsense - or maybe not - thoughts.

Honesty hour ensues.

Let me preface this by saying I’m grateful. So beyond grateful for all my experiences. I won’t take advantage of that. I never have. Never will.

One Direction holds an interesting pull over millions of people. Me included. I fell in love with them on a whim - it wasn’t intentional. I don’t understand it. I can’t make sense of it. I can’t explain to others why I’m so invested. But at this point, I don’t bother with an explanation. I love to love them.

“One Direction is broken up. You still listen to them?” The amount of times I’ve heard this. I’m homesick for people who don’t know I exist. Moderately crazy, but shows the extent of the soul this band put into their music and performances and relationships with each other. And us. I feel tied to it.

Is any other fandom like this? I don’t know. Nor will I ever know.

Anyone who knows me knows I’ve had a very difficult time with the whole “solo” endeavor. One Direction is the biggest and most important part of my early 20’s, and for it to stop so abruptly and without any closure has taken an embarrassing toll on me. My best friend and I have become sickeningly close during our travels - we’ve experienced seven shows together, one of which was out the country - and to me, One Direction concerts became a place to make some of our deepest memories that no one else can replicate, or understand. I met friends - my Rita - through this band. I met you guys. It’s been two years of wondering and waiting if and when they would make a return into our lives, and then. Instead. We got solo Harry. Full force.

I understand the point of the break. I get it. Overworked. Shit management. I’ve exhausted the topic in my own mind, and with others. Doesn’t mean I’m jumping for joy over it. I’m a 1d stan at heart; I support them as individuals, but when it comes down to it, my loyalties lie with the band.

I’ll be candid and real, which I’m often not on this blog. I initially jumped on the “1d went on hiatus because of Harry” bandwagon. My original logic: he said he was the one who initiated it. He was the one who had solid plans. Louis said he fought it. Niall said he wasn’t ready for it. And after closely paying attention to hundreds of interviews since 2015, Harry has clearly showed his gratitude toward the band - don’t get me wrong - but he’s the only one who hasn’t talked about a return date. Maybe it’s because he doesn’t want to give false hope. Maybe it’s because he doesn’t know and doesn’t want anyone to read too much into his words. Maybe he’s moved on. Whatever the case, I shied away from his career at the beginning and couldn’t get excited like everyone else seemed to be. It hurt my heart to see him so happy and thriving away from the pieces that helped him with his start, his life. Honestly, I know I would have felt hesitant about whoever happened to go fully solo first (Zayn doesn’t count - that’s a very different situation). Sure, Niall and Louis had singles out last year, but it’s not the same as embracing a new album, a new identity. It just so happened to be Harry first.

Second disclaimer: I hate that the band isn’t together, but I could never hate any direct member for that. Ever. No one is specifically responsible. And I know that.

My vision is clouded. Selfishly, I didn’t want Harry (or any of them, really) to fall out of love with the past because I wasn’t ready to fall out of love with it. It’s brought me so much joy and love and laughter and experiences. It feels like I’m begging please don’t move on without me. I’ve found a major piece of myself because of this band, and as ridiculous as it sounds, I now feel a little lost. Being 25 is weird enough in itself, in terms of career and relationships and generally just being, and now take away the part that gave me stability and my independence, and I’m just. Wandering. Waiting for something to happen to make me feel as happy as One Direction did.

Reading that back sounds ridiculous. But I’m not the only one here.

I know what this looks like, what it sounds like. I know how skewed my perspective is. I’m doing my best to fix it.

I have Harry’s album memorized. I love a few songs, like a few, dislike a few. I guess that goes for every album. His style has changed from what we’re used to, as has some of his lyrics, but the quirkiness is still the same. The heart is still there. I knew it would be.

I was overwhelmed walking into the show. It’s been over two years since I’ve seen a member of 1d on stage in front of me. I had high expectations - expectations for his performance, expectations about how I wanted to feel once it was over. The venue was beautiful. It was the perfect place to listen to this album live for the first time. Echoey and full of charm and personality. Crystals. Velvet couches in the box seating area. Marbles floors and winding staircases. Pink hues across the stage. Simple, effective lighting. Harry. All Harry. No more crowds by the thousands, no more booming music, no more larger than life stage. Somehow, I felt more anxious.

He did not disappoint. But then again, I didn’t expect him to. For the past three years, he’s always done the best job at captivating my attention whilst performing. Nothing has changed in that sense.

It felt like the final nail in the coffin for 1d, kind of. My friend’s words. It’s too hard to imagine him doing this and then going back to a place where he doesn’t get to 100% put his whole self into what he’s doing, and has to share and compromise on ideas. I understand that. It would be counterproductive to work backwards. It wouldn’t be impossible, but it would definitely feel less organic.

Not just for Harry. For all of them.

Doesn’t mean I’ve lost faith, though.

“It’s been two years since we’ve last seen each other,” he said, “and in those two years, I missed you so much.”

I cried from the moment I sat down until I got back to my hotel room.

I like to be overwhelmed by music. But not like this.

I think part of it is because this was only the fourth night of his tour. It’s still brand new. I’m still not well acquainted with it. New territory, uncharted. I sound so ugly for being so conflicted about solo endeavors, especially when I know there were people who won’t get the chance to see him and I did. I’m grateful, I promise. I’m working meticulously to sort my brain from my heart.

I’m seeing Niall in a few weeks. God help me if I feel this royally fucked over from him, too.

Harry has not left behind his roots. That much was clear. I don’t think I was ever really worried about that part, because he’s pure and kind and appreciates everything in his life for what it is. He would never speak an ill word about 1d. Ever. I don’t think he has any ill words. I sobbed when he performed WMYB. I loathe that song. It felt like a small piece of home, anyway, him using their start as a part of his start. He looked gorgeous. He sounded like a dream. He doesn’t have as much room to prance, but he made do. No catwalk, no problem. I missed his voice. His speaking voice, preaching to the crowds about love and bravery. His terrible jokes. His gratitude. Christ, it felt so good to have him in front of me again.

Kiwi was exceptional. The crowd went off. SOTT was overbearing in a beautiful way. Hearing everyone scream “woman!” all at once was a Goddamn experience. The room was deafening for the entire show.

It wasn’t the same. I didn’t expect it to be, but I wanted it to be.

My friend kept saying, “One Direction is so dead and I couldn’t care less.” I care. I hate the division amongst the fans, amongst the media. “Pick a team.” I don’t want to. Right now, my friend loves Harry more than One Direction as a whole, so she doesn’t understand. I’m not going to try to make her. The crowd chanted “Harry” during the encore, and my heart hurt in the strangest way. I told Rita about it. “Ugh. Just Harry.” I knew she’d understand. She almost always does.

I love Harry Styles. With my entire heart. He was happy on that stage. Even while I stood in the back with my face in my hands, I could see that. I’m happy he’s happy. I love nothing more than a happy Harry. The world is a better place when he’s smiling.

That doesn’t mean that I don’t feel unsettled.

It’s out of my control. Accept the good that comes along with changes. Something I’m learning. Something I’m sure all five original members of One Direction are also learning.

I’m seeing him again on Saturday, in Boston. I’m hoping the initial shock will be mostly worn off and now that I know what solo 1d feels like, I’ll feel more ready for it. More ready for his sequined suit, his smile, his note changes, his band that isn’t the one we’re all used to, the harmonies that bleed together as if it was fate, the lack of three other boys who I miss terribly.

Maybe he misses them as much as I do.

I saw Harry Styles at the Chicago Theatre on September 26th. He was stunning. He moved me to tears. He ran with a rainbow flag, made us scream about pizza, looked beautiful in the neon pink lights. It wasn’t One Direction. It wasn’t better. It wasn’t worse. It was just different. And that’s what I’ll keep telling myself. Embrace being different. It’s what Harry does, after all.

I’m profound in the art of making five days worth of clothing fit into one carry on bag. I can memorize new albums in 48 hours if I have the right determination. I’m able to meticulously plan trips to new cities and venues like it’s nobody’s business. I’ve yet to master the ability, however, of separating love and music.

But I guess those are technically the same thing, anyway.

Thank you for a beautiful show, Styles. Thank you for allowing us into your life, for staying true. I’ve missed you, as a whole, as an individual. I’ll see you on Saturday.

Stay tuned for a second update this weekend. I’m sure it will be much different. I’ll be sure to post some photos, as there will “mainly be prancing.” And what a shame it would be to miss that.

xx Shelly


The Many Faces of Victor Nikiforov - Episode 2

And finally, the episode in which we actually get to know more about Victor personally! Although his expressions are generally very controlled, there are times where we can glean a greater understanding of his character from both the faces he does and doesn’t make. Continuing on from the first set, I’d like to talk about the gifs chosen this time too!

This first scene we see Victor in is played off as humour, but when looked at in a more serious light, it’s actually packed full of a complicated mix of emotions. Victor is leaving the home he has lived in for years and years. He’s leaving the familiar setting of his home rink and the people there who, by this point, would be pretty much considered family. When he looks back in this frame, we see a lot of things. Primarily, the look is fond but wistfully sad. He knows what he’s going to be leaving behind by going and he appreciates Yakov coming after him even if he isn’t planning on listening. He’s excited to start a new chapter of his life, even if it comes at a risk, but he is also scared. This frame may initially look like a simple smile but when you take off a couple layers, it really is so much more. It also shows the level of comfort he has with Yakov that he’s willing to let him see this expression in the first place.

