can we just appreciate her existence

#can we please take a moment to appreciate this? #Clarke is just standing there, existing, and Lexa is looking at her as if she’s the greatest miracle her eyes have ever seen #forget about everything before and after that #right now, in that exact moment, she’s so in love it’s disgusting #her expression is so hopeful and amazed #she almost looks in pain, as if she’s in front of a masterpeace so beautiful it hurts #you can only look at someone like that when you know you’ve found what you need to make your life worth living #she’s there, in that “holly-shit-how-can-you-be-real” state

Jealousy Pt2

Word Count: 1960

    A/N: ahhh so much angst. I’m so sorry! But I will have part 3 up soon if you all are interested! also if you guys want to send me requests for fics i would be happy to write some of them! anyways, enjoy!

    “Just tell her how you feel, she obviously is confused on what to do because she’s in love with you.” Archie reasoned.

    “Maybe you’re right.”


    “Y/N wait up!” Betty called, chasing down her friend in the lot of the diner. “Please talk to me!” Y/N turned around, and Betty could see tears stinging in her y/e/c eyes.

    “What if I don’t want to talk?” Y/N said sternly, trying not to let her real emotions come through in her voice. She crossed her arms across her chest, and stood straight.

    “Well you’re going to have to talk to me, something is wrong and I want to know.” Betty said, crossing her arms as well. “I know I’m not your bestest friend, but I’d like to think we’re quite close.” Y/N shifted on her feet, and stared down at the ground.

    “I think we’re close friends too, even best.” she said, barely a whisper. Her voice caught in her throat again, and Betty gave a sweet smile. She walked towards Y/N and put her hand on her shoulder.

    “Well I don’t know about that, I think that title is Jugheads, you know when he’s not being an ass.” Betty teased but Y/N didn’t laugh. Instead a choked back cry came out, and Betty wrapped her arms around Y/N.

    “I don’t understand.” Y/N cried in Betty’s shoulder. “I thought he maybe liked me back, I thought if I told him about Reggie he’d-” Y/N shut her mouth, not quite sure if she was ready to tell Betty everything, especially not in a parking lot. Betty pulled back and brushed Y/Ns y/h/c hair out of her face.

    “You like Jughead?” she asked, smiling. Y/N rolled her eyes and gave a breathy laugh, wiping tears from under her eyes.

    “Well, more like I think I’ve fallen head over heels for him, not that it matters, he obviously doesn’t feel the same way.” Y/N said, forcing a smile. Betty opened her mouth to argue, but before she could Jughead flew out of the diners front door, and he frantically looked around for Y/N. Archie came through the door next, and immediately spotted Betty and Y/N. Y/N straightened herself out and walked towards Archie.

    “Hey, you alright?” Archie asked, and Jughead turned to them. He ran over to Y/N, but she refused to look at him.

    “Y/N, can we talk?” Jughead asked, but she ignored him.

    “Hey Archie, can you give me a ride? My phone died and I need to text Reggie back before it’s too late.” she said. Archie and Betty looked at Y/N shocked, and then turned their attention to Jughead. He looked heartbroken, but quickly his face shifted so it looked hard, neutral. Archie gave a small smile.

    “Yeah, sure it will give us some time to talk about a few things.” he said. Archie started for his car, and Y/N turned to wave goodbye to Betty, and then she turned her attention to Jughead.

    “Goodnight Juggie.” she said. He ignored her and stared at the ground. Y/N decided to pull one last thing, hoping to get some reaction out of Jughead. Something to prove to her that her feelings for him weren’t just a waste of time. She stood on her tip toes, and planted a kiss to his cheek. She pulled back and watched him, but he showed no reaction. Y/N felt her heart break, and she slowly made her way to Archie’s car. Once she was in Archie’s car, Betty walked over to Jughead and punched him on the arm.

    “What the hell Jughead!” Betty yelled. Jughead turned to Betty, and she watched as he touched his cheek. “Why didn’t you say anything?” Betty asked.

    “What’s the point? She doesn’t love me back, she’s going to go out with Reggie!” he yelled. “And you know what? Good for her! I don’t deserve her anyways! She’s got the whole football team placing bets on her, I walk through the halls with her and every guy and even girls just stare. How can I compete with all of them? I’m just weird, loner Jughead Jones! I don’t even deserve to be her best friend, let alone boyfriend!” Jughead gave a frustrated sigh, and Betty watched as he reached up to touch his cheek again, and a tear rolled down his face.

    “You know your wrong, right?” Betty said, stepping towards Jughead. He quickly wiped tears off his face and looked up at Betty.

