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I think pretty much all your followers are in. Nobody here who doesn’t love Obi-Wan Kenobi at least a little bit.

LOL @ me throwing a party for all my followers so that we can cry about Obi-Wan together. I’m not even sure how I’d begin to explain the purpose of said soiree to a party planner. 

“It’ll just be me and a bunch of internet strangers. Here is a list of hilariously-named drinks my friends made up that you can serve to the over-21s. Please make sure there are lots of tissues available because there’s going to be a lot of tears of both the sadness and laughter variety. Also I need you to blow these drawings up to poster size and hang them on the walls. The theme is “swooshy hair”.” 

This party would require a cardboard cutout of Pirate Kenobi for people to take their picture with. I’ll have Stover do a live reading of selections from the Revenge of the Sith novelization for us all. 

We’d all almost certainly have to agree to never speak of the event ever again, though. 

Sochi Banquet

I love how tentatively Viktor approached Yuuri during the Sochi banquet. Look at how many shots it took for this boy to get to Yuuri.

I find this to be especially precious given how Viktor already got rejected by Yuuri earlier that evening.

For all of his being a celebrity, Viktor does not strike me as the kind of person who can easily brush off another person’s dislike of him. Hell, he made a career out of pleasing everyone, and while I don’t think he would cry over another person’s opinion of him, neither does he seem like someone who could just easily dismiss it or not be hurt. I mean look at this face:

His reservations about approaching the fascinating Japanese boy were therefore perfectly understandable. We can even clearly see that he kept his distance for a bit at first.

But like a moth to a flame,

this precious boy

can’t seem to help himself.

And for a while it doesn’t seem like Yuuri even noticed him there?

Oh, but when he did…

It became such an unforgettable night.

Lmao, for Viktor anyway.

Poor Vitya.

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I'm just. Well. Dan and Phil huh. I'm like

WHAT THR FUCK HONESTLU!!!!! today’s the day i’m litro moving out and i watched this on my phone m in between bouts of vacuuming and sneezing from an allergy attack and i am crying????!! IN MY EMPTY CLOSET??!!!!!!! i can’t believe so many things including

1. how good and soft they looked i felt a bit awestruck

2. the fact that we saw dan in phils new “”“"bedroom”“”“

3. phil dragging dan a little for the rebrand and calling him daniel

4. the way they talked about what last year and this year meant for dan omg all that stuff about triumph and success and hard work paying off and this yr being the end of a phase or an era and the start of a new one and a time to explore new opportunities and let his real personality shine thru a bit more and also how phil kept hitting dan in excitement while he read those bits before dan himself even rly said anything bc phil knows what dans years have meant to him just as much as dan does and to see them just like make wide eyes at each other as they mutually recognize how spot on these assessments were wowowoowowowow im ded???

5. them sort of openly mocking the notion of “masculine energy”

6. obviiiiiii THAT WHOLE BANANA BIT like WHAT THE FUCK,?? HALF THIS CIDEO WAS JST PHIL FUCKING W DAN AND THEY JST KEPT SO MUCH OF IT IN and Holy Shit man that was some of the cutest shit i’ve ever seen i mean phil was full face giggling so hard and dan reacted so hilariously and he was tryna seem OUTRAGED AS HE SLAPPED PHIL W A BANANA BUT HIS FACE WAS ALL SCRUNCHED N SMILEY TOO AND HE THINKS PHIL IS SO FUCKING FUNNY ITS PAINFUL and then the way he just sort of manhandled him and pulled him back to stick the banana down his shirt as recompense i mean srsly what kind of gross absurdly flirtatious bullshit i smiled so much my face hurt

7. oh and OF COURSE how could i even FORGET phil referencing ppl interested in seeing him and dan have sex and just giggling about it nothing awk or uncomfortable jst straight up acknowledging that ppl want that but never making it seem like the concept of doing dan is outlandish and all of this on his main fucking channel i am IN UTTER SHOCK AND DISBELIEF. WOW.

they’re just. in such a good place right now. it’s remarkable on every level and i’m fucking overwhelmed and enthralled and sosososo painfully happy for them fuckkkfjfjfjrj

The door slams so hard Nursey feels the whole room shake, and he nearly jumps out of his chair. When he spins around in his desk chair, he sees Dex, oversized hoodie hanging off his lanky frame and baseball cap pulled down over his eyes. Dex doesn’t even acknowledge him, just drops his bookbag on the floor and face-plants onto the bottom bunk - Nursey’s bed.

Nursey knows the Bad Day drill by now, so he flips his desk light on before getting up and turning their room light off. Bad days for Dex mean a nap, a run, and a pie, in that order. After that, he’s usually feeling well enough to talk to Nursey about it. Nursey just has to wait him out.

He’s intending to do just that when he hears the sniffle, so quiet he’s not even sure if he really heard it. He stops what he’s doing, trying to subtly lean back in his chair. He hears it again, and he immediately turns around. Dex is still lying face-down on the bed, but when Nursey really watches him, he can see the way his shoulders are shaking with the effort to keep his crying quiet.

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I want to start by saying: I cried so hard when Mor came out to Feyre. Having someone outright say their feelings line that really connected me to Mor in a way I hadn’t felt before.

In EoS, I’d felt that Aedion’s sexuality was just thrown in to placate the Fandom to keep them from complaining about lack of diversity.

I can honestly say, SJM did an amazing job with the issue in ACOWAR. The whole series has a slew of diverse characters, in race, sexuality, and disabilities. Mor’s sexuality makes perfect sense, and doesn’t seem thrown in for the hell of it.

From the beginning (ACOMAF, technically), Mor had shown a disinterest in Azriel, or at least an aversion to him. Now we know why. And the way she came out to Feyre made me cry. I share the feelings Mor does, and I am just really hoping the next books coming out will explore her a bit more

Library Calls

Here’s some bughead fanfiction that nobody asked me to do but I got bored and horny so…Also don’t read this if you don’t like smut or if you know me irl. I will die of embarrassment. This for all my fellow bughead sinners, so here goes my first fic.

Library Calls Pt. II: The Prop Room

Library Calls Pt. 3

Words: 1648

Warnings: Don’t read this if you don’t like Bughead smut, hoe don’t do it *does it*

Betty had just finished up her biology homework in the library when her phone started ring. The ring tone Candy Girl by the pussycats started blasting from her phone and before she knew it the librarian was giving her the stink eye. Great. As if she didn’t hate me more.

“Shush!” The librarian hissed as she fumbled for her phone’s silent switch.

“Uh-uh I’m sorry! I’ll just turn my phone off.”

She quickly silenced the phone before she could see the raven-haired boy’s smirk pop up on her phone. Jughead was calling her. Looking at his quite pleased with himself expression in the picture on her phone made her feel guilty for not being able to answer it. She knew she still had to finish AP English and Algebra homework before she could even indulge in seeing that boy. Having that boy even within walking distance was not going to help with her focus. Resist Betty, resist she thought to herself when imagining him strolling through the library in his leather jacket and oh…

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A day with daddy

Pairing: Chris Evans x Wife!Reader x Evans baby

Word Count: 1193

Warnings: Fluffy fun, and language

The time had come to have to return to work, at least for the day. You were reading for your next movie that was coming up in a few months and you were going to have to leave the baby home with Chris.  He was thrilled to have your daughter, Piper, to himself for the whole day.  The new mommy hormones were not helping you today as you were getting misty eyed as you handed her over to your husband.  “There is plenty of milk in the fridge for her. Just remember to warm the water in the microwave and let the bottle warm in the water after.”

“Baby, I know.  We will be fine, I swear.  Go to the studio before you’re late.”  He cradled Piper in his left arm as he leaned to kiss you.  You bit your lip looking at him holding your baby.  The sight never failed to swell your heart with love.

“Okay I’m going.  Call me if you need anything.” You took tentative steps towards the front door.  You could hear Chris talking to the baby as you opened the door and walked out.

“Say bye to Momma, Piper.  Bye Momma, we love you.”  He had taken her hand and was waving it at you.  You smiled as you closed the door knowing she would be perfectly fine with her father.  It was just so hard to leave your baby for the first time.

After Chris watched your car leave the driveway, he lifted Piper up to face her.  “Okay Miss Piper, what should we do today?” That sweet baby face just looked at him.  A little drool dribbled from the side of her mouth.  “Well let’s go see what’s on T.V.  I don’t know if I remember what the world is like outside this house anymore.”  He put her up on his shoulder so she could see.

Chris did not get the chance to really listen to the T.V. long. He had set Piper on her play mat on her stomach for tummy time, as you had said, so she could work on her muscle strength.  Piper was not having it.  Her entire head was red from screaming.  So much so that Chris grew a little concerned and laid on the floor with her.  He was face level with her talking to her trying to calm her down.  “Come on Pips.  You are all right.  You can stay like this for a little while.  Your mom told me we had to do this.  And you know mom is the boss.”  The pep talk did not help.  Piper continued her crying.  The crocodile tears rolling down her cheeks.  The poor daddy couldn’t take anymore and picked up the baby trying to sooth her.  

“It’s okay, baby girl.  I’ve got ya.  Just don’t tell mom we didn’t keep you on your tummy for long.”  He bounced her and paced back and forth which calmed her a bit. When she was just sniffling, he looked at her little face.  “How about a bottle?  Huh? That sound good?”  He heated the milk and fed her.  After a few ounces, Piper seemed content.  He put her up on in shoulder again to burp her.  The belch he got from the baby made him laugh. “That’s my girl.  That was almost as good as your momma’s burps.  Momma burps like a man.  That is something to keep between you and me though.”  Chris laughed as he pulled Piper off his shoulder to look at her.  As soon as he moved her, Piper spit up all over him.  