This second gif… well, I can say more about Yuuri than Victor here. It takes 2 full gifs to capture the entire camera pan for this shot. The kicker being that not only does the shot start distinctly below the waistline, it also is a slow pan upwards even as Victor is talking. We know for a fact that this is from Yuuri’s point of view and the level of thirst that shows (like not even being able to meet Victor’s eyes when he’s talking directly to Yuuri) astounds me.

There are a few things I really love about this third one that I feel have gone either unappreciated or unnoticed. The first is that Victor is sleeping. That sounds like common sense, because of course he is, but my point is more the where and when. Victor is sleeping in an openly public space surrounded by people he doesn’t know in a country he isn’t familiar with. The second is that it’s probably about 2am local time in St. Petersburg by this point. What all this comes down to is that Victor is suffering from jet lag. We don’t see it often in-show since he seems to have himself more together in Barcelona (in compared to Yuuri who just sleeps) but I feel seeing it here makes him look all the more human. Another small thing to note is the little head rub he does onto his pillow as he turns over. This is a thing people do for comfort, the feeling of their cheek rubbing against their cheek is a sensation thing, and it, again, makes Victor seem more human and less of an untouchable god like Yuuri sees him as.

This fourth gif… What more can I say other than it still amazes me how forward Victor was this early on. Even after knowing about the banquet, he’s still so… direct. He is absolutely 100% trying to seduce Yuuri. It makes me wonder what exactly he expected would happen when he came to Japan and where he was planning to go from there when it came to the whole coaching deal.

This fifth gives me a lot of feelings. This is one of the only shots we get in the entire series that features Victor both alone and in a state of vulnerability. He’s in a foreign place, he doesn’t speak the language, and all he has to go on is a drunken promise and a viral youtube video. Even the creators have said that Victor isn’t really the type to cry so seeing tears in his eyes here means a lot. He’s scared, he’s lost, and he doesn’t know where to go next – in more than just the short term. He’s feeling like his entire life is falling apart around him and he left his lifeline and security net back in Russia. But, if nothing else, we can be glad that he brought Makkachin along because I don’t even what to think about how he would have fared without even that tiny bit of home.

The sixth gif I love because of its simplicity. Victor is excited by nothing more than exploring a new place. It’s not news to any of us that Victor loves surprises; he loves things that are new and Hasetsu castle provides just that. I love that Victor got the opportunity to experience the joys of being a tourist before he finally settles down to be a citizen.

I feel that this seventh gif has many layers. He’s obviously trying to be friendly but you can tell that he was wholly unprepared for the attention that he was suddenly swarmed with. You can see it in the way he smiles, it’s not the bright smile and wink that we normally associate with his media persona, and his shoulders keep climbing up and up. Tack onto the fact that there’s almost no way he could understand what any of them are saying and all I can really sense from him is tension and stress. Again, it comes back to him feeling like he’s out of place in a foreign land and is trying to handle it as best he can in the only ways he knows how.

This eighth gif is his thinking face. He consistently holds his hand to his chin in the same way whenever he’s seriously thinking about or considering something. In this case, we can take this to mean that he is sincerely studying Yuuri. Unlike earlier in the episode that attempts to paint Victor is a more lighthearted and flighty light, this shows us that he is there for more than just a booty call. He’s serious about wanting to be Yuuri’s coach and help him with his skating. He’s interested in Yuuri both as a person and a skater.

This second last gif is actually something we don’t see too much of from Victor – he’s being smug. He absolutely has a right to be, given his level of proficiency in his sport, but he’s usually quite humble about it even while being confident. But this shot, and the camera angle and shadows on his face that add to it, all create the image of “I know I’m better than/know more than you in this”. I feel that he is absolutely doing this on purpose. Victor is incredibly aware of how others see him. In this case, he’s playing into how Yurio perceives him and is using that as a way to motivate him into accepting something that would be a definite challenge for him – skating Agape. This is a perfect depicting of the saying “lead by example” in regards to being aware that others’ perception of your image might not be what is really on the inside.

This last gif is an expression I’m especially fond of because it’s one of the first times that Victor is truly stumped by Yuuri. Just to clarify: this is a really good thing! This is exactly the spark that attracted Victor to Yuuri in the first place! This is the first time since he left his life behind in Russia and flew halfway across the globe to Japan that he’s seen this in Yuuri. And his expression and exclamation in the next shot shows exactly how he feels about that.

Well, that got a bit longer than I had initially planned but consider it a way to make up for this set being a day late. I also just have too many thoughts about Victor… Look forward to more coming your way next week!

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Bonus because while it’s not Victor in person, it’s too beautiful not to add:

BTS Reaction: Wanting cuddles from you after a long day (request)


You were close to a deep sleep when Jin practically busted in through the door.

He took his sweater and shirt off and threw it on the floor as he made his way to the bathroom. Thinking you were asleep, he turned on all the lights in the bathroom, took a shower and loudly brushed his teeth.

He then came out of the bathroom “Y/n… Jagi, you still asleep?”

“Yes.” you groaned, rolling on to your back. “Someone was at war with their teeth in the very bright bathroom so it woke me up.”

“Sorry jagi. I was just frustrated.” he explained as he slid up next to you.


“Just got a lot of shit from everyone today.” he huffed.

“Sorry to hear that. Wanna to talk about it? I’m awake now.” you said with a small chuckle.

“Yeah, but can you cuddle me too? I really just want cuddles right now.” he said nestling up to you.

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You were up late, cozy on the couch and catching up with your new favorite drama as you waited for Suga.

You were well into the episode when your tired looking boyfriend walked through the door. 

“Hi babe!” you smiled

He dragged himself over to you, not an expression on his face. He stopped right in front of you, blocking the tv.

“Babe, move. I can’t see the tv.”

Without a word he took the remote out of your hand, threw the blanket off you and dropped himself in your arms.

“Aw, babe, you tired?” you cooed.

He didn’t answer, he just rested his head on your chest and placed his feet over yours.

You knew the drill. You threw the blanket over the both of you and began running your fingers through his hair. He closed his eyes, letting out a deep sigh. Your heart warmed when you saw a slight smile on his face. 

“I love you.” he said in a low groan.

“I love you too.” you said softly as you kissed the top of his head.

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Rap monster:

Despite his words, you stayed up til the late hours of the night until he came home. It wasn’t until 2 am that he finally came back.

“Babe, I told you to not wait up for me.” was the first thing he said when he came through the door and found you on tumblr.

“I know, but just because you are my talents and handsome boyfriend, that doesn’t mean you tell me what to do.”

He came up to you, leaned down, and kissed you. “I’m going to shower” *kiss* “then wash up” *kiss* “and I expect you to be waiting for me in bed because I just had a bad day and I really need your cuddles.”

You cupped his face, seeing all the tired in his eyes. “Aww, baby, I’m sorry you had a bad day, go wash up, don’t worry I’ll be waiting for you.”

You were a bit annoyed by his extra long shower, but at least he looked a bit more relaxed when he stepped out. He made his way next to you, letting you wrap yourself around him.

“So what happened today?” you asked as you began to play with his hair.

“Agh, you know, I accidentally broke an important prop and it set back recording and I got yelled at alot…I just feel like shit.”

“Don’t think about it anymore.” you said softly as you kissed his temple. “Tomorrow is a new day so just forget about how today went”

You traced his jaw and he smiled at the small tickle causing you to poke at his dimples.

“Well, your cuddles are really helping me forget.”

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You were in the kitchen late at night, getting your lunch ready for tomorrow. You heard the door open and the familiar rhythm of Hoseok’s bags being dropped by the door. 

Without looking up you called out, “Hi Hobi! Finally you are back!”

You heard his steps come into the kitchen and before you knew it, he was hugging you from behind.

“How was your day?” you asked cheerfully.

You didn’t get an answer out of him. Instead, you heard sniffles and felt droplets land on your shoulder.

You looked up and him and saw him crying. Immediately you dropped everything and cupped his face, wiping his tears away. “Baby, what happened?”

He shook his head at you. “I had a really really long day.” he whimpered.

You threw your arms around him and held him tight. “Why don’t we go to bed and watch tv and unwind and just talk about your day?”

He shook his head again. “Cuddle me?” his voice cracked

“Of course.” you cooed. you grabbed his hand and led him to the bedroom.

“A-and can you massage the sides of m-my head like you always do?”

“Yes baby.” you smiled.

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You lay in bed, a bit upset that your boyfriend becuse he wasn’t home when he said he was going to be. You hated to do what you were about to do, but you just wanted to know where he was.With much hesitancy, you gave him a call, scared that you were interrupting their late practice or recording. 

After a few dial tones, he picked up. ”Yeah?” He was really tired it was obvious in his voice.

“Hi baby.” you said in an innocent tone


“I was just… wondering when you would be getting home… that’s all.”

“I’m in the elevator… I just started walking down the hall” he said in a huff

“Oh let me get the door!”

