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Weekly Fanfic Recommendations 134

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can we just admire all of them being so cute, yes i consider yoongi being yoongi as cute too, but oml taehyung and all the pokemon plushies!!!!!!!!! im screaming !!!

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lets start~

1) Hotline

by @nchu

a yoongi x y/n fic 


( this plot was cutE)

2) Video.mp4

by @taerestrial

a yoongi x y/n fic 


yoongi has been in love with you for 6 years and has finally come to his senses to confess but through a video 

3) You Deserve Punishment

by @mochijamz

a yoongi x y/n x jimin fic 

ongoing series with 2 parts out 

university au

( this is my one of my favourites !! )

when you have a handsome TA and a model TA, life was just interesting until you found out that the model TA was actually a man and that they both were dating, but that was in high school, now youve met them again in university, and unlucky for you, they still remember you, so what now?

4) August Burns Red

by @yoongiisii

a taehyung x y/n fic 


moving in was something you looked forward too, till you met taehyung, one of the usual fuckboys and his group of friends who lived right next door 

5) Sex Tape

by @malikscofield

a jimin x y/n fic 


jimin wants to rememeber his last day home and he wants to do it the right way

6) Behind The Scenese

by @bts-for-life

a hoseok x y/n fic 


7) Trip 

by @fightmejeonkook

a jimin x y/n fic 


when you thought your friendship was over with jimin, a trip with your friends rekindles these feelings


8) Sharing

by @btsstoriesand-astrology

a jungkook x y/n x hoseok fic 

oneshot, sequel to wanted

hoseok tells you what kink he has, and you knew who would be the perfect guy for it 

this is all for this fic rec, another one up soon~

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that's why jihyo is the leader.... bc she is so ugly and fat and make the others 8 members more pretty and skinny lol!!!

THANK YOU, ANON! I have waited for this kind of message for so long! Really, thank you! Let’s discuss Jihyo and the matter of leadership now. :)

First of all, I love Nayeon so much and I think that she would have made an amazing leader too and I would have been more than fine with that. Anything I’m going to say about Jihyo here is not meant to attack anyone else. We clear with that? Good.

How do we define leadership? According to several dictionaries leader is someone who has a capacity to lead. They are a person who guides, or inspires others, often being the first or principal performer of a group.

According to JYP a good leader is someone who is able to sacrifice and “one who can support other 8 members to be more attractive.” And no, dear anon, this doesn’t mean that the leader is less attractive etc, but it means that the leader is strong and humble enough to let the others take the spotlight. Someone who puts her group’s needs and well-being ahead of her own. And now, why Jihyo is a good leader.

  1. Experience: Jihyo has trained 10 years. More than half of her life and that’s amazing considering how young she is. JYP said that leader is the one member who will contact the company if there are any problems and it makes sense that Jihyo does it, because she probably knows more about the company than everyone else.
  2. Skill: Jihyo has trained long and is very capable in many things, such as singing. Even Jungyeon said that Jihyo is good at everything. The other girls look up to her. However, the most important skill that Jihyo has is ability to talk well. This is the skill she needs most as a leader and she has gotten a lot of compliments for that. Jihyo is also very smart.
  3. Empathy: Jihyo is a very kind person. During SIXTEEN she was voted as the nicest person and had almost double the amount of votes than anyone else. But she doesn’t show that kindness just to make people like her, she does it because that’s how she actually is. Some examples: cried when Sana talked about how hard it was to come to Korea “it must have been so hard for you”, Jihyo said. Profusely apologized to the fans after she cried in the debut showcase. Is nice to the cameramen and crew. When Twice was serving at a movie theatre, Jihyo worked as hard as the actual workers so that her members could talk with fans. This list could go on and on.
  4. Puts her group first: She said herself that rather than being successful she wants Twice to become like a family. Even after training 10 years to become an idol, she would still rather just have her group happy and healthy. She loves her members very much and she doesn’t mind putting them first. She also doesn’t mind sacrificing her own image like she did during Weekly Idol. (If you look closely she started dancing the crazy version of IGAB, because no one else was doing anything so she had to.)
  5. The girls chose her as the leader: It wasn’t the company, it wasn’t Jihyo herself and it wasn’t us fans. Those people who the leader is actually for, chose Jihyo. Twice chose Jihyo and if you call yourself Once then at least you would respect their desicions? Maybe not.

Idol group leaders don’t exist just so that we can admire them, or that there is this fancy postion for someone. They exist, because they make their groups work better. Being a leader is hard and it’s not about popularity or anything else. It’s about sacrifice.

p.s. Jihyo is fucking beautiful. ♥


The detail on those fucking wings. Can we just admire that? The pieces crumbling off and the scraggly look of them. I’m so in love with them. Like Cas’ grace has been out of him and it looks like it needs him to sustain itself, like it was dying without him or all dusty and fragile. I’m so so so in love with the detail that the Supernatural team puts into this show. Ok time to get back to it bc I THINK CAS AND CHARLIE ARE ABOUT TO MEET BAVAHSBDBD


Forget admiring the technical skill it took to build these things near 2,000 years ago(don’t forget it’s not just a question of building the structures and tunnels, ancient surveyors needed them to continue to slope very slightly downwards at the right angle for sometimes up to 15-20 miles) can we just admire the fact they still stand despite most of them not having received any restoration in 1,500 years.(the notable exception being the Aqua Virgo which was one of the 11 aqueducts that fed Rome which was extensively repaired and modified in the 15th century by Pope Nicholas V and now feeds the Trevi Fountain among others)