    “I’m never wrong.” He said, and Betty rolled her eyes.

    “Well you were this time. Right before you came out here, Y/N told me she was in fact in love with you. She is just so convinced that you don’t feel the same that I think she’s trying to get over it.”

    “Maybe she should.” Jughead whispered.

    “Jughead, she’s trying so hard to find a reason not to. Why do you think she kissed your cheek, it was her giving one last attempt at getting a flirtatious or loving reaction. Something to tell her you care for her like that.” Betty said, grabbing his shoulders. Jugheads heart sank at the realization that Betty was right. He really messed up this time, and he didn’t know if he could fix it.


    “I’m such an idiot.” Y/N mumbled, leaning her head in her hands. Archie started the car and looked over to Y/N. Her y/h/c hair hung over to one side, and he could see the pain on her face. It hurt him that she felt like this, and that it was all Jugheads fault. Archie never admitted it to anyone, but he had been crushing on Y/N for awhile. But she was so head over heels for Jughead he never made any moves. It hurt him too that Reggie had gone after her before he did, and he wanted to respect the deal him and his football buddies made, and he didn’t want to screw over Jughead because he knew he was in love with her too. But maybe he could help her, make her less heartbroken. He had to at least give it a shot.

    “You alright?” he asked tenderly. Y/N turned her head, and looked over to Archie. He could see the tears threatening to spill from her eyes, and he felt his chest tighten. Y/N shook her head slowly, and he watched as a tear fell down her face. He quickly pulled out of the parking lot, trying to distance Y/N from Jughead. She started to full on cry, and he let her, occasionally mumbling things like “I know, it sucks and I’m sorry.” And “it’s going to be okay, I promise.” It only took a few minutes to get to Y/Ns apartment. Y/N lived alone, emancipated from her parents, and somehow made enough money to afford a small one bedroom one bathroom apartment for herself.

    “I’ll walk you upstairs.” he said, jumping out of his car and rushing over to open Y/Ns door. She slowly dragged herself out of the car, and made her way up the stairs to her door. She unlocked the door, and let her and Archie in. Archie closed the door behind him, and Y/N sat herself down on a small couch. “I don’t think I’ve ever been in your apartment.” Archie said looking around.

    “Well, welcome to my home.” she gave a sarcastic laugh, but Archie could hear the sadness in her voice. “I think the only one who has been here is Jughead, he lives with me from time to time.” she said, and sighed. Archie nodded his head. It was a pretty nice apartment for being so small.

    She had a small couch, facing a tv that was old but not too old. It was functional at least. She had Christmas lights up around the entire small apartment, with small Polaroid pictures she had taken of her, and her friends, and the outdoors. He walked over to the pictures, and looked at them. There were a lot of her and Jughead, and when he looked further he found some of him, Betty, Veronica, and Kevin.

    “I didn’t know you had these hanging up.” Archie said, admiring them. He found one of Y/N and him, his team had just won the first football game she had ever been too, and she begged him to take a picture with her. He had taken her phone out of her hands and opened the camera, but she quickly stole it back and pulled a small Polaroid out of her bag.

    “Nope, we’re gonna use this!” she beamed. She took the picture, and another, and soon enough, Betty, Jughead, Veronica and Kevin joined in. Even Cheryl at some point, which was weird, but she was going through her brothers death so no one opposed. He looked around the wall and found all the pictures from that night. Everyone looked happy to be in each other’s presence, even Cheryl. It looked as if they had all known eachother for years.

    “These are some of my favourites.” Y/N said, and Archie quickly turned to face her. He hadn’t even noticed she had gotten off the couch and was by him. Her face was plastered with a smile, and her eyes glowed with joy. She took a picture of her and Archie off the wall and handed it to him.

    “What are you doing?” he asked, turning the photo in his hand.

    “You seemed to like that one, so you can have it.” she smiled up at him.

    “I can’t take this from you. It’s yours, they mean something special to you.” he tried handing the photo back, but she refused to take it.

    “You’re right, they are very special to me. I try to forget life before Riverdale, I act as if it doesnt exist. I wasn’t in the greatest of situations and these remind me how far I’ve come. They’re the memories I want to remember. But as you can see, we took a lot of pictures that night, in fact, I see 4 others that are just of me and you. So you can take that one, I promise it will be alright.” Archie smiled at her and looked down at the picture.

    “You sure?” he asked.

    “100%.” Archie looked up at Y/N again, and they locked eyes. “Thank you for being there for me Archie. I appreciate you so much. I don’t know what I’d do without you.” she whispered.