“Nah, just stay where you are, I’m already going to open the door.”

He hung up the phone and you soon heard the front door open. You sat up in bed, ready to finally talk to him.

He walked into the room as tired as ever. He couldn’t even put a small smile on his face when he saw you. He crawled into bed, coming right up to you ans putting his head on your lap. “Hi Jagi.” he sighed.

“Taetae, are you tired?”

“Yeah… Long day…” he said with this eyes closed 

He looked so cute, his tired face just resting on your lap in peace.

You lightly traced your fingers over his features and ran your fingers through his hair.

“Hmmmmmm” he hummed with a smile. “…Babe?”


He opened his eyes and looked up at you with puppy dog eyes. “Cuddle me? Please?”

“Of course!”

He lay down on his side of the bed, you coming up behind him and wrapping your arms and legs around him.

“Tighter?” he asked when he turned around to face you.

You did so, smiling to yourself when he dug his face into your neck and wrapping his arms around you.

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You had just washed up when you heard Jimin drop his things by the door.

“Chimchim!: you greeted as you walked up to him and hugged him.

“Hey jagi” he said in a tired voice. He held you loosely and gave you a sad excuse of a kiss.

“Aw, you barely kissed me.” you pouted. “Jimin are you that tired today? You look like a zombie.”

“Y-yeah.” his voice cracked.

“Jimin, what’s wrong?” 


“You sure?”

“Long day.” he mumbled as he slid his arms around  your waist and rested his head on your shoulder.

“Yeah? Wannna talk about it?”

He shook his head. “Can we- can we just stay like this for a while?” he asked softly.

“Sure baby.” you hugged him tighter and rubbed his back, hearing him sigh from time to time.

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You were up late working on the extra things you didn’t have time to finish in the office. Eventually you finished and you finally noticed the time. “Oh my goodness, 2 am?!?”

Sure it was late, but you weren’t that  tired, plus, Jungkook was going to be home any minute.. Like clock work, you heard the front door open and soon he walked into the room.

He saw you, but he didn’t say hi. Instead he just pulled off his shirt, slid down his pants and he jumped into bed.

That was unlike him, he always made it a point to talk to you a bit before he fell asleep.

You didn’t think anything of it, you washed up and then got into bed with him.

He wasn’t asleep but he didn’t crawl up next to you like he always does.

“Kookie, what’s wrong? Why are you so quiet?”

He just shook his head at you.

“Are you mad at me?” you asked hesitantly

For the first time, he looked at you, lazily propping himself up on his elbow, exposing his already messy hair. “What?!? No! It’s just-” he stopped himself, shaking his head again. 

“Did you have a long day? A bad day?” 

“Yeah,” he sighed.

“My Jungkookie need cuddles!” you declared. You immediately hugged him and peppered his face with kisses.

Instantly you could feel his tension disappear and he even giggled at your kisses. “Aish, you know just how to make me feel better!” 

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I keep forgetting that every time you visit you have to leave after, I think that’s the hardest bit about this. Like holy fuck do I ever miss you and now I really don’t know what to do knowing you’re not going to be here with me for awhile. Distance is crap may I just say, but damn you are so fucking worth it. I love you sooo much butthead; we can get through this I know it!!! ♥

Mutual feeling

Hey beauties!! How’re you all? So it there any body who’d to accompany me to fangirl over stranger things!! I just freaking love it so much like idk it’s just amazing and has me all hyped up! And Joe Keery has got me all drooling over him. Okay that’s enough for now. Hope you guys like it !

Word count :: 2000

2 A.M.

You’ve not been able to get a blink of sleep. It was just a simple thought that had you awake the whole night. Did you felt something for him or it was just attraction towards him. But it seemed more than attraction to you this time. Maybe it actually was different. Maybe you were falling for him. The guy with whom you started to hook up a few months before. It all started when you met him in a pub. His green eyes fascinated you. His face had you drawn to him within a couple of seconds and the other you were in his bed moaning and clutching on his hair. His lips traced down your neck covering it beautifully in purple marks. You never felt more alive ever than you did that day.

You started meeting up occasionally where one thing lead to another and then to another. It all was like on repeat. First your meetings were twice or thrice in a month, then it changed into weeks and none of you realized when it become a daily routine to meet and fuck. And a day left without that felt uncompleted to both of you. You weren’t just his fuck buddy but a friend too whom he shared all his deepest secrets with while you laid naked, legs tangled with his and head on his chest while he played with your hair muttering softly.

It was such an irony how the feeling was electrifying wakening up each cell in your body and tranquilizing making you feel like you were floating and drowned in him. All you could think that time was how soft he was with you. How tenderly and gently he took care of you. He wasn’t like other guys you dated that all wanted was just sex and that’s all. Even though you two, too did nothing but had sex somehow  it was different. The way he touched you, kissed you showed he cared. He always held you like you were made of glass and could break anytime if he gets harsh. The way he looks at you makes you go all dizzy. By this point you knew that ity was nothing but love and for some reason you believed that he felt it too. You could see it. Sense it. Feel it.

You heard your phone buzzed. A huge grin covered your face as you laid on your tummy and grabbed your phone. It was a text from harry. Looking at it, you felt those butterflies in your belly going crazy.

H: Hey beautiful

Y: hey handsome

H: Wanna come over?

Y: Right now?

H: I miss you

Y: Be there in 5 ;)

Jumping out of bed you grabbed your coat with other essentials and hopped inside the car. With rolled down windows you let the cool wind embrace you and kiss your face. The dim lights of London streets made the city glow. It all looked so beautiful. You felt so beautiful. It was the cold air, the smell of autumn, crisp leaves and home. If  you could, you’d dance on the street right away. You pulled in the parking in front of his house and made your way hurriedly to his porch. You ran your fingers through your hair.

Pale yellow lights blinded you and there he stood shirtless wearing his sweats, His hair still managed to stay perfect after all the day and his face still looking so pure and mesmerizing. Without waiting any other minute, you attached your lips to his. They felt so soft and delicious. Harry’s hands rested on your bum as he tumbled backwards kissing you back immediately. Closing the door behind you with your feet you licked his lower plump lip and bite on it that made him moan and taking the opportunity you slide your tongue inside his mouth exploring it dangerously. His tongue soon too was busy playing with yours.

“take my clothes off baby.” You moaned and moved down to trail kisses down his neck. But his hands were quick enough to push you back slowly before you could start to leave hickeys.

“what’s wrong?” You asked narrowing your eyebrows at him. He never turned down the idea of having sex and it all seemed a bit weird to you when for the first time he did.

“Ca-can we just cuddle for a bit?” he asked you softly. The way he was looking at you made you realize that he was about to cry so before that could happen, you nodded your head and took his hand leading to the bedroom. You lifted the covers up and motioned him to go under which he gladly obliged, you smiled and climbed in lifting his head up and putting it on your chest. It din’t took much time for him to snuggle himself to you and taking the warmth of your body.

It all seemed a bit strange. Harry was quieter than ever and certainly felt colder than ever. You laced your fingers with his and brought his icy hand to your lips kissing his skin softly. The cold fingertips made you shudder when in touch with your soft lips. You heard him sigh and breath out against your chest.

“Do you think that I can be good enough for somebody?” He asked keeping his face hidden in your chest. Your heart clutched when you his words reached your eardrums. Was he being serious? He’s one in a million.Any girl in the world would be blessed to have him in her life. Yes a blessing. You never saw someone as mellow and tamed like him. Though he had the world at his feet, he was so ground to earth.

“why’d you think like that sweet? You’re amazing and so generous that any woman in this world would be blessed to have you in her life.”You said running your fingers through his gorgeous locks that looked prominent now-growing back.

“It’s just there’s someone whom I think I’ve fallen for and I just want to know that I’m good enough before i confess my love to her” Harry said pulling away from you. You couldn’t believe that it was happening. It all felt like a dream, an illusion that was surreal. Your heart was thumping fast and your mind started flooding with so many thoughts. All you ever wanted was love and for you love meant Harry. You bite your lip and a sheepish smile took over your face.

“You’re always gonna be too good for someone Harry. That girl is very lucky to have you fallen for her. And may I know who that lucky woman is?” You asked him and held your breath. You wanted nothing more but your name to roll off his lips. Small scenarios like going out as a couple, getting engaged, having kids and growing old together revolved around in your brain making you anxious each passing second. The moment was yours. Yours and Harry. The moment was of love~first love was yours. Like a fairy tale you imagination of having true love was was right there in front of you just a mere seconds away to take your name and you were his. He just needed to say the world and you had your word devoted to him.

“Grace. It’s Grace” Harry smiled. Your eyes shot up to look at him. His face was lighted up not by the lights surrounding you both but the illumination of love that his heart held. His face was bedecked with the feeling just like yours was a few hours earlier and still was but now it all drained out. Your poor heart felt like bursting for holding up all the feelings. The same love that made you feel completed now was now crushing you~suffocating you, making it hard for you tp breath.

All of it was just a hallucination of your mind.

“G-grace” You choked and Harry nodded his head with the biggest smile on his face. Grace was your friend to whom you introduced him a couple months back. She was beautiful. Gracious actually, just like her name. You liked her always. She was very kind and was gentle just like Harry. No doubt she was perfect for him and deserved him. She wasn’t like other girls but was simple and liked to have her feet on the ground.

