can we just cry about this for a bit

Sochi Banquet

I love how tentatively Viktor approached Yuuri during the Sochi banquet. Look at how many shots it took for this boy to get to Yuuri.

I find this to be especially precious given how Viktor already got rejected by Yuuri earlier that evening.

For all of his being a celebrity, Viktor does not strike me as the kind of person who can easily brush off another person’s dislike of him. Hell, he made a career out of pleasing everyone, and while I don’t think he would cry over another person’s opinion of him, neither does he seem like someone who could just easily dismiss it or not be hurt. I mean look at this face:

His reservations about approaching the fascinating Japanese boy were therefore perfectly understandable. We can even clearly see that he kept his distance for a bit at first.

But like a moth to a flame,

this precious boy

can’t seem to help himself.

And for a while it doesn’t seem like Yuuri even noticed him there?

Oh, but when he did…

It became such an unforgettable night.

Lmao, for Viktor anyway.

Poor Vitya.


You’ve brought up this issue before, this issue of not feeling like you’re in control. Do you remember? When we spoke about your father.

Bitty’s words echo in Jack’s ear. He might be a bit of a clueless idiot when it comes to relationships, as past evidence would show, but he knows that “can we talk” is almost never a good thing.

“A-about what?” Jack asks. He wishes now he’d listened to Bitty’s message before he called him, but there were so many missed calls he couldn’t just ignore it. And besides, Bitty sounds a little like he’s, well, crying.

“I’m just – I guess I had a bad day,” Bitty admits. “All the boys are over, Shitty even came down from Boston so we could all watch your game together. And they started talking about the rumours people used to have, y’know the ones, about how whether you and Parse were just friends, and…and it just – it hurts.”

Jack feels a little numb. He wants to drive up to Samwell right that second, but he knows he can’t. He’s got practice in the morning and then a game in the evening and so he can’t just drive the forty minutes to see his boyfriend, who is obviously hurting. Jack wants to, so badly, though. But he can’t jeopardize his career like that.

“We aren’t even friends now, you know that, right?” Jack says. He doesn’t like that Bitty’s jealous of Parse, even though he said he wasn’t back in August, but…

“No, honey, it’s not that,” Bitty says, and he sniffs again. “It’s – it’s the sneaking, and the lying, and the not being able to tell anyone about the fact the most amazing guy I’ve ever had the pleasure to know is in love with me and I love him right back and we’re together and happy when we are, and I can’t tell anyone.”

To Jack, who has never been big on confiding in anyone, this is a foreign concept. But Bitty sounds like he’s in so much pain, and Jack just wants to…well practice isn’t until ten. If he leaves right now, he can get to Samwell and back in the morning with a reasonable amount of sleep. Right?

“Bits, I’m gonna come up, okay?” Jack says, grabbing his keys and jogging down the stairs to the garage. “Just – I’ll be there in half an hour. We can stay on the phone, okay?”

“No, sweetheart, you don’t have to–”

“You’re hurt,” Jack says. He doesn’t mean to put a captain’s bark into it, but it happens anyway. “I’d do the same thing if you’d taken a bad check.”

“Oh sugar,” Bitty says. For a moment Jack thinks he’s going to tell him not to, but he doesn’t. Instead he sighs. “I dropped a pie.”

Jack feels the pain like a physical vice. He knew it wouldn’t be easy, being with Bitty the way he wanted – needed – to be with Bitty, but he never meant for it to actually hurt. It was love, right? It wasn’t supposed to be painful.

“Oh Bits,” he hears himself breathe. Bitty just sniffs in response.

“Why don’t – how about while you drive you just tell me about your game,” Bitty suggests. “And we can talk more when you get here.”

Jack agrees, although he doesn’t really want to talk about his game, and sets the phone on speaker on the passenger seat. The traffic’s good and he gets to Samwell earlier than he thinks he was going to. He parks in front of the Haus and sees Shitty’s car.

“Are you still in your room?” Jack asks.

He hears Bitty shift, like he’s getting off his bed.

“Yeah, are you outside?” he asks. Jack agrees and hears Bitty come down the stairs. This is possibly the second most impulsive thing Jack has ever done, but he thinks he’ll regret it about as much as he did the first most impulsive thing – that is to say, not at all.

“Who’s in the living room?” Jack asks.

“Uh, Lardo, Shitty, Ransom, Holster, and Nursey,” Bitty says.

