can we just appreciate his perfect baby face

Babies 'R' Us. Harry Styles Imagine.


I exhale loudly as Harry pulls me into Toys ‘R’ Us. We’ve been shopping for over an hour now and my swollen feet are starting to ache.
“Harry, my feet hurt. Can’t we do this online?” I whine as he leads me to the baby section at the very back of the store.
He pouts at me disapprovingly and rubs his thumb over my hand as he clasps it a little tighter “Y/N, the baby is due in four weeks and we don’t have a crib yet”.
“Because you told me to wait for you to get home from tour before I bought one!” I say, defensive.
Harry only got back yesterday afternoon and he was already driving me crazy with what he likes to call 'Baby Daddy Duties’. Which include walking around the house inspecting all the things I’ve added to cupboards and doors to ensure safety, watching useless TV shows about women giving birth and going through all my paperwork to make sure my birth plan is still the same as it was before he left. He was being dramatic.
“I’ve already missed out on so much with you and Bump. The first time he or she kicked. The scans and other doctor appointments. I want to be involved as much as I can” he says, his emerald eyes are sad.
I instantly feel guilty. I’ve been living life with Bump for eight months now and Harry’s only been around for two. Of course, I don’t blame him. I love everything about him and his career and I can’t wait for our baby to see how amazing his or her Daddy is.
I put a smile on my face “Okay. But you owe me a foot rub”.
Harry smiles at me, revealing is perfect teeth and dimples. We’ve been together for three years now and that smile still melts my heart “Baby, I will give you all the foot rubs you want. I just really want to get a crib and then we can go home”.
I have to admire his enthusiasm. Some father’s don’t do any of this stuff. It makes me appreciate him all the more.
We stop in front of a crib that Harry seems to have taken a liking to but I pay no intention to it as he bends forward for further inspection. I just stare at my husband in awe “I love you, Harry”.
Harry stands up straight and looks at me with a wide smile before pulling me in for a loving kiss. My fingers immediately move to his floppy curls and I feel him smirk against my lips.
He pulls away too soon and keeps one hand on my lower back while the other hand rests over my belly “I love you, too. Both of you. You’re my world”.
And for the first time in eight months, I feel relaxed and ready for our baby. With Harry by my side, I’m ready for anything life throws my way.