But she wasn’t there for him when he needed a shoulder to cry on. She wasn’t here when Harry had an asthma attack. She wasn’t there when Harry was lonely. It was you. All along. But yet, he decided to fall for someone who was completely foreign to him. Who knew all his perfection but never knew his flaws like you did. You were with him from dusk till dawn. You always promised yourself to take are of him when you realized how lonely he was.

After the night you both first hooked up, there was something that you saw in him while he was asleep. The way his features were, all pure and innocent. His breath as calm as the ocean but you could feel the tide inside of him. He was indeed lonely and lost and that night you promised yourself to be by his side no matter what. He needed someone.

But you needed someone too. That someone was him. He came like a life savior in your life. He was like a compass who helped you find your way. Just like you were with him through thick and thins, he too was there with you. He stood beside you and lead you to dark. He held your hand when everybody else denied to. He was the sunshine of your dark life that resplendent it like nobody else. And even though so far he spent most of his time talking away with you than her, he made her, his priority. Chose to gave her his heart than to you.

It hurt you to know the bitter truth. And there was nothing left but to blame yourself for not confessing him about your feeling earlier. But you weren’t the one to be blame because poor you found out the day he got to know about his feelings. If you would’ve experienced the feeling earlier then maybe, maybe it could be your name. It would’ve been you who made him feel erotic, made him feel the way he made makes you feel. Maybe it would’ve been you behind the reason of this beautiful smile and feeling of love. But you weren’t. And it did hurt you bad in all the possible way.

The wind that was making you feel alive, choked you now. The lights that glowed you up were now blinding you. The love that once swept you off your feet now pulled you back down breaking everything you had.

“I uh great. It’s amazing Harry. Y-you should go and tell her as soon as possible” You forced a smile. You wanted to laugh at the fact that the smile that was decorated your face once without any efforts had to be forced now. The pain was unacceptable. You didn’t accepted it all to go the way it was going now. You didn’t deserve this.Or did you?

Love is a feeling that heart decides and feels for the person it want to. Certainly, the feeling was mutual. But just happened to be for a different person.

I’m sorry if my writings are not that good and I don’t use much complicated words. I always try to come up with better thoughts and way of writing. Hope you will give me feedback about this.


Why is no one talking about the “I can’t lose you again” scene? Mike sounds so scared and heartbroken and the way he starts crying and the almost kiss

And he’s so scared to let her go and the zoom in on his face as the car drives away

And also how strong he is to let her go? How scared and fragile he was about possibly losing her again after just getting her back? We had like a total of nine minutes of Mileven content this season yet I am so emotional and ready to analyze every single bit of it until season 3

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okay hear me out: (1/2) after the Avengers are pardoned "everything goes back to normal", Tony is still a ball of anxiety, still doesn't believe in himself tho. And then The Avengers meet with the public, and someone comes over to Tony to talk to him, and they start crying (they way people do when meeting their idols sometime) they tell him how happy they are to meet him, how much they love him and look up to him, how Tony changed their life with all the good things he's done

(2/2) and generally they are just really emotional, and Tony is so stunned, and so touched at the same time. But then Clint and Steve decide to ruin the moment with “wow Stark, you’ve already managed to make someone cry?” and “I’m sorry about him [Tony], can we do something?” respectively. Tony is already shrinking in on himself, but then, unexpectedly this little person Tony was talking to starts to defend him. Their raised voice makes Peter come over. He realizes what’s happening and joins.

The girl looks a bit like a doll with those huge blue eyes and pretty, golden locks. She’s also crying. Which doesn’t make Tony panic at all, or so he tries to convince himself. It’s just, he’s not very good at comforting people. He’s absolutely awful at comforting kids.

And sure, he knew this whole meet-and-greet was a terrible idea, but he didn’t exactly expect people to break down at the sight of him? The kid’s outright sobbing, trying to get a word out but it’s incomprehensible and–Tony repeats, he’s not panicking. He’s just fighting the very strong urge to call the suit and get the fuck out of here, never to be seen again. He’s fine.

“I’m so-sorry,” the girl hiccups, “I’m just–you’re here and–I know this sounds stupid but you were just so, so, so important, you literally saved my friend’s life, you know, you made her so happy and you’re here now and it’s just, I promised I wouldn’t do this but you changed so much for her, for us, and I didn’t even, you’re my favourite hero Mr Stark and I don’t even know how to thank you!”

The more the girl talks, the faster the words seem to come, and it takes Tony along moment to catch up with what she’s saying and process the meaning behind it. Which. Is good?

It’s a little hard to believe that, because there are still tears running down her cheeks, though she’s wiping them away now, clearly embarrassed. Tony can’t help but smile at her, a bit tentatively perhaps, but genuine. She’s looking at him so–so–foreign, and it makes Tony want to hug her.

“Wow Stark, you’ve already managed to make someone cry?” sounds Clint derisively from behind before he has managed to come up with a reply. “We’ve only been here for seven minutes.” Clint sounds amused, but not in the easy-going, friendly way, and Tony tenses again.

“I’m sorry about him,” Steve speaks up from Tony’s other side, voice apologetic, “Can we do something?”

He’s not even looking at Tony but it still takes all of Tony’s willpower not to flinch. Being bracketed between the two men who are definitely not friends anymore, gives Tony all sorts of chills. He’s barely keeping it together as it is, what with all these publicity stunts lately to prove how well things are going in the team–when really, there is no team–he doesn’t need this shit on top of it.

The girl has stopped crying at least, is staring at Steve with narrowed eyes instead. Tony feels a stab of petty vindication that this kid at least isn’t falling over herself to greet the returned hero.

“Yes, you can, sir.” The girl says far more assertive than when she’d been talking with Tony. “You can back away and return to greeting your own fans because I really don’t appreciate your tone.”

She’s got her arms folded in front of her chest and stares at the three baffled men in front of her expectantly. Tony snorts. He can’t help it.

He does it again when she turns her head and winks at him.

“What’s going on?” Spiderman asks cheerfully as he bounces over to join their group.

Tony suppresses an eye roll. Of course Spidey comes over. That kid can smell trouble like the best of them, and he’s even worse than Tony at keeping his nose out of it.

“You’re Spiderman!” the girl exclaims excitedly, then immediately blushes and averts her eyes. “I was just, thanking Mr Stark here for being such an amazing person. He really helped a friend of mine go through a rough time, you know?” she peers up at them from underneath her lashes.

Then she frowns.

“I’m not sure what they’re doing here, to be honest,” she gestures dismissively at Steve and Clint. “But they’ll catch a clue eventually. I hope.”

Spiderman chokes on a laugh. “I like you!” he exclaims and drags the girl away, one arm slung casually over her shoulder. She lets him, just turns around to wave Tony goodbye with a bright smile that Tony can’t help but return.

Steve and Clint watch the two disappear into the crowd with growing apprehension. 

Nothing good can come of this

I’ve seen the concept around before of aliens intercepting and recording old broadcasting frequencies for radio and TV shows and just… imagine if this really was the case. That the first time we encounter aliens, they already know at least a little bit about us from our media, and thus are at least somewhat forearmed in regards to the nonsense that is the human race, and going “You are both nothing like these recordings we have seen of you and exactly like them, wtf.”

At the same time, however, I can also see some random alien leaning on a human and crying, “But why did they stop producing the episodes of Firefly?”

The door slams so hard Nursey feels the whole room shake, and he nearly jumps out of his chair. When he spins around in his desk chair, he sees Dex, oversized hoodie hanging off his lanky frame and baseball cap pulled down over his eyes. Dex doesn’t even acknowledge him, just drops his bookbag on the floor and face-plants onto the bottom bunk - Nursey’s bed.

Nursey knows the Bad Day drill by now, so he flips his desk light on before getting up and turning their room light off. Bad days for Dex mean a nap, a run, and a pie, in that order. After that, he’s usually feeling well enough to talk to Nursey about it. Nursey just has to wait him out.

He’s intending to do just that when he hears the sniffle, so quiet he’s not even sure if he really heard it. He stops what he’s doing, trying to subtly lean back in his chair. He hears it again, and he immediately turns around. Dex is still lying face-down on the bed, but when Nursey really watches him, he can see the way his shoulders are shaking with the effort to keep his crying quiet.

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I just found out a while ago one of my ex’s cheated on me while we were in a relationship. How about Gabriel Reyes, McCree, and Roadhog find their crush( they aren’t together but really good friends) crying with phone in hand of her current boyfriend making out with some random girl at a party and she couldn’t do anything because she was at home and she didn’t want to go crying

Yes, I can do that. I hope you don’t mind but this is gonna be one of those requests where each one is a bit different but on the same topic.

Gabriel Reyes:

That night Gabriel found himself feeling rather restless. As much as he bragged about having good instincts, right now they were telling him there was something wrong, and what bothered him was that he couldn’t figure out what it was. 

Pulling up his car outside of your house, Gabriel frowned as he peered out the window. All the windows were dark, except for one upstairs. It didn’t look like you were prepared for company, despite the fact that the two of you had agreed to a movie night yesterday.