All people Jack trusts. Which is good. It’s very good.

“Okay,” Jack says. “I’ll see you in a few seconds.”

He hangs up and opens the front door of the Haus. Bitty is just inside, in plain view of the people in the den. Jack ignores all of their excited clamouring at his presence, their joy over his game, and pulls Bitty into a bone crushing hug. Bitty returns it a little too tentatively for Jack’s liking. Especially since Bitty’s got red eyes and keeps sniffing. Jack is well aware of the others streaming out of the living room when he cups Bitty’s face.

“Hi honey,” he says, and he kisses Bitty, right there in front of them. Because it’s the Samwell Men’s Hockey team, and he might have graduated, but they’ve still got his back.

YurixVictor marriage proposal

Ok so in the very short sequence for the next episode we see that Yuri and Victor are in Barcelona in the Church… But when we look closer, we can see what they’re maybe doing!

Yuri looks up to Victor and his eyes get a bit shaky, like when he’s about to cry or something…

And in the background we see the church…

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So we know that he looks up in Victors eyes and start to cry, maybe because Victor just made a marriage proposal? Could be…

Then we have the sequence were we see Victor talking and he looks very concentrated to something… Maybe in this moment he puts the ring on Yuris finger and say something sweet!

(ignore the sub and the bad quality)

OMG! if they really gonna engaged in the church, that would be soooo good!

A little drawpile done with @gt-flufftimes, @tollestsmoll, @smolbearking, and featuring @dont-stop-belibean from the devil may cry series! As u can see we’re all a buncha goofs :v

I’m a bit nervous about posting my doodle on the top right tho, it’s one of the first times I’ve tried drawing mouthplay ;;;;;; (Avert ur eyes Archie)


“Jürgen, you got a lot faith and confidence in your squad here, you’ve always said that. Do you feel a little bit let down in how they performed today?”

“No. I don’t feel that they let me down, or something. Like I said I’m responsible for the line up. I saw them training, and I set that line up. We can talk about who can play or not play, because today not a lot of the players were involved. That’s the thing. But no, that would not be fair for my side. So again, I said, and that’s what I mean, I’m responsible for the bad things and the boys for the good thing, and today it was obviously not good. It’s my responsibility. We could have played better, each boy could have played better, I know this. You always learn a little bit about each performance, maybe there’s an explanation, not sure if we should look for it. I’m never too harsh in criticism. Especially you should not be emotional in a moment when you make the criticism, that makes no sense. But of course, at one point we’ll watch the game again and then we’ll know a little bit more about it, but no. From tomorrow on we have to prepare the Chelsea game. The game, and the detail is not too important. In a few parts, actually a similar game, so it’s not a completely different. But of course, the opponent has the highest quality in the Premier League. So it’s not an easy job, but hopefully until Tuesday we can recover, the crowd can recover and can look forward to the game. It’s a home game against the leader of the league, so we need everybody for this game.”


Can we talk about this bit?

I love that this moment was included. That Yuuri has been learning from more than just Viktor, has a video of Yurio doing a flip somewhere on his phone and used it to improve his own performance. 

These two have the best competitive/supportive friendship (?) - they hardly knew each other when Yurio agreed (however reluctantly) to help him out and now we know Yurio had been watching him since the last competition.

This is just so great. Fantastic. This show is all about supporting and growing and learning and overcoming.  


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Is a reference to Love

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Is a reference to Commitment

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Is a reference to Security

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Is a reference to First Relationships

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Is a reference to Consent

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Is a reference to Abuse

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Is a reference to Trust

Yes, there is a bit of sexual subtext that we adults can pick up on, but the purpose of ‘fusions’ in Steven Universe is to teach the children who watch it about relationships. It teaches children about how relationships are sacred and mean the world to some people, and can just be fun and pleasurable to others. It teaches children that new relationships are confusing but can also be exciting. It teaches children that some people engage in relationships because it makes them feel stronger, and that some people only do it because they find it fun. It teaches children that these relationships are all fine, but that you shouldn’t impose your own views of relationships on somebody else. It teaches children that consent is key in any relationship, and if the consent is lacking, or if the personalities involved are way too different, that the relationship could crumble at any moment. 

Tonight’s look into the relationship between Garnet and Pearl shows that by tricking someone into an intimate act that’s very special for them, just to satisfy your own cravings, you can ruin your relationship with that person. This is a reference that can be built out of many variables, but the point was to teach children about respect and boundaries. 