“Ahh shit this is my favorite Pats shirt. “ Piper just gurgled at him before she spit up again, covering herself.  Chris sighed, walking up the stairs to go change them both.  An hour later, both of them were clean and changed.  He sent a cute video of him and Piper to you showing how much they missed you and that the baby was still in one piece.  You responded with a love and kissy face before going back to your reading.

It wasn’t long before Chris was starving, but Piper had other plans. She did not want to be put down and screamed every time he tried.  So now, he was eating left over cold pasta out of the plastic container standing at the counter because she wanted to watch the ceiling fan.  He laughed for a moment at how his entire world revolved around someone who enjoyed staring at the fan as a fun pastime.  It showed how much his life had changed in the years since he met you, and he loved every second of it.  With his lunch finished, he looked down at the girl in his arms, “well princess, what do you want to do now?”  His phone started vibrating in his pocket.  It took him a second to fish the damn thing out as he maneuvered her back onto his shoulder.  It was his mom.

“Hey mom!  What’s goin’ on?”  His mom called to check on him and her granddaughter while you were gone for the day. Asked how it was going and if Piper was behaving.  They talked for a few minutes before Piper let her father know she was being ignored by stretching out as far as her little six-week-old body would let her and proceed to loudly filler her diaper.  Chris laughed as he finished his call.  “Mom, I gotta go.  Piper needs to be cleaned up again.”  He tried to get her upstairs quickly but he heard that sound again as Piper grunted with her red little face.  A warm wet feeling seeped through his shirt.  

“Piper, really, again? Ugh you’re killing me, Smalls.” Another hour passed with him having to bathe her then clean himself up and change his shirt again.  By that time, she needed another feeding and diaper changing.  Chris was worn out and it was barely 4pm.  You would be home in a couple hours and he hadn’t even thought what to do for dinner.  Today had been a lot harder for him than he imagined.  

Chris brought Piper downstairs and set her on the floor on her mat. This time, though, on her back so she could see her mobile.  He laid down beside her talking quietly to her.  Telling her all about the things, they were going to do for you when you got home.  They would help make dinner and do the dishes and then have a good story before bedtime. It was no time before; both were fast asleep on the floor.  You walked in with a pizza in hand calling out to Chris.  There wasn’t a return text when you said you were on your way.  You figured the baby had kept Chris busy. The sight of those two on the floor made you smile.  Of course, you had to get a picture, first, before you did anything else.  You knew you were a lucky woman to have the two people you loved the most in this world, peacefully sleeping after a day together. It didn’t get much better than this.

Karasuno Headcanons, anyone?

  • kageyama and hinata spend their saturday nights watching animation movies
  • kageyama’s favorite is the toy story trilogy while hinata’s wall-e
  • actually, tbh hinata has seen all of the princess movies because of natsu, but he enjoys them, and his bias is mulan 
  • “she’s so waaaah, kageyama. she goes to war bc her father’s sick, she uses her brain and she saves an entire country"
  • when tanaka and nishinoya hear them talk about them (“THEY’RE NOT MOVIE DATES”) they decide to arrange one long marathon movie with the whole team
  • (but they soon find out that it’s hard to watch a movie with more than ten people)
  • “ohmygod ohmygod ohmygod-”
  • “you old looking man, why are you covering your eyes? this is the good part, see? now their parents are gonna die”
  • “they’re not gonna-OH WHAT THE HELL NOOO”
  • “his brother too? poor hiro, poor kid”
  • “that ghost thingy is from pac-man, that’s bowser - who is that one with the thong?”
  • “nishinoya!”
  • “what, daichi san why are you…? oh, yeah, you’re right, that’s not a thong”
  • “what’s a thong, kageyama?”
  • “nobody tells hinata what it-”
  • “it’s that piece of underwear that covers your -”
  • there’s no one i’d rather be than me! i like it! it’s gonna be my new motto”
  • “oh? but don’t you wish you were born a bit taller than 4′11?”
  • “but if felix can fix everything can’t he fix vanelope too?”
  • “………………..” everyone turns to look at tsukishima with eyes as big as saucers. they groan
  • “kuzco actually reminds me of tanaka”
  • “because he’s crazy?”
  • “hey!”
  • “what can we watch next?”
  • “what about the good dinosaur?”
  • no
  • kageyama stares at tsukishima. “let’s watch it just because he doesn’t want to, suga san”
  • tsk
  • (yamaguchi apologises for picking up that one movie that made tsukishima’s eyes red as he’s trying not to cry. the truth is, he’s not gomen at all)
  • “let’s watch spongebob”
  • it’s not the nickelodeon movie, but a porn. movie marathon ends as soon as spongebob and patrick pull their pants down
BTS reaction going to the military

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- begins softly to cry 

- a lot of hugs 

- giving you his secret recipes 

“Jin this is not the end”- “Promise me that you’ll make my favorite dish when I ‘ll come back!”

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- hours together in bed

- watching you secretly sleep 

- soft kisses

“I will miss you.. A lot”

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- giving you many presents 

- breakfast in bed

“ AAHHHH I WILL MISS YOU SO MUCH! I am just gonna hide under the bed so that we can stay together!” 

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- will first be in a shock

- then will get very emotional

- kisses on the forehead 

“ Here my last present, a photo album with our little memories.. don’t forget about me baby”

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- will be actually not so sad

- cuddles in bed with SOFT kisses

- making many jokes so that you will be not sad

“Remember the time when you decided to touch this big dog and it bit you.”-”OMG Tae it was horrible..”- “Your scared face was so cute”

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- will be very clingy


- drawing together something 

- will record you a cute smol song (like his hands)

“ You can use this as your ringtone cutie “

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- 100% going together bowling

- backhugs!!!

- will tell you some cute facts about him you didn’t knew

- showing you his first photo album

“And this was the first time little kookie learned how to swim”- “OMG this so cute I cAN’T”

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Characterisation in HoO

Formerly titled: because lili’s headcanons hurt my heart 

Okay so @lililibird did this and it made me emotional and we got chatting, and then she said this, because that first round of tags just wasn’t enough:

“Like it would start with everyone talking about Percy like he’s a god in TLH, and then Hazel and Frank and CJ acting like he’s basically the most amazing thing ever, and then the quest and everyone’s always screaming for Percy to save them bc he’s Percy and he can do anything and the DEVELOPMENT to make him seem human would have been stunning I’m not crying.”

And.. well… I got a bit carried away with my response and have decided to move the discussion to a place where word limits aren’t a thing. 

Because this idea is incredible. Just imagine it - rather than Percy’s character development just stalling and then completely flatlining over the course of HoO (imo anyway) this would be such a great chance for us to see him coping with the pressure of being ‘the most powerful demigod’, as Nico said.

  • Can you imagine Hazel completely idolizing him like the best big brother in the entire world?? Always thinking to herself,  “Percy promised I’d be okay, he’s gonna get us out of this.” Having absolute faith in him and not noticing how terrified for her safety he really is, because he did promise her that and he can’t imagine how he’d live with himself if she ever got hurt.
  • Frank thinking Percy’s what a ‘real man’ should be and trying to imitate him and wishing that he had cool powers like Percy before he masters shapeshifting.
  • Jason seeing Percy as a real threat??? Like this guy just came from nowhere and was nominated as Praetor, the Roman demigods saw him almost single handedly save their whole camp - So not only has Jason been listening to CHB gush about Percy and how they miss him terribly for months, he gets back home and discovers that he’s essentially replaced him at Camp Jupiter. This needs to be explored more!! I know Jason’s a good guy and yeah, he was wary of Percy at the start, but come on. Give me a proper emotional confrontation, not a fight where they’re both possessed.
  • Piper seeing the way everyone hangs on every word Percy says, how he can inspire people to fight and be strong and rally the troops almost effortlessly. So she practices her charmspeak by repeating his speeches to herself in the mirror, wondering how he’s so comfortable, how he became such a natural leader.
  • Leo just being so jealous of everything Percy is. Older, taller, better looking, a better fighter, popular, with an amazing girlfriend. Resenting him because he’s everything Leo so desperately wants to be and he doesn’t even try and how is that fair? (Not because of that bull with Calypso.)
  • Nico’s crush on Percy hitting him full force again when he’s rescued from the jar, because would you look at that, Percy Jackson rescues him again, but then his heart breaks when he follows Annabeth into Tartarus. Give me Nico absolutely pining over this guy he has idolised for years, simultaneously hating him and loving him. Give me Nico agonising over his promise to lead the others to the House of Hades because he’s bitter about how much Percy loves Annabeth but at the same time of course he’s going to do it because he promised Percy and he couldn’t break that promise even if he really wanted to. Give me Nico getting over his crush not because he randomly starts thinking of Percy as immature (?????) but because he finally gets close enough to Percy to see him as a real person, so his hero worship can finally fade. Give me a gradual lessening of his heartache as that crush turns into a genuine friendship.
  • AND ANNABETH glorious Annabeth omg. So everyone else looks up to her almost as much as they do Percy, because she’s so perfect how could they not? (More comments about people finding her intimidating and impressive and experienced and the best ever please.) And she’s taking it in stride a bit easier than Percy because she’s used to being head counsellor already. But Percy’s trying to be everything for everyone and he’s holding it together (barely) and he’s sO PROTECTIVE OF HER like ridiculously so, he’s always checking on her and he never wants her to go anywhere without him and it’s cute at first but then one night he gets in her way and she just SNAPS and is like, “Wth is wrong with you, Percy? I can take care of myself, have you forgotten the past five years??” 
  • And he’s like, “Oh thanks, Annabeth, nice word choice!!” and it turns into this massive fight and everything comes out, like how terrified he is at the prospect of losing her again, how he knows she can take care of herself but he can’t bring himself to risk it, how he’s already looking after everyone else on this gods damned ship so why shouldn’t he look after her too huh?? And he’s crying and she’s crying because she had no idea it was this bad and she just holds him and tells him he doesn’t have to take all this on himself because it’s not his responsibility, they’re a team and they have to work as a team.
  • “But annabeth,” he says, “every team needs a leader, a captain, someone in charge.”
  • “I am obviously captain, Seaweed Brain. You’re the first mate, and that’s only if you behave yourself.”
  • Things get a little better after that, but percy’s protectiveness still rears it head whenever there’s a conflict.