Getting out and deciding to be polite he walked up to the door and knocked, waiting patiently. When you didn’t answer, Gabe did what he always did…he let himself in.

The house was a cute two story, and for a moment Gabriel felt that usual stab of jealousy whenever he was here. Photo’s of you and a different man hung on the wall, wrapped in each others arms.  Gabriel couldn’t help his feelings- he had been madly in love with you for almost two years, and yet he never voiced his feelings because you were already in a relationship with another.

Noticing you weren’t downstairs, Gabriel made his way up to the second floor. He thought about calling out for you but something had made him decide not to, as he walked quietly to the only door open with a light on. Perhaps it was a good thing, or you would have tried to stop him from seeing this.

Your bedroom was a disaster. There were garbage bags full or falling over, and clothes laying about. Pictures were all over the unmade bed. A small cat cowered under the bed, as if afraid it too would be swept into a bag. You sat there on the floor, leaning up against the bed with yours knees to your chest. 

Gabriel’s heart broke when he saw how puffy and pink your face was, when he realized your shoulders were shaking and your face was wet with tears. Your eyes were glued to your phone, before you slowly put your head down.

“Y/n…” Gabriel said softly.

Head whipping up, for a moment you looked ready to yell at him. But when you seemed to realize who it was, the anger dissolved as quickly as it came, and immediately you turned away. “Go away, Gabe. I..I can’t do movie night tonight,” you said softly.

Walking over, Gabriel sat on the ground and ignored your protests as he pulled you into his lap. Even when you elbowed him in the chest, he only grunted and pulled you closer. “Then it doesn’t have to be movie night,” Gabe says gruffly. “Will you tell me why your crying?”

Silence fell as you stopped struggling. Immediately you held your phone to your chest, as if protecting a dark secret. The pain in your eyes is what gnawed at him the most. 

“Hey,” Gabriel lifted your chin. “Its okay, y/n. I have you. You don’t have to tell me anything, baby.” He had a habit of calling you baby every time you were sad or hurt, and this time was like no other. The only difference was that when he said it, you closed your eyes tight.

Gabriel wanted to know what had happened, who had done what to you. But if it meant he could stay and comfort you, he wouldn’t ask again. Instead, he cradled you sideways in his lap and rocked the both of you, humming quietly.

You didn’t know what it was about how Gabriel always handled you that made you feel ten times safer then you felt when he wasn’t there. At last you closed your eyes and handed him the phone.

Surprised, Gabriel took it and one glance was all it took for anger to build inside him. “That bastard!” he hissed, as he glared at a picture of your boyfriend holding another woman, making out with her sloppily and having his hands in places they shouldn’t be. From the background, he could make out it was when he had gone to a party.

“He was drunk,” you mumbled, eyes squeezed shut tightly.

“Thats no excuse, damn it,” Gabriel said angrily, but tried to channel his anger into more comforting things like rubbing your back. It took all his might not to stand and punch something. Oh, did he want to punch your boyfriend…ex boyfriend, he thought. As much as Gabriel wanted you, he loved you enough to wish you never get hurt by someone you care about, especially your boyfriend.

“He kept seeing her after,” you whispered, voice barely audible. “The party was a month and a half ago.”

Silence fell and Gabriel stopped moving. The rage was blinding and all he wanted to do was smash that guys face in. I can’t believe I shook this guys hands and left y/n in his care, Gabriel thought in disgust.

“I’m sorry,” Gabriel said softly, unsure of how to comfort you. The deed had been done and there was no way to reverse it now.

The two of you sat in silence. Focusing on you was the only way not to see red for him. Gabriel’s hand rubbed your back gently as he rocked the two of you, his other hand holding yours. God only knows he wishes he could take away your pain…

Turning your face into his chest suddenly, you sniffled and reached up, brushing tears from the corner of your eyes. “Will you stay the night with me?” you asked in a small voice.

Despite the fact that you hadn’t wanted him here before, you couldn’t imagine sleeping here in this bed alone. Heart raw with pain, you wanted to be held by the only person who was ever there for you.

Pressing a kiss to your forehead, Gabriel murmured, “Of course, baby. Let me help you clean up the last of his stuff in here, okay? And then we’ll go to bed,” Gabriel said gently.

Sniffling, you nodded and let him wipe away the last tear. “O-okay,” you whispered, and Gabriel ended up staying the week with you.

By the time your boyfriend got home the next week, Gabriel had successfully burned everything of his in the house that he owned.

Jesse McCree:

Stalking toward a bar at the end of the road, Jesse found himself tasting tobacco as he bit down too hard on the end of his unlit cigar. It was habit to have it in his mouth, but he was afraid if he lit it that he’d end up using it to burn someone while in his foul mood.

Mind whirling, all Jesse could think of was the text you’d sent him two hours ago, one he hadn’t seen for a hour. ‘Lets have sex, Jesse,’ was all it said.

The text had blown his mind: you were in a very serious relationship with another man. A man who was not only a close friend but a man Jesse was very jealous of, for the simple fact that he was in love with you and yet couldn’t have you. Had you figured out about his feelings, which he had kept hidden for the sake of your friendship?

If so, then this was a cruel prank, he had thought.

Until shortly after, your boyfriend had texted Jesse and had asked for him to talk some sense into you. Jesse was hadn’t understood until your boyfriend said that someone had texted you a picture of him half naked with a stripper at a club. 

Never has Jesse felt such cold fury as he did in that moment. Your boyfriend said you were almost drunk down at this little bar and refused to speak with him or let him back into the house. Now with all this information, Jesse understood your text and had realized the pain behind it. 

After cursing your boyfriend to hell, Jesse had slammed the phone down and headed straight for the bar. All he wanted to do was pummel your boyfriend. Whatever friendship he had with the guy hadn’t stopped him from wanting to beat him bloody, but he knew it was more important to find you.

Stalking in, Jesse found you over at the bar, sitting between two large men and giggling as you swirled around a glass of tequila. From the rosy shade of your cheeks, Jessy figured you’d been drinking for awhile now.

Eyes catching on him, you lit up and waved. “Ohhh! Jesse, over here! Guy’s, this is my friend, Jesse!” you said excitedly, the barest slur to your words as you waved at him drunkenly. The men glanced at him briefly, noticing the expression in his eyes before they turned away, not wanting to get involved.

Walking over, Jesse said nothing as he took your hand and put a fifty on the counter with the other one, before leading you toward the door. “Hey! Where are we going?” you demanded, peering at the door and squinting slightly. “I’m not ready to go!”

You tugged and Jesse came to a stop, not because he wasn’t strong enough but because he didn’t want to have to drag you out.

Eyeing him, a slow smile spread across your face. “Ohh I see. You want to go through with my offer, don’t you, you sexy cowboy?” you cooed, straightening but he noticed the barest of nervous glints in your eyes. “Why don’t we do it in my jeep?” you offered bravely, reaching up to pull free one button of his shirt.

Snatching your hand, he held it gently but firmly in his. “Stop it,” Jesse said softly, causing you to freeze and stare up at him.

“I know what he did.”

For a moment, the background seemed to fade and there was no noise. The smile faded from your face at his words, your body stiff now. The two of you stared at each other for what a few long moments, before your lips parted and you took a deep breath.

“I don’t want to talk about it,” you whispered, and turned away, but Jesse wouldn’t let go. The tremor in your voice gave away just how aware of yourself you still were.

Jesse’s other hand came up, gently pulling you closer by the waist. When you still didn’t look at him, he let go of your wrist to take your chin gently and make you look at him. There was a sheen of tears in your eyes that caused his hart to squeeze.

“Drinking isn’t going to make the pain go away,” Jesse said softly. “And neither will having sex with me. You’ll only feel lousy after.”

Gently Jesse swiped his metal finger across your bottom lip, which quivered as you stared up at him. The tears grew, and one escaped down your cheek. The way his arm supported you kept your knees from giving way under the intense pressure you suddenly felt in you.

“I…I don’t know what else to do,” you admitted finally, voice cracking. “I…I just hurt, so much. Our relationship has been going downhill for a little while but…I just…I thought we had more love and respect for each other then that.”

Lowering your head, you rested your forehead against his chest and let out a little laugh. “Do…do you know how that makes me feel? Seeing him touching another so itimately? It makes me feel like I wasn’t good enough,” your voice hushes, your throat closing. “It makes me feel like I’m not good enough at all.”

Immediately Jesse pulled you right to him, almost crushing you to his chest and his hand comes up to pet your hair. “That’s not it, darlin’. You are enough. Your perfect. He’s blind as a bat not to see that, and a worm for not treatin’ you how he should have,” Jesse said passionately. 

With his words, the dam broke and the flood of tears fell down your cheeks. Hands clutching at his sarape, you couldn’t stop yourself as you sobbed into his shoulder. The heart ache was too much for you, and it appeared true. Even the alcohol hadn’t numbed the hurt.

“I j-j-just w-want it t-to stop,” you whimpered. “I d-don’t w-want to h-hurt anymore..”

Holding you, Jesse closed his eyes and could imagine firing a bullet between that son-of-a-bitch’s eyes for the pain he’s caused you.

“I know darlin’, I know,” Jesse said softly.