Fusions are an incredibly deep message that reference many different aspects about relationships- not just one. Sure, you can pick up on some sexual themes but that’s really not the point.

Characterisation in HoO

Formerly titled: because lili’s headcanons hurt my heart 

Okay so @lililibird did this and it made me emotional and we got chatting, and then she said this, because that first round of tags just wasn’t enough:

“Like it would start with everyone talking about Percy like he’s a god in TLH, and then Hazel and Frank and CJ acting like he’s basically the most amazing thing ever, and then the quest and everyone’s always screaming for Percy to save them bc he’s Percy and he can do anything and the DEVELOPMENT to make him seem human would have been stunning I’m not crying.”

And.. well… I got a bit carried away with my response and have decided to move the discussion to a place where word limits aren’t a thing. 

Because this idea is incredible. Just imagine it - rather than Percy’s character development just stalling and then completely flatlining over the course of HoO (imo anyway) this would be such a great chance for us to see him coping with the pressure of being ‘the most powerful demigod’, as Nico said.

  • Can you imagine Hazel completely idolizing him like the best big brother in the entire world?? Always thinking to herself,  “Percy promised I’d be okay, he’s gonna get us out of this.” Having absolute faith in him and not noticing how terrified for her safety he really is, because he did promise her that and he can’t imagine how he’d live with himself if she ever got hurt.
  • Frank thinking Percy’s what a ‘real man’ should be and trying to imitate him and wishing that he had cool powers like Percy before he masters shapeshifting.
  • Jason seeing Percy as a real threat??? Like this guy just came from nowhere and was nominated as Praetor, the Roman demigods saw him almost single handedly save their whole camp - So not only has Jason been listening to CHB gush about Percy and how they miss him terribly for months, he gets back home and discovers that he’s essentially replaced him at Camp Jupiter. This needs to be explored more!! I know Jason’s a good guy and yeah, he was wary of Percy at the start, but come on. Give me a proper emotional confrontation, not a fight where they’re both possessed.
  • Piper seeing the way everyone hangs on every word Percy says, how he can inspire people to fight and be strong and rally the troops almost effortlessly. So she practices her charmspeak by repeating his speeches to herself in the mirror, wondering how he’s so comfortable, how he became such a natural leader.
  • Leo just being so jealous of everything Percy is. Older, taller, better looking, a better fighter, popular, with an amazing girlfriend. Resenting him because he’s everything Leo so desperately wants to be and he doesn’t even try and how is that fair? (Not because of that bull with Calypso.)
  • Nico’s crush on Percy hitting him full force again when he’s rescued from the jar, because would you look at that, Percy Jackson rescues him again, but then his heart breaks when he follows Annabeth into Tartarus. Give me Nico absolutely pining over this guy he has idolised for years, simultaneously hating him and loving him. Give me Nico agonising over his promise to lead the others to the House of Hades because he’s bitter about how much Percy loves Annabeth but at the same time of course he’s going to do it because he promised Percy and he couldn’t break that promise even if he really wanted to. Give me Nico getting over his crush not because he randomly starts thinking of Percy as immature (?????) but because he finally gets close enough to Percy to see him as a real person, so his hero worship can finally fade. Give me a gradual lessening of his heartache as that crush turns into a genuine friendship.
  • AND ANNABETH glorious Annabeth omg. So everyone else looks up to her almost as much as they do Percy, because she’s so perfect how could they not? (More comments about people finding her intimidating and impressive and experienced and the best ever please.) And she’s taking it in stride a bit easier than Percy because she’s used to being head counsellor already. But Percy’s trying to be everything for everyone and he’s holding it together (barely) and he’s sO PROTECTIVE OF HER like ridiculously so, he’s always checking on her and he never wants her to go anywhere without him and it’s cute at first but then one night he gets in her way and she just SNAPS and is like, “Wth is wrong with you, Percy? I can take care of myself, have you forgotten the past five years??” 
  • And he’s like, “Oh thanks, Annabeth, nice word choice!!” and it turns into this massive fight and everything comes out, like how terrified he is at the prospect of losing her again, how he knows she can take care of herself but he can’t bring himself to risk it, how he’s already looking after everyone else on this gods damned ship so why shouldn’t he look after her too huh?? And he’s crying and she’s crying because she had no idea it was this bad and she just holds him and tells him he doesn’t have to take all this on himself because it’s not his responsibility, they’re a team and they have to work as a team.
  • “But annabeth,” he says, “every team needs a leader, a captain, someone in charge.”
  • “I am obviously captain, Seaweed Brain. You’re the first mate, and that’s only if you behave yourself.”
  • Things get a little better after that, but percy’s protectiveness still rears it head whenever there’s a conflict.

