can we just agree that this is the best post on tumblr

So as it came to my ear that some people call u-cf ‘elitist’ I want to clarify things a little bit.

First, the purpose of the useless-countryfacts blogs.
We all agree that Tumblr as a microblogging site is extremely US-centric, and has barely any representation when it comes to other countries, especially non-English speaking ones. The useless-countryfacts blogs try to change that by posting facts about their country, including memes, and one or the other shitpost - but this should not be the only purpose of the blog. Educating other people about culture, customs, language(s), history, geography and just in general hilarious, disturbing, weird or just plain useless facts.

Second, who can make a useless-countryfacts blog
Theoretically, everyone. I mean, all of you live in a country. BUT…
I best explain it in a couple steps:

  1. Do you want to make a useless-countryfacts blog?
    a) yes -> go to question 2
    b) no -> WELLLLLLL…..
  2. Is it a country? A real country?*
    a) yes wtf -> question 3
    b) noooo but i like planets??? -> no stop it and read the second paragraph of this post
  3. Does the country you want to make a blog of already have a blog?
    a) yes -> ask the admin of your country’s blog if they want a second admin. If they don’t, ask them if they are ok with a second blog about their country. If they are inactive since a longer time or if they approve of a second blog go to question 4. If they say no both times, DONT
    b) no -> go to question 4
  4. Are you interested to post about your country or do you just want to be part of the fun?
    a) I am interested in the culture, customs, language(s), history etc. of my country -> go to 5
    b) FUNNNN!!! -> NO, just dont.
  5. Do you have any connections with the country you want to make a blog about?
    a) well I live there… -> go 6
    b) My ancestors are from there -> If you only have really loose ties to a country, it is always best to be open to your followers about it. Especially, if you never lived there, don’t speak the language, and mostly post about things from newspaper articles or from Buzzfeed posts with the name of “12 things you wont believe about (insert country name)”. Also, maybe get a second admin who actually lives in the country and knows the language (if you don’t) -> go to 6
    c) No, i just want to have a blog about a country -> no, especially if it’s about a country that has a problem with people pretending to be from there and imitating it’s culture in a grotesque and fetishising way (looking at Japan). Don’t make a blog just because all of your possibilities are already taken.
  6. YAYYYY make a blog if you want to!

These points are all not binding but keep them in mind. Also dont get expected to be friends with all the other country facts admins bc you got a useless-teletubbiesfacts blog.

* What is a ‘real existing country’?
Is your country officially approved of as a country, then go on. if your country is a region wanting to gain independence, maybe check it with the admin of the country you want to gain independence from (if there is one), this is especially for cases when the independence is more of a ‘two people want to do that’ and not actually the majority of the inhabitants (if its hotly debated, be aware that you either make a disclaimer of not discussing anything related to politics, or brace yourself for a LOT, especially if the admin of the country blog is the opposite opinion). A region is not a country, even if it’s called a ‘state’. it’s United States of America not Untied States of America and also not Random States of America. You all have more or less the same culture. (Even though it would be really interesting to see blogs about ingenious tribes as their history and culture is also barely mentioned here, maybe not following u-cf URL the format tho, but keep in mind: people who are actually part of said culture)

as I promised, I said one day I’ll be back and here we are. I’m back on Tumblr. Hope you’ll enjoy, I’m not sure I can post new pictures each day but I’ll do my best. 
I’m back for 2 reasons; my new agency, the Arcadia Mgmt, they really pushed me to do it with Tumblr. Even if I have no time and sometimes I’ll be posting during the night, they don’t care, they want me to update my tumblr page very often, because “today we must all be on the social networks” that say… I agree and I understand, but when I’m off after a full day shooting I just want to relax and the last thing that I want is to turn this social network side of my job into something stressful.
But the second reason is the most important to me. Since I left the Tumblr updates, each week I receive tons of messages asking “Why” I’m not using tumblr anymore. They are the reason because I decided to be back on tumblr. I’ll take it easy, together with my diet…


Hey guys, so I recently hit 2,200 followers! Woohoo! *Celebrates, throws confetti and dances to Man In Love.* (just kidding, I can’t dance)

When I first started Tumblr, it was purely because of my love for Hoya. Hoya as Kang Joon Hee really left a huge impression on me, and as a first time actor he really shined throughout the drama. He was that shy boy with immense talents who only wanted to be loved, and Hoya played that role so well he made my heart ache for him and my soul rooting for his happiness.

That’s why he wowed me again when I discovered he is nothing like that in real life. He is confident and sassy; he’s a ‘bully’ to Sunggyu, a nanny to Dongwoo during H’s promotions, a heart machine with Woohyun, a playmate to Sungyeol, a member Myungsoo feels proud of, and of course he’s the best hyung to Sungjong. Although we can agree that like Joon Hee, he is handsome and very talented in singing, dancing, rapping, acting and not to forget, as a gagman.

Through him, I got to know about Infinite and came to love everything about the 6 other boys. Guardian of the universe dependable Sunggyu; Heart of an angel Dongwoo; Voice of the heavens Woohyun; Brains of a prodigy Sungyeol (he’s actually really smart and knowledgeable despite having the personality of a choding); Face of the gods Myungsoo; and the perfect package maknae Sungjong. I enjoy their music, their variety shows, their easy banter, their chemistry and most definitely their brotherhood. And while they bond together as a group, I’ve managed to find myself a group of people here on Tumblr that share my love for Infinite. Many of the people I follow are so good at everything they do, from gif making, fan edits, fan drawings, fanfic writing, translating etc. And they’re all such nice individuals who are friendly and eager to share the Infinite love around. So without further ado, I want to thank them for making my time here on Tumblr so enjoyable and for allowing me to know more about the boys:

*Those in bold are mutuals* 

*Those in italics are Tumblr friends -> I love you guys so much*

 ♡ babomyungs ♡ bleuefleur ♡ egu-mo-ni-na eteru ♡ gyuseu ♡  

 ♡ gyusnamu ♡ gyuzizis ♡ hidduho-tlinefor-ya hoaegi ♡ 

 ♡ hoaegibaby ♡ hogrease  ♡ hoya-yaho-hoya​ ♡ hoyeu ♡ huizz 

 ♡ infinipie ♡ inpinitaize ♡ jamesgilliesisalive jangdogwoof ♡

 ♡ jdw-juseyo ♡ kang-junhee ♡ katingatrouble ♡ kimsoowon ♡ 

 ♡ kimvampgyu ♡ leehoowon ♡ musingtragedy ♡ myungsoopermans ♡ 

 ♡ myungsues-u ♡ namgyusoo ♡ namwhos pitdae ♡ 

 ♡ purpleboyhowonee ♡ sungjong-in-wonderland 

 ♡ sungjongsexylips ♡ woomeh ♡ youaremychoding ♡ yuu-n ♡

Thank you fuckyeahhoya, dancemachinehoya, ifnthoya, onlyhoya for uploading the wonderful Hoya previews and shots from fansites that I’ve been religiously reblogging. 

Thank you fyinfinite for always updating us with Infinite related news. 

I also wanna thank togetherinspirit7 for the awesome translation work they do for i-inspirits.

And not to forget each and every one of my followers that liked the things I reblogged or posted. Thanks for staying with me and reading my tags and rants (I know some of you do). I don’t follow a lot of blogs so please do chat me up (my askbox is open)! :)

Alright, so I just turned sixteen, what other way to celebrate than to do an awards!! Also, I’m just a few away from my next hundred c:


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Extra Information:

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