You ended up staying with Jesse during the time it took to get over your ex’s deceit. 


Honestly, no one really knew how close the two of you were. You two were the most unlikely of friends, him being a silent criminal constantly on the run and you being a cautious, safe but social butterfly. The two of you ran very different lives, but despite the fact that you didn’t get to see him often, the two of you always found your way back to each other.

Of course, the two of you had known each other for many years. And honestly, as much as he loved being around you…The ever silent Roadhog was glad that he was on the run. It wasn’t just the police he was on the run from, but also his feelings for you.

For the last four years you have been in a very steady relationship with a different man. Roadhog could easily admit he didn’t like him: then again, Roadhog didn’t like many people. But you were happy, right? That was all that mattered to him, so he never questioned it or confessed his feelings for you…

The road moved fast beneath his Harley. There was nothing like riding wild and free on the highway, police lights far in the distance behind him as he sped and passed every possible vehicle. 

This was the time of year when Roadhog would come back and visit you. Of course he couldn’t stay away forever, and it wasn’t like the two of you didn’t talk constantly. You never questioned his activities or his life choices, not even when he explained in small words each time about his experience over the payphone. But despite the fact that it hurt to be near you, more often then not it hurt not to be by your side.

This is the one confession Roadhog has never told Junkrat, who was currently in custody at the moment. Roadhog was planning to break him out, but thought better of it. The junker could handle a week in prison, surely…he’d likely make all the other inmates cry.

Reaching town, it took him ten minutes to find the cute little white house tucked away on a street. Parking in the driveway, he noticed only your car and found himself glad. Roadhog hated facing your boyfriend, knowing he could crush his puny head in one hand but being unable to do it. 

Once at the door, Roadhog was going to knock but noticed a note on the ground that read ‘Go to the backyard’. Curious, Roadhog went around the house to the backyard, before turning the corner.

Sitting there was a tree swing was you, your forehead to the rope and your eyes closed. For a moment Roadhog was unsure if you were sleeping, but as he neared, he noticed the tears fresh on your face. 

Eyes opening at the heavy footfalls, you looked up through pink eyes. Upon seeing him, you managed to muster up a small, pitiful smile. “Hi Mako,” you said, trying to keep your voice calm. “Sorry, I forgot what time it was. I missed you.”

Except despite your words, there was no jumping for joy or hooting or hollering or hugs, as you usually greeted him with. After a moment Roadhog stepped closer and brushed his thumb across your cheek, wiping away the tears.

“Oh,” you murmured, lifting your hand to your face. “Am I crying again? I’m sorry, Mako. I must be a terrible sight.

You tried to laugh it off, pushing your hair back from your face and suddenly Roadhog caught your hand gently, and you looked up at him. With his other hand, he took off his mask and hesitated, before sitting in front of you.

“I think you’re a pretty sight,” Roadhog rumbled, voice deep and he looked away, almost shyly. He didn’t know how to comfort or to make a person feel beautiful… He was only good at scaring people.

Which he thought he did at first, as your eyes welled with tears and you covered your mouth to stop a sob from escaping. Immediately he squeezed your hand ever so gently and looked at you with worry.

At that moment, Roadhog noticed your phone on the ground, open. Blinking, he picked it up, planning to hand it to you till he saw a photo open on the phone. It was a picture of your boyfriend, making out with another girl at a party. And suddenly, Roadhog realized what the problem was.

Looking up at you, Roadhog shut the phone and put it down again. Never had he run on instincts like this but after a moment he pulled you onto his chest and cradled you in both arms like a princess.

You couldn’t help sobbing into his chest, hugging his neck tightly. Never have you looked as fragile and small to him as you did now, and he was afraid you might shatter in his arms.

“Y/n…” Roadhog said, trying to find the words. He didn’t talk for a reason usually, and it was because he could not verbally communicate the way he wanted to. “Those do not cherish what they have, lose all they’ve got. And by losing you, he has lost everything-and he knows that.”

Gently his large hand rubbed your back and petted your hair, unsure if his words made any sense. It was so unusual not to just grunt and be understood, but this time verbal communication was necessary.

Pulling back a little, the sobs slowly died down, until you were left with little hiccups as you struggled to stop the tears. “I t-thought we w-w-were h-happy, you know? I thought e-everything w-was okay. And I just…If I was important, w-why w-would he do this?” you asked softly, looking up at him with big, vulnerable eyes

“Some men don’t see the treasures right under their noses,” Roadhog says quietly. “And those who do can never have that treasure.”

You didn’t know what he meant by that last statement, but Roadhog suddenly stood up, still holding you. Holding on, you sniffled and looked confused as he brought you around to the front of the house.

“We’re going for a ride,” Roadhog says quietly, putting you in his side car and he buckles you up.

“A-are you sure?” you sniffled, knowing how protective he was of his Harley. He didn’t even like his odd junker friend near it.

Patting you head, Roadhog gave you the sweetest, most gentle of smiles he’s every produced before putting on his mask and climbing onto the bike and revving the engine.



I want to start by saying: I cried so hard when Mor came out to Feyre. Having someone outright say their feelings line that really connected me to Mor in a way I hadn’t felt before.

In EoS, I’d felt that Aedion’s sexuality was just thrown in to placate the Fandom to keep them from complaining about lack of diversity.

I can honestly say, SJM did an amazing job with the issue in ACOWAR. The whole series has a slew of diverse characters, in race, sexuality, and disabilities. Mor’s sexuality makes perfect sense, and doesn’t seem thrown in for the hell of it.

From the beginning (ACOMAF, technically), Mor had shown a disinterest in Azriel, or at least an aversion to him. Now we know why. And the way she came out to Feyre made me cry. I share the feelings Mor does, and I am just really hoping the next books coming out will explore her a bit more

Library Calls

Here’s some bughead fanfiction that nobody asked me to do but I got bored and horny so…Also don’t read this if you don’t like smut or if you know me irl. I will die of embarrassment. This for all my fellow bughead sinners, so here goes my first fic.

Library Calls Pt. II: The Prop Room

Library Calls Pt. 3

Words: 1648

Warnings: Don’t read this if you don’t like Bughead smut, hoe don’t do it *does it*

Betty had just finished up her biology homework in the library when her phone started ring. The ring tone Candy Girl by the pussycats started blasting from her phone and before she knew it the librarian was giving her the stink eye. Great. As if she didn’t hate me more.

“Shush!” The librarian hissed as she fumbled for her phone’s silent switch.

“Uh-uh I’m sorry! I’ll just turn my phone off.”

She quickly silenced the phone before she could see the raven-haired boy’s smirk pop up on her phone. Jughead was calling her. Looking at his quite pleased with himself expression in the picture on her phone made her feel guilty for not being able to answer it. She knew she still had to finish AP English and Algebra homework before she could even indulge in seeing that boy. Having that boy even within walking distance was not going to help with her focus. Resist Betty, resist she thought to herself when imagining him strolling through the library in his leather jacket and oh…

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Karasuno Headcanons, anyone?

  • kageyama and hinata spend their saturday nights watching animation movies
  • kageyama’s favorite is the toy story trilogy while hinata’s wall-e
  • actually, tbh hinata has seen all of the princess movies because of natsu, but he enjoys them, and his bias is mulan 
  • “she’s so waaaah, kageyama. she goes to war bc her father’s sick, she uses her brain and she saves an entire country"
  • when tanaka and nishinoya hear them talk about them (“THEY’RE NOT MOVIE DATES”) they decide to arrange one long marathon movie with the whole team
  • (but they soon find out that it’s hard to watch a movie with more than ten people)
  • “ohmygod ohmygod ohmygod-”
  • “you old looking man, why are you covering your eyes? this is the good part, see? now their parents are gonna die”
  • “they’re not gonna-OH WHAT THE HELL NOOO”
  • “his brother too? poor hiro, poor kid”
  • “that ghost thingy is from pac-man, that’s bowser - who is that one with the thong?”
  • “nishinoya!”
  • “what, daichi san why are you…? oh, yeah, you’re right, that’s not a thong”
  • “what’s a thong, kageyama?”
  • “nobody tells hinata what it-”
  • “it’s that piece of underwear that covers your -”
  • there’s no one i’d rather be than me! i like it! it’s gonna be my new motto”
  • “oh? but don’t you wish you were born a bit taller than 4′11?”
  • “but if felix can fix everything can’t he fix vanelope too?”
  • “………………..” everyone turns to look at tsukishima with eyes as big as saucers. they groan
  • “kuzco actually reminds me of tanaka”
  • “because he’s crazy?”
  • “hey!”
  • “what can we watch next?”
  • “what about the good dinosaur?”
  • no
  • kageyama stares at tsukishima. “let’s watch it just because he doesn’t want to, suga san”
  • tsk
  • (yamaguchi apologises for picking up that one movie that made tsukishima’s eyes red as he’s trying not to cry. the truth is, he’s not gomen at all)
  • “let’s watch spongebob”
  • it’s not the nickelodeon movie, but a porn. movie marathon ends as soon as spongebob and patrick pull their pants down
Characterisation in HoO

Formerly titled: because lili’s headcanons hurt my heart 

Okay so @lililibird did this and it made me emotional and we got chatting, and then she said this, because that first round of tags just wasn’t enough:

“Like it would start with everyone talking about Percy like he’s a god in TLH, and then Hazel and Frank and CJ acting like he’s basically the most amazing thing ever, and then the quest and everyone’s always screaming for Percy to save them bc he’s Percy and he can do anything and the DEVELOPMENT to make him seem human would have been stunning I’m not crying.”