Oh man I could keep going with this forever, I’m so sorry this completely got away from me and turned into an incoherent rant. 

Got7′s Reaction to you telling them you’re infertile

I hope you like the reaction and sorry it took a while for me to post it :)


*He’d be surprised at first but when he sees you get emotional he doesn’t care about the fact that you’re infertile. Right when he sees that first tear drop he quickly wipes it away.*

BamBam: “Please don’t cry… It doesn’t matter if you can or cannot have children. As long as your happy I’m happy and later if we want any kids we can just adopt or we can figure something out.”

*When he saw you still a bit down he tried being the crazy BamBam he is to make you smile and forget about the conversation you two just had, which eventually works and he makes you smile and laugh.* 


*You decide to tell him while the two of you layed peacefully in bed. You called his name to make sure he wasn't asleep and when he answered back then you started to talk about. It was easier for you to tell him since he wasn't facing you but you still got very emotional about the fact that you won’t be able to provide that child for him. After you told him, all that you could hear was your own sniffing from crying. He quickly turned over and layed his head on your stomach.*

Yugyeom: “Even if it doesn’t come from here…” *rubs your stomach* “As long as we raised a child together I’m happy…”

*This makes you cry even more but it was soon stopped by him wiping away your tears and giving you a sweet kiss.*


*He just came home from practice when you decided to tell him. You surprisingly told him without shedding any tears but as soon as he grabbed yours hands and looked right into your eyes, you couldn’t hold in any longer so you started to cry.*

Youngjae: *gently grabs both your hands and sweetly holds them* “Jagi… no matter what I’ll always stay by your side. When the time comes and we begin to want children, we’ll find away.. Okay? So let’s not worry about that now…”

*After that he pulls you into a hug that eventually calms you down.*


*After you tell him, you look down so he wouldn’t see you crying. But he picks it back up with both hands wiping away your tears and then he smiles.*

JB: “Kids are not that important right now y/n…So let’s not cry over it okay? When it’s time for it then we will figure it out so please don’t worry about it now… I’ll love you no matter what.”

*Just with smile, it made you feel so much better. He then pulls you in for a soft and sweet kiss that made you forget about everything.*


*You tried to hold it in while you told him but it didn’t work out. So you stopped mid sentence so you could pull yourself together and tell him properly. But before you spoke again he just hugged you.*

Junior: “I know what you’re trying to say so just cry.” *hugs you tighter so you’d know his shoulder was one you could cry on* “There other ways to solve this so don’t worry about it now…”

*He then grabs your face and gives you a kiss on your forehead and goes back to hugging you. You finally let everything out and you two stay like that until you feel better.*


*He carefully listens with a smile like he always does, even when he hears that you are infertile he was still smiling. You really start to think about not being able to provide children for him while you were talking so you started to cry.*

Mark: “Yah Jagiya! Look at me..” *pulls your head up so you can look at him which he was still slightly smiling* “Don’t worry about not being able to give me kids. You are just enough for me.. I don’t need anything else as long as I have you. And if we really want kids later then we will get them somehow.”

*Just like that he pulls you into a tight hug and doesn't let go until he know that you’re okay and calmed down.*


*As you began to tell him about it, your eyes started to get watery. You began to cry as you finished telling him everything. He quickly grabbed your face and wiped away all the tears that kept falling.*

Jackson: “Yah! Don’t cry…It’s not the end of the world. We can figure this out together. No matter what we will find a way, okay? So stop crying before I start crying too.”

*He then gives you a tight hug and then pretends to cry which makes you giggle and makes you feel better.*

If you guys have any requests. please don’t be afraid to send them in :)

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Political Animals is my go-to show to rewatch when I'm extremely stressed out about life. TJ Hammond reminds me a bit of myself, and the struggle he's gone through. He has a strained relationship with his parents like I do, especially in terms of mental health. PA has made me cry more times than I can count because TJ is so relatable. Sebastian played him so well.