Oh man I could keep going with this forever, I’m so sorry this completely got away from me and turned into an incoherent rant. 

A little too much - Poly!Hamilsquad x Reader

Warnings: Anxiety, a cold, mentions of a rough past, swearing

Originally posted by clinatasha

You just had to finish this last paragraph, you told yourself. And you had to arrange your documents again, it was a nightmare to get through. Every time you looked at it you got dizzy all over again.

You sneezed again and took a tissue to blow your nose. You sneezed again. This cold really was something. It had been bothering you all week. Ugh. The world spun again and you groaned. If Hercules was here now he would tell you to go straight to bed.

‘You’re not feeling well, Y/N, get some rest. You can do this tomorrow.’ You could hear his voice echoing through your head.

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Music Series: My Everything by Ariana Grande

Ugh! If you aren’t sure about this story, blame Jimmy and Harry. Their episode of SNL replayed tonight, distracting me, and I stayed up way too late after getting little sleep the past couple of days, and driving a few hundred miles since yesterday afternoon.

I rewrote this entire story three times, unhappy with the direction it was going and still not sure that I love it, but I need sleep and wanted to post it first. I did save the original versions for use with any other lyric they may fit, but I hope this one makes sense in my bleariness.

I hope you like it, Anon, and thank you for requesting! (I apologize for it being a bit shorter, too, but I literally keep falling asleep in front of my laptop. Much love to you!)

This is “My Everything” by Ariana Grande. You can find it HERE on Spotify, if you would like to listen.




I cried enough tears to see my own reflection in them

And then it was clear

I can’t deny, I really miss him

To think that I was wrong

I guess you don’t know what you got ‘til it’s gone

Pain is just a consequence of love

I’m sayin’ sorry for the sake of us

“I’m sorry,” you say into your phone to Harry. “Please, can we just talk?”

“I don’t know,” he replied softly. “I think, maybe, I need a bit of time. To think.”

You sniff and Harry’s throat catches slightly, knowing you are trying to hide the fact that you’ve been crying.

“Listen,” he says, breathing out audibly. “You accused me of cheating on you. I’m so hurt by that! I would never do that to you. How could you think…”

Harry hears you crying and wipes a tear from his own eye.

“I need some time to think about this, I’m sorry,” Harry said, and with that you heard the call disconnect.

He wasn’t my everything 'til we were nothing

And it’s taking me a lot to say

But now that he’s gone, my heart is missing something

So it’s time I push my pride away

'Cause you are, You are, You are my everything

You had been so sure. Everything had made sense at the time. Harry had been spending so much time away from you, that doubts had started creeping in, and your history of bad experiences and heartbreak didn’t help. He always said it was work, but the more it happened, the more your insecurities took over, and you began feeling like you were losing him. When you started seeing photos online of him with a beautiful woman, you began thinking the worst.

But it wasn’t until one evening, when Harry had told you he was working late, that you finally broke. As you sat at home by yourself, you had checked your social accounts and found you had been tagged in many posts. It wasn’t unusual, being associated with Harry…it happened often. But the attached photos seemed to tell a different story.

Your heart shattered when you saw Harry with the beautiful woman, both dressed to the nines, smiling happily in every photo, with her hanging all over your man. Even now, believing him when he said it wasn’t true, it still hurt seeing the images in your mind.

I know you’re not far but I still can’t handle all the distance

You’re traveling with my heart

I hope this is a temporary feeling

'Cause it’s too much to bear

Without you and I know sorry ain’t the cure

If I cross your mind just know I’m yours

'Cause what we got is worth fighting for

'Cause you are…

You respected Harry’s request and left him alone to think. No texts…no calls…no going to him to beg forgiveness or to talk. You had explained everything already, and you knew as soon as you saw the look on his face, that you were wrong. You hurt him by asking him if he was cheating on you with the woman in the photos. You didn’t even know who she was, he had never mentioned her. Now you hated yourself for not trusting enough.

When several days had passed without Harry contacting you, you assumed he wasn’t going to, your answer found in his silence and shunning. Your head on your tear-dampened pillow, you sniff, grabbing your phone and texting him one last time.

‘I’m so sorry. I’ll always love you, Harry, and I hope you find your happiness with someone who deserves your love.’

You waited to see if he would reply, and when he didn’t, you cried, knowing not only was it over, but you wouldn’t be able to stay there any longer. Being in the same city as he, it would be too difficult and too tempting to not let go, making it harder on both of you.

All you wanted was to leave, to be far away from the world with Harry that you knew. You were embarrassed and ashamed, and you didn’t deserve someone like Harry. You should have trusted him completely, instead of listening to the stupid comments on social media, and looking at the photos until you were convinced he was unfaithful. The woman was so beautiful, and you should just feel lucky that you had the time you’d had with Harry.

“Please, stay and…and I’ll call Harry for you,” your roommate begs, grabbing her phone to make the call. “He’s just upset. Guys like to make women a little crazy sometimes, you know? Just, don’t go. How will that help you get back together with him?”

“He never texted back. It’s over. I fucked up and he won’t forgive me. He doesn’t want me anymore,” you sulked. “I can’t stay here. He doesn’t want me here.”

Packing your things, you made your flight arrangements and apologized to your roommate for leaving so suddenly. After a tearful goodbye, you grab your bag and leave as soon as the taxi arrives. The entire drive to the airport was miserable. You were sure your cabbie thought you were completely insane.

As you sit in the airport, hearing your flight called, you stand and grab your bag, walking with the flow of people, before suddenly feeling a hand grab you.

“Don’t leave!” Harry nearly shouted, gasping for breath, having ran the entire airport to find you. “Please, don’t leave!”

You weren’t my everything 'til we were nothing

And it’s taking me a lot to say

Now that you’re gone, my heart is missing something

So it’s time I push my pride away

You are, you are, you are my everything

Not Here

Summary: Phil slips into little space during school. 

 Thanks Oli ( @omega-dan ) for being the beta for this. 

Word count: 1k

Contains: Daddy!Dan , little!phil 

 A/N: So hopefully this isn’t a fail and someone actually reads it. 

{Under a read more}

Dan smiled as he walked down the crowded hall, dodging people left and right. He was taller than most people which gave him the advantage, however Phil, his boyfriend, was shorter than most people so he could never find him in the sea of people. Fiddling with his lip ring he made his way to Phil’s locker and smiled at him. 

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Open Your Eyes - Stiles (part 2)

Stiles x Reader 

(Y/N) is the new student at Beacon Hills High School and she has a secret. Being born blind, she was never able to see a thing, until she was attacked by a wild animal. To this day she has never told anyone about it. So will she do it now?

Word count: 2593 

I wanted to finish and post this way sooner, but school was literally killing me, so I had no time what so ever. Hope you enjoy this xxx

Other parts: part 1  - part 3 

Originally posted by beautifullxlover

The drive home was quiet. My mom barely spoke and I just stared in front of me. This was another thing about being blind: you don’t have a phone. Because, how would you use it, if you’re not able to see the screen. That also meant that I had zero contact with any of my friends…not that I had many to start with.

“So,” my mom finally spoke up after five minutes, “who was that girl I saw you talking to?”

“Her name is Kira. I have some classes with her,” I explained. “So you made some friends today?”

“Yeah. I guess so,” I sighed. Mom didn’t say anything after that. She was always like that. Trying to make a conversation, but at the end of the day, we both knew she was only doing it because she feels bad for me. She thinks that if she forces herself to talk to me everyday, we would maybe someday start to bond. Like a normal mother and daughter. But I don’t think so.

I do not like my parents.

We arrived at our house and I stepped out and started walking to the door with my cane stretched out in front. Tick Tick Tick, on the stone path. I could finally stop with the ticking a few feet away from the door. My mom got her keys out and started searching for the right one. It took her some time until she got it, but when she finally did, she fortunately opened the door very quickly.

“Your father will be coming home a bit later.” she said before she sat down.

“Where is he? I thought he wouldn’t start working until his knee got better.” I asked.

Before we moved to Beacon Hills, my dad got into a small accidence and injured his knee. So he had to take some time off for rehabilitation. In that time, the police station of the city we previously lived in, had some problems and had to cut some people off and xhose my father will be one of those people. Fortunately, they realised it was cruel to do that to an injured man, so they gave him a job in a different city. In the end, it turned out for the better, because the paychecks are better here (as I heard from my parents) and it will finally be permanent. Before this he was kind of someone police stations send around to each other if they needed more officers.