    “Always.” he said, grabbing her hand. Archie couldn’t stop himself when he started leaning in, and he glanced to Y/Ns lips back to her eyes. Y/N started leaning too, and she closed her eyes. Before their lips met though, Archie’s phone went off. The two of them jumped and quickly separated. Archie pulled out his phone, and saw a text from Jughead.

    “Someone text you?” Y/N asked.

    “Yeah, Jughead.” he said, and he watched as her face fell. He opened the text, and sighed.

    “What does it say?” she asked quietly.

    “Please tell me Y/N is okay. I really messed up with her and I can’t stand the thought that I hurt her. I love her Archie, and I think I’m ready to admit it.” Archie read the text out loud, and Y/N backed up to the couch slowly.

    “He…he what?” she whispered. Archie’s heart fell, how could he give her up after tonight. She obviously felt something, why else would she almost kiss him. Or was it out of desperation? Only time would tell.

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dad!Namjoon - expecting parents AU - fluff sooooooo much fluff

Word Count: 2.2k

A/N: i got drunk and got too soft over Joon and wrote this 

“I hope she has your dimples,” you say quietly, absently running your hand through Namjoon’s hair, silently reminding yourself to deep condition his hair when you had the chance.

“I hope she has your height. She’ll be short and cute just like you!” Namjoon giggles, making you smile.

The two of you were laying together in bed. You had finally found that comfortable position to lay on your side where the baby growing inside of you did not suffocate any of your organs, and there was minimal discomfort to your back. Namjoon lay next to you, with his head pressed close against your engorged breasts, gently pressing his cheek against them as he ran his hand over your protruding stomach.

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Is it possible for this fandom to let ikora exist without cayde
please just let her have a moment without her so much as mention him I’m begging u
I know he’s everyone’s fave but ffs can we stop worshipping him long enough to appreciate this game’s other characters for once.

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Hi, new to working with gods but feel closest connected with Persephone, I've been wanting to give offerings to her but 1)wasn't sure how to and 2) wasn't sure what to offer I'm just worried she won't respond to me if I don't do 100%( like I said new to Gods)

Hi! Being new to Pagan worship is seriously very confusing, and it can be daunting. So let’s try to break this down as best we can.

Why give offerings?
Offerings as given as gifts, as little “thank yous” for existing, or displaying that you appreciate the God’s presence in your life.

How to give offerings
I’m going to direct you to this post if you don’t mind. 

Will a God not respond to me if I don’t do it 100%?
First off, if you give an offering earnestly and show that you’ve considered it, it’ll work 100%, Guaranteed.

Unfortunately, relationships with the Gods aren’t that linear. I gave Hades offerings for years before I received a response. Many new worshippers don’t get responses right away. That doesn’t mean the God is ignoring you; you need to keep trying. Keep praying and offering to Her. She’ll respond, I promise.

Now ~ offerings for Persephone:

  • pomegranate
  • oil
  • bread
  • flowers, especially lilies, poppies and roses
  • seeds
  • incense (of any herbs or plants listed here)
  • tea (hot or sun tea)
  • honey
  • milk
  • wine
  • parsley or mints
  • asphodel or cypress
  • fruit-infused water
  • juices
  • art or prayers for Her

And anything else worshippers would like to add on.

Hope this helps! Have fun beginning your worship–SO exciting. .+(´^ω^`)+.