He made me cry, too and rage and just so many emotions all in six lil episodes. idk about anyone else, but it amazes me how much we learn about TJ in 6 hours time. I can’t believe it’s relatively short and yet we really “get” who he is - and I’m giving Sebastian a large chunk of the credit for that. Hell, I relate to him and I haven’t been through half the stuff he has - Seb is just that good. 

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on TJ Hammond week!

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(1/2) Hey Kyle.I'm crying, i send to my mom a video about how to support trans kids and i asked her if she watched it. She said no. And I got a bit sad because it's important to me. And she yelled SO WHAT? YOU WANNA BE A BOY? IS THAT IT? YOU WANT A SURGERY SO YOU CAN HAVE A DICK AND ALL? I got super mad at that. I told her it was not about surgeries, it's not about dicks, it's not about mutilation but how I feel. And basically we just started yelling at each other because this was about support

(I’m not sure where part 2 went)

My parents didn’t have a good reaction either. My mom told me she would only love Kate and not Kyle. They wouldn’t accept me, I will never be a man to them just a small girl trying to be something I’m not.

Your parents non support isn’t the end of the world. Your mom obviously isn’t very educated on transgender people and is probably feeling confused and threatened because that’s how uneducated people react.

If she won’t watch the video I would include a letter for her to read explaining that this isn’t about ‘having’ a dick. That way instead of yelling and screaming at each other she can take this time to have emotions, to have these feelings and maybe have a rational conversation later.

You may also want to suggest going to see a therapist with her or talking to your school consoler, explaining what is going on and asking her if she can mediate something.

It will be okay.


Baby girl is a week old today and what a week it’s been. Evelyn has a tongue tie, so it makes feeding for her more difficult. Therefore she feeds every hour or so on the boob. Because you can never tell if she’s getting enough, I’ve also been expressing around 1 bottle a day which is also helping my milk supply which is also on the low side.

It took to about day 4 for it to come in properly, so as you can imagine, we had one very fussy/hungry baby on our hands. The night before it came in, Evelyn cluster fed for 12 hours from 9pm-9pm. Every time she was done feeding, I’d try to put her down after a cuddle but she’s begin crying again. I was at my wits end so I gave her a bottle of formula and she was zonked out for four hours.

So we’ve decided to introduce a bottle of formula each night just to help her and us sleep a bit better until she can get her tongue tie fixed later this week. She’s still waking every few hours at night but when she’s awake, she isn’t hysterical and isn’t as unsettled so she’ll take the boob better. She does take around 10 minutes or so to stop fussing too and she generally falls asleep on the boob. Probably because she’s working so hard to get the milk out poor thing. I’m still worried about my supply and her intake so I’m trying everything I can to increase it. Today we’re going to make lactation cookies!

The reality is though that when I go back to work, she’ll need more formula feeds anyway because there’s no way I could exclusively pump. I’m hoping to make it to three months before I have to start supplementing feeds with formula during the day.

Rock out with your socks out

Who: 5 Seconds of summer
When: 17.05.2015
Where: Olympiahalle Munich

So exactly two years after my first concert I had the chance to see my favourite band live again but on their own tour this time.
That was also my first concert where I hung out with my ‘concert squad’. I met those girls at the end of 2014 when I organized a meet up for 5sos family members. And even 2 years later you can still find us going to concerts together, trying to see us as often as possible and fangirling over a lot of bands on social media. ( I think I need to do a blog post just about our group soon!)

Nearly all of us went to the concert so we hung out in front of the arena. The only sad thing about that was, that our seats were all over the whole arena, so we weren’t together for the actually concert.
I also nearly started crying because we sat on a hill, a bit away from the others and we could listen to the sound check. And when I heard them play Beside you, I was about to lose my shit and cry. But in the end I didn’t and just fangirled over the fact that they played that song.

The funny thing about our seats was that me and the friend I went with got our tickets the day they went on sale. So did Hayls, another friend of mine, and her best friend. A few hours after we purchased the tickets, Hayls and me found out that we were right next to each other.

The support act was Hey violet, a band that I don’t really like so my friend and I met up with another good friend. I got to know him in another group chat thing but we never had the chance to actually meet each other until that day. So we hung out while the support act played. It was nice to finally meet him and he’s such a nice person btw! 