“That is right. But he already went to the station today to meet the sheriff.”

“Oh, that is..nice.” I said and walked to my room. I lay face down on my bed when my mom suddenly walked in.

“I forgot to mention,” she smiled fakely, “the sheriff invited us for dinner. I understand if-”

“No, I’ll go.”

“Great. I actually bought you a new dress this morning. We wanna make a good impression now, don’t we?”

“Yes we do, mom.” My mom put the dress on the chair next to the door and walked away without another word. I walked to the door and closed it. The dress was nice. It was black with some lace on the skirt. Once I would put it on, it would probably reach my knee or something.

I put the dress on and not soon after I heard the front door open. My dad came home. I walked to the living room to say hello.

“How was your first day at school,” he asked after I said hi. “It was okay,” I shrugged, “I met some people. They seem nice.”

“Well, that is great.”

“Yeah, and they are all very helpful,” I smiled, thinking about Stiles. There he was again, in my head. What is it about him that I liked so much?

My dad tried to keep the conversation going, but just like my mom in the car, he failed miserably.

“Oh look at the time, I think it will be better if we go.” My dad handed me my jacket and my cane that was on the table. I thanked him and we were off. Just like before, this car ride was uncomfortable too. I don’t know how my parents to it, but they can make every situation awkward. I absolutely hate it.

It would probably be less if I wasn’t blind. I am very well known with the fact that my parents hate it that I am… different. It is a torture for them to see me struggle with my disability every day. That was why I doubted a bit about telling them that I had gotten my sight back.  Ut how could I possibly explain that?

“Here we are,” my father said as he pulled into the sheriff’s driveway. There already stood two cars. A normal grey car (I could see the attachable siren in the backseat) and a blue jeep next to it. Especially the jeep looked familiar. I must have seen it somewhere before.

“(Y/N), don’t just stand there, c’mon.” my mom tugged on my sleeve and pulled my to walk on. We got to the door and she rang the doorbell. Not even a few seconds later, we heard a loud bang inside and someone mumbling that “they were fine.” I had to giggle slightly, until the door opened and I saw him: Stiles.

“Welcome to our humble home,” he welcomed us and motioned us to walk inside. Only when I stepped inside he realised who I was.

“(Y/N)! I didn’t know you were coming!”

“I didn’t know I was coming to you either.” I smiled. He took my and my parents’ jackets and jung them up on the rack. Then he showed my parents the way to the kitchen so they could talk to Stiles’ dad, who was apparently busy with the dinner.

“So,” Stiles said, he had his hands in his pockets and he looked a bit nervous. “How are you doing.”

“Fine. You.”

‘Great. Just not really looking forward to the dinner… Not that I don’t want you to be here, just my dad and-”

“It’s okay, to be honest I also didn’t want to come.” He showed me the way to the couch and our conversation was immediately much more easy once we were comfortably sitting there.

“How is it,” I asked, “being the sheriff’s son?”

“It’s great. I always get the information about the big cases. Just don’t tell anyone I told you.” he winked. I could see in his impression later that he realised it was pointless to wink to a blind girl. I wanted to laugh, but held it in. Then I felt my eyes sting a bit. Was I crying?

Well, was I trying to cry? I haven’t cried since the accident. The animal not only damaged my face and eyes, but also everything connected closely to my eyes. So I can not cry. Instead, it just stings.

But why was it stinging?

“Dinner is ready,” Stiles’ dad called out. Getting me out of my trance. I stood up and Stiles took my hand. I was a bit shocked, then quickly realised he was only helping me got to the table. Nothing more.

After the dinner Stiles and I got back to the couch while our parents stayed at the table. Nothing had really happened while we were eating. Except for that my dad kept on asking about the job and how big of a criminal city Beacon Hills is. I realised that that question made Stiles a bit nervous. but , why would it? He didn’t look like a criminal to me.

Mr. Stilinski had answered that there aren’t so many criminals around, but that the city did have a problem with animal attacks some time ago. I had almost choked on my food when I heard that. Animal attacks? Quick snippets of that night flashed before me. But more of the sounds. The crackling of the twigs. The hard wind rushing through the trees and the… howling. There was definitely something howling in the far background.

“(Y/N)? Are you okay,” Stiles whispered to me. I just told him that I was fine, but I already felt my eyes stinging again.

“Will you tell me what that was about?”

“What do you mean?” I asked in return.

“Well, you told me it was fine, but I could see it wasn’t.”

“PTSD, I guess.” Stiles looked at me in shock. Then, he looked in the direction of where our parents were and he stood up. A few second later, he threw me my jacket. I gave out a little scream.

“Oh, sorry. Put your coat on. We’re going for a walk.”


“Because I feel like you need to talk to someone,” he said and he couldn’t be more right. I hadn’t realised it, but once he mentioned it, I felt like I had to tell him everything… and with that I meant everything.

I was not sure what it was, but something about Stiles told me that he was different. He was normal, but still in a different way than others are. If that even makes sense.

I put my coat on and picked up my cane. Stiles stopped me: “You won’t need it.” I smiled and told him that I was just taking it, because otherwise I would lose it and folded it up so I could put in my pocket. I wasn’t sure, but from the corner of my eye, I thought I saw him give me a weird look. I decided to just ignore it.

We walked out of the house, holding eachothers hands. To be honest, I had really gotten used to this. Every time Stiles held my hand, or even touched it for a second, a spark shot through my body.

It was already dark outside. The street lamps were on, but didn’t do much. From time to time I glanced at the houses we passed. Most families were watching tv or still eating dinner. They all seemed so happy. It made me sick.

“Here we are.” Stiles stopped. I slightly bumped into his side. Not even because I was “blind”, but simply because I wasn’t paying attention. We were standing in front of a flat piece of grass which was surrounded by tall and big trees. “Well,” he continued, “not exactly. Just a minute or two.”

“Alright.” I gave him a nervous smile. We walked to one side where the trees were the biggest. Once we couldn’t see the grass field anymore he stopped again. This time, in front of the biggest trees I have (n)ever seen. At the top of it, there was a big tree house.

“Where are we?”

“The most private place in whole Beacon Hills,” Stiles told me. When he said it, I could feel him squeeze my hand very lightly.

“It’s my old tree house. I build it with my parents when I was younger.”

“And how am I supposed to get up there?” I laughed.

“Ha ha. Do not worry. I have a great solution.” he pulled my with him to the other side of the tree where there was a ladder and next to it a swing.

“Sit right there,” he helped me get to the swing, “and hold on tight. I’ll see you in a minute.” after that he started to climb up the ladder. I wanted to yell at him for leaving my here all alone, but instead I screamed because suddenly my feet left the ground. I was being pulled up.

“What the hell, Stiles!” I said once I was up in the tree house.

“Oh c’mon. Do not say that wasn’t fun.” I didn’t say anything. Stiles just smiled and pulled me into a giant bean bag chair with him. I fell straight onto him. Our faces were only a few inches apart. I rolled to the side and looked up. I was nicely greeted with the night sky. It was beautiful.

“So, let’s talk,” he finally spoke up.

“About what?”

“I don’t know. Anything you want to get out. Just say it.” I had to think for some time about what to say. I wanted to tell him about my secret so badly. But I can not just blurt it out at the beginning. The best thing was to slowly get to it.

“I hate my parents,” I sighed. It felt so good to finally say it out loud. “Like, don’t get me wrong. They are great parents. Just not for…”

“You?” he ended ym sentence.

“Exactly. You don’t want to know how often I overheard them talking about how they wished I wasn’t blind and how this,” I pointed at my face, “has ruined their chance at being the perfect family and stuff like that. It messes you up.” Stiles didn’t say anything. I wasn’t angry. What could he say?

“Then there is the fact that I don’t have any friends.”

“Do not say that.” Stiles almost seemed angry when he heard me say it.

“Or at least, not until now. Everyone always avoided me. And the fact that I don’t have a phone or any other form of contact possibilities doesn’t help either.” After that we stayed quiet for some time. I didn’t feel like talking anymore and Stiles probably had no idea what to say. After what felt like forever, he was the first one to break the silence.

“I was always wondering. How do you imagine the world?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, you cannot see it, but you must have ideas, right? Like, for example, how do you think bacon looks like?”

“I never thought about it. But probably pink, whatever pink is”

“So what about the rest.”

“I always imagine that school is this gigantic fancy building, with golden walls and doors made from diamonds and other kinds of stones and that every popular girl just walks around in a trash bag or some other shitty outfit, just to make myself feel better.”

We both laughed at my imagination.

“And me?”

“What about you?”

“How do you think I look? You never really asked or like, you know…”

“Do that whole“I’m blind and the only way to know how you look like if to feel your face” thing. Not really my style.” I smiled. “Back to your question. I think you look just like a ken doll.”

“Excuse me? How do you even know how it looks like?” he laughed.

“I heard that it is the perfect definition of a guy, so…”

“STILES? (Y/N)? Are you up there?” suddenly the voice of mr. Stilinski disturbed our lovely silence. Stiles got up and poked his head out of the small window.

“Hi dad.” he waved downstairs.

“Get down here.” he simply ordered. Stiles walked back to me and guided me to the swing. I sat down and just before he started to pull me back down, I gave him a quick kiss on the cheek and said: “thank you.”

“For what?” Stiles seemed to be extremely confused by my actions.

“Everything.” and with that I started to get closer to the ground. There, I was welcomed by mr. Stilinski and my parents. None of them really seemed to be too happy with my actions.