Okay but can we please talk like - A LOT MORE - about the obvious pro-feminism in ACOMAF and TOG? Like … Yes, I’ve seen the feminist quotes from Rhys everywhere, and a couple rants about Sarah herself here and there and her feminist hints, but PLEASE just let me pour my heart and soul out here about the amazing world of reality that she slammed us into with her not real world. K. In throne of glass the very first up close and personal Courtesan we are introduced to is Archer Finn. “ I may be a whore but I’m not a traitor!” Can I just say how much I appreciate the fact that we were shown full-force that when we hear the word “whore, courtesan, blah blah blah” we think automatically of a girl. Never a guy. But believe it or not, they do exist, human sex trafficking in our world will take anyone, from the exceptionally pretty high school girl to the four year old little boy in the grocery store with pretty blue eyes and kidnap and train them for sex. Women are not the only sex valued humans in this world, and definitely not the only sex workers out there. ACOMAF: Rhys was raped and abused for 50 FUCKING YEARS by a woman. What Feyre went through was only a HINT of the horror that Rhys endured for his people, and he didn’t have a dark sexy savior to appear out of the shadows either, no, he had to wait a WHILE. And it fucked him up. I think that we are going to see how much it may have truly fucked him up in the next book and then some. Next. Cassian is trying to start a group of FEMALE Illyrian warriors and it’s hard and it’s sad because hardly any of them have ever had a chance and it’s going to be a super long and strenuous change for the way that they were treated for THOUSANDS of years. And it pulls my heart strings because GUYS we are in that transition still! Women still aren’t allowed to fight on the front lines in the US because it BOTHERS people, by people I mean mainly men. Because we are the baby makers, we are the ones who “ if shit happens” we are the backup to breed more soldiers. We are not fit or even thought of when it comes to protecting our own land and loved ones. Maybe the women of the Illyrians wings being cut off is a metaphor for something … And what about this? Why is it just so simply spectacular to be pulled into this world of wanting equality ? Celaena gave quite a shock to anyone who found out that she was a girl because they expected a male assassin. Amren is this little slight of a female who likes to collect jewelry but NO ONE will fuck with that little spitfire, aka, ANCIENT AND POWERFUL BEING FROM ANOTHER WORLD. Cassian is this hulking macho guy WHO IN TURN is probably one of the most pro equality characters in the entire fucking acotar series. Lucien is most likely an abused victim with Stockholm syndrome to the maxxxx because Tamlin saved him so long ago that he has this twisted and warped idea that no matter what, Tamlin is a good guy and he will eventually change. Even to the point of watching another person be abused right in front of his eyes and he turns away because he thinks it’s not that bad because he has been going through that hell for fucking decades. Rowan was basically a slave for centuries upon centuries to a warped and spoiled ancient queen to the point of which whipping other members of his cadre, or being whipped BY his cadre was almost normal by the time Aelin came into the scene. Guys, it’s US. In drastic and book world form, yes, but it’s US. Men and women, abuse and neglect and repression and fear and hate. It’s all there. And I think that’s a big reason as to why we love these books so much. Look. For me? Personally? In ACOMAF, when Feyre was on the floor, screaming and darkness was consuming her because she was trapped in her own house by the man she thought she loved, it was suddenly me in metaphor. I was in an abusive relationship. I got to the point to where I felt like I couldn’t leave my own house. I was trapped inside with this … Person. This thing. And it was sucking the god damned life out of me. I lost myself. And yes, up until I got the guts to run and get the hell out, I was consumed by darkness. It was literally constant fear and anxiety and being just so scared and pathetic. These books, this writer, somehow she knows how to tap into all of our pains and reflects them through her own characters and their own experiences. God I love these fucking books

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Revelations in Dream-Time

Aka the obligatory Impossible Planet/Satan Pit “first time” fic; was originally supposed to be PWP and has now evolved into an 8k word thing (Smut-free version here!). Full of angst, introspection, dreams/nightmares, emotional hurt/comfort, bed-sharing, weird literary and religious themes, and a healthy amount of fairly explicit smut. Definitely nsfw.

Don’t be fooled by the innocent gif. There be smut in these parts. 


The cabin is small, but not as horrible as Rose feared. Four metal walls, a tiny water closet, and a single bunk let her know that this is a room typically reserved for one. But at least it’s clean. It’s private. And most importantly, it’s safe. Then again, it’s entirely possible that a year (two years, three?) of ending up in prison cells, damp caves, muddy pits, and pre-plumbing Europe has distorted her perspective on this sort of thing just a bit, so.

“Well,” the Doctor sniffs, nose in the air and hands in his pockets as his gaze wanders about the place, “It’s actually not bad, considering.”

“Considering?” Rose asks, even though she knows the answer.

“You know,” the Doctor replies. Traveling feet stop their journey around the room, a preview of words to come. “That we’re stuck,” he finishes.

Rose tilts her head, arches an eyebrow at him. “You trying to convince me, or yourself?”

“You don’t believe me?”

“I think we’ll find a way out,” Rose says, shrugging. “We always do.”

The Doctor’s responding smile is a pale imitation of its usual self. One hand leaves the safety of his pocket to push down on the bunk mattress, fingers pressing into foam long enough to leave a warped starfish impression behind.

“Care to make a little wager on that?” the Doctor asks, looking at his handprint instead of her.

“I do,” Rose replies without hesitation. She watches as the mattress rises again in agonizing slow-motion, like it’s loathe to let the shape of his hand go. Rose does not think about how that’s an apt metaphor for everything that’s happened since they came here, absolutely does not wonder if the rest of their lives will be stuck in molasses and preserved in amber.