And.. well… I got a bit carried away with my response and have decided to move the discussion to a place where word limits aren’t a thing. 

Because this idea is incredible. Just imagine it - rather than Percy’s character development just stalling and then completely flatlining over the course of HoO (imo anyway) this would be such a great chance for us to see him coping with the pressure of being ‘the most powerful demigod’, as Nico said.

  • Can you imagine Hazel completely idolizing him like the best big brother in the entire world?? Always thinking to herself,  “Percy promised I’d be okay, he’s gonna get us out of this.” Having absolute faith in him and not noticing how terrified for her safety he really is, because he did promise her that and he can’t imagine how he’d live with himself if she ever got hurt.
  • Frank thinking Percy’s what a ‘real man’ should be and trying to imitate him and wishing that he had cool powers like Percy before he masters shapeshifting.
  • Jason seeing Percy as a real threat??? Like this guy just came from nowhere and was nominated as Praetor, the Roman demigods saw him almost single handedly save their whole camp - So not only has Jason been listening to CHB gush about Percy and how they miss him terribly for months, he gets back home and discovers that he’s essentially replaced him at Camp Jupiter. This needs to be explored more!! I know Jason’s a good guy and yeah, he was wary of Percy at the start, but come on. Give me a proper emotional confrontation, not a fight where they’re both possessed.
  • Piper seeing the way everyone hangs on every word Percy says, how he can inspire people to fight and be strong and rally the troops almost effortlessly. So she practices her charmspeak by repeating his speeches to herself in the mirror, wondering how he’s so comfortable, how he became such a natural leader.
  • Leo just being so jealous of everything Percy is. Older, taller, better looking, a better fighter, popular, with an amazing girlfriend. Resenting him because he’s everything Leo so desperately wants to be and he doesn’t even try and how is that fair? (Not because of that bull with Calypso.)
  • Nico’s crush on Percy hitting him full force again when he’s rescued from the jar, because would you look at that, Percy Jackson rescues him again, but then his heart breaks when he follows Annabeth into Tartarus. Give me Nico absolutely pining over this guy he has idolised for years, simultaneously hating him and loving him. Give me Nico agonising over his promise to lead the others to the House of Hades because he’s bitter about how much Percy loves Annabeth but at the same time of course he’s going to do it because he promised Percy and he couldn’t break that promise even if he really wanted to. Give me Nico getting over his crush not because he randomly starts thinking of Percy as immature (?????) but because he finally gets close enough to Percy to see him as a real person, so his hero worship can finally fade. Give me a gradual lessening of his heartache as that crush turns into a genuine friendship.
  • AND ANNABETH glorious Annabeth omg. So everyone else looks up to her almost as much as they do Percy, because she’s so perfect how could they not? (More comments about people finding her intimidating and impressive and experienced and the best ever please.) And she’s taking it in stride a bit easier than Percy because she’s used to being head counsellor already. But Percy’s trying to be everything for everyone and he’s holding it together (barely) and he’s sO PROTECTIVE OF HER like ridiculously so, he’s always checking on her and he never wants her to go anywhere without him and it’s cute at first but then one night he gets in her way and she just SNAPS and is like, “Wth is wrong with you, Percy? I can take care of myself, have you forgotten the past five years??” 
  • And he’s like, “Oh thanks, Annabeth, nice word choice!!” and it turns into this massive fight and everything comes out, like how terrified he is at the prospect of losing her again, how he knows she can take care of herself but he can’t bring himself to risk it, how he’s already looking after everyone else on this gods damned ship so why shouldn’t he look after her too huh?? And he’s crying and she’s crying because she had no idea it was this bad and she just holds him and tells him he doesn’t have to take all this on himself because it’s not his responsibility, they’re a team and they have to work as a team.
  • “But annabeth,” he says, “every team needs a leader, a captain, someone in charge.”
  • “I am obviously captain, Seaweed Brain. You’re the first mate, and that’s only if you behave yourself.”
  • Things get a little better after that, but percy’s protectiveness still rears it head whenever there’s a conflict.

Oh man I could keep going with this forever, I’m so sorry this completely got away from me and turned into an incoherent rant. 

My Boys (Part 3/3)

Steve x Plus Size!Reader x Bucky

Author’s note- Well here it is you guys, the end. The final part of My Boys. It was a cute little three parter. Honestly didn’t go where I initially planned but it’s still great??

Summary- Bucky and Steve confront you about what they heard you tell Nat. Their reaction isn’t what you expect.

Warning- loads of fluff, a bit of angst (if you squint), kisses!

Word count: 1,074

(At this point I’m just finding gifs that are adorably sexy.)

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I could hear my heart pounding in my ears.

No. No they didn’t they were asleep.

“Just let us in so we can talk about it, Doll.” Bucky’s voice was almost desperate.

I didn’t realize I was crying till I blinked and felt the warm tears running down my face.

I can’t face them like this.

“P-Please just go away.” I tried to sound strong but my voice broke as I spoke.

“Baby, let us in.” Steve’s gentle voice only had me crying more. The nickname didn’t help at all.

I squeezed my eyes shut, hoping the world would just swallow me up.

I’m going to have to face them sooner or later.

Sighing in defeat, I used my hands to wipe the tears from my face and stood.

What’s the worst that could happen?

I opened the door and kept my eyes on the ground at my feet, finding the chipped black polish very interesting all of a sudden.

Wow I really need to repaint my toes, probably my finger nails too.

“Can we come in?” Steve’s voice broke me from my distraction.

I stepped to the side and let them in, still staring at the ground.

“Doll, look at us.”

I couldn’t stop the tears as I slowly lifted my head.

Bucky’s sad eyes met mine, he stepped forward towards me. Steve stood back a bit, giving me space, but stared with just as much sadness at the sight of my tear stained face.

“Y/N, what-” Bucky started but I interrupted him.

“Just tell me.” I whispered

I glanced between the two of them.

I took a deep breath and stood a bit straighter.

“What did you hear last night?” I asked, in a slightly stronger voice.

They glanced at each other.

“Well, you had been in Nat’s room for a few hours. We got a little worried.” Bucky started.

Steve stepped forward, “We didn’t mean to listen in, we just wanted to make sure everything was okay.”

I stayed silent, waiting.

Buck sighed heavily, “We heard you… confess to Nat. About us. How you felt about us.”

My heart dropped, I was expecting it but something about hearing them actually say it… it was so much worse.

“And?” My voice thick with emotion.

They seemed to almost be having a silent conversation between each other before one of them finally answered.

“Doll, we’ve been having the same struggle with ourselves.” Bucky confessed.

Steve hung his head, “We figured out we both… felt something for you. We were terrified of losing our Y/N.”

I spoke in the smallest, shocked voice, “Yours?”

He lifted his head toward me and with a half-smile, nodded.

Bucky’s flesh hand cupped my face and brushed my tears away.

My heart swelled.

They both felt the same way.

But what does this mean?

Are we all going to be together?

How does that work?

“What are we going to do?” I asked, looking up at them.

They smiled at me then each other.

Looking back at me, they got closer to me.

“If you want us… we are yours.” Bucky spoke softly.

They both had a hand on my cheek now, I felt so small.

I nodded, “I love you. Both of you.”

Bucky was the first to kiss me.

His lips soft and warm and desperate.

Our lips moved perfectly together, fast and slow at the same time. His metal arm around my waist, and flesh hand still cupping my cheek, he pulled me against him.

I was so lost in the kiss I almost didn’t feel Steve against my back, with his face buried in my neck, lips lightly kissing my neck and hands gripping my hips.

I was so full of emotion and my senses overwhelmed, my legs began to feel weak. The warm feeling deep in my belly flowed to the rest of my body.

We pulled away and they switched places. Bucky behind me with his lips pressed to my neck, desperate to keep in contact, and Steve facing me with a warm hand on my cheek.

Eyes still closed, our lips met.

This kiss was different but just as breath taking.

Steve’s kiss was more urgent. Lips pressed more firmly together, tongues gently touched.

Buck was nibbling on my neck, causing me to moan into the kiss, one hand in Steve’s hair and the other tangled in Bucky’s long black hair.

I could feel his metal arm settled dangerously low on my stomach. One of Steve’s itching to reach that line past my hips to my ass.

But they were gentlemen.

We pulled away, foreheads touching chests heaving. Bucky kept his head on my shoulder, I could feel his breath on my neck.

A knock on my door caused us all to jump and come back to reality.

With shaking legs, I walked to the door and opened it.

Nat raised her eyebrow at my flustered state, “Is everything…okay?”

She drifted off at the end and looked over my shoulder. My face heating up even more.

She looked from them to me and back again.

“No. Fucking. Way.” She whispered each word with so much emotion.

“N-Nat -”

“You guys, did not!” she shouted, jumping a little.