My mom didn’t say anything, she just dragged me towards, I assumed, the car. I turned around and looked up to the treehouse where Stiles was still looking at me. I waved and he waved back, confusion still spread across his face.

Truth or dare?


Here I am as promised with the truth or dare fics. All the squads get together to play a game of truth or dare and well, things get interesting 

I really hope you like it!!


“Let’s play a game!” Elias said “Let’s all play truth or dare”

“Truth or dare? What are we, 12?” Sana said rolling her eyes

“Well your boyfriend certainly is” Adam said teasing Yousef

“Hey!” he said offended

“I mean…they’re kind of right…”Sana said biting her lip

“But they don’t need to know that, Sana” Yousef said shaking her head

“Yes, please let’s play! This is so boring” Vilde said excited

It was Mutta’s birthday and they were all at his house, the Balloon Squad, the girl squad and the boy squad.  A lot had happened since Eva’s birthday party. Yousef and Sana were now dating and happier than ever. Vilde and Magnus had broken up but were still friends. Eventually William had come back to London and Noora had decided to stay in Oslo. It had been difficult at first but she was completely over him now.

“I pass” Sana said “That game is stupid”

“Come oooooon Sana!” Yousef said “Please?”

“Ah, fine, let’s play”

They all sat down forming a circle. Adam grabbed a bottle from the table and placed it on the middle of the circle.

“Okay this is how it works. I’ll spin the bottle and in whoever it stops they have to choose between truth or dare and then they spin the bottle to find the next one and so on…”

“Yes, Adam, I think we all know how to play” Mikael, who was sitting by him, said

“Okay, whatever” Adam said acting offending

“Oh, don’t be mad” Mikael chuckled putting his arm around Adam’s shoulder “You explained it very well”

Adam shoved his arm off and stuck out his tongue at him playfully.

“I’ll start” he then said spinning the bottle. “Oh, look who’s the first one, this is karma”

The bottle had, in fact, stopped right in front of Sana who was shaking her head.

“Okay Sana, truth or dare?” Adam asked

“Truth” Sana sighed

“Let me think…well we all know that your boyfriend is the biggest dork in the existence”

“Yes, that’s truth. Now I spin the bottle right?”

“That wasn’t my question” Adam said “My question is…tell us a dorky thing you’ve done regarding Yousef”

“I’ve never done anything like that” Sana said crossing her arms on her chest

“That’s a lie, what about the flowers and the leaves?” Elias asked

“Elias, shut up” Sana said glaring at him

“Sana, you have to be sincere. What’s with the flowers and the leaves?” Adam insisted

“I may…have kept some flowers Yousef gave me one day” Sana said looking at the floor

“You did?” Yousef asked shocked

“And the grass leaves that you threw at her!!” Elias said laughing “I saw them on her room”

“Awwww babe, you’re the cutest” Yousef said hugging Sana

“I hate you both” Sana said looking at Adam and Elias while everyone laughed “Okay, it’s enough, it’s my turn”

Sana span the bottle and it landed on Isak

“Okay, best bud, truth or dare?”

Truth” he said

“Chicken” Even said coughing making Isak glare at him

“This is the moment of the truth Isak, I’ve waiting for this moment for so long” Sana said “Who’s better at biology, me or you?”

Isak squinted his eyes at her, his lips forming a line

“I don’t hear you Isabel” she said

“You…you’re better than me at biology”

“Thank you for stating the facts” she said smiling

It was Isak’s turn to spin the bottle

“Magnus, truth or dare?” Isak asked


“Oh come on! You’re all so boring!” Elias said

“Elias let the boy pick whatever he wants” Sana spat at him still mad for what he had done

“Okay Magnus, I’m going to ask you the same question you asked me once. Out of all the boys here, who would you do first?”

“Even” Magnus said without hesitating

“Yaaaas bitches” Even said throwing his fist in the air

“I knew you were in love with my boyfriend” Isak said

“Oh baby, you know I only have eyes for you” Even said kissing Isak’s cheek

“Magnus, spin the bottle before we all die of sweetness” Jonas said shaking his head

Magnus did as he was told and the bottle landed on Mahdi

“Truth or dare?”

“Well, I want to say truth but I’m scared Elias is going to come at me” he said

“You know you’re my favorite Mahdi” Elias said

“Anyway, I pick dare”

“I dare you to…call your mom and tell her you’re in prison”

“What??? No dude, not cool, you know my mom is very stressed” Mahdi said

“Come on, it’s a dare, you have to”

“Ugh…fine” Mahdi said as he grabbed his phone

Two minutes and a lot of yelling later, Mahdi convinced his mother that it had been all a joke. He was definitely not going to get waffles as breakfast the following morning.

“Elias, truth or dare?” Mahdi said after spinning the bottle

“Dare, 100% dare” Elias said

“Well…let me think”

Elias, who had developed a huge crush on Noora for the past few months, and who was now sitting right beside her titled his head trying to point at her so Mahdi would dare him to kiss her.

“Are you okay?” Mutta asked “Does your neck hurt or something?”

“Yes, Mutta, thanks, that’s exactly it” Elias said rolling his eyes

“Okay, I dare you to post a hideous picture of you on instagram” Mahdi finally said

“Seriously dude? That’s your dare?” Elias asked shaking his head

“Come on Elias, it’s an easy dare”

“Exactly…” Elias whispered “Whatever, I’ll do it”

He took out his phone and made a weird expression as he took a selfie. He blushed when he realized that Noora was looking at him while he had been posing. He cleared his throat and span the bottle.

“Even, my man, truth or dare and don’t be a chicken”

“Dare” Even said

“I dare you to…” Elias thought for a moment and chuckled when the question came to his mind “I dare you to say something bad about Baz Luhrman’s movies”

“WHAT? HOW CAN YOU DO THIS TO ME?” Even yelled being the extra boy he was.

Isak laughed at him and high fived Elias.

“I’m sorry Even but you must, it’s the rules of the game”

“Fine…may be he is…sometimes…a little bit…just a little bit…extravagant…BUT THAT’S WHAT MAKES HIM UNIQUE!”

“Hmm, what do you say guys, do we accept that answer?” Elias asked the group

“Oh poor boy he’s about to cry” Vilde laughed

“Fine, Even, you can spin the bottle”


Everyone laughed at Even and watched the bottle as it span.

“Oh Mutta, truth or dare?”


“That’s right…well…I dare you to kiss the prettiest girl in the room. And notice how I charitably said girl and not person because let’s face it, I’d smoke all you bitches” Even said

Mutta blushed instantly, he never thought that the first time he’d kiss the girl he liked would be because of a dare. He took a deep breath and kissed the girl who was sitting right next to him. Chris was shocked at first but immediately kissed him back while everyone cheered them

“Wooooooow! Boy get in there!!” Elias laughed clapping his hands, he had known that Mutta had had a crushed on Chris since he met her.

They pulled apart and Mutta was too embarrassed to look at her so he span the bottle, which ironically landed in Chris.

“Uh..truth or dare?” he said in a low voice

“Dare” Chris said biting her lip

“I dare you to…”

“Oh, you dare me to kiss you? Okay, fine” Chris said as she grabbed him by the shirt and pulled him in for a kiss

“Get a room!!” Eva yelled at them

“Okay, okay, we’ll continue later” Chris said as she pulled apart from Mutta.

She span the bottle and it landed on Jonas

“Jonas, truth or dare?”

“I’m going to pick truth”

“What is the best sex you’ve ever had?”

“I have to say Eva” Jonas said

“Yas bitch!” Eva said high fiving Jonas

He span the bottle and it landed precisely on Eva

“Eva truth or dare?”


“Same question”

“Oh Jonas, you know I’m going to say you. When we broke up? Epic!”

“She’s lying” Isak said coughing as Even had done before

The balloon squad boys looked at them trying to figure out what they were talking about.

“Long story” Eva said as she span the bottle “Oh, Yossi, truth or dare?”

“I’m going to say truth because I’m afraid of you” Yousef said

“Okay this is just to make fun of you so name the worst flirty techniques you’ve used on Sana”

“I threw grass at her” Yousef said blushing

“And he stole my ball, and he taught me how to peel carrots and then said that he wanted to have 12 kids, and he passed by me like really close when the kitchen is like super big and…” Sana started to count

“Well it work, didn’t it?” Yousef said raising his eyebrows at her

“Uh, I guess you could say that”

“You love me” Yousef said

“I kind of do yeah” Sana smiled

“Ugh, disgusting, Yousef spin the bottle” Elias said

“Noora, truth or dare?” he said as the bottle landed on her


“Oh, brave. I dare you to kiss whoever you want in this room”

Before anyone could try to guess who she was kissing, she looked at her side, placed her hands around Elias’ neck and kissed him slowly. Just as Elias reacted and was about to kiss her back she pulled apart and smirked at him leaving the boy completely shook.

“Elias are you okay? Do you need a doctor or something?” Adam laughed

Elias just blushed and showed a thumbs up at his friend.

Noora chuckled and span the bottle which landed on Vilde

“I pick dare, I’m brave too, you can ask me to kiss someone even if it’s a girl” Vilde said before Noora could even ask her

“Uh, okay fine…I dare you to kiss…Eva”

“Easy” Vilde said as she approached Eva and kissed her.

Eva kissed her back but after a moment she pulled apart leaving Vilde almost begging for more.

“Vilde, you have to spin the bottle” Eva said laughing when she didn’t move

“Yes, yes, of course, I know that” Vilde did as she was told and the bottle pointed at Mikael “Truth or dare?”