After that we went back to our seats and waited for 5sos to come on stage. This time I was a lot more in the front than the last time, but still not near the stage. I still enjoyed it a lot!
I remember the thing my friend said when the boys came on stage. “Oh my god, they’re real!”
I should mention that that was her first ever concert! But I just thought that what she said was so funny, also very true. I think we all know the feeling we get when we see a band we really like for the first time live.

Even though they played a lot of songs I had already heard live, I loved every second of it. There is just something so special being in a room full of people who understand you. People who don’t judge you for liking a band. 
And then being in a room with your favourite band, watching them do what they love the most, singing their hearts out and the fans doing the same. 
These are the night that remind me why I love this band so much, how much they helped me and how much they mean to me. 

I’m glad I found these guys. They gave me so much! Not only great music but also awesome friends, lovely memories to look back at and turned me into the person I am today!

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Ok so that last halter broke my heart. But I love it but I don't!!!! It's so good and I'm so confused!!!! I love Az and I don't understand and I wish I could!!! I can't wait for the next chapter because this is killing me and I'm about to cry in school because you write too well and your fic is playing with my heart!!!! ❤❤❤❤

Oh honey no!! Don’t cry! (although I will admit I did. Just a lil bit). 

And like everyone is confused but don’t worry Az will explain himself and they’ll all be happy and eat rainbow cake together.

Well, hopefully. We’ll see. 

Thank you so much for your kind words!

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I came upon your blog a little while ago but haven't looked back since. I've been having a really tough time in school but blogs like yours really relieve my stress and shiz. I use to just come home and cry everyday from anxiety and stress but now I live a bit less worried about everything. Sorry I sound so depressing lol. I lovE yOu 💕 and thaNK YoU ❤️

WOW this I actually can’t I’m cryin this means sO MUCH TO ME!!! Don’t be sorry for sounding depressing if anyone has any problems I will always listen to them we should use the inbox to make people feel better I hope I can make you as happy as a tumblr acc possibly could 😭❤❤

Can we just talk about the fact that even though we all knew something fucked was gonna happen with Jeremiah, the family dinner was still the cutest thing in the entire universe? Like Alex and Maggie being all cute with a lil bit of baby gay panic and before Mon-el was an idiot him and Kara were kinda adorable and just Jeremiah clearly loves his daughters he’s just a motherfucking dickface. I’m actually crying what the fuck even is this show you have to stop letting Alex drown her sorrows in alcohol pls my baby.

One of my mom’s close friends and coworkers survived breast cancer 8 years ago. She had chemo, radiation, lumpectomies, a full hysterectomy and a double mastectomy, but she came through it stronger than ever. Today she told my mom that it’s back, and this time it’s spread to her bones.

She knew something had to be going on with J**, but neither of us thought it was this serious. Mom had been kidding her a little bit about spending so much time playing Pokemon Go with her adult kids, but now we knows it’s because she’s been trying to spend as much time with them as she can without telling them she’s sick. My mom and I don’t cry a lot, but that’s what we’ve been doing since I got home from work. I just can’t. 

I wrote this months ago with no one in mind, funny how it's so fitting now.

I put forth all I can
Still can’t catch a man.
A million first dates I’ve had
Not a phone call, am I that bad?

Fatigued and restless
It’s making me reckless.
I’m not desperate,
Just a bit skeptic.

Will I ever find a soulmate?
This world is just a maze.
I’m searching in the dark
Someone take my heart.
Let’s drink some cherry wine
Forget about our problems this time.

Let his memory slip away
Like running water through my hands.
Let’s run away to a picture land
Never look back, the mistakes we’ve made
Let’s not think about how he strayed.
Fall until we can’t cry anymore.

Can we all just talk about the fact that Minerva’s love for Harry is seriously so under-appreciated across every Harry Potter fan to ever exist? Or how much Harry loved her even if he did not realize it at times?

I feel like the movies did a really shitty job depicting their relationship, but oh my god. Every time I think about them sticking up for each other or protecting each other, I cry a little bit inside.

You can only bet that Minerva just absolutely adored James and Lily, and she saw both of them so much in Harry. She would do anything to protect this boy, and McGonagall to Harry is sort of like this amazing grandma/mother figure who is always there supporting him.

When I read the Deathly Hallows, and Harry was able to produce his most powerful cruciatus curse to stick up/protect her.. I wanted to die and cry.. then later in THE SAME BOOK, we have her screaming and making the most pained sound out of anyone when she thinks he is dead.