“Shhhhhhh!” I grabbed her and pulled her in.

“You’re going to wake the whole building!” I whispered, loudly.

“Did you guys-”

“No, we didn’t, Nat! shush!”

I glanced out into the hall to see if anyone heard.

Nat smirked at me.

“Well, I better be going. I’ve got… things to do.” She walked out of the door, with that stupid smirk on her face and winked at me before closing the door.

We were silent for a beat.

Then Steve started to laugh, causing Bucky and I to follow soon after.  

“What are we going to tell them?” Steve asks.

I smiled, “I don’t know, we will figure it out. Let’s just enjoy right now.”

They smiled down at me and nodded.

I yawned, they seemed to realize how tired I was.

“We will leave you to sleep, if that’s what you want, Doll.”

I shook my head, “No, let’s just sleep in here. I told you I wanted to enjoy tonight.”

We laid together, closer than usual that night.

Random kisses and soft, sleepy giggles filled the empty air till we all fell asleep.

It felt so right.

To be there, in that bed, with My Boys.

It was home, they are my home.


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if asra and muriel grew up without knowing anything about their families then what if one day asra is like “hey let’s make up last names for ourselves. we can have the same last name we’ll be our own family” and muriel is. so touched he’s trying not to cry and he asks what their last name should be and asra dead ass says “azra. like my name but with a z” and muriel deflates a little bit

Headcanon that Groot’s habit to bring everything but what he was asked to bring one day lets him return something everyone has already forgotten about.

One day, Peter absentmindedly asks Groot to bring him a tool while he’s working on the Quadrant’s repairs, and Groot vanishes for a while, returning with stumbling little steps and his found proudly presented. “I am Groot!”

“Thanks, buddy,” Peter mumbles, reaching over – and hesitates as his fingers close not around a smooth handle, but a flat little thing, cool to the touch, one end round, the other spiky.

Heart suddenly in his throat, Peter uncurls his fingers and draws a shuddery breath when he sees the familiar flame-badge on his palm, fairly out of place when it’s not attached to an equally familiar red coat.

Groot looks up at him with big eyes.

“Groot?” Peter is horrified to hear his voice crack, but it’s better than the howl that is building somewhere in his chest which he is fighting down with all his might. “Where… where did you get that?”

It’s a dumb question, he knows the moment he utters it, because Groot is a baby, he won’t be able to answer him, probably didn’t even understand the question, and besides, there is only one person who was in possession of this badge, who would have been able to give this to the toddler, but still, Peter’s mind reels, because – when, where, why, why did Yondu give it away, he would never have given it away unless….

A gentle touch to his cheek draws him from his jumbled thoughts, and Peter blinks down at Groot. The baby has sprouted a vein long enough to touch Peter’s face, carefully catching the tears streaming down. “I am Groot?”

Peter laughs, the sound a garbled mix of a sob-chuckle. “No, Groot, you didn’t do anything wrong.”

Groot frowns, seemingly not convinced, but pulls the vein back. Instead he reaches out with both arms, upwards, a silent demand. Peter obeys, letting the toddler crawl onto his free palm and lifts him up until they are on eye-level, Groot able to cuddle to the Terran’s cheek.

After a moment, Groot croons, stretching his hands out for the badge, and Peter only hesitates for a second before handing it over. The badge secured in the baby’s arms, Groot turns, blinking up at Peter with an expression that is too serious for a child. “We are Groot.”


It’s too much, another blow to something already fragile, and Peter breaks into tears then, even though he can’t help but laugh about the irony of all of it at the same time – it’s a fucking badge, a bit of metal, and he finds himself crying over it like a baby, stupid, stupid, full of sentiment….- but he can’t stop, all the tears that he has swallowed down the whole time breaking free.

If Groot minds getting wet, he doesn’t complain, just wraps his tiny arms around the badge and whatever he can reach of Peter’s face while he croons and mumbles and tries to comfort as best as he can.


Groot doesn’t understand as much as an adult. But he understands what “family” means.

A day with daddy

Pairing: Chris Evans x Wife!Reader x Evans baby

Word Count: 1193

Warnings: Fluffy fun, and language

The time had come to have to return to work, at least for the day. You were reading for your next movie that was coming up in a few months and you were going to have to leave the baby home with Chris.  He was thrilled to have your daughter, Piper, to himself for the whole day.  The new mommy hormones were not helping you today as you were getting misty eyed as you handed her over to your husband.  “There is plenty of milk in the fridge for her. Just remember to warm the water in the microwave and let the bottle warm in the water after.”

“Baby, I know.  We will be fine, I swear.  Go to the studio before you’re late.”  He cradled Piper in his left arm as he leaned to kiss you.  You bit your lip looking at him holding your baby.  The sight never failed to swell your heart with love.

“Okay I’m going.  Call me if you need anything.” You took tentative steps towards the front door.  You could hear Chris talking to the baby as you opened the door and walked out.

“Say bye to Momma, Piper.  Bye Momma, we love you.”  He had taken her hand and was waving it at you.  You smiled as you closed the door knowing she would be perfectly fine with her father.  It was just so hard to leave your baby for the first time.

After Chris watched your car leave the driveway, he lifted Piper up to face her.  “Okay Miss Piper, what should we do today?” That sweet baby face just looked at him.  A little drool dribbled from the side of her mouth.  “Well let’s go see what’s on T.V.  I don’t know if I remember what the world is like outside this house anymore.”  He put her up on his shoulder so she could see.

Chris did not get the chance to really listen to the T.V. long. He had set Piper on her play mat on her stomach for tummy time, as you had said, so she could work on her muscle strength.  Piper was not having it.  Her entire head was red from screaming.  So much so that Chris grew a little concerned and laid on the floor with her.  He was face level with her talking to her trying to calm her down.  “Come on Pips.  You are all right.  You can stay like this for a little while.  Your mom told me we had to do this.  And you know mom is the boss.”  The pep talk did not help.  Piper continued her crying.  The crocodile tears rolling down her cheeks.  The poor daddy couldn’t take anymore and picked up the baby trying to sooth her.  

“It’s okay, baby girl.  I’ve got ya.  Just don’t tell mom we didn’t keep you on your tummy for long.”  He bounced her and paced back and forth which calmed her a bit. When she was just sniffling, he looked at her little face.  “How about a bottle?  Huh? That sound good?”  He heated the milk and fed her.  After a few ounces, Piper seemed content.  He put her up on in shoulder again to burp her.  The belch he got from the baby made him laugh. “That’s my girl.  That was almost as good as your momma’s burps.  Momma burps like a man.  That is something to keep between you and me though.”  Chris laughed as he pulled Piper off his shoulder to look at her.  As soon as he moved her, Piper spit up all over him.  

“Ahh shit this is my favorite Pats shirt. “ Piper just gurgled at him before she spit up again, covering herself.  Chris sighed, walking up the stairs to go change them both.  An hour later, both of them were clean and changed.  He sent a cute video of him and Piper to you showing how much they missed you and that the baby was still in one piece.  You responded with a love and kissy face before going back to your reading.

It wasn’t long before Chris was starving, but Piper had other plans. She did not want to be put down and screamed every time he tried.  So now, he was eating left over cold pasta out of the plastic container standing at the counter because she wanted to watch the ceiling fan.  He laughed for a moment at how his entire world revolved around someone who enjoyed staring at the fan as a fun pastime.  It showed how much his life had changed in the years since he met you, and he loved every second of it.  With his lunch finished, he looked down at the girl in his arms, “well princess, what do you want to do now?”  His phone started vibrating in his pocket.  It took him a second to fish the damn thing out as he maneuvered her back onto his shoulder.  It was his mom.

“Hey mom!  What’s goin’ on?”  His mom called to check on him and her granddaughter while you were gone for the day. Asked how it was going and if Piper was behaving.  They talked for a few minutes before Piper let her father know she was being ignored by stretching out as far as her little six-week-old body would let her and proceed to loudly filler her diaper.  Chris laughed as he finished his call.  “Mom, I gotta go.  Piper needs to be cleaned up again.”  He tried to get her upstairs quickly but he heard that sound again as Piper grunted with her red little face.  A warm wet feeling seeped through his shirt.  

“Piper, really, again? Ugh you’re killing me, Smalls.” Another hour passed with him having to bathe her then clean himself up and change his shirt again.  By that time, she needed another feeding and diaper changing.  Chris was worn out and it was barely 4pm.  You would be home in a couple hours and he hadn’t even thought what to do for dinner.  Today had been a lot harder for him than he imagined.  

Chris brought Piper downstairs and set her on the floor on her mat. This time, though, on her back so she could see her mobile.  He laid down beside her talking quietly to her.  Telling her all about the things, they were going to do for you when you got home.  They would help make dinner and do the dishes and then have a good story before bedtime. It was no time before; both were fast asleep on the floor.  You walked in with a pizza in hand calling out to Chris.  There wasn’t a return text when you said you were on your way.  You figured the baby had kept Chris busy. The sight of those two on the floor made you smile.  Of course, you had to get a picture, first, before you did anything else.  You knew you were a lucky woman to have the two people you loved the most in this world, peacefully sleeping after a day together. It didn’t get much better than this.