“Dare” Mikael said

“Well as you and Adam are the only ones left, I dare you to kiss him”

“What? No! Why?”

“It’s okay Mikael, there’s nothing wrong about kissing people from your same sex, doesn’t make you gay, look at me and Eva” Vilde said smiling

“I’m not kissing Adam”

“It’s fine, leave them alone, if he doesn’t want to do it” Adam said trying to hide the fact that he was slightly hurt

“It’s not that I don’t want to…I mean, I don’t have anything against…I mean…” Mikael tried to explain “Ugh, fine I’ll do it”

“Are you sure?” Adam asked

“Yes, whatever let’s do this”

Adam licked his lips nervously as he leaned closer to Mikael who was looking back and forth between his eyes and his lips. Just as only few inches kept them apart Adam closed his eyes, moment that Mikael took to stand up.

“I’m sorry, I can’t” he said running towards the door and getting out of the house

“Mikael wait!” Adam said chasing him

Mikael was pacing in the yard of Mutta’s house when Adam found him.


“I’m sorry Adam, I just can’t, I can’t” Mikael said freaking out

“It’s okay, hey, it’s okay, I get that you don’t want to”

“No you don’t get it”

“Yes I do…”

“No! You don’t get it. I want to kiss you Adam and that’s precisely the problem. I want to kiss you but I couldn’t because I knew that it wouldn’t mean anything to you and I can’t deal with that and…”

Mikael stopped talking as Adam’s lips crashed onto his. Adam cupped Mikael’s face with his hand, his thumb brushing tenderly his skin. It was a short but intense kiss that made Mikael’s body shake.

“This, Mikael, means the world to me, you mean the world to me” Adam whispered as he pulled apart

Mikael blinked trying to process his words but his attention was caught by people clapping their hands. They both look at the door and saw everybody standing there, cheering them.

“It was about time boooooys!!!!” Elias yelled

Mikael and Adam blushed as they followed everyone back in there, this time, hand in hand.


The game was over now. Mutta and Chris had disappeared long time ago, same with Elias and Noora. Isak and Even were cuddling on a couch talking to Adam and Mikael who were still holding hands. Eva and Vilde were dancing to some poppy music and sporadically making out. Mahdi had gone to his house to try to explain everything to his mom. Jonas and Magnus just stood on a corner awkwardly in silence. And Sana and Yousef? Well, they were standing outside the house contemplating the sky.

“It’s been a good day” Yousef said as he put his arms around Sana, her back against his chest

“It definitely has” she said.



could you maybe write balloon squad and the girl squad playing spin the bottle/truth or dare, while sana already dates yousef and everyone teases them about it (especially yousef and his bad flirting skills), elias impatiently tries to always get noora so he can somehow show her he likes her and eva pinning over adam while he’s 100% oblivious and just keeps acting with mikael like an old married couple until she just gives up and teases them about it the whole time?

i have a mikadam prompt : their first kiss with lots of angst and happiness at the same time? like they’re scared because they’ve never felt about anyone like this before but happy that the other one feels the same way? does that make sense? you can do with this idea whatever you want :-)

This is probably not what you wanted but I hope you like it!!

Thanks for reading!!!♥

PS: Even’s dare is from the perks of being a wallflower

I’ve had my dog since the day I was born

by reddit user inaaace

Ok, now that I’m writing this I can see how strange it is that I’ve had my dog for almost 31 years, but when you live with something every day of your life, it’s kinda normal, you know? I mean, sure, it crossed my mind here and there that, hey, how come Snoop is 20, 24, 26 years old, but I never gave it extensive thought. Good nutrition and daily exercise is what I’d say and move on. It wasn’t impossible, right?

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Requested by an anon! 

 A/N: I apologize that I’m just now getting around to do this. I’ve been very busy with school and I just now checked my inbox out of curious, but I hope you all enjoy♡ 

 Tonight was date night for you and Grayson and you were beyond excited. You been looking forward to this night ever since Grayson dropped the idea about two weeks ago while the two of you were hanging out. But, you hadn’t prepared yourself for the mental breakdown you were currently having.

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Fly (Fred Weasley x Reader)

Request: Reader never being able to conjure a patronous until Fred is in danger and she thinks of the time he drunkenly confessed to being in love with her (which she never brought up because she thinks he didn’t mean it) but after she saves him he kisses her and fluff ?

Idk why my Fred Imagines turn out so long every time lol. Kinda went wild with this request, sorry I strayed from the plot a whole lot. I have a tendency to do that. Hope you enjoy!

To preface: this takes place the beginning Deathly Hallows, then the memories are in Order of The Phoenix.

“C'mon we’re going on brooms!” you shouted to Fred as the group made their way out of Privit Drive.

“Now…” started Remus, talking like you’re a toddler. “You have to make sure you two get to your portkey in time.”

You rolled your eyes, grabbing your Cleansweep.

“I’ll think about it, Lupin.” You said back with a grin.

You looked over your shoulder at the Harry who was wearing Fred’s clothes.

“We have to head out”

He was smirking as he usually did at you that usually gave you butterflies, but seeing him as Harry made your skin crawl.

“See you all soon” you shouted. Everyone waved or said simple goodbyes, not wanting them to linger.

“Whaddya think of my new look, (Y/N)?” Fred asked, winking.

You made a small vomit noise, making him laugh. You both lifted off, flying low to avoid attention.

“You nervous?” You asked more seriously after a few silent minutes.

“Not with a badass Auror by my side.”

You chuckled “Barely”

“Well, you’re stronger than me, I run a joke shop!” He said with an encouraging laugh.

When the laughter died down, the silence made your heart race. Maybe it was the deatheathers that were surely near or the closeness of the Harry next to you. No, you thought to yourself. He doesn’t fell the same.

“How does it feel to be Harry?” You asked, breaking the uneasy quiet.

“Not much different, really. Just less devilishly handsome.” He said with a smirk.

“I wouldn’t say that” you said, shoving his shoulder slightly. Did your eyes deceive you or did you see his grin falter?

He let out a chuckled that was supposed to be friendly but sounded sort of cold.

“Hey, now’s your only chance to kiss the chosen one if you’d like”

Your heart stopped at this and you felt your face heating. He joking, you thought, he’s Fred, of course he’s joking.

“Well I-I”

Suddenly a green flash flew by your face, you ducked with a shriek. Fred looked at you with wide eyes.

“It’s okay, we’ll lose them through the forest” you whispered the plan, looking over your shoulder and seeing two huge death eaters on brooms.

Fred just nodded, pulling out his wand. You both dipped into the forest, weaving through trees, death eaters close behind you.

“I know where we are, there’s a hidden cave coming up on your left, it looks like a rock but it’s like the platform.” Fred whispered, breathlessly.

Understanding his plan you took a sharp left after him. The death eaters headed straight pass you, your heart felt like it would explode as you hurdled into the seemly solid rock.

You stumbled off of your broom into a dark cave.

“You okay?” Fred asked, gathering himself.

“I’ve been better” you answered, trying to catch your breath.

Your breathing stopped as you heard two gruff voices outside the cave. You and Fred froze, eyes locked on each other.

You pulled out your wand and whispered a number of protection spells, causing the seemingly solid rock to become solid, the voices died away.

“We should be okay” you whispered “How do you know about this cave?”

“Sirius used it, dad told me. I wasn’t positive this was it, but I’m thankful it is”

You scoffed, dumbfounded

“You weren’t sure that this was the cave!?” you yelled.

“Well, not exactly-” he started

“So you could have just sent us hurdling into a solid rock and killed us both?!”

“We would have died anyway”

You felt like crying and laughing at the same time.

“A risky game, you playing with my life, Weasley” you said with a sigh.

Fred looked at his watch and jumped.

“Shit! We missed the portkey.” He groaned “Mum is gonna be worried sick”

“Oh Merlin, Remus is going to kill me” you said with a whine

“When I think about it, we’re not too far, we can probably get to the Burrow within 2-3 hour or so without anymore bloody death eaters” Fred grumbled the last bit.

Silence fell for a moment, all you heard was breathing and your pounding heart. “Alright, we’d better go” you said with a burst of confidence, grabbing your broom and handing him his.

You disarmed the protection spells and pushed through the rock. The light of the moon casted a silvery glow around the forest, you looked over at Fred and saw, well Fred.

“You changed back” you commented.
“Oh!” Fred exclaimed, looking down at himself.

“I didn’t even notice”

You flew in the direction Fred gestured.

“I guess your only chance to kiss the chosen one passed.” he said with a mock frown.

“What a shame” you said rolling your eyes.

The way he smiled at you made you shiver, his eyes shone through the darkness, reflecting the light of the crescent moon.

As you flew through the forest you couldn’t help but think if he like you. You two had gone to Hogwarts together but you finished out your seventh year and became an Auror.

You scraped by, barely passing. You couldn’t even conjure a patronus. But, you were an Auror nonetheless.

Anyways, In Hogwarts you two were very close. So close in fact, everyone believed you two to be together but, you weren’t. Except for one night. But, you didn’t really like to think about that.

After Fred and George left to open Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes you grew apart, like many friends do. This left a sort of hole in your heart that pained you deeply every time you saw him. But he doesn’t know, and he certainly doesn’t feel the same.

“Do you feel that?” You heard Fred ask, breaking you from your thoughts. “Do you?” He asked again.

“Yes” you replied, breathlessly.

“I think it’s a dementor” he said frightened.

You snapped out of your daze.

“What?!” you shout whispered.