“Well,” the Doctor chuckles under his breath. “I should warn you, I plan to collect. And I’m afraid the odds are unfairly stacked in my favor.”

Shaking her head, Rose laughs. “Nah. You and me, we’re always a safe bet.”

The Doctor’s grin grows genuine, then, the edges softened by fondness. “Quite right, too,” he says.

He doesn’t say anything after that. Rose wonders if she’s ever seen him so quiet, before.

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((Askdiswrongrider;Wrongo)) "Well I be damn, Psy-Crow. Keep up the good work, and you'll be twice as famous than Pilot chump."

Huh? What pilot chump? I dunno…- OH!

You mean dat losa boyfriend of dat bodacious space princess! I already forgot he existed ta be honest, I only cared ‘bout his dame. If she thinks she can be happy wit whateva he’s supposed ta be, den dat’s her funeral.

Hey, have we met before? You look familiar, just can’t put dat finga on it. Oh yeah, you were behind dis all along, weren’t ya? I appreciate da charity and whatnot but I think I just dodged a bullet when da princess got all dramatic on me.

… Wanna hang out at da next coffee shop, pal?

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Literally only my friends and the music and art teacher really appreciate the arts??? I go to a regular school (wish I went to a fine arts school be better than here but I can't leave my friends). I don't even think we have fine arts schools around us. My district is v non arts appreciative. It's just farming.

Agh, that’s no fun. My old school’s theatre program was practically non-existent. Our only props were a couch donated by a parent and a coffee table. When they announced our school musical, @nastyinkahkis had one kid ask her, “wait, our school has a drama club???” So, it was really weird making the transition to the school I go to now, where our set went from an old couch to a huge mansion that our director may or may not have gone $3,000 over-budget on


Beneath My Palms

@interplanetjan3t asked for #19 with Garnet and Amethyst, and an anon asked for #24 with Garnet and Pearl, which I ended up combining. Hope you don’t mind.

Post-Keeping It Together h/c, because I’ve been needing that since the damn episode aired. Amethyst tends to comfort simply by existing. Pearl is fussy and overprotective. Garnet appreciates them both. Polygems if you squint. 2500 words because what is restraint? We just don’t know.

[prompt list]

Steven is fast asleep, safely tucked in.

Garnet wasn’t the one to do it, and she can’t help but feel a bit bad about that, even as she knows the conversation about what they discovered in the Kindergarten has to happen and she’s only delaying the inevitable. But if there’s one thing she is certain of tonight, it’s that she is in no state to have it; not yet, not the way Steven deserves it, and not the way… they deserve it, either.

She’s been feeling pulled at and torn at from all sides for hours now, and the split she feels most strongly is when trying to decide whether she wants to put it all out of her mind as much as possible, or remember the ones they’d lost, and those she’s now found, honouring them with thoughts at the very least. It’s hard to dwell on.

She’s also being avoidant in completely new ways. Garnet knows her teammates are all worried about her - she appreciates it, even as she wishes they weren’t and wishes they had no reason to be. But the way they were looking at each other as Steven went off to change his clothes and brush his teeth was unmistakable, almost conspiring, with Pearl bending down to quietly talk to Amethyst in what Garnet assumes was supposed to be a discreet move.

Garnet rests her forearms on the railing and stands facing the sea in the best approximation of ‘casual’ she can manage, and deliberately doesn’t check to see which one of them will come out to talk to her first.

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Can we all just talk about the fact that Minerva’s love for Harry is seriously so under-appreciated across every Harry Potter fan to ever exist? Or how much Harry loved her even if he did not realize it at times?

I feel like the movies did a really shitty job depicting their relationship, but oh my god. Every time I think about them sticking up for each other or protecting each other, I cry a little bit inside.

You can only bet that Minerva just absolutely adored James and Lily, and she saw both of them so much in Harry. She would do anything to protect this boy, and McGonagall to Harry is sort of like this amazing grandma/mother figure who is always there supporting him.

When I read the Deathly Hallows, and Harry was able to produce his most powerful cruciatus curse to stick up/protect her.. I wanted to die and cry.. then later in THE SAME BOOK, we have her screaming and making the most pained sound out of anyone when she thinks he is dead.


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wdym "she's one of the most.. I've ever met"? are u kin or something

i just meant to say ever since i created her as a tulpa she has always been extremely supportive of me and has always wanted me to be the best i can be and she has always done it with a loving and caring attitude. She also helps me to appreciate much more about the world and life in general and loves spending time with me (and i with her). We love to go on walks, play games, watch shit, and chat with eachother in my head. I’m really not sure what exactly constitutes as kin, but all i know is that she exists in my head as a tulpa and loves me, and if that counts as kin, then i guess i am!