“Behind us! (Y/N), hurry!” He shouted as you two zipped through the trees, you felt bursts of freezing air on the back of your neck.

Suddenly, you felt the body that was so close to you, vanish. You looked down to see Fred on his back, his soul being sucked out by a huge, terrifying dementor.

You jumped off your broom and whipped out your wand. You hand was shaking furiously. ‘Think, just think’ you flashed
back to what Harry said in DA and your Auror training.

'Happy thought, happy thought, any happy thought’

Your mind was crowded by fear, Fred looked dead under the dementor. You had to save him, time was running out. Suddenly, a memory played in your mind’s eye.

—in the memory—-

It was after a huge quiddich match between Slytherin and Gryffindor and of course Gryffindor won.

There was a raging party but you, not being much of a drinker, hung out in the corner with a few friends. After everyone had cleared out, either passed out, sleeping, or shagging. There was only one person left on the couch, a very inebriated Fred Weasley.

You walked over to him, chuckling.

“Looks like you had a fun night” you said, gesturing to his state.

He looked up and you and smiled “I-I love seeing your face” he slurred.

You blushed madly.

“Let’s get you up to bed” you said grabbing his arm and pulling him up.

You gave a sour face when the alcohol smell hit your nose.

“Can’t I sleep in your bed? I’m a danger to myself and others.” Fred asked, giving you puppy eyes and pulling you toward the girls dorm.

“You can’t go in the girls dorm, remember?” you said, shaking your head.

He laughed “I can disarm that in my sleep”

He stumbled as he pulled you to the door and muttered a few spells.

“C'monnnn” he slurred, practically dragging you up the stairs. He stopped at your door and went to turn the knob.

“Wait!” you hissed, pulling his arm away.
“Let me check first” you peeked in the doorway and found all your roommates gone, probably in the boy’s dorm.

You walked in and Fred trailed after you.

“Wait. How did you know which door was mine?”

Fred wiggled his eyebrows “I know everything, love”

This made you scoff, you turned much more serious when you realized Fred had started to strip.

“Woah, woah, woah, what are you doing!?” you shrieked, trying to look away but you couldn’t pull your eyes from his toned chest that was splattered in freckles.

When Fred was left just in his boxers he noticed your stare. He broke out in a smile.

“Like what you see?”

He attempted to saunter over to you but stumbled. You chuckled.

“How about we get you to bed?” You asked guiding him over to your red four poster, pulling the comforter back and letting him settle in.

He grinned lazily at you, “Thanks, Mum” and like a five year old snuggled into the covers.

You looked around and figured you’d just take Angelina’s bed, 'must be with George’ you thought making you feel a twinge jealously.

You sat on her bed and started taking off your shoes when Fred sat up, looking confused at you.

“Oi, what do you think you’re doing?”

“Getting ready for bed” you stated.

“Listen, I know it’s kind of awkward because I just, um… called you Mum and all, but I was thinking more like, us sharing a bed.”

Your brows scrunched, you felt your heart pound furiously in your chest.

“Unless you don’t want to” he added.

You gathered all your courage. Hell, you’re a Gryffindor for Godric sake you have the balls to sleep in the same bed as your crush. Crush? You never really though of him as a crush until now, but the feeling in your heart make you want to run over there, grab his face, and kiss him.

But of course, that’s crazy, you just stood, walked over and slipped under the covers next to him.

You turned to face Fred and could practically see the haze of alcohol in his eyes.

He wrapped his arm around your waist and pulled you to his chest.

“Is this okay?” He murmured, face inches from yours.

Merlin, even drunk off his ass he’s considerate.

“Yeah” you breathed. Your heart was in your throat, you tried to slow your breathing.

“Good” he whispered, slowly shutting his eyes.

You couldn’t help but feel disappointed, the romantic in you expected a bit more to happen, not a lot more, just a bit.

You sighed slightly and let your eyes close. The heat radiating off him was inhumane, you’d never felt more safe than right then, in his arms.


You heard softly, your eyes were too heavy to open now.


“I love you”

Your breathing stopped, you felt a burst of energy as you flicked open your eyes to find his staring right back at you.

“I love you, too”

The words just fell from your lips before you could think. Fred’s face split into a grin, biting his lip.

You wrapped your arms around his neck, pulling you flush to each other. Fred looked in your eyes for a moment and before you could say anything else, kissed you so softly and sweetly you could have melted.

—back to present—-

You shook your head back to the scene in front of you, you were so lost in your thoughts you hadn’t seen the ( your patronus) silvery, and beautiful burst from your wand and chase the dementor into the forest.

You ran over to Fred and dropped to your knees.

“Fred, are you okay?!” You asked frantically, holding his face.

“(Y/N)” was all he choked out before he slumped.

The sight of him pale and limp made you hyperventilate. You let out a strangled gasp as you searched your mind for a healing spell. Your mind was too fogged with worry so you brought your flat hand back and slapped his across the face.

“AGH!” Fred woke with a start, holding his cheek. “Bloody hell, Women!”

“You’re okay” was all you could say, that’s was you were thankful for.

“You conjured a patronus?” He asked eagerly. You smiled finally and nodded.

“Wow, that’s bloody wicked. What was it?” He asked.

“My patronus? It was a ( your patronus)”

Fred’s eyes brightened quickly then tried to mask it with a confused look.

“What?” you asked

“It’s just, that’s um… my patronus too”

“We have the same…” you started, Fred just nodded.

“Let’s get to the Burrow” you said bluntly, standing.

Fred was silent for a moment then scrambled up.

“Yeah, let’s get home”

The rest of the trip was quiet and awkward. Fred kept sending bewildered glances at you that you just tried to ignore. But, eventually you got to the Burrow. The welcome was desperate and thankful. Remus was so happy to see you alive he didn’t even get mad about missing the portkey. All the happiness died away when you saw George and news of Moody’s fate arrived. You decided to get Fred out of your mind, this war was a lot more important than your love life.

—A couple weeks later—

One Sunday morning Fred finally caught you alone in the kitchen, which he’s been trying desperately to do for the past 2 weeks.

“(Y/N)” he sighed simply as you tried to push past him.

“Be quick Fred, I have things to do”

“We can’t not talk about the patronus thing”

“What is there to talk about!? So, we have the same one. There’s only so many animals out there, a few people are bound to have the same patronus. Are we done!?”

You felt you face get heated, you didn’t want to talk about this.

“That’s not the way it works and you know that!” Fred shouted, when he realized his harshness, his face softened.

“Did I do something to you? If I did I’m sorry, I-I-”

“You didn’t do anything, Fred. That’s kind it”

“I didn’t do anything?” He asked, looking completely baffled at you.

You thought back to the memory that conjured your patronus, and the morning after.

That morning after that you tried relentlessly to knock out of your head.

Why couldn’t it just stop there? With 'I love yous’ and kisses? That’s not the way life really works.


You woke up and stretched out your arms, reaching for the face you couldn’t wait to see, but met only empty sheets.

You sat up, looking around confused.

“Morning, (Y/N)!” pipped a merry Angelina.

“I cannot wait to tell you about last night” she looked practically giddy.

“I can’t wait to hear” you respond, swinging your legs over the side of the bed. The look of disappointment on your face was obvious.

“Are you okay?” Angelina asked, suddenly concerned.

“Yeah, oh yeah. Just had a weird dream.”

“Oh, okay well. George of course was a perfect gentleman and after the party..”

her voice drifted off as you began to think. It really didn’t seem like a dream, it couldn’t have been.

You looked around on the floor for some piece of evidence causing Angelina to stop her story and looked confused at you.

Suddenly, you saw it. You grabbed Fred’s beater jersey and gripped it in your fist, happy for a moment when you confirmed your dream was real.

The happiness faded quickly and a deep sinking feeling came as your realize what this meant.

He left, and in such a hurry that he forgot his jersey. He didn’t love you, he didn’t care about you. He was drunk.

“(Y/N)? Is that Fred’s?” Angelina asked, when she didn’t get an answer she continued “Ooo, looks like I wasn’t the only one who had fun last nigh, huh?”

You felt tears slip down your cheeks, you gripped the jersey to your chest and turned to your friend who immediately knew that something was wrong.

She looked pitifully at you as you began to cry harder. She reached her arms out and pulled you into a silent hug. You pulled away, kicking yourself for letting this upset you so much. He was drunk, for Merlin sake he was probably just trying to shag but passed out before he could go farther. You feel on your bed and sobbed into your pillow. He made you realize your love for him, and when you thought for a moment he loved you too, it was ripped away.

—back to the present—

“(Y/N)!” Fred shouted, holding onto your shoulders, trying to look into your eyes, that you didn’t realize tears had slipped out of.

“Fred!” you shouted right back.

You knew he must not remember, when you went to breakfast that morning he chatted with you like normal, like nothing happened, like he never loved you.

“I-I love you” he stammered.

“No, you don’t” you said shaking your head, trying to push him away.

“Yes, I do”

“No, you’re drunk, Fred, you’re drunk” the phrase you repeated to yourself every time you thought he might love you fell from your lips.

“(Y/N), I am stone cold sober and I love you”

“I-I don’t believe you” you whispered, lips trembling.

“Why? He whispered back, dropping his grip on your shoulders.

"There was this night” you stated, “yeah?” he asked, gesturing for you to continue.

“And, well.. some things happened that you don’t remember and…”


“Well, you-you broke my heart, Fred.”

Your voice broke and you looked at him through tear filled eyes. You’d never seen Fred look this way, like a knife had gone through his chest. He pulled you to him and hugged you tightly.