Love Skye and want to celebrate her existence? Then you’re in luck because Skye Appreciation Week runs from Monday June 29th to July 5th - just in time for her 27th birthday!

The tag we’re using and tracking is #skyeweek

You can make gifs and edits, write fanfic, draw fanart, or whatever else your heart desires! There are seven days of fun topics below, and we hope you will participate!

Monday, June 29th: Why You Love Skye

Tuesday, June 30th: Theme Song

Wednesday, July 1st: Favorite Hero Moment

Thursday, July 2nd (Skye’s birthday!): Favorite Moment/Quote

Friday, July 3rd: Skye + Team Moments

Saturday, July 4th: AU

Sunday, July 5th: Chloe Appreciation

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Hi 🙃 Your poetry implies you're in love, or have been... so I simply and stupidly ask, Are you in love or are you remembering a past love?

i believe if love is real, it never ends.

that doesn’t mean you’ll always be with that person, or even end up with them again.

sometimes it’s a one way street, and even if it’s not, there can still be a end.

we have to strip away the idea of perfection, because it doesn’t exist.

i was in love, i still am, and i will always be even though we aren’t together.

even when i fall in love again, i will still be in love with her, but in a way that won’t affect the new relationship. it’s an appreciation of someone, and hoping life gives them it’s best. we probably won’t keep in touch, or we’ll lose touch over time and that’s just fine.

it’s no longer that intense passionate flame, more like a soft glow that has a pure place in your heart.

i won’t rekindle old flames.

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you should write a fic where someone keeps sending clarke pictures of bellamy wearing glasses when she's in class

I’m glad you’ve also started giving me prompts for a fandom you’re not in good job Tree. But you’re right this is v important.


Bellamy starts it, not that he knows he’s starting it. He sends a group text while Clarke is in her gross anatomy class with pictures of himself in two different pairs of glasses and the caption: Anyone have strong opinions on which is better?

Clarke does, in fact, have a lot of strong opinions about Bellamy’s glasses, namely that he should wear them way more than he does and that they’re bad for her mental well being. So she saves both pictures and then settles in to really study them. Because who needs class, right? She’s totally going to pass this test. And Bellamy needs guidance.

The first picture he’s rocking black hipster frames, the thick ones that look fake even when they aren’t. He still looks great in them, at least to Clarke, so either he looks good in anything, or Clarke is way too far gone. Probably both. Stupid Bellamy.

The second pair look like old-man glasses, and are insanely unflattering while still looking good. They make him look like he’s going to start ranting about commies and Nam and how kids these days don’t appreciate the importance of hard work. Which, to be fair, aside from Nam, he probably would.

Is there a third option? she replies, and that’s her first mistake, apparently.

She gets an individual text from Raven in minutes that says, Your kink is showing and one to the group from Octavia that says, Don’t encourage him!!! She follows up with, But those are both awful, Bell, yeah two seconds later, so at least she probably doesn’t suspect Clarke has any special investment in this.

I’m being a helpful friend, Clarke texts Raven, and definitely doesn’t check her phone three more times in the next ten minutes to see if Bellamy has responded. Ideally with additional pictures.

He sends two more options before the class is over, and Clarke dutifully saves both and tells him to go with the black wire frames.

You never even wear your glasses, she adds, in a private text.

I’m thinking I might start, he replies. Thanks for the help.

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@catxnoir I wrote you a thing because I cannot actually replace your lungs. The working title was “hap birth: sorry your lungs suck” and honestly I’m just keeping it that way

You always say you want more Tikki and well. Hope you like it you nerd

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Love Skye and want to celebrate her existence? Then you’re in luck because Skye Appreciation Week runs from Monday June 29th to July 5th - just in time for her 27th birthday!

Reminder that the tag we’re using and tracking is #skyeweek

You can make gifs and edits, write fanfic, draw fanart, or whatever else your heart desires! There are seven days of fun topics below, and we hope you will participate!

Monday, June 29th: Why You Love Skye

Tuesday, June 30th: Theme Song

Wednesday, July 1st: Favorite Hero Moment

Thursday, July 2nd (Skye’s birthday!): Favorite Moment/Quote

Friday, July 3rd: Skye + Team Moments

Saturday, July 4th: AU

Sunday, July 5th: Chloe Appreciation