“I’m so sorry, please forgive me. It hurts me so much, I love you” You took a deep breath. You couldn’t help it.

“I love you too.” you whispered.

You felt his heart pump faster as he took in your words. He pulled away, you still in his arms.

“Really?” He asked, desperately.

“Really, a lot. Maybe too mu-mmh”

You were cut off by his lips on yours in a passionate kiss.

Suddenly, all your pain from that memory washed away, that feeling of having love dangle in front of your face then it ripped from your fingers.

His lips felt like heaven, the soft peck you got on the night was nothing compared to the feeling of this kiss.

“Eh-hem” you heard loudly.

Fred reluctantly pulled his lips from yours and snapped his head around, obviously angry at being disturbed.

You looked over his shoulder to see George, all bandaged but grinning widely.

“I am wholly gratified at this sight” he said proudly emphasizing 'wholly.’

Fred chuckled coldly before walking over and sharply whispering “You better go back up those stairs before I rip your other ear off”

“Oh, yikes. Sorry 'bout that” he looked past Fred and nodded at you.

“Morning, (Y/N)”

“Morning George”

Looking at Fred he backed up the stairs.

“I’m sorry, I couldn’t contrHOLE myself”

Fred rolled his eyes, pushing him up the stairs.

“That barely even works, get the bloody hell out of here!”

George left with a wink. You couldn’t control your laughter.

“He’s not even funny” said Fred with a smile as he walked back to you.

“I’m funny” he said confidently, resting his hands on your hips.

“Funny looking” you replied, raising your eyebrows.

Fred groaned “Not you too”

You giggled, “I have some more of you’d like”

“Oh, Merlin no” Fred said quickly before he covered your mouth with his.

You brought your hands to his face and he wrapped his arms tighter around you. The kiss you two shared that night, you felt as if you could melt, but this time you felt like you could fly. For miles and miles, forever with Fred.

Okay, so obviously I saw Dear Evan Hansen and now I’m going to tell you all about it, because several people have asked.

So the show started at 7, but we went down the the theatre at about 5:30. We waited around until the security came and started forming the line. They opened the doors and sent us inside, so we could stand in line again. It was a little weird, but we were first in line so it was okay. Eventually a guy opened the door and let us in, and my sister and I just sprinted up the stairs. We got to our seats and sat down, and we were the first people in there and it was pretty weird to see the theatre completly empty.

We went to buy merch, but the lady at the merch cart couldn’t get the lock undone. She was pretty young and really sweet. My sister actually opened the lock for her xD. It was pretty funny. We saved the merch stand. Then obviously we waited for a while for the show to start and I was just shaking the whole time. Eventually the “silent your cellphones” thing went off and my sister grabbed my hand and we saw Ben come out and obviously then the show started and I was shaking and my sister and I were crushing each other’s hands the entire time and I was just completely enthralled with this show. I made some notes during intermission about the first act:

So at the beginning when Connor gets up and leaves the table, he doesn’t have a backpack like he did in the boot. Maybe the chair falling was a problem. Also, why don’t I have a professional recording of Mike Faist saying “FUCK YOU”

Connor’s face when Cynthia says he’s not high XD. Oh Michael.

“Am I not laughing hard enough for you?” Was like almost seductive? 😄 And then Jared looked legitimately terrified and almost tripped over Evan trying to get away.

I know other people talk about this a lot but hot damn when Mike goes “I rub my nipples and start moaning with delight” is quite possibly the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. It’s hard to focus on all three boys at once but 👌

Will like leaped onto the stage when he went “HOLY SHIT” and it was adorable.

So during Requiem, all three Murphys are holding paper and Cynthia just holds it, Larry folds it up and puts it in his pocket, and Zoe crumples it up. Idk I just liked that a lot.

So you can see some of Connor’s room via projection and there is a no smoking sign and a hand giving you the finger on the wall. We also have matching Camelback water bottles.

Ben crying on the floor was just…omg he was just. I could go on for hours about Ben I’m not even kidding every bit of praise for this boy is deserved one hundred percent.

Ben and Laura’s riffs in If I Could Tell Her. Like it was a riffing party y'all.

Cynthia sobbing into Connor’s pillow during Requiem had me shookethened

Mike nearly ran into the screen during Sincerely Me when get goes “WELL ANYWAY!!”

BEN’S SEAT WAS SUPER POOFED in the scene with For Forever. Like the other three chairs were normal but Evan’s had a GIANT pillow on it.

I’m surprised they didn’t have to mop the floor between acts. Y'all talk about Fankhauser’s spit but damn Platt.

I never once doubted Michael Park’s talent, but…but like words can not describe how insanely talented this man is. When he sings 💜💚💜💚

That was just the first act. I have a lot of feelings about the second as well, obviously Ben SLAYED Words Fail and Rachel was just 😍😭😍😭😍 but also:

Props to Will and Kristolyn for carrying those background vocals. Like 500/10. Damn.

Connor standing there during Words Fail was heartbreaking

The Murphys during Words Fail were heartbreaking

People laughed randomly during To Break In A Glove and it wasn’t even at funny bits?!

The “Let’s throw a kegger” scene was so funny y'all have no idea.

The second half is a little blurry b/c I didn’t immediately write everything down but those are the parts I really remember well.


Connor is a bouncy boy. He bounces a lot. And his hair is so floofed. So pretty too. XD

Jared’s laughs make my life. Cleared my skin.

Ben Platt is just…I can’t. Give the boy a Tony. Also Give Mike a Tony. Please. His micro expressions and just the little things he does make his Connor believable at the beginning, and make Not-Connor a very interesting character to observe.

Also give Michael Park some awards please. Like damn.

Rachel Bay Jones is not only the sweetest person alive she is also a ridiculously talented woman and I feel bettered as a person for having seen her.

Jennifer Laura Thompson has the ability to make me feel everything Cynthia felt and I’m just shook.

I HAVEN’T TALKED ABOUT LAURA DREYFUSS YET. OMG I am so blessed rn. I’ve never been a big Zoe fan until tonight. She made me understand every bit of that character and things I’ve felt like are missing make a lot more sense now. And her face during Words Fail was just killing me. Every bit of her performance was amazing.

Kristolyn Lloyd deserves SO MUCH MORE than she gets. I love her and want to hug her.

Will. FREAkING. Roland. We all know I am the #1 Will Roland fan, and tonight just made it a thousand times worst. Like he is such a great actor and It’s so disappointing that he doesn’t get appreciated like he should. He is so much more than the Jokes Boy™. I would die for him. We made a solid five seconds of eye contact during the end of You Will Be Found. The whole You Will Roland Be Found thing is true. I was found by Will Roland.

Okay, so after the show we headed straight to the stagedoor(obviously after curtain call, which I already made a comment about earlier)and right as we got there Michael Lee Brown was walking away and I said “Hi Michael!” And he turned and waved as he walked away from the theatre. He is a beautiful boy. We waited for a bit before Michael Park came out. We were right by the door, and Michael went all the way to the other end and came back. I already posted about what he said to us, but it was really sweet that he took the time to talk to us and acknowledge our attire.

Then it started raining. We waited around for a bit in the rain, chatting with the girl that stood next to us. She had been seeing a lot of shows and was telling us about meeting some other Broadway stars. She was very nice. We then heard some screaming across the street and I was like “IS IT COREY!” and it was Corey!! So we ran across(my show was untied and I almost slipped on the wet street) the street to the Jacob’s and stood there waiting for him. My youngest sister saved our spot since she didn’t know who Corey was. She also kept my Playbill.

As we waited for Corey Rachel came out, but like we met Corey, and talked for a second and then got back right as Rachel got to our spot so it all worked out.

Like I said, Corey was really sweet and got excited to sign my Newsies bag and then took pictures with my sister and I. We were standing at the opening for min to leave (Laura and Corey both had cars waiting for them) so he walked around the cars with us and told us to be careful crossing the street.

Then Rachel was really nice again. She was telling us about how it’s a lot of work doing 8 shows a week, but it’s very rewarding and she is glad to do it.

A few minutes later they informed us that no one else was coming out so we headed back to our hotel, it was still raining, so I wasn’t surprised that they didn’t come out.

Sorry this is so long but I can’t put a cut because I’m on mobile.

  • Robert: Oi! Have you seen my husband? He's dead grumpy, but he doesn't look bad in a suit.
  • Aaron: That's enough beer for you, then.
  • Robert: Thanks... for before. About Dad.
  • Aaron: You know it might help if you told them.
  • Robert: Maybe.
  • Aaron: Thanks for going along with the welly as well.
  • Robert: Well, it makes us family, doesn't it? You could've come in a bit sooner though.
  • Aaron: I was enjoying it too much.
  • Robert: Yeah, well, I'm gonna get you back with my speech. You're gonna cry like a baby.
  • Aaron: I don't think so, Mr Dingle.
  • Robert: Oh, I bet you do, Mr Sugden. Come on.
  • Aaron: Can we just... stay here a minute?
  • Robert: Yeah, yeah, of course.
  • Aaron: I know I keep saying that I'm fine but...
  • Robert: About tomorrow? You're not, I know.
  • Aaron: What if it's years?
  • Robert: It won't be.
  • Aaron: I don't wanna leave you.
  • Robert: I don't want you to go.
  • Aaron: I'm so sorry.
  • Robert: I'll wait. I've waited before, haven't I? And it'll pass. However long it is. And then you'll come home to me, and we'll never look back, okay?